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‘Megatron’ on Sherman’s actions: ‘I can definitely use it as motivation.’

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 25, 2012 at 4:30 pm with 62 Comments »
October 25, 2012 6:18 pm

We appear to have a full-fledged beef between Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson and Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman.

Johnson talked to reporters for the first time since Sherman said he planned on approaching his anticipated match-up with the talented playmaker just like any other receiver.

Sherman also changed his twitter handle to Optimus Prime, the nemesis of Calvin Johnson’s nickname, Megaton, in the cartoon Transformers.

“A self-given nickname?” Johnson told “That’s who he wants to be. That’s cool.”

Johnson is apparently using Sherman’s comments and actions as fuel for the game this weekend.

“I can definitely use it as motivation, no doubt about it,” he said.

Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley will be tasked with figuring out how to stop Johnson.

“We’re so aware of the deep ball, the explosive plays with him,” Bradley said. “And It’s not like it happens on third and 4, third and 5. On first and 10, the first play of the game you’re seeing them take shots. So I think it’s important that our safeties – we always say, ‘When you’re back, you’re back.’ So don’t come up there sniffing out the run, on some of the run plays.

“So I think those principles the we really preach during all during minicamps and OTAs are really going to come to life this weekend.”

On the injury front for Seattle, receiver Doug Baldwin officially has been ruled out for this Sunday’s game because of a high-ankle sprain.

Defensive tackle Jason Jones (ankle) and cornerback Byron Maxwell (hamstring) did not practice for a second straight day.

Offensive lineman John Moffitt (knee) was limited for a second straight day. And running back Marshawn Lynch (back) was a full participant for a second straight day.

For Detroit, four defensive players — defensive end Cliff Avril (back), cornerback Jacob Lacey (concussion), linebacker DeAndre Levy (hamstring) and safety Amari Spievey (concussion) — did not practice for a second straight day.

Cornerback Dwight Bentley (shoulder), safety Louis Delmas (knee), tight end Brandon Pettigrew, linebacker Stephen Tulloch (knee), defensive tackle Corey Williams (knee), receiver Titus Young (knee) and receiver Calvin Johnson (knee) were limited participants in practice today.

Notes from practice
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  1. thursday says:

    Lol, this guy…

  2. sluggo42 says:

    look at this, My Brutha is ALREADY getting into his head!

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Johnson may have a good day, however I see around three picks coming our way in this one.

  4. Hawksince77 says:


    Your last paragraph reads:

    “Cornerback Dwight Bentley (shoulder), safety Louis Delmas (knee), tight end Brandon Pettigrew, linebacker Stephen Tulloch (knee), defensive tackle Corey Williams (knee), receiver Titus Young (knee) and receiver Calvin Johnson (knee).”

    From the context, I am thinking they all practiced. Is that right, or do they have some other status? Limited practice, maybe?

  5. FleaFlicker says:

    If Richard Sherman was just an average player, his antics would be annoying. But Richard Sherman is a great player that backs up all the smack-talk and the more he does this kind of thing, the more I love the guy.

    I mean seriously, he was so far inside Steve’s Smith head in that Carolina game. Like a Jedi Mind Trick.

    U MAD BRO? Best. Tweet. Ever.

    Richard Sherman is one of the highlights of the season for me. Long live Optimus Prime.

  6. Sherman is quickly becoming my favorite Seahawk this season. Based on how the Lions offense gets it done, I would have to think Sherman and the entire secondary are pretty excited about this match up. It will probably look a lot like the game we played against the Pats, only the Lions don’t have Tom Brady.

  7. I hardly think he wants to be forever known as Optimus Prime, its just to rattle Johnson a little bit. If our game chats are any indication, names change all the time.

  8. Sherman is a little above average… I wish he’d stop running his mouth though.

  9. “A little above average”? Yeah, ok, wahtever to that. lol@ you.

  10. “I wish he’d stop running his mouth though.”

    Yeah, well, when you can walk it, you’re allowed to talk it. And by the way, if there’s a better CB out there than Sherm, who’s name isn’t Brandon Browner, please feel free to let us all know.

  11. Sekolah, you mean on the seahawks or in the NFL? I think Sherman is the best CB in the NFC right now. His play is made a lot better by the elite play of Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor (whom I feel are the best in the NFL at their respective positions).

  12. Hawksince77: Correct. They were limited.

  13. VNHLNFAN says:

    hook line and sinker..

