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Carroll on loss: “I screwed it up.”

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November 25, 2012 4:23 pm

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll pointed the finger directly at himself after his team’s painful, 24-21 loss to the Miami Dolphins here at Sun Life Stadium.

Seattle’s head coach said that he should not have given his team the entire week off during the bye week. And that with one of the youngest teams in the league, he should have held the reins a little tighter over the past, couple weeks.

The Seahawks are now 6-18 all-time in games after the bye week. Carroll is 1-2 during his tenure in Seattle.

“I screwed it up,” Carroll said. “And that’s just the way it is. I can tell these guys played hard and they wanted to play right. But we made too many mistakes, and that’s just not doing the job the right way.

“I gave them a bunch of time off, and maybe we’re too young to do that. … We played hard, but we played really sloppy. It kills me to have to tell you that, but that’s what it is.”

Of course, Carroll’s players were not having any of that.

“I hate excuses,” receiver Doug Baldwin said. “I mean, we had numerous opportunities to go out there and perform well. We could have put more points on the board. We could have stopped them from putting points on the board. I think the bye week had nothing to do with it. We just didn’t take advantage of the opportunities.

“You have a team over there that’s very talented, and they had their backs against the wall. They handled their business and did what they were supposed to do. We didn’t.”

Whether Carroll or the players want to accept the blame, Seattle’s loss continues a disturbing trend for the Seahawks – who now sit at 1-5 on the road this season.

For whatever reason, Seattle has not figured out how to bring the same intensity and close out games on the road.

“There’s nothing more we can do to play better on the road, besides playing better,” linebacker Leroy Hill said. “We have it in our head that our road record is not where we want it to be. Our home record is undefeated, so we know what we can do. But, I don’t know, it’s crazy. We came out flat, and we just didn’t play our ball today.”

The loss puts Seattle at 6-5 overall on the year, but doesn’t hurt them as much because it’s to an AFC team. Tampa Bay and Minnesota also lost, so they sit at 6-5 overall.

But it does make Seattle’s game on the road at Chicago a more crucial game to somehow come out with a win.

Thomas upset with roughing the passer call

Earl Thomas said he’d do it all over again.

Of course, he’s talking about the roughing the passer penalty in the fourth quarter that gave the Dolphins new life, and ultimately turned out to be perhaps the most pivotal play in the game.

On first and goal from Seattle’s 7-yard line, Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill scrambled to his right and threw back against his body toward the middle of the field, attempting to force the ball to tight end Anthony Fasano.

It was an awful decision, and Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner picked off what looked like his second interception of the day.

However, Thomas was flagged for roughing the passer. While attempting to block the Tannehill pass, Thomas appeared to fall on top of the Miami rookie quarterback.

Mike Pereira, former director of NFL officials who now works for Fox Sports, said via Twitter that he thought the call was marginal.

But in a game of close plays, Thomas’ inability to defy the law of physics may have cost his team a win.

“I definitely felt like the ball was still in his hands,” Thomas said, when asked if he left the ground after Tannehill released the ball. “And I even tried to turn by body kind of over, not to even land on him. But when I’m going at my speed, I can’t just stop in mid air like magic. So it’s just definitely frustrating, and that definitely changed the game.

“We had an interception on that play. They definitely can’t slow the game like that for us, and take the game like that from us.”

With the questionable call, Thomas said he believes the officials had a direct affect on the outcome of the game.

“It was a tough loss, but the refs definitely need to get out of the way when it’s a crucial situation like that,” he said. “They control the game, and that was a great example right there.”

“The whole game, it seemed like we weren’t getting a lot of calls our way,” Thomas said later. “The first play when Bobby Wagner got the interception, I blitzed. And I got mauled, with my jersey hanging off, but they don’t see that.”

Russell Wilson – ballin’

He won’t say it, but Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson knew the stats.

Heading into the Miami game, Wilson was the 31st ranked passer in the league with a 65.8 passer rating, all eight of his interceptions and four touchdown passes.

Well, Seattle’s loss wasn’t because of poor quarterback play. Wilson finished 21 of 27 for 224 yards, two touchdown passes and no interceptions. Wilson also ran for 38 yards, and posted a 125.9 passer rating.

At one point, Wilson completed 16 straight passes, one short the team record of 17 set by Warren Moon against Oakland on Nov. 1, 1998.

“I don’t really focus on the stats, but obviously the goal is to get completions and keep the ball moving,” Wilson said. “That’s a good stat. I think that’s important to keep the ball moving and to complete the passes. I’ve got to look at the film and see where I can complete some more. That’s the focus, how can I do a better job to put us in a situation where there is no doubt.”

Some tidbits

* While it should have played a larger role in the outcome of the game, Seahawks return man Leon Washington’s 98 yard kick return for a touchdown tied him for the career record with Cleveland’s Josh Cribbs, who also has eight in his career.

Washington had not returned a kick or punt for a touchdown since Dec. 12, 2010, a 92-yard kick return for a touchdown in a 40-21 loss to San Francisco.

“There’s no consolation prize after a loss like that,” Washington said. “But I’m just glad I was able to score on that play. My wife was in the stands saying I had to get it, so with her pushing me, I knew I had to go out and do it.”

