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They said it: Minnesota Vikings postgame comments

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November 4, 2012 7:54 pm


(Thoughts on the game…) “Tough loss for our football team. We did not play well enough. We are not doing good enough of the right things to win, especially on the road against a good football team. We obviously are not playing good football. We have to go back on Monday, take a look at the things were doing and try and figure the things we need to do to right the ship.

We are struggling in a lot of areas. We have got some work ahead of us to get things turned around.”

(How disappointing is it to lost when Adrian Peterson had the start that he did…) “It’s a tough one. Usually when we run as well as we ran the ball today, that’s a good sign for our football team, all the way around. We weren’t able to capitalize on a terrific day by him, a great day. To run the ball as well as he did against the fifth ranked rushing defense in our league and to not come away with more as a team is disappointing.”

(Do you feel like today’s result is a step back…) “I just want to take a look at the tape and get a feel for what created some of the troubles today with our passing team. When you run the ball as well as we did, it opens up a lot of things in the passing game. That didn’t happen today. We have to take a look at it and try and figure out what we have to do to get more production out of our passing game.”

(Does the quarterback situation need to be analyzed…) “No, I think we have to look at the tape of this ball game and figure what we need to do to help our passing game improve. We’ve shown that were not going to win a lot of games if we don’t improve our passing game. We’re doing a great job of running the football, we need some balance. We as coaches need to figure out what we need to do to create that balance. I don’t think that Christian (Ponder) is the problem. We also have to look at what people are doing against us.”

(Did Seattle take your team out of it’s game plan…) “Going into the game, we thought we had a good idea of things we thought we could execute well in the passing game. We thought that we would be able to run the ball. We thought we had a good plan for the passing game. They (Seattle) obviously did some things to affect our pass offense. We have to figure out how to adjust and get better.”

(What was Percy Harvin saying to you when he was very animated on the sidelines…) “Just like the rest of our team. He wants to win. He was frustrated, as we all were at that moment. He is a competitor. We’re all frustrated, we’re all trying to come away with touchdowns, instead of field goals.”

(Thoughts on Russell Wilson…)”We talked about that during the week, being able to try and contain him. That’s what happens when he scrambles, he is able to make some plays. He made some plays today when he scrambled out of the pocket.”


(opening…) Obviously, a disappointing loss for us.  It was a team loss, especially on offense.  We have to keep getting better.  It’s tough when Adrian runs for 182 yards and we throw the ball for 40-something yards.  We have to piggy off those when Adrian has a great game. It was disappointing that we didn’t play to our best.  Obviously, there are a lot of things that we need to get better at.  The good thing is that we have another game in seven days, so we’re going to move past it, we’re going to learn from it, keep moving past it and we have a lot of work to do this week.  Hats off to Seattle’s defense and Seattle’s whole team; they played well, they played better than us today.

(On concerns around the offense… ) We know that we have to get better.  It’s all fixable.  We’re going to see that on film, that it’s all fixable, we just have to do it.

(On whether Seattle played them especially well…) You have to give credit to them.  It was stuff that we see on film that we have to fix.

(On whether the offense is getting one dimensional…) In the past couple of games, it’s been one dimensional.  We’ve seen what the passing game can do in the early season, we just have to get back to that.  We’re good at throwing the ball, we’ve got good receivers, we have good blocking up front, I just have to keep doing a better job of getting the ball in their hands.  This team isn’t one dimensional, this offense isn’t one dimensional, we’ve shown that the past couple of games.  We can throw the ball, we’re going to figure it out, and we’re going to win in the end.

(On the Seattle defensive backs…) They’re covering the ball well, they cover receivers well.  It’s my job to find the open guy, and I just have to keep doing it.

(On handling the Seattle pass pressure…) They started to bringing what we call wraps, which creates two linebackers to one side, they started doing that, especially late in the first half.

(On his own play…) I know that I have to get better.  I have to play better.  I’m always going to put pressure on myself.  In the past couple of years, I’ve learned to not put too much pressure on myself; I can’t do it all.  But, I do know that there are things that I can get better at, and those are things that I’m going to work on.

