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Bevell says Lions front four best Hawks have faced

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 24, 2012 at 4:16 pm with 47 Comments »
October 24, 2012 4:16 pm

Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell still has some familiarity with the NFC North from his time coaching at Minnesota and Green Bay.

So it’s not surprised that he’s well versed when it comes to the Detroit Lions.

Bevell said that the Lions’ front four defensively of defensive ends Kyle Vanden Bosch and Cliff Avril, along with defensive tackles Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh are the best front Seattle has faced this season.

The Lions are tied for 12th in the league with 17 sacks on the year.

“If you don’t take care of the front four, it can screw up the whole game,” Bevell said. “That’s what they count on, and that’s what they’re working toward. So we have to have a conscious effort to make sure we take care of those guys.

“They’ll pressure at times, but they have a lot of confidence and trust that those guys can get it done, and they have. So we have to make sure we take care of business up there.”

A complaint by some in the comments section here in the blog, Bevell provided some clarity for Seattle going empty set (no backs) on third and long situations.

“There’s some different things that it gives you,” Bevell said. “One is it gets all five of your receivers out. And sometimes it does clear up a little bit of protection. When you have more guys in there that have a chance to chip, or a chance to stay in protection if they’re not free releasing, then if they’re playing man coverage, then you have to check your man and sometimes their guy just adds. Then you end up having seven guys in blocking.

“So sometimes it clears up some of that. You can get some one-on-one match ups, and you can get some mismatches that way.”

On the injury front for Seattle, cornerback Byron Maxwell (hamstring), defensive tackle Jason Jones (ankle) and receiver Doug Baldwin (ankle) did not practice on today.

Offensive lineman John Moffitt (knee) was limited. Running back Marshawn Lynch (back) was a full participant.

For Detroit, DE Cliff Avril (back), WR Calvin Johnson (knee), DE Jacob Lacey (concussion), LB DeAndre Lacey (hamstring), DE Ronnell Lewis (not injury related) and Amari Spievey (concussion) did not participate in practice today.

CB Dwight Bentley (shoulder), S Louis Delmas (knee), TE Brandon Pettirgrew (knee), LB Stephen Tulloch (knee), DT Corey Williams (knee) and WR Titus Young (knee) were limited in practice.

Notes from practice
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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    Eric, heard that Baldwin is out indefinitely with a high ankle. Any way to confirm or deny?

  2. FleaFlicker says:

    Sorry, never mind Eric. Just saw your twitter update over there on the right.

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “My name is Suh, how do you do? Now your gonna die!”

    This Detroit team is on the verge of being out of the playoff race. It wont be easy facing a team desperate for a win at home!

  4. i wonder if bevell wants to fight me, and if i win, i get to call the plays.

  5. DanielleMND says:

    So who’s blocking Suh on Sunday? Turnstile McQuistan or Gimpy Moffitt?

  6. Let’s introduce you to the seahawks coaching staff:

    blah blah:

    some dude from the internet, RADEoN, with no organized football credentials, is the offensive coordinator.

  7. “Who’s blocking Suh?”

    Not it!

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Any volunteers from this blog to help block Suh on sunday? Didn’t think so, lol.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN- You really do need to get out of the Pittsburgh. For your sanity if only.

  10. Hawksince77 says:

    Funny to listen to the interview and then see the write up:

    “Would you say that Detroit’s front four is the best you have faced this season?”



    Bevell says Lions front four best Hawks have faced

  11. Can I be in the Enola Gay with Little Boy? That’d be about the only way I’d take my chances against him!

    The funny thing with Suh is that he’s not exactly the size of a giant of a beast (like Raji or Ngata), it’s just that he plays like a gigantic beast (with a lot more speed and mobility).

    If Lynch ran full speed into Suh, who was also running at full speed, I have a feeling that would also be registered on the Richter Scale.

    After Luck, if I could give the Hawks any player in the NFL, I’d go with Suh (and then another Lion in Calvin Johnson).

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That’s what scares me about this game BobbyK. Suh and Johnson at home can make a huge difference.
    This could get ugly if we are not ready.

