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Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Nov. 13, 2012 at 8:26 am with 40 Comments »
November 13, 2012 8:27 am

Bye week at Seahawks started in a relaxed mood on Monday with Pete Carroll’s casual press conference. That was the tone of my column this morning. Pete was very relaxed and in a good mood. Why shouldn’t he be? He expects everybody to be healthy when they return on Monday.

The possible return to health of James Carpenter (concussion) raised the question of what will happen at left guard, the position John Moffitt has occupied since Carpenter’s injury. Carroll said that if Carpenter is back and is “right,” they’d like to see him in the starting lineup. The ripple effect then creates the question of whether it should be Moffitt or Paul McQuistan at right guard. Carroll had no reason to speculate on that hypothetical situation.

I think it’s fair to question the first part of that equation, whether Carpenter should replace Moffitt. After last winter’s knee surgery, Carpenter made a surprisingly quick recovery to return to the lineup in Week 4. I thought he’d been good in spots but was still limited enough that he had trouble getting to certain assignments that required him to get out and run. Especially in the Detroit game, he looked slow to get to blocks on a trap and a screen. In his place the past two weeks, Moffitt has looked quicker in those situations.

McQuistan can be credited for his durability and versatility, having started at left tackle, left guard and right guard the past two seasons. If it comes to McQuistan and Moffitt at right guard, I don’t think the decision is going to make a great deal of difference either way.’s Clare Farnsworth offers another look at the team as it heads into its bye week. Clare has a nice note that Marshawn Lynch is on pace for the third-best rushing season (1,608 yards) in Seahawks history behind Shaun Alexander’s ’05 (1,880) and ’04 season (1,696). To support the point, he cited a quote from Peter King at “Marshawn Lynch, 27 carries for 124 yards. And we hardly noticed. We take his greatness for granted too much.”

Mike Sando’s NFC West blog at makes a great point about the Rams treatment of opposing quarterbacks. “The Rams sent 49ers quarterback Alex Smith to the sideline with a concussion Sunday. They previously picked off Seattle’s Russell Wilson three times and sacked Arizona’s Kevin Kolb nine times. The rough treatment largely explains why the Rams are 2-0-1 in the NFC West after going 0-6 in the division last season.”

After watching Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger leave the field in the Monday night game, and seeing the list of concussed quarterbacks across the league, it seems a tough time for quarterbacks everywhere, not just the NFC West.

Sando also does a good job explaining the mess the Niners-Rams tie makes of the division standings. The Seahawks folks in the press box on Sunday afternoon were paying close attention to the game, obviously, since a San Francisco loss would narrow the gap atop the division standings, with the Hawks benefiting from having their last three division games at home.

Also offers a link to an Associated Press story about Mike Holmgren trying to shoot down rumors of his interest in coaching at Dallas.  I think Holmgren is trying to be political and not lust after a job currently occupied. Nowhere in the story does he say he wouldn’t take the job, only that he hasn’t been in any talks and wants to respect Jason Garrett’s position.

Danny O’Neil at the Seattle Times  takes a look at the team’s status and momentum heading into the bye week. brief on a couple high-profile officiating errors last week. I thought the call that nullified the Rams’ big pass to Amendola in overtime, for an alignment issue, was one that goes uncalled all the time. It also looked like the offensive pass interference call against Kansas City in the Monday loss to Pittsburgh had the Darrell Jackson-in-the-end-zone look to it. Not that any of the Seahawk fans out there are still bothered by that one.

Looking ahead to the Miami game a week from Sunday, there’s some controversy cooking with the Dolphins and running back Reggie Bush.

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  1. Now what? I know the players and coaches love the bye week, but what the heck do the fans do?

    I guess I will do some ‘scouting’ on our next opponent (the Dolphins) and be a Bears fan this week; hoping they can beat the 49ers.

  2. HawkfaninMT says:

    I was planning on taking this week to start looking at some college targets the Hawks may have. I am going to be a SeahawksDraftBlog guy for the next 10 days or so

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:
  4. Dukeshire says:

    We can relax and enjoy football for the sake of it, stress free and easy.

    I really believe Moffitt is a significant upgrade to McQuistan. I think the best line for Seattle is Okung, Carp, Unger, Moffitt, Breno. (That’s what I’d like to see coming out of the bye, in any case.)

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- since this is our bye week too, I thought I would combine two of your favorites.

    Enjoy. Lol.

