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Morning links: Smith and the need for speed

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 14, 2012 at 11:52 am with 22 Comments »
December 14, 2012 11:53 am
Seattle Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith (53) celebrates with linebacker Mike Morgan (57) after scoring a touchdown on a fumble recovery against the Arizona Cardinals during the second quarter of an NFL football game in Seattle, Sunday, Dec. 9, 2012. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

Pete Carroll talked specifically about getting faster at linebacker this season, and then the Seahawks drafted Bobby Wagner in the second round of this year’s draft

Mission accomplished.

And Seattle looks to have added to that equation with the addition of second-year pro Malcolm Smith to the starting lineup in place of an injured Leroy Hill, which I wrote about today.

In two starts, the Smith has not been overwhelmed by the starting role. But with Hill now healthy, Carroll and defensive coordinator Gus Bradley have a tough decision to make.

Tim Booth of The Associated Press writes that the Seahawks rookie class is playing up to its potential on the field.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that tight end Anthony McCoy is not resting on his laurels after a career day last week against Arizona.

Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun profiles Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson. There’s some interesting quotes from Wilson’s quarterbacks coach at North Carolina State, Marc Trestman, who’s also good friends with Carroll.

ESPN’s Mike Sando likes the Seahawks 23-17 over Buffalo.

Doug Kretz of Scouts Inc. likes the Seahawks over Buffalo, 21-20. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

Tim Graham of the Buffalo News talks with Warren Moon, who offers some interesting perspective on Tarvaris Jackson’s time in Seattle.

The folks at the NFL Network debate which rookie quarterback can take his team the furthest in this video link.

Morning links
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  1. mojjonation says:

    As long as McCoy is the new McCoy and not the old McCoy, it can be said he isn’t resting on his laurels.

    Too many speedy LB’s. What do you do? Teach them to cover in space. I know it comes with time so the future is promising with or without Hill.

    I can see a double digit victory if the confidence from the last two games remains confidence and does not escalate to arrogance.

    Who defines what a rookie classes potential is? Number one pick Andrew Luck is throwing the ball all over the yard and has 18 INT’s and five fumbles. Indy has 9 wins with three weeks to go. RG3 has set a new QB rushing mark (with the help of a 1000 yard back). He has had a couple of four TD passing games. But he is a bit wreckless in his style and he paid for it last week. RDub has shown the most growth from start until now. He has beaten three teams that are in the playoffs (GB, at home, EARLY in the season, on a controversial call), and 2 more that are one game away. Luck hasn’t beaten anyone (GB at home EARLY in the season). RG3 has a couple of signature wins to his rookie season, but no one has the rookie resume that Wilson has. RG3 will probably win ROY unless they give it to Luck out of support for Pagano. If the only stat they care about is yards then it is Lucks. If they take the whole thing into consideration, it’s between RG3 and RDub.

  2. gonefishin69690 says:

    IMO, I think ROY go to the QB playing for the team that goes the furthest, which would be US!

  3. I never get tired of reading stories about RDUB, and all the adversity he’s overcome already. I love an underdog, and Wilson may be the greatest underdog of all time. And our team is filled with a bunch of underdog types that were snubbed by scouts and the draft. I believe that is one of the reasons we are so tough and physical, because they play with a huge collective chip on their shoulder all the time. I could care less about the ROY award, which will most likely go to Luck or RG3 anyway due to east coast media bias. But the fact of the matter is that Wilson has the best chance to win the Super Bowl first with the talent around him. GO HAWKS!

  4. Thurmond – out?

    love the guy but it is getting time to move on and find a guy who can be on the field for than a game a year.

  5. Thank you for that link, Joreb.

  6. agreed xcman. I heard people talking about trading browner when he gets back because thurmond is as good or better. That is up for debate, but i challenged that theory because the dude just cannot stay healthy. Maybe it is bad luck, but maybe he is just injury prone. Regardless, they need to keep browner and look for another DB that can play the same way and stay healthy. I hope thrumond can come back and prove me wrong, becuase he seems like he could be a stud. But he’s gotta stay on the field to be able to prove that.

  7. ChrisHolmes says:

    Wow, Warren Moon just lost a lot of respect with me. That article makes Moon look bad. He’s either being overly nice because he doesn’t want to hurt Jackson’s feelings in print, or he (Moon) is a moron. The article makes it feel like the latter… Which makes me feel bad. I mean, is Warren Moon really that stupid?

