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Carroll: “A tremendous finish for us.”

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December 2, 2012 4:50 pm

With the Seattle Seahawks heading into Chicago 1-5 on the road, head coach Pete Carroll felt like his team needed a confidence boost to show they could win away from home.

And the Seahawks accomplished that feat against a team that they appear to have their number in Chicago. Only the 11-1 Houston Texans have defeated the Bears at home this season.

“It was a tremendous finish for us,” Carroll said. “We’ve been struggling on the road. We’ve been there so many times. This could have happened four times already this year, and now everybody knows that it can in talking to them in the locker room.”

Not only was the win important, the way the Seahawks showed resiliency in finishing off the Bears off was impressive. The Seahawks finished 8 of 15 on third downs. And 1 for 1 on fourth down – Zach Miller’s nervy, 7-yard catch over the middle on 4th and 3 from Chicago’s 48-yard line, that kept Seattle’s drive alive during regulation.

At the center of Seattle’s success was an even-keeled Russell Wilson.

“It’s just exquisite poise,” Carroll said about Wilson’s performance down the stretch. “It really is. There were so many plays in there where he had to do something special in the play to move, to find a guy or to locate a receiver. And then to use the right throw or the right decision, or to take off and run – he’s just so beautifully poised and so confident, that it gives himself a chance to play at this kind of level.”

Wilson said he told his teammates to continue to have faith on the final drive of regulation.

“I just told the guys, ‘You know guys this is what the season comes down to,’” Wilson said after the game. “Right here, right now. We have 97 yards to go. We have to play one play at a time, stay in the now and execute, and just make the plays when we need them.’ And the guys really did that tonight.”

Wilson finished 10 of 13 for 129 yards and two touchdown passes on the final two drives of the game for Seattle.

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas said the defense received a confidence boost from watching Wilson expertly run the offense down the stretch.

“It just makes you want to play hard, when you see a guy giving his all like that,” Thomas said. “Especially with 90-yard drives, and 80-yard drives, you just want to play your tail off to support him.”

Hawks switch things up on the game-winning play
With the Seahawks effectively running the zone read option, Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell used that to the Seahawks’ advantage.

With first and 10 on Chicago’s 13-yard line in overtime, the Seahawks initially were going to run the zone read option again. But because of a timeout, Seattle had a chance to regroup, and Bevell changed the play, going with a naked bootleg off the zone read action, with Sidney Rice running a crossing route from the right side of the formation.

With Wilson rolling to his left, he found Rice wide open in the middle of the field for the score.

“We talked about it before going in, saying ‘Hey, we’ve got the read option there,’” Wilson said. “But we went back, and the referees were changing something or whatever. So we just changed the play.”

Rice was drilled by Chicago safety Major Wright at the end of the play, and had to be attended to by the team’s training staff before leaving the field on his own.

Rice said in the locker room that he was okay, and the training staff was just being cautious because he suffered two concussions last year.

Carroll said his plan all along was to go for the win in regulation and not settle for a field goal.

“We wanted to win the game,” Carroll said. “We were trying to win the football game there. We weren’t thinking about just kicking the field goal.”

Hawks ‘D’ slips up
The Seahawks should have closed things out in regulation, but Seattle’s defense relaxed and let Brandon Marshall sneak behind them.

With 20 seconds left, on first and 10 from their own 14-yard line Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler scrambled to his right and fired a bullet to Marshall, who outdueled cornerback Richard Sherman for the ball and ran out of bonds at Seattle’s 30-yard line for a 56-yard play.

Two plays later, Chicago kicker Robbie Gould drilled a 46 yarder to send the game into overtime at 17-all.

It looked like Sherman could have knocked the ball down, rather than going for the interception on the play.

“It never should have happened,” Carroll said. “But it was a great job by their quarterback. Jay’s a terrific football player. And obviously Brandon is just so talented. And those two guys together, they make it really hard.”

Thomas, who was trailing Marshall on the play, was a little more blunt on his assessment.

“The long catch was kind of a fluke play,” Thomas said. “I think we were in Cover 2. I think we just need to be better on our assignments, and bat the ball down.”

The Seahawks had trouble dealing with Marshall the entire game. Marshall was targeted 14 times, and finished with 10 catches for 165 yards. It’s the most receiving yards the Seahawks have allowed from an individual receiver this season.

Carroll said that James Carpenter felt a twinge in his surgically repaired knee in the first half, so the team replaced him with John Moffitt at left guard. Carpenter did not return to the game. Carroll said that Carpenter had X-rays on his knee, which came back negative. Carroll said that Carpenter will have an MRI on Monday. … Seattle defensive end Red Bryant made it through the game okay, finishing with a couple tackles on a sore foot. “That’s amazing, because we didn’t think he was going to play,” Carroll said about Bryant. “I thought Leroy (Hill) might be able to, but he didn’t get through the workout. And Red did. Just to make it out, that was a great challenge for him. And he pulled it through, and toughed it out.”

