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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 24-21 loss

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 26, 2012 at 7:34 am with 101 Comments »
November 26, 2012 7:34 am
Miami Dolphins guard Josh Samuda (64) celebrates after kicker Dan Carpenter made the winning field goal in the second half of an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Sunday, Nov. 25, 2012, in Miami. The Dolphins won 24-21. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Good morning. We’ll host our Monday Morning QB live chat at 1 p.m. today. There’s plenty to talk about, so stop by if you have some time this afternoon.

A quick look at the NFC playoff picture shows the Seattle Seahawks still clinging to the No. 6 seed in the playoffs after the team’s 24-21 loss at Miami on Sunday.

With that, let’s take a spin around the web to get reaction on the Seahawks’ effort over the weekend.

Here’s my game story. Although Seattle head coach Pete Carroll took the blame for the loss, Seattle players also understand they have to hold themselves accountable for what’s happening on the field with the team’s struggles on the road. “To me, it’s pathetic when you look at it,” Seattle receiver Doug Baldwin said about his team’s struggles on the road. “The field is the same size – there’s nothing different home or away. You just have to eliminate the distractions that are outside the playing field. It’s so frustrating because we had so many opportunities and didn’t close it out.”

John McGrath of The News Tribune writes that Seattle’s frustrating loss at Miami is a minor inconvenience compared to the struggles the team may have if Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner’s four-game suspensions are upheld. McGrath: “Sherman and Browner will be allowed to appeal the suspensions, but if the PED test results are upheld, the Seahawks haven’t merely lost a pair of dominant players at a premium position. The team has lost the essence of its identity. Sherman and Browner embodied the rescued-from-the-scrapheap philosophy of roster building espoused by coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider.”

Here’s my story on the Sherman and Browner suspensions. If the suspensions are upheld, I think Walter Thurmond and Byron Maxwell will be the likely replacements on the outside, and Marcus Trufant will continue to work as the nickel cornerback.

Steve Wyche of the NFL Network reports that Sherman is proclaiming his innocence. “Something I have never done,” Sherman told Wyche via text, referring to the usage of Adderall, a drug typically prescribed to patients suffering from attention deficit disorder. According to Wyche, Sherman added that he has not “taken anything,” that would cause him to be suspended under the NFL rules for performance-enhancing drugs.

Check out this video put together by Reuters News Service on why some NFL players are taking Adderall.

Seattle safety Earl Thomas criticized the officials for a roughing the passer penalty called on him that allowed the Dolphins to score a game-tying touchdown in the fourth quarter. Thomas: “It was a tough loss, but the refs definitely need to get out of the way when it’s a crucial situation like that. They control the game, and that was a great example right there.”

Leon Washington’s 98-yard kickoff return in the fourth quarter was a big play, giving Seattle a 21-14 lead. But Seattle’s defense couldn’t make it stand up. “There’s no consolation prize after a loss like that,” Washington said. “But I’m just glad I was able to score on that play. My wife was in the stands saying I had to get it, so with her pushing me, I knew I had to go out and do it.”

Here’s video of the sprinklers going off at SunLife Stadium in the third quarter. Apparently the sprinklers were still set for a Saturday schedule.

Danny O’Neil of The Seattle Times writes that the Seahawks suffered a meltdown on the team’s longest road trip of the year. O’Neil: “This Seahawks team that has playoff ambition lost for the fifth time in six road games. This Seattle defense that was supposed to be the strength of this team surrendered a fourth-quarter lead for the second consecutive road game.”

Steve Kelley from The Seattle Times says this should have been an easy win for the Seahawks. Kelley: “This is the kind of unforgivable loss that can haunt a team in late December when the playoff math gets complicated and the possibility of injuries and suspensions can sabotage a season.”

Clare Farnsworth of writes that the Seattle is still searching for ways to earn victories on the road. Farnsworth: “As difficult as it will be to put this one behind them, that’s all the Seahawks can do. They can’t let a hangover from this loss affect their preparation for next week’s game against the Bears in Chicago. As disappointing as this loss was, they can’t allow it to become discouraging. There still are too many games to play, and too much to play for.”

Mike Salk of 710 ESPN Seattle says it’s gut check time for the Seahawks. Salk: “The Seahawks defense has struggled in five of its last six games. It gave up 388 passing yards against New England, 175 rushing yards in San Francisco, 12 of 16 third-down conversions in Detroit, 243 rushing yards against Minnesota and now 189 rushing yards in Miami. That is a terrifying trend.”

David Neal of the Miami Herald writes that Dolphins receiver Davone Bess kept getting open against Seattle’s secondary.

Steph Rogers of the Miami Herald says that the Dolphins 1-2 punch of Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas ran wild against Seattle to the tune of 189 rushing yards for Miami.

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated writes that Seattle’s defense let them down in the fourth quarter, giving up 17 points in the final 12 minutes of the game.

Here’s what Clark Judge of CBS Sports had to say about Seattle after a loss to Miami. Judge: “ Seattle’s loss tells me a lot about the Seahawks, and what it tells me is that if the Seahawks qualify for the playoffs they’re going nowhere. First of all, they can’t win on the road. Second, their defense couldn’t hold two fourth-quarter leads … against Miami, no less. In fact, it allowed the Dolphins to score 17 points on all three of their fourth-quarter series. Not good.”

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  1. Personally, I would consider a 9-7 season a success, even without a playoff berth. Clark Judge is right: this team would not win an away playoff game — and they’re not going to win the division. But if Russell Wilson keeps getting better (and doesn’t regress like Cam Newton), they could be 12-4 next year.

  2. aldenroche says:

    The 49ers show us that with just a few more seasons under your belt, players understand what needs to be done to win on the road. All of their great players could not finish games in their youth.

  3. Ewalters7354 says:

    If Tru still is the slot guy, we can kiss our playoff hopes goodbye.Bc Bradley has shown he will not change anything in reference to calls.So as a result he will keep getting burned.All Bradley calls is that 3 deep coverage that leaves the middle of the field wide open.But says the execution need to be better.Are you kidding me?

  4. Looks like Matt Forte and several other Bears players suffered injuries in yesterday’s game and could miss the game against the Seahawks. That would make the game more winnable.

  5. ChrisHolmes says:

    B.S. What the 49ers show us is that a great coach can take a talented but underachieving team and turn them into Superbowl contenders. Our coach takes our talented but underachieving team and loses winnable games.

    I know there’s a lot of animosity for Harbaugh on this board (which I don’t really understand), but when he was still at Standford, I wanted him to be the next Seahawks HC. I love the guy. And if he was our coach, we’d be in the division lead, not the 49ers.

