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Winston Guy activated, Deon Butler released

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 24, 2012 at 4:01 pm with 100 Comments »
December 24, 2012 4:01 pm

Pete Carroll said today during his regular Monday Morning presser at linebackers Leroy Hill and Malcolm Smith have injuries this week worth monitoring.

Hill has a hamstring issue, and Smith has a groin injury. If both of those players are unavailable, Mike Morgan, would fill in at weak side, outside linebacker.

The Seahawks also announced the rookie safety Winston Guy, who served a four-game suspension for violating the league’s performance-enhancing substance policy, was added to the active roster today.

Receiver Deon Butler’s return to Seattle was short lived, as the Seahawks released him from the 53-man roster to make room for Guy. The Seahawks received a roster exemption from the league in order to bring Guy in so he could workout with the team last week.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, a ruling in Richard Sherman’s appeal is expected on Thursday, calling his availability for Sunday’s game at home against St. Louis in question.

If Sherman is not available, the Seahawks should receive an added boost with the addition of Marcus Trufant returning to practice on Wednesday. Trufant has missed the last four games with a hamstring injury.

However, Carroll said that Walter Thurmond likely will not practice on Wednesday, as the team takes it slow with the University of Oregon product who’s nursing a hamstring injury. Thurmond has missed the last two games because of the injury.

Carroll said it will be back to a competitive situation with Trufant, Jeremy Lane, Byron Maxwell and Ron Parker all vying for time at cornerback.

Brandon Browner will sit out his last game this week, and then be eligible to return to the Seahawks facility next Monday.

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  1. Dang, I was hoping Butler would at least get some playing time so he could get something on tape so another team would sign him. I still think the kid can play slot…ah well, life in the Not For Long league…

    Not sure Trufant coming back is worth a darn. The guy has lost too much speed. I’d rather see what Parker, Maxwell, Lane, and Guy can do. But I guess having a smart veteran back is better than nothing.

  2. raymaines says:

    I don’t follow other teams very closely, but I’d bet the Rams and every other team the Seahawk’s might see this year are at least as banged up.

    One of the TV guys last night said sometimes a big win is harder to follow up than a big loss. I hope the Seahawks have their collective heads on straight this week.

  3. I think I’ve finally dried out from Sunday night”s game… starting to get my voice back… still working on the hangover…

    Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukka/Merry Kwansa Everybody!

  4. edstang45 says:

    Well we’ve had 3 big wins in a row. I don’t think a let down are in this teams plans, as they are building for a good playoff run,…..maybe SB

  5. princeaden says:

    Does anyone know when the Seahawk/49er replay is on the NFL Network? Of all times, I forgot to set the DVR. Doh !!

  6. montanamike2 says:

    I’m going to watch the game again tomorrow for a gift to myself.
    Sorry princeaden feel for ya man, maybe internet is the way to go?

  7. So the Rams game at home Minus Browner and Sherman – Trufant and Thurmond dinged up. Lets hope the young guys play well!! They don’t need to be perfect just good.

    Lets also hope that the sack Parade shows up on Sunday – the less time Bradford has time to do anything the better!!

  8. Just hoping the Cards don’t roll over. Is Kolb out for the count? How about Skeleton? We need a spoiler attitude Arizona!

  9. Found this from the 49ers presser today:

    “There was another report today that some of the Seahawks players said that you were mocking them after the game at Candlestick in the parking lot, with honking and saluting the team bus. Did that incident occur? What do you remember about that?”

    Harbaugh: “No. No, that did not occur. That’s a fabrication.”

    Who are we going to believe here?

  10. Dukeshire says:

    I hope Smith’s injury won’t cause him to miss time, I’ve been impressed with his play at Will.

  11. banosser says:

    I’m hoping the League realizes that placing a sterile specimen inside of a non-sealed container does legally break the proper chain of events that need to be maintained by the League’s collector in order to assure a non-compromised specimen.. otherwise there ARE no rules.. anything goes.. and any specimen could be tampered with… If the League’s guy did in fact place Sherman’s specimen inside of a broken sealed container.. and he backs up what Sherman contends.. Sherman’s suspension should be dropped. I ain’t holding my breath.. but if true.. he has a shot.

  12. JazBadAzz says:

    I agree banosser, the league should try and turn over a new leaf after that Saints debacle! Save face and get some credibility back by doing whats right! Drop the charges on Sherman! Honestly I can’t believe what Im seeing out of the league office as of late… Benedict Arnolds!

  13. Just reflecting as the buzz continues after the win. In the NFL version of the Harbaugh vs. Carroll battle, one thing worth mentioning is that Carroll & Co. tore down and built this team essentially from scratch whereas JH really inherited the vast majority of talent in SF but made a huge difference with them. Most teams would be lucky to have either(even though Jim is an ass).

    I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with the Seahawks development over the last 3 years. I despised Carroll at USC, now I’m a believer(especially as the team plays with more discipline). The identification and acquisition of talent has been near miraculous at times. Russell Wilson IS our franchise qb and aside from the latent fear about over-scrambling vs. pocket passing I love what he brings to the team. He is the definition of a passionate professional. On draft day it was the one pick I just didn’t get. Now, count me a humble believer. All we are missing from being the odds on Superbowl favorite is Cortez Kennedy in his prime.