Some tidbits

* Rookie linebacker Bobby Wagner led the team in tackles again with a combined 11, and also recorded his third sack of the season.

* Linebacker Malcolm Smith with two tackles, including a tackle for a loss, in his first career start for injured teammate Leroy Hill.

* In his first action of 2012, Walter Thurmond played about 20 plays in nickel situations and did not record a tackle.

* Sidney Rice finished with six catches for 99 yards, while Golden Tate had five catches for 96 yards.

* The Seahawks head a 459-358 advantage in total yards — the most yards the Seahawks have had in a game all season. Seattle finished with 10 plays of 14 or more yards offensively.

* Although they gave up 132 rushing yards, Seattle’s defense did a much better job against the run.

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  1. seahawk44 says:

    Eric, I agree that Sherman should have made the attempt to swat the ball down on that long play to Marshall instead of trying to cradle a mis-timed interception attempt.

  2. Skavage says:

    Good job Hawks. Enjoy the plane ride home, then forget this one and start focusing on Phoenix.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Among other things, Smith’s stat line doesn’t reflect just how well he played. I was really impressed with how active he was and how often he maintained his responsibilities (or appeared to).

  4. mocarob says:

    What you say? Bevell changing/calling the game winning play?
    Hopefully there will be no more talk of ‘opening the playbook’ for RW3.
    Like so many of the online coaches here have talked about.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Why is he RW3? His father was a “3rd” but Russell’s a “1st”…

  6. Skavage says:

    Frankly, short of the opening game I doubt the playbook was ever truly “closed” to RW.

    I also was pretty impressed with Thurmond. No tackles, but also no signifcant catches against him. No offense to Trufant, but I think if the PED appeals go into the off season we need to give that slot coverage position to Thurmond and see where he takes it.

  7. jawpeace says:

    I developed an interest in Wilson after watching him against the Ducks in the Rose Bowl. Then it turned into my first man crush in years after watching Gruden’s camp. I really wanted the Hawks to draft him. I was thinking 4th round but we did not have one so maybe I was thinking 5th as I wanted a RB in the 3rd, but wondered if he would be around in the fifth. And I REALLY wanted the Hawks to draft him as I saw something special and was not concerned about his height or lack of it. The rest is history and 12 months later I believe the Hawks have their franchise QB for many years to come!

  8. pabuwal says:

    I don’t like this RW3 stuff either. He shouldn’t be in anyone’s shadow.

    The offense and QB are clearly trending up. Where it stops no one knows.

  9. jawpeace says:

    I agree Skavage, Thurmond did great as I did not even know he was out there covering slot guys; which means he was not getting beat and making a tackle-because his guy caught a pass.

  10. bulldog80 says:

    A very magnanimous and articulate Russell Wilson. Even his post game talks are exuding more confidence. He speaks better than Pete.

  11. jawpeace says:

    Buldog80 but Pete has more feel good words you can count on like, “real cool, awesome, tremendous.”

  12. Dukeshire says:

    “I don’t like this RW3 stuff either. He shouldn’t be in anyone’s shadow.” I made that same point on the live chat. After today, he’s his own man.

  13. Wilson reads defenses better than RG3. He is simply terribly hampered by horrid coaching from Pete Carrol, Darrel Bevell, and Tom Cable. I wont even mention the defensive meltdowns that are par for the course lately. Bevell changed the final play?! SFW?! If he hadnt called a horrifically conservative game much of the time, and had trusted studs like Wilson, Rice, Tate, and Miller more, this game wouldnt have been so close; just like all the other games this season.

    Thurmond did the unthinkable–he was invisible. The most visible guy on the defense this year has been Trufant, who is beaten so regular its like watching a Jerry Springer Candid Camera episode with a PWT red-headed stepchild…so nice work Walter! And thank the good lord!

    I wish Browner and Sherm would just take the suspension and let us warm up with the young’uns against the Cards…but they are too selfish.

    I still dont see this team besting 9-7, and with this much talent, I think the coaching staff should be jailed on contempt charges at least, if not full-blown conspiracy to defraud because our coaches impersonated NFL-qualified staff…

    But hey, live for today right?! What an awesome game by Wilson, Tate, and Rice. Miller too–not his fault he got open and wasnt given the ball….and the D?! Wow, more holes than Swiss Cheese!

    Paging Mone Kiffin, paging Monte Kiffin…

  14. madpunter88 says:

    He’s RW3 because he wears #3.

    He is also amazingly good.

    The Seahawks LBs still appear to be the weak area of the team. They have been exploited so much across the middle with LBs trying to cover WRs. The rest of the league has figured that out.

    When in Seahawk history has a QB and WRs willed a team to a victory like they did in that game? Really a remarkable win. The Seahawks had 4 TDs in that game and all were reviewed afterwards.