* The Seahawks gave up 189 yards on the ground on 28 carries, for 6.8 per carry. It’s another disturbing trend for a run defense that was considered one of the best in the game at the beginning of the season.

* Leroy Hill suffered a right ankle injury, but returned to the game. The same goes for offensive guard James Carpenter, who suffered what appeared to be a right leg injury during the game.

* Usually a gambler, Carroll curiously chose not to go for it on fourth and a yard from Miami’s 38 yard line in the second quarter, punting it instead.

It would have been about a 55-yarder for Steven Hauschka, who has a career long of 54 yards. And Carroll has twice tried 61-yard field goals.

Carroll also passed on a potential 53 yard field goal in the first quarter after a Bobby Wagner interception, choosing to take a delay of game penalty instead and punt the ball.

“I was really on it, thinking about it,” Carroll said. “But at that time we thought we’d kick the ball deep. We were playing good enough. We thought if we put them backed up again, we might be able to make a play.

“The call that we were thinking, I just wasn’t ready to call it right there.”

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  1. Mr. Happy seems to take the blame for a lot of stuff. Good/great leaders need to take the blame for things every once in awhile, but it seems more like a pattern with him whether he’s getting hormonal or whatever. I’d like a disciplinarian to coach this team.

  2. Why not say I’m not a very good coach. Geez what a bonehead.

  3. “Mr. Happy seems to take the blame for a lot of stuff. Good/great leaders need to take the blame for things every once in awhile, but it seems more like a pattern with him whether he’s getting hormonal or whatever. I’d like a disciplinarian to coach this team.”

    would you be happier if he threw the players under the bus to the media?

    we don’t know what he’s saying in the locker room when the cameras aren’t rolling. I always appreciate coaches who shoulder the blame for the cameras, I’d guess the players do too.

  4. bbnate420 says:

    Should’ve kicked the 53 yarder and went on the 4th and 1. Not good calls IMO.

  5. bbnate420 says:

    Agreed, pdway. A welcome change from Jim Moron.

  6. “Should’ve kicked the 53 yarder and went on the 4th and 1. Not good calls IMO.”

    I thought we should’ve gone for the 4th and 1 too – though we couldn’t run for a yard today w/confidence. Could’ve passed for it though.

    Frustrating, aggravating loss.

    A few hours later though, and I’m not as wound up, it’s one game. Puts more pressure on us to win in Chicago.

    I think the thing to keep in mind this season (and I didn’t come up w/this) we should all not get too high after the wins, or too low after the losses. We’re a very young team w/a rookie QB. This was bound to be a season of ups and downs. Still hoping for 10 wins. If that gets us in the playoffs, all the better.,

  7. bbnate420 says:

    Agreed again, pdway. 10 wins very achievable if they don’t lose their CBs.

  8. trend that bothers me the most right now – the run defense. WTF has happened to us there? I’d thought it was a strength. Ever since the Niners game, it’s been much softer.

  9. Under the bus by name no – but it is perfectly ok to say, We didn’t execute well today and that will need to improve!

    Not throwing anyone under the bus but not taking credit for players not doing what they are supposed to do either.

    Ultimately it is his job – but they better figure this out or someone else is going to be winning with his guys in 2015.

  10. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    The good news in all this mess is that all of the other 6th seed hopefulls lost today too, so we are still in the drivers seat. And with our loss being a non-conferance loss we actually took the lightest blow… Until the Sherman/Browner news that is.

  11. “Ultimately it is his job – but they better figure this out or someone else is going to be winning with his guys in 2015.”

    Yeah, i think that’s right. If we end up going 8-8 this year, and something like the same next year, I won’t be jumping up and down defending him.

    I do think he gets next year to see what he can do w/this group – esp now that he seems to have found a QB.

  12. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i wonder how everyone feels if we win in Chicago next week?

    ACIB, wow just wow how you can in anyway put this loss on Wilson is amazing, not surprising thou. 16 straight completions and you still bitch? the O-line didn’t show up today the blocking was not bad it was horrendous. and please the arguments for Flynn are baseless and founded in pure conjecture because we just don’t know how he would do and saying you do is fantasy because you don’t.

    coaching sucks all the way around. you don’t punt from their 35 you go for it.

  13. not really worth the time/effort to argue w/ACIB in my opinion. We all watched the game. Silly to think this one is on RW. ACIB wants to hold him to some insanely high standard of perfection, I suppose. And it’s his right to have an opinion.

    The O-line was terrible today. Their play, and the D’s collapse in the 4th quarter, that’s what did us in.

    Real pressure on us to beat Chicago in Chicago next week if we want to make the playoffs. Will be a tough one – but not impossible.

  14. I mean, here’s a bright side – – Wilson is looking better and better. Doesn’t much look or play like a rookie at all right now. I thought he hung in the pocket as long as he could today (no bailing out to the right as he did earlier in the year), and made smart decisions every time he tucked it and ran.

    Our receivers are also looking a bit better as a unit. I know we have other holes to fill, but I’d sure love to have a dynamic tight end for once. Zach Miller is ok I guess, but doesn’t run away from anyone, or make anyone miss, ever.

  15. bulldog80 says:

    It’s not the bye week that is hurting this team, it’s PREDICTABILITY!! On offense and defense.