    Right now I just want a new coach. Someone who can instill some discipline, and someone who will either be a great offensive mind, or hire one.

    I want Sean Peyton. Right now.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Canfan- Agree.

    It would be nice though to get a game or two in the playoffs if only it gives this young team some experience to build on for next year.

  7. I highly doubt we will win against the Bears even with their inju, then again, this team seems to lose the games that they should win, and win the ones that they “should” lose.

  8. sluggo42 says:

    OC, and DC

    No imagination, too predictable. If that is on PC, then he needs to light a fire under their butts, or pack their bags. If PC can’t handle that, then HE is the third wheel to the problem, and needs to go too…

    I am pissed at watching the same fricking play every first down, that every defense knows is coming. I am tired of seeing a dt in the backfield within one second of the play because somebody missed another assignment. I am tired of watching the other team march down the field for 25 yards a shot every fourth quarter… That is all on the coaching schemes, and they are weak.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Ewalters7354 – I’m not sure I agree with you. In short, trips doesn’t effect the slot. That is, if you’re blaming Trufant for his lack of coverage that’s one thing. But if you’re blaming the scheme, then it’s irrelevant who’s in coverage.

  10. Ewalters7354 says:

    Chris, I’m with you.Harbaugh is a great coach.His teams seem to have no problem winning on the road.To come down here and beat a hot Saints team in a hostile environment with a rookie QB is damn impressive.Also Vick Fangio is a great D coordinator.

    I can tell you that Sean Payton is either staying with the Saints or he’ll be in Dallas.I personally wouldn’t mind having Gruden or Reid.I know his team has struggled, but he has shown his coaching is way better than what we have now.I’d even consider Chip Kelly.

  11. I’m trying to figure out why this is. 5 of the past 8 Seahawks losses have shown this exact formula –

    1). The team gains a lead either midway through the 4th quarter or late in the quarter
    2). The Defense immediately on the following drive gives up the game winning or tying score, generally a TD pass. And this is generally after playing well during the game.
    3). The Detroit game was the exception on this item – the Seahawks Offense gets the ball with enough time back to tie or win the game but is unable to.

    The games were vs Washington, vs SF, at Arizona, at Detroit, at Miami.

  12. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke, I’m talking about both Tru and the scheme.Tru gets beat consistently and when he’s not, the middle of the field is wide open because Wagner’s job is to read the QB, not the receiver.Hill nor Wright can cover.So calling that 3 deep coverage all game will put this D at a disadvantage being that teams know what’s coming.

  13. montanamike2 says:

    We have a chance against the Bears if Browner and Sherman aren’t suspended. That call on ET was utter BS and had an effect on the game.
    Tru’s got to go after this season. Wilson played good considering his o-line kept collapsing. That punt instead of a fg was a bad decision, really bad. Stevos was someone i agreed with yesterday, this loss was not too surprising. I was disappointing because i was expecting a better o-line, it’s obvious they didn’t put in the extra work needed. If we lose our corners we can be looking for more draft upgrades, it’s time to replace more than one player and we do have success in the draft.
    The 49’rs are a couple years ahead of us in their rebuild and it shows.
    I’m a fan for the long haul and i still haven’t given up on our team gelling. It was a close game and the ones we let slip away sting the most.

  14. confucious says:

    If only 60 year old Pete could show Leroy Hill how not to let the reciever get behind him, we would have won. Honestly folks, Do you think it’s pete’s fault that our linebackers don’t fill gaps or cover te’s and backs? There comes a time when the actual player on the field becomes responsible for his assignments. Do you recall the Mora escapade? How far have we come from the land of washed up overpaid and underachieving players in the last three years? You are smokin’ some pretty fine stuff to have your minimal expectations so high. Rookie Qb, inexperienced and undertalented oline, Rookie mlb, overated dline and secondary. That is not a team built for a run in the playoffs. These guys are still young and green. 8-8 might be a fair expectation.

  15. I’m still good with Carroll coaching this team – – still understand how far we are from the team he took over 2 1/2 yrs back. And this season is far from a failure, we’re 6-5, with a very good chance to finish 9-7, and a chance to go to 10-6. We haven’t lost a single game this year by more than 6 points. Wilson is a find, and will only get better.

    What we do need to fix and to figure out – – is what Pabuwal is talking about – 4th quarter falldowns by our defense. More than any other factor, in my mind, is our still very inconsistent pass rush. Seems like Stafford, Kolb, and now Tannehill, all had way too much time and comfort level during the crucial moments of the game.

    I do still think our defense is talented, there are plenty of games to point to (Dallas, GB, SF) where we limited high-caliber offenses to modest games – but the trending right now is bad.

  16. RDPoulsbo says:

    Possible Sherman and Browner suspensions could blow it all up, but I’m still hopeful of a playoff berth. Whether the win or not in the playoffs is beside the point. This is a young team with a rookie QB that could take a big step forward in the future with playoff experience. Losing to Miami really hurt, but next week’s Bears game is huge. A win or loss there should cement their chances of the postseason or sitting at home in January.

    I think the problem has been they play down to their competition. Their worst games were against NFL doormats like the Cards, Rams, Panthers and Dolphins. Yes, all away games, but they also played like contenders against the Pats, GB, and SF. They’ll need to fix that looking forward to the Cards, Bills and Rams.

  17. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Do you think it’s pete’s fault that our linebackers don’t fill gaps or cover te’s and backs? There comes a time when the actual player on the field becomes responsible for his assignments.”

    Yes, but whose fault is that for putting those players in those positions in the first place?

    A coach’s primary job is to put his players in position to be successful on every play. Our coaching staff doesn’t do that. They put our players in position to fail.

    Leaving Trufant on a WR he clearly can’t cover? That’s a coaching failure. That’s a failure to recognize the problem AND a failure to adjust and fix it. Bess owned the 4th quarter.

    Our OC and DC are not getting it done. Does anyone really think our players are THAT bad? I don’t. There’s talent there. We’re not using it correctly. We’re not doing everything possible on every play to put our guys in position to win.

    I mean, for crying out loud – we have Browner, Sherman, ET and Chancellor on the field, and we can’t cover Bess? Are you f-ing kidding me?

  18. confucious says:

    pdway, good post. In addition, the thought to use the clock as the final game winning drive is a good one. If you can run the ball. Our run blocking was horrid yesterday. So I do agree that Bevell’s choice of run versus the pass on that last drive was wrong. However, I would not send anybody to the guillatine over it.