    Jackson just isn’t (and wasn’t) a good NFL Quarterback. Doesn’t matter how tough he was with a bad OL; Jackson was missing the most important ingredients that a QB and the NFL level needs: everything necessary between the ears. The only thing I read in that article that had a ring of truth was when Moon said that Jackson, “hasn’t been able to grasp a situation when it’s put there in front of him.”

    Yeah Warren. In other words: He’s not very bright for an NFL QB.

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    I don’t know how many more times people are going to have to see polar opposite stories like TJack and Russel Wilson play out before they truly understand that what matters most at the NFL level is smarts, decision making and accuracy. Wilson has all of them. TJack had none.

    TJack reminds me of Jeff George. That guy had a cannon. He was also a class-A jerkoff, didn’t read defenses well, was mentally inept, not accurate, and folded under pressure. Jackson is the same type of QB. And we’ve seen this dozens of times before. The history of the NFL is littered with QB’s who lacked the fundamental necessities to be good. They flame out time and time again. It’s predictable. And yet people keep drafting these guys (JaMarcus Russell) or giving them jobs they don’t deserve and can’t perform in (Jackson).

    And yet Moon thinks, “He was in the wrong place at the wrong time”..

    Really Warren Moon? How about this: Jackson was in exactly the right place at the right time, on a team with a rising defense and strong running game, with opportunities late in games to drive his team down the field and win. And he FOLDED. Pathetically. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Wilson has had those same opportunities this year and he’s grabbed them by the throat and scored.

    Polar Opposite.

    I’m sick of reading yet another complimentary article about Tavaris Jackson, like he’s got the short end of the stick or something. Jackson’s lack of success has had NOTHING to do with his circumstances and EVERYTHING to do with his LACK OF SKILLS, TALENT and IQ.

    Let’s call him what he is: a bad NFL QB.

    He’s running the scout team on a 5-8 club? Yep – that’s EXACTLY where Tavaris Jackson belongs.

  8. One of the key transitions to the NFL, for ALL players, I believe is the speed of play. If you don’t have the smarts to understand that, like TJack, you will not be anywhere near as successful as you were at a lower level. Wilson appears to be very aware of that difference, and the extensive film review time he spends sure must help him in that regard… speed of play becomes better calculated… I’m guessing the early conservative playcalling, we didn’t really appreciate, has helped his control issues too….

  9. trout_hound says:

    The big question, Mojo, is which one is the real McCoy?

  10. Luck is going to get the ROY because of East Coast bias? How about because he’s the best player? We homer our guys just like the East Coast crazies coddle their own. Look in the mirror. Does anyone honestly think that Mr. Happy or the Duke Boy would turn down an offer of Wilson for Luck straight up in the off-season if they offered it? No way in hell.

  11. bbnate420 says:

    ROY isn’t supposed to go to the player with the most potential. It’s supposed to go to the player that had the best year, so whether or not they would trade RW for Luck is completely beside the point. You can easily argue that RW is performing much better than Luck in most objective categories. RG3 is a different discussion. People act like Luck is playing with no talent around him on offense. Complete fallacy. His season is overrated. His team will wither when he plays a team that isn’t garbage. Let’s talk after the Texans whoop their butts on Sunday.

  12. bbnate420 says:

    Luck has 28 ints and fumbles already. RW has 14. That’s HALF. RW’s rating is 20 points higher. His completion percentage is 8 points higher. RW throws for approx. 0.5 more yards an attempt, so don’t say he dinks and dunks it. RW has almost 90 more rushing yards. The only significant stat that Luck has him beat in is rushing TDs. I don’t count yards since they are severely overrated and RW throws for more yards an attempt. You hardly have to be a homer to see these as much better numbers.

  13. bbnate420 says:

    I’d vote for RG3 at this point, personally.

  14. Well Bobby, it’s fun to debate who’s better, but we won’t really know for sure until after a few seasons. I’m going to stick with stats and facts, and say all three are having amazing seasons for a rookie. If you ask random people, I don’t think there would be a consensus on who is best. I have a gut feeling about how this will turn out. I feel like Luck may have the gaudiest numbers, most prolific in terms of yards and touchdowns over the years. Griffin will be the most dynamic and explosive with his running ability, but also most injury prone.
    And our boy DangeRuss will end up being the most efficient, and most winning. Hopefully he’ll have a ring to back up his arguments.

