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Carroll could make moves at WR

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 29, 2012 at 4:31 pm with 69 Comments »
October 29, 2012 4:31 pm

The Seahawks have only three healthy receivers heading into this week’s game against Minnesota, so head coach Pete Carroll said he will consider making moves to beef up the team’s depth at the position, including the possibility of activating University of Washington product Jermaine Kearse from the practice squad.

Currently, Sidney Rice, Golden Tate and Charly Martin are the only healthy receivers on the roster.

“We have to consider our situation because there’s a little uncertainty there,” Carroll said.

Carroll said Doug Baldwin is a long shot to play this week. Baldwin missed the Detroit game with a high-ankle sprain.

“He did run last week,” Carroll said about Baldwin. “He ran at the end of the week. We’ll just see if he can tolerate it.”

Carroll also said that Ben Obomanu is seeing a specialist for his sprained wrist, and Braylon Edwards is having his swollen knee examined further.

“The initial look at it is he doesn’t have any damage to his knee,” Carroll said about Edwards. “He has a knee that’s worn on. And so it responded for whatever reason to this trip, and we’ll see what that means.”

Carroll said the team will give Edwards a few days to quiet his knee down, and see how he is at the end of the week, with the hope he can play against Minnesota on Sunday.

Carroll said the team has not made a decision on whether or not cornerback Walter Thurmond will be activated from the PUP list this week.

And offensive lineman John Moffitt (knee) is expected to play this week, after missing his fifth straight game against the Lions.

Fullback Michael Robinson also is seeing a specialist for his wrist injury, according to Carroll.

Carroll said Tate’s tweaked ankle is fine, and that the team will wait and see how Jason Jones’ ankle is this week.

Carroll addressed his defense’s struggles on third down, saying the reason for the high success rate by opposing teams is a mixture of inexperience and more need for a pass rush.

“It’s just being comfortable with the situation,” Carroll said. “And doing the same thing right again and again, and not changing a little bit. Maybe we try a little too much, or we try a little too hard to make a play or something. Those things you can wash out with experience sometimes. And sometimes guys are just trying to make things happen, and they make mistakes.

“But I think we’ve tried a little bit too hard to be perfect, or to catch a tendency or something like that, and then we miss our drops. … I know we can get a lot better, I just hope we can do it right away. We need to get this done soon.”

Carroll also talked about his curious decision to challenge Titus Young’s 9-yard reception on 3rd and 8 from Seattle’s 45-yard line in the third quarter.

Seattle cornerback Brandon Browner was called for defensive holding on the play. So even if the catch was overturned, the Lions still would have picked up a first down, and Seattle would have gained just 4 yards of field position on the play.

Carroll chalked it up as another situation where he had “a flash of hormonal upsurge,” similar to the Cincinnati game a year ago when he decided to go for it on fourth down near the goal line with no timeouts late in the first half against the Bengals.

On 4th-and-2 from the Bengals’ three-yard line with 14 seconds left in the first half, Marshawn Lynch ran the ball, but failed to pick up a first down.

So with the Seahawks out of timeouts Seattle failed to get lined up in time to get to the line of scrimmage and spike the ball to stop the clock.

Carroll said guy up in the coaches’ press box told him through the head phones that it was not a catch, and he was struggling to get the red challenge flag out of his pocket. But just as he threw it, Carroll said he realized what he had done.

“As soon as I got it out I went, ‘Oh my goodness, what happened?’” Carroll said. “It just was a flash of hormonal upsurge, a competitive moment that I really regret. So, it happens sometimes.”

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  1. Chawksrule says:

    Pete, pick up the phone and call Butler or Kellen Winslow! They can both help in the slot and convert key 3rd downs! If Winslow wants the $ then pay the man for the rest of the year.

    This game has playoff implications. We are in a fight with Minnesota, Green Bay, Chicago, and Arizona so we can’t drop this one.

    I really believe we can go 10-6 and make the playoffs. I’m all in Pete! Are you?

    Go Hawks!!!

