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Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Nov. 12, 2012 at 7:50 am with 48 Comments »
November 12, 2012 7:50 am

A little programming note for the Seahawks bye week: Pete Carroll will have a press conference this afternoon, but after that, we’ll have no access until next Monday. Eric gets a bye this week, too, so I’ll be driving our Seahawks Insider blog much of the week.

After seeing so many Seahawks needing practice time off last week, it’s obvious this team can use a week to heal up. They go into it with momentum as their 28-7 win over the Jets on Sunday lifted them to 6-4 and brought them into legitimate (although very early) playoff discussion.

Eric’s gamer from yesterday touched on the high points of a game that featured a strong fourth-quarter offensive performance after being a defensive struggle most of the day.

The best quote came from Russell Wilson, who has 11 touchdowns and no interceptions at CenturyLink: “There’s no place like home.”

My column focused on Golden Tate’s recent performance (three touchdown catches and one TD pass in the past two weeks). Tate’s playmaking ability has been obvious from his first days in Seattle, but his professionalism and preparation were suspect initially. I asked him how often he thinks back to his rookie year when he was inactive for the first game of the season because they couldn’t trust him to run the right routes and play with discipline. He said he thinks about it every day, and his goal since then has been to earn their trust. A highlight play was his 13-yard catch in which he somehow invented ways to display his outrageous athleticism.

The best quote on Tate came from guard John Moffitt: “He looks like he can hang in the air like he has some kind of super power.”

John McGrath’s column featured every writer’s favorite Seahawk, cornerback Richard Sherman. Sherman put together another gem, spicing up his usual blanket coverage with an interception and also a fourth-quarter sack-and-strip of Mark Sanchez. As McGrath writes, Sherman read the formation and decided to blitz on his own since there was no receiver to his side.

Best quote from Sherman: “It was a pretty heady play by me … I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but that’s what it is.”

Clare Farnsworth at offers a gamer hitting the high points of the win. Best quote (from Sidney Rice concerning coach Tom Cable’s halftime instructions): “I think we started out a little sluggish in the first half,” Rice offered in the locker room. “But coach Cable came in here at halftime and made a statement that we weren’t playing Seahawk football and we need to go out and execute. So we took that and ran with it in the second half.”

At the Seattle Times, Steve Kelley writes of Marshawn Lynch’s cracking 1,000 yards rushing this season. Of course, Marshawn declined interview requests after the game. Best quote (from back Leon Washington about Marshawn): “With Marshawn, it starts with his attitude.”

Mike Salk at 710ESPN gives credit to offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell for his play calling, particularly exploiting Russell Wilson’s talents with the read-option run. Wilson looks very comfortable with the execution of the read and also with the run. Salk also cites the way in which the playbook was opened up against the complex Jets defense, attacking with the Golden Tate end-around pass and also the flea-flicker with back Robert Turbin.

Mike Sando’s NFC West blog at features this game story about the weird tie between San Francisco and St. Louis. The Rams appeared to have the game in hand, and even could have won it late and in overtime but for a couple penalties. Best quote (from the Rams’ Chris Long about the bruising and competitive game): “…  I think we’re going to see a lot of those battles for years to come here because we are a different team now. I think they know that from playing us now.”

We’ll have further reports on bye-week plans and injury updates, etc., after Pete Carroll’s afternoon press conference.



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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    Welcome back Dave, you are always welcome to drive this bus….

  2. I also give credit to Bevell for his willingness to go to 5 WRs in short to mid range passing situations. This prevents teams from all out blitzing Wilson.

    All out blitz situations with the Seahawks in max protect are troublesome because of Wilson’s inability to stand tall in a pocket full of both defenders and pass blockers.

    I was afraid when this QB derby occurred that Carroll/Bevell would force the same offense on the winner when it was apparent that the offense had to be specifically tailored to the winning QB. It also explains the offense’s struggles in the first 4-8 games of the season as they installed an offense they had very little practice time with.

    But in the end, Carroll and Bevell are doing this right, despite the roars from the fans calling for Flynn early in the season.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    While I think Bevell deserves credit for how he’s managed Wilson (balancing a very limited playbook with still not being too predictable. As Wilson’s command increases, Bevell looks better) some of his playcalling is still quite puzzling to me. The screen to Tate on 3rd and 6 (I believe) was a terrible call. I’m not questioning getting the ball into a playmakers hands, but in that particular case, Tate’s ability to get the first was reliant on poor tackling by the Jets, regardless how athletic he is. That won’t happen against better teams.