  6. The one thing I learned from that report was that this dude has an awesome name! Barkevious Mingo.

  7. “I really believe Moffitt is a significant upgrade to McQuistan. I think the best line for Seattle is Okung, Carp, Unger, Moffitt, Breno. (That’s what I’d like to see coming out of the bye, in any case.)”

    Agreed. McQuistan is the weakest link right now. Haven’t noticed Breno beat as much the past few weeks, and I thought Carpenter was impressive in the run game.

    Bye week comes at a perfect time really. Interesting game of the week? May be SF v. Chicago, with both starting QB’s sitting it out . . .

  8. Dave Boling says:

    Saw this interesting story by Scott Kacsmar at assessing every NFL team’s back-up quarterback situation. It’s relevant in all 32 cities, of course, given the way quarterbacks have been dropping. While many have discussed Russell Wilson’s height, his durability hasn’t been a question thus far. He’s pretty thick and sturdy, and seems to avoid the big hits. He seems to bounce right up even when he takes a good shot. In the last 18 seasons, the Hawks have had one quarterback start 16 games only three times (Matt Hasselbeck ’03, ’05, ’07)

    An interesting tidbit in the story, I thought, was the note that Kansas City has not had a quarterback they drafted start and win a game for them since 1987.|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)&__utmv=14933801.|8=Earned%20By=msnbc%7Ccover=1^12=Landing%20Content=Mixed=1^^30=Visit%20Type%20to%20Content=Earned%20to%20Mixed=1&__utmk=188380712

  9. Carlsonkid says:

    The weak link is Carpenter , not McQuistan or Moffitt ! C’mon guys , the man was takling air in the Detroit game ! Left side or right , guard or tackle , he’s always the one I watch thru splayed fingers … I’m sorry , but the guy is not a first round talent & should never have been taken there . When a player off of Green Bay’s trash heap outplays your first round pick , you blew it .

    I’ve tried , I really have , but I am just not a fan of Crap-enter . I’m trying to decide who was the bigger bust , Curry or him . Curry only gets the nod because he was the 4th player overall selected .

  10. Some of you have probably already been there, read that – but incase not everyone has seen these, here are a couple of links for you feed your habit.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dave, that was an interesting story, and with some funny stuff too.

    “Oakland brought in Matt Leinart so he could soon star in a reality TV series with starter Carson Palmer focusing on how they went from USC Heisman winners to NFL afterthoughts.”


  12. @Carlsonkid

    “The weak link is Carpenter”

    That’s pretty funny. I bet Tom Cable would have a good, hearty, belly felt laugh about that statement. James Carpenter is a human bulldozer in terms of this zone scheme. He is exactly what Cable wants out his LG; a mean, nasty, powerful road grater. In pass pro, I don’t know if he stands above Moffitt or McQuistan, but I haven’t yet noticed anything about him as a pass blocker that is detrimental to the offense.

  13. The really interesting thing to me is that all three of them seem to play LG better than RG. It doesn’t seem to matter which one of the three we plug in at RG (or RT in the case of Carpenter).

    I didn’t really understand WHY this was the case the until recently when someone mentioned that all three of them spent their college careers on the left side.

  14. rramstad says:

    No, it’s not that they played LG in college. It’s that Okung plays LT.

    If the tackle has a tendency to shore up the edge by dropping back substantially in pass protection, or tends to overreach when run blocking, it is a nightmare for the guard.

    We’ve had a rotating cast of characters at RT for the last couple of seasons, and none of these guys is even remotely as good as a healthy Okung.

    I guarantee if we had a guy who played RG in college he’d look better with our line at LG, is all I’m saying…

  15. Dave Boling says:

    Great point about the left side, blocis! Maybe with Okung being healthy and playing well beside them makes their jobs a little easier.

  16. The better tackles and guards are usually found on the left side. So when NFL teams are looking to draft the best tackle or guard they select ‘the better guys’ who have been playing on the left side.

    The problem is that when these guys switch from being the best tackle / guard on the left side of their college oline to being a right tackle / guard in the NFL their footwork and handwork gets all messed up (its actually backward). I am a youth football coach so I deal with this (to a lesser degree) when I am moving kids around the oline.

    So, my guess is that McQuistan, Moffit and Carpenter will all play better on the left side, because thats what they have been doing until they got to the NFL. It seems to make a dramatic difference with McQuistan – he looks fine at LG or even LT, but not so terrific at RG.