    Bevell= run,run,pass,punt

    Bradely can’t seem to manufacture a pass rush away from home. Why does our defense all but disappear late in games?

    This is what you’re screwing up Pete, not the stinking vacation schedule.

  16. maybe we can trade Carroll for Harbaugh – straight up! ;)

  17. EastCoastFan51 says:

    i’m not feeling playoffs guys. if browner and sherman are out for four games thats lights out for sure…the niners will beat us silly with trufant chasing receivers all day long….gonna be an ugly end to a promising season.

  18. He’s quick to accept the blame – which I can respect.

    He never does anything to correct it – which I detest.

    It’s time for him to scoot.

  19. At some point Carroll is going to have to understand in the Chicago, Buffalo and SF games he will have to call the game realizing 27 points will be needed to win the game. The Defense can’t be trusted to hold any one score or less lead.

    The only game the Seahawks didn’t blow a 4th quarter road lead of 7 points or under since mid season 2011 was the Carolina game where Newton threw the ball at the feet of the wide open Receiver in the end zone. They let John Skelton, Kevin Kolb, Matthew Stafford and Ryan Tannehill lead game winning drives since that period. That is a 1 of 5 success ratio which is TERRIBLE.

    They haven’t been much better at home, with the only success against the Patriots this year. But last year they allowed Rex Grossman and Alex Smith do the deed. That is 1 of 3 for a total of 2 of 8.

    Let’s think about this for a second. Out of the 8 Fourth Quarter 7 point or less leads this team has held since mid season 2011, the Defense failed on 6 attempts. There have only been 8 total losses!!

  20. Ewalters7354 says:

    pdway, you’re right.Those players are looking better.Too bad the head coach isn’t getting better with them…

  21. First off this guy makes nearly 8 million a year. It’s BS that he get hormonal. Or makes stupid football decisions at crutial times over and over again. This team is undisiplined and has remained that way on his watch. And what’s with all the PHD crap Browner and Sherman I suppose that’s his fault as well another Hormonal episode I suppose.

    Mike Holmgren is available and he’s from the Green Bay Coaching tree.

  22. Funny – when I criticized Pete during the off season – pretty sure I was told that he was God or something.

    “just look a the talent he had collected”. … “We are winning the Division this year” “among other things as well.

    I have not been sold on PC since he came and as I have said multiple times – he is still in the “prove it” mode for me. This is his team through and through – MOST of the guys that are still here from before his time have been RESIGNED so they go to Pete’s ledger as well. He HAS to win with these guys and again – start hitting homeruns in the top rounds of the drafts at the same rate they do in the later rounds

  23. If Browner and Sherman are suspended, I put that on PC’s shoulders also. He needs to make sure the players are adhering to the rules, understand what they can and cannot take, and understand how detrimental to success violations can be.

    Pete is a good judge of talent and knows how to assemble a team but he just not seem to be detail oriented enough for a head coach in this league. Penalties, lack of game-day preparation, suspension of players are all evidence of that.

  24. xcman, I’ve taken crap for that all season. I remember calling him an idiot and everyone acted like I took a dump on their couch.

    The dude is undisciplined, you look at the top coaches in the NFL, the Harbaugh brothers, Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin, Lovie Smith (he’s mediocre but his team is disciplined), Mike McCarthy, and even Andy Reid, none of them are on twitter, no stupid “Song of the day” competitions, no practical jokes involving Terrell Owens and the rest of the team.

    It just seems like Carroll is trying to use high school/college coaching tactics with pros, and the team is a mess.

  25. and to even throw this out there, while we’re here:

    RW is really playing a lot better than I had anticipated he ever would. I don’t know how much better he’ll get, but I definitely think he has some potential. Get buddy a pair of stilts, and we’ll have an all-pro.

  26. oh and what’s more:

    Let’s not forget that the team traveled literally as far as a team can travel on the continental US, and played a mediocre team to the wire.

    The East Coast curse is still here.

  27. bbnate420 says:

    You seriously used Andy Reid as an example of disciple and good coaching right now? LOL. The jury’s still out on PC as an NFL coach IMO, but he’s hardly an idiot.

    Maybe Holmgren wants to coach our offense in 2013? Not likely but I can dream. I wouldn’t mind him being head coach again if they fired PC, but I want JS running the personnel.

  28. I would take Jeff Fischer in trade straight up as well?!

  29. bbnate420 says:

    If it was a miscommunication on which supplements could be used and which could not, then I will place some blame on PC/JS. If not, it’s the players’ fault. They’re adults and knew what they were doing if guilty of knowingly using a banned substance to perform better. You can’t babysit them. They are grown men. We don’t even know that they will be suspended for sure yet.

    I guess everyone either didn’t read or forgot about that thread that was posted here about the penalties going way down. All of a sudden, the team, “is a mess.”

  30. hunterperk says: said it was adderall

  31. “Maybe Holmgren wants to coach our offense in 2013? Not likely but I can dream. I wouldn’t mind him being head coach again if they fired PC, but I want JS running the personnel.” Amen.

