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Seahawks postgame quotables: Russell Wilson, Golden Tate, Sidney Rice, Richard Sherman and more

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November 11, 2012 7:01 pm
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(opening… ) No place like home.

(On getting pressure on him, and then making adjustments…) That was a huge win for us.  They did some great things on defense, they disguised some things and we’re just salvaging the play, just trusting what we’ve been working on, and luckily in the second half, we put some things together and made some plays, got protected long enough to make some plays, and guys made some great catches and Golden Tate’s throw and Sidney beating that defender on a seam route, that was a beautiful job by him, and that was huge.

(On using the read-option…) In terms of the read option, it makes it tough on the defense because people are spread out.  The goal is to hand it off to Marshawn; give the ball to him and let him make the play and get a big gain.  Once I carry the football, I’m just trying to get 5, 10 yards and make a positive play out of it, be smart and get down.  A couple of them, I was able to get loose and get more than just 5 or 10 yards; I think a 20 yarder maybe, or whatever.  Another one to continue the drive on.  I think that’s big for us to be able to change it up in terms of our run looks.  Coach Cable and Coach Bevell do a tremendous job of giving us great looks in practice, and getting us ready.

(On whether his getting outside helped slow down their rush…) In terms of the ends, they did a good job of mixing it up.  You really just have to trust your reads.  They did a good job of coming up field, and that’s when I hand it off to Marshawn and sometimes they bit on the fake a little bit, and I just carried it out.  I think the biggest thing there is to continue to try to trust your reads and continue to get positive gains out of it.  We do so many things, obviously we throw the ball out of shotgun; it’s hard for them to defend it because of how many options that we have.

(On why the read option is more effective recently…) We didn’t really start running it until the past several weeks.  In the past 4 weeks in terms of running it on a consistent basis.  We do so many different things in terms of the run game.  Coach  Cable did a great job of getting us ready throughout the week, in terms of the offensive line and the running backs and for me to understand what we’re trying to do, and Coach Bevell as well calling the right play for those situations.  I think that just being versatile, and being able to do different things, in terms of the running game and the passing game, it really puts pressure on the defense.

(On their pass rush in the first half…) They did a great job.  They a couple things to us, in terms of disguising and there were a couple of good calls, where we were going the other way in terms of protection and they brought it late.  The good thing there is that we didn’t make any bad decisions; we salvaged the play most of the time, and we made some big plays, too, when we needed them on third downs.  The drive where we continued to make third downs was huge for us, and that’s crucial down the road, too.  It’s a learning experience, and you keep learning from it, and you keep growing from it, and the ability to adjust is crucial, and we definitely did that tonight.

(On the Jets defense…) There were a couple of plays where they got to me, and I was so close to getting away, or so close to making that throw, and they just got to me when I wasn’t expecting it, or whatever.  They did a good job, and we did a good job of stopping them in terms of the second half, we did a great job of that.

(On his fumble…) I got hit funny, and I was trying to get ready to go down, and the guy just hit the ball out.  It was a good play by them.

(On Golden Tate’s throw…) First of all, the way he got it off was so awkward.  The throw was on the money; hitting him two steps in in the back of the end zone.  It was a great throw.   But the play that he made of the night, to be honest with you, besides the [touchdown] catch that he had was the bubble.  I think it was third down, and he made some people miss.  He jumped up in the air, and I thought, ‘oh-oh, this is going to be bad’ and he just bounced off of it.  He has those cat-like reflexes, and he just did a great job of continuing to make a play and guys blocked for him, and we got a huge first down there.

(On Tate’s touchdown catch…) It was just putting it in a spot where nobody else could get it.  He’s done a great job of attacking the football.  That was a great job by him.  He has very, very strong hands.

(On where the team stands going into the bye week…) I think the biggest thing is that we’re 6 and 4.  We have to focus on the next game and the next opportunity.   We have a break right here, so getting away and relaxing a little bit, just refocusing on things that we’ve done well and things we haven’t done so well.  We have a tough schedule ahead of us.  We had a very, very tough schedule the first half of the season and now I think that we’re in a rhythm, in terms of offensively, and defensively, and special teams.  We just have to keep coming together.  The first half of the season, we’ve struggled on the road a little bit, just came up with a couple of tough losses and we came up with some huge wins at home.  The biggest thing is just translating it over to the second half, using what we’ve learned in the first half, and just taking off.  I think we have that ability to take off right now, and make some plays in terms of offensively and defensively and special teams as well.

(On whether he can allow himself to relax…) I think so, definitely.  I think the biggest thing is to relax the mind and relaxing the body more than anything; it’s been a long season so far.  I played college football; when you play college football you don’t have as many times, but I’m so used to being active, because of football and baseball.  I think the biggest thing is relaxing my body more than anything, and getting ready to go, the week after.

(On what Marshawn Lynch going over 1000 yards means to the team…) He’s vital to our football team.  His ability to make people miss; his ability to run over people and just continue, when everybody is on him, just to continue to get 4 more yards on a 2 yard run; it’s just unbelievable.  The offensive line is doing a tremendous job of helping him, and the receivers and tight ends are doing a great job of blocking up for him.  I think the biggest thing with Marshawn is that his ability to make plays is really exceptional.  That’s what makes him the best running back in the National Football League.