  17. And yeah, I agree, playing beside Okung is part of the difference too.

  18. Dukeshire–A week with stress-free football is quite welcome for me at least. Heck, I might not even watch football all week…The Seahawks are wearing me out, and my patience is at low ebb…And Im not my usual positive self lately! ;p

    On Carpenter: My beef is that he STILL isnt a) In shape and b) consistently good. But I am hopeful that by the end of the season he will be both of those things. He DID work very hard to rehab and get back onfield, and thats something to give us all hope. I cant remember which G usually pulls more in Seattle’s offense (I think its LG), but that would seem to be more Moffit’s forte than Carpenters…Carp is a road grader, but obviously isnt as mobile as Moffit, plus he’s still a little rusty. Both are a bit gimpy as well…

    I just want to see Moffit and Carp playing both G positions…it sucks to have a first rounder or a third rounder beaten out by McQ, the epitome of journeyman…

    ITs been so long since we had a solid line that that held up for a month or two straight that I dont even remember what that feels like…I swear I will never take an offensive line for granted again, once this whole thing gets figured out and we have 5 starters all year who get it done…

  19. Boling great work on the blog this week.

  20. DanielleMND says:

    McQuistan is the weak link as a starter. He’s valuable to have on the roster for his versatility, but he shouldn’t start ahead of Carpenter or Moffitt if either is healthy enough to play.

  21. bird_spit says:

    Why is that piece of crap still in Kirkland? I thought we ran him out some time ago..

  22. Stevens is the worst Seahawk EVER. I hate that dude. Last I heard he was arrested with drugs with intent to sell heading into the Bucs hotel during the season…I thought he’d finally get his just desserts and wind up in prison for a few years. But no, guess he can still afford great lawyers…

    What the hell is a gal like Hope Solo doing with such a poor excuse for a human being?!

    When Holmgren came out two-three years ago and insisted he’d draft Stevens again, even knowing all the evil stuff he was up to at UW, I lost most of the respect I had for the best coach Seattle has ever had. Holmgren is another wilfully blind egomaniac busy revising his personal history in his own head.

    AFter reading the PI piece on UW around 2000 with all the dirt on the many, many dastardly things Stevens got up to, I was embarrassed that I ever rooted for the guy. Then I was embarrassed for Holmgren and his poor heirarchy of ethics and loyalty. Now I just wish Stevens would end up paying for being such a scumbag. And Im glad Holmgren isnt part of the Seahawks anymore.

    And that is saying something, as I was a huge Holmgren supporter.

  23. freedom_X says:

    Hope Solo has her own emotional problems, though she is no law-breaker. While it’s a surprise she was engaged to Stevens, it’s no surprise that she might be attracted to such a type of person. She needs some sort of therapy as well, and has a self-destructive streak in her.

  24. DanielleMND says:

    The law has been giving Stevens a pass since he was in high school, even for crimes as serious as an alleged rape.

  25. bbnate420 says:

    Let’s leave the analyzing to the psychologists. Stevens was NOT charged with a crime. The judge determined that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him. That would be clear if people bothered to read the article before calling him out. I’m not saying that he’s a good dude. I don’t know him. He has had a number of run ins with the law, for whatever it’s worth. I don’t give a crap about the marijuana possession charge. I’d rather call him out for running his yapper and then sucking like a leach at the SB!

    STTBM, he was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession. No intent to sell. Why would he be selling it? At least get your facts straight before you call someone out who you don’t even know. It seems like you could use a few tokes to chill out after reading some of your posts on the game chat and earlier in this thread? :-)

  26. bbnate420 says:

    I agree with Duke and some others. Carp should be at LG and Moffitt at RG. McQuistan is a valuable reserve but, he isn’t the caliber of Carp or Moffitt IMO. Even if neither is significantly better than McQuistan right now, neither one of them has even started a whole seasons’ worth of games yet. They should both improve with playing time and better health. I definitely don’t see Ginger being significantly better than Carp or Moffitt. He’s probably fairly even as far as pass blocking, but he’s not the run blocking equal of either of them.

  27. I always knew Stevens was a douche-bag but the news Solo is attached to him and by association is also a moron was a suprise.

  28. montanamike2 says:

    I think the main thing about Carp is the fact that he’s rusty and out of shape. I’ve been waiting for him and Moffitt to shore up the inside so Marshawn can really get going! McQuistan is a good backup. We’re very healthy for this time of year, i hope we make a run in the 2nd half.

  29. bbnate420 says:

    Over/under on Tannehill picks a week form Sun? 2?

  30. bbnate420 says:

    I’d love to see Kam finally get one and ET hold on to a couple. Miami is Schizo and the Hawks are difficult to predict on the road. Should be interesting if nothing else.