  14. @RADEon

    You called Sherman “slightly above average”. That was a compliment? I surely don’t think Sherman would take it as that. As a fan, I say he’s better than “slightly above”. I see Sherman doing things that a lot of other CB’s in this game wish they could do.

    As far as safety help goes, every CB in the league at one point or another requires that. So that’s nothing to really lean on.

  15. I really shouldn’t have said he’s “above average”… he’s good. He’s not “great”, yet. He’s playing consistently right now, and he’s also playing lights out. I just don’t think a player in his second year should be opening his mouth as much as we’ve heard from him, at least not yet.

    My only real worry with Sherman, and this is pure speculation, is that by the end of this season, the money he’s making isn’t going to be enough for him. Hopefully, they can figure out a way to squeeze him in under the cap.

  16. I mean, realistically, if he played for a team Seattle was about to play, you guys would be calling him arrogant, etc. I’m not saying he can’t back it up, because I feel that he can. But I just think he’s kinda acting like an ass. Sorry if you disagree. Just because you’re a good player, doesn’t mean you need to start feuds with people.

    Lions center Dominic Raiola ,a 12-year veteran, doesn’t like the way Sherman carries himself off the field.

    “He took a shot at (Tom) Brady, one of the best quarterbacks to ever play, he’s taking shots at coaches, whatever, that’s disrespectful to this game. Maybe he doesn’t have a lot of respect. Who knows?”

    Raiola thinks Sherman’s words might come back to bit him.

    “I think for a guy like (Johnson), you’d wake him up, you’d wake a monster up.”

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Johnson needs the words of Sherman to wake him up then he really is not the future Hall of Famer that some folks around here think he is.

    I have a feeling that Earl Thomas will come up big in this game! However I also had that feeling last game, and the game before.

  18. Earl comes up big every game. I love that dude. No better FS in the NFL right now… We’re looking at the next Ed Reed, IMO. Qb’s know better than to pick on him.

  19. Anyone else watching staffords throwing motion? Looks a lot like tebow. Elbow and shoulder just look wonky to me. How did his mechanics regress in one offseason?

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Staffords Chubby.

  21. FleaFlicker says:

    RADEoN: no doubt that Sherman’s play is helped by those that he has around him. He does come across as arrogant, but I don’t think it’s all simply hubris. Megatron is going to come into that game with a chip on his shoulder, thinking “I’m going to burn this guy”. And likely will revert to his usual “go-to” moves which Richard has studied all summer long. I see the smack talk as a way of starting the game early and bracketing C Johnson into predictable decisions.

    Just my theory.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would love to see Sweezy in there against Suh just to piss him off. Get a couple personal fouls on him.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Anyone watching the Minn TB game? Donald Penn and Jarred Allen get into a fight, started by Penn. They jawed nonstop between plays. Next play? Allen runs right through him for a sack. Lol

  24. MoSeahawk12 says:

    damn, go Bucs!!!!! Hang on and drop the Vikes to 5-3.

  25. montanamike2 says:

    My guess is that Sherman is baiting him so our secondary gets a ton of picks. Just my guess though.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:


  27. I’m with montanamike and think Sherm is baiting him so Earl can smack him hard! I wish the guy didn’t talk quite so much but he does seem to be able to walk the talk…and he is a lot of fun to watch. I think Sherm is a smart dude…just needs to quietly go about his business! :-)

  28. montanamike2 says:

    Yeah Tates celebrations irritate me too

  29. Here is what I love best about Sherman and Browner – the fact that realistically speaking they could be called for PI on Many occasions but hey aren’t..

    How many years have we seen Revis, recently or as far back as Neon Deion – who would get those non-calls against our recievers or the rest of the league. So nice to see a Seattle guy (or guys) get the benefit of the superstar calls!!

  30. bird_spit says:

    If Sherman gets motivated by jawing, then so be it. When Sherm’s on his game, I don’t think any receiver can beat him. It would be disrespectful if Sherman is not in the pro bowl.

  31. Ewalters7354 says:

    I understand some think the hawks are gonna win this game with no problem.I personally don’t.This team is better than the Rams.Stafford will definitely throw a pick or two.But at the end of the day, if the hawks fail to get at least 20 points, I believe the Lions win.

    Sherman is a good player indeed I just hope they double Megatron (which I doubt seriously) and make those other young wide outs beat them.