    I don’t want Mr. Happy throwing players under the bus, but I can’t ever remember a coach having anyone blame him as much as they do either. There’s a difference between being a man and taking the heat for your team (right or wrong) but to do it almost all the time after a loss is something else.

  32. Andy Reid.

  33. I don’t want a Jim Moron incident ever again. But I don’t want someone to coddle rich athletes all the time when they can’t get the job done either. There’s a time and place for a great coach to take one for the team – but not after every loss. It’s a team game. I’ve never seen a coach on the field missing a tackle (although it would be pretty funny).

  34. madpunter88 says:

    PC placing the blame on himself after this game was a unique way of simultaneously accepting responsibility while blaming the entire team. It is actually quite deft because it does not come off as petty and he does not have to finger point…but by saying, in essence, I should not have give them the week off he is saying the players did not hold up their end of the bargain and came back unprepared and unfocused. Passive aggressive, certainly…but also professional in not criticizing the team directly.

    The Browner loss is going to be huge. He must have played a great game today because he was never mentioned during the entire broadcast. Was he thrown on at all by the Dolphins?

    PC’s zen techniques must be rubbing off on me because I am learning not to take losses that hard. I am also learning not to care as much.

  35. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “ACIB, wow just wow how you can in anyway put this loss on Wilson is amazing, not surprising thou. 16 straight completions and you still bitch? the O-line didn’t show up today the blocking was not bad it was horrendous. and please the arguments for Flynn are baseless and founded in pure conjecture”

    Cry me a river. Who gives a damn about 16 straight completions? Miami has one of the VERY WORST passing defenses in the entire league. The offense only scored 14 points. Wilson is awful.

  36. Wilson isn’t “awful”, you moron. Are you a Seahawks fan or not? Or do you just hate stats? C’mon man.

  37. ACIB since you like comparisons, how about you break down the yards allowed each game by the Seahawks Defense vs that particular team’s season average.

    435 yards to the Dolphins offense? The Defense has only been successful holding Two Fourth Quarter leads out of the last 8 times they have been ahead by 7 points or less in the 4th quarter.

    That is beyond terrible.

  38. What amazes me about ACIB’s football “Acumen” is that he thinks that Hasselbeck right now would be better than Wilson.

    Wilson is on pace to put together the GREATEST statistical season in Seahawks QB history – in his first year. Hasselbeck only delivered 2 truly GREAT seasons to Seahawks fans (2005, 2007) in 10 seasons. Seasons that included a Coach that respected the passing game and 2 Hall of Famers.

  39. Seahawks22360 says:

    Wilson is awful?! Haha funny ACIB. You never seize to amaze us on how idiotic you truly are. Your posts are non factual, especially about Wilson, and we couldn’t care less how you feel about this team. Simple, simple man/boy.

  40. letsworkitout says:

    A coach who is “loose” or a “player’s coach” often lack discipline. That typically translates to game time as well. Those teams are also inconsistent. Pete Carroll doesn’t have the discipline necessary to coach at this level. IF you are going to be one of those coaches then you darn well better have AC’s that are disciplined.

  41. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Wilson completed 21 of 27 passes for 224 yards and two touchdowns with a 125.9 passer rating. The two TDs were passes that only his receivers could catch. The Rice one was a laser as Wilson was running to his left. One of the best passes you will see.

    Not like the laser you must stare at all day. Red light….bad

  42. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Quarterback Russell Wilson was outstanding in this game, same as he was at Detroit and same as he has generally been since about Week 5. From ESPN. More facts and stats than acib oner.

    Wilson made one of the more impressive plays a quarterback can make. He faced immediate pressure up the middle on a third-and-12 play in the second quarter. He spun away from pressure, rolled hard to his left and rifled a pass across his body to Sidney Rice for a 26-yard gain along the left sideline. Wilson’s feel for the pocket and scrambling ability kept alive drives. More ESPN football info.

  43. freedom_X says:

    Perhaps Russell Wilson validated Carroll’s theory. Wilson came back early from the break to work and study. And he appeared to be sharp, unlike the rest of the team. Not sure if anyone else came back before the scheduled time like Wilson.

  44. @kjrmitch
    Darrell Bevell called run plays on the last 9 consecutive Seahawks 1st down’s when it was obvious that they needed to throw on 1st downs,

    In all: Seahawks had 23 1st down plays – he called RUNS 16 times that resulted in 30 yards (1.8/carry)

    On Bevell’s 7 pass plays (on 1st down): Wilson was 4 for 5 plus an 8 yard scramble and a sack.

    My summary – defense cost Seahawks the game BUT poor play calling and incredibly close-to-the-vest coaching decisions hurt them as well.

    I don’t always agree with Mitch but this sums up many of my feelings about today

  45. I still can’t get over that sequence of plays Bevell called at the Miami 40 yard line with over a minute left –

    1). Run
    2). Screen Pass
    3). Pass

    The Seahawks OL was getting destroyed in the run game all day long and he elects to throw away 2 plays with plays that had ZERO short of being successful. This is why Carroll has a Commitment to Mediocrity.

    They should have been smarter and played the probabilities – they had three pass attempts to pick up 10 yards which would have won the game.

    I imagine he figured the worst case scenario would be overtime because his “Defense” could stop the Dolphins pinned deep. Over the last 20 games, the Defense has shown no desire to stop anyone late in the 4th quarter on game deciding drives.

