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Sherman says he’s ready to move on

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 27, 2012 at 1:37 pm with 43 Comments »
December 27, 2012 1:37 pm

The NFL has a wry since of humor.

On the day Seattle Seahwks cornerback Richard Sherman found out he won his appeal for allegedly testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance, he also was “randomly selected” by the league to take a urine test this afternoon.

“That’s the way it works,” Sherman said, as came out of the bathroom. “You can bet I was paying attention today.”

Seattle fullback Michael Robinson, the team’s NFL Players Association union representative, said it was important for the players to have one of these appeals go in their favor.

“From more of a holistic point of view, it was big,” Robinson said. “The players need an appeal won like this, personally. It just showed that justice can be done for us in our favor, when all of the facts are laid out. As a player you just feel like the league is against you when it doesn’t work in our favor. But this time it did.”

Sherman said he was glad to have the whole ordeal behind him.

“My lawyer called me and told me,” Sherman said, when asked how he found out about the decision. “And then I told the guys, and they were pretty excited. The coaches were excited. It was a sigh of relief for the whole team, just to know that was done and over with. And we could move on from it.”

Sherman said he did have some anxiety about the entire process, even though he felt his case was strong.

“There was obviously a good amount of stress because you just don’t know,” Sherman said. “You know how strong your case is. You know how strong everything is. It was just great to finally get it over with, and get the win. And to just have that burden off your shoulders, and to be able to move on and try to make this playoff run with my guys.”

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  1. I haven’t seen Sherman’s attorney named anywhere. Does anyone know who it is? He/She did a heck of a job.

  2. randomly selected huh? Haha what a joke. At least now they will know he is not taking PED’s when he destroys teams from now on.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Random huh…? That is hilarious. I can only imagine Carroll’s relief. Sherman is playing at the highest level any Seattle CB has played since perhaps Dave Brown, or maybe Shawn Springs’ second season. Either way, he’s a big part of Seattle’s success and so happy to have him for their playoff run.

  4. Bring on the Rams!

  5. smokey984 says:

    Random after winning his appeal…whatever.

    These idiots are incompetent..everybody watch out the big bad wolf is in the neighborhood conducting random pee pee tests…

    Shut’em down Sherm!!

  6. rramstad says:

    The “random” test is just the absurd icing on this whole ridiculous cake. Very happy that Sherman has turned a spotlight on this mess, and I hope the NFLPA and the players representatives push the NFL to get better testers and more careful protocols in place for 2013.

  7. trout_hound says:

    I read somewhere his attorney was named Suh.

  8. SandpointHawk says:

    Yeah right, Shem surely went out and smoked some opium today to celebrate. Get a grip NFL….

  9. bbnate420 says:

    LBC/trout_hound, his name was indeed Maurice Suh. Here’s a link with his name and reportedly details of the proceedings:–nfl.html

  10. SandpointHawk says:

    Well you have to know Roger G doesn’t want us in the Big Game. Our TV market share is way to small for the National Money League…

  11. bbnate420 says:

    If you believe the report in the Yahoo piece, the sample collector screwed the pooch from the get go. Seems like that clown should be unemployed soon.

  12. Good article on Yahoo, bbnate.

  13. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks bbnate420 for the link…

  14. thursday says:

    Yeah they added a bunch of info to that Yahoo article since I first read it. Good info. Now I’m even more convinced that he wasn’t/isn’t lying.

  15. @SandpointHawk

    I don’t think that Roger G is against us reaching the Superbowl provided we face either Denver or New England(and that we lose). This Hawk team has the makeup to become popular outside of the area. I imagine his low ratings scenario would involve Atlanta from the NFC.

  16. SandpointHawk says:

    Well you’re probably right since Atlanta is the 8Th largest market and Seattle is the 14th…

  17. bbnate420 says:

    Now, if he could only appeal his snub from the pro bowl. It’s not as egregious as I originally thought. Peterson, Jennings, and Tillman have all had outstanding years. I personally would’ve picked Sherm over Peterson or Jennings, taking into account their numbers and what I have seen of them. Obviously, I have seen Sherm play more than the other 3. Tillman has been good for years and is having a ridiculous year. 82 tackles, 3 Ints, 10 FFs, and 2 FRs.

