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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 13-6 loss

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 19, 2012 at 9:09 am with 88 Comments »
October 19, 2012 10:21 am

Seattle Seahawks running back Robert Turbin (22) drops a pass in front of San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis (52) during the first quarter of an NFL football game in San Francisco, Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Good morning. We’ll have our Monday Morning QB live chat today at 1 p.m., so stop by this afternoon if you have time.

For now, we take a spin around the web to see what’s being said about Seattle’s 13-6 loss to San Francisco.

Here’s my game story from Thursday. Seattle allowed a season-high 175 rushing yards against San Francisco. The last time Seattle allowed that many yards was – you guessed it – the last time the Seahawks played the Niners, giving up 178 yards at CenturyLink Field in a 19-17 setback last December.

Golden Tate says his two drops were uncharacteristic, and he’ll get things turned around next week. “I had a few opportunities where I could have made some plays, and I didn’t come through,” Tate said. “It’s uncharacteristic of me. But I’m not discouraged at all. I’m going to continue to work hard, and I’ll be back next week.”

John McGrath of The News Tribune says that mistakes doomed Seattle against the Niners. McGrath:The temptation is to wrap up the Thursday night fiasco in San Francisco as a “trap game” for the Seattle Seahawks, but the only trap was the one that enabled 49ers running back Frank Gore to pound a proud defense senseless.”

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that the Seahawks failed their test on the road against San Francisco. O’Neil: “The Seahawks weren’t blown out. Actually it was almost worse than that as they were run over. Frank Gore became the first player to rush for more than 100 yards against Seattle in nearly a year.”

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times writes that the Niners were the more physical team against the Seahawks. Brewer: “These teams aren’t twins. They may look alike, but the 49ers are a better and more polished version with distinct winning traits that set them apart from the burgeoning Seahawks.”

ESPN’s Mike Sando writes that the Niners, considered a championship-caliber team at the start of the season, were lucky to escape with a win on Thursday night. Sando: “Seattle has scored only 35 points in its three NFC West games — all defeats, all on the road. But the Seahawks’ divisional opponents have managed only 52 points against them, 17.3 per game. Seattle’s seven-point margin of defeat against San Francisco was the widest yet for the Seahawks in any of their losses.”

Clark Judge of CBS Sports says the NFC West is where quarterbacks go to die, and three yards and a cloud of dust is the norm. Judge: “It wasn’t the 49ers’ Alex Smith or Seattle’s Russell Wilson who determined the outcome; it was Frank Gore and the San Francisco defense, and welcome to the not-so-wild NFC West — a division where the best quarterback is Smith … or maybe Sam Bradford … but where quarterbacks don’t determine what happens as much as someone like Gore.”

Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated writes that San Francisco quarterback’s confidence might is waning once again. Trotter: “Smith was not fantastic, nor did he play extremely well. He played tentatively, like someone who was concerned with making a mistake. In finishing 14-of-23 for 140 yards and a touchdown and interception, he looked like someone who feared he was one mistake from possibly watching from the sideline, even if that wasn’t the case.”

Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports heads down a similar path on Alex Smith. Silver: “While Harbaugh got away with playing it safe in this particular game, it’s hard to envision his team as a bona fide Super Bowl contender if the quarterback isn’t trusted to take a shot at the end zone when the opportunity presents itself.”

Mike Salk of 710 ESPN Seattle says it’s not time to panic yet, with Seattle losing its third straight NFC West contest on the road. Salk: “They still have a gigantic secondary that allowed nothing deep on Thursday night. They still have a powerful force at running back that can run on even the best defenses. They still have a precocious young quarterback with a strong arm, quick feet and a flare for the dramatic.

“They are learning how to win.”

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post had this to say about Seattle’s missed opportunities. Bowern: “The lack of execution in the 4th quarter is on Russell Wilson and this entire Seahawks’ offense, but look at the drops from this unit. Early in the game we saw the Seahawks miss on the RB wheel route that should have resulted in points plus the 9 (fade) route up the sideline. I understand that Wilson’s numbers were suspect tonight (9-23-122-1INT) and he made some questionable decisions. But in a divisional game where you have to convert scoring opportunities and create field position you need to make plays for the QB on catchable balls.”

Michael Lombardi of says the jury is still out on Russell Wilson. Lombardi: “As he plays more games, Wilson will start to see a more disciplined rush — like Thursday night — and his performance will suffer. Is Matt Flynn a better answer? He might be, but Seattle seems to believe Wilson can overcome his lack of vision down the field.”

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  1. seahawk44 says:

    Dwayne Bowel wants out of KC. Would the Seahawks consider working a trade for him?

