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Scruggs, Fangupo ready for opportunity

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 20, 2012 at 1:48 pm with 16 Comments »
December 20, 2012 1:48 pm

With the news of defensive lineman Jason Jones being placed on the injured reserve and Alan Branch nursing an ankle injury, players like Clinton McDonald, Greg Scruggs and Hebron Fangupo will be asked to do more.

Scruggs, a seventh-round selection by Seattle in this year’s draft, has played in 10 games, and has two sacks on the year. Seattle’s coaching staff has been impressed with Scruggs ability to rush the passer from inside in his first year.

“I’m prepared to play every game,” Scruggs said. “My biggest thing is I’ve been waiting for my opportunity and my chance. Now that it’s come, I just have apply everything that I’ve been doing, and have been training hard and working hard for, and go out and put our team in the best position to win.”

Fangupo was added to the practice squad in September. And at 6-1 and 323 pounds, the BYU product could help as a run stuffer against San Francisco’s potent running attack.

“I’m just excited man,” Fangupo said. “I know what I can do, I’ve just been waiting.

“On game days it’s hard to watch, so I just try and sit back and wait for my opportunity to play. The best way to do that is by practicing, working my butt off to get the offensive line ready. And now that I have my shot, I’ve got to do the best I can.”

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  1. Carlsonkid says:

    Well Fangupo , you’ll have your hands full with one Mr. Frank Gore . Buckle up buddy – GO HAWKS !

  2. RDPoulsbo says:

    Jones has been a big disappointment all year. I’ve been thinking both DT spots are most in need of upgrades in the offseason, especially with Branch entering FA as well. Besides the inability to stop the run of late, I remember the SF middle OL blowing up the DTs all game long in the 1st game. That just can’t happen in the future if the Hawks want to compete with SF for the future.

    I’m actually feeling good for this Sunday game in spite of being thin at CB and DT. I think this will end up being a shootout rather than a defensive struggle.

  3. WiscCory says:

    Excited for Fangupo. Next man up! If anything, he’ll be fresh, and full of energy.

    Not sure which is more anticipated….Christmas Morning or Sunday Night. It’s a great time of year.

    Go Hawks.

  4. If Chuck (Easton, not Pagano)is right, then Sherman will play this Sunday regardless of the outcome of his appeal and that’s going to make a HUGE difference. I think the Seahawks aren’t just going to win, they’re going to thump the Niners. This is like a home playoff game and the last time the Seahawks lost one of those, some guy named Terreal Bierria was playing safety for them.

  5. Yeah, Hawks by 20.

  6. Dave Boling says:

    Nice time for a shortage of manpower on the D-Line, eh? If you want a visual on Fangupo, think Dan Saleamua (those of you who remember the Chiefs — and later, Seahawks — defensive tackle). Extremely stout, with those gigantic calves. Surely looks like a 1 technique guy. The trouble on the line makes me consider the absence of production of fourth-round pick Jaye Howard, who has been active for only one game this season.

  7. First sack for the new Seahawk everyone yell GUUUUPP!!! He’s a Big boy hope he’s ready to BRING IT!!!
    Biggest worry is tomorrow with Shermans late week hearing.
    The NFL playing the typical BS game on us again, every other team the hearing is early in the week so if there is a suspension the team has time to plan, not for Seattle. Maye a shocking surprise and he’s found innocent (I can hope)

  8. @ Dave:

    It does seem odd that there’s been next to nil mention of Howard into the equation at DT. What’s up with that? Is he really that far behind the curve at this point? Please tell me that is not the case.

    This Fangupo intrigues me. He does look like a natural NT, but I wonder if he might be getting reps at either the 5 or the 3 spot.

  9. EastCoastFan51 says:

    I feel good about this game sunday night. I think carroll has some tricks they’ve been working on that we haven’t seen yet….I do feel a 30-10 win for the Hawks but I’m a homer…I do know if Harbaugh has the opportunity to run the score up on us he won’t hold back….but I also feel the QB and game plan has now matured where the OC knows wilsons strong points and won’t be holding him back this time….my fear? Wilson hasn’t had a bad game in a long time I just jope it stays that way Sunday and we can all have a Merry Christmas!!!! GO HAWKS lets blow them out

  10. DanielleMND says:

    I think it’ll be a close game either way.

  11. Geeze, I haven’t even thought about Howard until you brought him Dave. was the story there?

  12. Dave Boling says:

    Howard had some foot issues, as I recall. Early in camp, Scruggs was the rookie in there who kept sticking out during drills … more so than Howard. To me, at least. The story on draft day was that Dan Quinn was Howard’s D-line coach at Florida and gave Schneider a great report on him. But when the draft was done, I asked Schneider if he thought any of these guys was a real “steal,” and he said Scruggs. These guys have gotten such amazing production out of their mid- to low-draft picks, you almost expect a fourth-rounder to come in and be a real producer from the start.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Dave – I saw an interesting picture on today: during practice, Maragos was in the defensive huddle with the “ones” (Wright, Wagner, Chancellor…) but we couldn’t see everyone else. Would it be safe to presume that we might see Thomas in coverage Sunday, likely nickel, as thin as they are, with Maragos and Chancellor on the back end? I actually hope that’s not necessary because despite his speed, he’s not a terribly sound cover man. He’s far, far better playing with his face to the ball, not his back. Thanks…

  14. Dave Boling says:

    I’m surprised they had any pictures that showed anything that could be construed as personnel groups. Probably by accident. We can’t ever write about plays, alignments, groupings, etc., as our part of being allowed to watch practices. At any rate, I wouldn’t make too much out of such things, anyway. I think it’s interesting that Sidney was on the injury report as missing practice without injury. We may speculate that he might be on his way to the league office for Friday’s hearing. I’m not sure if a player needs to be there or if his lawyers can handle it.

    I thought the big news on the injury report was that Justin Smith did not practice again (elbow). Harbaugh said he expected him to play “If humanly possible.” This guy is the ultimate war-daddy, with a streak of something like 185 games without missing a start. He is such a force that if he can’t go, or is significantly limited, that’s the sort of thing that can make a pretty big difference.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Dave – I didn’t think you’d be able to be too candid, but couldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks anyway, Dave and thanks for popping in. It’s appreciated.

    And totally agree about Smith, although if you put any stock into what my dumb friends say, Smith is out. My boy Koon Dog down in the Bay is as big a Niner honk as I am ‘Hawks, so for good or ill I credit him with being pretty in-tune with what’s going on down there. Also, I may just *want* to believe he’s not playing. lol

  16. mojjonation says:

    Isn’t Justin Smith one of the defensive lineman who has developed the abilty to hold wihtout being called for it? Thus allowing Aldon Smith to wreck havoc? If Aldon’s babysitter won’t be able to hold lineman from blocking him, maybe he will become less of a handful. Aldon is still a great player, but he has a lot of assistance around him.

    Even though the Pats didn’t hold up their end of the bargain last weekend, it sure would be nice to finish the season a half game back or a half game ahead of the 9ers. They would be kicking themselves for letting the Rams have their way with them. Then again, we had the debacles at ST. Louis, at Arizona, at Miami, and at Detroit. We get any one of those and this game is for the division. We get any two and this game wouldn’t matter as much. Oh the woulda coulda shouldas.

    If Lane, Maxwell, and Guy, are any indicaton of the “next man up” mantra, then Fangupo, Scruggs, and McDonald should be able to fill the shoes of any of the linemen. Clem and Irvin…do your thang.

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