    Looking towards the playoffs, the teams that scare me the most are those with the “Franchise”(emphasis on the capital F) QB’s. In the NFC that would be Green Bay. Not counting any chickens but I wouldn’t be surprised to be visiting Lambeau Field for the NFC title game.

    Sounds like Sherman should be off the hook. No employer can make up a drug test as you go along, there are specific protocals to follow. If you don’t follow them then it doesn’t matter if he was hanging out with Lyle Alzado, Brian Bosworth and Steve Emtman after school, you have to throw out that specimen and re-test.

  14. seatowntp says:

    Merry Christmas! The 2012 Seahawks have been a wonderful present. Merry Christmas to all!

  15. montanamike2 says:

    I wasn’t even sure who Russell Wilson was until i watched the Gruden interview and was won over(as was Gruden). When we grabbed him in the 3rd i jumped out of my seat. All the other picks were mysteries to me until i saw their highlight on the net, i love our drafts now, whereas before i was hoping for 1-2 players to pan out. Now it’s 1-2 players who don’t pan out and half of the rest are starters or quality depth.
    The forty whiners have a great team but they are quite thin and can’t insert replacement talent when someone goes down, our FO made sure that doesn’t happen to us. I love whooping on teams, we are now feared!
    In all my years as a Hawks fan that’s never been the case. I usually don’t pay much attention to the draft but that has changed.

  16. NYHawkFan says:

    danooly – Hard to take sides on this one. Do you believe Sherman, who likely cheated taking a PED, denied it (which, to some, would make him a liar), and is trying to get off on a technicality. Or, do you believe Harbaugh, who has little aquaintance with the truth.

    In a league in which few players are willing to burn bridges with former coaches and teams because you never know who you might end up playing with/for again, Sherman and Balwin have no problem speaking out against Harbaugh, describing him as a bully, and, no doubt, worse descriptions behind closed doors. That says a lot about Harbaugh’s character. So can you trust him someone like that (Harbaugh) when he denies taunting the Seahawks? Hardly.

    Moreover, since taunting is common on the gridiron, it’s hard for Sherman to complain about Harbaugh if he taunts others in the heat of the battle. Just sayin…

  17. montanamike2 says:

    Thanks for the extra motivation Harbaugh. I think Sherman is hoping for a technicality, it’s a league wide abuse so they already set the tone on this one by clamping down.

  18. confucious says:

    Merry christmas all! What a convincing win. Although it has probably been mentioned, I would like to give a shout out to the oline. That was another dominating performance. This unit is really coming together. It all started when Carp got pulled out due to injury. He really needs to improve over the offseason or I fear he will be sporting a different jersey. On the defensive side of things, holy crap! I could not help but notice the constant communication in the secondary. The whole backfield was involved. Best 4 quarter performance all year in my estimation. The dline stumped Gore and got in Kapernicks head. This team is realizing success quicker than I could have imagined. The strange thing is I keep waiting for this bubble to burst, the big seahawks letdown that always rears it’s ugly head. But they just keep improving. As Seahawks fans, we are in uncharted territory. Go Hawks.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Scroll down and read about the new champions of the week.

    This team is so young to be so good! I just have to watch the game again for the third time.

    Happy Holidays to everyone out there in Seahawk land.

  20. Merry Christmas to you, confucious and the rest of the Seahawks irregulars!

    I’m waiting for that bubble to burst too but at this point I’m just thrilled they are playing so well and they delivered an outstanding Christmas present to the 12th man the other night. These guys are playing with best of them and winning.

    I’ve also noticed how well our OLine has gelled and playing smart, tough football (even Breno! :-) ). Carp needs to get back into the lineup in a spot that highlights his talents…I wouldn’t give up on him just yet. Max is the man and RO owns the left side now. Cable has this group humming on all cylinders right now.

  21. raymaines says:

    Shamelessly lifting a paragraph from that article:

    There also seems to be a weird curse that’s developed around teams putting up enormous prime-time wins over the past few weeks. Remember those Giants from one section ago? They beat the Packers by 28 points on Sunday Night Football during Thanksgiving weekend and lost to the Redskins the following week. Two weeks later, the Patriots blew out the Texans on Monday Night Football, only to go down 31-3 to the 49ers in the ensuing Sunday night before launching a frantic comeback and coming up short. And then those Niners just got annihilated in front of our very eyes by the Seahawks in the rain on Sunday night. I don’t think this means that the Seahawks will lose at home to the Rams on Sunday, but it does show just how quickly things can change and how meaningless a “defining” win has been in the NFL this year.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Another 49er blogger comment-

    “Bottom line is After watching that game I realized…I thought Kap was Wilson…then realized he is just Kap.

    You guys can say all you want but Kap never performed on that level in his life. Wilson is the real deal…and rivalry will be good for years. Little brother just bitch slapped big bro niners on the big stage with everyone including grandma there to watch. Wow. Jim better figure something out of he will be playing second fiddle for years to come…that kid is crazy good and Kap is maybe top 15 QB right now on a good day.”

  23. Palerydr says:

    Merry Christmas all!

    Things I’m thankful for this Xmas morning.

    Russel Wilson, I wanted Brock Osweiler nuff said.

    A 10-5 record to date, I predicted 9-7 mostly due to starting a rookie QB.

    A top 5 defense, yes they have some issues however as a whole they make plays. Kams hit was AWESOME and IMO legal.

