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Monday Morning QB live chat replay

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 29, 2012 at 8:29 am with 20 Comments »
October 29, 2012 12:00 pm

If the internet on the airplane works, we’ll get started at 11 a.m.

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  1. jawpeace says:

    Am I alone??? Every time I see Rice take a hard hit I find myself holding my breath and anxiously waiting to see if he gets up. Is this common among us Hawk fans?

  2. MEhawkfan says:

    “Am I alone???”

    LOL Existentialism alive and well on the Seahawks Insider blog. Beats QB debate hands down!

    But no, you are not alone. Yesterday, when he got cracked across the middle, I held my breath too.

  3. sluggo42 says:

    Looks like his extra 15 lbs of muscle from last year has really helped.

  4. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    You people are something else. The defense has its first all around bad performance, against a quarterback who threw for 5,000+ yards and 40+ TDs last season (one of the greatest statistical seasons in the history of the NFL) and they’re no longer elite. And yet because our offense finally didn’t vomit all over itself for once, they’ve turned a corner? NEWS FLASH: Our defense is STILL elite. Even elite defenses can’t shut down every. single. opponent. week in and week out, and our offense looking mildly competent for once against a bad defense with a lot of injuries doesn’t mean they aren’t garbage.

  5. Southendzone says:

    Eric / TNT staff, please ask Carroll about his horrible challenge on the catch in the 3rd quarter during the next press conference if he hasn’t already addressed it.

    That was one of the worst coaches challenges you will ever see, because not only was the evidence suspect to overturn the call, even if he gets it right, there was already an announced holding penalty which would still give them a 1st down.

    Challenging a play with a low chance of success is one thing, challenging a play with zero chance of success is unacceptable. Almost as bad as allowing the most obvious fake FG attempt of all time, and following it up with that horrible onside kick attempt.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wilson looked beyond his years in this game. Finally glad to see a qb with this kind of tools on this team.
    Next year, look out!

  7. jawpeace says:

    SouthernZone I was thinking the almost the exact same thing. I was like common Pete there was a holding call which is 5 and a first down. The catch was for about 7. Whoopie take away two yards if is not a catch. 2 Yards is not anywhere near in value as a time out if it is wrong. So yes I was kind of ticked off about the challenge.

  8. Hawksince77 says:

    SouthernZone, jawpeace, the challenge was either the most bone-head coaching decision of the decade, or brilliant.

    The broadcasters noted that the Seattle defense was getting stomped (my words) and PC threw the challenge flag in order to get some breathing space, an extended time-out, a chance to regroup.

    The only reason I think that might be plausible is because the challenge otherwise makes no sense.

    I really don’t know – just throwing that out there (like a red flag…).

  9. Good note about Okung – he looked shaky for a week or two there at the start of the season. Looking much more solid now. Must have had something to do with recouping from injuries.

    I thought the O-line pass protection was maybe the best it’s been all year yesterday.

  10. Hawksince77 says:

    Just heard PC’s explanation of the challenge – I was being waaayyyy tooooo generous: he had a brain fart, it was a stupid move, and he admitted it on tell-the-truth Monday.

  11. This team reminds me a little of the 2004 team – talented, but still maturing, and just an emotional roller coaster to watch. Remember The Collapse; for that metter all three losses to STL including the playoff game at home? The next year they went 13-3 and should have won the Superbowl. I think this team will be better than the Holmgren era team. This group has talent, but also a toughness and energy that was absent in the Superbowl loss and the losses to Chicago and Green Bay that ended the next two playoff runs. The rest of this season and the next few years are going to really excitting to watch as they grow and become a great team.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “But they lOST. What heppened to all that “we’re a team not one player” talk he spouted at Brady? This guy is a prime example of why teams like this never make it to the SB and their coach didn’t make it in New England.”

    Agree SandpointHawk- Two words- Shut Up!

  13. likes to stoke drama, and they love to incite negative comments about Carroll. Haven’t listened to the interview, but I’d bet it was not said in any sort of bragging way.

    Agree that Sherman should put a lid on it after a loss – but he’s a cocky athlete, it’s part of what makes him good, so I give him a pass (homer that I am) . . .

  14. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    with a 22 passing D

  15. MoSeahawk12 says:

    elite doesn’t apply, hasn’t all year. Very good with a chance to stay in the top ten as they have faced some of the most powerful offenses in the league already and should be in better position to hold it down the rest of the season. Lions converted 75% on 3rd down. Worst 3rd down performance by D since 2004. Here’s what Stafford was able to do on 3rd down. 14-15 pass attempts/completions 93.3 percentage 147 yards 2TDs-0 int.

    Not in the conversation for now. Lots to improve on for both sides of the ball. Still a few dropped passes and a couple of ducks thrown. The D allowed two 80+ drives in the fourth while holding a 10 point lead. They will bounce back.

  16. In my opinion our wide outs our below average and the coordinator is not great. Still Wilson leads Luck in all important stats. Tds,comp%,yards per att.Picks . Wilson leads all rookies in Tds. I feel he has just got going and needs to run more not less. The niners are for real and we almost won that game . The future is bright. Plus Edwards needs to go he is not strong. Dez from Dallas can be had for not much. Give JJ a call.

  17. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Luck’s team is absolute TRASH compared to Wilson’s. Do you actually believe Wilson is anywhere near as good as a player or prospect because Wilson has mildly better stats on a much better team?

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