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Russell Wilson NFL’s rookie of the week

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Nov. 16, 2012 at 1:24 pm with 45 Comments »
November 16, 2012 1:26 pm

Here’s the link to Russell Wilson’s honor.

Working on a Sunday column, and going through the stats, I see that Wilson’s home-field passer rating of 122 is the best in the NFL. Peyton Manning is at 115.3. Freeman, Flacco and Roethlisberger are over 100, but Rodgers, Brees, Brady and Ryan are not.


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  1. Awesome! Congrats to Russell Wilson and his supporting cast.

  2. DanielleMND says:

    Bravo, RW3!

  3. Well deserved recognition of a very good young QB.

  4. Nicely done. Cool to see the ‘Hawks get some accolades, hopefully they can continue the trend young teams should be able to strive towards, and keep improving. Congrats indeeed DangeRuss.

  5. Chawksrule says:

    Too bad he’s too short to play QB, huh? ;-) great job DangeRuss!!!

    Go Hawks!!!

  6. Wow I think after this award, it may not be too soon to call him the best QB in NFL history.

  7. Debbie Downer

  8. ROTW now, ROTY later.

  9. Ewalters7354 says:
  10. Ewalters7354 says:

    Get an award and now he’s the best rookie ever.Not hating, just saying…

    Hopefully he can continue to develop and win games.If he does, the hell with awards.The
    greatest award/accolade is wins.

  11. edstang45 says:

    I see we still have RW Haters…..I love the guy and am expecting great things from him and the Hawks

  12. “I see we still have RW Haters…”

    I have voted for Obama once. I have voted against Obama once (in his two elections – I hate party politics and refuse to vote party lines).

    Does that mean I hate the United States of America, since he is/was President the time I did or didn’t vote for him? How do we know McCain wouldn’t have done better? Or how do we know Romney would have done better/worse?

    As I’ve said before, I like BOTH of our QBs. To make people choose is a joke (or stoopid).

    If we could go back in time w/Flynn (and a healthy elbow), he may be 10-0 and he could be 3-7… there’s no way to know for sure. It’s over. Seriously… it’s over… really!!!

    But to blindly play the fool and follow is the biggest joke of all… especially following an organization that has ***ZERO*** credibility of winning Super Bowls… Just b/c an organization can get talent (see late 70s Patriots w/ZERO SBs) doesn’t mean they are immune to criticism… until they do win one…

  13. I’m just thankful that T-Joke/Junk/Loser/Moron/WorthlessPileOfCrapWithFeet, etc… isn’t in Seattle anymore…
    I’d gladly take our current situation (where I like ***TWO*** QBs) over last year where I despised ALL of our “QBs.”

  14. wabubba67 says:

    Is that really BobbyK? The tone and style of writing doesn’t seem the blogger I have been reading over the past few years.

    RADEon–Would you rather Wilson get the award or not? Why put personal preference (stubborness) before evidence of a situation which is beneficial to the Seahawks. In short, enjoy the ride and root for the best for Wilson…it will only benefit the team. If you’re right about him, it will be borne out in time.

  15. Ewalters7354 says:

    I’ve now come to the conclusion that this is a “OPTIMIST” blog.Anything aside from that is a “hater”.Some bloggers are so quick to call others stubborn, all because they have their own way of judging player performances.Had it been T-jack we bitched about on a consistent basis, there would not be as many guys getting offended like these have been.And that’s a fact..Say anything about Wilson that’s not good and you will get bashed.You guys must be in love with his persona, more than performance, because overall he has done nothing to jump off the charts and is already on the cusp of greatness.Sorry guys but he is not anywhere close at this moment.He will even admit.So to call out everyone that speaks their own personal opinion, and to make them seem like they are not true fans is absolute folly.

  16. Ewalters – Now you know how I felt when I coined the phrase “Numbskull” w/respect to the Hutch situation. Some of these blind idiots won’t admit that they supported him… unless they piss me off enough and I go back and bring up what they really said from a few years ago… but then they will probably make up a pretend name, then, for the future… lol.

  17. Ewalters7354 says:

    Lol…smh.It’s crazy man

  18. raymaines says:

    Here is a nice article about who are the best third round picks in the history of the draft. HoF QB’s Dan Fouts, Joe Montana, and Fran Tarkenton are on the list. Anything’s possible I suppose, and rookie of the week is a good place to start.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hey, RADEon, BobbyK, and Ewalters7354, Cry a bucket of tears. Good grief!

    Poor me! Poor me! Pour me a drink!

    All us idiots here on this blog deserve an opinion. Including you. Lol.

    And congrats to Wilson for earning Rookie of the week.

    BTW- Get used to it this isn’t just the no fun blog anymore.