  19. HawkyHann says:

    I find it hard to believe this team will finish above 500. Pete is the college chear leader type and this teams needs discipline. I can’t stand his decision making. Really, not attempting a 53 yarder.Really. Field possesion instead. Your d is average bro. Go win the game. Score points. We need a proven NFL coach. Just like Holmgren was when he took over.

    Paul Allen please put in calls to both Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher. I do not want Andy Reid. Those guys actually deserve $8M per year. Pete should head back to USC and be told to turn off the damn DJ during practices for the restt of the season. Grow up.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Pehaps a Sherman, Browner suspension could be a good thing for this team in the long run?
    I hate to think that we can’t win a game just because those two guys aren’t playing. If that were the case then we have a long ways to go to be a strong playoff team, imo. Especially since we are healthy everywhere else on this team.

    The bears are probably going to be missing some good players too.
    No excuses! Go get a road win!

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    pdway- Yes good post!

    Young team = growing pains. Please Seahawks grow up fast.

  22. bulldog80 says:

    Good posts Confusious and ChrisHolmes.

    Coaches like Harbaugh, although I hate him, show what the high water mark for coaching can be. If you’re one of the “oh, they just need more time” or “they’re just young” kind of fans, Harbaugh has shown that that’s crap. Effective coaching makes use of the players that you have. You scheme around what you have, not try to make them fit what you want them to be. The 49ers are doing it while we’re still trying to do the latter.

    I like Pete and our team is much better now than two years ago. I’m just afraid that we’re in danger of going back to accepting mediocrity and just making excuses why we’re not winning more.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Ewalters7354 – Thanks for clarifying. But Wagner’s responsibility is not necessarily to read the QB. If they’re in a cover 3 he’s responsible for the underneath zone, if they’re in cover 2 (which they run far more than trips) he’s responsible for the seam and the receiver. Regardless, Trufant’s inability to adequately cover the slot receiver has little to do with the coverage because what you’re referencing is man coverage. The thing here we do agree on is that he’s struggled much of the season to defend slot receivers. There’s no question about that.

  24. confucious says:

    CrisHolmes, No matter what defensive set you are in, you have coverage assignments. The backbreaker plays were blown coverages. Hard for coaches to stop action in the middle of the play and reposition defenders on their assignments. This is past the middle of the season. An experienced player should know where to be. Like I posted before, I think Bevell blew that last series, but overall we got outplayed.

  25. psoundpowerhouse says:

    This defense has been too busy staying up all night reading their press clippings!
    Still looking for some pass rush.
    I can see them beating Chicago tho.

  26. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’ve actually been thinking activating Thurmond from the PUP and not dropping another DB from the active roster was strange, but you’d have to guess PC knew for a few weeks the suspension notices were coming.

    They could get away with 1 of them, but not 2. If they can postpone the suspensions past this week’s game against the Bears, then they shouldn’t have to need them for the last 4 games of the season and still have realistic playoff hopes. This Chicago game should be treated as a playoff game. I’d even say their playoff hopes rest on winning it.

  27. princeaden says:

    Several disappointing trends. Not the least of which is Carroll’s lack of discipline ( as previously pointed out by Duke and others)concerning these drug suspensions. Personally, I don’t feel like it is within Pete’s make up or ability to change or he would have already done so. This may very well be his undoing here in Seattle. As a Seahawk fan I can only continue to watch and be excited about the prospect of watching Thurmond and Maxwell take advantage of the opportunities they have now.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    Why is god’s name would Seattle want to pursue a coach whos last game on the sideline was 6 years ago, and who’s shown no interest in returning?

  29. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Geez, alot of panic this morning. Pete’s not going anywhere.
    Thurmond and Maxwell will be fine.
    Seahawks beat bears 30-19

  30. Pete Carroll took the blame. He should. He can’t make adjustments during the game. The play calling is terrible. The way the Hawks defense is playing it looks like an 8-8 season.

  31. yakimahawk says:

    Comparing Harbaugh and Carroll is nuts. Harbaugh took over THE most talented team top to bottom in the NFL. Pete had to tatally start over, There is like 5-6 players on this current roster that were here when he took over. If we compare it needs to be apples to apples

  32. The time to “panic” was when the Defensive cracks started showing up in the NE game. At this point, its time to accept the only way the Seahawks will win on the road or against SF will be to play for a shootout.

  33. RDPoulsbo says:

    I usually avoid the blogs after a loss because it always brings out the overreactionary doomsday posts. Keep things in perspective. This team has never been serious Superbowl contenders this year. It’s a young team that’s going through growing pains and there’s still more of that to come. In spite of the setbacks and losses this year, there’s no doubt they are still overall on an upswing. Calling to blow the whole thing up after a disappointing loss is just plain absurd. They’re building for longterm success. There are no shortcuts taking that route.

  34. yakimahawk says:

    @ MarcS…Pete Does not call the plays though the problems rest with what he created. We virtually have 2 OC’s (Bevel and Cable) who rarely agree about what to do and Cable over rides him frequently. The problem is we need 1 OC not 2. So yes it rests with Pete but he does not call plays

  35. princeaden says:

    It was just a thought Duke.. Sheesh !! :)

  36. “I like Pete and our team is much better now than two years ago. I’m just afraid that we’re in danger of going back to accepting mediocrity and just making excuses why we’re not winning more.”

    I don’t think anyone’s looking to accept mediocrity. We’re 6-5, if we lose 3 out of our last 5 and finish at 8-8, I think we will all be disappointed. And then if Carroll has another 8-8 season in ’13, I think that may be the last season he gets. And I won’t be screaming that it’s unfair.

    The Niners are the obvious place to look for comparison, they’re our main divisional rivals, they have a similarly styled team to us – but we need to realize and take into account, the lengthy abyss they were in for 8 yrs from ’03 to ’10 (2-14, 4-12, 7-9, 5-11, 7-9, 8-8, 6-10) — it took them a long time to build up the team they have today. We’re earlier in our sequence than they are, but still on the rise, unless things really fall apart in the last 5 games of this year.

  37. RDPoulsbo says:

    For all the criticism of Bevell, we’re talking about a guy who’s mindset is built around a QB more like Flynn than Wilson. You can say he was a T-Jack guy, but the playcalling is still framed with the same skillset. I’m guessing Bevell is on his way out after the season regardless of how the team does this season in favor of either promoting Cable (now that the o-line heavy lifting is mostly done) or they go get an OC more in tune with Wilson’s skillset.

    The whole argument about playcalling is hilarious though. It all comes down to execution. If the players execute well, the calls are great, if not, then the playcalls are too conservative and stink. To me, it’s a false debate. The whole offensive philosophy is to run first. Miami did well gameplanning against the run, which made the team one dimensional. One dimensional teams tend to lose whether it’s run first or pass first teams.