    Duke had an outstanding point on an earlier thread about the pro bowl. The quality of the picks has, or at least seems to, have declined since they starting letting the fans vote as well. He mentioned, and I noticed as well, that Jeff Saturday was voted to be Unger’s backup and he has just been benched by the Packers. That’s just a putrid pick. Hopefully no Hawks are playing in the game regardless.

  18. I don’t know, bbnate. It’s nice to give the fans a vote but the way they set it up could probably using a little tweaking. It is a popularity contest after all. Sherman will let his production do the talking and so far he’s yelling pretty loud!

  19. adding my thanks for that article bbnate. very interesting to get the facts from the hearing. no way the guy who screwed up the test the first time, should tell no one, and then be the one to ‘verify’ the results, of course he has an incentive to cover up any potential mistakes he made.

    it’s a good reminder that process, esp when we’re talking about a zero tolerance policy, is everything.

  20. According to this source: Atlanta is the #9 market & Sea-Tac the #12.

    My point had more to do with drawing an audience outside of the team’s immediate metro area. Although traditionally both Seattle & Atlanta sports lie in the “who gives a &%!#” category nationally, the Seahawks have been turning heads and have the perfect “face man” playing QB with a blend of other interesting personalities within the organization and a very exciting brand of football. In other words, I believe that this particular Seahawk team would be a draw ratings wise in the Big Game. In reality I don’t give a hoot about ratings but let’s get to the game and find out!

  21. The Seahawks National TV games this year have all been very highly rated which is a change from the last 10 years or so.

  22. raymaines says:

    God forbid Jacksonville (#50) should ever face New Orleans (#51) in the SB.

  23. sluggo42 says:

    Seahawks are rapidly becoming the bandwagon team. Down here in Cal I get a lot of woofs when I have my hawk gear on.

  24. I noticed the Yahoo article clearly states that Sherman denied he had used PEDs all the way through the process. All week I have been reading comments from a bunch of S###heads that “Sherman had to rely on a breach of practice for his appeal and never said he hadn’t taken PEDS”. For all those S###heads – Please educate yourselves before you post and STFU.

  25. thursday says:

    word seasick. he has denied it from the very beginning and has added further comments since the ruling came down. i think his tenacity in fighting it was like the article at field gulls said, ignorance of the fact that he was supposed to lose and determination to prove his innocence.

    i feel like some hawks fans just want to hold onto any kind of cynicism these days lol

  26. raymaines says:

    Some funny comments from Twitter:

    the pee was contaminated so@RSherman_25 was exonerated!
    If the cup is broke, the test is a joke.
    Collector made a no-no, u mad bro?
    If the urine you spill, acquit him you will!
    Drips of whiz, void the quiz
    Cup spun a leak, Sherman available next week!!
    If the cup has a crack, the test is whack!
    If the urine drips…you must aquit!
    NFL just didn’t listen. Never throw at Richard Sherman. His defense is on another level
    on the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a sample of improperly collected pee!

  27. If the cup is broke, the test is a joke.

    ha, thanks ray.

  28. Well with a retest he can be true cleared OR . . . . .

  29. WHy dont the Sherman apologists STFU, and get their facts straight?!

    Sherman made a couple outright denials, then was very careful NOT to deny every taking PED’s; he insisted it would work out and the test was screwed up. Thats not the same thing as loudly, repeatedly insisting you never took PED’s and it was a false positive.

    Believing Sherman was utterly innocent is a huge leap of faith. Like believing in heaven and hell. You want to believe, thats your deal. But dont act like there is logic behind it when there isnt.

    Try getting your news from more than one source–yahoo isnt exactly the NY Times. Ive read countless articles and many quotes from Sherman, and Im not aware of him saying he never took PED’s since early in the process.