    Another trend I’m concerned with is how Bevell will repeat his playcalling. That is, if the bubble screen worked once, he’ll call it several more times. Bootleg, same thing. Now, I have no problem when he does this with inside, power running. Especially later in games, when that’s successful, shove it down their throat. But these perimeter plays and misdirections are not the same thing.

    And Sherman is right, that was a heady play. He said he hadn’t seen that look since early in preseason. To recognize it in week 10 and to pull the trigger, smart, smart football. He really had a solid game yesterday.

  4. CDHawkFan says:

    I like Carroll, but Jeff Fisher is something else. Its hard not to like his style and he doesn’t bitch to the refs much during the game.

    Am I missing anything outside of him coaching an NFC West team, tell me he beat up his grandmother or something.

  5. Ewalters7354 says:

    Welcome back Dave!It would be nice if,you can post more than once a day like Eric lol…

    Pete best hire is definitely Tom Cable.With Kris Richard coming a close second.Tom Cable is the perfect type of coach to have on this team.He doesn’t tolerate poor play and puts this offense in perfect position to set to make plays.Due to a lack of maturity, this offense was stagnant and predictable, now, they are gelling and growing as a team.It’s truly a pleasure to see.

    P.S. Please believe Cable will go basert after he watches the film.Be ready Russ and o-line.Maybe even Bevell lol

  6. I’d like to see Tate get a few carries out of an I or split backfield; something similar to what the Vikings do with Harvin.

    Russell really needs to be a little more careful about the kind of contact he welcomes to his physical being, particularly when he’s scrambling. Saw him take a few too many punishing hits in yesterday’s game, most of which looked avoidable.

    Morgan played surprisingly well. I was very worried about him being a liability against Keller, but it seems Kam took on the chore of dealing with him for most of the game.

    Bobby Wagner is now pulling far ahead of anyone else as this team’s leading tackler. I still say he needs an INT or 2 to get DRoY, or maybe a few more sacks, but I haven’t taken a look at who he’s up against as far as that award goes.

  7. Ewalters7354 says:

    Jeff Fisher is a great coach.Give him time, and ths Rams are gonna be contenders.

    Yesterday on the live chat a lot of fans were bitching about how Rice is overpaid and not real good.Then he caught the first td, and those same folks called him a stud.Lol…hawk fans at best

  8. Ewalters7354 says:

    Sekolah, Chandler Jones is having a heck of a season.He has about 6 or 7 sacks and a td already.So I believe he’s the
    leading candidate right now.

  9. Duke I don’t disagree with your posts all that often but I wouldn’t be concerned with Bevell using similar play calls. He calls similar plays from different packages in regards to abstract things like bubble screens, bootlegs, and misdirection. They don’t run a whole a lot of sweep or toss plays to stretch the defense horizontally. It’s one way to stretch the opposing D and allow himself to call more inside, power run, bread and butter stuff on an honest defense.

    Part of keeping them honest is using similar plays until the opposing defense decides to account for those plays and stop them for long gains

  10. @Duke

    Yeah, Bevell’s play selection at times has had me pretty hot, but it’s working. How many more defenses is Bevell’s offense going to burn with that option reverse? Not sure, but you can believe that every opponent from here on out will be on notice, and that can open up other things. I am not so sure I would call the Jets defense all that bad though, despite their ranking. That team has a lot of hitters, kind of like Seattle. And yesterday sure felt like they gave Seattle their best shot despite the circumstances. I see Tate bounce off of a lot of would-be tacklers, making it look like a lesson in bad form and wrap technique. He did the same thing in college. He’s not an easy tackle.

  11. @EWalt

    Yeah, forgot about Chandler Jones. He’s got 6 sacks. Bruce Irvin now has 7, so…
    Sacks generally do decide DRoY honors, that and raw INT numbers. That’s why I think Bobby can win this thing if he grabs an INT or two. Bobby’s going to get his 120+ tackles, provided he stays healthy.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    HawksKD – I hear what you are saying, and agree to a point. But as an example, yesterday after Wilson’s first successful bootleg in the third, Ewalters and I both commented that we’d be seeing it again soon. Sure enough, 3 plays later, out of the same Posse personnel (311) they ran it again, to the exact same side. If two dumbbells on a live chat know what’s coming, DCs certainly will. And that’s my point, these aren’t the same plays out of different personnel groupings that I’m arguing against, it’s literally the exact same play. But look, if it keeps being successful, then so be it. But if / when DCs start punishing the offense for being predictable, I’ll really start complaining, until then I guess, I should take the success and keep quiet.