  38. “At this point, its time to accept the only way the Seahawks will win on the road or against SF will be to play for a shootout.”

    How does that hypothesis account for a 13-7 loss to the same Niners at San Francisco?

  39. Has anyone analyzed Red Bryant this year? Is this a case of a player outperforming during a contract year, landing the big contract and not earning the money?

    I don’t know, I am just asking. He does have a huge contract.

  40. pdway – if Alex Smith was a bit better in the red zone, the 49ers would have been in the highs 20s. It was this game which I believe was one of the factors that caused Harbaugh to look harder at Kaepernick.

    And if the hype around Kapernick is right (I thought it was coming out of College), the 49ers will be better offensively this time around. It is also possible the Seahawks will be down both starting CBs.

  41. Ewalters7354 says:

    yakima,I agree.Having two people call plays is crazy! But whoever called those run plays every first down needs a serious butt kicking.Since they ran so much, on that last drive you would think play action plays would have been cconsidered right? Not with our staff.

  42. “The whole argument about playcalling is hilarious though. It all comes down to execution. If the players execute well, the calls are great, if not, then the playcalls are too conservative and stink.”

    I agree w/most of your posts – but re the above – yes, but as coaches, you do have to adjust to what’s happened in the game to that point. The play calls on the last downs of our final possession were hyper-conservative, given that the run game had not worked all day, and our QB was completing passes at an 80% clip. Got to be fluid and reactive sometimes in your playcalling, esp when the game is on the line.

  43. “And if the hype around Kapernick is right (I thought it was coming out of College), the 49ers will be better offensively this time around. It is also possible the Seahawks will be down both starting CBs.”

    Well, we’ll see – last night, Kaepernick looked good, not amazing, but yes, if our two CB’s are out, then everything changes.

    Also, you do have to give us some advantage due to this one being playing in Seattle, where our defense is markedly better.

  44. RDPoulsbo says:

    pabuwal: I think it’s more of a dance. Red played great early in the season. But as more game film is out there to analyze, teams study it and come up with gameplans to counter what the Seahawks are doing on defense. In turn, they need to see what offenses are exploiting and adjust. That’s what DCs are paid to do. Let’s see if they do it.

  45. “Has anyone analyzed Red Bryant this year? Is this a case of a player outperforming during a contract year, landing the big contract and not earning the money?”

    Been meaning to raise this point as well – I haven’t been noticing his play at all in the last several games, not a good sign for a D-lineman.

  46. ChrisHolmes says:

    @confucious I understand what you’re saying, but I only saw one or two really bad “blown” coverages. What I did see, however, was Trufant getting repeatedly beat from the slot position. Now, if you’re a DC with our top four DB’s on the field, aren’t you making SOME kind of adjustment there? It was clear by the 4th quarter that Bess was who Tannehill was going to look for. He was consistently getting open. If I’m the DC, I tell Sherman: “You’re on him. Shut him down.” And that didn’t happen.

    And Pete loves to play man under, so you can’t tell me that they didn’t have the flexibility in the scheme to make the necessary change. They just didn’t adjust. That’s a coaching failure.

  47. yakimahawk says:

    pdway…Agree 110%

  48. ChrisHolmes says:

    While we’re on the subject of coaches…

    Why do people want Gruden? What has he EVER done to make anyone think he’s a great coach? Oh, he won a Superbowl you say? Yeah, WITH TONY DUNGY’S PLAYERS!

    You think he’s a disciplinarian just because he makes angry faces? OMG.. Gruden would ruin this team.

    I love Gruden on TV. I hate him as a coach. Please, no thanks. His offenses are nothing but dink and dunk horizontal ineptness. No thanks. He’d ruin Wilson too.

    And not Andy Reid. Ever.

    It’s all probably a moot point anyway. Pete will be back barring a complete 5-game meltdown. Sean Peyton is the only name I can think of right now that’s even remotely free that I would want as our head coach (and like stated previously, he’s probably already punched a ticket to Dallas if he doesn’t go back to New Orleans).

  49. RDPoulsbo says:

    pdway: On the last Seahawks drive, they were also playing in their 4 minute offense. The last thing they wanted was to give up the ball with a lot of time on the clock. They started that drive with over 5 minutes on the clock and were playing to make it the last drive of the game for the win. It would have worked if there was better execution on any of the last 3 plays of that drive (-1 yard run, -6 yard pass, -2 yard sack). That was all poor execution, not problems with playcalls. They weren’t ultra-conservative on that drive, but even halfway decent execution would have put them in position for a decent FG chance and forced Miami to either tie and go into OT with a FG or TD to win.

  50. Ewalters7354 says:

    “The Niners are the obvious place to look for comparison, they’re our main divisional rivals, they have a similarly styled team to us – but we need to realize and take into account, the lengthy abyss they were in for 8 yrs from ’03 to ’10 (2-14, 4-12, 7-9, 5-11, 7-9, 8-8, 6-10) — it took them a long time to build up the team they have today. We’re earlier in our sequence than they are, but still on the rise, unless things really fall apart in the last 5 games of this year.”

    Maybe they had those record because of head coaches like Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary.Look at the Colts.They are not nearly as talented as the hawks and are still playing well.It’s all comes down to the coach putting the team in position to win.You don’t beat New England, Dallas, or GB without having some serious talent which the hawks have at a few positions.Not to mention RW playing as well as he’s playing.If this team had a great coach, they would be contending year in and year out.I mean even Bill Bellicheck(might be spelled wrong) showed he can win with Matt Cassel at QB.

  51. ChrisHolmes says:

    “The whole argument about playcalling is hilarious though. It all comes down to execution. If the players execute well, the calls are great, if not, then the playcalls are too conservative and stink.”

    The argument about playcalling is valid.

    Listen, this is what separates the wheat from the chaff: learning how to take your talented players and your strengths as a team and exploit the weaknesses of the other team. And that’s done through mismatches created by play calling, specifically formation, personnel groupings, and actual routes/runs.

    Go back and analyze the footage. In the first quarter we ran smack dab into the STRENGTH of the Miami defense, repeatedly, for NOTHING. Who the heck thought up THAT genius gameplan? “Oh, hey, Pete, I figured this week what we’d do against Miami, seeing as how they have a fairly weak secondary and a really strong defensive tackle duo up front, is we’d just run right at ‘em. Right into the middle. How’s that sound?”

    When we finally made some progress running the ball it was on THE EDGE, where those two tackles couldn’t own us. And when we finally started to move the ball and SCORE, we did it through the AIR.

