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Red Bryant returns to practice; he’s probable for Sunday

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Nov. 23, 2012 at 3:28 pm with 59 Comments »
November 23, 2012 3:29 pm

In their final practice before heading off to Miami for Sunday’s game against the Dolphins, the Seahawks were at full health, with all players who had missed practice this week now listed as “probable.”

Defensive end Red Bryant (foot) sat out practice Thursday, but was a full participant Friday. RB Marshawn Lynch (back), DE Greg Scruggs (oblique), CB Byron Maxwell (hamstring), DT Clinton McDonald (groin), LB K.J. Wright (concussion), OG James Carpenter (concussion) all were full participants.

Whether Carpenter or John Moffitt will start at left guard will be a game-time decision, Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said. The degree of CB Walter Thurmond’s contributions is yet to be determined, he added.

CB Brandon Browner got tangled up in coverage in practice but Carroll said he was not injured.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I’m hoping that Carp returns to LG and Moffitt starts at RG.

  2. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    that would make sense. would like to see thurmond get ome playing time as well.

  3. I’m on your side Duke. No offense to McQ. I think he is a good journeyman and very versatile. But ultimately Moffitt and Carpenter are better. The only thing that bothers me is that I feel like we have two really good left guards, but neither of them is ideally suited for the RG position.

  4. Kinda nice to have all options on the table for once. Pick your favorites for the Inactive list I guess.

  5. princeaden says:

    McQuiston spends too much time in the back field. As a matter of fact he was responsible for Lynch’s fumble. If you watch, he was plowed into Lynch’s forearm and was the primary tackler on that play.

  6. montanamike2 says:

    It might be half a day late but i agree with Duke, Carp at lg and Moffitt at rg. I’m pretty sure we now have our starting lineup, they may need a game or two but that’s who i’d move forward with. The rest of the o-line is backup. I hope Carp has been getting in shape with his off time. If Lynch can be this dominate now, wait till his o-line comes together under Cable. I also feel good that all the talking heads didn’t pick us this week, ( some did though) which means we are getting more respect. Everyone says we are an at home winning team only, most of our road games came when Wilson was a fresh rookie and he still kept us in the games until the very end, he should be better though and he’s becoming more elusive for opposing defenses.

  7. confucious says:

    I agree that that is our best lineup. If they can stay healthy it is our best chance for a very good line. They need time together. I liked Bevell’s in game adjustments last game when the jets rush was killing Wilson. Changing from slants and go’s to wr screens and te outs was key to victory in that game. Not only does it help wilson, but when you use the whole field sideline to sideline it creates lateral movement of the front seven (defense)which helps the zbs dramatically. I haven’t seen Bevell adjust that well in the past.

  8. montanamike2 says:

    Good point confucious, i think short slants to TE’s and wideout screens would be good for Flynn if he steps in too.

  9. confucious says:

    Another thought. These bye weeks are great for the recovery and health of the team. But they are Hell for a fan. I had shoulder surgery Wednesday after the Jets game and was looking forward to killing time on the blog. But this place turned into a ghost town. Very little to discuss. Can’t wait for Sunday!

  10. confucious says:

    Where in Montana are you at? Missoula?

  11. Ewalters7354 says:

    ” Everyone says we are an at home winning team only, most of our road games came when Wilson was a fresh rookie and he still kept us in the games until the very end, he should be better though and he’s becoming more elusive for opposing defenses.”

    You can’t be serious can you? Wilson kept us in games to the very end? Or was it the defense?

    Some of you guys are really full of it!

  12. Ewalters7354 says:

    Yesterday’s thread proved everything.You guys can bash Flynn saying he can’t throw deep.But as soon as someone says Wilson needs to do this or that,now we are hating.

    Just to let you know, Flynn has good enough arm strength to keep defenses honest.They may float at times but he can still deliver it to a guy 35-40yrds downfield.You don’t need to be able to throw a 100 yards deep to be a great QB.See Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and a host of other QBs.

  13. confucious says:

    Where do you think Flynn is headed Ewalters? (What team?) Or do you think he’ll stay here with a splintered ass?

  14. Ewalters7354 says:

    confucious, that’s a question no one can answer at this moment.But that’s totally besides my point.

    I’m not calling for him to start and be the man.I’m satisfied with Wilson moving forward.But as I said.Yesterday proved everything.The Wilson click was in full effect yesterday going all in on Flynn.

  15. Game time Sunday should not be impacted by the weather…. Game time forecast has it clear, at about 70 degrees, about 50% humidity. So, that part should not be a factor… a plus for us on the road…

  16. confucious says:

    Ewalters,From an unbiased perspective, I didn’t get that feeling at all.

