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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 50-17 win

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 17, 2012 at 10:43 am with 25 Comments »
December 17, 2012 10:43 am
Seattle Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons (91) forces a fumble by Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012, in Toronto. The Seahawks won 50-17. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Frank Gunn)

My apologies, I’m getting a late start due to the snail-like process in getting through customs.

I just wanted to let you know we’ll have our regular Monday Morning QB live chat at11:30 a.m. this morning, so stop by if you have time.

Taking a quick look at the playoff picture, with the Seattle Seahawks win over Buffalo, they now sit at 9-5 overall, strengthening their hold on No. 5 seed in the NFC. If the playoffs were to start today, the Seahawks would travel to No. 4 seed Washington, who are the frontrunners to win the NFC East at 8-6 on the season.

Russell Wilson vs. RGIII in the first round of the playoffs sounds like must-watch TV to me.

But a lot can, and likely will change, with two weeks left in the season. Chicago (8-6), Dallas (8-6), Minnesota (8-6) and N.Y. Giants (8-6) all remain in the hunt for a wild card spot.

San Francisco clinched a playoff berth with a 41-34 at New England. The Seahawks sit 1 ½ games back of the 49ers (10-3-1) in the division.

Seattle’s hopes of winning the NFC West took a hit with San Francisco’s win over the weekend, but it’s still not totally out of reach.

With wins over San Francisco and St. Louis in the final two games of the season at home, and a 49ers loss in their final game of the year at home against Arizona, the Seahawks could claim their second NFC West title in three seasons under head coach Pete Carroll.

Here’s my game story. Red Bryant says he’s looking forward to Sunday’s contest against NFC West rival San Francisco. Bryant: “We’re playing lights out right now. We just have to keep the momentum going. We’re all looking forward to Sunday night against the 49ers. Nothing else has to be said.”

Chris Clemons became the first Seattle player since Michael Sinclair (1996-98) to post double-digit sacks in three straight seasons.

Marshawn Lynch handled his first game against his former team like a business trip.

John McGrath of the News Tribune writes that Pete Carroll had a hard time defending his team’s fake punt in the fourth quarter, with the Seahawks up 47-17. McGrath: “There are those convinced Carroll still has a ruthless streak (which is kind of funny, because others are convinced he’s too soft) and for them, the fake punt only reinforced perceptions. The fake also distracted from another comprehensively impressive Seahawks performance.”

Check out a photo gallery from the game here.

ESPN’s Mike Sando compares Russell Wilson’s stats with Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck.

Jerry Brewer of The Seattle Times writes the sluggish performances by Seattle in the first half of the season are a distant memory. Brewer:At times, the Seahawks have been their own most formidable foe. Their toughest competition has come from within this season, and they seem to be overcoming the flaws of youth and inexperience. Are they as good as these two blowouts? No. But they’re surging. They’re fun to watch, and they’re unrelenting.”

Danny O’Neil of The Seattle Times writes that Russell Wilson’s legs are adding another dimension to the Seahawks’ offense.

Clare Farnsworth of says that the Seahawks are ready for their prime time game against San Francisco after the team’s blowout defeat of the Bills.

Matt Chandik of the Delaware County Daily Times says to quit whining about the fake punt, the Seahawks were just doing their jobs.

Khaled Elsayed of Pro Football Focus breaks down the game here. Kudos to Russell Wilson, Chris Clemons and Seattle’s offensive line.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I love the Seahawks matchup at Washington, should it end up that way.

  2. I would love to beat Washington for the third straight time in the Playoffs…that would be awesome. Especially if Wilson outplays RGIII. Hey, a guy can dream right?!

    Seattle MUST beat the Niners on Sunday. Most important game of the year, to-date. Win this one, and even I will believe Seattle is a real contender. Lose it, and they are right back in the middle of the pack and maybe miss out on the playoffs.

    I think this team has the talent to go deep into the playoffs this year; can the coaches get us there?! Will the injuries on the line and the secondary take their toll?!

    What a game coming up!

  3. I think Carroll is intentionally allowing players to run up the score, and I don’t blame him at all.

    Carroll has a young team that’s still building confidence and finding their identity. Records that fall from scoring so many points helps strengthen both traits…

    Blowouts gives the players a longer chance to feel what dominating an opponent feels like and provides more practice for our team to be successful against actual opponents.

