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They said it: Seahawks postgame comments

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November 4, 2012 7:47 pm
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(On the win today… ) It was huge for us today.  The offense did a good job of making some plays when we needed to.  We continue to keep moving the football, whether it was running or throwing the football.  I think we ran it maybe 35 or 40 times today, which is great.  A more balanced attack is tough to defend.  The defense did a good job of making some plays when we needed to.  And we finished the game with the football, which is key.

(On Golden Tate…) Golden Tate is so elusive; guys made a great block on the receivers to allow him to get past a couple people, and he made a spectacular play.  He dove into the end zone; he has a great desire to get into the end zone, which is pretty awesome.  Luckily, the ball was across the end line there, before it got knocked out.

(On Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson…)  To watch those two guys run the football; you don’t see it too often in this lifetime.  To watch Peterson run the football the way he did, and Marshawn, it was unbelievable the way he ran the football today.  Even catching the football, and making some people miss, on that screen there.  Getting first downs, that’s a key for our football team.

(On improvement in the red zone…) I think the throughout the past few weeks, we’ve been getting better in the red zone.  I think the main thing is to continue to grow, continue to focus on the little details.  Guys made plays, the offensive line did a great job of protecting, giving me enough time to make some decisions.  Golden Tate making those plays, and also Sidney Rice.  It’s pretty awesome to see.

(On Sidney Rice’s pass completion…) Sometimes I think he can throw it better than me.  He threw that right on the money, actually.  He threw it in there in the little hole that he had; Zach made a great catch.  It was a good play.  Sidney has done a great job for us making plays.

(On the difference in playing at home…) I think the biggest thing is to continue to play.  The biggest thing in this football game, and playing in the National Football League, and especially what I’m learning, is that there are going to be ebbs and flows to the game.  There’s going to be highs and lows.  So, whether it’s home or away, you have to keep playing.  If it’s going really well, or if it’s not going so well that possession before, you have to keep going and keep focusing on what you can control.  I think the biggest thing is playing here at CenturyLink, the fans are unbelievable.  The energy that they bring in terms of just one play at a time and how loud it is and whether it’s on offense or defense, it really lifts us up and helps.  I think the key is that when we do have a chance to go on the road, it’s obviously protecting the football and making plays and capitalize on third downs and capitalize in the red zone.  It’s the same game.  There’s no difference; 100 yards is 100 yards no matter where we play.  I think the biggest thing is that we have to keep playing one game at a time, and try to go 1 and 0 every week.

(On the offensive line…) We have so many guys that can step in; whether it’s 6, 7, 8, 9 guys sometimes, to be able to step in and make a difference in terms of the offensive line.  We worked so hard at it throughout the week, throughout training camp, we really worked a lot of different guys.  Coach Cable is doing a tremendous job of getting those guys ready mentally.  That’s the biggest thing, especially when you step in.  To play the center position, like Lem did tonight, and get different guys; Moffitt stepping in for James Carpenter and to be able to do what he did tonight and play as good as he did; it’s pretty impressive.  You expect that because of the way we practice and the way Coach Carroll has everybody practicing and competing every day.  You expect it; for guys to be able to step in and make plays.

(On the deep pass to Sidney Rice….) It was a little play action, I believe, on the play you’re talking about.  It was a play-action play.  Sidney Rice did a great job of beating his defender, the guy who was trying to jam him.  He did a great job of getting open, and I just tried to drive it in there before the defender could get there.  I think a lot of times when you play the quarterback position, you have to change the pace of the ball.  There are sometimes when you have to zip it in there, and some other times when you have to throw a different throw, and do different things to get the guy open and make a catch.  I think the biggest thing is that Sidney made a great play there, and the offensive line did a great job of letting me make that decision.

(On the maturation of the offense…) I definitely believe we are getting more comfortable; the more you play, the more you practice with one another, the more you communicate throughout the week, the meetings that we have, with players.  Max and I meet all the time, the offensive line, our receivers and everything.  Just getting with one another.  Especially for me, I’m a rookie, so just being around those guys as much as possible and talking to them, just trying to communicate, this is what we need to do for this week, this is what we can do better from last week, and this is what we’re doing so well, that we just have to keep going.  I think that’s the biggest thing; just stay the course and just keep believing in what we’re doing.  We’re doing a great job right now.  The key is going 1 and 0 every week.  Every week has to be championship week.  That’s the way we have to play.

