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Chancellor and Rice sit out practice

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 12, 2012 at 4:48 pm with 27 Comments »
December 12, 2012 4:48 pm

The Seattle Seahawks had four players miss practice today, the team’s first Wednesday practice without pads. With the new collective bargaining agreement, the Seahawks are out of padded practices for the rest of the season.

As Pete Carroll told us earlier today, receiver Sidney Rice did not practice because of a foot issue. Also not practicing today were cornerback Marcus Trufant, safety Kam Chancellor and defensive end Red Bryant.

Cornerback Walter Thurmond (hamstring) and running back Marshawn Lynch (back) were limited today practice.

Buffalo had a long list a players appear on today’s injury report.

Linebacker Nick Barnett (knee), free safety Jairus Byrd (shin), defensive tackle Marcell Dareus (shoulder), running back Fred Jackson (knee), defensive tackle Spencer Johnson (knee), cornerback Leodis McKelvin (groin), defensive tackle Kyle Williams (knee) and center Eric Wood (knee) did not practice.

Defensive end Mark Anderson (knee), defensive back Ron Brooks (hip), tight end TE Scott Chandler (groin), offensive lineman Andy Levitre (knee), cornerback Justin Rogers (foot), tight end Lee Smith (knee), offensive guard Kraig Urbik (knee) and linebacker Chris White (thumb) were limited in practice.

Receiver Donald Jones (calf), safety Da’Norris Searcy (hand), running back C.J. Spiller (shoulder), cornerback Aaron Williams (knee) and defensive end Mario Williams (wrist) were full participants.

Notes from practice
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  1. Thurmond is made of glass…..

  2. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    wow they have a lot of hurt players. blocis, didn’t you say the same thing about rice?lol

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No need to worry, this team is on a roll!!!!!

  4. This has been one, great, fun, unpredictable year to be a Hawks fan! I believe we have the team to knock off Buffalo on the road, but that ‘road’ thing is sooooo wierd, especially for these guys…. On the edge of our seats again….

  5. sluggo42 says:

    I struggled with hammi problems as a youngster, even with good stretching. Sometimes you just never get past them, you just manage them. A heavy pull goes up all the way round the moon too, owwwch!

  6. sluggo42 says:

    I did a little trolling without posting on some bills site to get a feel for w hat they think about the game.. They are already blaming the Toronto site for the loss, and some of them want Flynn. Most are sensing impending doom, and are hoping we don’t do to them what we did to az, calling us Nast, big, and relentless.

    I was so proud as I wiped away my tears of joy…

  7. sluggo42,

    Got an extra Kleenex?

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Audible – My favorite username, Where have you been lurking?

  9. montanamike2 says:

    I heard Rice, Chancellor and Bryant will probably be playing, just getting a little extra rest.

  10. Brandon Marshall and Marshawn Lynch are having very good seasons. What do they have in common? They were both acquired by their current teams for low draft picks and both have been in legal trouble — the type of players that Tim Ruskell would stay away from. I wish Marshall had signed with the Seahawks — we would have loved him, despite his legal trouble. He’s a HOF-talent (and is putting up HOF numbers).

    Of course, we’ve had other guys with problems — Jerramy Stevens, K-Rob — who couldn’t produce on the field. But Holmgren took risks with first rounders; Schneider takes risks with fourth and fifth rounders.

  11. Hammajamma says:

    They may have to beat all three teams from NY this year.

  12. Boy, Rob Rang’s draft analysis of Russell Wilson was spot-on:

  13. @Canfan: needs smaller font.

  14. sluggo42 says:

    Hey y’all, slide on over to seahawk addicts, and checking. I’ve posted in the current top thread, and also told Marty y’all were on the way, so get on over there and let’s get established as a mega force, and get that site a rockin!

  15. sluggo42 says:

    Lol, not Marty, Matty! Stupid iPad!

  16. Dukeshire says:

    sluggo – Why does anyone care about being a “mega force” at Seahawk Addicts?

    Eric – Since this is the first day of practice and Rice was playing late, is it fair to presume the foot injury was a result of that wicked hit he took over the middle, late on Sunday?

  17. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Duke, i don’t know about a “mega force” seahawks addicts was a great site when it had people like you writing for it. there is 3-4 in here easily that have the skill set to make it a great site again. there is not going to be many options for most on this site when it goes to pay. i think the great part it’s a blog that needs a group of people to come in and give it life again.

    as far as rice i am sure his teeth hurt after that hit.