    Im not cynical, just realistic. WHile IM very glad Sherman won his appeal, and I think he deserved to, I dont see how a reasonable person could believe he’s innocent. Its possible, but not likely.

    But hey, he won his appeal, he’s gonna play, and thats a great thing for Seattle fans and the team. Cant wait for Browner to come back from his suspension.

    And I never, ever wanna hear of another Seahawk testing positive for Adderall…sheesh.

  30. xcman–As long as he stopped taking PED’s after he was busted (or never took them), this current test wont prove much. I dont think Adderall stays in your system for months. If he in fact ingested the stuff, it was probably pretty recent to his testing.

    What really pisses me off is that he wasnt voted into the Pro Bowl, despite the fact that he played better as the season wore on, and that was AFTER he tested positive for Adderall or whatever; his play through most of the season wasnt the result of using PED’s, and thats obvious.

    Its not like he took HGH or Roids…He deserved the Pro Bowl even if he did take Adderall early in the season. At least, thats my opinion.

  31. RDPoulsbo says:

    When I heard it was a chain of custody defense, that’s when I thought he had an actual shot in appeals. You can’t fake your way through that argument and knowing Sherman, he wouldn’t throw something like that out there without fact to back it up. When I read the report, it was so egregious, I think the NFLPA has some serious grounds too sue the League. It’s not some technicality that the haters are trying to make it out to be. The procedures used were so seriously flawed that it leaves open the possibility that there are a lot more false positives we don’t know about around the NFL.

    With millions of dollars on the line, it’s just baffling that they would be cutting corners like this.

  32. RDPoulsbo says:

    STTBM: The number one rule of any defense is keep your mouth shut until the hearing. Never tip your hand your hand because your case isn’t decided in the court of public opinion. If it were never leaked, we never would have heard about it.

    Even so, if half of what Sherman said in the hearing was true, there’s a lot of reasonable doubt. We’re still a society where your innocent until proven guilty. Given the testimony, I even believe he is outright innocent.

  33. bbnate420 says:

    STTBM, the only person here that needs to STFU is YOU! Your ignorant demagoguing is really old and tired at this point. Believing that Sherman took a PED is just as based on belief as thinking he did not. There’s no substantial evidence either way. I don’t know if he did or not. Neither do you! Unlike you, I don’t constantly make definitive statements about shit I don’t know. There’s this thing called innocent until PROVEN guilty. If you don’t think that’s important fine. I bet you will if you’re charged with a crime or accused of something at work.

    Sherman denied taking anything MULTIPLE times and it was reported by many different sources. So your one source argument is just as much BS as the rest of your “logic”. How many times did he have to say he didn’t take anything to satisfy you? 10? 100? I’m sure he’s waiting for your answer with baited breath like the rest of us. I can’t prove he didn’t take anything. You can’t prove a negative. Just like you can’t prove that you don’t blow dogs every night. I guess we should all assume you do?

  34. bbnate420 says:

    BTW, I’m sure that a highly informed individual like yourself knows that there is no substantial evidence that HGH is a performance enhancer. There is no scientific consensus on the topic.

    “In a 2004 review of the literature that was published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine and written as a guide for team doctors, the authors concluded that ‘there is no evidence that growth hormone supplementation will lead to an increase in performance.'”

  35. bbnate420 says:

    HGH is effective for recovering from injury. If you think that makes it a PED and should be banned, then corticosteroids and a number of NSAIDs should be banned right along with it. Not to mention pain killers.

  36. bbnate420–My response was to those trolls telling anyone who disagreed with them to STFU. I merely responded in kind. It wasnt meant for those of you who simply disagree with my own opinion.