    I agree with one thing you said Confucious I kept waiting for the other shoe to fall. After the beating they laid on SF my glass half empty outlook towards the Hawks is changing to half full. I’ve been trying all season to find reasons the Hawks won’t get er done, well no more. I’m a full blown optimist as of today expecting good things in the playoffs. We may well have to play SF or GB in their house and I’m REALLY looking forward to that.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Merry Christmas, all! Hope everyone’s day is filled with family and fun (or at least many cocktails. Lol)

  25. Merry Seahawk Christmas Everyone!!!

  26. I thought Breno played his best game of the year. I didn’t notice him much and when I did, it was usually when I thought a Whiner came early and Breno was able to overcome Sean Locklear situation of SB XL repeatedly. Like last year, Cable has this group playing its best for the stretch run.

    I think the offensive staff deserves much criticism for the way they handcuffed Wilson at the start of the year and much praise for how they have tailored this offense to suit his strengths today. I realize that they now have more confidence in him, but if they started him week one… then they should have had more confidence in him then too (at least more than they obviously did). There’s no reason we should have lost the opener in AZ and we should be playing the Rams to win the division and get the first round bye.

    Mr. Happy had about 100 game of NFL coaching experience with respect to having teams that get penalized all too often. When we bashed him earlier this year, it was all 100% accurate. I will not apologize one bit for that criticism. However, he has done a great job of disciplining this team down the stretch. It has been a breath of fresh air. IMO, this area was single handedly the reason I never thought he’d have a good chance of winning a Super Bowl – no matter the talent he assembled. Now, if pattern of legit discipline continues… I have full faith he will win multiple Super Bowls and for that, I’m jacked about the future.

  27. Yeah, yeah… that “Merry Christmas” thing too:)

  28. Bobbyk–Holy crap, I agree completely! The Seahawks staff hamstrung WIlson, meanwhile the SKins used RG3 and the read option to stunning effect–and at the time, it was obvious that RG3 had less ability to read defenses than Wilson. I cant imagine what Wilsons stats would be had they opened things up a little for him earlier.

    Still, as much as I have bashed the offensive coaching staff in Seattle (and I stand by my criticism), I have come full circle and am amazed at what they are doing the last three weeks. Each week, a new couple of heroes on offense–they have engineered star-quality games from Tate, Rice, McCoy, Lynch, Baldwin…and used Miller and even Kearse to stunning effect when necessary. How do you game plan for Seattle now?! Whoever you double, we’ll go to the next guy..and the next…and the next…and they are ALL stepping up.

    Im happiest that the players appear to have discipline, have limited stupid mistakes and penalties, and Kam Chancellor is not only hitting HARD again, but covering well and WRAPPING UP!

    I never thought Carrol could get us hear, certainly not after the Miami disaster. Glad I was wrong. There’s joy in Mudville!

    Happy Holidays everyone! Especially Eric and company, for making this blog special! Thanks for your hard work, patience, and enthusiasm!

  29. Merry Christmas and thanks again to the peeps at the Tribune for not making a bunch of homeless Seahawk bloggers right before the biggest game in years!

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Griffin ran the read-option at Baylor for the better part of 3 years. Wilson never ran it at Wisc. Sonit’s not unexpected that the ‘Skins incorporated that into their game plans right from the start for Griffin.

    I know I’m alone on this, but I give a ton of credit to Bevell and his staff for how they have nurtured Wilson and we’re responsible with his development to bring him along slowly, all the while tayloring game plans and concepts to his particular skills. There’s no question he has an exceptional football IQ, but that too doesn’t mean he isn’t susptable to being overwhelmed as he learns the NFL game and the nuance of a new offense. In any case, Im not only impressed beyond my wildest expectations for Wilson, but the vision and patience this staff has used with him has been impressive, to me. (And yes, I have been critical of Bevell’s play calling at times, but I’m speaking in more general terms here. An overview.) In any case…

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Sorry, iPhone post…

  32. Been following the blog for a good 7 years but have never posted. Merry Christmas, everybody!

    Sherman posted this on his Twitter a couple of hours ago:
    “Hoping we play in a just League @nfl. Not a league that allows a tester to mix urine samples. A tester with a history of errors. Has has had to have 6 other tests thrown out and he has only been testing 6months.”

    I kind of have a feeling that this may get ugly..

  33. I am hoping no other team considers Bevell as a Head Coach. This Russell Wilson thing could have gone badly if Bevell was unable or unwilling to run an Offense that maximized Wilson’s many skills and mitigated his one weakness.

  34. Its an interesting argument about whether Carroll and Bevell “hamstrung” Wilson early in the year and prevented the offense from succeeding, or whether they actually brought the rookie along at as fast of a pace as he was able to handle while learning so many new things each week. I’m not saying anyone is wrong here, there are just different ways to look at it.

    At this point, I don’t think one can argue with the success that we’ve seen. What they did in bringing the Wilson and entire offense along in increments has also been happening with the D as well over the past two years. I think this system of coaching is bearing out. The Pete Carroll Systems is working, and Bevell – now that he has a well-trained offensive line and a talented QB to work with – is proving to be an excellent OC.

    Players and schemes just take a while to develop and perfect, and I’m not convinced its possible to rush the development much more than we’ve seen in Seattle. Hats off to the whole Seahawks operation for what they have accomplished in 2.5 years. And a Happy New Year to come!

