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Dec. 23 Hawks-Niners game flexed to prime time

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 10, 2012 at 10:17 am with 55 Comments »
December 10, 2012 10:18 am

The NFL announced this morning that the Seattle Seahawks contest against NFC West rival San Francisco on Dec. 23 at CenturyLink Field has been flexed to the Sunday night game at 5:20 p.m. on NBC.

The game originally was scheduled for a 1:25 start on Fox. The game has some appeal for a national audience because it could help decide the NFC West, with San Francisco at 9-3-1 travelling to New England on Sunday, and the Seahawks at 8-5 are 1 ½ games back playing Buffalo in Toronto.

The Seahawks last were flexed into the Sunday night game at the end of the 2010 season at home against St. Louis, a 16-6 win that earned Seattle an NFC West title.

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  1. mojjonation says:

    The writing was on the wall for this. Chargers-Jets or Niners-Hawks for what could be the NFC West crown. Thank god it isn’t another NFC East squad, or one of the darling AFC teams that the sports channels are enamored with. I’m tired of watching Denver, NE, or Indy getting so much play you’d think the NFL only has ten teams.

  2. sluggo42 says:

    I’ll be BBQ some good grub that night. Should be a nice 70 degrees or so…

  3. sluggo42 says:

    It’s makes it even more important to really buckle down for the bills. The rams barely beat them, and the rams are playing very tough these days.. This is not an easy stretch from here on in. We got our laugher out of the way, now it is as serious as a heart attack, and that my friends, from personal experience, is some serious chit!

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What away to ride out the season! Winning cures alot of pains.

  5. Nice to see McCoy break out for a big game..
    He must have read the critics here on the blog and wanted to shut people up..

  6. Knock Knock.
    What’s that?
    Hello NIners, Seahawks are knocking on your door.

  7. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    The only thing I don’t like is that the Patriots play the Texans tonight, then they only have 6 days before playing the 49rs. The 49rs having an extra day of rest, over the Patriots, sucks. Because, really, any chance of a division title we have depends on the Patriots beating the 49rs Sunday. If the 49rs beat the Patriots, as far a a division title goes, the 49rs vs. Seahawks game is kind of moot.

  8. Patriot’s have already won their division. Is this game important to them, or would they rest some dinged-up players?

  9. Meaning the Niner game.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If they can beat Houston tonight they will have a shot at finishing with the best overall record in the AFC.

  11. gonefishin69690 says:

    Pats will still play tough, they have that 2nd seed to consider. Go Texans!!!!!

  12. EastCoastFan51 says:

    no way niners travel to new england with kapernick and win in december. not against belecheck and brady at home….12-1 in december….the best thing for us would be the texans put one on the pats tonight and they bury the niners next week

  13. hawkfan777 says:


    I thought of that also but remember the 49ers need to travel to Boston so they will lose a day traveling. It should still be pretty even.

  14. Palerydr says:

    Belicheck has NP running up the score keeping his starters in and if memory serves correct he’s not in the habit of resting players. He will want to beat the Niners because that’s who he’s playing that day.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, Pats don’t rest players. hammer down always. Lol

  16. The 9ers game falls on Harbaugh’s birthday. Hope we can make it a bad one.

  17. If this website changes to subscription only ~ Where will I get my Seahawk info? The Times blog?

  18. sluggo42 says:

    $10 a month? Is that what I heard? If that’s the case, see ya….

  19. rramstad says:

    There is no way the Patriots are giving anything less than 100% for any of their games. They are bouncing around between 2nd and 3rd seed… at the moment they are 9-3 3rd seed with Broncos 10-3 2nd seed and Ravens 9-4 4th seed. The 2nd seed means a first round bye and a week off, plus one less game to win to make it to the big dance, plus a much greater possibility of playing the AFC championship at home.

    I don’t know what to think of 49ers at Patriots, but I am absolutely sure the Patriots will be doing everything they can to win that game.

  20. thursday says:

    this game is going to be nuts. glad i’m going. :)

  21. Palerydr says:

    True that Duke

    Also the Patriots beat the Bronco’s so they will want to finish at least tied with them to claim the 2nd seed.

  22. Hola amigos!

    I’ve been out of the country and missed the last 7 games keeping tabs from afar and it looks like things are panning out the way we were hoping. The team is growing game after game. I’ve got two questions for any objective posters out there. #1 How much has Russell Wilson grown and improved as our starter in your eyes? #2 Who has been your most improved player/best pleasant surprise so far this season?

