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Carroll’s presser/Sherman appeal

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Dec. 17, 2012 at 3:56 pm with 31 Comments »
December 17, 2012 3:56 pm

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Richard Sherman’s appeal of his banned substance suspension will be heard by the league on Friday. It’s unclear if a failed appeal will mean the four-game suspension would kick in before Sunday’s NFC West showdown with San Francisco.

In injury news, WR Sidney Rice is still sore from the toe/foot injury that caused him to miss practice last week. “He’s sore,” Carroll said. “We’ll have to see how he goes Wednesday. We might have to take care of him a little during the week to get him ready for game day.”  Carroll did not expect cornerbacks Walter Thurmond (hamstring) or Marcus Trufant (hamstring) to be ready for Wednesday’s practice. And beyond that … he had his fingers crossed, he said.

DT Alan Branch “came out way better than we thought” given a history of high ankle sprains, said Carroll, who expects to rest Branch until Friday with a chance to get him back by Sunday. DT Jason Jones also came out of the game with a sore knee and could be limited for the week. Carroll said he will continue the “maintenance” of some other players with nagging injuries, particularly Red Bryant (foot) and Marshawn Lynch (back).

Carroll said their study of the film of the 50-17 win over Buffalo showed ” … we did a lot of really good things across the board, I was really happy with the consistency on offense. It started with the running game, and the big start with Russell (Wilson) getting the ball in the running game. It made for the feeling we had the control of the football game throughout the first half. It finished up a really complete game; we played solid football across the board, kept the penalties down and took care of the football in excellent fashion and a few turnovers really made it a big score. We’re surprised by the scores the past couple weeks, but we’re really thrilled about it.”

The Seahawks were able to watch the San Francisco-New England game on the charter flight. As might be expected, the Seahawks were huge Patriots fans. “(San Francisco is) an incredibly good football team, they just proved it again last night , they just continue to show they know how to win football games and play defense … and special teams always rise up and their offense is really doing great stuff. It’s a terrific matchup for us and I know coming home the last two games here it’s a great opportunity for our fans and we want to really play well in this setting.”

As for playoff and division title scenarios, Carroll said “We ain’t done nothing yet.” Adding “we’ll have no trouble focusing,” for Sunday night’s matchup.


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  1. Man, I sure hope Sherman plays in Sunday’s game. I could care if he plays against the Rams, but we’re gonna need him against the Niners.

    Gonna have to put some points on the board somehow, anyway.

  2. Hopefully Thurmond can come back but it doesn’t sound like it. Down the top 4 CBs against the best team in the NFC might be too much for even the legend of Russell Wilson to overcome.

    I can’t imagine how Sherman thinks he can win this appeal, unless he somehow proves the sample wasn’t his. He is going to come out looking like a genius if he wins or an idiot if he misses the entire playoffs because of this.

  3. I was hoping he could procrastinate at least one more week, so we’d have him for the 9ers game.

  4. Why are my comments always appearing with the message (“Your comment is awaiting moderation”)?

  5. I can’t help but hope that Sherman is either able to win his appeal or can file suit that will delay anything (win, lose or draw) until next season. While I hate to see either he or Browner have to sit out 4, I’d much prefer to see it in the first 4 games of a season when it can be planned for, than to lose them both for two games heading into a possible playoff spot.

    That said, if we can keep the offense rolling and we can generate enough QB pressure AND containment…well, let’s just hope we can. :)

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We may have to score 30+ points to win this game. Hopefully the 12th man will help cause some confusion for the 49ers offense.

  7. 30 points against the 49ers Defense? That would really be something if they could pull that one off.

  8. Hey Audible – first they run a spell checker, then they make sure no cuss words are in your post and finally they check to make sure you are not saying anything bad about RW. :)

  9. My incredibly moderate comments also have been awaiting moderation, Audible, if that makes you feel any better.

    Maybe Richard figures that if he has to go out for four games the best time would be now so that IF the Hawks got in the playoffs and IF they got to the NFC championship he’d be able to come back in time for the Championship and the SB. That is, if they’re allowed back into the post season after a suspension.

  10. The best time would have been when Browner did it – these last 4 games always represented the softest part of the schedule. Sherman is really gambling here.

  11. shoehawks says:

    The Patriots only scored 23 against the Seahawks. They have a much better offense than the 49ers. Add that to the fact that the Seahawks have a much better defense than the Patriots; and you have the recipe for a very competetive, relatively low scoring game. I am looking forward to it with great anticipation. GO ‘HAWKS!

  12. ESPN just said that some feel he has a sufficient case and could win.
    (they didn’t say who some are)

    Do they typically make a decision the same day as an appeal or wait a few days?

  13. princeaden says:

    I suspect Browner and Sherman are following orders from Carroll in an attempt to have their suspensions overlap as little as possible. Has anyone ever heard of a drug suspension being overturned ?