  35. Pabs and Dukeshire–I agree, over the last month especially, Bevell has proven to be far more adaptive than I gave him credit for. He has incorporated the ZBS into his offense, then managed with Cable adding some non-zbs blocking schemes into the offense, did extremely well putting in the read-option, etc…now things are clicking.

    I hope this continues. What I would like to see is more use of the slant and skinny post routes, as well as an out-route once in awhile. Hasselbeck could complete an out, and so can Wilson, but its never used. I know it can be a dangerous throw, but its used to set up the out-and-up, which can be a real game-changer…anyhow, I’d like to see it.

    I dont think Bevell gets considered for HC duties just yet–he ceded control of the run-game to Cable if reports are true, and doesnt call the plays without LOTS of input from Carrol and Cable. I think Cable is a year or two away from being considered for another HC opportunity, and THEN perhaps we’ll see someone come knockin for Bevell…but I been wrong before!

  36. How much could Wilson possibly have done early on with so few training camp reps?

    Holmgren wasn’t a believer in training camp competitions – he believed camp was used to develop the starters. This is the most true for a Rookie or new QB.

  37. yellaman says:

    Merry XMAS!!! these haters cant hold me back, these haters cant hold me be, these haters cant hold me back… NO These haters cant hold me back

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Pabs, I just can’t fault Carroll for the way he handled the qb competition.
    He had Jackson, (who was well liked in the locker room) who yourself defended many times last year, and even this year before it was getting clear that Wilson was winning the competition.

    He had arguably one of the best backup qbs coming in to compete for the starting position, and who already was winning over players in the locker room like Baldwin who worked out with Flynn in the off season.

    It’s easy to say Wilson should have gotten more reps now, however back then it wasn’t easy at all for Carroll to go against his Compete for a position theory. It could have turned into a disaster as far as Carroll keeping his respect of the locker room with regards to the fairness of competition.

    Infact, if Carroll was to just pick one starter at qb without giving the other qbs a chance, then imo it would have been Flynn.
    I’m just glad Wilson got the chance.

  39. Well, by my estimation, Winston Guy should count his lucky stars that he even has a job in the NFL right now. At a position where this team has plenty of depth, Guy isn’t necessarily needed. Pete raves about his potential though, so I guess maybe for a year he gets a pass while he learns the ropes of the NFL.

    So far Guy and Howard are the most disappointing among the 2012 draft class. In their defense, however, not all rookies step onto the NFL scene and make a seamless transition. We’ve been a bit spoiled, I think, in terms of the kind of production we’ve come to expect from the talent that this brain trust has collected via the draft.

  40. Guy had better show some potential, I’m pretty iffy on the releasing Butler thing, especially when we need the depth at WR.

  41. Ewalters7354 says:

    yellaman, good song man!

  42. Georgia – Carroll had a bigger man crush on Wilson than BobbyK did for Hutchinson right from the beginning. But he gave that money to Flynn so he had to give him preseason starts he never earned. It was clear early on that none of the QBs were distinguishing themselves so it made sense to go with the Rookie.

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I hope Guy is smarter than he sounds like on the real Rob report. Either way this draft is turning out to be one of the best in Seahawk history.

    I like this chip on their shoulder attitude!

  44. Jeremy Lane has really impressed me so far. He has to be the lightest guy in the secondary, yet I see him willingly throwing his body around, looking to lay wood even on some occasions. He is also surprisingly very physical in his press technique.

    Carroll has done a marvelous job of getting through to his scouts about the specifics he’s after with a lot of the players they’ve drafted, but most noticeably in the secondary. The guys this team has at the CB position (Browner, Sherman, Thurmond, Lane, Maxwell) are all beginning to look the same, like clones of one another, in terms of how they play. I can’t wait to see what DeShawn Shead brings to the table.

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    pabuwal- I agree.

  46. Dukeshire says:

    “so few” reps… I hardly consider splitting practice reps in thirds and giving him a full half in each pre season game “so few”. Portis received what “so few” implies, as did Jackson if one consideres game action. That was barely 4 months ago, surely we’re not that revisionist already.

  47. sluggo42 says:

    I was upset with bevell, but it turns out they were right on, and I was wrong… How could that be? I have watched football since I was born 57 years ago!

    Go figure… But I’m pretty happy with the play calling now!

    They are saying teams have a letdown after a big game…, its true. We only scored 50 after the big game, then we got out of that rut… I think the Rams are in for more than they suspect…, and the good thing is that I KNOW they are worried already… Who would want to. Get in front of this runaway train?

  48. Luck and RG3 got 100 out of every 100 first team reps with their teams in camp. Wilson got 33 of every 100.

    Yet, in Duke’s world of math that doesn’t qualify as “so few.”

  49. “I hope Guy is smarter than he sounds like on the real Rob report.”

    Hmm.. not following you here. I see a young, 20 something year old rookie, fairly wide eyed and a touch shy. Lacking for intelligence? Umm.. ok, whatever.

    In any case, I think what Carroll really likes about Guy is his instincts and athleticism. Like most 6th round picks Guy is just a little raw, and a bit behind the curve right now. But Guy has a place on this team if he can catch up to the mental part of the game. Definitely a player to keep an eye on next year if he’s still here.

