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Morning links: Thurmond’s time to shine

Post by Eric Williams on Dec. 1, 2012 at 10:53 am with 24 Comments »
December 1, 2012 10:53 am
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Walter Thurmond (28) warms up before an NFL divisional playoff football game against the Chicago Bears Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

As our own Dave Boling reported on Friday, with Marcus Trufant doubtful because of a hamstring injury suffered during Thursday’s practice, it’s time for Walter Thurmond to step up.

The University of Oregon product has not been active on game days since re-joining the team from the Physically Unable to Perform list a few weeks ago. But Thurmond has been practicing with the first unit at nickel cornerback, and should provide some play-making ability as a slot defender against the Bears on Sunday, should Trufant not be healthy enough to play.

And if Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner are suspended for four games, Thurmond could move outside and play cornerback, giving the Seahawks a similar presence on the outside with his wing span and speed.

“He’s a special football player so we’d like to get him involved some,” Carroll said heading into the Miami game. “It might be in some dime situations as well so we’re looking for a spot for him.”

Looks like that spot will be as the nickel cornerback against Chicago on Sunday.

Clare Farnsworth of writes the Seattle safety Kam Chancellor is returning to the place where he got his first taste of success as an NFL player as part of the team’s Bandit package two years ago against the Bears.

All three analysts with NFL Playbook pick the Bears over Seattle in this video link.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports is interested in seeing Chicago’s Brandon Marshall match up against Richard Sherman. Prisco: “Sherman, who is facing a four-game suspension for reportedly violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing drugs, will play in this one. He is the best corner in the league this season, so that’s big for Seattle. Expect him to spend a lot of time in man coverage on Marshall. I love these kinds of one-on-one battles. Both are physical players, which will make it fun.”

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports like Chicago 21-20 over the Seahawks. Check out his preview in the video below.

Tarvaris Jackson is frustrated with sitting on the sidelines as Buffalo’s third-string quarterback. The Seahawks face the Bills in two weeks. “I knew they were going to bring in one other quarterback, I didn’t think they were going to draft a guy, too,” said Jackson. “When they already had Matt and they drafted Russell, I figured I’d be the odd man out. They were kind of screwing me around. They had their plan the whole time, either Russell or Matt. It was obvious when we got to camp, especially in preseason when I didn’t play.”

Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago writes that the Bears will let Eric Weems handle return duties with Devin Hester out because of a concussion.

Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times offers an interesting scouting report on the Bears offensive line from an anonymous NFL scout.

A horrible story out of Kansas City this morning, as Chief linebacker Jovan Belcher reportedly killed his girlfriend, and then drove to the team’s facility and committed suicide. The couple leaves behind a three-month old daughter. The NFL is saying the game between the Chiefs and Carolina in Kansas City will move forward as planned on Sunday.

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  1. Hey Tavaris – Alex Smith called, he said “It could be worse”

  2. KD, I’d say Tarvaris Jackson has it much worse than Alex Smith. Smith may have lost his starting job, but he plays for one of the elite organizations in the NFL, behind one of the best O lines and with one of the best coaching staffs. I hate to give BlowHardbaugh any credit, but that whole thing they have built in SF is damn good.

    Meanwhile, the worst places in the NFL any player can end up in these days are Buffalo or Oakland. Both organizations destroyed by egotistical old owners who refused to step down and transition their organizations to younger leadership and ruined those teams in the process. All the players there are pretty much screwed.

  3. So with Alex Smith playing the best football of his career, also leading the league in recent passer rating and bringing that ELITE organization to a 7-2 record primed to go deep in playoffs to be benched for the potential of a new QB…. I would say that his situation is far more frustrating.

    Tavaris lead a middling Seahawks team with a middling (albeit tough and inspiring) performance…that’s an understandable reason to lose your job to the potential of another.

  4. No argument, KD, and I enjoyed your comment. Alex Smith worked a long time to become a good QB, just to get benched. Still, being a lifelong Bills fan/sufferer, I feel bad for anyone stuck in Buffalo.

