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Jets postgame quotables: Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and more

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November 11, 2012 7:08 pm
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Head Coach Rex Ryan

(Opening…) “Obviously that’s a brutal loss right there. We had some opportunities, especially early in the game. We made some critical errors which we still thought we would be able to overcome it in the second half but obviously that wasn’t the case. We were making some plays there in the second half and we stressed all week long trying to get takeaways and I thought we did a good job of that especially early and then at the end you try to make plays but you have to tackle and obviously we have to tackle better and not go for the strip. You got to secure the tackle and then go for the turnover.   But that’s what happens a lot of times when you get behind.  It’s no excuse whatsoever. We have to get better -players, coaches we know it.  We had two weeks to prepare for this game and we thought we were prepared and knew we were prepared.  It’s just really disappointing, made critical mistakes in the red zone again and then we give up three passes in the high red when you know this is a team that’s what they do is take shots down there.  They executed better than we do obviously.”

(On why the offense hasn’t been productive last two weeks…..) “Well I think you have to give the opponent some credit, those guys get after the quarterback pretty good and I think if you’re short of that you don’t give the opponent enough credit and obviously they deserve a lot of credit.   We have to get better collectively. Again, we were excited going into the game. They just did a much better of executing than we did obviously.”

(On running out of time…..) “Yeah, I mean I don’t know how many more losses you want to spot somebody before you think you can make the playoffs.  It’s about a 2% chance of making the playoffs or something like that with a record that we have but again were going to take that shot.  There is not one quit in any of these guys – there is no chance of that. We are going to get after it and find a way to get better.  We have been working at it and working our tails off. It just hasn’t gone our way yet.”

(On red zone mistake and others…..) “Well it’s a critical error those are things that really kill you down there but it wasn’t just his error we had a false start on a third-and-one that Tebow was going to walk in on that counter play but now you make it a third-and-six and it’s a turnover.  Those are critical errors against a good football team and playing on the road is tough enough playing against an opponent. We have to do a much better job of that.  We have stressed it over and over. We just have to find a way to understand where we are coming from and not have those things happen again.”

(On Sanchez going forward…) “Again I know this is a common theme but if it was on one guy it’s easy to fix.  But it’s much more. We have had protection breakdown, there are dropped passes, guys aren’t getting open – there are other things involved in it. But again, yes we will stick with Mark and we know he has to get better and everybody around him has to get better – coaches, players, everybody.”

(On why sticking with Mark…..) “Because I believe we can win with Mark and I believe that we can win with Tebow but I’m not going to let you or anyone else convince me otherwise.  Because this is how I feel.  It gives us the best opportunity to win games and that’s the only reason I make any move.”

(On self-inflicted wounds…) “Well it definitely is frustrating. There is no doubt it’s frustrating.   Our guys, we know we have worked extremely hard at it but what matters is what shows up on Sundays and clearly it wasn’t by a lack of emphasis but it’s about execution and clearly we have to get better or we will continue to struggle. “

(On the defensive performance….) “I thought we had a good plan. I think our guys were playing hard and executing it.  We talked about forcing turnovers and getting after the quarterback and that was all there.  But in the fourth quarter it’s not acceptable to tackle the way we did and I understand we are trying to make plays but it starts by fundamentals and it is no different than a quarterback forcing the ball. If you have a job to do, we have to get it done.  That old saying I talk about, you can’t hit a three run homer with no one on base and it’s the same thing on defense. You’ve got to get the guy on the ground. Forget about trying to get the turnover. We’ve got to get the guy on the ground first and then get the guys–your second and third guys are guys that generally have the best shot at forcing turnovers.”

(On the trick play…) “They ran it before; there were other things involved. You know a guy makes a jump ball up there.  I thought Kyle was in good position the kid just threw a perfect pass and you know the kid does throw a nice deep ball and the guy ended up making a play on it.  Those are things you understand in this game but are things you don’t accept.  We have to get better.”

(On team’s reaction in locker room….) “I don’t know. I guess you would have to ask them.”

(On being more emotional after this loss than others….) “I don’t know. Every single one of them hurts guys, every one of them.  I don’t know about today, the first game, you know, whatever – whenever you lose it stinks because you pour everything you’ve got into it.  I guess I’m always that way.”

(On believing in Sanchez…) “Well that’s what I believe.  It’s what I believe to be the truth. Why do I believe it? Because I believe it, I don’t care what you think or anybody else I believe it.  In my heart, I believe it.  Now, granted, I’ve had I don’t know how many years experience coaching football and I put my trust in him.”

(On Tebow playing…) “Well he is a good football player and we want to use him. We want to use his skills.  That was certainly our plan going into it.  He’s a good football player and we try to get him involved. “


(On the red zone interception…) “It just a bad decision. Strung the play out too long and got greedy. That kind of stuff happens when you do that so its my job to move on to the next play and kick a field goal get us some points and get out of there. That was the start of the turn of things going bad. I have to play better than that so it’s on me.”