  2. I second Deon Butler. I’d like to see him back.

  3. I agree, I believe Winslow and Butler would upgrade our WR corps greatly. Winslow in the redzone and in the middle of the field, and Butler in the slot over the middle on checkdown throws and on 3rd downs. One of the things Wilson does not have is a clutch slot guy he can go to time and again for a 1st down to move the chaings along.
    Hasselbeck had Bobby Engram for years and recently Stokley and BMW.
    Wilson needs a clutch hands type guy who knows where the holes in the defense are, like Welker. Maybe if Edwards knee issue is chronic, we release him.

  4. move the chains along.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Carroll is right: they need to create more pressure in passing situations on 3rd. That will definitely make their zone they love, look better in those situations.

  6. “Wilson does not have is a clutch slot guy he can go to time and again for a 1st down to move the chaings along.”

    Agree w/that. Maybe it could become Tate? That little slant they completed on 4th and 2 was clutch, and is just the kind of pass play we’ve been needing to make.

  7. Tate sucks, I’m ready to see him move on, and would love to see Butler fill his spot. Getting sick of watching him run backwards after a catch and eliminate any gains.

  8. richardcranium says:

    Lets bring up the Bowe trade talks. I for one would not be opposed to trading a couple of picks for a very talented receiver. Assuming a long term deal could be reached before a trade. My observations over the last 2 years on this forum is that us fans almost covet the picks more than the player at times. Bowe is a dynamic pass catching machine who has plenty of tread left on the tires.

  9. freedom_X says:

    However much Tate has underachieved (which isn’t as much as many people here think, IMHO) – Butler has accomplished maybe 10% of what Tate has his less-than-illustrious career.

    I actually believe Tate would do very well in a different, looser offensive system, but he looks like he’s getting the hang of the current one.

    If Winslow was a cure for a receiving problem, he’d be playing for someone right now. Don’t forget, it’s also likely he will only return at his (Winslow’s) price. I don’t think he’s so hot a commodity that he can command that. Thus, Winslow is unemployed.

    Pretty hard for Wilson to build chemistry with a player that can’t practice, either.

  10. You opinion of Tate doesn’t really pertain here does it?
    We’re down to 3 WR and you say you want to get rid of one.

    You hate more things about this team than you like.

  11. You should your name from RadeOn to HateOn

  12. freedom_X says:

    Bowe will also require a big, big contract if you want to keep him past this year. A team can’t give up significant draft picks for an 8 game rental.

    So even if Bowe is all that he could be (which I’m skeptical of, personally, given his past history) – can Seattle pay 2 WR’s Sidney Rice money? I don’t think so.

    Don’t forget that if they keep it up, guys like Chancellor, Sherman, and Browner are going to want to get paid. Even if Seattle is under the cap, that doesn’t mean they can spend freely up to the limit right now (unless they’re doing 1 year deals.)

    They need to have money to pay the young players who have produced for several years, and have money for the free agent de jour next year. I really, really don’t think Bowe is a transformational player, or even just a significant missing piece.

    At best, we either spend $$$$ to get someone like him, or picks, but not both.

  13. richardcranium says:

    Bottom line is that our core group of receivers are hurt or not cutting it in the nfl. We have chosen not to invest high draft picks in the wide receiver position in quite some time. I don’t think Tate is a problem, but we need to realize HE IS WHO HE IS! He probably belongs in the slot, not at split end. Imagine how lethal a combination of Rice, Bowe, Tate could be.

  14. richardcranium says:

    I can agree with the contract argument. Not that I don’t believe he will have his price, but how much is he going to command on the open market?

  15. Chawksrule says:

    Trade for bowe??? No way. His salary for the rest of the season is 4.75 million. And then he is a FA looking for top tier $$. Why would we give up draft picks and then have to let him go at the end of the season? We certainly aren’t going to sign him to an extension and also have to pay Sidney Rice his 9.7 million next year.

    Can you hear his agent? Hey let’s go to Seattle where they will throw you the ball twice per game! Then you can hit the FA market and really cash in!

    Go Hawks!!!

  16. Ewalters7354 says:

    Golden Tate is a hit or miss type of playermWhen he’s good, he’s good.Other times, he’s an absolute headache.Bowe is not coming to Seatown,Butler would be a great player to bring back.I don’t think activating Jermaine Kearse would be a difference,Charly Martin needs to go as soon as the WRs get healthy.He is garbage and did just what I expected, nothing.Also, it would be nice to throw to Zach Miller more often.He has proven to be a reliable pass catcher who knows how to get open.

