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Morning links: ‘Megatron’ vs. ‘Optimus Prime’ on tap

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 27, 2012 at 8:59 am with 127 Comments »
October 27, 2012 9:01 am

Richard Sherman’s mother, Beverly Sherman, stands next to her husband Kevin’s truck. Beverly Sherman said she had the artwork done on her husband’s truck. (Courtesy David Lombardi).

Daniel Jeremiah of writes that Sunday’s matchup between Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson, nicknamed Megatron, and Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman, who changed his twitter handle to Megatron’s nemesis, Optimus Prime is his most anticipated face off this weekend.

Jeremiah: “Johnson will face a very tough challenge on Sunday when he lines up against two of the NFL’s most physical cornerbacks. Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner are arguably the top two press cornerbacks in the NFL. They maul receivers at the line of scrimmage, and if you ask San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, the mauling doesn’t stop there. They have already combined to pick off five passes and break up 15 others. They are the main reason why Seattle’s defense has allowed a league-low six touchdown passes this season.”

Jim Moore of 710 ESPN Seattle writes that the Seahawks will face a tough road test against a Detroit team in desperate need of a win. Jim Moore like Detroit, 23-20 over Seattle, and is 6-1 against the spread in Seahawks games. Moore: “I actually think the Lions will win by double digits, somewhere in the 10- to 14-point range, but since oddsmakers are so good at what they do, I’ll take Detroit to beat the Seahawks on a Jason Hanson field goal in the final seconds.”

Clare Farnsworth of writes that although Marshawn Lynch has touched the ball on 38 percent of Seattle’s offensive plays, the Seahawks need to spread the wealth on offense. Farnsworth: “The Seahawks’ offense has scored 10 touchdowns. Only the Kansas City Chiefs (nine) and Jacksonville Jaguars (eight) have scored fewer, and they’re combined record is 2-10. The Seahawks are 4-3 and looking to climb to 5-3 at the midway point of Pete Carroll’s third season as coach. To do that, they’ll have to outscore the Lions, who were held to seven points in Monday night’s loss to the Bears in Chicago but also have scored 41, 27 and 26 points in other games.”

ESPN’s Mike Sando likes the Lions, 17-14.

Doug Kretz of Scouts Inc. likes Seattle 21-20 in his scouting report. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this. Kretz: “ Seattle has large, physical cornerbacks who can physically match up with most receivers in the league. As big as they are, Seattle’s corners will still be giving up 2-3 inches to Calvin Johnson, so look for defensive coordinator Gus Bradley to roll coverage to provide help over the top on Johnson’s side. The key will be how well the Seahawks can single cover on the backside, where Detroit will be missing its No. 2 receiver,Nate Burleson, who is out for the year.”

Sterling Sharpe, Donovan McNabb and Brian Baldinger preview the Seahawks-Lions matchup in this NFL Playbook video link.

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports previews the Seahawks-Lions game in the video below. Kirwan takes Seattle 20-17.

Bill Barnwell of ranks the Seahawks No. 16 on his most entertaining NFL team to watch against an average opponent. The Redskins top the list, followed by the Texans and the Eagles. Barnwell on the Seahawks: “Sorta like the Panthers, but with a stifling defense and a quarterback attempting to learn professional football through immersion. Much more fun at home, obviously, than on the road.”

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press writes that Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy likely will not play because of a hamstring injury. Starters safety Amari Spievey and cornerback Jacob Lacey also are out.

Justin Rogers of asks if Seattle’s super-sized secondary is the next evolution of NFL defenses.

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  1. NYHawkFan says:

    “Justin Rogers of asks if Seattle’s super-sized secondary is the next evolution of NFL defenses.”

    Love it! Seahawks may have started a new trend in starting corners. Can’t wait for the match up against Megatron.

    I’m thinking that this will be Wilson’s break out game.
    If they can contain Johnson and get a good pass rush, it will be
    Seattle 24 – Lions 14.

  2. bbnate420 says:

    They better give some help to whoever covers Mega. Sherm and Browner are physically better suited to cover him than most corners, but I doubt either can handle him 1-on-1 for long. The dude is a freak. Him and Pettigrew is what you have to worry about, IMO.

  3. I’m thinking that R.W. will struggle on the road as the Seahawks always do. Lions 21 Seahawks will make 3 field goals 9. At this stage of the rebuild I personally believe that we are in no position to be talking smack to anyone. When our offence can match our defence in power and deliver in the red zone. big queestion when?. Maybe when we draft Barkley and R.W. becomes a seasoned backup. We can only hope.

  4. thursday says:

    Not sure I agree with this all-for-the-Lions banter, but I guess we’ll see…

  5. @BBLEW Are you nuts? Looking at your comment identifies you as someone who knows absolutely nothing about the Seahawks, or pro football in general. Barkley? Really??