  14. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t think 30 points against the 9ers would be a shock. Not to diminish how good they are, but they are vulnerable in some areas, as the Pats showed last night. Specifically outside the hashes. NE was able to spread them out quite effectively and had they not dropped so many passes would have likely won that game.

  15. The 49ers Defense really seemed to falter once Justin Smith went out of the game. Looks like there is a shot he misses this week’s game.

  16. thursday says:

    Ngl, this has me worried. We need him against the Niners. But, I’m holding out hope that there was a reason, a good reason, for him to appeal.

  17. montanamike2 says:

    i Think he’s just staggering the penalties.

  18. Ewalters7354 says:

    As well as Kap played last night, he is really careless with the football. Had like 4 bobbled snaps and overthrew a bunch of wide open receivers.If the hawks can shut down the read option as well as they did against Carolina, I believe he may makes a few mistakes that the offense can hopefully capitalize on.Go Hawks!

  19. Ewalters7354 says:

    I can’t help but think about how Tom Brady torched the hawks secondary, and all of a sudden they aren’t that good.Though they hold teams to 17 points consistently. Tom Brady torches the Niners secondary and puts up 31 on them.Yet, they still get called great (which they are).Also the Rams marched those guys up and down the field all day long.

    I just think some of us should appreciate just how well the hawks play defense.Yes they give up plays but rarely break. Not many teams can hold opposing teams under 30 points game in and out like the hawks have done thus far.

  20. freedom_X says:

    San Francisco got a lot of lucky rolls in that Patriot game. They fumbled 7 times and only lost one, whereas NE fumbled twice and lost both of them. It’s statistically proven that fumble recoveries are primarily a matter of chance. When the odds evened out for the Bears, suddenly their defense doesn’t look so impressive anymore.

    If Justin Smith is out, it could be a decisive factor in Sunday night’s game. Not only does it weaken the SF line directly, without J. Smith’s holding of offensive linemen, Aldon Smith becomes far less effective. Aldon Smith comes in apparently clean and unblocked because J. Smith is holding an O-linemen to free him up. I hope eventually the NFL cracks down on that.

    The one team I hope Carroll runs the score up on (now that Arizona was properly pasted) is San Francisco. That’s the team I would expect Carroll to call deep passes and fake punts on with a 30 point lead. If they can only get a big lead, of course.

  21. prince – Ryan Braun.

  22. Coaching = SF
    QB = SEA
    RB = SEA
    WR = SEA
    TE = SF
    OL = SF
    DL = SF (w/o J.Smith it equals SEA)
    LB = SF
    DB = SEA
    ST = Any Given Sunday
    Home Field = SEA

  23. Ewalters7354 says:

    I don’t know about the LB being equal to the Niners just yet bobby.Once they find another Wagner/Wright to be the Will then I believe they can match the Niners Lbs.

  24. Ewalters7354 says:

    Sorry I misread your post.My sincere apology.

  25. What are the odds that Seattle scores 50 against the Niners? It won’t happen, but just imagine if it did. The other playoff teams would be cowering.

  26. I don’t understand why Rice wasn’t rested after Seattle got ahead by a couple TDs. He’ll be a big key to beating the Niners, and if he’s not 100% that’s not good. Was it really necessary for him to be running the field in the second half?

    If Justin Smith can’t go for the Niners, that would be good news for us.

  27. Naw, SF has a good D. Only 40 this sunday.. LOL

  28. mojjonation says:

    bobbyk…RB-SEA. I’m not so rure about that. Gore can almost gash at will. While we have 550+ yards on the ground the last couple of weeks, it was against the Cards and Bills. Not exactly up to the 9ers ability in stopping the run. I’d love to see us get 250 on the ground against them just to make a statement, but I don’t really see it happening.

    Brady actually threw for more yards against the 9ers at home than he did aginast Seattle on the road. Not by much, but it was more.

    I heard that Sherman was going with the “contaminated sample” route. The end of the week will either be bad or good with no in between regarding him.

  29. letsworkitout says:

    You can’t use the nonsense thinking of well if team X scored XX points against them and we scored XX against team X then that means we should score plenty. Really? In the NFL it is about match ups. That is how a team can lose to the underdog one week and beat a top level team the next. I mean comparing the Seahawks production vs the NE production on offense vs SF…think about it as an objective football fan. The Patriot offense is the top scoring offense in the league, of course they can score points vs SF. The Hawk offense outside of the recent blowout scores vs weak opponents hasn’t been anywhere near that production.

  30. Don’t you think we were just amusing ourselves about scoring a bunch vs the 9ers..?

  31. jchawks08 says:

    LOL Pilot! Good one! That would explain the dissapearance of ACIB, i presume.

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