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Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Nov. 14, 2012 at 1:22 pm with 47 Comments »
November 14, 2012 1:22 pm

The Seattle Seahawks have released wide receiver Phil Bates from the practice squad and in his place signed wide receiver Lavasier Tuinei to the practice squad, the team announced this morning.

Tuinei returns to the practice squad after being signed on October 31, but then was released on November 6 to make room for wide receiver Charly Martin on the practice squad.



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  1. I wonder if Evan Moore will eventually catch a pass this season. What are the odds on that in Vegas? Anyone care to take a guess?

  2. montanamike2 says:
  3. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Stopping the New York Jets “offense” is no great feat, but what about the Seahawks’ offense? They have the NFL’s second-leading rusher, two receivers with six receiving touchdowns and rookie quarterback Russell Wilson has 15 touchdown passes and a passer rating of 90.5. Seattle’s offense may rank 27th overall and is dead last in passing yards per game, but the unit ranks 13th in Football Outsiders’ DVOA metric. yahoo sports

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Why not cut Braylon Edwards, ( who hasn’t done much of anything ) and call up one of these younger WRs who can play special teams and remember the snap count.

  5. Ewalters7354 says:

    I think the first person who should be cut has to be Evan Moore.The dude is absolute garbage on the field.Kellen Winslow said on Twitter about how he would be doing on the hawks and about how he loves this team.Maybe he’s willing to come back for cheap?

  6. Tuinei looked very good back in training camp. I’m happy to see him back, although I doubt he’ll have much impact. A healthy Braylon Edwards would do a lot more for the team… but I think realistically we need to hope that Tate continues to improve and becomes consistent, Baldwin gets and stays healthy, and Rice keeps keepin on. We’re thin at WR and I don’t see that changing before next year.

    And I’m still waiting for Evan Moore’s breakout game. Its coming.

  7. Kellen Winslow tweeted that “loves this team?” Nonsense. Everyone knows Winslow loves Winslow. That’s why he’s an unsigned ex football player.

  8. OregonHawk says:

    The Seahawks seem to move more players in and out of the practice squad, I am guessing it is to keep more players that they like up to date and ready should the need arise ,

    I am sure someone out there can say this better than I …..

  9. montanamike2 says:

    Tuinei looked good at fb,like a younger more inexperienced M.Rob.

  10. This paragraph, snagged from Sando’s MVP watch re Lynch:

    “Lynch has 1,005 yards in 10 games, joining Peterson as the only players with at least 1,000 yards rushing to this point in the season. Lynch is averaging a career-high 4.7 yards per carry thanks in part to a career-long 77-yard scoring run against Detroit. Lynch now has 2,209 yards in his last 25 games with Seattle. He’s riding a streak of four consecutive 100-yard games and has scored a touchdown in the Seahawks’ last three. His production has remained consistent across venues and game situations, such as whether Seattle is winning or losing. He averages 5.0 yards per carry on first down.”

    How impressive is that last bit? 5.0 ypc on 1st down – – that’s awesome.

  11. Helenahawk says:

    Mm2 – I think you are referring to Vai Tua, the fb who was cut. Tuinei is a wr out of Oregon. He is a very fast guy with good hands.
    I agree about Tua , he did look good. I think he got picked up by another team, bot can’t remember who.

  12. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I dislike Evan Moore. He even sucks in Madden 13. I hope we draft a T.E. in the second, or third, round to replace him.

  13. Ewalters7354 says:

    “Tuinei looked good at fb,like a younger more inexperienced M.Rob.”

    Damn where have I been.A 6-5 fullback? Awesome.Hopefully he can develop at WR lol

  14. Ewalters7354 says:

    “And I’m still waiting for Evan Moore’s breakout game. Its coming.”


  15. I wish Kellen Winslow Jr would have a sit down heart to heart with PC and JC, park any “I deserve more $” thoughts at the door, and see if he could convince them to pick him up.

    No offense to Evan Less…err…Moore…but we’re 10 games into the season and it doesn’t feel like he’s picked up the offense enough to be part of the picture, and I don’t see him on Special Teams. He’s only been targeted a few times all year…that has to say something.

    It would be nice to see us run a few two TE sets and I don’t recall seeing any of late with McCoy and Miller. Managing KW’s knees and getting a few explosive plays out of him would be an upgrade imo. It’d also be a nice new wrinkle to add to the offense at this time of the year.

  16. Okay, laugh if you want at Evan Moore… but Pete Carroll signed the guy for a reason. He’s one of the more talented young backups we have on our bench. And I think he will eventually have his breakout game.

  17. I don’t think there is such a thing as a healthy Kellen Winslow and a healthy Braylon Edwards.

  18. OreganHawk….. I completely agree.

  19. I find the Evan Moore situation to be interesting. The guy can catch the football – he has terrific numbers from his time with the Browns. I don’t know why it hasn’t worked out for him yet with the Seahawks – very puzzling.