(On stepping up in the third quarter…) Third quarter, I think we did a better job today.  I think that we came out, in terms of halftime, and made some plays and kept the ball moving; we kept the ball in terms of the clock some too as well.  We did a good job and that helped us go into the fourth quarter with some determination to finish that game, and that was huge for us to continue to run the football, make some passes in terms of getting first downs and continue to move the chains.  That was huge.  Even on that Fourth and One that we got with the QB sneak, that was big to let us keep the football and then just end the game.

(On getting more aggressive in the red zone…) I wouldn’t say more aggressive, I just try to play smart.  I really work at it every day, in terms throughout the week, in terms of throughout the week, just being great in the red zone.  Coach Carroll does a tremendous job of getting us ready throughout the week on Wednesday and Thursday to put us in those red zone situations against our own defense.  To go against our own defense, which is one of the top defenses in the league, in terms of red zone defense, that really prepares me to anticipate throws, to get rid of the ball quickly, and drive the football in to places that I need to drop it in, so that our guys have a chance to make catches.  It’s a maturation process, you continue to grow, you continue to learn, and I respect that process, so I work at it every single day, to really continue to grow and that way, come game time, just play loose and play great football.

(On throwing to Golden Tate…) Golden, we work at it all the time, in terms of him making different catches; his ability to make people miss.  He’s so elusive, and he’s doing a great job of really catching the football.  I think the biggest thing is just continuing to get the ball to the right guys at the right time.  To facilitate the ball on time, trust what you see, and just keep throwing it, because we have so many great receivers right now, and that’s the greatest part about it.  The tight ends are doing a great job, the running backs and the fullback, catching the football well.  I think the biggest thing is to just keep delivering the football accurately to them and let them make their plays.

CB Richard Sherman

(On their improvements on third down…) “Third down is just another play in the game. Yourre trying to get off the field, but it’s not something that we’re stressing over. The best third down defense isn’t necessarily the best defense ever. We tried to do a good job today playing tight coverage on third down, second, first down, on every down and that was the result. We had great pressure from the front four and we ran a couple of blitzes, but overall I think we did a great job.”

(On if people have been making too much of the third down problem…) “I just don’t think about it. In the Detroit game we had a chance to win and we just didn’t do enough at the end, that’s just what it came down to. I don’t think it came down to third downs per se. We had a chance at the end  and we just didn’t execute the way we should’ve.”

WR Sidney Rice

(On what this win means…) “We needed it. I wouldn’t say it was a must win, but we definitely needed it. We need the rest of these games coming up and fortunately for us the next four out of seven are at home. We use this crowd for energy. We feed off of them and we’re thankful we have them.”

(On Russell Wilson…) “He did really well. He handled himself really well hit open passes to myself and Golden Tate. He was scrambling to get big first downs. He had a huge run in the fourth quarter to get the first down and also a couple of quarterback sneaks. So there is no looking back from here. We shouldn’t take any steps backwards. We should just keep building on what we have and what we have done the last two weeks and hopefully when the end of the season comes we’ll be in the position we want to be in.”

(On the growth of the offense and if they are where they need to be…)”We could do better. I have no doubt about it. We could do much better. We just have to focus and execute on the plays called in. I’m confident with everyone on the offense that we can get the job done.”


(On when does he make his decision to jump in the end zone…) “For me it’s just a feeling I get. I felt like he was coming and he was. I felt like he was going to go low, sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes I’m right, it’s just a feel thing.”

(On if he felt helpless in the air how he was…) “Yeah. I know I put myself out there and I tried to cover the ball up, but the guy hit me so hard that I kind of lost it. I thought I was in, but you know how that all goes.”

(On Russell Wilson’s growth from week one to week nine…) “Every single week he always gets better. Any coaching points they stress on he always makes sure he does a great effort at fixing them and doing it the way they ask. He’s a very driven guy who wants to be the best.  He’s developed into the leader of our team so I’m excited to play with him and watch him grow.”