  50. Dukeshire says:

    It’s your hyperbole I object to. And your inability to communicate your views accurately. So now, you are using “so few” as a benchmark as compared to Griffin and Luck. Yesterday you attributed two quotes to me I never said and today you reframe your argument because you were challenged on it. Can’t wait to see what’s next…

  51. DanielleMND says:

    Merry Christmas! The Seahawks already gave their fans the best gift, and left lumps of coal for the 49ers.

    I hope the team doesn’t look past the Rams, though.

  52. Dukeshire says:

    And no, I don’t consider the snaps Wilson got prior to the season as “so few”, in context of how Seattle was building their team. And to me, that’s all that matters. Not what Washington or Indy did.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Duke- Have the cocktails got you cocky today? Lol. BTW- It doesn’t really matter how this started out, but how it’s going to finish. Let’s all hope we finish strong.

  54. ROY, who cares…I’ll bet Russell doesn’t really care (although he is human and would love the recognition). He’s a team guy and understand what it means to be a team guy (you watching RW, Sherm???).

    I think RG3 is pretty amazing, Luck, not so much. The real battle is between those 2: Wilson and RG3. Both are exceptional players and will be for a long time to come. I hope we play the Redskins because it will be one heck of a game. If we play Dallas then it would be easier on us and a definite win probability.

    First things first with the up and coming Rams. We need to beat them and do it soundly, just like we did to SF. I’m an old Houston Oiler / Titans follower (and yes, Warren Moon was one of my favorite players) and know that Fisher is an excellent coach. The battles in the future will be between the Hawks and Rams, not just the 9ers. Our division WILL DOMINATE in the coming years and if AZ gets it act together they can be there too.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    No Georgia. I tire of nonsense though.

  56. No opening day starting QB received less training camp reps than Wilson. Simple enough?

  57. Training camp reps with their first team.

  58. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Duke- It’s the holidays, nonsense can be tolerated a little, more so than all the food I’ve been stuffing down of late I hope.

    pabs- We all know that Wilson has been,( short changed ), oops! With regards to reps, and coach can’t be blamed for it, however he has done remarkably well to overcome it so let’s just enjoy the rest of the journey this year and see what happens.

  59. Dukeshire says:

    No third round QB started on opening day either. So…

  60. Dukeshire says:

    Look dude, I understand what you are trying to say, but the fact is neither you nor I have any clue if taking every single practice snap would have sped up his learning. That is, he may have gained as much or more from taking reps then watching, then taking reps again after correcting. Your presumption is based on things only those inside the VMAC are privy to. And from where I sit and seeing the results, despite what I thought at the time, they’ve handled this perfectly.

  61. boycie99 says:

    Duke, I am generally an easy going guy, who gets on with most people.
    Now I have to say i dont know you and have never met you but your persona on here stinks and I have to say i really dont like you, now you probably dont care but honestly dude your attitude is so self obsessed, you call out people and belittle them for having a differing opinion from your own and your I am better than you attitude really is unpleasant.
    You have the persona that ive been on this blog forever and so I am always right and everyone else is wrong.
    Ive commented on various issues in the past but just lately Duke if you was an ice cream you would lick yourself to death.

    This blog isnt all about you my friend and for the record in my opinion you are wrong more than you are right, so please do everyone a favour, lighten up and step back and realise the world doesnt revolve around Duke, as you are showing contempt for anyone else who dare question your opinion and that isnt a pleasant trait

  62. Whatever the case – can’t ask for it to have worked out much better really. Wilson playing his very best ball as the games get more important. I can’t blame PC/JS for giving reps to Flynn. It wasn’t unreasonable to assume that he had a legitimate chance to be the starter. Both of Wash and Indy were coming off very poor years, and drafted guys that they knew with 100% certainty would be starting based on their draft positions alone.

    on the ROY votes, the guy who is getting a tough break is the Skins running back Morris. he’s going to put in a rookie year of 1500 yds rushing and 10+ TD’s and won’t even be in the top 3 . . .

  63. freedom_X says:

    Carroll is different than Holmgren. Carroll wanted more information to make his QB decision. I wish he had clearly identified his QB earlier, but (back then) I also said that Carroll must be completely secure in his job, because he was taking a long term approach. He was willing to potentially sacrifice some wins early to develop his long-term QB answer.

    Really, Carroll’s in a no-win situation here. He’s criticized early for being in love with Wilson (which 95% of the fan base criticized then) and now he’s being attacked for not having enough conviction to install him as the starter from day 1 of training camp. Can’t win for trying.

    Given than Holmgren hand-selected Brandon Weeden as his starting QB in Cleveland and spent a #1 pick on Weeden, I would say Holmgren’s judgement, even regarding QBs’s, is not perfect.

  64. raymaines says:

    I don’t know and hardly care who’s right about RW’s development, but I sure wish it would have come together one game quicker than it did. The Miami game just ripped my heart out. So badly in fact that I couldn’t watch the Chicago game. One extra win and I wouldn’t care about next Sundays GB/Minn or SF/AZ games.

  65. Just for a national perspective, check out this fan poll for offensive rookie of the year. With over 35,000 votes RW has a healthy lead. 38% to Luck’s 33%.

  66. “The real battle is between those 2: Wilson and RG3. Both are exceptional players and will be for a long time to come.”

    If R.G. III doesn’t learn how to avoid the big hits he’s put himself in harm’s way of, his stay in this league will be Not For Long; I’ll promise you that. He needs to gain a few lbs. and realize that dipping your shoulder into oncoming NFL caliber safeties and backers is not something he wants to make a habit out of.