  15. Mad–Um, several times in 2005 and 2007. Hass and Engram/Jackson etc did this as often as Holmgren gave them a chance. Other WR’s who helped included DJ Hackett (who was amazing when he wasnt hurt), Branch, etc…

    In 2005, down 14 in the fourth quarter on the road against Tennessee, Holmgren took the leash off and let Hass lead a mostly passing drive downfield. Jackson was the main reciever, and caught at least one if not two of the TD’s, and plenty along the way…and we won. And we went to the Super Bowl, where Goodell and his henchmen robbed us…

    ANd you used to see this with Kreig and Zorn with Largent, Blades, etc…with support from guys like Paul Johns, Paul Skansi, etc…and guys like Mike Pritchard too!

    I have seen combos work like this, but I have never seen one player take over and win the game with sheer will like Russel Wilson just did.

    Its gonna be a travesty when the NFL makes Luck rookie/player of the week after throwing three picks and leading one TD drive, while Wilson is ignored after leading two straight LONG TD drives against THE BEARS at SOLDIER FIELD (did i mention ON THE ROAD?!), the last drive where every passing play he ran and did it all himself?!

  16. Dukeshire says:

    “Its gonna be a travesty when the NFL makes Luck rookie/player of the week after throwing three picks and leading one TD drive, while Wilson is ignored after leading two straight LONG TD drives against THE BEARS at SOLDIER FIELD…”

    Agreed 100%

  17. pabuwal says:

    After the Rice TD in OT, I thought I saw the Seahawks Defense on the sideline trying to figure out how they could blow that lead.

  18. What scares me is Carrol is turning this Wilson-led bailout of horrid coaching into a justification of his atrociously-conservative 1960’s mindset. Get a clue, Carrol! Youre holding Wilson back, he’s winning IN SPITE OF YOU, not BECAUSE of you!

    Jesus, 90% of the NFL’s coaches could get us to 10-6, and Carrol thinks he’s invented the wheel when he’s just borrowing Ground Chuck. Well, Knox was an innovator who almost never had the talent to run what he wanted to…Knox would win a Super Bowl with this team. Carrol will be lucky to sniff the playoffs…

  19. Dukeshire says:

    ACIB worthy comment, right there.

  20. DUke–How is that?! Wilson bailed the coaching staff out of another close loss that didnt have to be close. How does that make me a troll like ACIB, simply because you still want to believe in Carrol and his merry band of idiots?

  21. pabuwal says:

    Rarely has a Seahawks QB ever had this type of performance against a Defense of THIS caliber on the road.

  22. Pabs–LOL!

    Duke, if that was meant for Pabs disregard.

  23. pabuwal says:

    I’m sure it was meant for me.

  24. Lets both take it as an insult and have a fit…or not! ;p

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Oh no, it was all pabuwal.

  26. tylerwyler says:

    STTBM, you realize we beat one of the toughest teams in the NFC at home today, right? So much Haterade. Damn.

  27. ChrisHolmes says:

    I sincerely hope the Wilson doubters are starting to see the light.

    Man, I love this kid.

    And yeah – he’s winning in spite of the coaches. But at least he’s winning.

    All I ever wanted was a franchise QB. Thanks PC and JS.

  28. princeaden says:

    A huge key to teams going deep into the Playoffs is peaking at the right time. Could this be happening to our beloved Seahawks ? I can only hope that these impending suspensions are overturned. We shall see.

  29. princeaden says:

    Sorry, I got side tracked. Could this be like the Packers a couple of seasons ago ?

  30. Hammajamma says:

    For all the times RW seems to miss Rice breaking free downfield, his lack of mental mistakes and interceptions is stunning. Pete is absolutely correct to coach to the turnover differential, and Wilson simply plays almost mistake free, even now that his improvisational talents are coming forward. Anyone have his QBR today?

  31. MattandCindy says:

    I swear I saw a moment when PC was talking to Matt Flynn on the sideline. And I’m beginning to think he told him that they were giving RW the free reign to run it when he feels it…so be ready to warm up at a moments notice…after all he is a widdle guy.

    It’s just too bad that RW is going to play action bootleg and QB draw all over these next 4 Defensive units we play. Watching this kid gives me a somewhat massive coronary every Sunday, but its soooo damn worth it.

  32. MattandCindy says:

    Based on the appeals they have in, and listening to ESPN 710, there is a good chance they will play this next game as well, being as there might not be a decision made before then.

  33. mocarob says:

    I don’t give a flying care if you guys like RW3 or not.

    RW3 has nothing to do with RGIII & everything to do with his jersey number.
    I also follow Supercross and a popular racer is RV2 from Poulsbo.
    Some people abbreviate with the numbers the athlete wears.

  34. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    Sounds like Sherman and Browner are going to be available for next week’s game. Sure hope their appeals go well. I would rather see them skip the appeals and get the suspensions over with and not have them suspended during the playoffs.