  20. Ewalters7354 says:

    “I find the Evan Moore situation to be interesting. The guy can catch the football – he has terrific numbers from his time with the Browns. I don’t know why it hasn’t worked out for him yet with the Seahawks – very puzzling.”

    You can’t be serious! Terrific numbers? I’m not sure we’re talking about the same Evan Moore.Especially is you say he can catch the ball.

  21. Hammajamma says:

    They brought Moore in as a tall specialty player to win red zone match-ups. Once he shows he can corral a pass they might start using him in those situations.

  22. Ewalters….. Evan Moore caught 34 balls for 324 yds and 4 TDs last season.

    By comparison, Zach Miller caught 25 balls for 233 yds and 0 TDs.

    Yes, we all know Zach Miller was kept in to block last year, blah, blah, blah.

    You can see my point – Evan Moore can catch the ball.

  23. I believe I remember Lavasier Tuinei catching a TD pass from R. Wilson in the Senior Bowl. They might have a little bit of a bond from that.

  24. Ewalters7354 says:

    blocis, I’m sorry but those numbers don’t jump off the chart as “terrific”.He can’t block, he’s slow, and so far has shown he can’t get open and struggles to catch the football.34 receptions on a offense with no weapons does not impress me.And if his skills are so warranted to be considered good, why is it the hawks were the only team to show interest?Why did he get cut by a team he was supposedly a bright spot on? Just need to know…

  25. Ewalters7354 says:

    Also comparing he and Miller don’t add up.Before coming here Miller caught 55-60 balls consistently.Btw he was their only receiving threat.Moore was on a team with no weapons and still had no production.

  26. Chad Johnson could catch the ball, but he couldn’t learn the NE offense. I *feels* like we might have a similar situation with Evan Moore. Ten games into the season he should have been targeted more than what it seems he has. Maybe I’m missing something…

  27. Ewalters7354 says:

    Skavage, what you may be missing is the fact that Evan Moore doesn’t belong on an Nfl football roster.

  28. Ewalters – he caught 34 balls and scored 4 TDs in a not very good Cleveland offence. In his previous year he managed to catch 16 balls for 322 yds (!) and 1 TD in 12 starts. As you say, these aren’t HOF / elite TE numbers, but this shows he can catch the ball and be productive.

    The word at the time he was signed was that he was cut in Cleveland for money reasons – I have no idea but I assume JS and PC would know.

    Like most of us on this blog I know he hasn’t done anything for the Seahawks. Maybe he will end up being productive for us, maybe not. In anycase, I find it interesting to understand why he is having trouble matching his Cleveland production now that he is on the Seahawks.

  29. blocis- he had his chance to make a play in the 49er game he did not. Pete has a memory if you don’t come thru you don’t play.

  30. 34 catches and 4 TD’s, on 47 targets in 2011. That sort of production would compliment this offense quite well with everyone else factoring in as they are. He’s been targeted 5 times this year so far with nothing else to show for. I’m not asking for elite production, just give the team something in terms of receiving. Maybe this bye week will help Bevell find more ways of using him other than just as a blocker, or a decoy.

  31. Ewalters7354 says:

    In 33 games with Cleveland, Moore finished with 62 catches for 804 yards and five touchdowns. The Stanford University product finished with 34 catches for 324 yards and four touchdowns last year.

    Let’s not forget he is in his 4th season Those are not encouraging stats by any means.He caught four tds last year, but I wonder how many may have been blowouts?

  32. Dukeshire says:

    Evan Moore get more for someone who’s done absolutely nothing, on this blog, than anyone in recent memory.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    more *run* for someone…

  34. @Ewalt

    Game logs from last year show that most of Moore’s solid production came in losses. It seems he did a decent chunk of damage against the Ravens last year; a team that ended the regular season ranked 4th in the NFL in pass defense. He was ineffectual against Seattle’s secondary last year in that ridiculous 6-3 win @ Cleveland.

    His longest catch of 2011 (33 yarder) came against the Steelers (#1 ranked passing defense in 2011) in 14-3 loss. I get the sense he’s not really gelling with this offense, or more importantly, with Russ right now. His cold start has something to do with it, but he’s simply not being targeted for whatever reason. He’s been a decent pass blocker on chips and even manned up though.

  35. raymaines says:

    I’m all in favor of Even Moore catching a bunch of passes, and I suppose he’s capable, but Seattle seems to be a black hole for pass catching tight ends.

  36. Ewalters7354 says:

    Sekolah,thanks for the stats.Maybe I’m being too hard on him But I just am not impressed nor have I ever been.I would love for him to succeed though.

    Duke, lol.That’s true fans for ya! We discuss players who aren’t even worth being talked about I love it!

  37. raymaines says:

    Hey, what’s a little tiny vowel between friends?

  38. Not touched on here, but where it the invisible man, Anthony McCoy? Dude looks good every preseason then makes dumb mistakes in the regular season. I thought this was his year.

