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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 23-17 win

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 3, 2012 at 9:25 am with 31 Comments »
December 3, 2012 9:27 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) gets off a pass under pressure from behind by Chicago Bears defensive end Corey Wootton (98) in the first half of an NFL football game in Chicago, Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Good morning. I’m en route to T-Town, and hopefully will make it back in time for Pete Carroll’s press conference this afternoon.

I will host our regular Monday Morning QB live chat at noon today, so stop by a join us if you want to talk about the game, or suggest some questions for today’s interview session with Carroll.

Sunday’s win over Chicago gave the Seahawks some breathing room in the race for a playoff berth in the NFC. The Seahawks sit at 7-5 overall, a full game ahead of Minnesota (6-6) and Tampa Bay (6-6), with both teams losing yesterday.

But Dallas (6-6) crept back into the picture with a win over Philadelphia, and Washington (5-6) also can get back to .500 as well with a win at home over the New York Giants.

However, what’s interesting to note is Seattle sits only two games back of San Francisco (8-3-1) with four games left. Basically, if the Seahawks can win out, including a win at home over the Niners on Dec. 23, and San Francisco loses two of its final four games down the stretch, then Seattle wins the NFC West for the second time in three seasons.

Here’s a look at San Francisco and Seattle’s schedule in the final four games.

Sunday: Arizona
Dec. 16: at Buffalo
Dec. 23: San Francisco
Dec. 30: St. Louis

San Francisco
Sunday: Miami
Dec. 16: at New England
Dec. 23: at Seattle
Dec. 30: Arizona

Here’s my game story. Since Week 5, Russell Wilson has 15 touchdowns and just four interceptions. “He’s a born leader,” Chicago receiver Brandon Marshall said about Wilson. “I listened to the guy talk. I watch how he conducts himself, how he handles himself. That’s a guy I can watch and learn from.”

John McGrath of The News Tribune writes that after Wilson’s exquisite performance against the Bears, he should be part of the conversation with Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin II for rookie of the year. McGrath:If I were to plead Wilson’s case in front of a judge, I’d put it this way: He’s thrown four more touchdown passes – and five fewer interceptions – than Luck, and at 7-5, his team has a better record than Griffin’s 5-6 Redskins.
And then I’d stop reciting statistics and put in a video of Wilson’s game at Chicago, beginning with the snap he took at the Hawks 3-yard line, late in the fourth quarter, on the road. I’d point out that Lovie Smith had Wilson where he wanted him, 97 yards from a touchdown,
And then I’d rest my case, content to know that a rookie of the year award can’t begin to quantify a quarterbacking performance best remembered as exquisite.”

Brandon Marshall finished with 10 catches for 165 yards, but wasn’t satisfied with his performance. Marshall: “This game was personal. Any time a team goes one-on-one, I take it really personal. I take it as a sign of disrespect. I’m going to tell you the truth. I wanted to have a big game and also wanted to win. I wouldn’t be satisfied with a win and 20 yards because that’s the type of player I am. I want to compete and I want to dominate.”

The Seahawks leaned heavily on the zone read option late in the game to move the ball. “With Russell being the athlete that he is, it’s a basic thing,” Seattle offensive tackle Russell Okung said. “We option off of the (defensive) end, and if he’s not disciplined we’ll break on him. And we have certain ways we can switch it up. And with all the work we’ve been doing on it for the past few weeks, it’s showing up.”

Check out a photo gallery from the game here.

Danny O’Neil of The Seattle Times writes that the Seahawks fourth-quarter defense still is a concern. O’Neil:It was the fourth time this season the Seahawks defense lost a lead in the fourth quarter. Seattle led 16-13 with nine minutes left in the opener at Arizona only to have the Cardinals drive 80 yards for the winning touchdown. Detroit and Miami each came back from fourth-quarter deficits to beat Seattle in the Seahawks’ previous two road games.”