  13. jawpeace says:

    The thing that was great about the play action bootlegs that Wilson ran, was how he set it up; several times in the game he handed off to Lynch and then ran around the end without the ball. What was really great about the fakes is Wilson did not just jog around the end during the fakes; he ran hard. Then came the bootleg and it looked exactly the same as before; only this time Wilson had the ball and the Jets bit it hard. Also what made the play great was Wilson’s smarts to get down and not get creamed.
    What I liked about the play calling later in the game was the different looks that came out of what appeared to be the same play. Now opposing defenses are going to have to consider the wrinkles that were imposed. This will take away the defense aggression and lead to more tentative playing.
    After the bye we should be back to our starting roster.
    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ewalters7354 says:

    HawksKD, I’m not sure what games you are watching, but Bevell didn’t change up anything.The zone read was used like Duke said, three plays apart.Though it was successful, you can’t constantly use something that “works” and think teams won’t
    adjust.Harbaugh is the exact same way.Against the hawks he ran the same plays and the hawks refused to adjust.That kind of play calling can really cost this team in the long run if things ever fall on Wilson’s shoulders.

  15. But does Bevell wait until they stop it, then give the same look again and then run some type of misdirection?

  16. Dave Boling says:

    –The point on wanting further Tate involvement: Absolutely. He had three touches yesterday … two were scores and the third one of the best catch/runs of the season. I have lobbied that he be the punt returner, too. We may recall that great return he had against Denver as a rookie, but he was replaced because of his spotty decision-making. It seems the maturity he’s showing in other aspects of his game would appear as a returner, too. Of course, Leon’s impact as kickoff return already has been diminished by the new rules, and to take him off punt returns would be another issue.

    –About Cable’s value: He’s definitely crucial in establishing an attitude of toughness on this team. I’ve found it interesting, though, that he’s very much a teacher in practices … not a lot of yelling and screaming, etc. I like to put the binoculars on the sidelines during games to see who is getting something re-taped, who might be limping or working on things with other players. It was interesting to see Cable going over photos of the Jets’ defensive alignments with Max Unger a number of times. It was pretty clear there were some things that were getting missed and needed to be ironed out. It worked: Of the four sacks, only one came in the second half.

    –On whether Fisher punched his grandmother: I doubt that he would punch his grandmother, however I strongly suspect he’d punch anybody else’s if it helped him win a game. I think Fisher has really upped the ante in the division. The Rams’ fake punt was a daring but effective maneuver that was not specifically called for that situation, but was one that Fisher had green-lighted whenever a certain situation arose.

    –About the play calling: I haven’t had much reason for second-guessing lately. I agree with jawpeace’s statement about the value of certain plays in setting up others, and also manipulating the defense’s approach. Reverses, screens, draws, etc., might not gain yards, but they can help manage defenses that sell out on pass rush or blitzes, or are vulnerable to over-pursuing.

  17. Ewalters7354 says:

    Dave, good stuff sir!

  18. Before we go too far in complimenting Jeff Fisher (and I think he’s upped the ante in our division too . . .), let’s not forget that he allowed his team’s playclock to run down to zero, thereby negating a game-winning 53 yd FG by his rookie kicker, AND he had a time out left.

    Just thinking that people would be calling for PC’s head if he had a game-losing mistake like that . . .

  19. Unrelated question – – did anyone watch Kaepernick yesterday, and what did you all think of his play?

  20. Dukeshire says:

    “I doubt that he would punch his grandmother, however I strongly suspect he’d punch anybody else’s if it helped him win a game.”

    Lol! Classic.

  21. Ewalters7354 says:

    pdway, from what I seen Kapernick play ok.But he wasn’t asked to do much.He can’t read a defense to ssve his life, so they tried to pound the ball like they were early last year.

    But the niners D has been getting torched a bit this season..

  22. Ewalters7354 says:


  23. pabuwal, I’ll continue to roar for Flynn when Wilson tanks it on the road. As long as Wilson is playing good ball against mediocre or better defenses on the road, I’ll keep my mouth shut, but as soon as he soils himself against Chicago, I’m going to be calling for Flynn to be put in.

    It’s the nature of the beast, when you make a controversial decision (like Carroll did to start RW over Flynn), there’s going to be questions until the decision is 100 percent indisputable. I THINK he’s progressing well, and rapidly, but he struggled against a good defense at home yesterday, which made me a little sick.