    And until he realizes this, I am afraid we will watch more of these same road games against bad teams.

  46. PAbs – well said – needs a like button for that!

  47. I’m going to start repeating myself here at this point (and I haven’t been drinking) but it heavily disturbs me that this team has failed in holding 6 fourth quarter leads in their last 8 attempts (when the game was within 1 score).

    With the exception of Brady, the QBs who they faced were struggling before and after they faced the Seahawks. Does this mean –

    1). We are overrating the talent
    2). The coaching staff can’t deliver on the talent
    3). We are still waiting for the Defense to grow

    I’ve always believed it was number 3, but it’s been 20 games with the same results. And we aren’t talking about them facing good offenses most of these games. At what point do I start to believe it is point 1 or 2?

  48. unfortunately sooner rather than later Pabs

  49. “I still can’t get over that sequence of plays Bevell called at the Miami 40 yard line with over a minute left –

    1). Run
    2). Screen Pass
    3). Pass

    The Seahawks OL was getting destroyed in the run game all day long and he elects to throw away 2 plays with plays that had ZERO short of being successful. This is why Carroll has a Commitment to Mediocrity.

    They should have been smarter and played the probabilities – they had three pass attempts to pick up 10 yards which would have won the game.”

    I think that’s all dead-on (excpt the commitment to mediocrity). That was a crucially bad set of calls. Got to be smarter there.

    I’m still not off the Carroll train. I still think the team is going in the right direction. It’s a crap loss, a really frustrating one. But the good still readily outweighs the bad to me.

    And on the Browner/Sherman issue – I don’t hold a pro coach as responsible for this kind of thing as you do in college. These are grown men, they have to take responsibility for themselves. A coach can’t be in charge of their off-the-field lives.

  50. I actually think the team overall has stagnated and is still stuck where they were at the end of last year.

    They finished last year 5-3, are currently 6-5 and losing games in identical ways.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    Doesn’t #3 have to include 1 and 2, among other factors? From where I sit: yes. Additionally, holding leads does not exist in a vacuum. That is, it’s not going to always simply be about the defense coughing up leads in a specific game. Today for example, the offense did them no favors late with horrific execution and worse playcalling.

    In short, can we now stop with the “elite” or “near elite” moniker that was being used to describe this team, earlier today?

  52. Dukeshire says:

    And by the way, can we just ignore ACIB, at this point. 2 wins and a bye week and nary a word from him. One loss and he shows back up with his usual schtick. What else does one need to know about his motivation?

  53. We can certainly remove it from a Defense that folds against every mediocre offense they face on the road.

  54. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, not likely. I wouldn’t hold your breath. If they beat the Bears next week, they’ll be back to being the best thing since sliced bread. Just the way this blog operates.

  55. ACIB is like a train wreck – we just can’t turn our heads away when he shows up.

  56. bbnate420 says:

    pab, too true. I try, but I can’t resist.

  57. MoSeahawk12 says:

    once again the play calling was too conservative. Everyone talks about how the team can’t win on the road or how Wilson has all his picks on the road and doesn’t play well. Well, he played as well as he could with the run for 1 yard, run for 1 yard, pass and punt playbook today. The coaching staff reigns everything in on the road and it’s backfired all but once. Wilson has proved he can air it out and keep up with the other teams scoring.
    The team just looked slow and soft. I think some of the players read that they would blow out Miami right here on this blog. These guys are going to fool around and land in 3rd place. Playoffs should be a four letter word and not discussed about this team.

  58. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – You’re not possible suggesting it applies to this offense, are you?

  59. HawkyHann says:

    Dukeshire, I agree. This team is far from near elite. They are begging to be above five hundred at end of season.

  60. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The Browns and Jags won today so I’m sure acib oner is happy. Wins keep him away. That and day care.

  61. freedom_X says:

    Let’s see what comes out as a result of the suspension/investigation/hearings. If Carroll warned the team clearly about the risks and left them with an unambiguous message that Adderall was not to be used, then there’s little more Carroll can do. Perhaps it’s a character issue their player personnel system isn’t catching.

    But if Carroll ignored the risk and didn’t waste any time mentioning or emphasizing the point, then he is to blame. With this many guys getting busted on the team, it doesn’t sound like just an individual falling asleep during Carroll’s drug speech or willfully ignoring it. This many guys, tends to suggest it wasn’t a point of emphasis at all with the coaching staff.

    Funny how everyone continues to use Bevell as a scapegoat. Bevell is doing exactly what Carroll wants him to do. If Carroll wanted the team to throw on 1st down, he’d tell Bevell to do it and fire him if he didn’t. This idea that Bevell (and Bradley for that matter) are these independent agents doing everything on their own, with Carroll open-mouthed on the sidelines in exasperation with the playcalling, is ludicrous. It starts and ends with Carroll.

  62. Duke – no, my assumption was some of the Defensive improvement we saw over the past few games wasn’t a mirage created by home field advantage against 2 struggling offenses. The assumption was also that the Seahawks Defense was about to enter the same class as the 49ers Defense. The 49ers Defense is in its own elite class (not like the 2000 Ravens but pretty good). They destroyed a surging Saints team in a very difficult place to play.

