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Some quickie Hawk stats before PC presser

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Nov. 12, 2012 at 2:31 pm with 12 Comments »
November 12, 2012 2:31 pm

Quick notes on some stats and NFL rankings before the Monday Night game.

Russell Wilson now stands 12th in the NFL passer ratings (90.5). The Seahawks have had quarterbacks finish the season above 90.0 five times in team history. Six quarterbacks rated lower were overall No. 1 draft picks (Palmer, Stafford, Bradford, Eli Manning, Luck and Newton). Wilson’s fourth-quarter rating of 96.2 is sixth in the NFL, with five TDs and one INT.

Marshawn Lynch is second in the league rushing, still trailing Adrian Peterson (1,128 to 1,005)

Jon Ryan is third in the NFL in average (49.0)  and fourth in net (42.5)

With another interception against the Jets, Richard Sherman is now tied for third in the league with four.

Chris Clemons and Bruce Irvin are tied for 10th in sacks with seven each.

The Hawk total defense is fourth, as is the pass defense. Offensively, they’ve edged up to 27th, although they’re last in passing yards.


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  1. Only twice has a Seahawks QB passed for over 3000 yards AND had a rating over 90.0 – Hasselbeck in 2005 and 2007. Each time Krieg did it he was under 3000 yards.

  2. With this team I don’t think the yardage is nearly important as the effectiveness of each pass play. I like scoring 28+ points per game and throwing the ball 20 to 25 times. :)

    On another note, I’ve been wondering what Rick Mier’s QB rating was in his rookie season. Not that I want to compare he and Wilson, but because so many people thought he was going to be the next Joe Montana and it wasn’t until later we all discovered he couldn’t throw left. I had a similar concern with Wilson in the preseason but his arm strength is just so much better and week to week his timing and accuracy going left have been impressive. (Although I bet he gets graded low for his cross-field throw to Baldwim yesterday. A better DB might have had a pick 6.)

  3. bird_spit says:

    Yeah, Sherm or Browner could have gone for a pick 6 if they were covering Baldwin on that cross field toss. More ball awareness, and that DB would have had an easy one. RW was a gun slinger in the first half. He needed to settle down, so it is a good thing the remedy is very available…a heavy dose of Beast Mode.

  4. freedom_X says:

    Part of QB decision making is situational awareness. Potentially, if the Jets had a Sherman or Browner (or Cromartie) on Baldwin for that cross-field throw – Wilson would be aware enough not to make that pass.

    If Wilson wasn’t/isn’t actually aware of that type of personnel matchup, then he’ll eventually be exposed by making more such throws and getting picked.

    Since I haven’t noticed any tendency like that so far is his season, I’ll assume Wilson did realize who he was up against and factored that in when he chose to make that throw.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m glad we have Jon Ryan on our team. As a whole I think our special teams is playing much better than last year so far.

  6. JazBadAzz says:

    We have a ton of up and coming guys that can wipe the record books for Seattle. I got to stop getting so upset with the should’ve beat this team and all because these guys are soooooo young! Walter Jones is the only safe spot currently in my heart! Go Hawks!

  7. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’ve been wondering as well and here’s what I found. To bomb out in 1992 to go 2-14 we were awarded the #2 overall pick in the draft. The Patriots held the number one pick and took Bledsoe.
    Rick Mirer 1993 rookie season. 486 attempts 274 completions for 2,833 yards. 12TD 17INT.
    68 rushing attempts for 343 yards 5.0 rush average and 3 rushing TDs.
    The most TDs he threw in one season ever as a Seahawk was 13 in 1995 to go along with 20 ints.

    Of course Rick had probably the worst coaching in the history of the Seahawks and an owner that knew zero about football or what type of personal to have run the team. He had natural ability and was very athletic, but wasn’t able to improve accuracy or make better reads and threw tons of ints. It was pretty difficult time to be a Seahawks fan. Many of us felt he could have been a really solid QB as he did break all of Montana’s records at Notre Dame. We know the rest.

    About the only thing these two have in common is the number 3 as in jersey number. Wilson seems so much further along with his natural ability, football smarts, leadership, arm strength, work ethic and intangibles. Of course Wilson was drafted in the 3rd round and is on a way better overall team than Mirer ever got a chance to be on. Let’s hope Wilson continues to perform, improve and lead this team to wins and playoffs victories. From my view, he’s well on his way and it’s a great time to be a Seahawks fan.

  8. freedom_X says:

    Much as I revile the Steelers, I respect them for showing Ta’amu the gate. Easier for them since he wasn’t showing much, but they still had a 4th round pick invested in him.

    Makes me wonder what that guy was up to in college, and whether the Huskies covered it up like Jerramy Stevens. There hadn’t been any public indications of Ta’amu acting up that I had ever seen or heard about. But only one of the Stevens incidents had ever gotten public attention when he was a Husky.

    It’s why the Steelers are the Steelers and the Bengals are the Bengals.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Skavage – I agree with you, as it is now, this isn’t going to be a high passer yardage offense. Wilson is really managing the offense well, the past 3 games especially. I can’t overstate how impressed I was yesterday with how he regained his composure and let the game come to him in the second half. Huh, maybe there’s something to this kid… (lol)

  10. Chawksrule says:

    Here’s another great article on what RW has accomplished so far. Good stuff.

    Go Hawks!!!

  11. MoSeahawk12 says:

    thanks for the link Chawksrule. Nice to see outside sources are noticing many of the talents of our starting rookie QB. He’s starting because he won the job and is performing and winning. Great leader and will keep us in every game. Exciting times man.

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