  20. Ewalters7354 says:

    Georgia, dude what are you reading? Crying is not even a thought in my mind on a blog.I just state my opinion about the disrespect that comes with anyone who says something criticizing this team.If you ask me, those are the crybabies…

  21. Ewalters7354 says:

    What’s crazy is not one person on this thread said anything bad about RW or this team.But as soon as the bloggers that have bumped heads with you guys in the past posts a comment, you fellas go off the top without even reading the whole comment.Just don’t get

  22. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Wow, Wilson wins Rookie of the Week and we STILL have to read Flynn’s name and conjecture about what “coulda been” if he had a healthy throwing elbow. LET. IT. GO. Flynn’s a backup. Always has been. Aways will be.


  23. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Yes, there was all caps in that last post. Sorry, Dave and Eric.

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ewalters, Just read the sarcastic post below.
    It’s been obvious from the day we drafted wilson that this poster has been against him. That’s fine and dandy to me, however the more Wilson succeeds the more this poster looks ridiculous, imo. And funny too.

    I for one don’t want any ridiculous posters going away because it just makes it so much easier to take them out to the woodshed so to speak.

    “Wow I think after this award, it may not be too soon to call him the best QB in NFL history”

  25. “I’m just thankful that T-Joke/Junk/Loser/Moron/WorthlessPileOfCrapWithFeet, etc… isn’t in Seattle anymore…”

    And I’m thankful that comments like this are few and far between on this blog — otherwise I wouldn’t be coming here.

    I don’t mind anyone calling Jeramy Stevens names like that, but T-Jack doesn’t deserve it, even if he’s a mediocre QB.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “I’m just thankful that T-Joke/Junk/Loser/Moron/WorthlessPileOfCrapWithFeet, etc”

    Wow very insightful stuff there. I see you haven’t learned anything new.

  27. Ewalters7354 says:

    Georgia, that I understand But it seems whoever may not have problem with that poster you’re referring to gets the same treatment like above…

    “Hey, RADEon, BobbyK, and Ewalters7354, Cry a bucket of tears. Good grief!”

  28. Ewalters7354 says:

    Seahawkfan12, aside from bobbyk mentioning Flynn in the reference of liking both QBs.Can you please show me one comment where Flynn’s name has been mentioned?

    Perfect example…

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:


    “Get an award and now he’s the best rookie ever.Not hating, just saying”

    Name one blogger on this thread who said Wilson was the best rookie ever?
    That’s what I mean by ridiculous. Why make things up? It just helps perpetuate some of these irrational posters. Your smarter then that Ewalters.

    Unless you have had a few and are just playing around. Now I can understand that. Lol.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dam! Sherman gets a weekly award and it’s all Love. Wilson gets a weekly award and we get this.
    What the hell is wrong with some people here?

  31. hawkdawg says:

    It’s called a straw man argument. If you want to denigrate a player, attribute praise to him that nobody ever gave, then ridicule the praise, thereby implicitly criticizing the player.

    A technique as old as the hills.

    The kid is playing very well for a rookie, and his apparent value as a third round pick is even more impressive. Doesn’t mean he’s the next Drew Brees. Just means he is showing signs that he could be some day. He’s got physical talent, works his ass off and stays very level, good play or bad, win or lose.

    Don’t know how he is going to end up. But I’m increasingly curious to find out.

  32. Tell ya what I want – no turnovers from the offense and a defense that plays like they are at home for the next few road games! :)

  33. confucious says:

    @ hawkdawg. Agreed. The journey never gets as much pull as the destination in this instant reward generation we are mired in.

  34. Ewalters7354 says:

    Good try Georgia.

  35. montanamike2 says:

    It’s a league where the backup qb is the 2nd leader on the team.
    We could be like Philly, San Fran or a lot of other teams that go down quickly as soon as their #1 qb goes out of the game. We’re in a good position and may have one of the best backup qb’s in the league.
    I’ll take my accolades since i went out on a limb for Wilson, i would have taken my lumps had he failed. I still think anytime you get a franchise qb in the 3rd round that it’s a steal. Hey the Seahawks aren’t irelevent anymore and the NFL gurus have given us more talk than in many, many years past. Having 2 rookies of the week shows promise and can’t be ignored. I don’t think anyone is a hater for not getting on board with this, this blog would be boring if everyone agreed 100% of the time.

  36. montanamike2 says:

    I’d still have a beer, (or two) with anyone on this blog.

  37. montanamike2–I will take you up on that beer one of these days lol!

    Bobbyk–Wow, dude, you disappear then reappear drunk as a skunk..or something. Not that I have ever gotten tipsy and ranted on here, not me….

    But damn, T-Jack was AVERAGE, not horrible, and he is a good guy. And he’s been gone forever and isnt even active for the Bills since they are determined not to give up another pick to the Hawks. The guy deserves better than that! Certainly he doesnt deserve getting ragged on by Hawk fans…

    Wilson finally got noticed and was given an award, which he earned. Bout time the NFL quit playing politics and gave him one…he’s outplayed Luck and often outplayed RGII, who both have coaches who worked with them better than the bullshit crap offense Carrol gave Wilson to run the first month plus of this season…

    Wilson has done better than any rookie or first year qb we’ve ever had in the 36 years of this franchise, and people are still comparing him to a backup with a noodle arm who has started less than 15 games since HS, and thinking that guy could have done better. Well, no one knows for sure except perhaps God, and the odds are against it.

