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Full transcript of Pete Carroll’s postgame press conference

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November 11, 2012 6:55 pm
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(Opening…) A big win for us today.  I really liked it.  We hung tough, we weren’t playing very well early, and some things happened, and we hung together and kept kind of punching away at it.  We finally put together a real good finish and an excellent second half.  We really rode the defense today, they did a great job; gave up next to nothing.  One big play was all that really mattered.  Really good third down play today, and held the throwing game down.  I thought some guys really stood out today.  Golden’s plays were terrific; he throws one, he catches one for a touchdown, but I think the third down play that he had over there in front of their bench was maybe the best play we’ve had this year.  I thought it was a great play; I didn’t see it very well, but I loved it.  Sidney did real well again.  We almost converted on all the big things that we tried today.  He catches 2 touchdowns, too.  I thought Richard Sherman really stood out today.  Sometimes you just see the interceptions that these guys make, but he played a great football game today.  Not just the pick and the sacks that he had, but a bunch of other things he did, too.  I was really fired up to see him play like that.  This was a big day for us.  We came to this break, two games into the second half, and we wanted to get these two wins and get on this break and make sure we rest our football team and get ready for the final push.  We get to do it with the right feeling, and so we’re going to try to maximize this time to get well, get our guys all healthy, come back and get on the road again for a couple of weeks and see what we can do with it.  I’m real pleased.  It was a great stadium, we had some rain showering to make it typical and classy for us.  Everything about it was a good day today, so I liked it.

(On adjusting to the Jets defense… ) They did some things differently today, particularly in the running game.  We had to adjust, Tom did a really good job at halftime, and our guys started targeting well.  They were playing behind blocks and doing some things that were problems for them.  So, they surprised us a little bit with that.  We did adjust to it, and still wound up running for 170 and all that.   I also wanted to mention about Marshawn.  I think that’s four games in a row with 100, which is a little record or something.  For the whole football team, to see him get to 1000 yards today is something  everybody takes pride in.  When you’re a team that’s committed to the running game, and you build your foundation, that’s one of the real strong aspects of it, that’s where we are at this point in the season.  It’s something that we’re proud of.  He’s been tearing it up; he busted his tail today.  He had a lot of plays where he got hit right on the line of scrimmage, but he just kept battling, and he turned it into a productive gain.

(On the play of the defense…) Everything worked out fine.  We handled all of their special aspects, their offense with Tim in the game.  The substitutions and the way that they did it; we were one it.  It was a really good day for the defense, and for Gus and the coaching staff to handle this.  It’s a lot of stuff that they give you; they tried it, they really went for it, and it was not an issue today at all.  It comes down to the third downs numbers which were really cool today, and we rushed the passer well enough to give them problems, and Mark had a hard time getting started.

(On Zach Miller’s play…) That was a cool play, making two guys bounce off so that he could get the first down at a crucial time for us.  Zach just continues to do really well.  He’s playing really good football for us.  There’s nothing he doesn’t do well.  It’s good that he had a contribution today, too.

(On Russell Wilson’s ability to handle the pass rush today…) He handled it pretty well to just run around and get away from it, but he tried a little bit too hard.   He has to get down and protect the football first.  We gave up the ball, and that’s kind of unfortunate; we just have not had a play like that all year.  Yeah, I think he was overtrying a little bit, trying to make too much out of it.  When he’s in a bad situation, just get down, and if we have to punt it, we’ll punt it.   Hopefully we’ll learn from that.  We don’t want to make ourselves that vulnerable.  He did make some fantastic plays, though.  So, there’s going to be a little bit of give and take.  It wasn’t because he wasn’t battling, but we felt like at that time, we were talking to him to not overtry, don’t push the issue.  If you’re getting corralled, just get down and we’ll go to the next play.   From that point on, he got out and did okay.  They did a nice job of pressuring us.  It’s a tough defense, and they did some good things today.  They got to us more than we wanted.

(On getting a win before the bye… ) It’s incredibly big at this point.  We’re going to make the most out of it.  We aimed toward this; I told the guys during the week what we we’re going to do next week, and they were fired up about it.  We really wanted to win going into it.  To get this game is important in that sense.  We’ve played really consistent football. I’m really proud that we’re getting that done.  It hasn’t always transpired into a win in some of these close games that we’ve had, but we’ve really been steady about the way we’re doing things.  They’re practicing hard, and they’re working hard, and they’re studying hard, and they deserve a big break.  So, we’re going to take the whole week off.  We’ll come back on Monday.   Everybody will be in tomorrow, and then they’ll be off until next Monday, and then we’ll get an extra practice in and the coaches will get our work done, and try to maximize this opportunity at the break.

(On why Russell Wilson plays so well in Seattle…) He loves playing here, I don’t know.  If I knew that, I would fix that thing on the road that you’re talking about.  There’s no question that it’s remarkably different, and that is what we’re trying to capture here, and particularly in these next couple of weeks.  It’s really important to make a second half move.  We finish the third quarter with two ridiculously hard games on the road.  If we can function like we function here, and the throwing game goes along with the running game, then we’ll really take another big step. That’s the one thing that has been a little bit off for us.  We’ve been consistently not okay on the road, so hopefully we can fix it up.

(On asking more from Russell Wilson…) It’s no big deal to him.  He’ll do whatever we ask him.  He’s handled everything.  He has not wavered one time, one step. There’s no wobble.  This guy just keeps moving forward with whatever we ask him to do.   I think he is having a remarkable season, and hopefully he can finish it really well.

(On whether the defense is getting back to playing the way they were in September…) The numbers sure show that.  We played a lot of base defense today, and the guys played it really well.  I thought Michael Morgan fit in, and also playing without K.J., who is a big deal for us, he’s a big factor for us; I think that was a big statement and we did take a step forward this week.  Gus really put it on the fellows to play the fundamentals well, and get our run set up right.  We rely on base defense, and we did it all day long today and had one of our better games.  It was a good step for us.

(On Golden Tate’s touchdown pass…) We really were too close to throw it.  The penalty helped us a little bit.  He said he felt the ball was just as slick as it could feel, and he felt like it was forever before he released the football.  He wanted to get a good grip on it, and he threw a great ball.   When you have really good athletes, like Sidney and Golden, they can do things and make things happen for you in a special way if you give them chances.  I thought it was a great play under the circumstances, a great job of Sidney staying in bounds, and the whole thing.  If you watch Sidney, how long he had to delay to get that guy off of him to get free; it was a man-to-man situation which makes it a little bit harder to beat a guy on a play like that.  Sidney did a great job and Golden made a great play out of it.

(On whether Richard Sherman will rush the passer more…) Richard will be asking about third-down rushes, I’m sure.

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  1. sluggo42 says:

    Actually a good game of adjustments to what the defense threw at them. I think I liked the designed qb runs , fake to beast, rw runs right. That was like a screen play without everything else. Rw runs for 7 and slides… Backbreaking plays for them.

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