  17. How did we lose to the Cards? They look awful.

  18. Ewalters7354 says:

    Oh BTW, How is Evan Moore performing in you guys eyes? I said from jump he was trash…

  19. Ewalters7354 says:

    Pilot, because the hawks suck in certain spots, during certain games.Either sucky QB play, poor offensive or defensive play calling, WRs dropping balls, etc…

  20. In other words, not really ready for prime time. Young team, and all that.

  21. mojjonation says:

    Waterboys and lifelong benchwarmers or tee ball right fielders chiming in above.

    Baldwin, Tate, Rice, and Edwards, could be formidable with a little more seasoning and fewer injuries. Tate could be the slot guy much like Steve Smith if he actually tried to learn the game. Rice and Edwards on the outside with Baldwin inside as a 4th. 5 wide would bring Obu or maybe Miller. The possibilities are endless with who we have as long as we have guys who can block and injuries stay away.

    I F@#$%&G hats San Fran. Arizona is dead and so is my idea of all home teams holding serve.

  22. hawksome says:

    If we’re gonna run with the rabbit (RW), why not look into trading Flynn for Bowe? If Bowe works out good the rest of the season, kick Rice to the curb or ask him to restructure.

    There’s a rumor that Edwards could be traded, and the knee injury is just a lie to hold him out and keep him healthy.
    Won’t be the first time Pete was caught lying.

  23. Ewalters7354 says:

    hawksome, that would be typical Pete lol…though I don’t see who would actually give up a draft pick for the guy.The hawks are already shot handed at that position also so I don’t know.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    For those watching, the 9ers have shown a time or two how effective zone blitzes can be on 3rd and long. Something I’d like to see Seattle do once and a while.

  25. richardcranium says:

    Isn’t it a finable offense to falsely report injuries?

  26. jawpeace says:

    I thought the throw to Evans in the end zone showed me all I need to see about the guy. He did not have any fight in him for the ball. I immediately thought of Winslow in the exact play and he would have fought hard for the ball. Where Evans got some contact and looked like he just gave up. Winslow would be an upgrade at the third TE spot over Evans.
    Options at the WR spot….Bring back Butler, Sign Lockett off the 49ers practice squad by putting him on our active roster, sign TO, and last activate J. K. off the P.S.

  27. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Cards are done, 9ers look like they are on their way to a second NFC West title. Hate that, but they just gained another game on us. We have one head to head in Seattle, but every loss is killer. Might be looking at second place and fighting for a wild card. We have a shot at that if we can clean up the lingering issues that have been there the first half of the season. Vikings will present a pretty tough challenge with Peterson and their D Line. Gotta win that game no matter what. All obvious comments.

  28. Hawksince77 says:

    hawksome writes: “Won’t be the first time Pete was caught lying.”

    Really? Can you name another? I am not just asking to be difficult – I’d really be interested in hearing of an example where PC straight up and lied, because I have never heard him say anything but what he thought to be true. If he didn’t want you to know the answer to a question, he said so.

    But I haven’t heard everything he’s ever said, and of all the things I have heard him say, I don’t know that they are all true, just not aware of any lies.

    Please, share.

  29. Ewalters7354 says:

    I’m so ecstatic about the return of Moffit this upcoming week.He’s definitely needed so Mcquistan can ride the pine.I would have rather kept Cameron Morrah over Evan Moore.Some bashrd me for saying it but the guy doesn’t belong in this league.He doesn’t possess the heart to catch over the middle and he’s slow as heck.The coaching staff fumbled the ball on this one.Like many others.

  30. Hawksince77 says:

    And the Flynn for Bowe idea is interesting. If Bowe would restructure and extend his contract, that might work.

    KC could sure use a decent QB, and Seattle could use a WR.

  31. Hawksince77 says:


    If memory serves, Eric said in his chat that he thought McQuisten would still start, even if Moffit was healthy. Perhaps he can confirm or deny.

    And I think Morrah was injured, but I thought he was doing pretty well for Seattle when healthy.