  15. I would actually agree with you Nate. If you just look at cold hard football facts, there is no denying that RG3 is having the most impressive year overall.

  16. Try watching the games instead of looking at the stats. You might learn something.

  17. Bobby, you’re not the only one that watches Andrew Luck’s games bro. Quit being so arrogant, man. And you have not backed up your argument with any logic or rationale other than just stating Luck’s the best. I’ve seen several of his games, and he makes some very impressive throws but also makes alot more mistakes than RG3 or Wilson. And I’m not arguing that Luck isn’t a good player, he is a very good player and may end up being the best of the three. But just basing the award on performance this season, I don’t feel it’s as obvious like you imply. So there you go. And there are many football experts that agree with me as I’m sure many agree with you. And I am sure those football experts watch the games also. I am entitled to my opinion as you are yours. When I stop coming to this blog due to the pay wall, your posts are some of the ones I will not miss very much. From your irrational hatred of TJack to your overly harsh judgments on Portis, I get the least out of your input because it’s not really based on football knowledge, just one man’s irrational, unreasonable opinion.

  18. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ccvi that’s pretty harsh. you are being as, if not more arrogant than you accuse bobby of being. try strength of schedule when comparing the QB’s. hawks 11 colts 14, skins 24 .

  19. I don’t know where you get your numbers hawkfaninok, but go to and check out the DVOA stats.
    It’s not only strength of schedule that’s important, but also quality wins. Those are wins against teams with winning records.
    The Seahawks with Wilson starting have 5, most in the league. also has a breakdown of the 3 qb’s, with RG3 and Wilson comparing very favorably to Luck.
    I don’t see where I’m being arrogant when I’m trying to back up my point with logic and rationale.
    The Seahawks are ranked #2 in DVOA and it is based on key stats including strength of schedule and victories vs quality opponents.
    If i came off too harsh, I do apologize, Bobby. I don’t want to make it personal. But it’s true that you do come down pretty hard on TJack and Portis and call them names a lot of the time, to the point that it makes me wince. TJack may be a mediocre player and below average starting qb, but he is a stand up guy and doesn’t deserve the vitriol that you spew at him. We should save that kind of scorn for real criminals that hurt others. I have love for every Seahawk fan though, so if you are passionate about the Hawks you are good with me.

  20. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    my point is you are coming off as an ass. Tjack isn’t here anymore who cares? my point as to strength of schedule is that is also a factor to consider. hawks had number 11, colts 14 , skins 24. i believe i pulled that off fox sports page. breaks down pf/pa, records and about 4-5 other things. my point being is RG3 in the discussion if you take this into account? ofcource but should he be? i don’t think so, that’s just me thou.

  21. bbnate420 says:

    CCVI, well put. I don’t disagree with any of it. I don’t think you were coming off as an ass, either. I guess some people are sensitive. Some people don’t like it if you use facts or data to back up your point in a discussion I guess. BobbyK came off as much more of a know-it-all to me. Like if we were smart like him then we’d obviously know Luck was better if we watched the games. To play amateur psychologist, I think he has some OCD. I have a little myself. He seems to get fixated on certain players or situations, i.e. a certain G leaving, and digs in to his position. He has been high on Luck for awhile now, so I think RW would have to have Peyton Manning numbers for Bobby to say he’s better than Luck. You already mentioned his irrational hatred of a few players, neither of whom are even here anymore. He actually said he would take Stan Gelbaugh over TJack one time!

    I think Bobby has good things to offer, but he offered zero in the way of evidence as to why Luck was clearly better than RW or RG3. I guess we just have to take his word for it? And it’s fine if that’s his opinion based on watching him play, but don’t act like we are just homers if we think RW is playing better than him. Especially since our opinion is backed up by almost every objective statistic. I have watched Luck play. He’s not better than RW to me right now, either in stats or the eyeball test. I think Luck has at least as much talent to throw to. To completely ignore a thorough evaluation of a large number of statistics would be just as stupid as ignoring what you see on the field. I tend to lean a little more on statistics. I am not a professional scout, as I doubt anyone here is.

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