  2. cseahawk says:

    Watched the game and still cannot believe the defense broke down over Gore. Getting gashed like that on runs is demoralizing. The drops from the Ts(Turbin and Tate) were killers. I’ll be at the Lions game next week and see them in person. Not going to be an easy game but have to represent. Hopefully Wilson plays an ENTIRE game on the road finally.

    That SF game was there for us………..the drops snatched away the momentum and the game. We have to win on the road! Good teams do it…and we are a good team. We have to prove it though.

  3. bulldog80 says:

    Though we lost, I actually feel really good about our team and where we are. Everyone here knows that we could have easily won this game. We beat ourseleves on this one. I don’t expect those mistakes to continue and the coach will make sure of it.

    This team can win every game left on the schedule. The game last night was probably the hardest matchup we have and they barely eeked out the win on us. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

  4. seahawk44 says:

    BOWE …..damn spell check…lol

  5. This indeed is the division with the worst offenses and the worst QBs in the NFL. Playing Pete Carroll/NFC West ball means the entire passing game must maximize every opportunity. The QB can not miss open WRs and the WRs can not drop easy catches. Just one or 2 of these mistakes is the difference in winning and losing with such a small margin of error.

    I’m trying to figure out what this stat means. Since mid-season last year, the Seahawks are 9-6. However they are 4-4 when Lynch runs for over 100 yards and 5-2 when he is held to under 100 yards.

  6. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    just imagine how the game turns out if edwards brings down the td catch. not a great choice for throws but wilson put it in the right place and edwards had both hands on it.

  7. yakimahawk says:

    If Russell Wilson were 2 years later in his career with another (1) great receiver we would be dominating but that is not the case. Also how good is Dwayne Bowe? Is he a true number 1?

  8. yakimahawk says:

    In games like this against a powerhouse like SF the Seahawks offense cannot make mistakes. Last night was not so much the penalties it was the 5-6 dropped passes. Without those we win! Man im still pissed…

  9. yakimahawk says:

    I have a question for the chat today do I ask you now under another post?

  10. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I think this was a complete team loss–i.e., we lost at all phases of the game. Offensively, the drops were momentum killers. Also, the play calling was suspect: except on the final drive, in the second half, why were most of Wilson’s pass attempts off of play action? Every time Wilson would drop back after a play action there was a defender in the backfield. He simply didn’t have time, because our O-line doesn’t pass protect well. After the 2nd, or third, time that happened you’d think that Bevell would change his play selection, but nope. Run, run, run, run, play action–it was pitiful.

    Defensively, our front 7 got mauled. Often, Gore was in the secondary before the cameras could find him. San Fran’s O-line pulls, and traps, well but knowing this Bradley should have had a better plan to stop Gore. Moreover, it was sickening to see San Fran pick us apart with all of that underneath crap. I don’t know if Bradley got out schemed, or what, but I almost hate having a lead at half time because we never adjust well defensively when we do.

    At 4-3 I’m still optimistic. There’s a lot of football left, and we have a very good team. I believe that in the second half of the season, especially when we play our division rivals at home, will fare much better for us. I predict we’ll finish the season at 11-5, or 10-6, and make the playoffs.

  11. bbnate420 says:

    BOWEL may be a good description of his attitude. The Hawks would have to either sign him long term or franchise him at the end of the year. I don’t see them doing either, unless they cut Rice. He can be a #1, if he has his head screwed on straight. He definitely hasn’t had much to work with at QB and has still pt up good numbers.

  12. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Pabs said “This indeed is the division with the worst offenses and the worst QBs in the NFL.” Agreed, however I’ll add that SF, STL, and AZ all have QBs who fall into the “they are who we thought they were” category.

    Seattle has Wilson whose upside will soon surpass the mediocrity of the other 3. Before everyone cascades drama and negativity on that comment, YES I recognize the talent of Sam Bradford. But he’s demonstrated where he is to this point, and unless a lot changes in STL, he (Bradford) will continue to have the results he has had to this point, whereas Wilson will continue to improve and develop and perhaps become the best QB in the division.

    I like Seattle’s bright (and near) future. In fact, I like our present. But then again, I’ve been accused of being too patient sometimes…perhaps I should become more reactive and irrational.

  13. bulldog80 says:

    I’m frustrated by the drops too. I hate the “what if” feeling games like this leave. I don’t see how it’s possible to trust Tate at all. He seemingly never uses his hands and drops far more balls than he catches. That Turbin drop was a killer. Perfectly thrown ball.

  14. How about we trade Tate & Mccoy & a few bucks for Dwayne Bowe..That game should our weakness at quality receivers..We have one true one (Rice,if he puts out),Miller is under-utilized,Edwards won`t drop again & Baldwin is a Stokely kind of player..The O-line plays the run good,not good at pass protection (right tackle for us got used & abused) Dropped Passes & RW throwing into three man coverage didn`t help. Our D needs to refocus on stopping the run. In a way we can learn from this loss….Com-on Seahawks!!!!