  6. NYHawkFan says:

    Hawks receivers will be looking to prove that their disastrous outing against SF was a fluke.

  7. The Lions will be missing their “most consistent LB” plus a starting CB and a starting safety! Sweet! That sounds promising.

  8. The positives: The Detroit secondary isn’t very good.

    The negatives: The Detroit DL will get pressure on Wilson.

    The positives: We have had about 10 days before our last game; they have had about 6 games to get ready.

    The negatives: We are playing on the road (personally, at the site our our worst ever franchise loss; not in terms of point differential).

    The positives: We have a better team.

    The negatives: We are playing an early game on East Coast time.

    The positives: Wilson might crank it up against a below average defense (even with their superstar) and quiet the QB situation.

    The negatives: Wilson might stink against a Detroit defense that Flynn torched about 10 months ago (which means the anti-Wilson crowd will go crazy).

    The positives: We have a better logo than they do.

    The negatives: We have to wait until tomorrow to watch the game.

  9. NYHawkFan says:

    I have mixed feelings about playing a team that is not at full strength. I prefer a win when we match all of our starters against theirs and find weaknesses in their game, as opposed to hoping they have weaknesses due to certain players being out. I know, injuries are all part of the game. And yes, the Hawks will not be a full strength either, just sayin…

    In either case, a win will be sweet.

  10. NYHawkFan says:

    *at full strength

  11. montanamike2 says:

    That post cracked me up Bobby

  12. montanamike2 says:

    I hope the extra rest does our team some good.

  13. With Cook out next week, the Hawks will rock the Vikings at home. Their secondary went from much better/improved to relatively crappy and we’ll be playing them at home. Even if Wilson struggles tomorrow, we’ll still win the next two games at home and enter the by at 6-4. That looks pretty good to me. No matter what, I believe the worst case scenario is that we go 2-1 in our next 3 games and, obviously, there’s a decent chance we go 3-0.

    I can’t wait for next year when Wilson will have 16 starts under his belt and will be the undisputed starter entering training camp. Then we won’t have to worry about the position anymore (assuming he shows the progress that we expect).

  14. montanamike – I aim to please:)

  15. “6 days to get ready.” oops.

  16. I am excited to watch Suh tomorrow. Outside of Matt Hasselbeck/Steve Hutchinson in Tennessee, he’s my favorite non-Seahawk player in the NFL. I do fear what he’ll do to McQuistan though (since it appears Moffitt is more about depth for tomorrow – hopefully he’ll be fine for next week).

  17. Since this topic is about Richard Sherman… why doesn’t offer any of his jerseys yet? I want my little guy to wear a wolf grey one… He’s becoming known in this country (which is hard for a Seahawk to do) and I want a #25 for him (he’s already got blue #12, 18 & 29)… but I want a new color for him (2T). Uhhh…

  18. NYHawkFan says:

    If you don’t mind, I’d like to add:

    Negative: 12th man is back home in Seattle
    Positive: “Seagals” are better than the “Embraceable Ewes”

  19. montanamike2 says:

    I wanted a Sherman jersey for me.

  20. Nirvana is also better than most of the Motown performers.

  21. Ben4przedent says:

    Woah Bobby I don’t think Nirvana is better than Jack White

  22. If you could get a wolf grey jersey to wear, then you could wear wolf!

  23. Since it’s a morning game maybe Okung can have a pancake breakfast!

  24. Ewalters7354 says:

    I personally think the hawks will lose also and it’s gonna be the same reason they lost the others.Lynch may run wild, but if Wilson is Wilson, the hawks are gonna score their average 6-16 points and lose close once again.

    P.S. If you can’t get into the 20s,teams will always find a way to beat you.At least decent teams anyway.

  25. The Hawks defense averages 15.1 points per game. All the offense has to do is score more than the other guys, which at this point means at least 16 pts. I would love to see more offense, but that is not PC’s game plan and I doubt he will push Wilson very hard if the team can win with a low scoring offense. This is Ground Chuck II.

  26. I’ve noticed that each week PC has focussed practices on one specific problem area and the team has done much better at that the next week. We’ve had extra time to prepare this week and they have a depleted secondary. So I bet we’ll find a little more in the passing game then we fans might expect. I also think Martin will help. He has more time working with RW than most WR’s.

  27. Ewalters7354 says:

    Pilot, I agree.But having a coach who is satisfied with heart attack football keeps my heart racing, not knowing what to expect.Exciting? Yes.Stressful? Extremely lol

  28. bbnate420 says:

    Detroit’s run D isn’t that good. We need to feed the BEAST! RW needs to make some important passes for sure, I believe, but I don’t think the game necessarily rests as much on his shoulders as some others. 2-3 play action bombs for long completions would make a HUGE difference IMO. The interior of the O-line needs to step it up in pass protection when we are in passing situations. Most importantly, something that helped us majorly last season but hasn’t been a strength in 2012, we would be EXTREMELY helped by a plus TO ratio. Det has shown the propensity to turn the ball over and we need to take care of it. Duh, I know.