    Also, the players are going to gladly continue scoring because he helps them reach their personal goals and incentives.

  4. xFinity is the only ad I see on here…and the link appears to be broken.

  5. freedom_X says:

    Running up the score didn’t exactly build lasting, winning habits for Buddy Ryan and Jerry Glanville’s teams. I don’t see any correlation at all. Belichick is the only successful coach (long-term) who has a habit of trying to run up the score.

    No comments in a while from people blasting the unimaginative Darrell Bevell. Now people are complaining about the score being run up. What a difference two weeks makes, though he was the same guy two weeks ago that he is now.

  6. mindnbrad says:

    “Win this one [49ers], and even I will believe Seattle is a real contender. Lose it, and they are right back in the middle of the pack and maybe miss out on the playoffs.”
    Completely agree, STTBM. I wonder if we have what it takes.

    Did Sherman seem off/soft to anyone else?

  7. thursday says:

    He (Sherman) had some good tackles, but he also blew some coverages. Hopefully he doesn’t do that against the Niners.

    Lol I’m so tired of the running up the score crap. I completely agree with that Delaware guy. And I wouldn’t be mad at all if someone did it to the Seahawks, if anything I’d be mad at them for playing so badly and/or giving up. This is not a game for whiners.

  8. freedom_X says:

    As long as you can take out what you’re dishing out, I don’t mind a score run-up. And, if it serves a purpose (like getting Matt Flynn reps) I think it’s fine.

    But scoring just to embarrass the other team is what I call “running up” the score, and I don’t see where the team can benefit from it at all. I associate that type of activity with an undisciplined, emotion-driven mentality. Ryan and Glanville are perfect examples of that type, and I don’t think you can have a winner with that viewpoint. No one can be amped up for 16 games + playoffs (if you even make it) let alone 5 years.

    The other part I don’t like about it is that it draws attention away from the legitmate acheivements of the team. Russell Wilson is the only player getting national positive coverage because of the win. Other than that, it’s mostly coverage of the fake punt. I don’t like that.

  9. I think its fine. If people are going to focus on the fake punt and “running up the score”, let them. This team does not need national love to be great. This will just add chips on their shoulder and as long as they continue to play good ball, its all good in my book.
    The 9ers will be a tough test, and no way there will be running up of the score. I see the past two games as preparing the offense for these tougher games coming up. All season the offense hasn’t been opened up and very potent. These past few weeks we have seen that change, and i for one love the fact they are not letting off the gas when they are up big. Are they supposed to let up and have a team come back and tie it up like last nights game? No way, this is the pro, go big or go home. They dont get paid tons of $ to worry about the other team’s, or ESPN’s feelings. Go Hawks

  10. montanamike2 says:

    Ex Cowboys Experts piss me off! All love will be going to SF in the press this week and getting dissed seems to make our team thrive.
    I like the idea of giving more time to Flynn to get him ready if called upon. If we were really trying to run up the score we wouldn’t have pulled Wilson early in the 3rd for the second time in a row. As a QB gunning for a rookie TD record and being pulled i ask, what more could we do?

  11. The Seahawks are a contender. But most fans spent the first 10 weeks thinking they were a contender because of their Defense. Contenders can travel anywhere and play the same ball they play at home. The Seahawks are a Contender because of their offense and it’s ability to play the same ball anywhere.

    It’s unfortunate that Carroll ran the three way QB competition which cost the team early offensive production and a couple of early victories. It felt like the Seahawks lost yesterday because now they have to go on the road and play a division winner in the playoffs.

    The Seahawks are 1-9 all-time on the road in the playoffs, having lost 9 straight. The Seahawks are 1-7 all-time against Division Winners, having lost 7 straight. The only road victory (which happened to be against a Division Winner) was in 1983 at Miami.

    It might be too much to expect for a Rookie QB to be able to reverse 35 years of playoff futility. It won’t happen because the Defense holds the other team under 20 points or because they make the big 4th quarter plays. It will have to happen because the Offense scores over 30 points.