  18. Dukeshire: I don’t like to make assumptions about injuries because a lot of times players are dealing with stuff that goes unreported. It’s possible that Rice could have been dealing with a injury that he’s had all season that just go worse, similar to Red Bryant. We’ll know more on Friday.

  19. sluggo42 says:

    Fine duke, u stay here and pay your $10 each month, and then have some nice long and compelling discussions with yourself. I just want this “thing” here to continue, and if it has to be somewhere else due to some rocket surgeon, so be it .

    The coolest scenario would be if Eric posted over there as a “guest” writer… But we all know he is above something as silly as that,…

    War hawks

  20. Dukeshire says:

    sluggo – My question is why are you pushing so hard for Seahawk Addicts? Why not Field Gulls, or some other fan-based site? Wherever people go “this” will simply not just pick up and start somewhere else as if nothing happened. This community took years to grow and develop, and it is still evolving. Moreover, you seem to be speaking for a lot of people that are fully capable of speaking for themselves, which I don’t understand either. We all want this to continue here, that goes without saying. In any case that’s all I meant, but your as usual condescending response was really appreciated.

  21. sluggo42 says:

    My dear duke-
    Why addicts and somewhere else. Because this one seems to have gotten he most positive remarks in the last few days, and mostly because nobody has pushed for somewhere else.

    I realize “this” will not pick up as though its just another day, but if somebody doesn’t push for a new plan, “this” will be dead, because not too many people have said they would be willing to pay to blog.

    I am not speaking for anyone else, how do you arrive to that conclusion? Many in here have already stated they would be checking in over there. I have simply gone with that.

    There is no argument from me that this is the best blog going, bar none. This is better than all of them by a mile. But it’s clear that the majority will not be plunking down the $10 per month.. If it turns out that this site still can be managed by clearing cookies and what have you, and it stays alive, then that is the best scenario possible. But if it doesn’t, a plan “B” would be good.

    As far as my “usual condescending” response goes, YOU are the one who threw that out with ” sluggo – Why does anyone care about being a “mega force” at Seahawk Addicts?”

    I know that you haven’t really ever been a fan of mine ever since the first right wing statement came out. But again, whatever. You can’t please everyone now can you.

    I have no beef with you, and I have no plans to start one either. I’m sorry if you felt that was condescending, but you can also sound that way too my brutha!

  22. sluggo42 says:

    And lastly duke, you are one of the heavy hitters I was referring to, that I hope will contribute with some writing, because I totally respect your thoughts and knowledge on the subject…

    If, this site becomes unusable to those who opt not to pay…

    Again duke, I have no beef with you…

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Despite how it came across, my original comment wasn’t (intended) to be condescending. I guess I’m of the opinion that so long a the Seahawks are around and there are people like us, communities will always spring up and develop. Granted, this one is pretty special, I think, and hate to see such a dramatic change that’s clearly going to disrupt it. And if this blog does wither up and indeed die, I too may end up at Addicts. I suppose the real difference we have is that if I go somewhere else, it will happen a bit more organically than just planting my flag somewhere else because everyone else is. Although, in truth, I can understand those who will

    As for your politics: no, we do not share the same ideology, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like you as a result. If nothing else, I’m far more broad and than that. In any case…

  24. @hawkfaninoak….. I don’t remember it, but I wouldn’t doubt that I have said Rice is made of glass in the past. I’m really happy / impressed with Rice so far in 2012. Hes taken some big hits and keeps playing.

  25. sluggo42 says:

    Fair enough, I’m glad you can see past politics, many cant. I’m just bummed that right in the middle of such a special season, some suit makes a decision to attempt to profit from this blogs popularity..

    I’ve always been the guy who sees a direction when trouble brews, and I’m only trying to get a plan in place before the lights go out, and suddenly everyone is groping about in the dark. Unfortunately, the 17th is rapidly approaching, like the fiscal cliff. Before I retired, I was always the guy who had to deal with emergencies, so I suppose I’m slipping into solver-man mode.

    I am good to go with any site that the majority agrees could be a substitute, how ever less in reality. If you have a better site then addicts, just say it, and I will support that direction if the group opts that way.

    I am just a proactive guy, I don’t like to have to react after the fact…

  26. Dukeshire says:

    “…the middle of such a special season, some suit makes a decision to attempt to profit from this blogs popularity”

    *That* is where I fall too. Let us continue this shared experience of this season to it’s conclusion. Right on.

  27. Won’t miss that for sure.

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