    Seattle’s OC and DC just make DUMB game plans and dumber individual play calls. Late in the game we were lining up on 1st down with 3TE. WTF? Let’s not even TRY to disguise our intention with that play that netted zero f-ing yards.

    Our guys have to execute – yes. But playing right into the hands of the other team’s STRENGTH is just plain STUPID. We ran right into their DT’s for too long before adjusting our gameplan. We left our WORST DB on Bess all game and allowed him to BURN US.

    That’s coaching #FAIL right there.

  52. “Maybe they had those record because of head coaches like Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary.”

    That’s a reasonable point. But I’m not yet in agreement w/the fire-Carroll line. Even though we just lost a frustrating one, at 6-5 through 11 games, this is still a successful season in my book. We’ve won some that all of us, as fans, thought we would lose, and lost some we thought we should win. Every single game has been very close. So let’s see how this season plays out.

  53. “pdway: On the last Seahawks drive, they were also playing in their 4 minute offense. The last thing they wanted was to give up the ball with a lot of time on the clock. They started that drive with over 5 minutes on the clock and were playing to make it the last drive of the game for the win. It would have worked if there was better execution on any of the last 3 plays of that drive (-1 yard run, -6 yard pass, -2 yard sack).”

    I hear you, but at some point, esp after a full game of watching what’s going on – you’ve got to adjust. There was no way our O-line was going to get a push against Miami’s very big D-line. On this day, they were just better than us in that area. Period. Marshawn had 19 runs for 46 yards on the day. Take away one 16-yard gain, and he went 18 for 30 yds. That’s enough for our side to know that a run play, and a short side screen pass (which was not too far from a handoff), were unlikely to work.

  54. ChrisHolmes says:

    “But I’m not yet in agreement w/the fire-Carroll line.”

    Fair enough. I just hope that after we suffer through this SAME thing next year (undisciplined team, penalties, suspensions, poor game planning, poor play calling and a lack of in-game adjustments) that people start to re-think that position.

    Because here’s what I’ve observed about head coaches in the NFL – they rarely “get better” at what they’re doing and the way they do it.

    Most of the time, if they’re going to have success, it’s going to be in the first four years with a new team. After that, they (typically) go downhill. Exceptions to this rule would be guys like Bellichick or Coughlin who have managed to maintain a standard of excellence over a decade or more.

    Most of the time, I think what we really see is Andy Reid or Norv Turner or Chucky – guys who show some success early, and then fade as the message wears thin with their team.

    Pete has a signature now: undisciplined teams that commit penalties and don’t adjust during games. That’s his calling card with this team. I don’t see how Pete changes that between now and January 2014.

    I don’t know how much of the actual gameplan or play calling has Pete’s signature on it. But here’s my take: if Pete is responsible, he needs to cede control to his coordinators and allow them to try and do things differently.

    If he’s already ceding control to his coordinators, he needs to fire their asses after this season. Because they’re not getting it done. Period.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    One of the narratives on this blog I get a kick out of, that during wins, Carroll and the staff make “great” in-game or halftime adjustments. After losses however, they make no adjustments.

  56. Dukeshire says:

    “…if Alex Smith was a bit better in the red zone, the 49ers would have been in the highs 20s.”

    But he wasn’t. Moreover, he’s was margional between the 20s. Seattle’s pass D played very well that day.

  57. And that’s why he’s no longer the SF QB and your “favorite” Kapernick is their man.

  58. ChrisHolmes says:

    “One of the narratives on this blog I get a kick out of, that during wins, Carroll and the staff make “great” in-game or halftime adjustments. After losses however, they make no adjustments.”

    Might that be, Duke, because the adjustments have an effect on them winning and losing?

  59. RDPoulsbo says:

    For all the problems running the ball, it was designed to eat up the clock. Now, we can sit back as Monday morning QBs and say they should have called this or that play instead, but when you look at it, that last drive was successful at both eating the clock and moving the chains with both runs and high percentage passes. They were right on the edge of FG range when the players screwed up their execution. The playcalling did put the team in a good position to win at the end of the game. Even going ultra conservative should net you 1 or 2 positive yards per play (and a decent FG try). Instead, it was a backward march to a punt. That’s ENTIRELY on the players on the field.

  60. Dukeshire says:

    ChrisHolmes – But those comments speak to the reactionary element, here. It’s just not always one or the other. It waould be awesome if it were that simple.

  61. How many successful runs did they have all day? 1? 2? And the Fourth Quarter showed no evidence it was getting better.

    They should have worked on the clock once they got into FG range and not put the cart before the horse. I get wasting downs during the game to keep the defense honest but at that point in the game, every down was crucial.

  62. Not to defend some of the issues the team has, but I think perspective is appropriate.

    First off, the players we have and their success comes from the team Carroll has assembled. So he can’t be a complete bum.

    Holmgren’s last year and the year of Mora were two of the most depressing for Seahawks fans. They’re at the bottom with the Flores years. Each year under Carroll the ‘Hawks have become more competitive. While they haven’t won some of the key games this year, they’ve been in all of them.

    It’s hard to win on the road and they need to figure out how to do that. I also think we should be less conservative in our play calling, but as a fan I’ve been enjoying the games and that they’re able to compete. If Wilson pans out, we may have a solid QB for a few years. We’ll be able to build around him.

    The Cowboys didn’t become a dynasty in three years of retooling. As far as Harbaugh, he came to a team that had all of the talent but needed better coaching. He didn’t have to rebuild from scratch.

    The point isn’t to dismiss some of the team’s shortcomings. Instead, if you put things in perspective we’re moving along and progressing. We’re a young team that’s been able to compete in every game. I think that’s a good thing. I prefer that to the two years prior to Carroll.

  63. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – So he’s in because Smith played a middling game in week 7? Okay…

  64. ChrisHolmes hits the nail on the head.

    How you adjust to problems defines winning and losing. On the road, the Seahawks have not been able to consistently adjust to what the other team is doing. Yesterday was a prime example — the Dolphins had a better game plan and they executed it.

    The mental errors and the lack of fire, especially on defense was disturbing to watch.

  65. Harbaugh clearly didn’t trust him at the end of the game to throw the ball to pick up the first down.

    You think this lack of trust had nothing to do with it, given the high level Smith played all year and the success the 49ers have had?

    Or do you think Kapernick is just that good? Or is Harbaugh just that stupid?

  66. I have not bought into the fact that they make great adjustments

    Look early in the season – we would score with our scripted plays and then struggle for like the next 2 or so quarters.

    anyway – coaching decisions that baffling to me yesterday

    punting from the 34 yard line in the 1st quarter – 51-2 yards is not too far for our kicker.
    not going for it on 4th and 1 when they have gone for it MANY times during the season in the same situations.
    again punting for the 38 I think – which would have been a long FG but not out of the range.