(On frustration setting in…) I think we’re all frustrated in the passing game, and we know that it can get better.  We have great leadership on this team, and Percy’s one of our great leaders, and we’re not going to let it become a problem.  We know that we have to fix it, and we’re going to use it as motivation.  When we throw for 44 yards, we are going to be disappointed in it, and we know we’re better than that.


(On if the loss especially hurts after the offense started quickly…) Yeah, it definitely hurts to come out here and play as hard as we did and not leave Seattle without a win.  It’s going to be tough for us; a long flight back.

(On if he was able to get his own rhythm going…) That’s something we always talk about, coming out and establishing the running game.  The offensive line did a great job.  We’ve just got to create more big plays offensively as a unit.  We’ll try to bounce back from this, watch some tape and see how we can improve.

(On if he’s surprised to not win despite his rushing for big yardage…) It’s a problem, man, but we’ve got to have more big plays.  There’s one I wish I could have back. I slipped in the backfield; I definitely could have went the distance.  That’s something I think about with this loss.  We had other opportunities, too, in the pass game that we weren’t able to execute. When you’re playing a good defense, especially away, you’ve got to be able to make those big plays.

(On his 74-yard run early…) The outside opened up and I had one guy to beat. I was just able to get a good stiffarm, stay balanced and take it almost to the house.  I was lucky; someone jumped on my back real quick, I want to say around the 20-yard-line, I was running straight up.  Fortunately we were able to punch it in.

(On if he was surprised he was caught…)  Yeah, somewhat, but I know why, so I don’t feel as bad.  Plus we scored, so that’s always a plus.  We didn’t leave with three, so job done.  Touchdown.

(On if he wants to declare himself 100% back from injury…) Not just yet.  But I’m feeling good.  My body’s getting stronger.  I’ll let you guys know for sure.

(On his level of frustration with being unable to balance the offense by passing more…) It’s a little frustrating.  You justd see what you can do and see how you can improve and go from there.  That’s going to be our focus point; establish the run and try to be more productive in the pass game. It’s obvious we didn’t have a big game passing.  But we’ll work on it.

(On if he’s discouraged…) I’m not discouraged at all.  I’ve got a lot of confidence in the guys that I’m surrounded (by), and the coaches, so not at all.  This is a hump we need to get over and I feel we will.

(On if he wanted the ball more in the second half…) I always want the ball more.  That’s just my mentality.  I go out and do my job and not worry about what the play call is.  That’s all I can do.

(On what Earl Thomas said to him after a gain…) I was surprised.  I got up, and he was celebrating like he had just won the lottery or something.  I was shocked.  I was just looking at him like, what are you celebrating for?  Maybe because you made the tackle and got me down?  That was funny.  But he’s a good guy, though.

(On the team passing for just 44 yards…) Yeah, that’s tough.  Forty-four yards; it’s hard to win like that, and we still could have.  That’s the scary thing.  So once we get that corrected.  I’ve got a lot of faith in Christian.  He’s going to continue to improve and get out of this little funk he’s in and get back to playing some good ball, because he’s got it in him.

(On his impressions of Marshawn Lynch…) Physical. His physical style.  There were a couple of times I said to myself, “Nice move, nice cut or whatever.”  He does a great job of being physical, and that’s what I’m all about, so he has my utmost respect.

(On what he thinks is wrong with the passing game…) I don’t know. We’ll have to watch the film to see. Is there no one open? I can’t tell you that. I don’t have the answer.

(On if the Seattle defense talks more than other defenses…) Kind of normal.  I didn’t get too much talk coming my direction.  But you could see some guys yapping a little bit. But when you hit them in the mouth and get them tired, they don’t say those words. They need the energy. But it was a good, physical game. Unfortunately, those guys came up with the win.


(On the injury he suffered…) It was hurting pretty bad.  It went down a little bit, but it was pretty sore right now.  We’ll see, I’m fine.

(On his frustration with the passing offense… ) We have to be better.  44 yards, that won’t cut it.  We have to go back to the drawing board and see what is going on, and see what’s going on, and see what we did wrong, and try to correct it, then come back against Detroit.