    Regardless of who ORoy ends up being, I think Wilson is slightly further ahead in his progression at this point. Everything from his field generalship, to his insane redzone numbers tells me this. In the beginning of this season, it really did look like R.G. III was probably going run away with RoY, but Wilson is playing better ball right now. He’s playing smarter ball. He got some of his early growing pains out of the way, and now it’s the rest of the league that is struggling to figure him out.

  67. rramstad says:

    Yeah, I actually have to give a lot of props to Pete for even allowing Wilson to compete for the starting job, and then being willing to give it to him when he showed more than Flynn. I think if Pete had just handed the job to Flynn there would have been some people who were confused, especially given the performances RW was having in the second halves of the early preseason games.

    It’s kind of revisionist history to wish that RW had gotten all the snaps in preseason. It wasn’t going to happen, given what they had paid for Flynn, it was always his job to lose, even though there was “competition” it was pretty obvious they were giving him every opportunity to take the job and keep it. He just couldn’t because RW was too focused and determined.

    BTW, I did track down that Richard Sherman Twitter

    “Hoping we play in a just League @nfl. Not a league that allows a tester to mix urine samples. A tester with a history of errors. Has has had to have 6 other tests thrown out and he has only been testing 6months.”

    On the one hand, there are probably lawyers that would freak out that he’s saying this sort of thing in public. On the other hand, this whole process is really a big negotiation, and the NFL prefers that it all be handled quietly, in house. Well, Sherman is making it abundantly clear that if they don’t rule his way, he’s going to make a giant, giant, giant stink about it, and so he’s upping the ante, and frankly, it’s probably smart. It might get him off entirely, because the NFL doesn’t want to deal with the fall out, and Sherman is a charismatic character… not a dummy… he’d do reasonably well in the court of public opinion, especially if the facts he says are true and he brought them up in the hearing and they find him guilty anyway. Many fans find the commish overbearing, pompous, and rude, and I get upset every time a defensive back gives a good hard clean hit and is flagged… still upset about them moving the kickoff… ridiculous that they are even considering eliminating PAT kicks or the kickoff entirely… the idea that the NFL has a testing regime that isn’t as good as MLB or cycling is just ridiculous, especially if a player like Sherman could lose something like $150,000 if he tests positive (gives up four game checks). Sherman has a VERY strong workplace grievance even with the NFLPA having signed a deal with the NFL, if the NFL is not using a reasonable process when they suspend him and deny him salary.

  68. For those you that think big media markets ignore Wilson, here is a nice write up on RW from the biggest of the East Coast big-media markets – the New York Times:

  69. Re: Winston Guy, I certainly hope he shows up and demonstrates his value to the team at this point. I had high hopes for Guy when he was drafted, but he hasn’t stayed healthy and hasn’t shown up yet.

    As for someone’s comment that Guy is lucky he is still on the team since the Seahawks are “deep” at S? — they are not. This is exactly why Guy is still on the team. Seahawks are deep at CB, they have a great FS, and a SS who is great against the run but inconsistent against the pass. Meanwhile, they don’t have a third S they can count on. When the D has been burned this year, it was a lack of coverage ability by our young LBs and Kam Chancellor that usually gets us burned. I doubt that Winston Guy will be the answer, and another S will likely remain an area of need for this team. I expect Carroll and Schneider to prioritize drafting another S pretty high in next year’s draft (along with needs to upgrade WR, G, TE, DT)

  70. Galena, thanks for the link. Wow. Russell Wilson leading in fan voting for Rookie of the Year. If that don’t beat all…

  71. “If R.G. III doesn’t learn how to avoid the big hits he’s put himself in harm’s way of, his stay in this league will be Not For Long; I’ll promise you that.”

    I think that every time I see him play. Not sure any QB’s are built to take the kind of high-speed hits he takes, and he’s definitely on the slim side. He needs to adjust his game.

    Wilson, as we all know from watching him, is very smart about minimizing contact where and when he can. That said, he took a couple of his hardest shots this last Sunday, made me cringe a little.

  72. Isn’t there supposed to be peace and harmony today?

  73. The Class of 1983:

    The Class of 2012:

    Personally, I could care less which rookie QB we have today if it’s anything like ’83 (which I think it can/will be). We are going to be able to comPete for a long time with a franchise signal caller.

    I think Elway was the best of ’83, but think Marino was the best rookie that year, and if my favorite team had a Jim Kelly, well, that would be fine with me. Who cares? More debate should probably be about how/why this team can go all the way than whining (like the ‘9ers and their fans) about who should win this or that meaningless award.

  74. GeorgiaHawk says:

    freedom_X- Good point on Holmgren and Weeden. BTW- I was high on Weeden before we drafted Wilson. And I really didn’t know anything about Wilson until Eric started bringing him to our attention as a qb prospect.

    Eric, you are the man!

  75. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- agree!

    I don’t really care if Luck or RG3 may be better than Wilson so long as Wilson is top 10 or 5.

    Just look at what Big Ben and Little Manning have done with great Defenses around them of late.

    I wouldn’t trade this team or it’s future for any team right now.

  76. The voting for ROY is tabulated weekly to determine the 5 finalists and RW was not on the radar early in the season so he might not even make the final cut. If he does make the cut, the final vote occurs during playoffs, so the further the Seahawks go in the playoffs, the more votes he is gonna get. I imagine if we play the Skins in the first round, and win, that RW will be the favorite over RG3. RG3 has been ROW 6 times this year. Luck has been ROW 3 times. RW has been ROW once.