    All of these scream – PLay not to lose – and guess what you did. IMO You must go for the win at ALL times, offense, defense, ST. You don’t have to be trying to get a TD on every play but stay aggressive in what you do. I think this is the biggest part of why we lost.

    Why do you let your QB do the work until you get to the 40 and change what you do? It was working – I don’t get it

    IF that is Cable over riding then dump him – hire the houston, or miami OL coach – those zone blockers don’t seem to be still having problems protecting or getting running lines like we do. If it is personell then why do we keep bringing these same guys back?

  67. Dukeshire says:

    They had 8 carries of 4 yards or more on the day, including two runs on their last possession of 5 yards each.

  68. HawkyHann says:

    Jon Gruden did a great job in Oakland and Tampa Bay. And yes, he did win a superbowl, and had solid success in Oakland, think Charles Woodson infamous sack on Brady in AFC championship. A proven winner. He loves Russell Wilson. From the Holmgren tree. Smart and tough. Lots to like

    My opinion but would love to see him coach the Seahawks. Pete is
    7-9 in two seasons. We’ll see if he can get us into the playoffs or not. 6-5 today. Very favorable schedule. Red hot QB. Will he be a winner or loser this season?

  69. GeorgiaHawk says:

    arthurb made some good points.

    As hard as it is to do, lets just see this play out the rest of the year and hopefully we will see more improvement.

    I think Allen will give Carroll about as much time as Holmgren got so there is no point calling for Carrolls head yet.
    However I’m all for a little smacking the coach around from time to time. Lol.

  70. ChrisHolmes says:

    “All of these scream – PLay not to lose – and guess what you did. IMO You must go for the win at ALL times, offense, defense, ST.”

    To me, this is what is important most of all and what has defined our team to this point. Pete plays it all too conservatively all the time. That’s not going to win you a Superbowl.

    I am by no means a Patriots homer (never even been to Boston), but go look at how they played the Jets on Thursday night. They ATTACK and ATTACK and ATTACK. All the time. And that’s a staple of the way that team plays football.

    And so is Bellichick’s gameplan and adjustments. The Patriots come out with a different gameplan every week designed specifically to attack the weakness in a team. We don’t do that.

    And they adjust really well (usually).

    I just want to see Seattle do more of that. Better game planning. Better adjustments in-game. More attacking. Tighten the ship – fewer penalties, better execution, better game plans to put our talented players in position to win, every down.

  71. wazzulander says:

    RDP – I agree with your premise about what the playcalling was suppose to accomplish that last drive, but it was also apparent (to me anyway) that along the way eating clock became priority #1 and getting a first down priority #2, which is the easiest way to start going backwards. You could almost read RW’s mind on the screen pass “nothings there, should i throw it away… no, we called this play to keep the clock moving, pass it to Lynch and see if he can create something out of nothing…”

  72. ChrisHolmes says:

    “A proven winner. He loves Russell Wilson. From the Holmgren tree. Smart and tough. Lots to like”

    Lots to hate.

    Listen, go back and get whatever film you can on Gruden’s offense. Please. He coached with Holmgren, but he’s not from the West Coast offense tree. He’s from something else altogether. His offense does not resemble anything I want to ever see again.

    I hate – no, that’s not even strong enough a word – I LOATH Gruden’s offense.

    A good friend of mine is a Tampa fan. He had to sit through the Gruden years and he HATES Gruden’s offense. I watched. It’s putrid.

    Remember the bomb to Sidney Rice that won us a game earlier this year against the Patriots? Well, if Gruden is running your offense, you can forget about THAT play ever being in your playbook. Same goes for anything remotely vertical. Forget it. I hate the bubble screen now. If Gruden is your coach, get used to seeing that wasted play call about 6 times a game.

    Seriously. Some of you who like Gruden need to suffer through a year of him as your head coach. He’s all bluster and angry faces and horizontal passing attack. You thought it was bad under Mora – you will be positively aggravated beyond belief if Gruden is ever your head coach.

    I know Gruden loves Wilson. He was right about Wilson. But he’d ruin that kid. And he would not take advantage of his talents at all.


    If I’m reading that right – it sounds like they will be around for the Bears game at least.

    Man, I hate this story – this coupled w/the GB game (like the call that went our way was somehow our fault), really give the Seahawks/Carroll haters (of which there are more than I would’ve thought), plenty of firewood . . .

  74. Let me go on Record that I do not HATE Carroll – I think that he deserves another year – BUT I am not convinced that he can pull it together either.

    I feel he has made many of the same mistakes over and over – I want to see him get better as a coach, I personally have not seen it yet

  75. RDPoulsbo says:

    Given how the Miami offense was so successful at the end of the game, it would have been stupid to not eat up the clock on the final drive. I guess they could have run a 2 minute offense until they got into FG range and settled down into a 4 minute offense, but there wouldn’t have been enough downs left in the drive to eat up 5 plus minutes at that point, especially when Miami still had all of their time outs. Again, that drive was well on it’s way to being successful at running out the clock and putting them in position for the game winning score, except the players screwed up each of the last 3 plays.

    After every loss, it’s a broken record about how the playcalling is horrible and it’s all on the coaching staff. This game, IMO, the blame lies squarely on the players on the field and their lack of execution on both sides of the ball. Lack of execution isn’t just fumbles and interceptions. The o-line was horrid throughout the game. The LBs and safeties blowing zone coverages is another. That’s not on the coaches.

  76. HawkyHann says:

    Pete Carroll vs Jon Gruden. $8M per season for either coach. I’d gladly go with Gruden. Especially if this team has another losing record for the third consecutive season. Time to compete, Pete. Earn everything. Especially that lofty paycheck.

  77. Dukeshire says:

    Before we start killing this defense entirely, consider that of the games Seattle’s lost this season, their opponents have scored an average of 20.8 pts per (and all were one possession games). Perhaps we ought to be looking at the offense a little more closely, as to why they aren’t scoring points. These losses aren’t blowouts. This offense puts the defense in positions to fail far to often. Seattle is 23rd in scoring, and the only team under 20 points per with a winning record. Even the best defenses are going to have a difficult time under those circumstances.

  78. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This offense is just not going to score alot of points if they keep on force feeding the run, imo.
    What would you rather have to go a 1,000 miles, a car or a plane? A plane will get you there faster and more often.

    This is a passing league. It has been for a long time now. Time to open things up from the get go, because all these three and outs are almost as bad as turnovers imo.