  13. RADEoN – I’ll be in Pittsburgh next June for a Pirates game (when they host the Brewers). It’s the game on that Friday.

  14. Georgia – I agree. I believe that Johnson/Suh are not only Pro Bowl type players, but rather guys who should end up in Canton when they write more pages to their career(s) if they continue to perform the way I expect them to. That’s why I can’t believe that Schwartz has that type of talent losing (I also believe they have other good players).

    Personally, I think this game is going to be harder than the Cardinals game was (not saying we’re going to lose… but I respect the Lions more coming into this game than I did the Cards going into week 1, even given the records now, and I was also one of the people saying that those who thought we had a “bye” week 1 were ignorant).

  15. bobby, we will definitely have to meet up.

  16. Sounds good. Keep it open.

  17. we’ll have to figure out the best way to get in touch. are you staying for the whole weekend?

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No doubt that the Lions can bring it at home BobbyK. This game scares the you know what out of me.
    If we win it, it will be an all
    around effort , especially on the special teams, imo.

  19. I’ll get to the park about 5:15-5:30 and then we’re going to head to Youngstown after the game. Meeting at PNC is probably the best course of action. I’ll be the guy in either the Rice (blue) or Wilson (grey) jersey:) Also, didn’t you talk to Duke the other week? He’s got all my contact info, too.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – I’ll do it. I’d likely be hurt very badly, but I’d give it a shot. lol

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire – Save your self. The only shot you are going to take in the next 6 months is the one I buy you at the local bar in Portland.

  22. If the Hawks host the NFC Championship Game somehow, I’ll be getting Duke a shot in Seattle that weekend, too! Assuming he goes to the game:)

    Or if the Hawks play at MN in the play-offs (any round), I’ll be there, too.

  23. Bobby, get a hold of Duke for my number.

  24. Duke – did you get that:) ?

  25. Looking forward to seeing if Charly Martin can step up and make some plays in Baldwin’s absence, assuming he’s active for this game.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN- I am going to go up to Pittsburgh and single handedly bring you down to Georgia,

    I think some southern hospitality will do you good Lol.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Got it. Just sent it Bobby.

  28. FleaFlicker says:

    These teams have played 13 games total. Only one of them decided by more than a TD (our win over Cowboys). Detroit did lose to SF by 8, but that’s still a one TD margin in my book.

    Expecting the close game trend to continue. This season is anguish and hope every week.

  29. ryanryan says:

    @fleaflicker – anguish and hope every week…well put.

    @jzombie – i too am hoping charly martin gets a shot to make some plays, i have a feeling he will step up.

    anybody else wish tate would make a catch and not celebrate like he just won the superbowl mvp. i prefer my seahawks to have more class than that, especially when they have mostly underachieving when considering expectations/potential. reminds me of gramatica kicking an extra point.

  30. Georgia – Why don’t you come up to Pittsburgh when RADEoN and I meet in late June? I know it’s not too terribly far from you (b/c we almost met at the Braves game this past summer; which is much closer, I know).

  31. ryanryan says:

    i wonder how patient we would all be if we didn’t have flynn as the back up…say tjack was still here instead. just a thought.

  32. ryanryan says:

    when did this become a dating site…i kid, i kid.

  33. ryan – I have made it clear that I’d be 100% behind Wilson if T-Jack were the back-up.

    However, since Flynn, who has had 2 starts (and those 2 starts were better than the Joke could ever do in almost 40 “real” starts) is the back-up, that skews things a bit…

    We have TWO qbs that I like… it’s a ***LOT*** better than last year when we had two worthless losers based on observations for the long term!!!

  34. If Flynn would have grabbed the job from the beginning of camp, we would be talking about Flynn as the starter now. If he was so good, he would have knocked out Wilson from Day 1. Remember when Carroll said it was an open competition between Hasselbeck and Whitehurst? That lasted about a day, then Hasselbeck was the starter. Flynn obviously didn’t impress from day one.

