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Hawks inactives: No word on who replaces Carpenter

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 4, 2012 at 11:51 am with 14 Comments »
November 4, 2012 11:51 am

It’s about what we expected in terms of the inactive list for the Seattle Seahawks today.

Seattle offensive lineman James Carpenter is inactive for today’s game due to a concussion. The Seahawks did not announce who would replace Carpenter at left guard, and Seattle has not started warm-ups with the full team yet, so stay tuned.

For Minnesota, Jamarca Sanford will replace Mistral Raymond (ankle) at strong safety in the starting lineup. Here’s the full list.

Seattle inactives
WR Braylon Edwards
SS Winston Guy
CB Byron Maxwell
OG James Carpenter
OT Mike Person
DT Jason Jones
DT Jaye Howard

Minnesota inactives
QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson
WR Stephen Burton
WR Jarius Wright
S Mistral Raymond
LB Audie Cole
OG Mark Asper
TE John Carlson

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Well, Moffitt’s active, so that’s good.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Just saw Jones out; that’s too bad. Seattle needs help at 3-tech.

  3. On the radio they said Carp “was sick and had concussion like symtoms”.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Eric said he was sick, Friday. I know that nausea can be a side-effect of having a concussion. But generally it’s only the day of or just after. Is Carp sick or did he actually get dinged in practice? Odd.

  5. I have a bad feeling our D-line will continue to struggle mightily without Jason Jones, and to lose Howard and have Scruggs banged up is heaping dog poo onto the horse poo cake…

    Not to mention the fact that McQ freaking blows, and so does Sweezy–myself, Im still freaking pissed we cut Deuce Lutui; he’s much better right now than Sweezy or McQ, and I dont see how we can expect our patchwork O-line to be anything other than utterly pathetic today.

    Im really tired of watching bad football–and thus far, thats what we’ve had for the last five years in Seattle–really bad football.

    Not to steal other not-to-be-named commenters thunder and be all super negative, but I just dont see Seattle getting it together as a team, certainly not in time to make any kind of playoff run. The good news (I cant believe Im saying this) is that since the team hasnt sold, ALlen will be unlikely to fire Carrol (though I almost wish he would be so we could kiss the ZBS and cable and that utter douchebag Bevell goodbye), and we will get a better draft choice; this will give Carrol one last best chance to get players who will help him get to the playoffs and thus save his job.

    Ive said it before, I like Carrol and his competition mantra, but I am beginning to doubt if it will work in the pros. Carrol seems to be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, rather than making lemons with lemonade… This team is too talented to turn in repeat terrible performances in too many areas. Yet that is what is happening, week after week.

    Im not giving up on Carrol, but I have never liked the ZBS or Darrel Freaking Dumbass Bevell, and want them fired so bad I can taste it…But Id settle for 10-6 and a playoff win…

  6. There’s no way Moffit is 100%, and he isnt that good when he’s 100%. With Carp down, that means we are gonna see more of Sweezy…to me, thats like being guaranteed you will see someone’s gramma’s ass a bunch of times in a movie that is supposed to have Angelina Jolie nekkid….I cant help but feel utterly ripped off!

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Seattle has had one of the league’s best running games the second half of last season and into this year, what exactly is the issue with ZBS? Moreover, what they run is really a hybrid scheme that incorporates a lot of man. What is it you don’t like?

  8. tchristensen says:

    Is the sky always falling with you STTBM?

  9. The ZBS: I dont like it because it doesnt work consistently enough to achieve anything but close losses–certainly not championships. I dont like it because it results in the devaluing of G’s and the wasting of draft picks on guys like Carpenter. I dont like it because you end up with 4 of 5 guys picked in the first three rounds, yet a line that overall grades out in the bottom 10 of the league. I dont like it because it necessitates lineman who either are good at pass pro or run blocking, but not both.

    You can call it hybrid if you want, but hybrid BS is still BS. Last year we were running the ball well in the second half, but in the end it failed us our last two weeks. This year, we are having only mixed success, despite the fact that Marshawn Lynch is giving an NFL MVP-caliber performance, and has cemented in my mind his spot as Toughest MF in the entire NFL. The yards we are getting are mostly due to his passion and badassness, not to the line. Our line is wildly inconsistent in the run game, and mostly below average in pass pro. Without our mobile qb you would see utter failure by them.