    Here are some facts I found germane;

    1) Both Browner and Sherman tested positive for amphetamines on the same day. Same team, same position group. Hmmm…
    2) Browner didnt say much, then took his lumps.
    3) Sherman initially said he was innocent, then began talking only of the screwed up sample collection/chain of custody. He had many opportunities to add “ANd I never ingested any PED’s”, but he didnt. Even after he won his appeal (and rightly so), he was careful NOT to proclaim total innocence. To me, that smells to high heaven.
    4) IMO, if someone is truly innocent, they should state that every time, or at least very often. For much of the appeal process, Sherman did not do this. He changed what he was saying. Even now, he isnt proclaiming that he didnt take PED’s, just that the test wasnt just and fair–which it wasnt.
    5) Shermans people initially leaked that thier defense would be that he “accidentally” drank from a teammates water bottle. Sherman did the right thing by denying it, as it happened right after he proclaimed his utter innocence, but it still stinks. A) thats not a useable defense and b) it contradicted what Sherman said earlier.
    6) Not once in the history of Pro Sports, to my knowledge, has an athlete who tested positive for banned substances admitted to deliberately cheating. You really think they are ALL innocent?!

    And its incredibly trollish–as well as being an illogical comparison–to say there is no proof I dont “blow dogs”. Id didnt get caught in a chemical sample proving I did, initially deny it, then proclaim the test was flawed…nor did my teammate get caught doing the same thing on the same day–allegedly. So not a fair comparison, just you being immature, rude, and trollish.

    In a court of law, its innocent until proven guilty. This isnt a court of law, its the court of public opinion. So are you saying OJ is innocent because the court of law failed to prove he was guilty?!

    You can interpolate the facts differently if you choose, but I cannot understand how you could believe he is likely innocent when most of the data available makes that highly unlikely. But thats your opinion. Just dont viciously attack those who read the tea leaves differently, especially when the preponderance of evidence isnt in your favor.

    I have a seriously hard time believing Browner and Sherman didnt use PED’s. Something like 16 people have been busted in the NFL alone for using Adderall, not to mention other banned substances. Doping is rampant in Pro Sports, and I think it sucks.

    Personally, I believe Roids should be legal in some instances since they can help heal injuries faster. I also believe HGH should be legal. But the bottom line is, IT ISNT; those who use illegal substances are cheating, pure and simple. And I dont like it.

    HGH can make 62 year old Stallone buff as a 35 year old weight lifter, I cannot see how you can see getting more muscle tone and strength isnt a performance enhancer. That is mind-boggling. Again, I think it should be legal, but it isnt.

    As for you not liking my comments or arguments; thats your right. Its also my right to post whatever I want, within the rules of the blog. If you dont like my opinions, either respond WITHIN THE RULES, or stop reading my comments. But I couldnt care less what you think about my opinions, and Im going to continue to post them as long as I wish.

    As you are also free to do as well. Care to return to civility? I still owe you a couple insults/troll comments, but Im holding back in the interest of staying within the rules.

  37. bbnate420 says:

    STTBM, you’ve left a large number of trolling/absolutely stupid comments, so you don’t owe me anything. Post whatever you want though. No one told you to STFU before you posted it. Typical straw man argument because you lack the intelligence to argue with anything else. I have held back with you too. You have made ignorant comment after ignorant comment asserting things as fact when you had little in the way of facts to back you up or the facts were completely against your nonsensical argument. Remember when you said that gun control made no difference in murder rates and that Canada had the same murder rate as the US? Then when I posted a slew of actual data that completely destroyed that you just ran away with your tail between your legs? The “blowing dogs” comment is what we call an analogy. Look it up. And it was most certainly logical. You can’t prove a negative. Sherman can’t prove he didn’t take PEDs and you can’t prove you don’t blow dogs.

    Your latest post is rife with inaccuracies, as per usual. “As he has throughout the process, Sherman again denied taking Adderall, or any other performance-enhancing drug.” That is from the Yahoo article. So your assertion that he didn’t proclaim innocence is just pure BS. So just stop. What does BB or any other NFL player testing positive have to do with with Sherman. NOTHING! Not even circumstantial. That’s like saying that because your wife snorts coke that you must as well. Completely idiotic. There is ZERO evidence that Sherman’s people leaked that he drank from a teammates water bottle. It was reported and Sherman denied it. OBVIOUSLY, that’s not what they argued at the appeal. We don’t know where that story came from. Just more verbal diarrhea from you.

