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James Carpenter ruled out vs. Vikings

Post by Eric Williams on Nov. 3, 2012 at 12:43 pm with 41 Comments »
November 3, 2012 12:43 pm

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) carries the ball as teammate James Carpenter (77) blocks and New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes, left, moves in for the tackle in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

The Seattle Seahawks announced today that offensive guard James Carpenter has been ruled out of Sunday’s game against Minnesota due to a concussion.

Carpenter was a surprise addition to Friday’s injury report. He was listed as questionable with an illness, and was a limited participant in practice.

Carpenter started five games at left guard this season, coming off ACL knee surgery that cut short his 2011 season. Paul McQuistan started the first three games at left guard before sliding over to right guard to make room for Carpenter when he returned to the starting lineup.

The Seahawks could move McQuistan back to left guard again and replace him at right guard with John Moffitt.

Or the Seahawks could decide to let McQuistan stay put, and either start Moffitt or rookie J.R. Sweezy at left guard, which would be less of a shake-up to the starting five.

Whatever decision offensive line coach Tom Cable makes, Seattle likely will be starting its fifth different starting offensive line combination on Sunday.

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  1. McQ slides left and MOffit starts rt? Hopefully. Or else Sweezy.

  2. Ewalters7354 says:

    Oh God please not Sweezy! He’s not ready yet.Though I would use him as a pulling guard in the jumbo packages.

  3. ejkimber says:

    Hopefully Mofitt is well enough to play most of the snaps.

  4. JZombie says:

    Just can’t seem to have this line come together as fully fit.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    When did this happen? During practice?

  6. Dukeshire says:

    I’m blown away by how many college teams are running the pistol now. Only a year or two ago it was a gimmick or fringe formation. You’d see it in the WAC or Mountain West, but now it’s in the Big 12 and SEC with regularity. Only a matter of time until it’s being used on Sundays.

  7. rramstad says:

    I suspect it’s illness. There’s a weird flu type bug that’s been floating around. If you take care of yourself — really take care of yourself — it is gone within 48 hours. If you don’t take care of yourself, it’s pretty easy to be sick for two to three weeks. One of my youth football players actually ended up having to go to the hospital for IV fluids after about ten days of being sick (and not playing) probably because he was still trying to attend school even though he was probably operating at 60%.

  8. rramstad says:

    Oh, and we run the pistol :-) it’s great for youth football, spread formation, lots of opportunity to attack the edges and off tackle, and once they widen out and double up to stop the sweep, we pound the middle…

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Oh for sure. Once you press the edge with success often enough, you can gash the middle. Then, it’s over. lol

  10. rramstad says:

    Sorry about my misfire. I saw Carp listed as questionable with illness, then ruled out, and somehow missed the data that it was a concussion. My bad. I was speaking hypothetically as to how someone could be simply ill one day and then a scratch for a game just another day later, when seemingly healthy earlier in the week.

  11. It was so encouraging to have Carp strengthening the left side of the O-line for a few weeks finally. Hope he’s back at LG soon.

  12. wabubba67 says:


  13. Dukeshire says:

    Quiet blog this week.

  14. Ewalters7354 says:

    Don’t worry Duke, it’ll be roaring after the game tomorrow lol

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Yep. One way or another. lol

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ewalters7354- Why not get it roaring now?

    Wilson throws for 300 + yards and 3 tds, and we blow out the Vikings 34- 10.
    After that Flynn gets traded to KC for a conditional 2nd rounder in the 2013 NFL draft.
    This blog explodes into an average 300 posts per thread, 200 coming from RADEoN and ACIB.

  17. blueshq says:

    Georgia, LOL, that’s not so far fetched!

  18. Dukeshire says:

    sadly, if Wilson were to have that type of game tomorrow, the blog would be far quieter than if he were to tank. For some reason the most action comes after a loss. I don’t get it but it’s been that way for several years now. Really weird.

  19. mocarob says:

    It’s checks & balances.
    RADEoN & ACIB are here to temperate our enthusiasm.
    Filibuster if you will.
    The war on short QBs.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Lol, is that supposed to be a haiku?

  21. Eric interviewing Wilson if he doesn’t have a good game tomorrow:

    Wilson leaving the stadium if he has a good game tomorrow:

    *disclaimer-in no way is any of this intended to be anything other than fun. Put your politically correct views away and enjoy good natured humor for a little bit.

  22. “bad” for ACIB… oops.

  23. mocarob says:

    Funny stuff. Is RW the first midget QB in the NFL?
    If so, Maybe we should start scouting ‘Munchkin Country’

  24. mocarob says:

    Before I catch Hell fire. I like RW. Doing pretty well for a rook.

  25. I think most of us like him, too. We all just hate that he’s a rookie NOW! I’ve supported him for a long time… but I’ve also supported his back-up… I love Flynn and I love Wilson… using girly words like that… uhhh…

  26. Either way, the ceiling present now with our QB situation is about 100x better than T-Jack and Whitehurst last year. Wilson is playing reasonably well, considering that he is a rookie, his O-line STILL is not consistent, his WR’s drop every other pass (or so it seems), and the play-calling seems to be pretty vanilla. If what we have seen through 8 games is the low-end of RW’s ability, then we are in good shape.