  15. But, as of today, this division has the worst 4 QBs of any division in the NFL.

    I am a huge Russell Wilson fan myself, but he has ways to go. It would help to get even an average core of WRs. I can see every WR but Baldwin gone next year and that hurts continuity. Rice is to be paid over $9m next year – money that will have to go to resign some of our young defensive studs.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bulldog80- I aggree. Overall I feel good about this team. I think they are learning as they go. For such a young team they have been in every game so far.
    Not the highs and lows like the last two years. Once they get some more experience and learn to be humble, ( which is a hard thing to do for a young team), they will be very good, imo.

  17. “This indeed is the division with the worst offenses and the worst QBs in the NFL”

    I think if you took an average of them all, the AFC East (Pats, Jets, Bills, Dolphins) are no better. And every one of them is 3-3.

    Not that it matters, it’s basically true that the NFC West teams are all better on D than O.

  18. Seattle’s weakness at wide receiver reared its ugly head. The Hawks were physically exhausted. They stayed on the field a long time in the New England game and then they were asked to shoulder the load against a very tough powerful San Francisco offensive line on a short week. Seattle wasn’t expected to win this game yet they hung in there and had a shot to tie the game in the final five minutes.

    I’d expect Seattle to give Detroit a beat down next Sunday.

  19. The AFC East has one great QB in Brady, one already good QB in Tannehill and 2 bad QBs. Taking the average of those 4 QBs beats the NFC West who has 4 at best average QBs and at worst 4 bad QBs.

    Golden Tate is the new Josh Wilson. Wilson was a talented player who made periodic sexy, big plays. But between those big plays were a lot of poor plays – plays where he would allow the offense to complete the ball in obvious passing situations. Wilson lacked consistency and the polish to be a good NFL CB.

    Tate is a very talented, athletic player who comes up with the periodic big plays. But he lacks consistency and polish to be even an average WR.

  20. Golden is a nice slot receiver. He can’t be counted on to be the man. Let’s not forget the Hawks were so desperate they brought in TO. When does Plexico Burress get a tryout?

  21. Speaking of nice slot WRs, that Baldwin ankle injury killed the Seahawks in the second half.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    MarcS- As a group the receiving play was awful. And this after they played so well last Sunday. This up and down play from them is frustrating.

  23. They make big catches at home and drop them on the road. Anyone who’s watched Seahawks football for more than 5 years is used to this by now.

  24. Helenahawk says:

    Bowe strikes me as a me-first type, the modern version of TO, but not so shrill. Hard to blame him though for being really unhappy in KC, because they suck in so many aspects, and he is motivated to be the best, and his team is one of the worst. I think he could fit well with com-Pete, and would push Sidney for catches. He has the physical tools Pete likes. Two weapons of major caliber is better than only one.
    This morning I would take him over Tater for sure. Package Tate and Edwards for Bowe? Two for one! I wonder what is going on in John and Pete’s offices. These guys like to shake it up, and receiver is one of our weak points.

  25. Carroll should be giving TO a call right now, but it won’t happen.

  26. yakimahawk says:

    What happened to Baldwins ankle? Is he hurt again?

  27. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Why do you people insist that Russell Wilson is going to develop and become a good QB like it’s some kind of certainty? He hasn’t improved game to game, he’s actively regressed in many areas. Wilson apologists sound just like Mark Sanchez apologists from the Jets fanbase. There is no guarantee he will just magically get better, he is too SHORT.

  28. Why do you continue to post here, when you never come up with anything new? You havn’t improved in your posting diversity, in fact, it’s constantly the same crap every time that nobody wants to hear anymore. You are not getting any better with posting positive things after a big win and a good performance for the QB. There is no garauantee Eric wont add a hide button so we can read with happy thoughts instead of this crap you pull out only after a loss.

  29. bulldog80 says:

    Wilson played a solid game last night and is getting better each week.

  30. Palerydr says:

    Pabowal says “Golden Tate is the new Josh Wilson. Wilson was a talented player who made periodic sexy, big plays. But between those big plays were a lot of poor plays – plays where he would allow the offense to complete the ball in obvious passing situations. Wilson lacked consistency and the polish to be a good NFL CB.

    Tate is a very talented, athletic player who comes up with the periodic big plays. But he lacks consistency and polish to be even an average WR.”

    I’ll add entitled punk to that if KC is stupid enough to take him in trade for Bowe fine, Bowe however from things I’ve heard is no gem either he’s got quite a bit in common with a bag of hammers intellectually. I’m not sure he could be a factor if he can’t learn enough of the offense quickly. Bowe also wants big money I’m leery of guys like that but I suppose all players, with such a short career in the NFL, want theirs. He has proven he can make plays on the field consistently that’s something positive.