  39. Ewalters7354 says:

    pope, I agree McCoy hasn’t been productive thus far in terms of receiving.But he has been pretty good in his role as a blocking tight end/jocker role.He takes on pass rushers and handles himself pretty well.Also very strong in the run game.

  40. We are last in the league in pass attempts, so there are not many balls to go around. Add to that the fact he had a huge drop in the Niners game, and it makes sense that he is not getting many targets.
    Hopefully he will improve and get a few more chances, because I believe he could prove to be valuable in redzone situations, maybe later in the season and in the playoffs. Imagine if he wins a jump ball against Donte Whitner or Dashon Goldson in the Niner game at home in Seattle.

  41. talking about Evan Moore btw. It’s true Skavage, he is Evan (Less) now, but hopefully he will regain form as Evan (Moore).

  42. montanamike2 says:

    Absolutely right HelenaHawk, it was Vai Tua i was thinking of.
    I really liked his potential and thought he should have stuck with our practice squad, maybe he got his chance somewhere else.

  43. McCoy sure has shown his inconsistencies as a pass catcher. I’d hoped that the Dallas game was a coming out party of sorts for him, but his blunder in that loss to St. Louis was a back breaker. Just brutal. Ever since then, yeah, he’s been next to invisible.

    Hey, at least Miller is starting to get more looks. Last year at this time, he had been targeted 25 times. He’s been targeted 32 times this season so far.

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:

    All I said was why not cut Braylon Edwards, then we get 30 some posts about Moore.

    Good thing I’ve never mentioned trading Tate. Lol.

    BTW- The main reason why BobbyK is on blog vacation these days is that most all his wishes from offseason have come true so far.

    1- Find a replacement for Jackson.

    2- Find a pass rusher to improve the pass rush.

    3- Move Carp to LG, and hope he is healthy to play this year.

    4- Hope that Lynch plays hard after new contract.( OK I added that one)

    5- Be a playoff contender.

    6- find a replacement for Heater.

    7- See Sherman improve enough to be Pro Bowl material. ( I added that one too).

    8- Go from top 10 defense to top five defense. ( same as above ).

    9- beat the 49ers. ( soon to come ).

    10- Win the SuperBowl. ( one can dream, but at least it’s not as crazy of a dream as last year).

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Next year I wish for-

    1- Team maturity and chemistry.

    2- Health and continuity on the O-line.

    3- Another stud WR.

    4- Another stud LB.

    5- Another stud TE.

    6- Another stud O-Lineman.

    7- Another Stud D-Lineman.

    8- another stud kick returner.

    9- Top five defense and top five offense.

    10- And a SuperBowl blowout win. ( because the NFL won’t let us win if it is close).

    Is that too much to wish for?

  46. I had forgotten about McCoy. He just makes too many mistakes, kinda like Tate his rookie year. The talent is there, but McCoy is behind Tate in maturity, football smarts, and consistency. So he hasnt had many looks the last month.

    The point someone brought up about our pass attempts being last in the league limiting opportunities is true. There arent enough attempts to keep Tate, Rice, and Miller going, let alone to get backups like McCoy the ball. And We are only throwing two passes a game to Baldwin–who’d a thunk it?!

    To me, Seattle’s offense needs to throw about five more passes a game, and they NEED to get the ball to Baldwin more. Hopefully that happens. But lets face it, we dont throw the ball enough to give Miller 5 throws, Rice 7-10, Tate 6-8, and Baldwin 6-8, which is what those guys talent demands. They just have to make the most of the opportunities they are give.

    And that also leaves precious few chances for backfield passes/screens to Lynch or Turbin. We need to use Lynch in the blocking/passing game more, its kinda obvious when he comes out on third and three we’re gonna pass the ball.

  47. I think BobbyK’s on hiatus because there isnt much to talk about. This team is still in turmoil a bit–do we really have an elite defense?! Can our offense score in the third quarter?! Can we throw for 300 yards if/when we need to?! Will the O-line ever solidify?! And yet, for all that, we are 6-4, Flynn is ensconced on the bench, Wilson is our guy, and Tate has stepped up.

    Rice and Miller are overpaid for their production, but who’s to say how good they’d be if Seattle actually threw the ball 25+ times a game? They make the most of the opportunities they are given. (And yeah, I have grumbled about their lack of production, but I realize its mostly due to the coaches not the players. Still, I wonder if Rice is worth the money)

    Point is, when there are a lot of things going on–roster moves, mistakes in games, injuries etc–there’s a lot to talk about. Right now, things are improving, not so many roster moves, and Seattle has a 6-4 record. Not as much to talk about.

    And the Wilson/Flynn thing should mercifully be a severely dead horse by now. Plus its bye week…so no Bobbyk…

    Then again, for all I know Bobbyk is undercover for the CIA in some foreign country right now…;p

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