Jerry Brewer of The Seattle Times writes that Wilson save the day for the Seahawks – twice. Brewer: “This is Wilson’s show now, and I’ll go ahead and say it: This is his team, too. After he made the Bears look like Northwestern in a 23-17 overtime victory at Soldier Field, after he drove the Seahawks 97 yards to take the lead with 24 seconds left in regulation and followed with an 80-yard drive in overtime to prove the first was no fluke, Wilson graduated from young marvel to the undisputed man.”

ESPN’s Mike Sando echoes a familiar refrain this morning – the Seahawks have their quarterback of the future in Wilson. Sando: “Pride sometimes prevents NFL coaches and players from acknowledging that another man was better than them, that another man was as good as he appeared to be. No one hid from the truth Sunday. Wilson beat the Bears with his arm, with his feet, with his brain.”

Clare Farnsworth of notes that Marshawn Lynch’s 87 rushing yards was more than his total in two games combined (85) in Seattle’s past two games against the Bears – all wins.

Mike Salk of 710 ESPN Seattle writes that the Seahawks made enough plays down stretch to overcome mistakes against the Bears. Salk: “If the Seahawks want to remain successful, they are going to need that defense to show up at home. The defense is a curious case. It clearly isn’t as great as we thought it would be before the year began. In the last seven games, it has given up huge performances to Tom Brady, Matt Stafford, Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, Ryan Tannehill and now Brandon Marshall.”

Mike Garafolo of USA Today quotes Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman saying that Wilson is better than Andrew Luck and RGIII. “They’re going to hype who they’re going to hype, and you’re in the Seattle market, and it doesn’t matter what you do,” Sherman said, referring to Luck and Griffin, the top two picks in this year’s NFL draft, as opposed to Wilson, a third rounder. “He’s beat the Bears, the Packers, the Patriots. You show me another quarterback with his resume, and I’ll show you a great quarterback. But he doesn’t get the credit because they don’t want to give him the credit. They don’t want to make him a big name. They make the guys a big name who they want to make a big name.
“He’s a great quarterback, and he’s probably a little better than those guys.”

Will Brinson of CBS Sports gives the Seahawks a B-plus for their effort in a win over the Bears. Brinson: “Remember when Russell Wilson was a “game manager” dependent on his defense to win games? LOL. Wilson led two game-winning, fourth-quarter or overtime drives in this game and bailed his secondary, which gave up 165 yards to Brandon Marshall, out on the road. This is the type of win that could change the Seahawks season in a big, big way.”

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  1. I`m so happy we beat da Bears. Side-light opening play did you see Julius Peppers knock Carpenter on his arse (worried aout censors).. Wow. Browner got burned alot(unfortunately), re-plays show him trailing receiver by a good 5-8 yards… I think the Offense is finally seeing the “Light”. Wilson is so impressive in the air & on the ground… The Defense just needs to tighten things up (56 yard play of Marshall riculous. Now East Coast Sports Writer`s how you like them apples!!!!

  2. pabuwal says:

    The Seahawks will only go as far in the playoffs as their rookie QB will take them.

  3. chrisj122 says:

    the officiating was so horrible and so one sided I almost turned this game off and walked away!

    I’m done with the WWF NFL! We had 2 TDs taken away, this game should have NOT been close at all!

    Funny how when Seattle wins a game on a controversial call the NFL has to resolve the strike with the refs and get them back A.S.A.P before Seattle wins anymore games against the NFL greatest teams with the greatest history’s.

    F- the NFL!

  4. HeinieHunter says:

    Again, I take my hat off to PC and JS. During the last draft they were universally ripped for their picks, then criticized for starting a rookie QB over Matt Flynn. They seem to be a lot smarter than the rest of us! This team is in good hands for the future with a young team getting better quickly. Getting a “QB of the future”, which I think most people now realize that Wilson is, with a third round pick is amazing. RG3 is great but Washington gave up a lot more to get him. Go Hawks!

  5. seahawk44 says:

    chrisj122, I concur!

  6. psoundpowerhouse says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see how this, Browner/Sherman drama is going to play out. Is it possible Browner and Sherman could play the season out?

