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Pete Carroll postgame press conference transcript

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November 4, 2012 7:36 pm
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(Opening…) Very good win for us today.  I was real proud of how hard we played and how tough we played and how we responded at halftime and put together a really good second half, particularly improved on defense.  We had our problems in the first half trying to catch up with Adrian, but we finally did and got the thing stopped.  A great day by our offense; I loved the way we mixed it.  We got to run the ball a lot today, with a lot of energy and a lot of toughness.  Marshawn was fantastic, and I thought the line of scrimmage was really good for us.  We rushed for 200 today, or close to it.  Russell played really well, did a great job of handling all the situations and the different players and the things that we did; he ran well too.  He fit us together nicely.  A lot of guys made plays today, which is great.  It’s really exciting to see Golden and Sidney coming to life; we want to see those guys continue to have a big impact on the game.  I think that makes a big difference for us in putting everything together.  Special teams wound up being kind of a wash, except for the block on the field goal [sic], we have to get the ball up a little quicker.  They also had an alignment that I think was in question, they took advantage of us and got a block on us, so we have to get the ball up quicker so that doesn’t happen.  All in all I thought it was a good day, the crowd was great, it was fun to play for them and in front of them.  I thought it was the kind of day that we needed to start the second half.  We put a lot of pressure on our guys to play well today and to get things done and get this thing going.  We had two turnovers and didn’t give it up once; that’s great for us, and hopefully we can follow that as we get going and the second half continues.

(On the first half issues with the run defense… )

We made so many mistakes on plays, and he ran great.  He’s a great player, but we didn’t have to give him that much, and we came out and missed a few tackles, but it’s just miscues and we didn’t handle some adjustments that they did well.  It was kind of a nightmare, to tell you the truth, in the first half.  The cool thing is that the guys settled down and put it to work and Gus made his adjustments and we stopped them.  I think they had 59 yards in the second half, and 3 points, and that’s a great turnaround for us, and I love the way we responded.

(On what happened with Carpenter…) We weren’t sure what was happening; he wasn’t feeling well on Wednesday, at practice, so we took him out of practice and then he came back Thursday and he was OK, and on Friday again he didn’t feel right.  He had a big hit in the Wednesday practice that alerted me that maybe he got hit in the head and so we looked at all of the concussion situations and nothing showed up and we didn’t have any information that told us otherwise.  He later said on Friday, ‘I think I got hit in the game, too’, so he might have had a concussion issue; he also took a flu shot.  We were treating him for being sick to his stomach and stuff, so we weren’t quite sure.  At the end of the week we just ruled him out with the concussion symptoms.  We had to play it safe.  It’s unusual the way it came about.  I’m glad we held him out.  We’ll figure out what it is by next week and see where we stand.

(On why Moffit didn’t come in…) We wanted to see if John could hold up on the left side and Paul, he had prepared to play.  If we were going to have problems we would have gone with Sweez on right guard and possibly put Paul back; we were ready to do that, but we made it through it.  I don’t know well how John did over there, but at least he got through and played in the win.  I thought Lem did a nice job of coming off the bench, too.  Max dislocated his finger a couple of times during the game, and that’s why he had to leave the game.  And then he finished up and went back in.

(On K.J. Wright…) K.J. had a concussion situation to deal with, so we had to hold him out.

(On Morgan…) I don’t know.  He had some problems.  He got in trouble on a reverse, which we should play.  I don’t know until I see the film.

(On Sidney Rice’s pass…) It was a great play.  It was a really cool play.  It was a terrific catch.  He made it a challenge for Zach, but it was a great play at the time and one we needed.  There were some cool plays today; Michael Rob fit in with a couple of runs that we hadn’t done and a couple of really big passes and it was great to finish up the game with the football.  It was something we wanted to do on the big fourth down for us.  To do that is kind of a pride thing.  It was good.  We had some real nice variety today.  I can’t say that it was a real balance today, because we ran it 45 times, but that’s the kind of balance when you play and you are out ahead in the fourth quarter that we love to see, where we can run it a bunch down the stretch.

(On calling the wide receiver pass… ) We like it from anywhere.  It’s a little harder to throw it, actually, the closer you get, because there are more adjustments, and Sidney likes to chuck it, and he had to hold back when he threw it to Zach.  He made a great play.  He’s a great athlete, and you give great athletes a chance to do stuff and see if they can figure it out; there’s no way you can be prepared for all of the things that could occur.  Sidney is such a talented kid, and he went out and found a way to make a play.

(On Golden Tate’s leap into the end zone…) That was crazy.  I’ll be over him, but it was great.  He played great today, he really played good.  I loved the third down catch he had over by their bench.   He’s a really tough, competitive kid; I loved the way he’s battling out there.  That’s a little crazy, yeah, but he got it in the end zone so we’ll take it.  But, we’ll be talking about that one.  The problem wasn’t the leap so much, the [football] was way over here somewhere.

(On the third down defense…) We did better; we pressured so much better today.  I felt the guys did a nice job.  I think they were 3 for 10 or something like that, which is an improvement.   I love that we were able to harass the quarterback with our pressures and stuff.  It was a good mix today by the guys, once they got going.   I thought Gus called a great game to really keep the mix in.  I thought it was hard on Christian; I think he had a hard day today.

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  1. 3rd down defense: “we pressured so much better today” YES FINALLY!!

    I loved the fact they did so many different things, as it appeared from the stands, on 3rds. very little just 3 rushers, but some, I saw, bringing 4 or 5, and stunts – I feel it kept Minn and Ponder guessing

  2. pope411 says:

    Golden Tate, I don’t know what to think of you.

  3. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “(On Morgan…) I don’t know. He had some problems. He got in trouble on a reverse, which we should play. I don’t know until I see the film.”

    That’s definitely true, I thought we could weather the loss of a linebacker without much difficulty, but Morgan was definitely a liability out there today. In fact I am positive the Vikings were deliberately going after him.

  4. “That’s definitely true, I thought we could weather the loss of a linebacker without much difficulty, but Morgan was definitely a liability out there today. In fact I am positive the Vikings were deliberately going after him.”

    Yep, I noticed that as well. Maybe some jitters on his part?

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