  24. There haven’t been many (any?) Seahawks QBs that played consistently “good ball” on the road against good teams.

    Remember, Hasselbeck had something like a 3-30 road record against teams that finished the year with a winning record.

    Putting the expectation that a Rookie QB is going to come in and immediately outplay one of the top 2 QBs in franchise history is way overreaching. It’s no different than criticizing a rookie for inconsistent play in his first few games, especially with very few meaningful training camp reps with his pass catching targets.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    You don’t pull your franchise qb out and replace him with the backup just because he has a bad game on the road now and then. And one could argue that Wilson is getting better on the road the more he plays.

    With that logic I guess it’s time to pull Eli Manning out and replace him because he has been playing bad the last two games.

    Some fans seem to forget just how hard it is for even good teams to win on the road. What was Hasselbecks road record while he was here? And he was a pro Bowl qb.

  26. On a different note… there are so many great personalities on this team, it’s hard not to imagine the national media falling in love with them should the Hawks get to the Super Bowl.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would love to see Irvin go beyond double digit sacks this year. Does anyone know what the Seahawk rookie record for sacks is?

  28. MoSeahawk12 says:

    It seems odd to hope that the starting QB plays poorly in any game let alone a NFC game against Chicago and losses the game so that you can tell everyone that you were right, but to each their own when cheering for the Seahawks or any other team. The Seahawks are 6-4 and Flynn hasn’t played one down and will not play this season unless Wilson is injured. We all know you had wished for that to happen early on, joking or not we all get you want the backup. Of course he struggled, QBs much better than Wilson do it every week. Did you watch Eli yesterday? He sucked and lost. Yet the guy has two SB wins. Wilson is far from and maybe never gets there. Long time pro bowl QBs don’t win every game every week. Again Wilson is not one of them, not close.

    The controversial decision is based on what? Professional coaching experience that nobody on this blog has. Based on countless hours of evaluation and behind closed doors situations. What the media saying that Flynn should start cause be makes more money? The professional sports media doesn’t speak about Flynn at all anymore. They have all watched every game and have much more access than you or I.

    Wilson is generating positive comments from all of them. These are people that work in Pro sports for a living. That doesn’t always make them right or their opinions accurate, but they seem to get paid for their comments, unlike anyone here. He is winning games, yes 5 at home only one on the road, but he’s winning. It’s not like the road losses were blowouts. Every game we had a chance at the end. Missed blocks, bad passes, dropped passes, poor tackling, bad play calls, whatever excuse you want to put there, all contributed to each loss. Team sport, team wins and loses. Hoping that Wilson plays poorly is like rooting for the Seahawks to pick in the top five in next years draft. Hey we got a great pick….but we didn’t make the playoff and get to stay at the bottom again and again. Maybe enjoy the Browns or Jags.

    Join the Jets, they have a starting QB that is on his fourth year and he looked like a rookie Sunday. Their season is over along with the Eagles, Lions, Panthers, Browns, Raiders, Chargers, Chiefs and another dozen teams.

  29. Sacks weren’t kept as official stats until after Jacob Green’s Rookie Year. Maybe Brian Bosworth held the Seahawks Rookie Record with 4?

    In any event, I would guess that Bruce Irvin has it now.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Jevon Kearse had 14.5 sacks his rookie year,( an NFL rookie record) for the Titans.

    Irvin would need to step it up for that record, however 10-12 would be awesome.

  31. MoSeahawk12 says:

    7 and a half sacks by a Leroy Hill as rookie in 2005. Irvin half sack from that. I’m betting he gets the record.

    Seattle has averaged 27.3 points over their last three games, good for 5th in the NFL over that span. Russell Wilson has a passer rating of 115.2 rating for those three games with seven touchdowns and one interception while completing 68% of his throws. Only Drew Brees and Josh Freeman have been better in that time. Wilson has 105.3 rating in his last five games, which includes a 0.0 rating for the second half of the 49ers game. Only Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Freeman and Brees are better over that time. Wilson’s 15 passing touchdowns already rank as the 16th-best rookie total in NFL history, with six games left to play. His on pace for 24 touchdowns, which would be two shy of Manning’s rookie record, and he’s doing it with 10 fewer pass attempts per game. No other rookie in NFL history has had more passing touchdowns through his first 10 games. Let that sink in.

    Thank you Hawk Blogger for the information.