    Combine that with an above average offense that is still improving week by week and we get to that near-elite status (elite defense + above average offense = near-elite).

    But clearly this Defense is much different at home against bottom-end QBs and this offense continues to be hamstrung by an unwillingness to open the game up early and on early downs.

  63. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “And by the way, can we just ignore ACIB, at this point. 2 wins and a bye week and nary a word from him. One loss and he shows back up with his usual schtick. What else does one need to know about his motivation?”

    I make no apologies for having a life outside this blog. Unlike a lot of you who sit here, tears oozing from your clogged pores as you desperately refresh Seahawks Insider hoping that ol’ ACIB makes another searingly factual comment about Seattle’s dwarf quarterback, so you can excitedly spew more vitriol in your community circle-jerk of blind optimism, in order to choke back the bitter regret when I come back and quote every single one of you who had the audacity to say that I’m the one who doesn’t know what he’s talking about when Wilson is inevitably relegated to the bench or no longer a Seahawk in a season or two.

    I thought you were better than that, Dukeshire. “Hay guyz durr lookit ACIB enjoying the bye week and making Thanksgiving holiday preparations instead of posting here hourly like the others here means u shud ignore him lolol”

  64. Dukeshire says:

    This is not an “above average” offense. The running game is. But as a whole, this offense is not. Among many reasons why, they simply do not score enough points to be considered above the league average.

  65. When Carroll decides to stop the “run-run-pass” offense it will be. When he gets to the point he understands the only games the Defense will win are the ones at home against low-end QBs, it will be.

  66. PugetHawk says:

    The D gave up 17 points in the final 8 minutes because they got conservative. They should have rattled their rookie quarterback with more of a pass rush than just the front four. And if they are locked into the front four then do some stunts or zone blitzing. I think any of the four d lineman in a pass rush situation could easily drop into a zone coverage and hold it for a moment. Anything other than vanilla.
    The conservative sh*t offensively and defensively needs to stop for Pete’s sake! I would rather them risk one big play than assure the defense will let them get there on four shorter ones.

  67. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ACIB , just stop it is bad enough the way you are don’t add lying to it.

    hawks were winning you don’t post because you would get heckled off the blog.

    we get your game, hawks win you either barely post or disappear they lose you

    are full fledged hate mode. we get it it’s who you are sad as it is.

    sad fact guys hawks are losing more from coaching then any one player now.

    until these coaches learn to mix it up more this is what we get 8-8,9-7.

    i am still pissed about punting from the 35 if you honestly won’t take that

    shot you need a new kicker.

  68. Ewalters7354 says:

    Everyone is calling Wilson great.Give me a break! Though he did play well, he didn’t save the world bc we still LOSS!

    I kept saying to myself,”He has 16 straight completions, but watch when the game is on the line, we won’t be able to do anything”, that’s not saying Wilson played bad bc he was really the only bright spot in offense, along with the receivers.But once the game was in the line, Carroll and Bevell folded.Always wants to play it safe and leave it up to the D, who has Gus Bradley calling the plays btw, and it always ends the same.This team can easily be 0-6 on the road had Cam Newton not sold out.

    Very painful to watch the team I love struggle all bc we have a head coach that wants to be so different from everyone else.Then have guys like Harbaugh and Schiano, who have come from the same level of football, show you up by simply not being all passive-aggressive, but actually have their teams playing to win.

  69. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ewalters7354- There you go again with your strawman arguments concerning Wilson.
    I read all the posts and didn’t see everyone or even very few calling Wilson great. He certainly had a good game though,imo.
    Do you even watch the games? Wilson has already proven he has what it takes to play well when the game is on the line, especially when the coaches let him loose.
    What do you expect him to do, play defense too? Just like the Detroit game, how do you expect him to pull the game out when the other team scores last with no time for Wilson to respond? So of course in that kind of situation he won’t be able to do anything.

    I do agree with you that Carroll and Bevell folded, however I think they folded from the very beginning of the game with their play calling.
    We could have jumped on them early if Carroll and Bevell let’s Wilson open it up sooner, but instead us fans have to painfully watch them force feeding lynch over and over again to the tune of 3-4 three and outs.
    Name one team in the last 10 years that have won a SuperBowl doing things that way?

  70. CDHawkFan says:

    GA-Hawk, I agree with your statement from 2:31 yesterday. There were a back-to-back posts a few weeks ago that I think made it obvious it is the same person. He has tried to throw the group with the negative remarks, but I think you are right on, so much so I would donate some money to a Seahawks player charity if proven wrong.

    Ewatlers, ‘give me a break’, I don’t know what you are watching. I keep waiting for RW to have a ‘rookie’ game and he hasn’t. He has us in position to win most games, not bad for a 3rd round pick, in his first year and probably 12 more to go. From where I sit, there is no reason he won’t be the starting QB for years to come.

    Flynn had a chance to become the QB of the future and he failed to a rookie who is only getting better. I only hope we can trade Flynn for a sack of beets or leeks.

  71. GeorgiaHawk says:

    My hope is that the Seahawks win the SuperBowl every year. That’s always been my hope as a fan, however I didn’t expect it this year.