(On what he said to the coach after the field goal…) I just want to score points.  It’s frustrating not scoring, so it’s a little frustration.

(On what he was pushing for…) I’m not going to talk about what the coach and I discussed.  We had a conversation in the heat of the moment, trying to get things right.  That’s all it was.

(On why  the team isn’t more productive right now…) I don’t know.  We have to go back and look at film and see what went wrong and try to go from there.

(On getting the timing back down, and being more precise on routes…) We didn’t have a good showing today in the passing game.  We have to get that together to compliment our running game.  So we’ll go back on Monday and look at the film, and get that corrected.

(On whether teams can attack the Vikings as a one-dimensional, running offense…) We are kind of one dimensional right now.  Adrian is running the ball incredibly, the line is blocking for him real good.  So, we just have to dial up better pass plays; we have to watch that film and see exactly what went wrong out there and try to get it corrected.

(On whether his ankle got rolled up on…) It got rolled up, yeah.

(On his ankle and his hamstring…) We’ll do further evaluations on Monday.  Right now it is just sore, so we’ll see.

(On whether there could be some schematic changes on offense…) I’m not the coach; I’m just going to do what they ask me to do.  Whatever they call us to do, we are just trying to do it at a high level.  Today, we weren’t productive, so Monday we have to come back and try to be better Sunday.

(On going back to the productivity you had earlier in the season…) I hope so.  When you have the running game going like that, and if we can get that passing game to where it was at, we’ll be better.  Teams are starting to go low in the box, try to slow 2-8 down all night, when he’s got the form on.  We have to get back to work and get it corrected.


(On the outcome…) We didn’t come all the way out here to lose, that’s for sure.  We’re frustrated, and we know our fans are.  We’ve got to keep playing, keep grinding it out together.  That’s all we can do.

(On what has him most frustrated…) Nothing specific.  I just want to get off the field and get the win.  It’s as simple as that.  Nothing particular.

(On if the defense wore down…) I don’t think it’s anything about wearing down.  They got some plays.  They’re good players.  They had a good scheme.  They’re going to get some plays, and we just didn’t play well enough.

(On if the defense was put in compromised positions…) I’m not going to get into any of that.  It’s a team.  It’s all band of brothers.  We’ve got to get off the field in third-down situations and put the offense in better spots.

(On the offside calls…) It’s just mental errors.  It’s just stuff we’ve got to get right.  We’re not going to point fingers. We’re going to stick together.  We’re 5-4.  The end of the world is not coming.  We’ve just got to keep playing ball.  There’s a lot of season left.  There’s no reason we can’t win all of them when we prepare the way we do.  The sky is not falling.  Let’s just keep playing ball.


(On what bothers him most about the outcome…) Really what bothers me is penalities, espeically for myself on the one I had.  I can’t really point my finger at it right now because I haven’t looked at film or anything.  But it looked like we had a lot of missed tackles.

(On defending Seattle…) Any time a team can run the ball on you it makes it hard on you because it opens up the play-action passing game and it really keeps you guessing what they’re doing because their playbook is wide open.  At least when you stop the run or are able to stop the pass, you can make the offense a little bit more one-dimensional, and unfortunately today we couldn’t do that.


(On the Seahawks being able to fit it together with Wilson and the run game…) “Yes obviously he does a good job of managing the ball. He doesn’t turn the ball over, he can get out of the pocket and he can make every throw downfield. Good for them but that isn’t what beat us. We gave up 200 yards rushing.”

(On the Vikings priding themselves on stopping the run and how that has seemed to change over the last several games…) “I still pride myself on being able to stop the run. I know there is a core group of guys who still remember the day when teams had to use four different backs to try to get 100 yards on us.  I don’t know what it is. We will watch the film, last week guy were out of their gaps. First half I think we held them to 40 yards rushing and we were attacking them well. We had a turnover and a trick play worked and we find ourselves down by three. But we came out in the second half and five yards here and six yards there. We have to figure it out and we have to figure it out fast. It is too late in the season to be getting drummed like this. Especially when you rush for 200 plus yards, you expect to be blowing a team out. Adrian (Peterson) is a beast. Adrian (Peterson) was amazing today. He should get tomorrow off and we should all go to work. It is just embarrassing, two weeks in a row and it is absolutely embarrassing. I apologize to our fans; we have to get this thing fixed.”