  17. HeinieHunter says:

    Three QB’s went down with concussions in one week. Wilson runs a lot. I LOVE having a back up like Flynn, especially this time of year. You cannot have too many good players.

  18. Ewalters7354 says:

    confucious, let me clarify what meant…

    I’m all about this team and want what’s ever best for this team.But had anybody said how Wilson struggles to throw slants and over the middle of the field it would have been this big defence coming to his aid about how he isn’t the problem and how we can never find anything good to say about this team.

    Not starting an angry thread.I’m just pointing out the facts.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t mean to be a dick here Ewalters, but I’m more confused after reading your last post, as to what you mean. lol

  20. confucious says:

    Ewalters, I am simply stating that there was nothing said or implied that was inflammatory towards Flynn. As H.Hunter stated, I think it’s quite nice having a backup with as much upside as Flynn. (notice that I didn’t say “as good as Flynn” as I believe there is too small of a sample size to rate him “good”.)

  21. sluggo42 says:

    Ewalt, I haven’t posted much lately due to the few idiots in here. It’s been pretty clean lately.

    Like Confucius said, I also didn’t get the feeling Montana was referring to to Flynn in the least. He merely stated that RW didn’t fully melt down in the early games, and as such, still had an opportunity to win them in the end, which is true. And yes, the defense was also a mega factor in those games, you are point on with that. I guess I’m so burnt out on Flynn / RW talk it just is so over…

    But this game…


  22. Ewalters7354 says:

    Going back to the upcoming game.The Phins have two decent WRs and two good backs.So the hawks have to make to make sure they stick to their assignments and not let a rookie look like Tom Brady.Reggie Bush can eat you’re breakfast if you allow him to get loose.So the D has to be ready for those outside and cut back runs.

    This game will really show if this team is ready to take that next step.

  23. Ewalters7354 says:

    Sluggo, great points.But I’m going back to what I read yesterday.That’s the same treatment we get from a you guys(not you per say) so I’m just dishing it back out.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Ewalters7354 – Wasn’t it only pabuwal who made a backhanded slight to Flynn? Perhaps I missed something, but honestly, pab is such a Wilson honk and is prone to such condescending comments, who takes it seriously? (Even though I comment back to him.)

  25. When it comes to weaknesses, both Flynn and Wilson have them. Wilson’s height throws out the traditional West Coast Offense. it also means he may have to bail from the pocket early when other QBs could “climb the pocket.”

    Flynn really only has 2 passes in his arsenal – the deep lob and the short stuff 0-10 yards out. He also takes an inordinate amount of sacks because he is unwilling/unable to make the tight window throws. He isn’t a QB that is going to lift a poor performing team. There is a reason only 2 teams went aggressively at him during the off season and why he looked fairly average in the preseason. Matt Cassell was the comparison I cited during the offseason.

  26. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke, it’s just my comments stemming from yesterday since i wasn’t able to post.

    I was just being sarcastic for the most part about Flynn.Once I seen Montana say something about his arm strength, I immediately just went crazy and copied the reaction these guys show with Russ.It’s really all in fun though.

    confucious, I got ya bro.I was just being a dick lol

    Sorry guys.

  27. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke, you’re right.Sorry Montana! Pabs those words were intended for you! Lol…

  28. EWalters, Feel better after some coffee?

  29. Ewalters7354 says:

    mocarob, not much of a coffee person bro.Maybe a good breakfast and some hawks football will do the trick.This bye week has been stressful lol

  30. Damn… I agreed with pabs yesterday and thought he wrote Wilson instead of Flynn (only having two passes). Uhhh… even when I agree with pabs, I’m really wrong or really disagree with him. In all seriousness though, pabs, I have agreed with you quite a bit lately. All I know is that this is one of the very few teams in the NFL that will be fine if their starting QB goes down. lol

  31. I’m amused when I continue to hear knocks on Russell Wilson’s height and how that will supposedly always limit him. I think he’s more than proving that was a wrong assumption. Just like scouts who once insisted that Drew Brees would always be limited by his height, or Tom Brady would always be limited by his lack of natural athleticism. Wilson is proving it wrong.

    How many Wilson passes have been batted down at the LOS this year? I’m not sure where those stats might be found, but Ryan Tannehill is 6’5″ and had four passes batted down by the Texans. Tipped passes tend to result from several things, not just QB height. Offensive linemen maintaining their blocks, QB able to move in the pocket, QB releasing the ball quickly, and QB releasing the ball high. Wilson has all these attributes going for him.