  7. patmcfar8 says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but with Hill and Trufant out, I think we started the youngest D in the league on Sunday. Something to keep in mind…

  8. Dont care if they are they can’t choke in the 4th quarter -

  9. I too am concerned about the pass D lately. However, i will hold back until this next week. If they give up hundreds of yards through the air against this Cards offense, i will truly be worried. This is a very pathetic offense. (although they do have playmakers), The QB situation is ridiculous and they should not pass for more than 100 yds vs. this hawks D IMO, especially at home

  10. bayareahawkfan says:

    I want to preface this by saying that I’m not predicting this will happen, just having fun on a week where such speculation is still possible (trying to enjoy this football week to the fullest, because there’s no guarantee of having another as enjoyable this season).

    Lowell Cohn, Niner beat reporter during the glory years pointed out today that this season the Niners have a pattern of two really solid games followed by a bad one.

    If that were to hold up, they would be due to go 4-1 over their last 5 games and be 1-and-done in the playoffs.

    In my perfect world, Seattle would be the source of both losses – first in the conference game on 12/23, and the next in the first round of the playoffs.

    I am similar to someone here (was it STTBM?) that my admittedly skewed perspective is that I would be happy with a non-playoff year so long as they swept the Niners.

    Imagine the chance to deal such a crushing blow to Harbaugh, and his classless “Merry Christmas!” OC, Greg Roman :).

  11. mojjonation says:

    moca…I posted a bunch of stats off of on the previous thread about just the rookie QB’s. Luck leads Wilson in two statistical categories (yards per game, attempts per game), and in team wins. But Indy hasn’t beaten anyone at or above .500 on the road. RG3, he leads in a lot of categories with Wilson right behind him. What Wilson lacks in height he more than makes up in composure and playmaking ability. If Wilson were to throw the ball 42 times a game (Lucks numbers), there’s a chance he would be killing all rookies in every statistical category.

    Hypothetical…Wilson has 19 TD’s and 8 INT’s on 201/317 passing. If we were to extrapolate his numbers out to Luck where we made everything based off of Lucks 42 APG, (assuming 63% completion and 7.4 YPA) Wilson would be 13 yards behind Stafford for the league lead. He’d have 30 TD’s and 12 INT’s. So not only would he be the obvious choice for rookie of the year, he’d be in the MVP talk.

    If we were to do the same thing to RG3 (67% completion and a godlike 8.2 YPA), he’d have over 4100 yards, 26 TD’s and 6 INT’s. So it’s fun to do.

    Oh yeah. His arm would probably be close to falling off since he is going to throw nearly 700 passes as a rookie.

    Honestly, I can see Luck getting the ROY because of the health issues with Pagano and the yards he is putting up as a feel good story, and we all know how those go (cough cough Bettis gets a ring in 2005).

  12. LBCHawk says:

    Does anyone else want to see a Seahawk’s dominant blow-out? I would love it. The only game we put away with a good-sized lead was Dallas. Seahawks 24, Cards 9? That would be a great Sunday this week. And it would be against a Cardinal team that I’ve come to hate as much as the 49ers.

    I guess one can only hope.

  13. Wilson also has far more talent on the roster than the Luck does -

  14. mojjonation says:

    Yeah the Beast Mode running game was founded prior to Wilson getting here. Seattle has no rcvrs in the top 50 and only Rice and Tate in the top 100. Indy has 2 guys in the top 50 with Wayne having 1/3 of the passing yards, and 4 guys in the top 100. So saying Indy doesn’t have a lot of talent is a bit misleading. What they don’t have is a running game or household names. What they do have is a young group of receivers (minus Wayne) who get a lot of targets. Much the way Manning spread it around but had Wayne, Harrison, and Clark as his big guys.

  15. No real reason for an argument – – Luck looks great to me, a true franchise QB. RG3 is electric, though I wonder how long he’ll be able to play this style of game and stay healthy. And we all know about our guy.