  35. montanamike2 says:

    How many times did i see this kid make a pass for a gain as he’s being tackled this season? Even if you don’t like the coaches you have to give them an A+ when it comes to finding hidden gems, this team doesn’t remotely resemble the one just a couple of years ago.
    But the most important part of this was it was the game where Russell won the team over.

  36. bayareahawkfan says:

    Unlikely we hear from ACIB any time soon.

    I’m expecting to see a series of posts from JamesCarpenterIsBust any day now…

  37. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    Hammajamma, RWs QBR today was 85.4. He also threw is 19th TD pass of the season, for the 6th most passing TDs ever by rookie QBs. 1 TD behind Dan Marino and just 6 behind Peyton Manning, and there are still 5 games left.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bayareahawkfan- If Carpenter doesn’t lose some more weight he will be a bust imo.

    Wilson is very close to cracking the top ten in QB ratings.

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Brandon Marshall on Wilson-

    “He’s a born leader,” Bears receiver Brandon Marshall said. “I listened to the guy talk. I watch how he conducts himself, how he handles himself. That’s a guy I can watch and learn from.”

  40. bayareahawkfan says:

    Georgia: time will tell with carp. I thought I read that Russ was 7th in Passer Rating, and trailed only Brady in QBR…?

    Though the QBR thing may only be over the last 6 or 7 games. But I thought the Passer Rating deal was for the whole season.

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bayareahawkfan- I would like to see Wilsons rating in the 4th quarter and the last two minutes of the half.

  42. Palerydr says:

    Well I gotta admit as a person who was very critical of Russel Wilson(put me in the camp that doesn’t like RW3 as a nickname) he’s shown to be a leader, film/study junkie and getting better at executing the offense every week. I also don’t like Golden Tate all that much however over the last few weeks he’s done quite a bit to raise his level of play and help us win football games. My hats off to both of em.

  43. I don’t care how many people wanted Flynn to start and how many didn’t like Russell Wilson early on in the season. I’m just so happy that my beloved Seahawks seem to have a franchise QB and it appears the sky is the limit for him. Anyone and everyone are welcome to jump on this bandwagon party, all of your doubts are forgiven and forgotten! That includes you ACIB, RADEoN, and Chuck Easton.

  44. Chuck is cool, even if I dont always agree with him. It weirded me out when he didnt like Wilson. I have my suspicions as to why, but I keep that to myself. He’s probably got better things to do than argue on this board. Besides, the Hawks are their usual incredibly frustrating selves; cant get all cylinders firing at once to save their lives. If they ever do, Look Out World!

  45. What impressed me most about the win today was how the team overcame a bunch of borderline calls that didn’t go our way as well at that last minute tie field goal. Didn’t let it deflate them but rather kind of a “OK … screw you, we’re going to win anyway!”. Anyway, that’s the feeling I got watching. I think that’s a hump this team needed to get over.

  46. I could not believe so much of what went on today – I got to see very little of the game today had to follow through or the live game chat.

    Here are some of my observations.

    1. The non call on the hit on Wilsons slide should result in a fine on an official – if the players get fined for those hits (i.e. ET’s last week) then the officials BLATANTLY missing protection penalties should be done as well.

    2. on the last drive in regulation – Okung was called for a hold – True, he was holding. But RW was hit HELMET TO HELMET – the facemasked matched up! ANOTHER BLATANT missed call – This one specifically by Carey – that is RIGHT in front of him.

    3. On the game winning TD throw to Rice – for Carey to come out and say Play “stands” is a slap in the face to the seahawks. CLEARLY it was a catch – he made a football move, 3 steps, and moved into the endzone trying to get below the tackle – he gets hit goes limp and CLEARLY still has the ball in his hand. AND his butt on the ground. TD CONFIRMED you P.O.C.

    1-3 part B.. Wilson should punch Carey in the face – the league should fine him and if he every refs in Seattle again he should be booed soo loudly he can’t be heard. and maybe food thrown in his general direction (can’t say anything worse – Don’t want the NFL to come after me)

    This game does NOT get the Monkey off our backs on the road – we are now 7-23 on the road with 3 of those wins vs Chicago. Where is this passion, focus, determination etc vs every other team we play?!?!?!

    The Bads (IMO)

    Our OL is terrible right now! These are ALL Cables guys now. they should be performing MUCH better at this point in the season, and they are not!!! They have performed better at the end of the last 2 seasons with RESERVES in. read into that what you want

    On the long Chicago play – Sherman NEVER saw Marshall, at all. He didn’t go to knock it down since he didn’t know Marshal was there – went ONLY for the INT. Also, they should have Jammed him at the line IMO anyway –

    We still can NOT provide a consistent pass rush – I hope that changes soon.