  31. Palerydr says:

    Geez sorry *Pabuwal

  32. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “Why do you continue to post here, when you never come up with anything new? You havn’t improved in your posting diversity, in fact, it’s constantly the same crap every time that nobody wants to hear anymore. You are not getting any better with posting positive things after a big win and a good performance for the QB. There is no garauantee Eric wont add a hide button so we can read with happy thoughts instead of this crap you pull out only after a loss.”

    Yeah, it’s become fairly obvious many denizens of this blog just want to close their eyes and say LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU LOOK HOW MATURE AND HARD-WORKING RUSSELL WILSON IS EVEN THOUGH HE’S A TERRIBLE QUARTERBACK LA LA LA.

    Seriously, this is LITERALLY Aaron Curry: The Sequel. A player so terrible that he’s suffocating the team’s potential but the fanbase is too enamored with his personality to fairly criticize his poor play.

  33. So, ACIB, in all honesty, where were you on sunday thru wednesday after the big win at home? Seriously, why do you not show face when Russell plays great and they get a huge win? It’s ONLY when there is a bad game you show your face. Tell a whole lot about your character and intentions for this blog

  34. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “So, ACIB, in all honesty, where were you on sunday thru wednesday after the big win at home? Seriously, why do you not show face when Russell plays great and they get a huge win? It’s ONLY when there is a bad game you show your face. Tell a whole lot about your character and intentions for this blog”

    I commented throughout the week, I don’t understand why many of you parrot this incorrect talking point. Stop making this about me, talk about Russell Wilson. I’d love to see a rational argument that defends why he should remain starter.I love when the other Seahawks fans acted like he legitimized himself by making a couple nice throws against the Patriots’ garbage secondary.

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    AaronCurryIsBUST- If you are so sure that Wilson is a bust, ( and I don’t really think you are ), then why don’t you change your username accordingly like you did from Ruskell to Curry?

    And if Wilson is not the answer, who do you think is? And give us some real concrete reasons why that someone else is better.

  36. yakimahawk says:


  37. Palerydr says:

    Plenty of people criticize RW myself included they just don’t stand in the playground and shout at everyone thinking by doing so that makes them right. There are no absolutes in football shouting at everyone saying their is(Flynn would be better) makes your opinion slightly less astute than the village idiot.

  38. Because they are 4-3 and he’s getting better each game (but according to you he’s not). Did you see the receivers drop all those balls? Did you remember this is the number 1 defense we just played?

    Thats fine. To each their own. Continue to pout and be pissed off about “your” team.

    We are all entitled to our opinion, and that is fine. So, i need to try harder to just skip over your posts when i see your name.


  39. thursday says:

    I agree with Salk, it’s definitely not time to panic and I also agree with whoever said this was a team loss, it definitely was. Wilson didn’t play good in the second half, but I’m quite sure the easy catches that were dropped probably messed with his head. Then there was Gore who still managed close to 200 yards, yes the defense held them often when it counted, but they allowed Gore to make some big plays and could hardly get off the field in the second half. About the only areas that didn’t make any major mistakes was our running game and the secondary. But, as quoted in another article, this was a close game with a razor thin margin for error. You can’t make mistakes like that and expect to win. They just made less mistakes than us, simple as that.

  40. If Sidney Rice drops that pass last week, the entire conversation on this blog becomes “Russell Wilson sucks.” He catches it and it becomes “Russell Wilson is great.”

    If any of the Seahawks pass catchers showed up in any of the road games, the conversation on this blog would have been “Russell Wilson is great.” But because they play like crap, the conversation becomes “Russell Wilson sucks.”

    If this blog wasn’t such a train wreck, I wouldn’t bother reading any of the comments because I could write them all in advance.

  41. I’ll tell you guys what, I’m probably going to slowly leave this blog, at least commenting on it. If you want some of my insight or want to keep in touch, feel free to add me to facebook.

  42. Please explain this, “Wilson played a solid game last night.” Better not blame those dropped passes, there was a lot more going on in that game then that.

  43. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    acib, POINT BLANK. what makes you know he won’t? what makes you so sure flynn would be any better?what makes you think you know more that the coaching staff?

    acib i have said this multiple times i don’t care who the QB is i like both wilson and flynn. i have to say i have not seen enough fro m flynn to believe he would be any better than wilson. answer those questions.

    and try not to be insulting just answer the questions

  44. Dude, that Rice catch last week was a nice throw, but Rice did way more on that play then Wilson did.

  45. Also, how many times did we throw to Rice last night, and seriously, where’s Miller, probowl pass catcher to not even an after thought. Feel sorry for him, the play calling is just insane.

  46. I don’t think the issue is Flynn is going to automatically come in and win, but it’s the fact that he has a chance to do so and the main factor is that it’s something different. Something needs to change because it can’t be any worst and that is a fact, and I don’t think we’re going to fire any offensive coaches yet.