CB Richard Sherman

(On his interception…) “It was just cover two and I was sitting in the flat waiting for him to throw it and he tossed it up.”
(On his sack…) “It’s just our scheme. The backside is always going to be locked if there’s a tight end, but they brought an extra tackle in as third tight end. So I knew he wasn’t going to go out for a route so I cant cover anybody, so instead of covering I blitzed and nobody was there to pick me up. We haven’t seen that look since maybe the first day of camp. It’s one of those looks you rarely get because there is rarely a time you’re going to have a tackle lined up as a tight end who you know for sure is going to stay in and block. It just happened to be the luck of the draw.”
(On what was better the interception or the forced fumble and sack…) “That was my first sack ever so I think the sack today might have been the better play. It felt good, I never thought I was going to get a sack because they never send me on blitzes. They just make me cover, but that was a great play.”
(On being able to keep them out of the end zone…) “That’s a testament to the entire defense.  The front seven played great, and we tried to tackle well in the back end. I think everybody played a great game, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas were tackling their behinds off, Brandon Browner was batting balls down whenever they came his way, and there wasn’t a lot of tackles to be made because the line was getting on everything. Bruce Irvin had a great game.”

John Moffitt
(On Russell Wilson’s slow start…) “I think that just shows his strong character because he stuck around and stuck with it, and finished the game right. Everyone is going to have bumps in the road, everybody is going to have those games, but if you look at the upside of it he kept his composure the whole game.”
(On the run game and sticking with it…) “I don’t think we did anything special personally, we just fit our blocks better and focused on the basics and fundamentals a little bit more and it worked.”

Bruce Irvin
(On how getting two sacks before the break felt…) “It was a sign of relief man. Knowing that we have a week off coming up, I need those. So I just kept pushing. Like before I knew they would come I just have to keep working hard each and every play.”
(On what does he plan on accomplishing during the bye week…) “I’m going to work a little bit, but I’m going back to Morgantown to see my boys play Oklahoma.

Golden Tate

(On if Sidney Rice is going to be mad at him because he has a perfect passing rating now…) “No because he caught a touchdown on that play. I wouldn’t be mad.
(On the improvement of the offense every game…) “Yeah, just constant improvement. We’re going to keep growing I think. We just keep going in with the mindset that we need to get better, and we’re always going to continue to get better. Today the first half wasn’t pleasant as an offense, but we got it going. It’s a four quarter game and the defense held it down, and the second half we came out and we were ready.”
(On what’s it mean heading into the bye week with a winning record…) “It’s huge. We really wanted to get this win and we prepared like the bye week was six weeks away. I didn’t even think about the bye. We came out and we played a hard game, and that’s a good team that we beat regardless of what the record says, they have some really good players, but we came out and found a way to get it done.”
(On how he felt Russell Wilson played today…) “He did a great job. He used his feet, he used his arms, he made some good calls, so I’m very impressed with how he played.”
(On how they are finding different ways to get him the ball…) “That’s just what type of player I am. Just get me the ball any way you can; in the backfield, a reverse, a pass, whatever it is. My mindset is any time a get the ball I can make something special happen, a touchdown, a big first down in a crucial moment, a big gain, that’s just how I am. That’s how I approach every single ball that comes my way because I don’t know how many I’m going to get so I want to make the most out of every single ball that comes my way. For me to do that it starts in practice and how I prepare myself for the game. It’s just me playing hard and getting the opportunities from the coaches and the quarterback.”

Sidney Rice
(On his touchdown catch from Golden Tate and if he ever thought they would call that play in the game…) “Yeah most definitely, they trust us with the ball. Teams have seen me run the reverse so many times so it was time to switch it up. It was a great play call at the right time and Golden was able to get the ball to me in the back of the end zone.”
(On Golden Tate’s pass…) “After it left his hands it was beautiful. Before that it was suspect. I saw the replay and it took him about four or five seconds to throw the ball and I’m in the back of the end zone waiting on him to let it go, but he did a good job getting the ball off.”
(On what the win means going into the bye week…) “I think we started off a little sluggish in the first half, but Coach Cable came in here at halftime and made a statement that we weren’t playing Seahawk football and we need to go out and execute. So we took that and ran with it in the second half.”
(On his recent success the last few games…) “We just have more opportunities. We said we were going to take some shots into the end zone, and that’s what we’ve been doing. Golden Tate has been making some great plays down the sideline getting in the end zone, bubble screens, or whatever we may have. But we’re throwing the ball in the end zone now, and that’s what happens when you have a receiver that can make plays and a quarterback that can move out of the pocket and find people.”


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  1. Thanks Ryan I love reading these. I’m surprised that I really miss Carpenter & am losing confidence in Moffitt. He looks small out there, not very athletic, doesn’t seem to have that nasty streak we heard about coming out of Wisconsin. I could be wrong the guy has had to fight just to stay on the field. I love where this team is @ heading into the bye, we’re primed to make a run you guys, I think my preseason win total is going to be spot-on. Too bad I never bet on my favorite teams.

  2. mindnbrad says:

    Anyone else notice the tat on Sherm’s left shoulder? “Humble”

    Love it.

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