(On if he was trying to do too much when he fumbled…) “I was trying to get rid of it and the ball was getting wet towards the end of the game. I have to go down. When the play is over its over and we had something going. I was just competing my butt off trying to get rid of it and dump it at the back’s feet and get back to the line of scrimmage for second down. But once again I need to make better plays than that. We can’t win with the way I played today. I have to take care of the ball better and help us. Our defense kept us in it especially early and then self-inflicted wounds. Those things that we talked about coming back from bye-week really came back to bite us so its too bad.”

(On if he spoke with Pete (Carroll) after the game…) “Yeah I spoke with him before and after the game, it was great. Just the same as always. He was excited, he asked about my parents and my family so it was great.”

(On if the Jets can still make a run…) “No question. That is the most frustrating thing because are missing opportunities and we have them right there. We have opportunities to make plays. Its my job to do everything right and put us in the right position and not hurt our team.. I know we have the talent, I know we have the coaching, its just a matter of executing and making good decisions. We have to play a clean football game. Have one of those games where we don’t have any turnovers, very few to zero penalties and just be a little more efficient. I know we can do it. I have seen our guys do it. It just has to turn and it starts with me.”

(On if he was able to get into a rhythm during the game…) “A little bit. We were moving it okay. I thought we ran the ball and there were a couple of times where we had a couple of completions. We have to be better on third down to extend drives and keep us in a rhythm as a group, as an offense and not just the quarterback.”

(On if he was trying to do too much…) “I knew better than that. I know I can make better decisions than that because I have done it in the past, I have played at a high level for this team. Its not whether or not I have the ability to do that its just a matter of making it happen come gameday. We are going through a bit of a slump here, we will be fine, we will just dig out way out. The only way to do it is to keep competing, keep staying positive and build up our guys, keep working at it, don’t dance around the problems. Red zone turnovers are hurting this team so I have to be better. Sack fumbles are hurting this team so I have to be better. We have to eliminate those so that’s where we will go.”

(On Coach Ryan’s tone after the game…) “Its really between the team but of course he is upset. He feels like all of us do that we have great opportunities to play and play well. We have to play a smart game and we didn’t do that today. So he is mostly just disappointed.”

(On if he has any reaction to Coach Ryan stating that he remains the starter…) “That never really crosses my mind. I am too confident for that. We have won too many games together. We have had some great success here so I don’t expect anything different and its my job to keep playing, play hard and make better decisions and help this team win.


(On if there is any explanation for the way the offense played today…) “We just have to play better as a team.”

(On if Seattle did anything that surprised them…) “No Seattle played their game plan. We just have to play a better game plan.”

(On if the weather conditions were tough…) “It had no affect on us.”

(On if the crowd made it tough…) “I think we handled it pretty well.”

(On how steep the mountain is to climb to win the last seven games…) “I think we have to win those last seven games. I think we can do it, we just have to get it done.”

S Yeremiah Bell

(On his reaction to this game…) “We have to come together in this locker room. That is the only way we are going to do this thing is together. We are a team but we can’t continue to help teams win games. That is what we are doing, we are putting ourselves in bad positions and it’s hurting us.”

(On if it is hard to stay positive after losing this game…) “I am not going to say that. We are a team. Offense, defense, special teams. We win as a team we lose as a team. Regardless of what it is we need to get it done. We need to come together and get this thing going in the right direction and help some people win some games.”


(On when new wrinkles were added to how the team uses him…) Pretty much at the beginning of this week. We’ve had some of that stuff in a little while, but most of it was this week. I felt great (about the changes). I thought it was effective. I thought we were spreading the defense out. I think we had opportunities for even bigger plays.

(On if the Jets’ situation feels similar to Denver’s last season…) Similar in a way, but it’s a different situation. It’s kind of hard to compare. Both are opportunities where we’ve just got to preserver and bounce back. It’s not easy. It’s not fun, but you’ve got to do it.

(On the emotion he showed after his third-and-goal play at the one was nullified by a false start penalty…)  I thought we had an opportunity to score a touchdown. I didn’t think they were in a good look to stop us after that play. When you get opportunities, you want to make the most of them, and that didn’t happen there.

(On if this team feels it’s running out of time…) I don’t think we look at it from a negative light like that. We know we’ve got a good team, and we’ve got a lot of good players. But we have to come together and execute and not do things to hurt ourselves.

(On if working out a spread formation is more comfortable…) I don’t know if it’s more comfortable. Obviously I’ve been in a lot of plays like that.  What is does is it puts stress on the defense. You’ve got to cover 53.5 yards. I think that’s important, and we were able to get some pretty easy dump-offs to JK (Jeremy Kerley) because they weren’t playing the box. You just have to keep doing it until they widen out and make them play the whole field.

(On if he feels he needs to throw more downfield to stretch defenses…) We had one today. I feel that’s a very aggressive team, and any opportunity you have to get over the top is big. We got over the top one time with a double move by JK. Any opportunity when you do beat them, it’s going to be a huge play because everybody is playing tight. Corners, safeties, linebackers all play very aggressive. So you have to keep in mind about going vertical.