(On how frustrating this loss is after having such a strong start to the season…) “Frustrating is an understatement. It’s annoying…I don’t know it’s embarrassing honestly. To have the capability to play a certain way and to get smoked in your own house then come back and get smoked again, guy’s mindsets have to change. From top to bottom, from coaches down to the quality control guys its time to get this thing rolling and get back to what we were doing well. Guys have to take serious look in the mirror and figure out if this is what they want to do. I think sometimes guys forget this isn’t like college where you are guaranteed a four-year scholarship. You never know when your last game is going to be and you never know how long you have. We were sitting at 5-3, now 5-4 and to have a winning record after the halfway point that is rare. You have to take advantage of that and win games you are supposed to win. We have to put it together and just try to stack them up.”

(On if he is talking philosophically or if he is singling anyone out…) “No I am just talking in general. In generalities is what I am. I would never question one guy’s effort. Ever. That is just not what you do. You step on that field I truly believe that guys are giving all they have. If they are doing it right. That I can’t say. We are going watch film and we are never going to be perfect but you have to correct the mistakes. You can’t do the same things week in and week out. We can’t give up 200 yards rushing another week in a row. We have a division game coming up and we have to forget this and move on and we have to get ready to play Detroit at home.”

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  1. Remember when some people were disappointed we didn’t draft Christian Ponder? or Andy Dalton? or…

    NFL’s Best Young QBs – after week 9

    Ryan —– 17 TD 6 INT rating 103.0
    RGIII —— 8 TD 3 INT rating 93.9
    Wilson — 13 TD 8 INT rating 87.2
    Dalton — 14 TD 11 INT rating 86.7
    Flacco — 10 TD 6 INT rating 85.0
    Stafford — 8 TD 7 INT rating 83.2
    Bradford — 8 TD 7 INT rating 82.4
    Ponder — 10 TD 8 INT rating 82.0
    Luck ——10 TD 8 INT rating 79.0

  2. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “I was surprised. I got up, and he was celebrating like he had just won the lottery or something. I was shocked. I was just looking at him like, what are you celebrating for? Maybe because you made the tackle”

    Gotta agree with Peterson here, Thomas’s celebrations after giving up the 1st down smelled of Aaron Curry.

  3. Thomas = Aaron Curry? Umm, Not. Was he celebrating prematurely after hitting AP, sure. But then Thomas went on to have a stellar second half and he destroyed several Viking’s plays. By the way ACIB, the Seahawks won the game.

  4. I always hate celebrations unless its a huge turning point play, but Thomas was just thrilled he managed to drop AP, and relieved he stopped AP from taking it to the house, which was what was gonna happen if Thomas didnt take him down. I wondered where his head was at though…

    Get a clue Thomas, and while youre at it, stop dropping interceptions: youve dropped at least five this year. I swear, he’s dropping picks like Kelly Jennings…eeww!

  5. Stevos–Its awesome to see how well Wilson is doing compared to the rest. I wonder where Tannehill is at? He’s playing pretty well too.

  6. I HATE when guys celebrate on an average play – THAT’s what you are paid to do. That is one reason I love Lynch. He goes about business and gets the job done.

    When guys run out of the scrum and make sure everyone can see them drives me nuts!

    Get a BIG play – i.e. game changing int/TD/Turnover or seal a victory with a sack THEN go celebrate big.

    Don’t mind guys chest bumping or high fiving each other on the way off the field at all.

  7. sluggo42 says:

    I HATE when guys celebrate on an average play – THAT’s what you are paid to do. That is one reason I love Lynch. He goes about business and gets the job done.