    Hope everyone has been well. 58-0 is good medicine for any Hawk fan.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, what is the status of the subscription here? Any information when that’s happening?

  24. Details will be announced Monday.

  25. bird_spit says:

    Subscription?..adios amigos..

  26. rramstad says:

    Russell Wilson has grown dramatically in terms of his skill set.

    I wouldn’t say “most improved” necessarily but Golden Tate is starting to show what we all hoped he would show.

    A shout out to the boys at Seahawks.NET — great banter, great information, and well worth checking out.

  27. Southendzone says:

    Wow $10 a month subscription? I love TnT’s Hawks coverage but not that much. I’d consider it at $1 a month.

    Good luck with your business venture. It’s been a great run all these years.

  28. SandpointHawk says:

    So we are moving over to Seahawks.NET?

  29. SUre hope they realize they will lose a lot of people due to subscriptions. What a shame… Eric, point them to these comments so they know better. I’d really hate to not come here daily to read my hawks updates, but i will survive with no having to pay 10 bucks for it.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Correct pabuwal, and today is Monday.

    Let’s just see what it’s all about before we get too carried away, here.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Actually I think some of the bloggers here should get paid something for help making this blog what it is. Sad way to say thanks imo.

    Oh well, now I have to make a choice about if I want to take this out of my beer budget or not? Hmm…

  32. rramstad says:

    I had never heard anything about possibly requiring a subscription to access this blog… if so, that would be terribly sad, given the state of Seahawks news. This has always been a primary source, but that said, there are tons of other sources out on the Internet, and very few of them seem to have any traction to charge money. (ESPN Insider seems to have some subscribers, but it’s not a big revenue generator for them, from what I can tell, compared to just about everything else, including regular web advertisments.)

  33. Dukeshire says:

    rramstad – It came out during yesterday’s live chat. I’m anxious to know the details.

  34. I thought Eric meant next Monday on the chat earlier.

  35. Subscription?! Bullsh&&!

    Im not going to pay a damned dime, certainly not $10 per month. I wont pay $15 a month for satellite radio, and I wont pay for an internet newspaper and I damned sure aint gonna pay for the blog.

    What a shame. And just when the Hawks seemed to be putting it together, too…

    Bad decision by the Trib, if they go through with it. I bet they lose 90% of the commenters here. Duke, BobbyK, and a couple other hardcore folks might pony up, but it wont take long for them to give it up when there’s no one to talk to/argue with/piss and moan at…

    Just my two cents, for what its worth.

  36. I hate ESPN, and really hated them for their crappy ESPN Insider. Now the Trib wants to copy that?! Good luck with that, y’all aint all that…

    Eric does a fine job, and Divish and Boling as well, but it I for one am not about to pay for it. Next thing you know, KIRO will charge for radio broadcasts…

  37. If we have a subscription to the news tribune paper, will we still have to pay for this? Or is this regardless of getting the paper or not?

  38. Galena–1) Its night and day. The biggest change in Wilson is that Coach now lets him throw the damned ball some. Earlier in the season, if we couldnt run it, we ran it some more…2) I would say most improved would be Wagner. The guy is playing phenomenally well, and only three weeks ago he was being exposed in coverage. Now he’s playing lights out. Turbin is also playing well, in all facets; run blocking, running routes (Wilson missed him wide open for a TD on a wheel route), and running between the tackles. He was a steal in the fourth round, for sure!

  39. Dukeshire says:

    I wasn’t around for the chat todat, but yesterday he seems to imply today. In any case…

  40. Guys, get a hold of me on facebook – regardless of our differing opinions. SandpointHawk (Kirk), Myself, and ewalters are binding together and making a facebook group that will be moderated (albeit a lot less strictly), and BALANCED. My name is Kevin. Feel free to message me with your name on here, and we’ll get this rolling before it’s too late.

  41. I like reading the Trib’s sportswriters, Eric and Boling especially. I like McGrath just cause he always gets me riled up. But the rest of the paper can go to hell, in my opinion.

    Perhaps newspapers will die, or at least regional ones. That would be a shame. Perhaps there will eventually be only the AP and online “magazines”, and regional news will be written by freelance hacks then re-written out of one central news agency; I wouldnt doubt it. And then our information access will really be compromised….