    Why cant we be thrilled with Wilson, and the belated award proving that the rest of the world does notice his play once in a blue moon? I dont rag on folks who point out his weaknesses and mistakes–Im one of them for Gods sake! But to bash him after he plays well for a month staright is a) bad form and b) wrong.

    RADEoN seems to be reacting to all the negative reactions from other commenters he got earlier in the season, and is stubbornly sticking to his opinion. To me, its utterly illogical and not much fun. But whatever, he’s entitled to his opinion. But man, Sarcasm is the defense of the weak, IMO. The root of the that word, Sarca (sp?) I believe comes from the Greek, and means “to tear the flesh”. Does Wilson or those of us that are excited by his play AS A ROOKIE call for the verbal ripping of flesh?! Not in my opinion, but then again, a LOT of abuse has been heaped in RADEoN’s direction, more than he deserves…

    Cant we all just be stoked we have a rookie qb who can put up TD’s in the fourth quarter and has something like 11 TD’ and 2 INT’s in five weeks, and who has us at 6-4, and looks like a future stud?! Whats wrong with that? He’s outperformed our supposedly studly young offensive line, and none of them are rookies and three of five of those guys were drafted higher than RW!

  38. NWPoseidon says:

    This is a post about a player that won an honor and 4 posters use the thread to bash the player and push their own agenda on opinion. That is just ridiculous. Albeit some really poor players win awards on occasion, such as Justin Smoak, but the week they win the award is not the time to bash the player or call out other posters who use the thread to congratulate the player. There is a time and place for criticism and debate but not on the thread of a post that is recognizing a player for there accomplishments.

  39. Holy Macaroni Salad! This Insider reads like a bunch of 14 yr old girls arguing on a blog about who th cutest boy band member is and if you don’t agree “You’re soooooo lame.”…..hahaha! I don’t care who, what, where, when, why or how but the Seattle Seahawks are 6-4 this season with a Rook as QB. I’d say they are doing just fine this year. Not showing off and not falling far behind. Some still want Flynn playing even this far in the season which is fine. It’s hard to shake that “What if?” feeling after seeing how good the run game and defense are this year. We didn’t know they’d be as GOOD as they actually are now.So, those that feel the need to praise Flynn for nothing and knock every single thing that Wilson does is weird to me. These are the type of fans who would bitch about the score even if we’d won 10 games by 1-2 points each they’d say “Yeah, well with Flynn or someone who wasn’t a midget QB we would’ve scrored more!” But hey, to each their own. Enjoy the week off, suckas!!

  40. *scored not scrored

    **apologies for the use of the word midget…I meant dwarf QB :)

  41. MoSeahawk12 says:

    What’s cool about Wilson is that he doesn’t really care if he gets praise or awards. He’s all about getting better and getting wins. He’s adding experience to go along with his work ethic, football smarts and heart. Sure his press appearances are filled with feel good cliché football speak, but he seems to believe and has a sincerity about him that comes across as real.

    I don’t think his head will get too big and yet he doesn’t seem like the type that will go into the gutter when things go bad. Jets game was a good example of that. Great start, throws a TD on 3rd play of game and then two quarters of struggle and near disaster yet strong in the fourth when we needed him.

    I think he is having a positive influence on Tate. Guys are starting to step up around him. A great leader brings that out of people. We should be in for a fun ride the last six games. Great time to be a Seahawks fan.

  42. Mo–Yeah, I agree. Wilson is the anti-Tebow, a guy who worked his way into the starting job, and who really IS humble, not just pretend-humble.

    And I also agree that Wilson is rallying the troops, and a great influence on guys like Tate (formerly Taterhead).

  43. Wow – with the Tebow hate – not his fault the Media is in love with him

  44. NoALIBIS says:

    Russell Wilson must have something going for him. Okay, he wasn’t a top draft pick. True, he’s only 5’11 and he’s only a Rookie. And, he wasn’t even the favored guy going into the this season. Wasn’t the competition suppose to be between Flynn and TJack?

    For Pete to go with Russell speaks so much about this young QB. The Hawks went out and picked up Flynn for a hefty price and there’s a lot of pressure on a HC to make a free agency pick up like this work. Naming Flynn as the starter (as PC did with TJack when we signed him) would have been the easy thing to do. Some guys just have the “it factor.” Drew Brees has it and he is anything but physically imposing and was the guy left out in San Diego. There are other examples as well. I’d say to all of the doubters. Just sit back and enjoy. You’re watching the making of what’s going to be a long run at QB for the Seattle Seahawks. Go Russell!

  45. Good job RW3.
    Blah blah blah the rest..

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