  29. I’m actually a pretty big fan of the Supremes (they are higher on my list than Nirvana).

  30. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, you seem to be up on the jerseys. I assume they have grey Kam jerseys available?

  31. bbnate420 says:

    Never mind, I checked the Hawks website, and IT SUCKS for buying gear. I would hope they have better near the stadium. I was going to buy a jersey after the GB game, but I ended up having a little too much to drink and didn’t go make it happen before my ride was leaving.

  32. nirvana is the best band, ok?

    i really don’t foresee this offense being able to put up more than 10-13 pts tomorrow.

  33. Soggybuc says:

    BobbyK you Ignorant Slu# !!!, How dare you dog the Iconic logo of the noble Lion as it prepares to devour it’s unworthy opponent!
    It was with great pride I took the field with that Logo on my helmet and the blood,sweat and mud that came with giving our all defending the legacy of Kenmore shall never be belittled uncontested!
    while the Hawks indeed have the greatest Logo ever created and born into the battle field of athletic competition (Aquasox run a close second) your Logoistic Ire is best served on the many unworthy examples that abound.
    Like Dallas, I mean really a “star”? how creative! or whatever that weird ass flying Elvis thing the Pats sport. or even better how about that semi flacid part of the male anatomy that the team so very close to you sports.

  34. Soggybuc says:

    Oh come on guys!, Nirvana was a pretty cool band for sure but they never could hold a candle to Soundgarden!
    When I watch the legion of Boom play the song Rusty nails comes to mind, either that or something from Motorhead. face it Lemmy is like the Dick Butkis of metal.

  35. bbnate420 says:

    I personally think of Stevie Wonder’s or Stevie Ray Vaughan’s version of superstition whenever I read a post from ACID or LAMEoN. Maybe it’s just me?

  36. At the risk of dating myself, Al Green.

  37. How about Sam Cooke?

  38. Martha’s Dancin’ in the Streets was pretty awesome.

  39. But the best all time from my home town (Seattle) was Jimi.

  40. NYHawkFan says:

    As a Seattle-born Hawk fan, I’ve got to agree that Jimi was the best.

  41. Dukeshire says:

    After reading these posts, it will come as a surprise to many that Detroit has a better passing defense than Seattle, statistically. And before we give all the credit to their front 4, understand that they have fewer sacks than Seattle’s D. My point is that this isn’t the Saints or Pats D Wilson will be facing. Granted, they ought to be able to move the ball effectively on the ground, but they need to make sure they’re playing with a lead in order to continue running it all game.

    Also, this is *not* like the so-called Ground Chuck offenses. Those offenses stretched the field, something that has been forgotten with the passing of time.

    “Nirvana is also better than most of the Motown performers.” How the hell is that comparison being made? The two styles of music are so dis-similar we might as well as be comparing a Shelby Mustang and the Space Shuttle in terms of transportation. Both were revolutionary, timeless, and brilliant. To call one better than the other is impossible. You may like one more than another, but despite what some want you to believe, music is not subjective; there is good and there is bad. In this particular case, they (Nirvana and Motown) were both very, very good. (Sorry, I’m as passionate about music as I am the Seahawks…) In any case…

  42. “there is good and there is bad. In this particular case, they (Nirvana and Motown) were both very, very good”

    Right on Duke.
    Blues is my number one as you might have guessed.

    Don’t forget about the 3 defensive starters that will be out in this game. That’s got to hurt their pass D.

  43. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, I agree with you about the music. I’m not sure about Det’s pass D? I would like to see QB rushes/hurries compared. I haven’t found it or seen it. I haven’t looked that hard, so it could be right out there for me. We’d also have to compare the competition. Without analyzing the Lion’s competition, we have gone against Rodgers, Romo, and Brady. That’s if you want to exclude Newton and Bradford. I definitely can see the rationale in doing so this year. I would argu8e that the Lions haven’t faced ONE elite QB thus far. That’s unless you consider Cutler or Vick an elite QB. I wouldn’t put either of them with Brady or Rodgers for sure, and I would take Romo over them as well as neither of them has has great success in the playoffs. Romo hasn’t either, but his reg. season stats are much better. Cutler and Vick made it to the Conf. Championship game 1 year, but I would argue it was more about the team around them than their play, especially for Cutler.

  44. Dukeshire says:

    blueshq – Mine too. Texas blues especially. SRV changed my life in nearly every way. I suspect you and I would have time and a half talking music… lol.

  45. Are you familiar with Freddie King?
    Delta Blues is my favorite style and early 50’s Memphis/Chicago.

  46. bbnate420 says:

    Detroit played the Whiners and the Lambs and gave up more points to both of them. I know that doesn’t automatically make our D better than theirs.