    Rice could be done for the year :( that hit was Vicious

    The Good (IMO)

    RW was great today – I have liked him this season – Today I LOVED him.

    FINALLY, we overcame problems on the road and with refs to get a win!!! It didn’t matter what anyone threw at them today they came up with a win.

    Thoughts for future –

    STL is playing great football right now – we had better not get over confident, it will bite us in the butt. We HAVE to play like every game is our last game for the rest of the way!!

  47. solid post, xcman. I agree, especially with the idea that we overcame adversity on the road, plus bad ref calls, and won, that’s a great comment on how far this team has come. And how much a leader Wilson has become.

    But I think people may be over-reacting when complaining about the Seahawks Offensive line. The last two weeks, we played two of the better defensive lines in the NFL, in the case of the Bears, one of the best front 7s in the league. Of course our O line got beat up quite a bit by the Bears and Dolphins. Any O line would.

    Getting Moffitt back in the lineup regularly should help solidify things. I believe the Carpenter experiment should be called to a halt for this season. I don’t think he’s a bust, I just think he has never had enough training camp to learn what he needs to learn. I’d put him on IR and let him get a fresh start in OTAs next year.

  48. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Yeah, a huge win! The Browner/Sherman drama, a playoff push,
    young Russell Wilson running this offense.
    There’s alot to think about.

  49. Stupid question: How do they calculate win % with a tie?

  50. xcman,

    If you’re trying to figure out what a team needs to bypass San Francisco (us or others in the NFC), this is the best way. Take SF’s wins and any other team needs One additional win. So if SF finishes 11-4-1, then any other team needs 12 wins to bypass them in the playoff hunt.

    For instance, if you look at the NFC playoff picture now SF is the 2nd seed with 8-3-1 trailed by GB at 8-4. As you can see, they both have the same numbers of wins, but GB has more losses. GB actually needs another win to be ahead of SF.

    This simply means SF doesn’t have to worry about tiebreakers because no one can tie their record.

  51. udub671 says:

    It seemed like the refs were wearing Bears uniforms. They called the late hit on Branch for falling on the sliding Cutler, but didn’t call the hard hit on Wilson when he slid. The Cutler hit was borderline, the Wilson hit was obvious.

    The there was the holding call that didn’t have the subsequent roughing the passer call…shouldn’t that have offset the penalties?

    The reversed TD call…I didn’t think the video evidence was indisputable. Yes, the ball seemed to bounce up, but it also looked like Edwards had his fingers underneath the ball the whole time. The fumble from Lynch was hard to tell if his knee was on the ground, so they stuck with the call on the field. When the original call would have favored the Hawks, they went ahead and took it away.

    Finally, there was also the muffed punt that Maragos seemed to have recovered. They decided to blow the whistle while the ball was obviously still loose. That cost a major turnover in the redzone and would have easily changed the complexion of this game. Carrol was trying to challenge, but it was not allowed. Ridiculous rule, terrible early whistle.

    Love the idea of fining the refs for missing those calls, particularly on the late hits. I wonder what the NFL bigwigs would say if people started making real noise about putting that rule in.

  52. CDHawkFan says:

    Another comment about the officiating; with about 3 minutes left in the 4th, ML had the ball punched out of his hands and RW picked it up and ran out of bounds (either ML or RW was not tackled in bounds), why did the clock keep running? I thought it stopped when anyone goes out of bounds in the final 5 min of play? I still hope PC takes the fine and questions the officating today.

    Also, the Rice TD was reviewed way too long, after looking at the 2 reviews (20 seconds), why the heck anyone couldn’t see it was a TD after 20 seconds is beyond me. I know, I know, they wanted to get it right, but come on. After the way the game was called, I felt like they were trying to find a way not to call it a TD.

    I hope after the last 2 weeks that the D starts to keep their feet on the ground when running to the QB, both J Jones and E Thomas leaving their feet just caused bigger issues. I know its a natural reaction, but it doesn’t seem to work much when you are within feet, sure do it at the line to bat down a ball, but how often to you see a QB juke out of it (or take one on the head)?

  53. Sekolah says:

    Malcolm Smith was definitely visible in this game, despite being on the field mostly when Chicago was geared up to run. Hill might be feeling an urge to get back in uniform soon or else he might be out of a job. Speed will kill you, and Malcolm’s got the kind of speed you want at that will backer spot, particularly in pursuit from the backside of plays. And as he showed, that speed is also effective for shooting the gaps and blowing up runs in the backfield before they get started.

    Bobby Wagner has eclipsed the 100 tackle mark. 3 sacks to go with that, along with an INT. He was exposed a bit by Cutler in the passing game, but he was also mere inches away from making a play on several of Cutler’s passes. With Chandler Jones sort of out of the picture at the moment (injury), it’s looking like Wagner is a lock for DRoY. Or am I missing someone else? Irvin’s got a shot still, I suppose.