    Another fun fact is that we all know the Seahawks are the masters of the 9-7 or worse division title (5 of their 7 division titles). But this will be just the 6th time in franchise history with 10+ regular season wins and 4 of those 6 ended up as Wild Card berths.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Sherman didn’t have his best game yesterday, no doubt. But let’s give Steve Johnson some credit: he’s a very good and underrated receiver.

  13. I am always amazed when the past history of completely different players is used to bolster arguments concerning future games. So what? Where is the relevance to today, other than factors such as time zone changes or weather? The only commonality with these past Seahawks and today’s team is the name.
    And we will never get love nationally until we establish a dynasty for years…the only reason they look at us now is Wilson simply cannot be overlooked. And even he usually takes a back seat to the other QB’s.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    I’d be very surprised to learn that most people thought this team was a “contender” in any way, for the first 10 weeks of the season.

    Moreover, this defense is playing nearly the exact same football they have all season, but as their weaknesses are exposed as the season wears on, all the unreasonable praise placed on them then, is replaced with unreasonable criticism now. Their defense has holes that need to be filled. Most notable on the d line and depth in the secondary. But make no mistake, regardless of their lapses and deficiencies, they give up fewer points than all but two others. This is a very good unit that a good offense can win a championship with.

  15. This is a good Defense and while it might sound like my criticism sounds extreme at times, I think this is one of the best units in franchise history.

    But a lot of the discussion early on was about this Defense being so good that it could single handedly carry the team to untold heights with just merely competent Quarterbacking. And why “waste” such an “elite” defense with a “low-end” QB like Wilson.

    This isn’t a Defense that will go to another stadium in a playoff game, shut the other team down and create cheap points (like the 49ers did for the first 2.5 quarters last night). This Defense can’t be counted on to make the big 4th quarter stop (like the 49ers did last night) or to even hold a decent offense under it’s yards per game or points per game season average. It is a Defense that will need an offense that scores over 24 points, doesn’t provide the other team short fields and limits the other offense’s possessions to be an effective.

    But what this Defense can do well is inhibit any offense at home and play well against weaker offenses on the road. That has been good enough for the team to get a rare double digit win season. Perhaps next year or even in a few weeks they will take that long awaited step into the 49ers realm.

  16. I don’t know if this has been posted:


    Seahawks clinch a playoff berth with:

    1) Win OR

    2) WAS loss + MIN loss + CHI loss OR

    3) Tie + MIN loss or tie + CHI loss or tie OR

    4) Tie + NYG loss + CHI loss or tie OR

    5) Tie + NYG loss + MIN loss or tie OR

    6) Tie + WAS loss + DAL loss + CHI loss or tie OR

    7) Tie + WAS loss + DAL loss + MIN loss or tie OR

    8) Tie + WAS tie + DAL loss or tie + MIN loss + CHI loss

  17. tylerwyler says:

    “Appeal of the four-game suspension for Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman will be held Friday, two days before game vs. SF.” – Schefter


  18. Shefter tweeted that Sherm’s appeal will be held this friday. I sure hope he can play on sunday…huge loss if he is out against that team

  19. tylerwyler says:

    Schefter reports: Appeal of the four-game suspension for Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman will be held Friday, two days before game vs. SF.

  20. SandpointHawk says:

    PHXHawk I agree fully…

  21. If the Seahawks crush the Niners and the Rams, whoever wins the NFC East is going to be quivering. As Eric says, it would be great to see RW go against RG3.

  22. Color me nervous if Sherm gets suspended and thurmond can not play. Yikes

  23. Down their top 4 CBs (Sherman, Browner, Thurmond, Trufant) against the best team in the NFC would be a lot to overcome, even for the Legend of Russell Wilson.

  24. Wilson is capable of hanging 30 points on San Fran. But he’ll need some help. Im not sure the D can hang without Sherman, Browner AND Thurmond.

    We seemed fine with Thurmond in there, without him Im not sure what we have on D.

    Wait and see huh?!

  25. hawkfan777 says:

    Pabs, The Hawks have the number one scoring defense and the number three by yards. They have played similar teams to the 49ers. Some would say better offenses than the 49ers.

    I just cant agree with your point on the defense. If the Hawks would have completed more offensive drives they wouldnt have put the pressure on the defense at the end of so many games.

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