    Duke, I missed it, but I would disagree strongly that music IS NOT subjective. It most certainly is. There’s really no objective measure of “good” music! I agree that both Nirvana and Motown are vastly different and both very important/influential in the music scene of the present. I don’t see the logic in comparing them for value, or any music really for that matter. You should just enjoy what you like and leave the rest IMO. I like both personally. Most of the music I like is from either before I was born or when I was fairly young. It is all subjective however, we shouldn’t act like the music is inherently better than the music someone else likes. I am guilty of that sometimes though.

  47. bbnate420 says:

    If you know SRV, you should definitely know about Freddie King. He HEAVILY influenced SRV, Clapton, and Hendrix just to name a few.

  48. bbnate420 says:

    My personal favorite is prob SRV, I play the guitar and try to emulate his style. BB King, Freddie King, Albert King, Buddy Guy, and Hendrix, just to name a few are part of a long line of guitar players that passed on the knowledge and redefined it through the generations. Every great player picks up on, and hopefully expands on the musical knowledge of those that came before them.

  49. bulldog80 says:

    I have seen all of the Lions games this season and can unoquivocally say that they suck. Now granted, our offense hasn’t exactly been on fire but the Lions make so many mistakes on their own that I believe we’ll win convincingly. Look for this to be one of our best outings.


  50. Dukeshire says:

    blueshq – Of course. I’ll talk Freddie King all day long. 50s Memphis? You bet: BB and Chcuk Berry of course but Rufus Thomas, James Cotton, Bobby Blue Bland, Lonnie Mack… legends.

    bbnate420 – Yes there is. What one likes is most certainly subjective but let’s not confuse what we like with what is good. I like plenty of music I know isn’t good. Guilty pleasure, candy, what ever one wants to call it. Conversely, there are musicians that I know are great, that I don’t like. Just don’t do it for me. But there is certainly a difference between good and bad, and that’s the part that isn’t subjective. And understand, this ins’t a judgement that what I like is better than what you like, of some such. That’s not the point, in any way.

  51. Duke, aren’t you in Portland? Have you seen Lloyd Jones?

  52. Did someone mention delta blues? Mississippi John Hurt and Robert Johnson. Doesn’t get any better.

  53. I played up in the Spokane area for about 35 years. I had a band called Hdqtr Blues Band that opened for James Cotton. I’ve been doing a solo thing under my name (Don Millard) since the ’90’s. Always Blues! A paying gig was the ONLY thing I ever missed a Seahawk game for.

  54. Ewalters7354 says:

    Yea Detroit sucks so bad.2-4 with a banged up defense, the hawks are gonna kill them right?We heard this about the Rams and Cards, but I recall the hawks losing.This is not a elite team the hawks have.They shouldn’t be looked at as a team that’s gonna blow anyone away.Hopefully I’m wrong, but based on what I’ve seen thus far, I’m worried.

  55. I quit. See you all after the regular season. I’ll make my next post when chuck makes his… so send me a text (or something) after he’s shown up again… he’s much more rationale than I am, so I’ll come back after he has…

    I apologize for liking the Supremes and having them in my top 5-10… after Bon Jovi, Eagles, Beatles, Def Leppard/Buddy Holly, Whitney Houston, etc. I’m sorry for having an opinion, so I’ll stop my opinions (see Flynn/Wilson)… as I’m not allowed to have any for the here and now…

    chuckeaston… e-mail Eric (maybe we can exchange some opinions of what’s going on)… then I’ll come back, too. If ppl hate us that bad (to not want us to come back), f-them… I’m okay w/that, too…

    Eric – thank you for everything… including all the 2nd grade behavior… myself included… see you on the chats when I have time…

  56. Dukeshire says:

    blueshq – You must know Too Slim (and the Taildraggers) then. lol

  57. Dukeshire says:

    bbnate420 – You play too? Hell yeah.

    Sorry to hijack the thread, everyone!

    Bobby – Dude! Come on now, bro. This has been one of the more civil threads in some time. No? From my perspective, I wasn’t putting you down, or not intentionally any way.

  58. Yeah, I only jammed with Tim Langford once but I’ve known him for years. He came into my store (Blues Hdqtrs) many times and we played a lot of the same festivals etc.

  59. Dukeshire says:

    blueshq – Just looked you up; you’re the man! lol. Next time I’m in Spokane I’m going to look you up. And I’m not familiar with Lloyd Jones, but will look him up, as well.

  60. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, I HOPE you’re joking. No one said anything remotely offensive to you except for Soggybuc, and I am 99 % sure it was in jest. Don’t be a big baby! Some people here conflate dissenting posts with offensive posts. They’re not the same. Just because someone challenges or disagrees with your opinion doesn’t mean they are minimizing or belittling it. I have made some derogatory posts, a few drunk that I apologized for, and some to 2 certain posters that I won’t. That said, I know when I’ve made them and I hardly think they preclude anyone from posting. The atmosphere has seemed to be better the last few days, IMO. Don’t throw a hissy fit now.