  5. Tarvaris, yeah they didn’t give you a chance…except for giving 1st team snaps throughout camp as a final opportunity to show you’d somehow added defense reading skills since last season… at the cost of giving those snaps to Russell Wilson and having him more ready for the Cardinals game. Guess you showed the Seahawks by immediately earning the Bills job and blowing the lights out to demonstrate their error.

  6. Hey Tardvaris, You’re a worthless pile of crap who got paid $4 million to suck. Yeah – poor little you. It must be rough to make more in one year to be worthless than most people make in their lifetimes. Cry me a river, loser!

  7. There’s a reason the Bills are utterly worthless (like Stevos alluded to). When you’re dumb enough to trade ANYTHING for a loser AND have to pay that loser money… you’re dumber than dumb and it should come as no surprise why you lose every year.

  8. Ewalters7354 says:

    Lmao @Bobbyk.Wow!

  9. Wow. I never saw any evidence that TJ did not give 100%, including his body and playing while hurt, so if you have a complaint, it should be directed at the front offices who hired him. A lot of scorn being heaped on someone who is out there getting bashed around so we can all have our Sunday NFL fix.

  10. Wow. BobbyK is AGAIN? lol!

  11. I feel for Tarvaris, but the guy was given a fair shake early on, to the detriment of the other two qb’s; but his last shot was the first team scrimmage in training camp, where he was even given first shot; dude came out and completed something like 4 of 11 passes–and many of his passes were so scattershot even the reporters wondered who he was throwing to. Face it, if Jackson was any good, he would have showed it. What he showed was that under pressure, he regressed, and we’d already seen the best he could do, and it was all downhill after that.

    What did it for me was Seattle’s collapse over the last four games of last season, when Jackson was finally completely healthy and he played WORSE. Add to that his disastrous scrimmage in preseason, and it was time to move on.

    I wish him well, and its sad Buffalo sat him out of every game just to shaft Seattle out of the extra draft pick, but thems the breaks. He will be better off there, and will be the number 2 next year. Which is what he is.

    Bobbyk–Dude, you are acting like an immature POC. Seriously, you are spending all the coin you earned, respect-wise between whining about Portis and bashing on T-jack. If Jackson didnt care so much about what happened and happily collected his money, you’d bash him just as much if not more for that! And rightly so–Jackson is an athlete, a tough guy, a nice guy, and a decent backup qb. He’s not deserving of your scorn–especially considering he’s far more successful in his chosen profession than you are at yours–and he has some character, which you lack in spades.

  12. Jackson managed to put up decent numbers despite not being able to read defenses for crap. He busted his ass and played through a pretty serious injury, and always gave his best. And he never blamed anyone else, or threw anyone under the bus.

    Yet some people who probably werent even decent football players in High School and who certainly havent put up with the constant beating NFL football dishes out, and who think they know so much sit at home on their computer and label him a loser and dumber than dumb…

    I think its a serious case of pot calling the stainless steel kettle black.

  13. I think Thurmond will be fine. He’s no Browner or Sherman, but he’s got speed and talent and isnt small. He’ll make mistakes, but he will be fine. Im still not enthused about losing Browner and Sherm, and Im most likely got going to waste my sunday watching Seattle lose another game they will have every chance to win.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Well, they haven’t been suspended, yet. If Seattle looses tomorrow however, I suspect we’ll see these appeals dropped rather quickly.

  15. STTBM, thanks for your posts. I like most of BobbyK’s posts, but his hatred of Tarvaris is a bit tiresome. Tarvaris isn’t a legitimate starting QB, but had he stayed in Seattle, we’d have been lucky to have him as a backup. Obviously he’s nowhere as talented as Russell Wilson, but he’s better than probably half the backups in the league.

    Just watch — the Seahawks will beat the Bears, then lose to a worse team like the Rams or Bills.

  16. DanielleMND says:

    BobbyK’s been at the Haterade again. Seriously, did T-Jack run over your dog or something?

    As for nickelback, this is an instance where an injury allows for an upgrade at the position. Trufant’s career is over. He can’t even be a solid nickel corner at this point. He’s been a good guy, so I wish him well with his future endeavors.