  54. CDHawkFan says:

    Sekolah, in general I am happy with Wagner, especially going side to side/on plays that strech to the edge of the field, but as far as the middle of the field, he seems to make a lot of those tackles after 6, 10 , 14 yards. Maybe that is more scheme, but I would like to see him make more stops near the line of scrimmage (or in front of him and not chasing a WR or TE down) when the play is in the middle of the field.

    On a side note, while we all hate the ‘bend but don’t break’ D, it did work a few times yesterday on 3rd down in key moments with the Bears coming up a yard or two short.

    For some reason, out of all the QB’s we have played against, I wanted someone to knock Cutler into next week. Just seems a bit cocky and has the tag of being a bit of a wuss.

  55. Please someone tell why no one was on Marshall on that last play. Also, I think Wilson’s height is a factor as he missed Rice and Miller a couple of times when they were completely open, but he made up for it with his legs on that last drive in regulation and in OT. Got to give it up to him for that. And Tate, that dude pulled a Lynch down there in the redzone. Man, that game stressed me out though. I think even if we lose our corners, we are in the playoffs still now after yesterday.

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    TruBlu- Seems to me the defense is lacking some leadership right now. Their not playing with the chemistry they had in the first part of the year. I know they are young and sometimes cocky but I sure hope someone like Thomas steps up and takes more of a leadership roll. Better than Sherman, at least at this stage anyways.

    BTW- Sherman didn’t have much time to Jaw in this game. Perhaps a suspension will do him and the team good.

  57. Ewalters7354 says:

    Tru, I agree about Tate.Dude was determined.He is really coming into his own.Took some time but he now looks to have found himself.Also, Sidney Rice has been very consistent so far.Glad he’s healthy.

  58. Did anyone else notice that after the Hawks scored, on the kick off with 24 seconds on the clock, the clock did not start until the bears return man was on the 12 yard line?

  59. xcman – a tie counts as half a win. The playoff standings are determined by win-tie-loss percentages which is the number of wins + number of losses time 0.5, all divided by the total number of games.

    For us to beat SF in the NFC West, they will have to lose 2 more games, one of those losses to us. Their percentage would then be .65626

    We would have to win out, giving us a percentage of .6875

    Right now SF is at .708, we are at .583

  60. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What was just as impressive to me as the Seahawks overcoming the refs was overcoming a good performance by Cutler. This is the first time in 26 career games, (that Cutler has lost) with a passer rating above 100 (119.6).

  61. ChrisHolmes says:

    You have to love what Peter King wrote about Wilson this morning:

    “Drove his team 94 yards in nine plays for a second-quarter touchdown. Drove his team 97 yards in 12 plays for the go-ahead touchdown near the end of regulation. Drove his team 80 yards in 12 plays for the winning touchdown in overtime. On the road, at Soldier Field, against the Bears.”

    Remember last year? Remember Tavaris Jackson and his utter failure to make plays in the closing moments of halves?

    Aren’t we glad those days are over??

  62. Brandon Marshall may have complimented Russell Wilson, but he didn’t heap any praise on Seattle’s DBs, calling them “ordinary” on a Chicago station. He had a huge game against them, so that shouldn’t be surprising.

    The Seahawks better not be thinking of playoffs quite yet. Three of four remaining games are going to be tough (Rams, Niners, Bills). Would be nice if they could stomp on the Niners though.

  63. mojjonation says:

    While fining the refs is a great idea, they just signed a new CBA themselves. So there will never be an greement to a newly amended CBA for them to take money away from themselves unless they get something rather large in return. I have no idea what that would be.

    I may have called Wilson RW3 at some piont, I don’t know. Going forward, I will refer to him as RDub. Anyone on board with that?

    Before Chicago’s last play, Cutler had a less than pedestrian 180 passing yards, Marshall had 100 yards on 9 catches, and Chicago had 300 yards of offense. So while the D did allow Chicago to get into field goal range, that one play seems to be what is sticking in everyones craw. Take away that one play, and the D did it’s job.

  64. Dukeshire says:

    Smith was in primarily on in their base sets. Seattle appears to be rotating Wagner to Will and Wright to Mike in Nickel.

    Wagner has a really solid season. He’s struggles in pass pro should not come as a surprise. That is a lot to learn, he has however gotten better throughout the season.

  65. More from Peter King: “Didn’t see enough evidence to overturn that Braylon Edwards touchdown catch from Russell Wilson in Chicago. But it was overturned by Mike Carey.”

    Read More:

  66. gonefishin69690 says:

    Agree Mojo, and another thing I’d like to mention. Where are all the Tate haters these days? That is one young man who has really stepped up his play this year. It would seem our receivers have found the handle.

  67. The regular refs are sometimes as bad as the replacement refs. We saw that yesterday. They almost cost the Seahawks the game.