  32. Ewalters7354 says:

    So the QB controversy continues…lol

  33. MoSeahawk12 says:

    For 99% of us, there is no controversy. There are facts. Wilson starter. Flynn backup. The way it will be the rest of the year. Flynn hopefully we still be around next year as he is a very capable QB and would serve as a guy that could come in and play well if Wilson was injured. If not, his salary is pretty low for a starter, high for backup, but I’m guessing several teams might want to kick the tires. I’m thinkin Chiefs, Jags, Jets, Eagles, Raiders…..any of Radeon’s teams.

  34. Ewalters7354 says:

    I guarantee if this QB convo gets started, this thread will be FULL of comments.Lol…get ready guys…

  35. jchawks08 says:

    Yea, pretty ignorant post by Radeon. As long as you guys keep feeding him, he’ll live on.
    As a Flynn camper, yea, there’s not a chance he sees the field unless there’s an injury. And I’m perfectly fine with that. RW has proven that he is everything we thought he was. Cool, calm, collected, accurate, intelligent, deceptive, et al, all with the mini-rocket arm. I’m amazed weekly at his seemingly countless abilities.
    Great time to be a ‘Hawks fan.

  36. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks for the link @MoSeahawk12.
    Good read.

  37. Dave, What kind of gum does Petey chomp on?
    Does he have a home flavor and an away flavor?
    Plz anything but QB contro..

  38. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Lynch over 1,000 after 10 games is huge. Hasn’t happened this early in the season since Shaun in 2005. And he was running behind the HOF, Pro Bowl line that season, so it says a lot about Lynch and the solid effort this years line is putting out.

    6-4 this season. 4-6 last year. 5-5 in 2010. 3-7 in 2009. 2-8 in 2008 on way to 4-12 season. This years team is sitting better than the previous four. Every game lost this year has been decided by 7 points or less and went down to the very end of the game. 0 blowouts.

    Tate and Rice are developing good chemistry with Wilson. This should only continue.

  39. bird_spit says:

    I finally caught the 4th Q via Rewind. Classic RW/Seahawks era win. I really believe this will be the best era of hawks ball. Pete Carroll football is a lot of fun to watch, and I can’t think of a hawks or nfl team I’d rather watch and be a fan. It can’t get any better than this..other than the 2013 hawks, which I suspect these guys will patch some of the minor holes on the team.

    I have called for a trade of Tate for years. Wow, I was wrong. That guy rocks. A healthy Rice and Golden Tate could be something if they had a healthy Baldwin or other hot shot slot player. More weapons would help Bevell with play calling as well.

    Looking forward to a win in Miami.

    Go hawks!

  40. “And I’m perfectly fine with that. RW has proven that he is everything we thought he was. Cool, calm, collected, accurate, intelligent, deceptive, et al, all with the mini-rocket arm. I’m amazed weekly at his seemingly countless abilities. Great time to be a ‘Hawks fan”

    Amen to all that, agreed, good times these days, I find myself just wanting this season to last as long as possible.

  41. Dave Boling says:

    Mocarob … good question. Not sure if Pete’s got a favorite gum variety. I can tell you this bit of worthless insight. When they were still in the old building in Kirkland, on draft day, they turned one of their downstairs meeting rooms into the media center. The closest men’s room, then, was the coaches’ locker room. Near the door were boxes and boxes of chewing gum for their convenience. So … I suspect Pete chews whatever is free.

    I’d like to congratulate Bird Spit for making a comment I’m not sure I’ve seen on this blog: “… I was wrong.” Kudos, Bird!!!

  42. seahawksteven777 says:

    Radeon acts as if Flynn is much better than Wilson. Wilson has more in game experience than Flynn and if you bench Wilson, you’re just inhibiting his development for this year. He’s getting better each week and he’ll continue to.

    On a side note, I read somewhere that Wilson is on pace for 24 touchdowns. If that comes to fruition, he will join only Peyton Manning as the only rookie quarterback to throw for 24 touchdowns.

  43. Southendzone says:

    Before we get too caught up in the Jeff Fisher love-fest, go read Barnwell’s monday post on Grantland. He takes him to task for 2 poor decisions in yesterday’s game. 1 of the 2 fake punts, and another one that is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves:

    You’re fighting for a late game score, get a big play down to the red zone, you’ve got say 1:30 left and all your time outs. Coach calls one immediately. This is where the time you feel like you just saved, you really are giving it to the other team after you (hopefully) score. This is one that Holmgren used to screw up in his early years with us but he learned how to get it right later on.

    If the Hawks ever post a job opening for “Person that makes simple clock management decisions for our coaching staff on the sidelines that a 4th grader should get right”, my resume is ready and waiting.