  32. “All I know is that this is one of the very few teams in the NFL that will be fine if their starting QB goes down. lol”

    True, Bobby, True. Knock Wood.

    And I’m amazed how healthy the whole team is this year. Knock Wood. Knock Wood. I’m no superstitious here at all. lol!

  33. And I don’t buy the “this is what’s best for the Seahawks now” stuff. Wilson starting is about 2013, 2014, etc. It’s not about “now” IMO (2012). I’m okay with that if it’s understood and he’s got better upside (which he must if he’s starting NOW).

    I hate how if you like two players… but if you stick up for one… that means you hate the other! Yeah, right. My little 1 year old boy was hitting my 6 year old earlier today in the head and I told him to stop it and stuck up for my little girl. That must mean that I hate my baby boy and only care about my daughter. Yeah, right. How stupid. It’s almost the same difference with this QB situation where I like both.

  34. Wilson is going to be fine, thanks to the way our offensive staff has tailored the offense around his lack of height. Does he have a built in deficiency? Yes. Does that mean he can’t be good/great? No. Dan Marino couldn’t ever scramble for 1,000 yards, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t great. If Flynn was forced to take over, you can bet we’d see an offense be tailored (not John) to him, too. There would definitely be more slants and things of that nature.

    Wouldn’t it be funny to buy a Flynn and Wilson jersey and then cut them in two (and then sew) with a #3 on the front and a Flynn #15 in the back… and the other obviously would be #15 in the front with Wilson #3 in the back. lol

  35. Ewalters7354 says:

    Bobbyk, great stuff my man!

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Wilson is always going to have some limitations due to his height. For one, it’s going to be difficult for him to run 3 step passing concepts. That’s just how it is. Seattle however, has not asked that of him. But look, every QB has weaknesses and limitations: Brees,, Brady, any of them. They do however have strengths, presumably, and it’s about taking advantage of those and putting them (players in general) in positions to succeed. So to suggest Wilson or Flynn or whomever doesn’t have weaknesses is folly. So as I see it, despite all the criticism Bevell has taken, he ought to get credit for much of Wilson’s development and tayloring an offense he can effectively run.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    I basically reiterated Bobby’s post. (I got distracted mid-way through, watching the Georgia game… lol.)

  38. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke, yes sir!

    Now on to another subject…What do tou guys think about Marshawn Lynch getting so many carries? I think he should get at least 20 touches but he’s been going above and beyond that sometimes like 26-27 touches per game Turbin has not been involved at all and I think he should get at least 8 carries a game to keep the beast fresh.I love his speed and quickness that he brings.Just would like to see him get in the game.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve thought about his work load as well; I’d like to see Turbin get more carries. Lynch’s running style has got to take a real toll on his body, and I’d like to see him maintain this level production for 2-3 more years. Got to help him out by letting Turbin help shoulder more of the load.

  40. confucious says:

    Ewalt, Good point. I expected to see more of turbin as well. I don’t think he runs off tackle as well as Lynch. With the offensive struggles due to the limited playbook (until last week) we’ve needed lynch to pick up whatever he can. I think Bevell uses the gut runs to keep the d end honest which helps wilson to roll out.

  41. Ewalters7354 says:

    Exactly.I can’t help but think about Larry Johnson.Great back with a bruising running style.But was worn out by the age of 28.Definitely don’t wanna see that happen to Lynch.

  42. Ewalters7354 says:

    confucious, good point as well.I never thought about how those runs up the gut for 2-3 yards actually help out with the zone read and so on.For as much heat Bevell has taken, he is doing a pretty good job though some plays he call leaves me in awe.

  43. confucious says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the whole playbook thrown at the Dolphins tomorrow. It’s time to mix it up and become less predictable.

  44. Ewalters7354 says:

    Agreed.One thing I noticed about Bevell and Bradley are the habits to keep going back to the same play time after time because it was successful the first time.And as a result on D they get burned and on offense they get stopped after a while.Once they clean that up, this team will be far more complicated to prepare for.

  45. Wow, Darrell Bevell getting a share of credit for our offense. I think that might be a first here. And I agree.

  46. There may be nothing more important to the future of this team over the next few years than Marshawn Lynch’s health and longevity. Agree, he needs to last another 2 to 3 years to lead this team while they mature enough to win the big one. Its hard to imagine saving him though. His relentless running style and appetite for carries defines this team as much as anything could. And, I don’t think there is anyone who can replace that. Turbin is a good change of pace but less of a replacement than I once thought he could be. The Seahawks without Marshawn Lynch would be like the Ravens without Ray Rice, Rams without Steven Jackson, Titans without Eddie George.