    There are a number of baseball players that admitted to taking PEDs after their names were leaked as having tested positive. The name Jason Giambi ring a bell? Just another inaccurate argument from you. I’m beginning to see a pattern. And no, I don’t think every athlete that has tested positive is innocent, but that argument is a total non sequitur and below the level of 3rd grade logic. So if some of the athletes that have tested positive guilty this means that Sherman is guilty? That’s just plain stupid. And Sherman DID NOT TEST POSITIVE. I guess you’re too dense to understand that. The complete breakdown of the testing protocol means that the test is INVALID. NOT a technicality. The testing protocols are in place to try and make the test is as accurate as possible. No test is 100% accurate even under the best of circumstances. I’m sure you knew this being the genius that you are. The complete breakdown of the protocol means that the results have no meaning.
    Feel free to read this, if you can follow.

    Roids and HGH are legal under certain circumstances. It’s called a doctor’s prescription. You are clueless. And there are different types of steroids. Players take corticosteroids all the time. You obviously have no understanding of the subject, not that that would stop you from making declarative statements about it. HGH didn’t make Stallone “as buff as a 35 year old weight lifter.” Just another argument pulled right out of your ass. HGH mostly stimulates the growth of bone, cartilage, and ligaments/tendons in adults. That’s why it is used for healing. HGH doesn’t build muscle itself. It has to interact with other substances like IGF. There’s no definitive data suggesting that HGH improves performance in adults. There is no scientific consensus. It can make muscles larger, interacting with other substances, but there is a difference between hypertrophic and muscle growth due to hyperplasia. There isn’t evidence that it leads to muscle growth in adults due to hyperplasia. I’m sure I’m over your head here.

    Lastly, I never said that you couldn’t post whatever you want here, although no one has the RIGHT to post here. It’s not in the constitution. You’re the one that told people to STFU. I just responded in kind. And telling people to STFU is not within the rules of the blog, so don’t pretend like you are following the rules you idiot. You are free to post as many idiotic, illogical, and false posts as you want. I wouldn’t expect you to suddenly become intelligent now.

    P.S. It seems that you love to be negative about and point the finger at people in the spotlight. People like that usually have skeletons pouring out of their own closets. Does it make you feel good to tear people down that you don’t even know? You might want to take a look in the mirror, because I bet the person you really don’t like is yourself.

  38. BBNATE–I never said Canada had the same murder rates as the US! What I said was they have far fewer gun violence. I also stated that Toronto, Ontario, and especially Montreal have ridiculously high violent crime rates, including murder. I believe Montreal is worse than DC, but dont quote me on that…The thing is, I was on both sides of that argument, but you either didnt read, or paid no attention, to some of my comments on that subject.

    Whats funny is others have hammered me for being pro-gun. In fact, Im not completely in either camp. Yeah, if anything, Im pro-gun control in a lot of ways, but Im certainly not anti-gun. I hunt (as I said, I suck at it) and I love eating elk and deer, when I can get it. I also dont like camping in Griz Country without a gun.

    I gave up arguing with you on that subject–esp. since its not related to the Hawks–when you yourself made some straw man arguments and stated a bunch of ignorant opinions and offered few if any facts. It simply wasnt worth arguing with someone who wouldnt change their opinion no mater how much it was proven wrong.

    As for trolling, making strident opinions is not trolling; insulting people, calling names, and implying or stating others do nasty things–AS YOU REPEATEDLY DO–IS trolling. So no, we arent even. I havent really done that to you, no matter how psycho you get.

    As I said, your blowing dogs analogy was lousy; it doesnt make sense, for the reasons I stated. Never mind its pathetically crude, and its your attempt to escalate the situation.