    At the beginning of the year I was in the group that thought the Seahawks record could be anywhere from 6-10 to 10-6. I also thought they would be a better team then last year even if they go 6-10 this year.
    Who knows how this team will finish this year, (being so young), but I’m not giving up on them, or the coaches yet.
    We still have a good chance to make the playoffs, and if we get in who knows what will happen, especially if we can get this road Monkey off our back, and if Carroll could open up the passing and tighten up the
    ship, ( team dicipline ) before it sinks this year.

  72. ChrisHolmes says:

    We need to keep Flynn CDHawkFan. A small QB like Russell, who runs around a lot, needs a good backup (exhibit A: Michael Vick in Philly).

    I love Wilson. The kid has everything you want in an NFL QB except height. I watched Wilson throw some pretty darn nice balls yesterday. One that sticks out: A dump-off to the RB over the middle with a complete wall of humanity clogging the middle of the field. How Wilson even saw the RB is beyond me – I imagine he was trusting his knowledge of the play and trusting his outlet to be where he was supposed to be. Wilson used that high release point of his to arc a perfect pass right over that mess of linemen and into the RB’s hands in stride. There are much taller QB’s in the league who can’t make that play, or get the ball batted down (go look at the leaders in batted passes this season – they’re all tall guys, and none of them are named “Wilson”).

    This loss isn’t about Wilson. It’s about a lot of other problems. Pete’s inability to instill any sort of discipline in this team. They play slopping, careless, commit penalties… ugh.

    Bevell’s horrid and conservative play calling (which we can blame PC for to a large deree). I mean, you can SEE WHAT IS COMING! Every Madden jockey in this chat room knows what is coming by formation and alignment and personnel grouping. It’s ridiculous! I mean, if I know what’s coming, you can damn sure bet the guys playing defense who have watched film all week know what’s coming. The first rule of play calling is disguise your intent! My God, how is Bevell still an OC at this level? I don’t understand it… There’s some aspects to what Bevell is doing that I like. I really like his use of the empty backfield sets (pages right out of the Belichick playbook). Wilson seems like he’s really comfortable in that set and that’s a good thing. But we wait until we’re trailing to use it! And why does Bevell run his offense through such predictable formations and personnel groupings? I don’t understand that. On top of that, there’s way too much use of the stupid bubble screen and read-option. That college crap doesn’t net yards in the NFL. Put it AWAY. Close the book on those plays.

    And then there’s Bradley’s inability to adjust his defense when it was CLEAR that Bess was the only WR’s that Tannehill wanted to throw to. I mean, my God, just one incompletion in the 4th quarter could have won the game, and yet Bradley continued to put Trufant on the only WR that mattered for Miami. That was STUPID. BRAIN-DEAD. There was no excuse for that.

    And all of this can be traced right back to Pete. He’s the guy who continues to put this team on a conservative track. He’s the guy who allows the undisciplined approach to permeate the entire franchise. He’s the guy who allows Bevell to call such garbage. He’s the guy who allows Bradley to call crap defense on 3rd down and long (which no “ELITE” defense would ever be so bad at).

    Duke thinks PC gets one more year. I’m sure he probably does, because of his relationship with the Front Office, JS and the owner. But I’m telling you now – next year is going to look JUST LIKE THIS YEAR. This team will be undisciplined, penalty-prone, conservative, and we will continue to lose close games and lose on the road. Another year of this is just delaying the inevitable.

    The problem, as I see it, is this: I can’t see any head coaches out there that I want right now.

    Unless Sean Peyton really becomes available…

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:


  74. Ewalters7354 says:

    You guys have missed my point.Smh…All I said was at the end of the day the hawks still lost.I was not singling Wilson out.You turds just take everything I say and try and twist it.If you read my post, I put this on the coaching staff.I also said Wilson and the receivers were the only bright spots yesterday.So what the hell are you guys reading?

  75. Ewalters7354 says:

    Chris,agree 100%.It’s not on Wilson, it’s on this simple minded coaching staff who can’t adjust to save their life.

  76. Ewalters7354 says:

    I kept saying to myself,”He has 16 straight completions, but watch when the game is on the line, we won’t be able to do anything”

    I was actually talking about how the coaching staff will soon fold.Like they’ve done time after time.It’s not anything about Wilson bc he showed he can get the job done.But how many times have we seen this coaching staff fold when the game is on the line? Do we even have a game winning drive this season? Nope, it’s just like last year when we blamed T-jack(though he did fumble against the niners, and threw a pick against the skins), for not being able to lead comebacks.When really it has to be directed to the coaches.We have better Qb play and are still experiencing the same stuff.

  77. confucious says:

    With all due respect, the running game is not elite. This game was lost on the line. On both sides of the ball. No pressure,no run stop on D. Terrible run blocking on O. The plan was to go in there and run, they stopped us cold. Thus the offensive struggles at the beginning. It is difficult to be consistent on 3rd downs when it is 3rd and 12. Penalties definately affected the offense as well. When Bevell went to the pass (yes ACIB, PASS!) the offense did well. Our D didn’t stop the run and blew coverages. Completely got run over in the secondary. Credit the dolphins. They played an outstanding game,excluding the first quarter. Yes YOU HAVE TO CREDIT THE DOLPHINS. They ran over our line at will and when we went run stop,their recievers got open. The parity in this league is amazing. The difference between 1st place and 32nd place is minimal. Credit the dolphins.