    Duke, when I say ALL music is SUBJECTIVE, I am stating the fact of what the word means. You may see it differently, but the fact remains that it is still subjective. Name an objective criterion for music? It seems that we like a lot of the same music, but it’s still subjective. I understand what you’re saying about guilty pleasures and music that is technically good but that you don’t like. There’s a great deal of classical music that most people would define as “good” or “technically proficient” that I don’t like. Their opinion is still subjective. It’s not 2 + 2 = 4. It’s a qualitative judgement.

  61. I’m assumed that you know that Tim is “Too Slim”.

    Like I said yesterday, I think this game will be a very important test for our team. The 10am road game against a beatable but dangerous team will tell us what to expect the rest of the season.

  62. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, I definitely agree that the tone has been better in the last few days. I’m not trying to minimize your argument about music, I’m just going by the literal definition of subjective. There’s a lot of music I don’t like, but I try not to get into black and white areas about music. A lot of people don’t like what I like, and I don’t like what a lot of people like. That’s fine. Just differing opinions. I don’t really think there are any objective criteria that makes one better than the other. I really don’t think there’s a need to qualitatively compare music anyways. Just like what you like and let others do the same.

  63. bb & Duke, I think music, whatever style it is, can be “good” if it is played masterfully. Although it may lack feeling and be more of a technical acheivment. Or it can be “good” if it expresses deep emotions even if it is technically simple.

    Bobby, I loved your positives & negatives list!

  64. bbnate420 says:

    And I have played guitar for about 12 years. I play in Tacoma with some friends. It’s not easy to find people as into Blues and Classic Rock as I am. I have 3 strats, a LP, an Epi Dot and a Tele. I think I may buy a Warmoth parts strat in the next few months if an unexpected expenditure doesn’t come up. If you haven’t heard of Warmoth, they’re a Fender Licensed neck and body builder that operate out of Puyallup, Wa. They have great stuff. You can fully customized the guitar the way you want it. They can’t assemble it so, if you can’t fully set up a guitar and solder the pickups then you need to take it to a luthier. They’re still cheaper and better than a Gibson or Fender Custom Shop guitar, IMO. For 1,900 to 2,000 I can get a custom guitar fully set up, with expensive pickups from the dealer I want, 400 for a wired pick guard. I am including that as part of the 1,900-2,000. That’s including taking it to a luthier for a pro set-up. Fret crowning, leveling, and dressing. I would put it up against any Fender or Gibson Custom Shop guitar that would cost AT LEAST 3,500. Sorry, I’m rambling. Just google Warmoth if you’re interested at all. You can virtually build a neck and body with many options.

  65. Dukeshire says:

    blueshq – I did not. Lol. Oops…

    bbnate420 – No worries. I’m differentiating between what one (I)likes and what one (I) recognizes as good, or being of quality. Like you, many people don’t like what I like, and that’s cool. But I do think there are certain objective criteria that distinguishes, or can, certain musicians or songs from one another. One thing is for sure though, I would never tell someone that what they like is less important or valuable to them, than what I like is to me. That’s the beauty of music. In the end, it’s irrelevant, the only really important thing is that it moves you. (Fun conversation…)

  66. Dukeshire says:

    blueshq – Indeed.

    bbnate420 – I hadn’t heard of them, interesting. I have a ’63 reissue Strat (my love… lol) and a EJ200 acoustic. I’m thinking about getting a Tele. Maybe a Baja but I’m not sure. I’ve looked at an Epi Dot for years and haven’t pulled the trigger. I really want a Gibson 335 and that seems like a decent compromise.

    Portland is an odd music town. Hard to find any real scene. I go to Duffs Garage on Wednesday nights and sit in their blues jam once a month or so. Always a good time.

  67. bbnate420 says:

    blueshq, that’s kind of my point. I recognize that someone like Yngwie Malmsteen is technically brilliant, but it’s not my cup of tea. I would say that Muddy Waters was a better play to me personally, even though I may recognize he wasn’t recognized as being as technically proficient. I would rather hear someone play 3 notes with agonizing passion than to hear 25 notes of sweep picking arpeggios that are technically very clean.

  68. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, I want a 335 too but they’re pretty expensive. Unfortunately, most Gibsons are overpriced IMO. The Les Paul I have is a Studio Faded that I got used for 600 $. The Epiphone Dots are good. Just take your time to find a good one. If you’re on eBay, then follow some for awhile I would say. If you can play some in person that would be nice as well. I would buy a used one if you can. The ones made in Korea are of a better quality IMO. They were made there into the early 2000’s I believe. Gibson moved to China when they tried to unionize. If you have a serial number, you can put it in online and find out where it was made. Ones from at least 2008, I believe, on are made in China. I bought a used one from China for 220 $ that had the Epiphone pickups switched out for Gibson Classic 57’s. I got it on eBay. Just make sure you buy it from someone with a record. It’s a very nice guitar. Doesn’t play spectacularly, but it sounds great. Most definitely worth the 220 $. A new set of Gibson Classic 57 pickups are like 170-180 $ new by themselves.