    Did Giambi admit it immediately? Not that Im aware of. First he lied lied lied, and fought like hell. It was only far later he admitted anything. Long after it was obvious he had no honor and was a total liar.

    If you think two starting players on the same team testing positive for the same PED on the same day doesnt make them both more likely to have cheated, then all I can say is WOW!…

    AS for the STFU comment, look several posts ahead of mine: Seasick’s comment: not only does he call anyone who thinks Sherman is guilty is a Sh^^%%head, he said the rest of us need to STFU: THAT was what got me to comment, it was a quote from someone else, so NO, it wasnt me who started that crap….get a grip! (and get your facts straight!). Good Grief!

    I dont get what your deal is regarding professional athletes. You go totally berserk whenever someone doesnt give them a ridiculous amount of the benefit of the doubt, so to speak. You freaked out about J Stevens on me, then even Boling wrote a piece that practically begged people to do a google search to learn more about him, like the PI series on the crap that went down his last season at UW….but you never acknowledged that, just ranted at me that of course since he wasnt prosecuted he was innocent. Wow. Sure dude, no one has ever gotten away with rape…All I wanted was you to read that damn series and tell me your argument for believing the guy was innocent and not a scumbag.

    I can read between the lines as well as the next person. And that is an essential skill in making it through this fouled up world. If you want to live in dreamland and believe Stevens was innocent, and Sherman and Browner are too, thats kinda pisses me off, but thats your choice. But you keep saying its logical, yet your statements arent.

    Maybe youre a failed athlete, or you hung out with Stevens and looked up to him for his athleticism and how he behaved hanging out with the guys. Perhaps not. Thats my point; no one knows anyone here, just what they post. I dont know you, and you sure as hell dont know me.

    I would never tell anyone to STFU, but when I see someone lumping those who disagree with their opinion saying that, occasionally Im gonna use their words and throw them back at them.

    I dont think Ive ever insulted you, nor stooped to your level. Yet you continue to spew negative invective every time you disagree with me. Who’s the negative one with skeletons?!

    Funny thing is, I simply argue a point past when most would just laugh at their opponent, because I believe in it; Im not mad at you at all….

    Sherman is one of my favorite players, and I think he deserved to get off on his appeal. I think it highly likely, for the reasons I mentioned, that he knowingly took PED’s. Im still thrilled he’s a Hawk, and I hope he never gets busted again; implied in that is that I hope he never cheats. He’s got too much talent to do that.

    You know a lot more than I do about the intricacies of HGH and Roids, I fully admit that. Still, to think HGH isnt a leg up on those who arent using it seems pretty silly. Stallone himself was proud of his 60 year old physique and gave credit to HGH for it; Im sure he used lots of other things, especially hard work, to get in shape. But none of that would have been possible without the HGH.

    Ive been working out on and off with some guys at a gym for five years, and a couple of the trainers love the stuff…in various forms and for various things. SOme of the guys at the gym really swear by it, getting it thru Canada, and Ive seen the results; its pretty crazy, when used with other supplements and their normal routine.

    Regardless, HGH is a real bone of contention between the PA and the NFL league office. ITs not fair for some to use it, while others dont because they arent supposed to. Thats my problem with it; either its available for anyone with the money, or its banned. IF its banned, its cheating to take it.

    We arent going to agree on many things. Thats obvious. I dont think your half as logical in your arguments as you seem to think, and its obvious you think the same of me. Fine. Lets leave your insults and accusations out of it, and argue facts, or even duke it out verbally on strident non-factual opinions; you seem to have at least as many as I do.

    Its really odd how angry some folks get when some of us dont believe Sherman is innocent. It reminds me of those who insisted Rocky Bernard was innocent, even after I commented that I was distantly related to his girlfriends family and I knew he wasnt. Some were so desperate not to believe a Seahawk would do DV that they talked all kinds of crap about the girl they never met…saying she deserved it, she was this and that…it was pretty disgusting, and it made me mad as hell–and some other folks as well.

