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A few moments with a monster named Suh and the power of the Schwartz

Post by Ryan Divish on Oct. 24, 2012 at 2:09 pm with 14 Comments »
October 24, 2012 2:23 pm
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If you don’t get either references in the headline — well, then I don’t know what to tell you. The first one is a given, the second is from a movie with Rick Moranis and Mel Brooks.

I sat in on the conference calls with Detroit Lions menacing defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and head coach Jim Schwartz.

Here’s a few comments from Suh …

On the line of playing aggressive and not getting penalized …

I really don’t pay attention to what they see is really aggressive and not aggressive. I’ve been fined many times. I understand where I’ve been wrong in some situations and I’ve had no clue in other situations. I just continue to play the game as hard as I can. I don’t worry about the understanding of other people.

The game of football is tough. It’s a very aggressive physical game. Things happen. You can’t always be in control.

When you hit a QB enough can you see a change in them?

You see some quarterbacks that will and some that won’t. Michael Vick is a prime example of a guy who is not going to change his game and continue to play and get up from all those hits and try to hurt you. And he definitely does hurt you. In some other cases, you see some quarterbacks who will ultimately feel your presence and change their games. And those are the quarterbacks you affect them.

On seeing the shorter Wilson in the mass of bodies on the line …

From a height perspective, you could put him in the category as the same as Michael Vick or Drew Brees and I haven’t had a problem hitting either one of those guys, so I don’t think I will have an issue hitting Russell Wilson.

Here’s a few comments from  Schwartz

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On what he’s seen from Russell Wilson

The biggest thing is win-loss record. He’s gotten four wins. Even their losses have been close. He’s hung in there and made plays, particularly at the end of the game to give them wins. That’s a sign of a good quarterback. He’s very mobile. He makes a lot of plays with his feet, can extend plays. He’s not the tallest guy, neither was Fran Tarkenton, neither was Doug Flutie. There’s some similarities to those guys. He’s got a great arm like those guys had, particularly Flutie. He does a good job of throwing on the move. He’s one of the best over the top throwers we faced. He’s got a really live arm and does a good job of throwing down the field.

On Matt Stafford’s issues …

We need to stick with what we do. You can compare it to a lot of different things. You can compare it to a 3-point shooter. You have to keep on shooting them. If your stroke is good and you are getting on open, keep on putting them up. A baseball payer, you go 0-for-4 a couple games in a row, you can’t change your stance or change your approach, you go with what’s successful.

As a team, we can help Matt out. We have had a couple of chances to make big plays and we haven’t been able to come up with those. It’s just a matter of time. He’s very talented and the players around him are very talented.

It’s not all the quarterback, but we can help him out a little bit more.

On the Seahawks defense …

They’re pretty good. They’ve been in very game that they’ve played. I think they’re third in the NFL in points allowed and in my mind that’s the most important stat – are you keeping the opponent out of the end zone?

They have giants in the secondary – 6-4, 6-2 at corner, I think Chancellor is about 6-3. Those guys are a like a junior college basketball team out there with great length.

A lot is made of big receivers in the league and we have one, but Seattle has gone a long way to matching up with those guys. They are out on an island quite a bit, and they survive out there. That’s big.

They are getting a lot out of their pass rush and a rookie middle linebacker. Clemons has had a career years, Irvin has given them a big boost in their sub-package.

It’s not just the secondary. It’s not just the pass rush. It’s not just the young linbecakers. It’s a combination of all it. They very rarely make mistakes. If someone is going to beat them, you have to drive the ball on them because there’s not a whole lot of big plays against that defense.

On Seattle’s talent …

I think the thing Seattle has done a good job of is identifying talent that fits them. And they have a plan of how they are going to use those guys.

A lot was made of Bruce Irving being a first round pick, but he looks like a first-round pick when he’s rushing the passer.

Of Note … Schwartz said that Titus Young, Ryan Broyles and Tony Scheffler will see time in Nate Burleson’s slot spot.

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  1. jawpeace says:

    With the amount of time that Russel had to prepare this week, I expect the offense to do better and for the Hawks to get a win.

  2. jawpeace says:

    The Lions could be on the verge of imploding on themselves. An nice early lead could help do that.