  69. bb, yes 3 chords and a cloud of dust! I always wanted to say that but this is the 1st context where it might be understood. Yeah the 3 > 25 statement is right on!

    I used to be an Ibanez dealer so I have a few of them around. I play a hollow body electric Ibanez and a National Resophonic Vintage Steel on stage and Lee Oscar harps. I have a ’56 Martin 018 and a ’85 Strat American Standard and a ’85 Carvin DC135 that was a custom build kind of like Warmoth does. You can see pictures of some of them at Someday I’ll get a LP! Like I really need it.

  70. bbnate420 says:

    *Korean Epiphone Dots for at least the late 90’s to the early 2000’s I meant.

    *Epiphone Dots made from 2008 to the future are made in China, I believe, I what I meant.

  71. bbnate420 says:

    *from, Jesus Christ

  72. bbnate420 says:

    Damn blueshq, you got some nice guitars and and awesome beard there man. That Martin must be worth some coin? Is your Strat made in Japan or one of the new ones to be made in the US after Fender was bought up from CBS? They’re both good guitars. The Japanese Fenders are actually going up a lot in value. Very well made instruments.

  73. The Strat is US about 1985. The Ibanez jazz box is from Japan. I bought it wholesale or I couldn’t have afforded it! I learned as a dealer in the 1990’s that their top of the line models were made in Japan where the quality was the best even if it cost twice as much. The middle price guitars were made in Korea where you got the most value for the price and the entry level models were made in various other countries wherever it was cheapest at the time. If you substitute U.S. for Japan it was pretty much the same with the American companies. But China was the wild card they have been comming up in the world as a manufacturer.

    My secret with the beard is that I don’t shave!

  74. I bought the Martin in 1975 for $285. It was 19 years old, my dad said it was the stupidest thing I ever did.

  75. Dukeshire says:

    A National, wow. Ive never seen one in person, aside from on stage.

    bb – Good looking out on the Eli dot, I appreciate it.

  76. The steel body National is my pride and joy. It was $2,100 new a few years ago. It has a built in Highlander pickup.

  77. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think it’s time for a song Parody.

  78. seahawk44 says:

    Hey guys. I’ve been playing rock guitar for almost 30 years….but……..

    There IS a Seahawks game kicking off in less than 16 hours.

  79. bbnate420 says:

    blueshg, if your dad is still around, hopefully, you can tell him that the 56 Martin 018 is worth at least 3 grand probably, unless it’s beat to shit. In either case, I bet it’s worth at least 8-9 times what you paid for it, not that you want to sell it. I have much less historic guitars that have meaning to me that I wouldn’t sell unless I ABSOLUTELY had to.

  80. bbnate420 says:

    seahawk44, who are these Seahawks you speak of?

  81. bbnate420 says:

    Feel free to throw out a subject, seahawk44. You didn’t. :-(

  82. bbnate420 says:

    If you build it, they will come!

  83. bbnate420 says:

    Off subject, kind of, why doesn’t anyone here post on the Huskies blog?

  84. Dukeshire says:

    Seahawks? Oh right… Again, sorry to hijack the thread, but that was fun.

  85. bbnate420 says:

    Not nearly as fun as debating RW for the 11,023rd time!

  86. cseahawk says:

    Hey………..who is out here for the Detroit game? Just curious……….love to meet up with some fellow Seahawk fans. Let me know…………thanks

  87. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420- If Don James ever comes back I will be the first to be on a Husky Blog.

  88. bbnate420 says:

    Here’s some Hawks related topics. Is this Leroy Hill’s last year here? When or do we need to pick a LB in the next draft, i.e. can we count on Morgan or Smith to take over or do we need to get someone in the first 4 rounds? How much do you think Thurmond can contribute this year? Do we need to strengthen the backup CB spot in the off-season or do we already have the pieces? I know much of this depends on how the 2nd half plays out. Who’s the #1 Hawks free agent they must keep?

  89. bbnate420 says:

    C’mon over, Georgia. They might be pretty good in 2013 if they can avoid the crazy injuries they’ve had in 2012.

  90. bbnate420 says:

    My first EVER football game, in person, was the 1990/1991 Rose Bowl victory over the Hawkeyes. After the Huskies smoked Michigan in the 1992 Rose Bowl, I thought it would be like that every year. Oh, the stupidity of youth. They were good times though.

  91. bbnate420 says:

    No one responded within 10 minutes! I take that as a personal insult. I’ll be back after the season, maybe! :-(

  92. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420- What Husky Blog are you talking about? TNT?