  68. Canfan–I dont think our corners are ordinary. They are two of the top 5 corners in the NFL. Our DC, on the other hand…that scheme to play Browner off Marshall was idiotic. If youre gonna use Browner over the faster, more agile Sherman, then you use his strength–jamming the WR at the line; if youre gonna play off you might as well use Sherman and his greater agility. Duh!

    Once again, a case of players being hampered by/misused by a bad scheme from the coaching staff. This is a recurring, perhaps chronic, problem on both sides of the ball for Seattle.

    And injuries are killing us. Bryant dinged up, Mebane has disappeared since they announced his calf was bothering him four games ago or so, and no one on the Defense is playing like they could/should be…

    Wagner is having a good year, but I dont know about ROY. He is exposed too often in coverage for me to vote for him. Im glad we drafted him, he’ll only improve, but there are better rookies out there.

    What makes me really hot are the talking heads like Profootballtalk that slob all over Luck for one final scoring drive, and ignore Wilson and his two game-winning drives in a row. Especially since the final drive was pretty much all Russel Wilson…

    Who cares if the other guys have more passing yards? Wilson is playing with a lousy O-line and a lousy O-Coordinator, and has had far fewer chances to make good plays; yet he’s right there at the top with his TD’s and has less picks than the other two. His completion percentage is ridiculous, especially considering we arent running a WCO with a bunch of safe, short throws….

  69. Dukeshire says:

    Tate’s play has improved. Dramatically. That however doesn’t mean that the criticism he received wasn’t or hasn’t been deserved. It was.

  70. gonefishin69690, both WRs stepped up yesterday. It’s interesting that Rice and Tate almost had 100 yards each, Lynch almost had 100 yards rushing, Russell Wilson almost had 300 yards passing, and Bruce Irvin almost had a sack. I’ll take all those “almosts” for a win.

  71. Duke–I agree, and I have always been Tate’s biggest fan. Though I do think after his two drops in an early game this year the criticism was waaay over the top. If we had a real offense in Seattle, Tate would easily have 1200 yards and 10 TD’s this year…he’s made Baldwin a total afterthought.

    Its really cool to see the bonehead growing up and playing like a talented, skilled professional. And I think he’s still got a good long ways to go before he reaches his ceiling…

  72. Palerydr says:

    For all you conspiracy theorists out there Clock operators are employees of the NFL not the home town team. If there were clock discrepencies then it was the operator doing a poor job not trying to favor the home team.

    I agree with others that this was a poorly officiated game and I have stuck up for the refs on a number of occasions however as noted by others there were several times where I thought they made bad calls or no calls that should have been.

    I can say I’m very impressed by what RW is doing on the field I don’t want to get to jazzed up by what he’s doing with the potential that goes with his accomplishments to date on the field but man it’s really hard not to.

  73. Dukeshire says:

    The vast majority of Wilson’s throws are very high percentage plays, at least yesterday. Let’s not get too carried away…

    Moreover both the o line and Bevell take unreasonable criticism. Bevell and Carl Smith both, deserve a ton of credit for helping Wilson perform the way he has.

  74. Dukeshire says:

    Baldwin’s injuries and a rookie QB have made Baldwin an afterthought, IMO, but I see your overall point.

  75. Baldwin has made some clutch catches the last few weeks. He’s certainly a valuable part of the offense.

  76. Palerydr says:

    I also have criticised Tate while I don’t like his sense of entitlement he’s coming around on the field. If he’s making mistakes I’m not seeing them anymore and believe me I watch for em.

    I drive the wife to the train every morning and happened to catch Mike and Mike talking with Chris Carter and Mike Ditka with all 4 heaping praise on RW the national media is watching.

  77. Palerydr says:

    Actually Duke you could say the vast majority of RW throws are high and be pretty accurate. That would be one of the things he could improve on. He also missed Miller being open on more than just the endzone yesterday but Miller was the guy who caught yesterdays most important pass, the 4th and 3 for a first down on the final drive of regulation.

  78. Dukeshire says:

    I agree but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m referring to the design of the play not his execution. You’re right, he missed Miller twice: once with a poor throw, once he didn’t see him. Even on that corner route where Wilson missed him high, it was a high percentage play.

  79. mojjonation says:

    Stats from
    Just taking the five rookie QB’s into account, RDub is last in attempts per game. Last in yards per game. He’s number 2 in yards per attempt behind RG3. Number two in completion percentage behind only RG3. He’s number one in TD’s. He’s number 2 in fewest interpections thrown to RG3. He has been sacked the second fewest times behind Wheeden (didn’t see that coming). Last in plays of 20+ yards. Third in plays of 40+ yards behind only Luck and RG3 (Luck slings the rock 42/game. RG3 28). Number 2 in QB rating behind only RG3 (and these two are way the eff ahead of the other three). Luck may have his team in the playoffs, but they haven’t beaten a .500 or better team on the road. They have 2 quality wins all season. One over Minnesota in week 2, and GB in week 5 (my definition of quality being defined as teams who are either in the playoff picture or one game out). RDub has defeated NE, GB, Chicago, Minnesota, and Dallas. Now four of those games were at home, but three of those teams are currently in the playoff picture and the other two are one game out. My guess is that RDub is number one in clutch performance and in total QBR.