    +1 ^

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Jennings never got his hands on the ball the way Thomas does. Never. That said, Thomas is too good to not be hauling those in.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Thomas got trucked by Peterson the play before. There was already a lot of jawing going on, so when Thomas brought him down, it fired him up. This defense plays with a ton of energy and he was simply pumped. To criticize him or compare him to Aaron Curry as a result seems silly to me. That passion is what helps make him so good. And yes, I too love Lynch’s understated expressions, but goodness sakes, Thomas is a baller back there. If we want to criticize someone on defense today, how about Leroy Hill or Morgan. They both played poorly.

  10. No one has mentioned the field goal after the play clock expired. It’s a good thing that didn’t decide the game or the point spread. That was about as blatant as a bad call can get.

  11. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “By the way ACIB, the Seahawks won the game.”

    Gee, thanks Stevos, I didn’t know that.

  12. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “Remember when some people were disappointed we didn’t draft Christian Ponder? or Andy Dalton? or…

    NFL’s Best Young QBs – after week 9

    Ryan —– 17 TD 6 INT rating 103.0
    RGIII —— 8 TD 3 INT rating 93.9
    Wilson — 13 TD 8 INT rating 87.2
    Dalton — 14 TD 11 INT rating 86.7
    Flacco — 10 TD 6 INT rating 85.0
    Stafford — 8 TD 7 INT rating 83.2
    Bradford — 8 TD 7 INT rating 82.4
    Ponder — 10 TD 8 INT rating 82.0
    Luck ——10 TD 8 INT rating 79.0″

    It’s funny how Flynn’s historic starts are casually swept under the rug and dismissed as “Green Bay’s WRs and OL!” by you people while you conveniently ignore the same standard for Wilson. We finished 7-9 last season despite starting Tarvaris Jackson. Luck, Ponder, Bradford, Stafford, RGIII, Weeden, etc were drafted on garbage teams. They don’t have Marshawn Lynch to fall back on to keep defenses honest, or top notch targets like Sidney Rice or Zach Miller to throw to.

    Also, NOBODY was disappointed that we didn’t draft Ponder because Jewish Ponder was the 12th overall pick and we literally did not even have the opportunity to draft him because we drafted in the 20s because we beat the Saints in the playoffs. What a stupid straw man argument.

  13. wabubba67 says:

    “Jewish” Ponder?!?? Huh? Be careful, Muslim ACIB.

    -Lutheran wabubba67

  14. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ACIB, can you ever be positive on a thread m God man have your doctor increase your meds. you wonder why people call you a troll. comparing thomas to curry is ignorant and the jewish comment was even worse.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    ACIB – That’s a list of *starting* QBs and as you’re aware, Flynn’s not starting. Your line of reasoning is more of a non sequitur than usual here.

  16. Hawksince77 says:

    The trouble with any of the QB stats for this year (or any year) is that each QB plays under entirely different circumstances: different team, scheme, talent, opponents, game situations. With such a small sample (this year’s games) the comparison isn’t really relevant.

    What we care about, as fans, is how talented the QB is. In the case of Wilson, he plays for a good team that deliberately leans on the running game, limiting his opportunities. Like yesterday – what, they ran something like 45 times to his 23 or so passing attempts. This has been the case, of course, all year.

    Matt Ryan has been playing for what, 3 full seasons? He also has a decent run game in support, and arguable the best 3 receivers in the league. I didn’t think he looked all the impressive last night. I haven’t seen him play for awhile, and yes, Dallas has a good defense, but he didn’t look anything all that special to me.

    Cam Newton, of course, got totally bitched slapped by Seattle, and his on-field character showed poorly. Ponder got crushed yesterday by Seattle, but not for the first time this season. Flacco is up and down, and misses a ton of throws. Dalton is consistently decent, but rarely transcendent at the position. Stafford is a total stud at the position, and the only elite QB on the list above, accepting the possibility of this year’s rookies (Luck probably a lock to quickly become elite. Not so sure about RGIII, but perhaps).

    I think Bradford is fundamentally sound as well, and could be much better under different circumstances.

    Bottoom line for me: Seattle has a very good rookie QB with the potential to be much better (based on his drive to be excellent, his powerful character, great physical tools, love for the game, and the professional environment he is in). Someday soon he will rank up there with Luck and Stafford vying for elite status (with maybe RGIII in that category as well).