  77. Dukeshire says:

    boycie – I’m sorry you feel that way, but that’s your perigitive. I can say that you’re grossly off base with what you believe to be my self perception or what I feel my place is here. In any case, I appreciate you sharing (and no, that’s not condescending).

  78. thursday says:

    Anyone know why NFL Network is apparently not replaying that Niners game? I was at the game and kinda wanted to see it again from the other perspective lol

  79. Bobby, nice comparison – QB class of ’83 to class of 2012. Let’s hope it continues to look that way a few years from now.

    Remember a few years ago when there seemed to be too few great QBs in the league? Happy days are here again.

  80. rramstad says:

    Pilot, found a bit about the process…

    “Every week during the season, 5 finalists are chosen for the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week award, and a winner is determined by fan voting online at At the end of the season, total fan voting from the year is tabulated to determine the 5 finalists for the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year award. The finalists are announced at the end of the season and fans go online to vote during the playoffs. The award is presented to the winner during a press conference in the host city of the Super Bowl as part of the week’s festivities.”

    “After the regular season, five players will be nominated for Pepsi MAX NFL Rookie of the Year honors. Fans can vote for the winner on throughout the month of January. The Pepsi MAX NFL Rookie of the Year will be announced at the second annual “NFL Honors” awards show in New Orleans on Saturday, February 2, the night before Super Bowl XLVII.”

  81. rramstad says:

    So yes it does seem to be correct that RW could possibly not even make the cut to be in the top five, if there was a lot of voting going on early in the season… but we’ll know in a couple of weeks, as the announcement of who the nominees are will come out before the first playoff game.

  82. @Stevos

    “As for someone’s comment that Guy is lucky he is still on the team since the Seahawks are “deep” at S? — they are not. This is exactly why Guy is still on the team.”

    That’s not an opinion I am eye to eye with. For one, Guy is here mainly because of Carroll’s desire for specialists within his sub packages. He wanted something similar from Lance LeGree, but unfortunately LeGree didn’t pan out. I know who Pete Carroll is. Before he was a head coach he was a defensive coordinator. Before he was a DC, he was a DB coach. He loves his DB’s., and is it any wonder why the strength of Seattle’s defense is its secondary?

    Secondly, NO ONE is supplanting Earl Thomas or Kam Chancellor for a long time. Chancellor might fade before Earl does, but I think it’s going to be awhile yet before that happens. Earl, Kam, J.J., and Maragos are this team’s depth at safety, respectively. Guy right now is the 5th safety. His reason for being here in the first place was to be a nickle defender, but that right now is Johnson’s role.

    Thirdly, Kam Chancellor is not quite the walking liability in coverage that you would suggest. He’s been burned a few times this year, so has just about every DB in the Seattle secondary. If Kam Chancellor is that much of a liability then how on earth is Seattle ranked as highly as they are in both points allowed and pass defense? Guy is not here to beat Chancellor out of a job. If by happenstance, through sheer competition he achieves this, then so be it, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that it’s not by design.

  83. bayareahawkfan says:

    Hawks worked out Ray Edwards today, and he could sign tomorrow, according to pft:

    Some speculate partially for intel on the falcons, in case we meet them in the post season.

    I know he’s supposedly a malcontent, but do was Raheem Brock, look what we got out of him in ’11.

    Brilliant, brilliant JS.

  84. NFL Network doesn’t replay every game. Just 3 or 4 each week that were competitive. Our game sunday night doesn’t quite qualify as competitive… LOL

    However, I burn every game to Blu-Ray. Anybody wants a copy email me at mocarob at hotmail dot com

  85. Pete Prisco obviously makes his prognostications based on a dartboard method. Not only is he basically insinuating that Wilson sucks, he’s predicted the Seahawks to have “let down” against the RAMS after basically prison raping the “best team” in the NFC West. This has to be related in someway to driving up ratings. Surely this is some kind of ploy. Were I sitting at a poker table right now with Prisco, I’d most assuredly call his bluff. He can’t even keep a straight face while he engages in this “debate” with that other joker he’s talking to.

  86. @#bayarea

    I dig it. Edwards at one point was an up and coming pass rusher. Had some big games, showed a lot of promise. He’s taken a step back since then it seems though. What happened to this guy? Injuries? Christ, he’s still only 27?

  87. Ewalters7354 says:

    Ray Edwards would be a welcomed addition.

  88. Sekolah, you are obviously a very knowledgable fan, but I’m not sure what your point was. My point was the Seahawks are still working hard to improve their depth at the safety position.

    Winston Guy is still on the team not simply to play in the nickel. Whomever the third best S is will play in the nickel, but I think its pretty clear the Seahawks drafted Guy to fill the SS role if Chancellor were to go down. Guy is very much the Chancellor SS prototype – a bruiser in run support. Similarly, Maragos is the FS prototype who backs up ET. I say our depth at the safety position is poor because if Kam Chancellor were to go down injured, Carroll has no one but the undersized Johnson inexperienced Winston Guy to play his SS role. At this point, Guy has been a disappointment. If Guy doesn’t pan out quickly, I expect Carroll to continue to search for Kam’s backup in the offseason.