  27. Watching Alabama play a few games this year- wouldn’t mind seeing a OL guy or 2 from that team with the hawks !

  28. I saw a quote today that the Raiders will get a boost this week because Aaron Curry is coming off IR…. Bwahahaha! That was a good one!

  29. Ewalters7354 says:

    Georgia, the trade deadline has passed.Sorry if you didn’t know…If RW has that type of game tomorrow I’ll be greatly delighted.But I don’t see it happening.He’s getting better but he’s not going to explode like that.I say he’ll throw for about 170yds, 2tds, 2ints, and the hawks once again will be playing for the game winning td and fall short -21-14 vikes.Sorry that’s just how I feel about this trap game tomorrow.

  30. DFloydd says:

    BobbyK..those pics were…….awesome….I was actually LOL’ing….thanks for the laugh. Let’s hope for a good game today. The way I see it after a few years of reading and learning from all of you (yes, even RADEOn and ACIB) that this season is still part of the rebuilding phase. Sure our defense is great (not elite, just yet), our running game is good (not great, yet) and of vourse our QB is a rookie. We all want to win now and I get it as I feel the same way. Like Tom Petty says “the waaaaaaaiting is the hardest part”. However, since we are 4-4 now I don’t see the team going beyond much better than 8-8 or 9-7 if we are lucky. Barring injuries to the o-line next year and getting a true #1 recevier who can contribute right away next season this team will be unstoppable even with our midget QB (sorry, I meant “little person”) I think next year is where Russell Wilson really comes into his own. I don’t think that Flynn would be the be-all/end-all to this team being far better than it is now. Very young team going through growing pains as painful as it is for all of us to watch. I know we are all sick of hoping/praying/waiting for “next year” to be the year but I truly believe with another even decent draft in 2013 the Seahawks will be VERY VERY good. If we can get a tall, speedster (i.e. Mike Wallace type) it would only make Tate, Rice, Miller, Baldwin, etc. that much better.

    Just imagine the offense lined up with a Mike Wallace type WR with freakish speed, Rice, Baldwin, Miller, Tate and Marshawn in the backfield? No team’s defense would have a clue how to cover that.

    Anyway, I am up way too early and thinking way too much and have had way too much coffee. Time to chill until the games start. Have a great Sunday everyone and here’s an early “cheers” to you all and hopefully a big Seahawks win!!

    (and also thanks to all of you for teaching me ALOT more about football the past two years. I truly appreciate everyone’s opinions.)

  31. Wilson is going to be 938,485,101,301,495,291,593,399 times better than Jackson (add some infinity thing to that, too).

  32. Dukeshire says:

    SandpointHawk – That’s interesting. They used it for one game when Ben was hurt, last season. If I’m not mistaken, the Redskins have use it infrequently this year with RGIII, as well. Thanks for passing along.

  33. confucious says:

    Looks as if Eric needs to “fall back” or else my computer can see into the future. Duke, it seems to me that our linebackers are either late or loose in short coverage. Not just on third downs. and not just last week. Is that just relative inexperience? (no excuse for leroy) Scheme? How do they fix it this week?

  34. confucious says:

    At any rate, the short dink and dunk passing game is a great way for struggling qb’s to regain confidence. ie; skelton, rodgers,stafford. In all three of those games the short underneath routes were used to march up the field in quick order. The point being that this is a lingering issue (tendancy) that is game planned against. We used to occasionally drop a DT to sit in the middle a couple yards north of the line of scrimmage. I don’t know the book on defenses, just thought that may be an option.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    confucious – I think if we’re trying to pinpoint it, got to look at Wagner, primarily. It appears to me that he gets “lost” in zone coverage. I really noticed it against the 49ers, and then again last week. After that, I’m seeing the corners allowing free releases to the receivers, when they’re in man. On third down, teams run a lot of spot routes and other timing orientated concepts, got to disrupt that some way. Either by getting to the QB (another issue) or by disrupting the pattern at the line. And then third, Seattle likes more “passive” schemes in those situations. That is, allow the offenses to complete passes underneath by playing zone and not take players out of coverage by blitzing. And what we’ve seen is that receivers are finding the soft areas allowing for completions and conversions. If you notice, many of the firsts aren’t being converted with yards after the catch. Mostly the reception is made at the number. Pretty basic stuff, but as I see it, those are the main issues on third and pass.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    confucious – Last week Clemons dropped into coverage a time or two. I don’t like it. Teams have seemed to recognized that and create mismatches with a TE split out. My suggestion is to stay in man, as they typically are, or if they choose zone, bring a corner blitz and rotate Thomas down to cover the slot. Just bringing one extra rusher may create enough pressure that routes aren’t allowed to develop. Of course the flip side to that, is that Seattle doesn’t have terribly fast corners so the timing would have to be perfect so blitz isn’t given away, before the snap.

  37. krieg17 says:

    I need a “W” after my Broncos stunk it up last night.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  38. confucious says:

    Duke, agreed on Clemons. Noticed last week that they brought Thomas down to rush outside. I like him covering the slot,as you said. Better fit considering his size. Like your diagnosis on our corners, definately need the jamb, it is such a timing disrupter. Thanks for your input. It will be interesting to see what adjustments are made this week. But as I said before, this is not a new issue and I would be suprised if it had not been addressed in previous weeks.

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