    But to think the Trib can get folks to pay that much per month to access online news from a small regional paper is really funny. They cant; numbers will drop dramatically. Its too bad the blog will wither as well–time to make like Sando and join the evil empire, Eric!

    When I lived in the PNW, I subscribed to a local paper and the Times and PI; when the Times went all evil, I stopped supporting them and stuck with the PI. Now that I no longer live there, I buy no newspapers–because the regional/local ones in my neck of the woods are garbage. And you cant have blogs in newsprint…

    I will really miss this blog, but there’s no way in hell I can justify spending $10 a month to access a blog.

    The problem with all the marketing geniuses is that they all think “oh, $10 a month isnt much, people can afford it”…sure, except look at all the crap we’re supposed to have for “just a few dollars a month”..internet, house phone, cell phones, satellite radio, magazine subscriptions, etc etc…add it up and no wonder americans are up to their eyeballs in debt. Im smart enough not to pay for any of that stuff, but Im not willing to start here.

  42. Sites like this depend on ad revenue to pay salaries and other costs. The problem is, you cheapskates aren’t buying anything so ads aren’t making any money. Lol

  43. Enjoy the blog here but for that price Bye Ya All!!!

  44. MITCHHAWK8 says:

    We have a newspaper up here in Canada that did what is now going to happen to you get so many articles for free then it blocks you out, I read that if you clear your “cookies“history on your will get your articles back. and keep blogging,,you could try that first?? just a thought,,,
    Go Hawks Gooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  45. Dukeshire says:

    Worth a try. It will be 15 before you’re blocked.

  46. bbnate420 says:

    I would’ve considered the 10$, but if 90% of the people that post here are gone then that gets rid of a lot of the reason to come here. Don’t get me wrong, I like both Dave’s and Eric’s writing a lot. I don’t know their books, but it seems like they should try to run a digital only model and find a way to charge less. Print is dead. Digital is the medium. That said, I understand that people are going to need to pay if they want real, local investigative reporting. I wouldn’t want all news subject to the whims of advertisers. Sadly, I fear this will be the death nail of the TNT.

  47. Newspapers need to find a way to stay in business and pay their people. Do you guys expect Eric and Dave and Ryan to work for free? Got ta pay da man!

    Plus, having to pay may clear out some of the rabble. Not me, ha, but other rabble.

  48. If I win the lottery, I’ll give the TNT blog a big check to make the Seahawks stuff free. My numbers are the numbers of my five favorite football players of all time and the powerball number is for my favorite athlete (who was a baseball player). Free Seahawks news for everyone if it gets drawn!

  49. confucious says:

    Dave and Eric, You have done a great job with your articles and blog. I have really enjoyed reading and participating (albiet on someone else’s dime). I’ll keep checking in from time to time (about 15 times a month). I am not trying to take money out of your pocket,mind you, I just can’t justify taking $10 a month out of mine. This is the only portion of your paper that I read. Thanks again.

  50. Dukeshire says:

    I for one will pay, at least through the end of the season. Especially if they make a deep run in the playoffs, it would suck to not share that with all of those that I’ve come to know here. But honestly, $124.40 a year, which is what it will cost, seem a little strong to me. And I probably wouldn’t feel that way if this were the only “frivilous” expense. But it all adds up. I’m not saying I won’t necessarily do it, but it will take some real consideration. The idea of having to head over to Field Gull is not a pleasant one, despite the fact I like Danny Kelly.

  51. aislander says:

    The Trib began to lose me when screen names were no longer allowed in comments on letters to the editor. The subscription seals it…

  52. Hope Trib enjoys their $50 or $60 a month.

  53. rramstad says:

    Yeah, I can’t justify the cost, given that I only read Seahawks related coverage, and especially given that the Times and P-I will remain free.

    I also easily spend as much time, if not more, at Seahawks.NET and the free part of ESPN and free part of SI, so this blog is probably only about 20% of my Seahawks fix.

    I too worry about the effect of the charge on the blog in the comments section, there’s a nice cross section of folks here now, and the fee will almost certainly mean that half or more of the regulars aren’t around any more… and then the comments will dry up, so there’s easily half of my reason for coming here gone, often the breaking breaking news is in the comments…

  54. I’m gonna miss ACIB.

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