  35. It’s called Facebook fellas, look into it.

  36. Hey RADEoN, fighting Bevell would be too easy. I bet PC would let you be offensive coordinator if you were willing to take on Suh for the whole game and neutralize him with no help. Good luck with that one.
    Btw, I’m going to be in Sh*ttsburgh next September for a Thievery Corporation concert. Let’s meet at Heinz Field so we can talk about how terrible Russell Wilson is while we cheer on the Stealers. I’ll be the guy in the doo doo brown Rapistberger jersey.
    Man, Fonk that.
    Oh yeah, and your opinions are great. For me to poop on.
    This message has been sponsored by most Seahawk fans on this blog and Triumph The Insult Comic Dog.

  37. StartCharlie says:

    @rodman: Flynn got a raw deal. Just like me. Can’t wait for Phillip Rivers to get hurt so I can prove everybody wrong. But thanks for the mention. Don’t get many these days.


  38. How different would this squad look if TO could have actually caught some balls in the pre-season!

    Would we be seeing Rice and TO start and Tate in the slot?

  39. Ewalters7354 says:

    How can Flynn take a job that was already taken from him during preseason, though he looked sharp snd precise.?

  40. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “How different would this squad look if TO could have actually caught some balls in the pre-season!

    Would we be seeing Rice and TO start and Tate in the slot?”

    If TO caught some balls in the preseason, Flynn would be starting. Owens came in and lasted just long enough to cause Flynn to lose his job with his horrible drops and awful routes.

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- There is probably a better chance of me going to Minnesota before June, however that is an interesting idea.

  42. Ewalters7354 says:

    “Edwards is tall enough that the midget could see him…”

    Now is this a person who doesn’t beat a dead horse? Or is this a person who wants positive talk around here?

    This is Sluggo at his finest.Trying to get someone upset so he can get all his bandwagon posters to push buttons.Smh…57 and acting like that?

  43. Palerydr says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Obamanu get the start at slot over Tate. He might not have more potential but I’m pretty sure he would make the routine plays. Would do the entitled little brat some good IMO to sit and watch giving him a chance to clear his head and figure out he needs to work and prepare as a full time professional not a part timer.

  44. BobbyK…wear your Wilson jersey to meet with RADEon.

  45. CDHawkFan says:

    A lot of people saying they are worried about the Lion’s at home. Yes they are a NFL team so any given Sunday, but as someone who grew up there and keeps an eye on them, they don’t scare me at all. They have talent, but they also have terrible holes, they often self distruct or the holes in talent (due to having the Suh, CJ, and MS contracts) show up.
    PC seems to have figured out the early east coast starts and playing on the road that MH stuggled with, they will be ready to play.

  46. mojjonation says:

    Aren’t Tate and Edwards fighting over that slot position?

    Bevell would hate his mama if someone phrased it right.

    Didn’t PC admit that he counted TO’s drop as a TD for Flynn?

    Broooooomance….ain’t nothing gay about it. YouTube has a video on it.

    Seattle seems to have no ability to make halftime adjustments. It seems that PC is content to run his game plan into the ground, regardless of what situation the game is in unless it is emergency time. If something isn’t working for Seattle in the first half (both offense and defense) in Detroit, I will expect more of the same in the second half until the last few minutes of the game when the offense has to throw the ball all over the place to catch up. In the event everything is working, then all bets are off. DUH.

    I just haven’t seen any change in scheming from one half to the next in any game they have played this year that I have seen. With the exception of the NE game, where they got gashed in the first quarter, the defense has been pretty consistent so there really wasn’t a lot of adjustments needed. San Fran running counters and traps was the best halftime adjustment I have seen a team make on Seattle. Now Seattle made no in game adjustments when that happened, so that’s on the coaches.

    Now while teams may make a “blueprint” on how to defeat another team, if other teams don’t have the horses to run that particular scheme, then it doesn’t matter. I don’t see Detroit running traps and counters the way San Fran did. I also don’t see them dumping it undeneath in the middle of the field all day the way NE did.

    Our offense, that is another story all together.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    Edwards is a split end, and that’s where Tate has been playing.

    Interesting, just two weeks ago, and several weeks prior, people were applauding how well Carroll adjusted as half.

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