  47. sluggo42 says:

    I’ll tell you guys what, I’m probably going to slowly leave this blog, at least commenting on it. If you want some of my insight or want to keep in touch, feel free to add me to facebook.

    Take ACID with you eh? Buhbye now….

  48. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    trublu, what do you mean rice did more tha n wilson? that was perfectly thrown ball in a place only rice could get to. no doubt it was sweet catch but it was a sweeter throw that i doubt flynn could have made.

  49. seahawk44 says:

    I just re-watched last night’s game.

    In no fathomable way can you blame Wilson for this loss. The stats do not tell the story at all! At least 8-9 incompletions were delivered perfectly & could have been completions… then the whole game is different. They had 5 drives into SF territory in 1st half and opening 3rd qtr drive, and only 6 points to show for it all due to dropped passes and a missed FG.

    This team is very close to being a true contender. The D struggled a bit last night, but not until the 2nd half when they were obviously tired but they still kept the team in a position to tie or win the game. They do need a true #1 receiver. I still feel like they don’t commit to the run as much as they should, though, since it is their identity. It is a true strength with Beastmode Lynch averaging over 5 yards per carry, why not run on 3rd down more often?

  50. sluggo42 says:

    Our LB’s are very young, actually the whole team is very young. They will learn from these games, trust me.

    Next year we draft

    Stud WR
    Stud RT

    I thought somebody made a good point a while back that Tate catches with his body too much, and not with his hands as much. Getting a big stud WR next year (BOWE maybe?) will really help. Getting a big stud RT is deeply needed. Breno just isn’t the answer. We just saw what a good OLine can do…

  51. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    lol sluggo42

    radeon, you know in dallas they call monday over reaction mondays. you need to do what i did walk away relax decompress and come back next day to post. trust me you end up with a much better outlook. i enjoyed your posts last week for the most part but had to say i saw this one comming. if you feel the need to leave so be it. wish you the best.

  52. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    hawk 44 i have watched most of the game 2xs feel the same way. a few are going to blame the QB because that is easy

  53. I think Omayle is actually a very good pass blocking RT but not as good as a run blocker as Giacomini is. But Carroll wants a run-first offense so the personnel apparently will be geared towards that end.

  54. The route Rice ran that faked the safety to the outside which gave him the opening was perfect, that’s what I mean, not the catch.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    This line needs Moffitt back. Hopefully next week.

  56. I love the fact that people say the D struggled, I know that gore went off, but how many points did SF score, come on, this is all on the offense, reality check.

  57. rramstad says:

    Honestly, if we catch ONE of the dropped passes, we probably win, and if we catch ANY TWO of the dropped passes, we definitely win.

    I think that’s pretty obvious. Not only would it have led to more Seahawks points, putting pressure on Alex Smith to keep up, it would have kept our defense on the bench, so they’d be rested and less likely to give up big running plays in the 4th quarter.

    We lost the special teams battle somewhat — I say somewhat because the long punt returns were a little bit negated by the long field goal, but we should have made two long field goals, the missed FG was problematic — but the defense had issues because the offense couldn’t sustain drives, and the offense couldn’t sustain drives because of some of the drops (the other drops would have made FGs into TDs).

    It all comes back to the drops.

    I did think they did a great job of minimizing penalties.

    It’s a classic young team deal. Every week it seems like something different is a problem. They go for six weeks with only two drops, and then have five or six in one game. They have a game with 12 penalties, and follow that with a game with 2. (Don’t have the stats in front of me, but it’s something like that.) If we play our game and don’t make dumb mistakes, we win.

  58. With this brand of Pete Carroll/NFC West ball, an offense is successful not only by scoring points but by limiting the other offense’s possessions with long drives.

    Holding a team to 13 points is great (as Duke pointed out last night, the 49ers score far more if their QB play was any good), but not getting off the field lowers the number of possessions your offense has the ball and the possible number of points it can score.

  59. PugetHawk says:

    Isn’t Dwayne Bowe pretty similar to what Sidney Rice is? Why would we need two of the same type receiver? I don’t watch the Chiefs too much so I am not sure how they use him. I only see him on highlights.

  60. jchawks08 says:

    Free Jerry Sandusky RADEoN? Really? Nice.

  61. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    radeon i wil give you credit at least you will answer a question put to you acib wont even answer a question

  62. I think we’re failing to look at the bigger picture. One, we essentially have two back-ups starting on the o-line. McQ and Geno.

    Now Geno may (I repeat…MAY) become a good starter eventually but he needs to perfect his pass protect techniques. Especially his balance.

    McQ really is nothing more than a career backup. That’s not a bad thing to be, but it is definitely a talent dropoff from Moffit and always will be.