(On what is it like to watch Russell Wilson grow into becoming a leader so quickly…) “It’s interesting seeing the growing pains. Seeing him have his highs and his lows. I’m enjoying watching and he’s working hard so I have no complaints.”

S Earl Thomas

(On what they did differently in the second half than they did in the first…) “We were more disciplined in our run gaps. Throughout the game Adrian Peterson would press the line of scrimmage and then jump cut to the backside of the play. So we made a big emphasis in the second half on just maintaining our gap responsibility and just wait on him. We were patient and it paid off for us.”

(On if they have a renewed focus after losing two in a row…) “I think we play hard every game, but it definitely helps to be at home. It just seems like everybody is more comfortable I guess. I think every game we came out with a winning mentality. Just so far we haven’t been getting it done on the road, but all we could do is keep working. The chemistry is going grow the more games we play.”

(On what they did in the second half…) “I think we just got back to the basics and went to what worked well, and I think it helped. I want to be at the point of attack and I want to be around the ball. We knew they were a good running team so it was basically nine on seven. Adrian Peterson is the guy that carries the load and he’s a great back. We knew they were going to try to feed him the ball, and we made adjustments after halftime and they worked.”


(On the play of Russell Wilson…) “He’s playing real well we just got to keep guys off of him.

(On if he is ok from injury…..) “I’m fine.”

(On Russell Wilson maturing since week 1…) “You know what’s crazy is I mean in the huddle he has pretty much been like this the whole time and I think it’s just him kind of growing when he drops back there and gets the ball in his hand and ready to throw it.”

(On the showing of Seattle today….) “Overall we are going to watch film and there is going to be a ton of yards we left out there man. It’s a pretty frustrating game to watch but it’s the NFL and we held the ball in the 4th quarter and we did it again.”


(On how he is feeling after the game) “I’m a little sore but I am good.”

(On playing on the left or right side of the line…) “I play either side, I played the left side in College so I have a little more experience especially in the pass protection department at left and feel a little more natural .”

(On what Russell Wilson is doing…) “Yeah it is amazing it really is, he got me out of a sack and is really just playing great ball.   A lot of people had said this and I would agree he is not a regular rookie, he wants to learn and wants to grow week in and week out and I think especially today.”

(On telling the difference from week one to now…) “I think just the way he’s just settled in and has a grip on it.  I think a lot of the things with him is just settling into yourself and just playing the game and when you’re a rookie and right off the bat you can get jumpy.  Not that Russell did that I am speaking from my own experience but I can definitely see a difference.”


(On the play of Adrian Peterson….) “We got a lot of respect for Adrian Peterson but we got to make it tough on him in terms of being gap sound.   So at half time we were like look we don’t need the coaches to tell us he’s kicking our ass.  We focused up and paid more attention to detail and I love the way we were able to finish the game off in the second half.”

(On the thought of letting Christian Ponder beat you….) “We knew going into the game Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin were there two X-factors in terms of what they were going to do and if you can eliminate those the chances of you getting a win was greater.  No disrespect to Ponder but he’s still young and our secondary and linebackers and the way we do our thing we can really put a lot of stress on a young quarterback.  But we knew in order for us to win we had to take Adrian Peterson and I’m glad we were able to do a better job the second half then we did the first half.”

(On third down defense….) “ Attention to detail we know that third downs especially in the National Football League that if you can get off the field and convert on offense you give yourself a chance to win.  We were able to get off the field on third down and get our offense more opportunity.

(On people questioning if this is an Elite defense…) “ Your always going to have doubters but the one thing about doubters is you can make them believers and so we just got to continue to press and continue to pay attention to detail and we can’t let no other team get 200+ yards rushing.”

(On being 4-0 at home….) “We got the best stadium in the NFL it’s a great atmosphere for us and we feed off the crowd, its huge to get home and win a few games if not all them on the road we put ourselves in a great situation for us like getting to the playoffs and that’s our goal is to get to the playoffs.”


(On finding out he was promoted from Practice Squad…) “First I got called up by my agent and then John Idzik called me from the facility and he let me know so I was definitely excited to get that chance.”

(On first day as a pro…) “I just had to calm down, at the very beginning my mind and body was moving faster than I could think.  I had to take some deep breathes and just calm down and settle down and as the game went on the game got easier.”