  44. EastCoastFan51 says:

    This team is growing game by game and its noticeable. In years past allowing a wounded team to hang around like yesterday always spelled disaster. Not anymore. Wilson is the real deal and has PROVED it, many talking heads not associated with the Hawks see his true talent and I haven’t heard any one of them calling for Flynn….is Wilson great? Not yet but he will be he is still a rookie and the staff are learning his best talents. Can he throw for over 400 yards a game? I’m sure he can but he’s not asked to either. Would you rather have him throw for 400 yards like Matt Ryan yesterday? Well Ryan lost so how do those stats look now? Lets put the qb arguement to rest, the coaches recognize the better qb and thats all that matters….its not like they chose sanchez over tebow ala rex ryan. Not saying tebow is great but sanchez is horrible and thats a coach that is afraid of pulling his high priced qb for fear of what ownership would do….pete didn’t worry about and picked the best qb to run his team. Done deal…oh and the loses on the road are not all wilsons fault…our defense laid avturd in arizona and detroit so how is wilson judged there?

  45. The next 2 to 3 years in the NFC West is going to be absolutely crucial for all teams in terms of which team either gets their franchise QB, or which QB on their existing roster becomes that guy. Because let’s face it, all teams in the West now have a strong nucleus on D. Fisher’s teams of the past have always been more about strong defense and ball controlled offense; just like Seattle and San Fran, just like Whiz *wants* that Cardinals team to be.

    The Rams are dealing with the fact that Steven Jackson is on the downswing of his career, and they have limited options in terms of offensive play makers. Now I suppose the Rams could knock it out of park in next year’s draft, and with the way they’re playing now they’re probably locked into the top 10 at least. I am curious to see how Fisher balances the load between offense and defense. They have the QB, but he doesn’t have much in the way of receiving threats.

    I give the 9’ers an edge based on their front seven, and their OL. Their secondary is not as good as Seattle’s; not even close, IMO. At this point, Alex Smith is really just a game managing QB. He’s supported by a great OL, and a strong defense; has been for years. He is still yet to throw for 20 TD’s or more in a single season, and when the wheels fall off on Gore (turns 30 next year), they better have a real replacement ready.

  46. EWalters – I’m pretty sure I’m watching the same game you are.

    We obviously have different takes on the same subject. So I will point out a piece of your post that you wrote…

    “Though it was successful” – I need not address this.

    “you can’t constantly use something that ‘works’ and not think a team will adjust to it” –

    EWalters…………..that is the point…. To force the team to adjust to it. So that you can constantly use something that ‘works’. I.e the power run game.

    Are we still watching the same game?

  47. On the play calling front there are still a few things that bother me.

    i.e. for a better part of the 2nd and 3rd quarters is was frustrating that we could get about a 4-6 yard run on first down and then seemingly running the same play on 2nd down and consistently getting stuffed. That is a great time to use Play action IMO – Eventually in the 4th quarter they did some of that.

    We Must now figure out how to:

    1. Play a higher level defense on the road – we have much shorter streaks of good defense on the road

    2. Going back the better part of 5 years now – play decent offense on the road.

    We don’t have to be perfect by any means but far better than we have been. I am getting tired of hoping for 8 wins at home so that we have a “chance” to be above .500 and maybe get a playoff birth.

    I am waiting for the day when 10-6 (or better) is ALWAYs expected and 9-7 is the disappointment year. Yes we are building to get there, but I like most fans am impatient!!

  48. @xcman

    In regards to lack of play-action on 2nd downs earlier in the game, the Jets schemed Seattle’s offense well. They were selling out in such a way, between line stunts, slants, and blitzes that they would have still been in a good position to mess up any kind of play-action thrown at them. Mebane made a reference to this earlier in the year (because Seattle’s D employs the same type of schemes against their opponents) as stopping the run on the way to the QB. It’s no secret anymore; Seattle is one of the top teams in the league right now in terms of running a lot of play-action. Teams prepare for it now accordingly.

    Bevell made adjustments at the half, but like you said, it wasn’t until the 4th qtr. that we really started to take advantage. Attribute some of that to the Jets D being fatigued, as well as the run game starting to really open up. As much as it can be frustrating to watch the offense sputter early on in games, the offense is basically designed to win games this way; or what Pete has been referring to as “finishing”. Marshawn is such a physical runner that by the 4th qtr. those linemen and linebackers are worn down from having to tackle him all game long. That’s the kind of edge a violent runner like Lynch gives this team and why he is beloved by his teammates.

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