    So big picture, the problem with the offense (imo) related back to pass protection and receivers getting separation. Improve in those two areas and the rest will fall into place.

  63. Seriously, this is LITERALLY Aaron Curry: The Sequel. A player so terrible that he’s suffocating the team’s potential but the fanbase is too enamored with his personality to fairly criticize his poor play.

    REALLY People here were enamored with aaron Currys personality? PUH LEASE

  64. thursday says:

    I, for one, never had any delusions about Aaron Curry lol. rramstad is right, it’s a young team, we’re gonna have games like this until they figure everything out. This game to me was less disappointing and far less maddening than that Rams game where we lost to a seriously obvious fake play.

  65. “This game to me was less disappointing and far less maddening than that Rams game where we lost to a seriously obvious fake play.”

    Yeah, agree, that Rams game is going to haunt us if we come up short in the playoffs . . .

  66. MoSeahawk12 says:

    To notRad and acib from last night. If you watch football at all, at any level, but especially the pros, you would be able to rationally comment and understand that even with Joe Montana himself last night, those drops were game killers. Lynch was awesome last night, D played hard but wasn’t able to slow Gore much. The QB put the ball right on the receivers and collectively, they dropped the ball.

    Not sure why our tights ends were not involved last night. Don’t think Miller caught anything. The Moore experiment has to be over as he’s been on the team for about five weeks now and still not one catch and a huge drop.

    The team seemed out of sorts especially late in the game. Every series looked confused as if they were just throwing plays on the wall to see if anything worked. The game play calling has to be modified as for whatever reason we can run or pass but both rarely work in the same game. The play action pass should have been huge last night. Tight ends should have had 7-10 catches over the middle. Nope, not even close.

    This game had many areas of fail and yes, Wilson is part of that because he is part of the “team”. However to lay all this at his feet is ridiculous and non educated spew. I laughed after we beat the Patriots as both of the attacking, name calling posters said they had seen how good Wilson could be and they were fully ready to step up and tone down the attacks on Wilson. Those were the least convincing posts I’ve read.

    Be mad, bummed, disappointed the “team” lost. But try and move past the one hit wonder tirades after every game. Elevin guys line up on each side of the ball. All elevin have a say in winning or losing every game. Look up team and see if this makes sense.

  67. Pass protection really fell apart in the 2nd half – I give credit to SF for figuring it out – but really, more than anything, that was behind our lack of productivity in the pass game. Wilson almost never had any time to do anything in his 2nd half dropbacks.

    There are QB’s who could still have been productive in that scenario – he’s not there yet – but I’m still feeling like we got a steal getting him in the 3rd round.

  68. Losing a close game to the Niners in SF is no shame. They have a defense every bit as good as ours. Defenses like our will rarely ever lose a game at home.

    Our team is very young and I have nothing but optimism about how very good we will be soon.

    Fill these TWO HOLES, and the Seahawks will be among the best teams in the NFL:
    – a great Split End,
    – a fast TE who can catch,
    (I’d like to see improvement at RT too, but I suspect that McQuistan can move over and do the job once Moffit is healthy.)
    – This, plus a little more maturity for our young QB, and we will be a true contender.

  69. Depressing game. Too many mistakes to capitalize on a fine first half performance, and the offense came out and absolutely imploded in the second half.

    I have been ragging on Carrol and Bevel to open the offense up, but last night I was raging at them for throwing it on third and two, third and four. Why not let Lynch battle for it?! And my God, the WR’s/TE’s sucked! From McCoy whiffing on a block, to drops by Taterhead, Turbin, etc, to the mind-bogglingly stupid Pick Wilson chose to throw, it was a bad day for the offense for anyone not named Lynch.

    They are wearing Lynch out, but I felt they should have run more, and given Turbin more carries.

    The worst of it is, the Niners seemed to know what our WR’s were gonna do before they did it–which speaks to using too few routes/plays. Not gonna cut it.

    Lets face it, this is not an NFL offense. This would barely cut in in Division I football. And the Niners are a better coached, better disciplined, tougher football team. They handed Seattle their asses for real last night. Seattle has a fine defense, but it isnt as good as the NIners, I think thats been established, at least for now. I couldnt believe how many times they ran off G right with holes big enough to drive a bus through…sad D-line play.

    The Lions wont be as tough, but damn I wish we could operate a real offense consistently…

  70. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- The 49ers make Many NFL offenses look like they are not NFL offenses. That’s what the best Defense in the NFL can do.
    Despite that we still had a chance to win this game on the road.

    Not bad for a very young but talented team. Imo, this team will be better at the end of the year. Hopefully we can make the playoffs and take it from there. and run with it.