(On calling the second pass thrown a drop or not …) “If you wanted to it is what it is.  It’s a drop it happens and just got to settle down and do what I do.”

(On role in game today….) “ I knew I was going to be in some packages and I was ready to go whenever.  I was backing up Golden today and whenever he needed a break I would go in there.  Obviously he didn’t because he was balling out today and I’m happy for him.  I just try and do whatever the best and I got a lot of reps at special teams and felt like I did pretty good.”


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  1. Chawksrule says:

    Matt hasselbeck is the best QB the Seahawks have had. His career passer rating is 82.3. RW thru only 9 games of his rookie season passer rating is 87.2. With his demeanor, work ethic, leadership skills and athletic ability I have no doubt that he will only build off this early success and continue to improve. He has already won over his teammates and coaching staff. He is a winner with entangibles that can’t always be measured.

    Go Hawks!!!

  2. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    That was definitely a drop by Kearse, I’m as critical of Wilson as anyone but that was inexcusable, straight up pulled a Husky right there. Poor Jake Locker had to suffer with this tease for like 3 years.

  3. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Chawksrule passer rating is probably the worst stat to judge QBs with (and it’s no surprise Wilson homers have to resort to touting that in his defense). Let’s see when Wilson makes 3 Pro Bowls and an All-Pro appearance before crowning his short ass as better than Matt Hasselbeck. Remember when Seneca Wallace had 11 TDs and ony 3 INTs for a ratting of 87 as a starter in 2008? I suppose he was also destined to surpass Hasselbeck as well? Give me a break lmao

  4. sluggo42 says:

    Well stated chawks – One of the things that makes good QB’s really good is the intangables, just like you listed. Leadership is difficult to place a number on, just like intelligence, knowledge of the game, ability to read situations and to react in a positive way. In addition to those types of things, having the ability to maintain focus and flow with the game is really good. RW is going to be a lot of fun to watch as he continues to develop into a great QB

  5. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    That wasn’t well stated at all, sluggo. That same nonsense can also apply to Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, and a bunch of other Wilson-like bums who never amounted to anything in the NFL.

  6. hawkfan777 says:

    ACIB is a sad, lonely little man who hides behind his computer and tries to knock other people down because he feels bad about himself. Hopefully he gets a friend soon.

  7. Skavage says:

    As has been Kearse’s curse, he dropped an easy pass. It’s always a matter of focus and concentration for him. The talent is there physically.

  8. jboard1 says:

    Great win by the hawks yesterday. They played much better on offense and in the red zone. The defense did it’s job for the most part, considering having to hold AP off, and they did much better in the second half.

    It amazes me that after a game like this, with red zone efficiency like this, with good, smart QB play like this, “some” still sits here and talk sh*t about RW. “Some” will say they are just being realistic. However, i dont get how you can watch that game yesterday and not see the improvements, and not be realistically think good thoughts about this kid. SMH

  9. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Nobody said Wilson was better than Hasselbeck. Simply showing a snapshot of where Wilson is at this early stage of his career. ACIB, check out Matt’s first few seasons in Seattle and his rating was much lower. He admitted to thinking he knew more than he did and threw picks often. The incredible thing about Matt is that he worked hard and learned to play within the system that Holmgren put in. He was head strong early in his career and that cost him his job a few times. He developed into a pro bowler and took the team to the Superbowl.

    Wilson seems to be staying within the offense and doing what is being asked by the coaches. He’s competitive like Matt, but is improving at a faster rate.

    Now one big thing to consider, is the teams they played on. Matt’s first few years featured a team without the talent level that Wilson has around him. But Matt was also coached by one of the all time great QB and offensive coaches. So I think those balance out.

    Wilson has a very long way to be a great QB like Matt Hasselbeck. Right now he’s started 9 games and has won 5 of those. That matters.

  10. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “Wilson has a very long way to be a great QB like Matt Hasselbeck. Right now he’s started 9 games and has won 5 of those. That matters.”

    Yeah, and only about 2 of those wins could you attribute to quality play by Wilson.

  11. MoSeahawk12 says:

    kinda like you having two quality posts…..ever. He is the starting QB, he gets too much credit for wins and in your case, losses. You lost all credibility months ago, so keep trying.

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