  3. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Sherman changed his Twitter handle to “Optimus Prime.” I love that guy!

  4. Southendzone says:

    If Suh tackles RW like he did to Cutler last week, RW will be out for the season and ACIB will be a happy TNT poster.

  5. Chawksrule says:

    Our secondary should be able to make a lot of plays this weekend. Stafford throws the ball a lot but he has horrible footwork. We should be able to pressure him into several mistakes with our pass rush. Our O needs to come together as a unit and make the plays we have seen from time to time this season. If we can get consistent plays from OL, WRs and RW we can run up some good points this week.

    Go Hawks!!!

  6. Well, since the Hawks have extra time, maybe we can see some different looks on the offense, and please can we go a game without that stupid ass bubble play. Just throw it to a RB if their going to do that on a screen or something. Also, can we do something else besides empty backfeild on 3rd down or play action for our passing attack, especially since Wilson is special, and can handle anything (workload) and stress that is thrown to him. See Carrol quote.

  7. “please can we go a game without that stupid ass bubble play”

    I’ll agree w/that part of your post – i hate that play too. Overused, and never gets us much of anything, plus there’s always that risk of an incompletion actually being a fumble.

    Big game for us – – 5-3 going into the 2nd half of the year feels a lot different than 4-4.

  8. If Seattle is going to get the W, they need to get better on 3rd. They are 29/91 (32%) to date; as a point of comparison NE is 50/105 (48%).

    Interesting thing is the breakdown when you mine the game logs…

    3rd down play calls are running around 67% pass, 33% run with average “to go” around 7 yards for both (run is skewed up by some 3rd-and-forevers that we’ve called draws on).

    Just looking at 3rds where passes are called, SEA is 16/61 (26%); on runs, they are 13/30 (43%). If you break it down by RW (that is, passes, scrambles, and called runs to RW) versus the rest of the team (everything else), RW is 22/74 (30%); everyone else is 7/17 (41%).

    RW has only broken 40% once this season (CAR) and has had two awful games (11% and 14% against GB and STL); the rest of the season he’s hovering around the low 30’s% with no clear trend in any direction.

    Given the skew toward pass calls on 3rd, RW is “responsible” for more than just handing the ball to Leon/Beast/Turbinator/Mrob on ~81% of the 3rd downs. Getting him better on 3rd is critical. The run game is already close to NE’s average (41% versus 48%), so there’s probably not much room for improvement there (assuming ~50% is a typical average for a decent offense). You could feed the RBs more to try to slide the balance back toward runs, but in a lot of the passing situations, a run call isn’t going to be successful anyway.

  9. Power of the Schwartz… lol!

  10. I think Schwartz is one of the worst head coaches in the NFL.

    Also, it’s not possible for Wilson to get hurt on Sunday. It’s been made perfectly clear that Wilson has better mobility than Flynn and in the last game Flynn started it was against Detroit (Suh) and he didn’t get hurt.

  11. Excellent point Bobby. Wilson is short, and versatile, so he cannot INJURE.

  12. IdahoVandalHawk says:

    The Schwartz…. The second I saw the headline for this blog post I knew it was Ryan and not Eric.

  13. I didn’t mean it to be an anti-Wilson comment, b/c I do like him as well… it’s just that I tire of the comments about how one player would have gotten “killed” behind an OL and another somehow would escape injury like it’s a certainty. When I say this, I say it with Hasselbeck/Jackson in mind and knowing that Hasselbeck wouldn’t have gotten killed and missed the season due to a bad OL early last year. Insead, Jackson was actually the guy that got hurt and it was on a play that Hasselbeck never would have allowed himself to get hit on. As much as Wilson has struggled, at least he has the potential to be good, IMO (unlike the clowns we had last year).

  14. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “Also, it’s not possible for Wilson to get hurt on Sunday. It’s been made perfectly clear that Wilson has better mobility than Flynn and in the last game Flynn started it was against Detroit (Suh) and he didn’t get hurt.”

    Yeah, because Flynn actually steps up into the pocket and makes quick throws. Mobile quarterbacks ALWAYS get sacked and hurt more than pocket passers.

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