  71. STTBM – reading your post, I would have guessed the game was 35-0 last night, but the reality is that we barely lost to a very good team on their home turf in a game that they needed more than we did, all things considered. They didn’t hand Seattle their asses – they won the 2nd half, and won the game by one score. If Seattle’s receivers make some plays, this one could have easily gone the other way.

    @Stevos – – agree with all that. WR is the top priority in the draft next year; with TE, and O-line right beind. I don’t want to sign Bowe, I’d rather have a 1st round talent rookie.

  72. mojjonation says:

    0-3 division. 3-0 out of division in conference. I said this last week and after the Pats game that 0-3 in division hurts but it isn’t the end of the world. If all NFC West teams hold serve at home, then its a push and conference record kicks in. 3-0 against probable playoff teams. Since we seem to step up against QB’s regarded as upper tier, we should be set against Detroit and Stafford. 5-3 at the midpoint of this schedule is great. 4-4 is also acceptable.

  73. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    And if Wilson is not the answer, who do you think is? And give us some real concrete reasons why that someone else is better.”

    Matt Flynn. 9 TDs, 1 INTs in his appearances in NFL games. He has prototypical size for the position (6’2″, 225), throws a very accurate ball, and has a very snappy quick release. Has proven ability to read defenses, make pre-snap adjustments, and read blitzes. Mobile. Identifies the open man consistently.

  74. Here’s the thing ACIB – – Wilson and Flynn went head-to-head in a training camp competition. Flynn had every chance to win the gig, in fact I firmly believe he came into the competition in the lead, and he didn’t win it. I was pretty sure he would too – but it didn’t happen. So, I guess you can say that Carroll/Schneider, and whoever else is in the decision-making chain, don’t know what they’re doing, and you’re entitled to that opinion. But they do seem to know how to take a team on the decline and turn it around into one of the up-and-coming teams in the league, in a short timespan. So, why not give their decision-making some credit, esp when we’re still sitting at 4-3, and have not lost a game by more than one score? It’s not like you (or me) know that Flynn is a great QB.

  75. GeorgiaHawk says:

    AaronCurryIsBUST- I was hopeing that Flynn’s numbers with Green Bay would carry over in practice and preseason games with the Seahawks, however I didn’t see anything close to the Matt Flynn that was with Green Bay.
    You can’t blame Wilson for taking advantage of his opportunities Can You?
    I don’t think Flynn is as bad as he looked in pre-season with the Seahawks or as good as he looked in two games with the Packers. But don’t you think that if he was really that good other teams would have been dying to sign him?

  76. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I really like Flynn just as much as Wilson, however some of the posters here didn’t even want to give this kid a chance to compete for the starting job. Even after Wilson clearly out performed Flynn in the pre-season games.

    So I took issue with that. The more I defended Wilson to have a chance to compete, the more I was shot down by the you know who crew.

    So I took it like a man. To bad some of the you know who crew didn’t. Lol. Even up to this day.

  77. thursday says:

    Ngl I was excited about the Flynn pickup in the offseason and didn’t expect Wilson to get the starting job, but you know, I tend to cede to the guys making the decisions who are PAID to make the decisions and have been doing it for years as a career. I’m pretty sure that they know a lot more than you and me sitting here armchair quarterbacking. Fans forget that way too much in the quest to be “right”.

  78. morleytr says:

    Please be objective. Wilson struggles to throw the ball on target when pressured. That was the difference in the two halves. And not every pass has to be a bomb. He took WAY too many shots down the field. It’s not compatible with a patient, Lynch-first offense. Wilson may turn out to be good, and dynamic, but Flynn fits what they claim to want to do on offense better. I’m not a hater…I just think that’s the truth.

  79. The Wilson critics should be calling for the heads of every more experienced player and coach who made a mistake, not just the kid. You literal prejudice based on age, height, whatever, has blinded you to everything but Wilson’s growing pains. Flynn MIGHT do better or he MIGHT do worse, we can only guess, not say definitively. Wilson is the QB, get over it.

  80. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I think Flynn did everything he’s needed to during training camp and learned the teams offense. When the preseason started he made some great throws on the money, but game one was kinda wasted due to the multiple TO drops. Not Flynn’s fault but it seemed to me after that he became very conservative on the rest of his throws. Of course he was going against the other teams number one defense for the bulk of his reps and that would play into it. The biggest thing I saw and I watched every preseason game, was that he always went for the safe play. He wouldn’t let it rip if the guy was even close to being covered. He made some nice throws, but the team really didn’t score and if I recall, they never scored a TD when he was in. Flynn seemed to play not to lose, rather than playing to win.

    Contrast to Wilson who came in and played against the number twos and threes and he had nothing to lose. I mean, a 3rd round rookie isn’t going to win the starting QB job against a solid free agent that had performed well in limited opportunities and was making like ten times what the rookie was making. The problem is, Wilson didn’t worry about any of that and worked hard and inserted himself in the offense.