  32. Screensmoke says:

    You say Sherman is a little above average but then refer to him as the best corner in the NFC right now. Dude your unbelievable. Then you say ET Is best safety in league and that is why sherman is playing so well. No dice- ET is great and maybe one of best in leauge but this year he has dropped 4 easy picks atleast and he would be yhe first one to tell you he can play better. one things got sure RADEON we see things completely different

  33. @RADE

    I see where you’re coming from, but honestly, this defense could use a spokesperson, and I see no reason why Sherman can’t be that guy. The fact of the matter is that playing in Seattle is the equivalent to being on an NFL team in Siberia; the media, the experts, prognosticators, and all sorts of other NFL fans either don’t know who’s playing for Seattle, or are aloof to exactly how good the players they have are.

    Sherman has alluded to this more than once. I see it as him wanting some recognition for the Seahawks defense, and especially for the secondary.

    Raiola should take some of his own advice and just shut up, and worry about guys he’s lining up against. I’m really not sure what he has to be so chippy about in regards to what Sherman said about a QB that doesn’t even take snaps from him. So F him, seriously. This is between Sherman and Johnson, and all Sherman did was change his handle on Twitter, right?

    Megatron is absolutely ridiculous name anyway, and I think Sherman probably concurs, and thus he mocks Calvin Johnson’s moniker by referring to himself as Optimus Prime. These are fictional names, from a frigging cartoon, and Raiola’s got some kind of beef? The fact that he is zoned in on Sherman instead of Mebane or Branch explains a lot to me in terms of their record. This is the kind of banter players from 2-5 teams allow themselves to be baited into.

  34. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    I don’t see the problem. It would be one thing if Richard Sherman were a mediocre talent and arrogant jackass like TJ Houshmandzadeh off running his mouth without the ability to back it up, but Sherman has played at an absolutely elite level since he became a starter after Walter Thurmond III got hurt. I mean, nobody is going to actually be surprised if Sherman is covering Johnson for most of the game and Johnson finishes with 50 receiving yards or less, right?

  35. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Also RADEoN I agree about Stafford’s mechanics, they have looked horrible this season and are definitely standing out, I am going to take a look and see if that was a problem for him before. Because I don’t recall ever seeing such bizarre throwing mechanics from him before.

  36. MoSeahawk12 says:

    just read some comments from Viking fans saying their team is cooked with a murderers row schedule including Seattle. That’s different. Big game this Sunday, come on guys, beat the Lions!!

  37. For those of you not in the know, Sherman did not anoint himself with this nickname. Rather, it was mentioned on twitter, picked up by the team and then brought to his attention. Source: — the author wrote a piece on it a day or two ago.

    At any rate, I love it. I love the aggressive nature of this D. I love the “i’m going to punch you in the mouth” style of defense. I love the overall style of play with which this team is learning to play.

    As Russell says, “GO HAWKS”!

  38. “For those of you not in the know, Sherman did not anoint himself with this nickname. Rather, it was mentioned on twitter, picked up by the team and then brought to his attention. Source: — the author wrote a piece on it a day or two ago.”

    Yeah, I read a story over at this one site, the other day, written by this one dude…

    In other words, an actual ink to the actual story or at least the name of this mystery author would be helpful.

  39. confucious says:

    Off topic. When are we going to get a recieving core that not only catches the ball, but can stay healthy for a stinkin’ season? C’mon Baldwin! To all you Qb debaters out there: It doesn’t matter who’s huckin’ the rock if there ain’t nobody on the other end. The focus on this next draft class will definately be reciever. It has to.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    Megatron. Optimus Prime. Good lord… What I find most funny about this whole invented nonsense, is that Johnson is looking down on Sherman because it’s (allegedly) a *self-given* nickname. Not that the whole Transformer thing is ridiculous to start with, or anything. But that because his was given to him, he’s superior to Sherman. Yeah, *Sherman’s* the loser here. lol. Hilarious…

  41. Ewalters7354 says:

    Had the hawks kept T.O. over Charly Martin or Obo they wouldn’t have to worry about the Baldwin injury.The FO just refuses to make moves even with guys who don’t scare defenses.Charly Martin is not a good reciever and I believe he’ll prove it.Sure he had onr good peeseason game when his best play was blocking on the RW TD run, but aside from that?

  42. HawkfaninMT says:

    @Confucious: I think that will be this offseason. It seems that each offseason they make a point to boost the talent on a part of the team.. OL in year one, Secondary and DL in year 2, I would think WR would be the call of duty this offseason

  43. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Ewalters you seriously can’t be preaching for T.O. that is funny as hell. the man is like 300 in receiver years and has stone hands and more importantly is a cancer.