  89. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – You mention nickel package and one thing I’m excited to potentially see is Lane filling the slot. (Either this year when Browner returns and presuming Sherman wind his appeal, or moving forward next season.) I was really impressed with how physical he’s played, so far, and he appears to be quick enough as well.

  90. montanamike2 says:

    Duke, you handled that with maturity. Passion for your team and a high football knowledge does not make you a blog nazi. Disagreements have been a staple around here and the way you handle it is a show of character. Why are we even fighting when we have the most promising Seahawks team i’ve ever witnessed, ever.

  91. montanamike2 says:

    As a point those 30 points against us in our last three games came against scrubs at the end of games. If we pushed for it Wilson would already have surpassed Peyton Mannings TD record a game or two back,
    also a few dropped balls (if the ball hits the reciever right in the hands then i count that as a drop). When Wilson breaks the record on Sunday he moves up in the rankings for ROY. I know a lot of guys like flying under the radar but i think national respect gets us better calls rather than us continaully getting screwed over because there’s no way Seattle could beat the Pats or Green Bay. The refs can definitely change the outcome of the game unfotunately and i’m tired of getting screwed over because of disrespect. Just my opinion though.

  92. bayareahawkfan says:

    Sekolah –

    What I heard was that Edwards didn’t like the way they were using him under Nolan (he was wooed and signed under the previous DC), and progressively stopped giving 100% effort.

    He got big guaranteed money early in the contract, as I recall.

    Normally not someone I’d want to bring in, but with the way this team has played in the past month, I really think they’re strong enough to handle the potential distraction, especially if he produces (Clem isn’t exactly a distraction, but he’s kind of surly and grumpy in the locker room, and that’s fine because of what he does on the field).

    Also, the way JS has structured previous such fliers on players (Braylon being only the most recent), I know they’ll cut him if he’s any kind of problem, or not producing. And for his knowledge of Nolan’s schemes alone he’s worth the risk .

    SEA has all the leverage, too, because Edwards has been sitting on the shelf for all these weeks, and no one’s picked him up.

    Another example of our relentless front office doing its part to push the team ahead.

    It’s a great time to be a Seahawk fan.

  93. sluggo42 says:

    I’m usually late in all these threads, quite often ther last… So this must mean something new will be posted soon.

    Duke what a nazi bully you are! Wow.
    Seems like you and I come to agreement at the end of every twist. Didn’t get that one…

    Signing Edwards? Stopgap for jones? I guess.

    But really, this is a happy time in Hawksville, not sure why some aggression is flying about… Lets start thinking about the rams. It’s wednesdaybalready, and I guarantee ya that RW has been thinking about the rams ever since Monday morning, and probably was watching film since Sunday night after the sf game..

    Has anyone heard about Sherman’s appeal yet?

    Btw, Christmas was great this year, but I ate too much!
    Lets see some love boys, and quit yer bickering eh?


  94. piperfeltcher says:

    Shermans appeal decision is expected tomorrow. I hope Edwards works out but to be honest he is not very good. He had a couple of decent seasons with the Vikings but that was because Allen draws a double team on every play and that got him a big contract in Atl. were he did nothing. He is alright against the run but I doubt he will be with the Hawks come game 1 of next season.
    I remember when you could disagree with someone on this board and it may have led to an argument based on football philosophy but it never lead to a personal attack. There are many diferent ways to win at football which is why there are many opinions about the “best way” so if someone disagree’s with you feel free to use football to try and get your point across but PLEEZE enough of the personal attacks.

  95. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Why are we even fighting when we have the most promising Seahawks team i’ve ever witnessed, ever.”

    Perhaps because we all don’t have a hot springs to go to every morning? Lol.

  96. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks guys, I appreciate that.

  97. It would be really nice if Edwards came in and played hard and made up for losing Jones. I thought Fangupo and Scruggs did fine, but another body to throw in is always a good thing.

    The Rams are a well-coached team who already beat us, but this time around Seattle’s coaches trust in Wilson and wont be holding any part of the offense back. I dont think the Rams have a prayer, IF Seattle simply plays disciplined football; they dont have to do anything amazing, juts play hard and disciplined, and its all over.

    Obviously, the likelihood of a letdown is there, but lets all hope Carrol can continue his mastery of the team over the last month.

    This is the best football Seattle has played since 2005. I knew we could be a top-5 team if the offensive coaches would open the offense and the line would pull it together, thats why I was soooo pissed over the Miami game. But just as Holmgren ran a conservative offense for nearly four years here until he trusted his entire offense, so Carrol and company kept it dialed back until Wilson’s play demanded a looser rein. While I still wonder what might have been, I cant argue with the results.

    And Sheesh, enough with attacking people’s personality. No one on here can possibly reveal their entire personality on this blog. People are far more complicated than that. Besides, most of us on here have gotten worked up and popped off a time or two. Live and let live.

    Dukeshire usually is level-headed and knowledgeable. When he isnt, its a fairly rare occurrence and he’s earned a few passes. Aside from that, he’s been going through a rough time personally, so its to be expected that his comments might be a little less reasoned and/or more intense. As I said, its not like the rest of us havent been in that spot before…

    And this is a great time to be a Hawk fan, best in 7 years, so lets just enjoy it while it lasts!

  98. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – I’m not sure how you know what you know (I’ve haven’t talked to anyone about it…) but thatnks for the kind words.

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