  93. seahawk44 says:

    Topic……..who do you think plays guitar better……..Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn?

  94. Ewalters7354 says:


  95. In case anyone doesn’t know about this:

    This has been working for me. It is the Seahawks pregame show which starts 3hr. before kickoff every game. It shuts down during the game and then picks up after for the post game. In eastern WA we get the 2nd and 3rd hour of pregame on local radio but this gives us the extra 1st hour.

  96. sluggo42 says:

    Dang, I had no idea there were so many players in here. I have played drums for 53 years now. I claim the drummer slot for the “Insiders Band”

    I also play guitar pretty good, bass and a little keys too. I sing most of the Lennon/Petty songs.

    I have a ton of gear, DW maples, Premires, 81′ G&L sig, random keybords and junk everywhere.

    Man, if I lived up there I would definately organize a band of us and figure out a way for us to play so Hawk halftime gigs!

    ALL music is good, great even.

    British invasion is my bag… Beatles, Zep, cream, Kinks, Animals, etc..
    it is ALL good, I live for sweet vocal harmonies. While jammin…ya baby

  97. Soggybuc says:

    Bobby, if my post seemed offensive i’m sorry man, I went with the classic SNL Chase/Curtin line hoping you would have seen the sarcasm and comedy intended.
    My first Pee-wee team was the loins with the same logo so it seemed a good opening to try and make a funny.

    Nice to see so much appreciation for SRV here. I had the honor of seeing him at the Gorge back in the 80’s, shortly before his passing.
    I have seen a lot of shows in my life but Stevie was hands down the most powerful stage performance I ever saw.

  98. Soggy, I saw SRV at the Spokane Opera House earlier that same year. Bonnie Raitt opened for him and it was killer.

    Was line Chase I was thinking it was Akroid. A true classic anyway. We all waited for it every week.

  99. Slug, ditto on vocal harmonies! In the late ’70’s I played Dobro in a bluegrass band for a few years and got to sing 4 part harmony parts. It was the most fun singing I’ve ever had.

  100. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “One more game, one more game”
    “I’ve been trying ooh so long to let you know”
    “Let you know how I feel”
    “And if I stumble if I fall, just help me back”
    “So I can make you see”

    “Please give him one more game, give him one more game”
    “One more game cos we can’t wait forever”
    “Give him just one more game, oh just one more game”
    “Oh one more game cos we can’t wait forever”

    “we’ve been sitting here so long”
    “Wasting time, just staring at this blog”
    “And I was wondering why we all are here”
    “Then I thought maybe we’re not alone”

    ” Please give him one more game, give him one more game”
    “Oh one more game, cos I we can’t wait forever”
    “Please give him one more game, ooh just one more game.”
    “Oh one more game, cos we can’t wait forever”
    “Give him one more game, give him just one more game”
    “Ooh one more game, cos we can’t wait forever”

    “Like the river to the sea”
    “The Seahawks will always be”
    “And if we follow them”
    “We are sure to see”

    “Give him one more Game, give him just one more Game”
    “Oh one more Game, cos we can’t wait forever”
    “I know there’ll never be a time we will ever feel the same”
    “And I know it’s only words”
    “But if Wilson changes your mind you know that I’ll be here”
    “And maybe we both can learn”

    “Give him just one more game give him just one more game”
    “Ooh one more game, cos we can’t wait forever”
    “Give him just one more game, give him just one more game”
    “Ooh one more game, cos we can’t wait forever”

  101. Soggybuc says:

    I saw him with T Towns own Robert Cray band and John Hiatt(sp)

  102. bbnate420 says:

    I wish I had seen SRV live. Sadly, I was only 9 years old when he died and no one turned me on to him before then. He played the Gorge on 7/21/90. A little over a month before he died. You can see some of it on YouTube. I wish my parents would’ve taken me. I know my mother liked him, but she obviously didn’t know this was the last chance. I remember hearing some of his set on MTV’s Unplugged before I knew anything about him, and I was truly blown away. Some players just strike a cord. I didn’t catch his name at the time, and my musical tastes were horrible at the time, at least by most of my current standards. Playing with that kind of passion just sticks in your brain, whether or not you are ready for it.

  103. bbnate420 says:

    Robert Cray was born in Georgia, but he cut his teeth in Eugene and Tacoma. One of the best.

  104. Dukeshire says:

    bbnate – Thats right. Also, Albert Collins play Cray’s high school graduation. Think about that…

  105. I saw Cray several times in Spokane. He’s a great talent. You guys probably know that he and Curtis Salgado were the inspiration for the Blues Brothers act. They were playing in Eugene when Balousy (sp?) and Akroid were filming Animal House there.

  106. I was a member of the Cascade Blues Assoc. in Portland for several years. I’d read about all the great local Blues there but only made it there a couple times. The Waterfront Festival is the biggest Blues festival outside of Chicago.