  32. mojjonation says:


    In the preseason, Pete claimed Flynn had an elbow injury and kept him out of a game. If Flynn was truly injured, Pete lied to the league by not listing him on the injury report. If Flynn wasn’t truly injured, Pete lied to the fans. Take your pick. Its not Pete’s first lie and it wont be his last.

  33. Ewalters7354 says:

    Hawk77, that’s what Pete says.But I guarantee you once McQuisten starts to suck, and he’s on the borderline, Moffit will resume his duties at RG.He’s the hawks best pulling guard and a darn good run blocker/road grader.

    Mojo, you are100% accurate on Pete telling lies like he does.It just drives me crazy!

  34. GriffinNW says:

    Ewalters- not trying to side with Pete, or say Moore has impressed… But the guy was a FA signing, and probably for cheap too. Not like we threw the checkbook at him.

  35. Hawksince77 says:

    mojjonation wrote: “In the preseason, Pete claimed Flynn had an elbow injury and kept him out of a game. If Flynn was truly injured, Pete lied to the league by not listing him on the injury report. If Flynn wasn’t truly injured, Pete lied to the fans. Take your pick. Its not Pete’s first lie and it wont be his last.”

    Not true – PC never claimed that Flynn had an ‘injury’. He had developed soreness, perhaps tendinitus, in the elbow. This kept Flynn from playing in the second half of the KC pre-season game. As for the injury report, not sure that applies to pre-season, and PC wasn’t obligated to provide a formal injury report (and someone can correct me if I am wrong about that, but I don’t recall ever seeing such a report prior to any pre-season game).

    In the regular season, PC explained that they kept Flynn on a pitch count that would prevent him fully preparing to start a game, but was available to suit up as the back-up. During that time, he said Flynn could go, but they wouldn’t stress the elbow in the week prior to a game. This was said when asked if he would consider benching Wilson for Flynn.

    If this was all bullshit about the elbow, do you think Flynn, or the locker room would accept it? They would know if it was a fabrication – do you think the soreness in Flynn’s elbow was made-up and lied about by PC? If so, I would love to see some documentation to that effect. To my knowledge, it doesn’t exist.

    It’s impossible to prove that PC has never lied. All that can be done is to demonstrate a clear example of when he has. I don’t think the issue surrounding Flynn’s elbow qualifies. But it’s possible I don’t remember it correctly, so if you have some comments/reports that clearly show that he lied about it, that would be the proof that might settle the question.

  36. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Pete definitely isn’t a stranger to lying. Remember when Rice expressing his frustration and throwing his mouthpiece because Wilson threw that awful interception into triple-coverage instead of wide open Rice was played off as Rice being “mad that he was interfered with” by the DB according to Pete?

  37. sluggo42 says:

    I think Bowe has #1 talent, but maybe a bigger head case than Tate?
    I just can’t figure Tater out. When he is on he is really good, but does display an irritating habit of not really knowing where he is on the field.
    Bowe for Flynn, I doubt it, who is backup QB, Portis?

    Pete lies? Hmmm, do politicians lie? Did Reggie Bush get things? Nobody knows for sure I guess…

    I think McQ is a better pass blocker/Moffit is a great run blocker, just rotate as the play calls for. Nobody from the other team would ever figure that out…

    The pass to Moore wasn’t a good throw in the Endzone if I recall, RW needed to create a jumpball and underthrew it… But still, dude isn’t much faster than me… and that is SLOW. My name describes my speed…

    They will really hammer Minnesota this week, I think PC and Bev are going to let RW throw more, which will make the beast more dangerous.

  38. Hawksince77 says:

    Ewalters wrote: “Mojo, you are100% accurate on Pete telling lies like he does.It just drives me crazy!”

    Please, any support for such generalizations would be appreciated. An example would be great.

    As far as Moffit goes, no argument here. I thought Moffit would be the starter until I heard what Eric had to say. Perhaps he can elaborate.

  39. Ewalters7354 says:

    77,you want proof and evidence, cool. But you won’t get any because it’s simply my personal opinion.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    The sooner Moffit takes his rightful sport at RG the better. He’s the only guard on the roster than can pull (not to mention he’s better in every way to McQuisten) which opens up a whole other dimension for Lynch and Turbin.