  31. bbnate420 says:

    *from Sun

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The perfect future reality show couple. Just think of the millions these two knuckle heads could make doing that. Lol.

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t think Moffitt is overall any better than McQuistan at this stage, and that goes for Carp too, however, (injuries aside) they need to be starting ,imo because of their potential and for the future chemistry of the O-Line.

    BTW- There are some potential good RTs in the 2013 draft.

  34. HawkfaninMT says:

    Yeah after reading the article it sounds like Stevens was involved in a bit of a raucus at his home, during a party. If Solo isn’t pressing charges, and her family was there, I doubt he assualted her.

    That being said, I don’t like the guy. Countless runins with the law, and money/presitge keeping him clean aside… His drops were killer in the Suber Bowl

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Let’s leave the analyzing to the psychologists.”

    Come on now nate, you know that we are all blog prychologists here. Lol.
    I’m just glad we are not leaving all the football analyzing to the professionals. for then we wouldn’t have a blog here at all.

  36. bbnate–Dont be an ass! Get your own facts straight. At the time of his arrest, multiple media–including Profootballtalk and other online news sources etc stated he was arrested with intent to sell. Todays Profootballtalk article says the same, and links to older articles regarding his arrest. Whether or not he was actually charged with that offense, or pled down, I have no idea, nor do I care. Thats legal stuff, which has little to do with guilt or innocence. In this country, justice is bought if found at all.

    Regardless of your opinion on marijuana, only a selfish idiot brings weed to the team hotel before a game, and only a REALLY selfish idiot has enough on him to get charged with intent to sell.

    If you had bothered to read the PI series on all the evil shit that went on with UW football players during Stevens days there, especially the stuff he got up to, and YOU ACTUALLY BOTHERED to read the accounts of the rape he very likely committed, you wouldnt be so hot to say he was innocent. Just because someone wasnt prosecuted, doesnt mean they didnt commit the crime.

    The guy did it. Period. Not to mention the crap he got up to with his partying friends at the apartment/condo he used to live at. Bet you dont know jack about that either. Guys like you make me sick. Go ahead, keep sticking up for someone you know even less about than me.

    And you dont have to be a psychologist to form an opinion on an asshole like Stevens. But you have to be an idiot not to have a negative opinion of him, considering the nature and frequency of his illegal activites.

  37. bbnate420 says:

    STTBM, yes, he was ARRESTED for possession and intent to sell. If you don’t think it matters whether or not he was CHARGED with that, much less CONVICTED which he was not, then you are just an idiot that has gone off the rails. It seems you have anyways with all you hyperbolic ranting of late. “The guy did it. Period.” That is just the height of speculation and stupidity. The judge released him without a charge because of lack of evidence, but I guess you magically know what happened even though you weren’t there and don’t know spit about it from firsthand knowledge. It must be great being that smart.

    It shouldn’t surprise me after our debate about gun regulation. You made some idiotic, easily disprovable claims, and after I thoroughly shot down your nonsense with actual facts, you just ran away. Think whatever retarded nonsense you want, but don’t confuse it with reality. I’m not saying that he’s a good guy. I don’t know him and neither do you. The pattern of reckless driving and DUI bother me, but I don’t need to inflate my own self-esteem by railing against celebrities on the net. I guess it’s a difference between you and me. The other things you mentioned are really just heresay and don’t prove a damn thing. You seem to be rather obsessed with Stevens. Did he beat you up and take your lunch money in high school???? You may “know” more about Stevens than me, but I’m smart enough to know what I don’t know. I’ll leave the hubris of overestimating your knowledge to the providence of mouth-breathers like you. You act as if rumor and innuendo are fact. I bet you would be singing a different tune about the legal process real quickly if you were arrested and charged with something!

    “Just because someone wasnt prosecuted, doesnt mean they didnt commit the crime.” LOL! While technically true, that is just completely STUPID! You’ve never been prosecuted for raping cats I’d assume. But that doesn’t mean that you haven’t. In fact, without any evidence to the contrary, I believe you love to rape cats all the time. I’m going to write about it on the internet. Seems fair to me. Do you see the idiotic extension of your fallacious argument?

  38. bbnate420 says:

    STTBM, also, you may want to take a look in the mirror instead of directing your rage at people you don’t even know. Someone as angry as yourself most likely has some issues of their own. Not to analyze you. :-)

    BTW, if you think that everything reported online and in newspapers is fact, then you might want to go outside into the real world occasionally.

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