  107. Don’t ya love that truck Sherman’s mom had done!?

    Only 8 hours ’til PREGAME!!!

  108. Dukeshire says:

    Speaking of NW blues, I was a huge Paul DeLay fan. Saw him more times than I can remember.

  109. Dukeshire says:

    I’m not a big festival fan in general. That said, the Winthrop Blues Fest has always been a great time. The Waterfront Fest is good here, but I really pick and choose. Smaller venues for me the better.

  110. I got to play at the 20th Winthrop Festival! I was the 1st one up on Saturday. Solo acts are almost always religated to 1st up. I played the Ritzville Blues Fest. 14 years. Paul Delay was among the greatest harp players of our time.

  111. bbnate420 says:

    I did know that Cray and Salgado were big influences behind the look of the Blues Brothers. I have read elsewhere that The Fabulous Thunderbirds, with SRV’s older brother Jimmie, were a big influence as well. They dressed in black suits, except for Kim Wilson the singer and harp player, as I understand. I don’t know for sure if they both influenced it or it was one or the other. Reality can change with time. I”m sure that SRV met Cray at the 1979 San Francisco Blues Festival. They played a radio gig with SRV on slide guitar, Cray on lead, and Salgado singing.

  112. bbnate420 says:

    Cray is the bass player in the movie Animal House. The scene with Otis Day singing the song Shout.

  113. Dukeshire says:

    T birds didn’t dress in black suits, exactly. But Jimmie was a stickler for looking sharp on stage. Wilson began to wear a turbin as his hair began to recede.

    Speaking of harp players, DeLay was sick as is Kim Wilson. Early T Birds is as good as it gets for me. When Fran Christina took over or Mime Buck on drums in the late ’70s, they were incredible.

  114. Dukeshire says:


  115. bbnate420 says:

    You’re right, Duke. They looked more like a somewhat dressed up Rockabilly outfit much of the time. I had read in a SRV Biography that the Fabulous TBirds were an influence to Dan Aykroyd and James Belushi. I thought they meant the clothing as well, but it was a long time ago. Maybe the writer just meant they were an inspiration for a couple of white boys to do a blues movie.

  116. SandpointHawk says:

    Interesting post. Small world also, being from North Idaho, I’ve seen Don play many times. I also used to scour his shop for music in Airway Heights back in the mid nineties…

  117. ItalianoBambino says:

    If you listen to mainstream radio bands, well your taste in music is marginal at best. Early radio was nothing but payola. Look it up. Also most popular bands are awful live.

  118. montanamike2 says:

    Morning guys it’s gameday!
    Blues Brothers is one of my favorite movies of all time, saw it as a teenager and loved it ever since. Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and many others as well as a chase seen through a mall! I also love the gritty Chicago back drop. I loved the scene where they play “both kinds of music” country and western. Even Carrie Fisher was still hot.
    On to football: we still have to protect Wilson from Suh. I don’t think it’s going to be easy but we can win. New team, new attitude.
    A win today will not only help the Hawks this season but will make my week more enjoyable.

  119. confucious says: Where Qb’s divide,music brings together. Cool thread people! Love music, play a little guitar, enjoyed the read this a.m.

  120. confucious says:

    I agree Montana. I think they have to dink and dunk to miller, turbin, etc. and get the ball out quickly. Keep the linebackers busy. That is the part of RW’s game that has been missing. I’m on the fence with him until I see that ability to throw the quick slant or the five yard hook with regularity. These are the throws where hieght may be an issue. These are also the throws that keep opposing front sevens honest.

  121. Dukeshire and bbnate–late to the party, but I also love the Blues and old guitars. I cant play for crap, but I have a Hagstrom hollow-body electric from the mid-sixties; its rare, and I havent been able to find out exactly what model it is, nor exactly when it was made, closest Ive gotten is 66-67, perhaps a Viking II but not sure. Anyway, if my crazy life ever settles down, perhaps I will at least learn to bang out some basic John Lee Hooker and I can die happy..

  122. 12th Man/12th string Go hawks great thread !

  123. I got to see Bo Didley live in the early 2000’s a few years before he passed, he was great. Too Slim and the Taildraggers are pretty good, they are in Spokane. George Thoroughgood is still the closest thing to John Lee you can find….but all my favorites are dead, unfortunately, and that was the case long before I found blues music.

    Some of the new school guys are pretty good too–the Black Keys top the list, IMO. And they tear it up live.

  124. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – Got to make the time! lol. It will feel great.

  125. Duke–yeah, one of these days…first I have to start speaking to my best friend–I gave the guitar to him on a semi-permanent loan (he cant sell it or lend it out, and has to give it back when I ask) and then we had a falling out…I havent wanted to talk with him, nor be a jerk and demand the guitar back. Plus I travel for work a lot, so…someday! I have thought about buying a cheap strat or tele copy, or a knockoff Les Paul since they are easy to play…

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