  41. Dukeshire says:

    Pete Carroll is doing what every other head coach in the league has done since the beginning of time: not be thoroughly revealing about personnel matters. That may technically make him a liar in normal society, but it’s simply the way life is in the NFL. In fact, I would go so far to say that he may be one of the more candid HCs currently in the league.

  42. hawksome says:

    ACIB brought up a recent example. When Rice was asked about it, he did not say anything about being mad because he wanted a PI called. He talked about the INT and losing.

    The Flynn injury situation has been a mystery. If he could not practice, why wasn’t he on the injury reports? In Eric’s article on 10/1, Pete says Flynn cannot practice. Flynn says he is ok. Later that day Pete changes his words around. Does he even know what he’s trying to say? If the rabbit had gotten knocked out in the first 4 games, could Flynn have played? Would he have played hurt?
    Can we get a Flynn interview to see where he is at right now? Can he throw more than 15 times a day, a few days a week?

    And ask Bradley what he did for 10 days between SF and Det.

  43. bbnate420 says:

    It’s a good thing we have a few people on this blog that have never told a lie. If not, we might have a few hypocrites on our hands. ;-(

    I’m 100 % sure that PC has lied. Just like I’m 100 % sure that EVERYONE on this blog has lied. You know why? We’re all humans, I think. Give it a rest. Get off your soapbox.

    I wish ACID would clue us in more often since it seems he can read Rice’s mind. Must be a neat power.

    Bowe’s not coming here IMO. If he does, then Rice is gone. They’re not going commit approx. 10-15 % of their cap to 2 WRs. Bowe’s a head case anyways. Fuhget about it. I’d rather have Rice if he stays healthy anyways. Who would’ve bet that if the Hawks had 3 healthy WRs left halfway through the season that Rice would be one of them?

  44. Ewalters7354 says:

    bbnate, what does being human gotta do with anything?Nobody ever said they never lied or what have you.All some are saying is a lot of times, Pete lies to cover his ass.Like with Flynn

  45. Changing the subject…
    Anybody have a good explanation of why the have not activated Walter Thurmond?
    Unless he hasn’t healed completely, he would be a significant upgrade over Trufant at the nickle position. I loved how Tru has played over the years, but he looks to be a step slow and doesn’t seem to anticipate as well has he use to.
    WT3 was playing very well before he broke his leg last year, hopefully he can return to health and help out on those 3rd and long crossing/slot routes that have been killing us.

  46. EastCoastFan51 says:

    OK everyone, when has Tate ever been “really good”? Show me stats from a game that he has had over 70 yards receiving? And please don’t include the YAC when he goes in reverse! He is a waste of space most of the time and I’m tired of “he is young” it’s his third season time to put up or shut up. We need a legit #2 receiver that can get open and catch and start targeting Rice more (last week was a start) so they can start double teaming him if he starts making plays leaving #2 open more often than not. Cowboys have Bryant and Austin for comparison. Us? Tate and Rice both by the way have half the yards Bryant and Austin do. We need an infuse of talent at WR at some point and if it doesn’t happen by next season Carroll will be looking for a new job by mid-season.

  47. EastCoastFan51 says:

    I agree, get rid of Trufant for the last time and don’t look back once Thurmond is healthy, he can help big time in those over the middle routes and maybe help save the season for us.

  48. Soggybuc says:

    My guess would be the staff is holding off on activating Thurmond for 2 reasons.
    1. being that Walter is not fully game ready and would be limited in what snaps and scenarios he could be used in which limits the options for the D.
    2. Given the WR situation they are keeping the roster spot open until they make whatever moves they can pull off.

  49. Hawksince77 says:

    Ewalters wrote: “77,you want proof and evidence, cool. But you won’t get any because it’s simply my personal opinion.”

    Accusing someone of being a liar isn’t an opinion – you either have reason to believe it’s true, or you don’t. If you don’t, you are simply accusing somebody of doing something without any reason for thinking so. If you have reason to believe it’s true, it’s not an opinion – it’s something you know based on the facts of the matter.