(On if he’s frustrated by not playing when the team is not winning…) Honestly, I think it’s just more about winning. You play to win the game, and it’s frustrating to lose regardless of your role or how many plays you play. Everything’s a lot better and easier when you win. I just try to do the best I can with the opportunities. When I get them, I want to do good with them. When you don’t, it’s frustrating, but you try to do the best you can. The more opportunities I get the better I try to do. That’s all I can control.

(On Rex Ryan’s declaration he’s sticking with Mark Sanchez…) I’ve just got to continue to work hard in my role, and that’s it.

(On not getting more plays at flanker…) It’s definitely frustrating. If I punch that one in there at the goal line and we’re up 14-7, it’s a lot different game. We can keep managing the game for our offense if best-suited. Our defense is playing good, and that gives them a little bit more momentum. You’ve got to inspire those guys by putting up some points, too. That just kind of changes everything. But we can go out there are compete with those guys anytime. We just can’t do things to hurt ourselves to give them a lead so we’re playing from behind. You lose that momentum, and in football momentum is everything. We’ve got to do more things to get that momentum on our side and keep it.

(On if he thought he might have stayed in after the penalty on the third-and-goal…) You know the game play, you know what the call was. I felt that it was a great call. I thought we were going to go up by seven there.

(On what factor sparked his show of emotion at that point…) I think more than anything it was the frustration that I knew we let an easy one slip away, if that makes sense. If you watched their defense, they went over here and over there, shifting. They saw tendencies and didn’t really know where it was going. I think it would have been not very hard to score there.

(On Rex Ryan’s message to the team…) It’s passion. It’s real when he talks to the team. We’re grown men, and you’ve got to respond. I think everybody wants to do better for him. He’s definitely a coach you like and want to play for. You see his passion and his belief in this  team, and it’s definitely frustrating and tough on a lot of guys to let him down.


(On defending Golden Tate on Seattle’s first TD…) I’ve just got to make a play. I was right there. It was a good ball, though. That was one of only two plays I gave up the whole day, that and a scramble. We just didn’t get the job done today. Simple as that. I’m hard on myself, and I know I can make those plays. I’ve just got to learn from it.


(On the play of the defense…) I thought DeVito and Muhammed did a very good job today. It’s all about execution in all four quarters andmake sure we play and execute the same defense we played in the first half and carry that over into the second half.

(On Rex Ryan’s postgame message to the team…) Believe. Continue to believe. He’s the biggest believer in this team. So we can’t let him down and make sure we take this week of practice very seriously, come out and get this ship right.

(If the team still believes…) Most definitely. With Rex’s kind of belief and the way we go out and approach that belief, you’ve got to believe it.


(On the play of the defense…) We didn’t finish. No matter what the situation is, we need to be the steady force on this team, and we weren’t able to put that consistent effort we had in the first half in the second half.

(On the pressure put on Wilson…) We knew we had to keep him off his spot. Mike (Pettine) and Rex (Ryan) ordered up some great defenses, and the stuff worked.


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  1. Am I the only person that thinks our crowd wasn’t nearly as loud as we usually are? Seemed rather quite for the better part of the game today.

    And wow Golden Tate just continues to show off his athleticsim. The past couple years I was in favor of trading him. I thought he was a mental midget. But man he has turned it on this year. Still a bit of a diva, but wow…he can jump, catch, RAC, and throw! (Although he has a Tebow-like throwing motion.) :)

  2. montanamike2 says:

    That was an awsome win!
    I can sleep peacefully for 2 weeks.
    And the added bonus of a division tie between two rivals, icing on the cake.

  3. Palerydr says:

    I was at the game and I would say yes folks weren’t into it as much as other games I’ve been at. I’d say the intensity picked up at the start of the 4th especially when the defense started making plays.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    The TV guys talked about the crowd being quiet. The first half (second quarter really) seems to take them out of it.

  5. BeerDrinkingFool says:

    It’s not rocket science. The crowd responds to how the team is playing. When you have some bad turnovers and several 3 and outs, the crowd isn’t exactly going to be breaking the sound barrier. Throw in the fact that it’s a rarely seen out of conference BAD opponent, and it’s not hard to see why the crowd was a bit deflated. The second half was a different story though. 11-5 anyone?

  6. We’ve always been pretty intelligent crowds around here generally, to maximize our effort for when it matters. It can definately take the energy out of the space when your team comes out flat though. It has been remarkably dry during our home games as well, historically/amazingly. Weather could both put a damper on folks as well as the potential sound. Someone schooled in acoustic physics would have to inform me on this though.

  7. The crowd seemed plenty loud to me yesterday. But when I watch games on TV I am amazed at how dead the crowds in other cities are. Some of them are downright sad.

    This was the first time in several weeks I could let loose at a Seahawks game. I yelled so much during the Dallas game my throat was sore for a month. Went in for a check-up and my doctor told me to chill out for a while. Apparently I pissed off my right vocal cord somehow.

    I made a lot of noise yesterday, and feel fine today. I just tried to limit all-out screaming during big plays. That seemed to help.

  8. mindnbrad says:

    Never been to the Clink but would love to one time.

    How freaking awesome is it that 12th man goes to the Dr. after games. Love this team, and love the 12th man.

    Man’sGame, Radem.

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