    Best crop of new QB’s in a very long time. Still pinching myself to believe that we’ve found our QB, in the 3rd round no less. Can’t believe how well he’s playing in his rookie season. Up to #7 in the league in passer ratings . . .

  16. New headline on saying that Sherman/Browner’s hearing is set for Dec. 14th.

    One idea that just crossed my mind – – would there be any way to stagger their suspensions, if they both go down for this?

  17. surelyyoujest says:

    I wish folks would stop the Luck vs RG3 vs RW chatter. I understand the tendency to compare stats, but really they are 3 different players on 3 different teams who’ve played a very small sample size of what they will play in their careers. They are all having remarkable rookie seasons, so lets leave it at that. Just enjoy watching them play.

  18. mocarob says:

    Can we talk about Brady vs Manning? or is that off limits too?
    Or compare the 1983 QB draft picks…

    These guys are the 2012 QB class. There’s nothing wrong with comparing their numbers.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sign me up for $29.5 million to call coin flips. Heck, I’ll do it for free. Lol.

    No really that was huge considering the way Cutler was playing.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    From the USA today article that Mocarob posted earlier-

    “The only thing Wilson didn’t do during Sunday was grow a few inches.”

    “No, he still looked short. But he looked like he could throw that thing,” Sherman said of the 5-11 Wilson with a laugh. “Boy, he’s a talent, man. He’s fun to watch. Ninety-seven yards (on the game-tying drive), I just can’t be more proud of the kid.”

    Lol, isn’t Wilson about the same age as Sherman? Kid? Lol. It’s like one of those movies where the kid and adult somehow switches brains and no one takes the adult in the kids body seriously. Lol.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Wilson also has far more talent on the roster than the Luck does”

    xcman- Luck is also playing in a far worse conference.

    The choosen one is good and may turn out as good as Peyton Manning, however I will take Wilson any day with the better talent around him then Luck. Just like I would take Eli and the Giants better talent, and two SuperBowls over Peyton and his one.

  22. Biggest reaction of RW’s performance yesterday:

    RADEoN chokes to death on toenail that falls off while putting his foot in his mouth.

  23. sluggo42 says:

    Unfortunately for us, danejaRuss just doesn’t get the national coverage. Right now anyways. But, if he closes out then year in a 4-0 fashion, with a win over the 49ers included, then I don’t see how he can’t be in the running.

    At this point, have the 75th pick being compared the the first and second picks is awesome.

    This little wrinkle of the option, and then slipping little rollout passes into the deal is starting to grow a life of its own. I have been deeply critical of bevels of late, and am happy to see he followed my advice for this game. apparently he reads and respects this blog greatly! But kidding aside, I wonder if this option thing is going to become a new type of offense that will catch on with the rest of the league.

    Side note, as redneck republican as I am, I give some props to Obama for his deeply stern warning to Syria about chemical warfare. Remember, we live in a position in the world where we can bicker over football games, other parts of the world aren’t so fun…

    I now return to the programmed blather of this blog….

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN- You won’t hear anymore crap from me to you about Wilson moving forward.

    BTW- are the Seahawks getting any love at all in Pittsburgh these days?

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    sluggo42- What is your favorite song? I want to make a parody out of it.
    Just kidding!

    Winning heals so many ailments. So does drinking.

  26. Sherman appeal set for Dec 14th, Browner’s not set yet. Since there are 4 games left, and the suspensions can extend into the playoffs, maybe it makes sense to drop the appeals and take the inevitable now. I think I read where there is a less than 5% chance it will be overturned. I would rather these guys miss the last 4 games against winnable opponents, than a first round game against Green Bay, the New York Giants, or maybe Brandon Marshall and the Bears.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    rodman- Agree!

  28. sluggo42 says:

    A favorite of minr is “time” by pink Floyd

    Favorites to sing are mostly the strong 3- part Beatles harmonies, like “rain”, nowhere man, if I needed, stuff like that…

  29. After Matt Flynn called “heads” on the overtime coin flip, he should have leaned in towards the ref’s mic and said “We want the ball and we’re going to score!” Ha!

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