  44. bird_spit says:

    Ewalters – if PC had kept TO then we wouldn’t be talking about Sherm mouthing off. We would be talking about TOs drops, and him running his mouth that he isn’t getting enough touches.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    Can you imagine TO here, with an offense ranked nearly dead last in every passing category? Holy cow, what a sh*t show that would be.

  46. Ewalters7354 says:

    Please don’t take the T.O. comment out of context guys.That’s just me saying Baldwin going down hurts, the depth there is awful.Deon Butler should’ve gotten a call, but he’s not Pete’s type of player.Why? I have no clue.I am really not looking forward seeing these two guys filling in.

  47. Ewalters7354 says:

    Lol…I agree.

  48. mojjonation says:

    I’m waiting for the rest of the Legion of Boom to come out as Bumble Bee and the twin Scion XB’s.

  49. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    that’s why i was asking ewalters,lol

  50. sluggo42 says:

    Yes, next years draft will be

    and so on..

  51. At this stage in his career TO is no better than the guys we kept IMO

  52. mojjonation says:

    “Don’t come up sniffing out run plays”. Who the F runs the ball for Detroit anyway?

    I remember the days of Bryant, Nash, and Green. They could punch you in the mouth. Cortez Kennedy could punch you in the mouth. We finally have a defense that can impose it’s will. We finally have a running game…again…that can impose it’s will. If the league hadn’t turned this into two hand touch football, then people might actually respect us. What’s crazy is that no one wants to come and play against us here in South Alaska. It’s like we are the red headed step child. The school yard bully. The eccentric uncle no one wants to talk about or admit exists. I guess it will take us crushing opposing teams dreams one at a time until they finally figure out that there are more than tree huggers, anarchists, and coffee over here.

    Oh yeah….and soon to be the NBA and NHL. Long live Chris Hansen.

  53. Dukeshire says:

    Mikel Leshoure.

  54. hawkfan777 says:

    I have never been a fan of players talking too much smack before you play an opponent. I think it is silly to fire your opponent up even more.

    Although, I think this team is succeeding with talented athletes that are emotional and extremely competitive. I think Shermans comments also fire up his own team.

  55. @sluggo

    You rate RT as that high of a priority next year? Breno is doing a pretty good job, imo. And we’ve got Sweezy, who will eventually give way to Moffit. I’d actually like to see what Sweezy might look like at RT; he is certainly athletic enough to play the position.

    And do we really need another safety? Maybe a UDFA safety, but certainly not one we use a draft pick on one. Between Earl, Kam, Jeron, Maragos and now Guy, there’s not a whole lot of room for a rookie to crack this roster unless he beats one of those guys out.

    Personally I’d like to see them draft 2, maybe 3 receivers.

  56. “I have never been a fan of players talking too much smack before you play an opponent. I think it is silly to fire your opponent up even more.”

    It sure seemed to work out well for Joey Porter in XL when he had words for Jeremy Stevens. Personally I’m not really feeling any of what Calvin Johnson is saying. How do you gain motivation as a WR over words, or perceived insults? Does it help improve your concentration? If anything, I would hinder it, which is the ploy that I think Sherman and his teammates are using.

    I guess it could motivate him to play a more physical game, which can also be a detriment, specifically against a defense like this that is so turnover conscious at all times.

  57. Maybe he’ll take Sherman down and pin him like Steve Smith did. That really cracked me up, one of my favorite plays of the year. Sherman really knows how to get in their heads.

  58. rlc, I was thinking the same thing. Consider Sherms comments a shove at the line of scrimmage on Megawhatever to disrupt his timing and break up the play before it even gets started. Like I said, I think Optimus Prime is a smart dude

  59. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “It sure seemed to work out well for Joey Porter in XL when he had words for Jeremy Stevens.”

    Didn’t Big Walter Jones render Porter a non factor in that game?

  60. “Didn’t Big Walter Jones render Porter a non factor in that game?”

    Yeah, for the most part, ACB. Porter made a play or two against the run, but I don’t remember him ever even getting within arm’s reach of Hass. But Stevens pulled a bit of a choke job on us with bobbled passes. Didn’t he have a fumble that we lost as well? Can’t remember. I’ve done so much in the way of trying to just forget that game.

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