  17. Hawksince77 says:

    But you won’t get any of that from simply looking at numbers.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Jet’s coming to town next week. How much do you think Washington will be pumped up for that game?

  19. Seahawks22360 says:

    Picture this: ACIB sitting at home in his sweats and Flynn jersey yelling at the tv everytime Wilson completes a pass.

  20. pabuwal says:

    He does that after watching the Titans game while longing for Matt Hasselbeck and thinking about how great the Titans would be if Hasselbeck was surrounded by the 85 Bears.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I know stats don’t tell the whole story however it is nice to see the Seahawks still in the top five in average yards allowed per game, and average points allowed per game.

    Also nice to see Wilson at #11 in the qb ratings. Those qbs in front of him are pretty darn good, especially the top five.

  22. Skavage says:

    I miss the days when our comments here focused on the games, the players, and the strategies and not so much of the “shock” factor and attacking comments. I don’t know, maybe it’s the high expectations this year that have fueled it.

  23. pabuwal says:

    Georgia – let’s be realistic about that Defensive Performance yesterday. It was fortunate that Christian Ponder was the QB yesterday or things could have been a lot different.

    The good news is there are plenty more Christian Ponders on the schedule for the rest of the year to get the team to 10-6.

  24. Hawksince77 says:

    Georgia, I think Wilson has played much better than his stats indicate. I can’t really judge all the others because I haven’t studied their games, but in general, I see players like Romo and Rivers and Cutler sometimes stink the field up with their poor play and find myself more impressed with Wilson’s composure, confiddence and consistency.

    He suffered some interceptions that don’t belong to him, and several key drops that would have signficantly changed his stats (including win/loss) for the better. More than other QBs? I don’t know – I watched all five of Romo’s ints one game, and he made 3 bad throws/decisions that were totally on him, while the other two were on his team-mates, so he didn’t earn all his ints either.

    Play-for-play, throw-for-throw, I think Wilson matches up well with any QB in the league, even the better ones. Look at the beating Seattle put on Rodgers in that first half – 8 sacks, no points. Then you see what Rodgers has done the past few games – HOF-type of performance, simply insane.

    Is Wilson in that company? No, he’s not. Unlike Rodgers, Brees, the Mannings, Romo, Brady, Luck, Stafford – Wilson isn’t asked to carry his team. Given what we’ve seen so far, I would like to see PC lean a little more on him than he has. I think we’d all be happy with the results.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Pabs- Ponder actually played good against the 49ers earier this year when the Vikings beat them, but yes this defense has some more growing up to do, and beating Chicago will not be an easy task at all, especially if ,(hot/cold) Cutler is hot.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    If we’re being realistic about yesterday’s defensive game, we must also give them credit for getting off the field on 3rd, adjusting well to Peterson the second half, and 59 second half total yards.

  27. pabuwal says:

    They were facing Christian Ponder on 3rd down. If they can’t get off the field at home against him, who can they stop on the third down? As soon as he senses pressure, he folds.

    They were able to mitigate Peterson in the second half to some extent with the help of the offense jumping out to a double digit lead and holding the ball for the final 5 minutes of the game.

    This team will get as far as the Offense (Lynch/Wilson – note the order) takes them. The Defense won’t be the defining unit for this team, just like 30 other teams in the modern NFL.

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hawksince77- agree.

    Some still don’t consider Eli or Toothlessrider elite, or in the same company as Peyton, Brady, Brees, and Rodgers, because they have had very solid teams around them to help them get multiple SuperBowl rings.

    So really, ( it would be nice but) I don’t care if Wilson ever becomes elite so long as he can do some of the things that Eli and Ben has done to help their teams be successful.

  29. “ACIB sitting at home in his sweats and Flynn jersey yelling at the tv everytime Wilson completes a pass.”

    Not sweats, More like his spiderman briefs.

  30. jchawks08 says:

    ACIB.. ACIB ACIB ACIB.. What are we going to do with you?

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