  78. confucious says:

    This was not a blowout. 21-24 is a tight game. We played terrible and still ended up that close. I’m with you, it stings to lose bad like that.But on the flipside, we traveled across country and played a horrible game and still had the chance to win in the end.

  79. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ewalters- I agree with everything you said except the first, ( and your most important sentence ) of your post.

    “Everyone is calling Wilson great. Give me a break!”

    How can you call that twisting? Seems to me like you are just trying to bait others with these kind of strawman statements.

    Don’t make false statements and you won’t be called out. If you do get called out, take it like a Seahawks fan.

    If I said ” Everyone is calling Rice great. Give me a break!” I would hope someone here would let me know that my statement was false, crazy, irrational, A strawmans argument, ect…
    And I ceartainly would want someone to call me out if I had a history of doing this.
    Just saying.

  80. Ewalters7354 says:

    Georgia, I get it.As much respect I have for you bro you have shown the ability to cause conflict.You just took once sentence and tried to use that as me saying bad or offensive so that other bloggers can jump all over me(like Cdhawk did).I see you bro!

  81. sluggo42 says:


    Actually your post is spot on.

    I put this loss directly on play calling, on both sides of the ball. Bevell is way too predictable. Gus Bradley is the same. If PC can’t see that, then he is the leader of the three headed fool on the hill.

    I think the big red experiment should be over, and he should be blasting up the middle of the line. How about a blitz on first or second down? Nobody expects a blitz on thirid down do they?

    I think Pete is a great talent evaluator, and a fantastic motivator. But I don’t think he gets the subtle parts of specific play calling, so he leaves that to his oc and dc, and they are letting him down hard. When the oftener team knows what’s coming, it’s easy to beat, no matter how good the players are. There is no mystery to what we are going to do.

    Pete needs to replace his oc and his dc, or next year will be his last. Or, he needs to instruct them to get less predictable…
    I think the players are pretty good overall, just handcuffed to a shitty plan.

  82. Ewalters7354 says:

    Sluggo, exactly.Good stuff bro.

  83. CDHawkFan says:

    Ewalters; Can’t you see were someone might think the ‘give me a break’ was a reference to RW?

    I guess I would question why you would put a out of the blue sentence in there like ‘everyone is calling Wilson great’ if you really wanted to talk about the coaching…confusing.

  84. Ewalters7354 says:

    Cd, dude maybe I said that because I kept seeing people talk about how well Wilson played and all that but the team still lost.Have you ever heard of being angry? It wasn’t to down Wilson at all.I love the guy.I was just pissed after the game.He wasn’t the reason we lost.

  85. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ewalters- It’s your conflicting statements that cause conflict. However it is probably wise to not respond to a post from late at night or early morning after a tough Seahawk loss. I have said a few silly things myself after happy hour. Lol. All things considered I still view you as a die hard Seahawks fan. Someone that will get on here even after a win.

  86. After watching the D on television yesterday, and re-watching the 4th quarter this morning, I think it may be time to revisit an old idea. Kam Chancellor is a great in-the-box run stuffer, but he’ll never be a great cover safety. His coverage instincts and change of direction will never be quick enough.

    I’d like to see Carroll draft another SS, and move Kam to LB — maybe SLB, wtih KJ at MLB and Bobby using his speed at WLB — I don’t know, I’d trust Bradley and Norton to figure that out. I like to see Kam playing close to the LOS but he’s become a liability against a quick passing game.

    I’m not pinning blame for the loss on him, others had breakdowns too, especially KJ. But enjoying Kam’s hits on running backs and TEs, versus watching him get lost in a zone is a big contract. Time to consider a change.

  87. * I meant ‘big contrast’

  88. Hawkzilla says:

    Guys like ACIB just love the attention they get from being a hater. That’s why they never post anything positive.

  89. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Stevos- Totally agree with that.

  90. jchawks08 says:

    Stevos, I think I love that idea. Kam-Bam at LB. He’s not going to get any smaller or faster as he ages. Last I knew about DB’s is you have to be pretty quick and shifty with your feet. So yea, I’m loving that idea. He goes about 230 already right? He doesn’t even really need to bulk up. Plug and play, baby!
    And you guys STILL giving ACIB the attention he so desperately craves.. Shame on you! lol.. I know it’s friggin’ hard to ignore.

  91. Sluggo–“Bevell is way too predictable. Gus Bradley is the same. If PC can’t see that, then he is the leader of the three headed fool on the hill.”

    Agreed! Something has to change, both in Seattle’s game-planning and in play-calling. They need to be aggressive far more often, instead of shutting down the offense after every scoring drive, and shutting it down after putting up 2 TD’s a game. And the D…wow, what a mess…

    I’d like to see Scruggs at DE on first and second down, with Big Red in place of Branch at DT. Just a thought….

  92. DanielleMND says:

    Mebane looks slow and weak. Branch looks like the bust he was in Arizona. It’s hard to figure out, because both played at a high level early in the season. Now they look like they would get physically dominated by a couple of little old ladies.

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