    That could be part of why I kept on down the trail with my argument, who knows?! I dont see how you can hold your position and you cant see how the facts I mentioned lead me to my conclusion. How bout we let it die?

    Have a good new year. I mean that. Both of us love the Hawks and both of us think Sherman is awesome.

  39. bbnate420 says:

    I missed Seasick saying STFU, so I apologize for that. I apologize for the insults as well. I felt like you have insulted me, so that’s why I did in kind. I am willing to forgive and forget, and it seems you are willing to do the same. The rest I stand by. I’m not defending any athletes. I’m defending the scientific method and innocent until proven guilty. I don’t have strong personal feeling about Stevens, as you seem to. I could easily believe that he is a douche bag, but I don’t know him. You can believe that Stevens, Sherman, or any other athlete has done whatever you want. Just don’t pretend it’s a fact. A BS test, circumstantial evidence, at best, and rumors reported in a newspaper are far from facts. I you don’t understand that, then we have to agree to disagree I guess. With regard to the gun argument, you may not have argued that Canada as a whole had the same murder rate. I don’t remember that for sure. You did make the argument about Montreal and, I thoroughly debunked that. Montreal doesn’t even have the highest murder rate in Canada. Neither does Toronto. They are nowhere near DC, New Orleans, or Detroit. Same goes for violent crime rates as a whole. Canada reportedly does have higher rates of property crime, go figure. So your claims were still completely ignorant. That was the point. Not some anti-gun diatribe. I’m not completely against gun ownership.

    HGH may improve performance, but it hasn’t been proven. That was my point. I don’t really care if it’s allowed in sports or not. But some anecdotal claims from Stallone and some guys at the gym are far from substantial evidence. You would be laughed out of the classroom with that. There is a placebo effect, so they may truly believe that it helps them. That doesn’t mean it does. Also, HGH can be used as cover for anabolic steroids if you read between the lines. I know that Schwartzenegger took anabolic steroids back in the day and, I think Stallone admitted to the same. I’m not quite sure about Stallone though.

    Lastly, I wasn’t actually suggesting that you blow dogs. I was just saying that I could infer any negative thing about you and you couldn’t completely refute it. You can’t prove a negative. It was an analogy. A bad one according to you. I don’t actually believe you blow dogs. We can let it die now. Happy New Year as well. I don’t take this as seriously or get as angry as it probably seems.

  40. bbnate–Allright, we’re cool. Im not anywhere near as upset about Sherman as it seems either.

    There’s no way Stallone got his muscles back at 60+ without using something amazing, whether it was some sort of Roids with HGH or whatever. As I said, I’m not necessarily against HGH, just against breaking the rules in professional sports.

    Like I said, Shermans one of my favorite players. I’d love to meet him and hang out with the guy; I’d still ask him if he cheated, and tell him I thought he was guilty on my way out the door, and that cheating is for losers! (I’d make sure I was getting in my car so he couldnt catch me on the run!)

    I probably should have named Seasick in my first comment, but I was in a hurry and he wasnt the only one being a jerk…

    Hopefully we trash the rams today and dont have any more positive drug tests to argue about this season or next…

  41. bbnate420 says:

    STTBM, no. I should’ve seen Seasick’s comment to STFU. That was MY bad. I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong. Or at least I try to, you know. I’m far from from perfect, and when I pointed out a perceived flaw of yours it wasn’t meant to imply that I think I am anywhere near problem free. Personality wise. I have plenty of problems myself, as does almost everyone. It’s always best to tend to your own garden rather than comment on others. I still have a lot of room for grow. That I don’t dispute.

    Stallone may have gotten his muscles back from HGH. I can’t say that’s 100 % incorrect. But there’s no substantial, objective evidence to support that. I suspect anabolic steroids, though I don’t have any definitive, objective evidence, and I wouldn’t say it with certainty.

    I trashed you firstly because I erroneously thought you were trashing me first, and I can get a little/ or a lot over-emotional on her sometimes. Regardless, we all love the Hawks. I need to remind myself of that more often.

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