  79. Dukeshire–The offense didnt score enough points because 1) The line played atrociously. Again. As usual. and 2) Bad game-planning. Run into the teeth of the Miami Run D–thier strength?! And keep it up when it fails? and 3) Poor playcalling. When they opened up the playbook and threw it downfield, mixing in some clever seldom-seen high-percentage passes, they scored at will. Then immediately they went back to being conservative and running the “safest” pass plays–the ones they use every week–and they went nowhere.

    Those two TD drives led by Wilson showed that this offense has the potential to score all damned day–IF they put the pedal to the metal and attack. But they never do. This coaching staff made this game needlessly close, and ended up losing, because they deliberately chose to play things close to the vest far too often. Even with the sloppy play and penalties, this team was stomping Miami when coaches allowed them to attack. It could EASILY have been a 34-14 victory instead of a bitter loss.

    There is plenty of blame to go around, but the coaching staff, from Carrol to Cable to Bevell to Bradley, was terrible. They are most responsible for the debacle.

    A Coach is supposed to make a team into more than the sum of thier parts. This team, however, is far less than that. Carrol and his staff have failed utterly.

  80. Our D never was elite. Once teams figured out our weaknesses, it was the beginning of the end. This game demonstrates the end is upon us.

    Teams will continue to trick Wagner in pass coverage, they will continue to pick on Wright and Hill in coverage as well, and as for Trufant….get used the slot guy making 7-10 catches a game for over 100 yards because thats whats gonna happen every week if he’s the nickel back.

    And our Run D scares no one anymore. Bryant looks like a shadow of his former self, though I did see him apply some pressure in passing situations for the first time in ages. Mebane has faded into mediocrity, and Branch/Jones havent stopped the run at all.

    And now Sherman and Browner are both gonna be suspended? Toast! I dont see Seattle winning another game if they are suspended. Certainly not more than 8-8 at best.

  81. RDPoulsbo says:

    GeorgiaHawk: For the most part, I agree with you, though almost all of what we’ve seen, especially early on, you have to point to Wilson’s training wheels. Slowly, they’re coming off so by the end of the season, they shouldn’t have that problem. I do believe Bevell is out regardless of how they finish. It won’t be about playcalls or anything like that, but simply about finding an OC to best fit Wilson’s skillset. Wilson is just not a WCO guy. I think they’ll promote Cable outright to OC now that the heavy lifting of the o-line is mostly done, but I think they’re better served getting someone with an E-P offensive background like you’d find from the Pats, Steelers or Giants.

    Run heavy teams can still be successful in this league like Baltimore. It’s just that you can’t be so run heavy that defenses can ignore the pass and stack 8 in the box and get away with it. Maybe next season, Wilson will have more free reign to call audibles and get them into plays to beat the defense in front of him. That was the secret to Hass’s success. Wilson might have a higher ceiling given his stronger arm. But Wilson’s next big step is to see the defense in front of him and change the play. Installing a full set of audibles will take an offseason to get in place. It’s not so easy to do that mid-season and get everyone on offense on the same page.

  82. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good grief STTBM, the sky is not falling. We have been in every game this year, and that can’t be said of any team in Seahawk history.
    The team just needs to grow up some more.

    I do like Stevos thoughts of moving Kam to LB, and I would like to see Thomas more involved because he is such a playmaker.

    One thing I don’t like is Cable having any part of the play calling. No wonder this team can hardly keep up a offensive flow or rhythm for very long.

  83. GeorgiaHawk says:

    From Peter Kings Monday morning QB-

    “Mike Holmgren told Kevin Harlan of FOX this weekend that Sunday was his last day with the Browns, an odd way to end one’s club presidency. Sounds very much like Holmgren will return to his big digs in Seattle and hope he gets an offer to coach again.”


  84. Holmgren would kick the asses of some of these kids who need their asses kicked once in awhile. There were a few years he gave the team the week off for the bye too, but he did with veteran teams and I even remember him saying that he’d never do it with a young team. I want discipline and if I have to take the 3rd and 15 draw to get it – so be it!

    Mr. Happy has proven, along with the Duke Boy, to be great evaluators of talent. But there’s a difference between getting great talent and greatly coaching it up.

  85. The only thing that potentially bothers me about Holmgren coaching is Wilson. This season, IMO, was about our developing an inexperienced QB (Flynn or Wilson). Now that we are investing all this playing time with Wilson, I don’t want to go back to Flynn (who seems to stereotypically fit more of what Holmgren wants to do) who still only has two NFL starts going into ’13. But Wilson isn’t good at a staple of the Holmy O like the 3-step drop/slant, either.

  86. MEDIOCRITY – it’s what we excel at!

    It’s hard to be a Seahawk fan. They’ve done the same thing for years. Slow out of the gate, slow to make adjustments, rarely pulling away from opponents, rarely ever putting their foot on anyone’s neck and closing the deal. Even at home fans have to suffer through games that are closer than they should be due to the usual culprits – dumb penalties, mistakes, turnovers, conservative play calling, and failing to ever get third down stops when it counts. They tantalizingly hang hope out in front of you, then pull the rug out, making you wonder why you even bother to care. It’s painful to watch. Week to week you see the lack of discipline, game planning, execution on third downs etc. and you think at some point the coaches will get a clue and we’ll string several games together, but it never happens because we’re just not good enough to win on the road. WHY? Because . . .
    * First and foremost, we can’t get defensive stops when the game is on the line (at least not on the road). This was Arizona and Detroit all over again. Bradley is paid to make adjustments. He doesn’t. Instead, we get to watch Bess beat Trufant like a rented mule all game long. Who cares where we’re ranked by league statistics – we don’t get it done in crunch time. We can’t even stop a rookie from marching down the length of the field on consecutive drives when the game is in the balance. We don’t knock balls down , don’t get pressure on the QB, don’t get the job done. Period. We’re not very good under pressure.
    * Bonehead penalties at crucial times. The penalty on Thomas that turned an interception into a touchdown and was really the difference in the game, was a horrible call. The rules committee needs to reevaluate what their mission is, or simply put flags on these guys and not call it tackle football. I’m not putting that one on Thomas. That said, how often do we kill our own drives or extend theirs with bad penalties? We lead the league in prestart penalties and are not far behind in personal fouls. Our O-line is full of foul magnets like Giacomini who aren’t good enough to play cleanly, or hurt magnets like Carpenter who can’t stay healthy. They couldn’t create any running lanes for Lynch and RW had to run for his life. Besides blocking like turnstiles and accumulating penalties, what are you good at?
    * COACHING. This one’s my favorite. I won’t even bother to criticize our lackluster offense, because it’s hampered more by inept play calling than anything else. We have 2 weeks to prepare for a bad team that’s lost 3 straight games, and all we can come up with is 4 consecutive three-and-outs. Really?! We don’t even sniff our first 1st down until the second quarter. We squandered great field position repeatedly and on 3 of our first 5 drives would have had shots at field goal attempts had we been competent enough to convert a single first down. That’s not on RW, that’s on Pete, Darrell, and friends. In fact Wilson’s improvising and scrambling ability (along with Washington’s return) was the only thing keeping us in the game. Wilson was very efficient (connecting on 16 straight at one point) and had a sky high QBR, but the play calling never allows us to break away from anyone, and it burns us in the end. The objective instead seems to be to simply keep it close and hope for the best. I’d say it’s a failed experiment, but don’t expect change. That’s who we are. We stubbornly stick to the boring, vanilla play calling of running up the middle on first and second down whether it’s working or not (and by the way, it’s not). If your goal is to punt, that’s great. Stupid is as stupid does. Forrest Gump would do a better job of coaching. Your uncle Tony would do a better job of coaching. We deserve better.
    At the end of the day, we had a playoff wild card spot in our sights and a chance to provide a bit of a cushion in that regard, with a much easier task than we’ll have next week in Chicago. This was a game we had to win. This was our time to prove whether we’re contenders or pretenders. I think we just found out what we already knew. It’s hard to be a Seahawk fan. :-(