    During games he played loose and flung the ball around. His chance to start against KC showed him making a lot of plays and the team responding by scoring a ton of points. Sure KC sucks, but compared to Flynn, Wilson played free and didn’t take the safe easy play. He played to win, rather than playing not to lose. There is a huge difference and anyone that has played sports can speak to this mentality. I think at the end of the day, Wilson’s style of play appealed to the aggressive nature in Coach Carrol.

    Of course Carrol has put a ton of restrictions on the offense and that has cost the team a couple of wins in my opinion. He said the offense would have the same restrictions if Flynn was starting. The good news, 4-3 after facing some of the best offenses in the NFL and also an ok showing against the #1 defense. This team has a solid chance to improve each week and finish 10-6. Good for a wild card and we’ll see how far they can go.

  81. LouieLouie says:

    Hey Morleytr: The running game coupled with a mobile QB who can throw the ball downfield is what Carroll said he wanted when he first came to Seattle. And Wilson throws a beautiful long pass. Those completions against the Pats were things of beauty.

    Every one of those dropped passes in SF were perfect passes, thrown exactly where they needed to be thrown. They bounced off the receiver’s hands every time. The only other thing RW could have done would have been to run down the field and catch the ball for them.

    RW didn’t have a very good second half, but the kid is still a rookie. I really like watching him develop. How many QB’s in the league win that game against New England? I’ll answer that question: not very many. This guy is going to be the best QB in Seahawk history.

  82. Ewalters7354 says:

    It just is what it is…Bash the Golden Boy and you attacked.I and a lot of posters don’t mind calling out poor performances.Hell some even called out Lynch during his terrible play.So the fact remains that while watching the games in live action our QB has yet to deliver a complete game.All those great thows resulted in no TDs so it’s hard to give a guy credit based on what wasn’t.

  83. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “So the fact remains that while watching the games in live action our QB has yet to deliver a complete game.”

    Ewalters7354- You help me make my point so easy.

    Define complete game? Does that mean perfect game to you? 25 of 25 500 yards and 10 tds? Is that the standard that you and the you know who crew hold Wilson to.

    I don’t know what complete is, however his game against New England was as good of a game that arguably any qb has had this year in the NFL. And he capped it off with a last minute comeback TD to boot.

    He has two come from behind wins, ( most in NFL history for a rookie ), and he hasn’t played half way through the season yet.

    Now I have given you a good argument to counter your statement that Wilson has yet to have a complete game. Is that also considered,( by you ) an attack by me to you?

  84. montanamike2 says:

    I’m not worried about the future of this team. When RW gets a year under his belt and we draft a RT, WR and shore up a couple places we will be able to win consistantly. For a rookie QB he’s building an impressive resume. We have ten days and soon a bye, i bet our o-line gets better immediately with Moffitt back and there’s enough time for Carp and Moff to gel. We do need to draft a RT though. Brenos getting better with his false starts but he’s not cutting it on pass pro. A short week with a very good team that is a couple years ahead of us both in experience and a better o-line. We hung in there at their house but didn’t perform up to par. Let’s see how the second half of the season plays out.

  85. GeorgiaHawk says:

    montanamike2- I’m not worried either. With 10 days off and a by week ahead I have a good feeling about this team moving forward. Especially now that on paper we made it through the hardest part our schedule at 4-3.
    It’s not how you start, ( ask the Giants ), it’s how you finish, so we will see.

  86. montanamike2 says:

    A lot of superbowl winners started out slow or just outright bad.

  87. morleytr says:

    There’s really no need to be defensive. Wilson has had stretches where he’s played well. He throws a good deep ball. One of my main criticisms is he does it too much. Whenever he is out of the pocket he defaults to winging it downfield, coverage or not. Sure, it may be accurate, but it’s often into a crowd. He needs to see more of the field, look for shorter outlets. Maybe the receivers are stopping, I don’t know. Maybe he just needs more experience. But it’s maddening when he throws 30 yard passes on 3rd and 2. You don’t have to score on every play. So maybe Pete wants mobile to complement Lynch, fine. Or maybe it’s Bevell. Or, maybe Russell just needs to make better decisions on what to do with the ball once he is running.

    And you cannot argue that he is NOT good in the pocket, under pressure.

    I like the guy, he has flashes of brilliance, but I don’t think they are as frequent as some of you seem to. And that is fine. It’s my opinion, and my opinion has no bearing on what Pete does. As a fan, though, I have the right to call it as I see it. And, no, I don’t own a #15 Flynn jersey :)

  88. LouieLouie says:

    That’s what is so great about venues like this: everyone can voice their opinion. It’s what being a sports fan is all about. I can remember a few short years ago that EVERYONE commenting complained about how bad the Seahawks were. I like this discussion much better.

    Just like Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks are going to keep getting better.

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