    When I see the Hawks line fail–as I do 3 times out of 5–its usually due to someone blocking the wrong man when they double-team someone and leave a gap open..when that isnt the case, its “studs” like Carpenter or McQ or Giac falling on their faces like pansies the one time they are asked to make a man-block. They stink because no one outside a ZBS coach wanted anything to do with them as starters, yet Cable was determined to prove what a genius he is. That worked well, didnt it?!

    How long does it take for a scheme to prove its a failure? Seriously, the ZBS is the run-n-shoot of blocking schemes–a gimmick that briefly succeeded and ultimately is doomed to become an embarrassing afterthought.

    No one except the Manning-led Dolts has won a championship with a ZBS since Elway and the Broncos. If the scheme was that great, that wouldnt be the case at all–this is, after all, the copy-cat league to beat all….

  10. How many rushing TD’s do we have this year, despite having the second-leading rusher in the NFL, who by the way is the toughest SOB in the league?! Way to go ZBS, we can move the ball in fits and starts, but cant score…all those yards add up to how many points?!

    Yeah, not much. A big reason why we are losing games is we cant run for jack inside the red zone.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    ZBS and hybrids of it have been used by Denver, NE, Indy, and Packers to win Super Bowls. You don’t have to like it, and you clearly do not, but many of your complaints regarding it are misplaced. Including the evaluation of linemen not needing to be good at both run and pass. And again, watch red zone blocking by Seattle and you will see more man than zone. This is the hybrid I was speaking of. In any case, I’m not trying to convince you one way or another, but some of the issues you pointed to stem from other places rather than scheme.

  12. tchristensen–NO, in fact it isnt: I have stood by Carrol all along, and only recently jumped off the Cable bandwagon, despite his terrible draft choices and spotty performance of the line. I expected a lot more from him, though I have to say I never expected much from Bevell.

    But eventually reality sets in, and reality is the Hawks find new ways to lose each week, and havent truly beaten anyone yet this year except and underperforming Dallas this year. Reality is the line appears to have regressed, and stinks for the fifth straight year. Reality is we lost to the Rams and Lions despite leading for most of the game. Reality is we are lucky to be 4-4, and are closer to being 1-7 than we are 8-0.

    I’d love to see Seattle become a complete team firing on all cylinders, but what evidence supports faith in that?! At this point, very damned little. Great talent in the players minus a few holes, and incredibly frustrating lack of success by the coaching staff.

    Where is the likelihood of improvement? Logically, I dont see it..unless the lines improve drastically, Wagner and the other LB’s learn to cover, and Carrol/Bevell allow Wilson off the leash permanently…

  13. Duke–you may be right, but I have seen countless failed double-team blocks in the red zone, as well as clearly inept pass pro in same. Cable is a ZBS guy, and he’s proven to be terrible at judging talent. Which is why we gave up a first round pick for underperforming Carpenter, and why we are stuck with d-bags like McQ and sad-sacks like Giac.

    NE runs a scheme that uses far less ZBS techniques, from what I have seen; and they stink at run blocking when averaged out all year. Same with the Packers. They also have ridiculously elite QB’s, fantastic OC’s, and great WR corps…all of which Seattle lacks in SPADES.

    Denver hasnt won jack since Elway. Add it up, and its a lot of repeated failure by the ZBS, and specifically Cable. Meanwhile, Solari, the guy we had for a year or so and tried to make him coach the ZBS, has gone back to power blocking and his team is kicking far more ass…ah, what might have been…

    And this all goes back to Holmgrens ego, and Allens worst decision ever, to hire that asshat Tim Ruskell, the benefactor of the ZBS…we’re still paying for ever hiring that buttmunch…

  14. blueshq says:

    Dude, I’ve been reading your posts since you chose that title years ago. You just called one of my team’s starting players a sad-sack. That’s not what I consider to be a fan. Coach Carrol, when asked which player he’d rather have with him if he was cornered in a dark alley thought about it then said Breno. I don’t think you would have the nerve to say that to his face.

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