    “Russell Wilson is a good QB,” is an opinion, because it asserts something that can’t be definitively proven, one way or another, an opinion based on criteria that may differ from one person to the next. Saying somebody drives you crazy ‘by telling lies like he does’ means that the person in question knowingly says something that isn’t true, an objective assertion that can be demonstrated in a way that I might say, “You’re right – he has lied to us on multiple occasions – the bastard!”

    It’s like accusing somebody of cheating on a test or on a spouse – either they do or they don’t. It’s not really subject to opinion.

  50. Dukeshire says:

    hawksome – In that report on 10/1, Carroll said Flynn throws 15 times a couple day a week and that’s not enough to get him ready.

    “We have a little bit of a problem in with Matt” Carroll said, when asked about the quarterback situation. “Matt’s still not full speed, and anybody that thinks, ‘okay, let’s go with the other guy,’ well he can’t practice yet. He can go in and throw it and make it through a game. He throws 15 throws a day, a couple days a week. And so that’s not really enough to get him ready to go into a game.”

    The “can’t practice yet” reads to me as though he’s saying can’t practice enough to play. Not “can’t practice *at all*”. In any case…

  51. richardcranium says:

    I wonder if the competition at RG is because the O line hasn’t been a liability without Moffitt in there. What a nice change in circumstance from recent years past. I agree that he will overtake McQ soon though. No need to rush his return.

  52. Dukeshire says:

    *hasn’t* been a liability…? Are you suggesting that Carroll wants sub-par play with that unit? Maybe you could clarify.

  53. Hawksince77 says:

    I mean, if PC was going to lie about something, he might start with why he made that challenge on Sunday. He could have come up with a better explanation than what he did, the truth making himself look like a fool.

  54. Ewalters7354 says:

    77, if someone makes a statement,it’s on me if I believe it or not May not be an opinion, but hell it really doesn’t matter.I feel how I feel about certain things and so do you.Russell Wilson is playing upper echelon football? You said he is which is thus your opinion.

    Don’t you remember Pete saying T-jack is still in the competition, he’s just letting the other guys get reps because he’s experienced in the system, then he turned around and traded him? That was a lie.Or how bout back when he was at SC and he promised Taylor Mays that if he stays another year, if he had a opportunity to be a head coach he would draft him? What happened? He went and
    drafted ET and Mays was livid.

    I can provide reasons why I feel the way I feel.It’s not just assumption, these are things that have happened on multiple occasions.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    Ewalters7354 – Come on, man. Carroll is no different than any other coach. Perhaps you consider them all liars, which is fine. But singling out Carroll seems odd to me.

  56. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke, It’s not meant to single out Pete because I love him as the head coach.Just got caught up in the convo.Sorry guys.

  57. Hawksince77 says:

    Ewalters wrote: “Don’t you remember Pete saying T-jack is still in the competition, he’s just letting the other guys get reps because he’s experienced in the system, then he turned around and traded him?”

    How is that evidence PC lied? All it indicates is that Tjack (predictably) lost the competition. And it seemed like PC waited way too long to favor reps with Wilson and Flynn over TJack, for exactly the reason he stated, given he already knew what TJack could and couldn’t do.

    So I believed that the QB competition was real, and you think it was a sham. Perhaps that’s the point of opinion, given that it would be impossible to prove, one way or another (other than the fact that the guy many thought had the least chance of starting actually won the job, giving credence to the idea that the competition was indeed real).

  58. Hawksince77 says:

    As far as the Taylor Mays comment, I’d love to see that referenced. It’s a fact that Mays played at SC for PC, and it’s a fact that he came out as a highly regarded safety, but I don’t ever recall reading anywhere that PC thought that much of him as a top NFL-quality safety, and I was paying close attention during that draft, and voiced my ‘opinnion’ that Mays was highly over-rated, and in every comment I made I had Seattle taking Thomas with the 14th pick.

    I was wrong about Okung because I thought there was no chance he would make it to Seattle’s 6th pick, and wasn’t that high on Williams. When Okung was there at 6, it was a no-brainer, but something I didn’t anticipate.

    Point is, had I read anywhere that PC really liked Mays, that would have influenced my judgment on that draft, and I didn’t, so would be interested to see a source for that.