  87. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would love to see Carroll hire Holmgren as OC next year and give him 100% control of it, only if Holmgren can check his ego at the door though.

  88. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Or I would love to see Holmgren as head coach and Carroll having 100% control over the defense.

    I just don’t like to see either one in control of the offense and defense.

  89. RDPoulsbo says:

    Has it been lost on people that the offense isn’t fully installed yet? Let’s go back to when we were discussing the QB battle. Flynn had the full offense, since Bevell started in GB and took their offense to Minnesota and eventually to Seattle. That includes audibles, hot routes, etc. Wilson does not have that knowledge of the offense. What gets called from the sidelines is what is run on the field. There is very little in the way of audibles out of 8 in the box or hot routes because of blitzes. All that will come with a full offseason in the offense.

    I’ve said before that I think Bevell is on his way out, but more to find someone who can put a system in place around Wilson’s strengths more than anything else. That’ll shake out after this season ends. In the meantime, we’re seeing the downside of a QB battle that went so late into the preseason. Sure, there are a few packages and plays here and there, but it doesn’t come close to a complete offense with a full set of audibles for each package, hot routes based on defensive alignments, etc.

  90. letsworkitout says:

    Punting instead of kicking a 53 yard field goal in the first quarter? That is simply bad decision making.

  91. DanielleMND says:

    Earlier in the season, some were complaining about a good defense being held back by a rookie QB, but now it’s a good rookie QB being held back by a defense. Two of Wilson’s best games have been for nothing because the defense couldn’t hold a lead late in the game.

  92. Dukeshire says:

    If one of his best games results in only 14 points, this team is in some real trouble.

    And I agree, the decision to pass on the long FG favoring a punt was awful.

  93. Georgia–Yes, the sky has fallen. And its going from bad to worse with our two starting cb’s about to be suspended.

    Yes, we’ve been in every game–and every single loss has come about the same old way; by bad coaching. In each loss, Seattle’s offense was stifled after showing life due to the coaches deliberately being overly cautious. In each loss, the Offense gave them a lead in the fourth quarter only to see the D give up a TD drive immediately. In each loss, terrible coaching decisions played a huge role, as did stupid penalties (pre-snap ones esp.).

    It seems to me that this team has enough talent for mediocre coaches to be able to make the playoffs. Great coaches would have a shot at real competition in the playoffs. Even bad coaching sees us in every game. But only poor coaching could get us to 6-5 with this much talent.

    And those wanting Holmgren werent paying attention. He’s even more conservative than Carrol, Cable or Bevell. He wouldnt want anything to do with a Russel Wilson, with Golden Tate, or with our ZBS (Hey, I hate the ZBS too…). Hell, he probably wouldnt care for Rice either. And he certainly wouldnt want to spend so much money on the defense…

    This offense isnt meant to be a traditional WCO, and thats what Holmy would run. He also wouldnt ever work with another GM’s scouts or FO. He wants it his way, which makes sense. I for one think Schneider has done a fabulous job and want him to stay. Let him help hire the next coach, once we realize that Carrol will never go anywhere in the NFL..

  94. The no-attempt of a 53 yard field goal and the failure to go on fourth and one from the other teams 38 yard line are just the latest in a long line of flat-out clueless decision-making blunders by Carrol. He just cant figure out how to run an NFL game…

  95. Hmmm, the one thing I do *not* find fault with PC is the decision to not try to 54 yd FG. The decision tree is like this: (1) how likely is Hauschka to make this FG? Haschka’s longest FG is 54 yards. He has made only 1/4 FG’s more than 50 yards, so it is not likely he would nail this one. (2) what is the cost of a missed kick? Well, the onus would now be on the defense to get a stop with great field position for the missed kick. Can the D do that? As we all found out, the D cannot. (3) Can the defense get a stop with a long field, and then can my offense get a score? This what PC was betting on. I think this is the best bet of the above scenarios. Basically, he is saying I trust my offense with a long field more than I trust my defense with a short field. *That* sort of decision process is what a good coach is paid to do, in real time, in the NFL. I think PC made the right call and I give him kudos for it.

  96. confucious says:

    I’m with you Pilot. Miami’s offense has not been good (until they played our “elite” defense) you have to pin them deep and play field position that early in the game. Football 101.

  97. Dukeshire says:

    I actually believe just the opposite. If you’re playing a poor offense, field position becomes less important and opportunities to take chances, like a 53 yard attempt, ought to bette prevelant. In addition, for an offense lik Seattle, that struggles to put points on the board, taking a chance early like that actually has some value. At least IMO…

  98. DanielleMND says:

    Considering Hauschka only has a 25% success rate this season on field goals from 50 or more yards, I can’t fault Carroll for punting. It was only the first quarter.

  99. Miami had perfect conditions for kicking. If Hauschka cant be depended on to make that field goal, we need a new kicker.

  100. Also, in the first quarter the D was playing well, and the Offense had failed utterly. THey finally got the ball in field goal range–by hook and by crook–and Pete punted. Der!

  101. confucious says:

    @ Duke. I can see where you are coming from. I guess that’s football, there is really no correct set, play, or decision unless it is successful. If it isn’t successful then god help you if you are responsible. The type of critizism that those involved with the sport shoulder makes their pay scale more reasonable.

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