    At this point in the season, RG3 is the offensive rookie of the year. The only stats Luck really leads in are attempts per game and yards per game which does nothing but indicate that he HAS to throw the ball a lot. By the end of the season, if RDub progresses the way he has been, he may take over as offensive ROY and maybe even overall ROY.

    Wilson is trending upward. No doubt about it.

  80. chuck_easton says:


  81. ryanryan says:

    i have little doubt that RG3 will win OROY, deservedly so. i couldn’t care less about it either.

    put me on the side that doesn’t like RW3 moniker – no matter its orgin, it is simply too close to RG3 and wreaks of being a copycat.

    i’m tickled pink about the qb contraversary brewing in sf right now, nothing like a division foe with a divided locker room heading in to the home stretch…one more loss under kaepernick and its going to get interesting down in the bay, it just couldn’t wait till next year huh?


    THIS JUST IN – ARRON CURRY IS BUST…couldn’t resist ;)

  82. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    welcome back chuck

  83. Vegas56 says:

    Tate’s run after the catch from the 11 near the end of regulation was Hall-of-Fame caliber. (I’m not saying he is…just that run, one of the best guts and glory runs we’ll ever see from a WR).

  84. CDHawkFan says:

    That Tate run after the catch was typical Tate trying to get an extra yard. I have yelled at the TV when he as done that and lost yardage in the past, last night was all fist pumps.

  85. After watching how the Seahawks have been playing,makes me wonder who their opponent will be in the next Superbowl.

  86. Diggity says:

    Duke- re: your high percentage play comment — would you prefer that RW forced more low percentage stuff? Doesn’t it make more sense to take the play that’s there than to try and make something happen that’s probably not?

  87. bbnate420 says:

    Don’t tease, Chuck.

  88. chuck_easton says:

    posted something but the content hasn’t been approved…

  89. mocarob says:

    “After watching how the Seahawks have been playing,makes me wonder who their opponent will be in the next Superbowl”

    Indy Colts.

  90. chuck_easton says:

    I’ll try again to see if this gets through…

    I still am not posting during the regular season as I get too high after wins and to low (mental health hospital low) after losses. For my sanity and everyones enjoyment I choose to maintain ‘radio silence’ during the season.

    But to respond to an earlier post about my dislike of Wilson. It has never been a case of me not liking Wilson. I don’t like Flynn over Wilson. I am just one of those guys that doesn’t like any rookie QB starting. Especially when there is a chance for the team to be competitive and have a shot at the playoffs.

    I base that very personal belief on the fact that for every Payton Manning, Troy Aikman, and Dan Marino that starts as a rookie and goes on to success, there are many more of the Dan McGwuires, Rick Mirers, Kelly Stauffers, Tim Couchs, Brady Quinns, David Klinglers, Aliki Smiths, Ryan Leafs, Blaine Gabberts, Mark Sanchezs, (I could go on and on) who are put in right away and never seem to get ‘there’.

    I didn’t want that for Wilson. But the kid has proven me wrong in worrying about his mental capacity to withstand the pressure and expectations of being a rookie starter. He is improving weekly and some of the early mistakes are a distant memory. He still has much more he can achieve but every indication is that he has the desire, the drive, and the work ethic to get there.

    Now, as there are still four more games (and I hope for one or two beyond that) to go where there is a likelihood of the bi-polar fan in my arising, I will now go back under the cone of silence.

    But I’m still around and I have been enjoying the ride!

  91. GeorgiaHawk says:

    chuck_easton- See you down the road, but would like it to be now.

  92. Welcome back, Chuck, albeit briefly. I understand about the emotional swings. This team is hell on the psyche.

  93. Duke–I give Wilsons qb coach credit, but Bevell not much. To my eyes, Seattle’s coaching staff had training wheels on Ayrton Senna (wilson), when lesser qb’s were being let loose (Luck, RGIII). Bevell Cable and Carrol are holding it too tight, and wasting Wilson right now. He would do so much better with coaches who had a clue.

  94. And the line deserves every negative word..they suck beyond belief. Especially considering how high they were drafted.

    Compare us to SF’s line. Thats the diff between Front Offices with a clue and Solari to Cable. There is no comparison.

  95. LBCHawk says:

    I agree with mojonation–I like RDub. In fact, I found myself defaulting to that last night when I was writing on a different blog post here. I’m not taking credit for it; I’m just giving it my endorsement.

    An alternative is to simply call him Russell. There are plenty of quarterbacks known by their first name like Peyton and Eli. I don’t think there’s another starting quarterback named Russell.

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