  59. Hawksince77 says:

    In fact, if memory serves, PC advised Mays NOT to come out early because he wasn’t ready, and Mays stayed another year at SC, and actually seemed to regress. That’s one of the reasons he wasn’t drafted very high when he did come out.

  60. NYHawkFan says:

    What concerns me is Carroll’s statement: “Maybe we try a little too much, or we try a little too hard to make a play or something . . . I know we can get a lot better, I just hope we can do it right away.

    He makes it sound like he doesn’t have a clue as to what the problem is or how it can be fixed.

  61. OregonHawk says:

    77 can you move on to a new subject?

  62. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yep, I think all Coaches are liars to some degree, and rightfully so. Seems like it’s hard to win SuperBowls being honest. See Patriots, Saints, Stealers, and of course the Raiders. And the least honest of the bunch , imo, ( Ryan ) seems to get himself in trouble with his honesty very often.

    And that’s all I got to say about it.

  63. Hawksince77 says:

    OregonHawk writes: “77 can you move on to a new subject?”

    Why would you make such a comment? In every case, I have responded directly, and in detail, to a previous comment. And then I read a comment from you basically telling me to shut up about it.

    So to answer your question, no. I will make another comment on it, and if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    I listen carefully to what PC says, because I care about the Seahawks. Several posters have made general claims against his integrity, and if they are right, and PC has lied on several occasions, it matters to me to know more about it, because if he is a liar, I need to listen to what he says with a different perspective.

    Accusing somebody of lying, or cheating, or stealing, is a serious charge, especially for somebody who leads a character-based program like PC. If there is substance to any of these charges, I consider it reasonable to request the facts that support that substance. Until somebody brings forth a documented example of PC lying, I will consider the question open.

    People make general, unsupported statements all the time, and for the most part, they fall under the category of ‘opinon’, or ‘speculation’, and do no harm. Accusing somebody of being a liar falls into a different category, because it’s either true (or arguably true) or it isn’t.

    For example, let’s say that PC denies any interest in trading for Bowe, and come Thursday, Bowe is a Seahawk, and come to find out, negotiations have been going on for weeks. At this point, we could fairly say that PC lied, because he controls all aspects of player aquisition, and such negotiations would not take place without his knowledge.

    Or lets say that PC knew about (or even participated in) the events that led to SC’s sanctions. I have heard him deny any knowledge of those events, so if it ever became documented that he in fact was aware of those activities, that would constitute a lie (and arguably, a firable offense from Paul Allen’s perspective, if PC maintained his innocence directly to him).

    So no, I am not going to change the subject, and if you respond to this note in a meaningful way, I am liable to respond to that, too.

  64. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hawksince77- Did you say liable? Just kidding.

  65. PugetHawk says:

    RADEon, who do you actually like on this team? Favorite player? Just curious.

    Winslow should probably be on this team now that we have the injuries.

    If Tate is not a good fit for our system then send him to Kansas City with a fourth rounder for Bowe. Make it conditional to third rounder if Bowe makes the Pro Bowl next year. That would be worth it IMO.

    The Seahawks are young and will have a better half of next season but this performance on Sunday was the hardest to take all season. Just when the offense comes around the defense goes to sh*t. Unfortunate.

  66. OregonHawk says:

    77 – just asking you to change the subject, this one is getting old…

    you have great input

  67. roadwork says:

    How about thinking about someone who can get the ball to them in a catchable position. Pete Carroll and his love affair with Wilson will cost this otherwise talented team a playoff spot this year. Are you watching Mr. Allen??????????

  68. bbnate420 says:

    Oh god. They don’t die, they multiply. And at a time RW is playing better.

    Ewalters, I didn’t think I had to spell it out. Being human has to do with the fact that we are all liars. All humans are liars. We ALL lie. If you say different, then you are a liar. My point is that you are a hypocrite for calling him out for lying. Deception is an integral part of being a good GM, like it or not. Why would he come out and say that TJack sucks and is out of the competition? You think that may have hurt their ability to trade him? I don’t know why you would want an idiot that gives away free information to the rest of the league as your coach or GM?

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