  17. bbnate420 says:

    Anyone that has HBO on here should watch the new episode of Real Sports. There is a very interesting segment about head injuries in football, with a focus on college football. It has been discussed numerous times here and may get more traction with the sad news out of KC yesterday. It may make you think twice about complaining about not enough hitting in practice reducing the quality on the field or the league trying to get rid of a large portion of violent hits. Personally, I’d take a little less entertaining product for the trade off of vastly reducing the chances that players are sustaining permanent brain damage.

    It’s just speculation that brain damage could’ve played a role in the tragic events. I have no idea, but it’s certainly a possibility. If you remember the story of wrestler Chris Benoit, his brain showed signs or significant traumatic encephalopathy during his autopsy. Traumatic encephalopathy can greatly impair ones’ ability to reason and to control their impulses and emotions.

  18. bbnate420 says:

    I agree that Thurmond should be an upgrade. Hopefully, they were just holding him out to get back into game shape. Trufant was playing alright near the beginning of the season, but it was just plain sad to watch him try to chase Bess around the field. I can’t remember for sure off hand, but I think he had one other pretty pathetic performance this year as well.

    It seems like the loss on Sunday and other potential news this week has turned a lot of people here into Debbie Downers. The proverbial turd in the punchbowl. We’re still 6-5. No one has been suspended yet. Just breathe. I think we win today. It would fit in with this teams tendencies. Plus, the Bears are overrated IMO and we match up well against them.

  19. bbnate420 says:

    New episode of the Real Rob Report. There’s a cameo by our fearless leader at about the 15 minute mark.

  20. montanamike2 says:

    I just got my computer back after a rebuild, that f#%&*ing power surge cost me close to 5 grand! I didn’t do anything to cause it so i’m not too happy. I would rather check out Australia or visit my childhood friend in Tahiti that i’ve never been able to go.
    Sorry i had to get that out of the way.
    I was high on Thurmond when we drafted him and think he’s another potential gem, the potential part is because he’s injured a lot.
    Big upgrade over Tru who’s lost a few steps.

  21. CDHawkFan says:

    I thought the main reason TJ didn’t work out, pissed off people was he held on to the ball too much, which I think was really on PC preaching the turnover battle (as he did in Matt’s last year, and has held back on RW opening up the playbook this year). A lot of professionals put him on the field in Minny, Sea, and he is still on a NFL roster, so if he sucks, what does that make you/us?

    Bobby, your ACIB rants are coming through onto the BobbyK postings. Why don’t you do another BobbyK vs ACIB back-to-back posting to try and throw us all again?

  22. Then don’t read them. Is it that hard to understand? Hello, McFly!!!

    Saying I hate Jackson is being too nice.

    And I could care less what anyone thinks of it.

    No hating on our defense if they blow another 4th quarter lead today. Afterall, I’m sure they are trying their hardest.

  23. BobbyK–The problem is you called Jackson a piece of crap, and bagged on him for being competitive and wanting a fair shake, which he really wasnt given, from his standpoint. And he’s not even on our team anymore…

    On the other hand, our Defense–and its coaches–ARE on our team. But I for one wont be calling these guys pieces of crap. Right now I want Carrol, Cable, and Bevell’s heads on a platter, figuratively, but I wont call them POC’s. Theyre just failing coaches.

    Jackson failed to rise above mediocrity, but he IS a leader and a man of character, and deserving of more respect.

    As for not reading your comments–hard to know when youre going to post something logical, or when youre going to go off the rails in to psychoville, until AFTER reading it. And if you post something highly objectionable to me, Im going to comment on it. Dont like others commenting on your whacked out comments? Then dont post them! Simple, right?

    Next you’ll be telling me to make like a tree and get out of here…

    bbnate–I agree with your first comment, but one must be very careful to blame head trauma for events like this without more info, especially in a 25 year old man. Still, just as you say, what happened is eerily similar to the wrestler gone psycho…ugly squared.

    Canfan–Thank you. Nice to hear the occasional positive reinforcement.

  24. flavofaze says:

    …alright, it took some time to hear from Tarvaris Jackson…I’m not surprised that he is frustrated…but his gift is having the ability to make 3 million dollars this year alone. Many of us have had someone favored in a work situation. At the end of the day, go home and be thankful you have a job….

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