  47. I look at the stats now and see that Lynch needs a break… but when I watch the games, I want Lynch to get the ball MORE. lol

  48. montanamike2 says:

    My computer is being rebuilt in the shop, it crashed hard so it was time to upgrade. I don’t get to post much because my wife likes her computer but i’ve read all the comments from this morning and we’re all good.
    Ewalters7354 it’s a good blog and i’m glad we can get along. Conscious i’m in Bozeman, and i really do like having two good quarterbacks on the roster. It’s good to have Red play tomorrow.

  49. Ewalters7354 says:

    Montana, once again my apology.Even though it was intended for pabs, it was all in fun.We all may debate and argue, but at the end of the day I love my hawks and love discussing them with you guys.This is the best blog ever!

  50. As far as a blowout tomorrow – no way, I just don’t see it. Our offense is just not built to blow people out (yet) I think we will see that building slowly over the next 20-30 games. (still need to add parts)

    I would love to see Turbin with more carries so that WHEN we get to the playoffs, Lynch is more ready and still healthy. I, unlike others, don’t see this huge drop off from Lynch to Turbin – he is not ready to carry the load for this team but he sure can take some of the load to continue to keep the beast healthy!

  51. I’m also wary of thinking tomorrow’s game will be a blowout. After all, this is a road game against a team like likes to no-huddle, with a rookie QB who is quickly learning and could surprise. A good game for the Seahawks to demonstrate that they are learning how to win on the road.

  52. sluggo42 says:

    I call blowout cuz overall we are a much better team. We are fully healthy. We have had two weeks to gameplan. We have had nothing but improvement for the last five games. RW is going to have his new little option play in full swing that will freeze their secondary, and he will light them up. Our defense will have more blitz packages rolling, and jones is fully back. Tanahill will be running for his life. KJ is back, carp is back.

    This is an easy blowout call… We are rolling uphill, they are falling downhill…

    It will be 28-35ish to 6-10 ish. I would not be surprised at holding them to no TDs…

  53. Even Peter King and Mike Florio are predicting a blowout for Seattle. Which means it’s going to be a nail-biter. Perhaps an OT game.

  54. bbnate420 says:

    Just spent last Tuesday through Friday in Miami. Not very bad heat wise at all, 70’s everyday. I doubt it affects the Hawks much. The 5 hour flight and time difference should have more of an effect.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    Blowout or OT victory will be great. How they win will be huge, regardless of score, to me. They can play awesome and it may still come down to a one possession game. Conversely, they may play sloppy and win by multiple scores. There are so many nuances in any game that the score is almost irrelevant to me, if that makes sense. But winning of course is the key. It’s a big game to start the rest of the season.

  56. montanamike2 says:

    I’ll settle for a win, close or not.

  57. confucious says:

    Exactly duke and montana! The disparity in talent from team to team in this league is minimal. Game time coaching, and yellow napkins can shift momentum in an instant. It all boils down to who runs the most plays the best. Week to week you get your Jacksonvilles beating Houstons and your Rams beating the Seahawks (still a hard pill to swallow). I will take the “w” by 1 or 100, by contraversial catch or not. SO LONG AS IT’S NOT A TIE!!!!!

  58. sluggo42 says:

    With that I concur, a win by 1, or 30, is all we want. I just happen to think by 30. I’m a homer, what do you expect from me? A negative eeyore ” we suck and will probably lose” post?

    Not from this guy…



  59. Everybody knows I like Russel Wilson, and I think he’s the story of the NFL this year. However, for all his supposed arm strength, he’s got nothing on RGIII, and I cant count the number of throws Ive seen from him that float/sail and end up high/off target. The ball seems to slip in his grip. I dont know why, but he’s missed at least 10 mid-range to long throws when guys were wide open due to this.

    Remember when so many were convinced he’d have a ton of passes batted down? So far, SIX this year. Thats right, SIX. The qb’s leading with batted passes are all over 6′-2″ tall. Funny huh?! Batted passes arent necessarily caused by a short qb, they are caused by a combination of things including poor line play, frequency of blitz, and poor reads/rushed throws by a qb. As many DL are over 6′-4″, and few qb’s are, if height were the causal factor, ALL qb’s are shorter than the lineman or equal and so likely to have batted passes. All qb’s have to use throwing lanes and use timing.

    And Wilson used the slant to perfection several times this year, esp on third/fourth down. It worked like a charm. Why Seattle doesnt use it more often, I dont know and it pisses me off. That play is unstoppable if the WR runs it right and the throw is on target. Wilson has proven he can use that play effectively. Now, can he effectively use it 4-5 times a game like Hass could? I dont know the answer to that one..

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