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Niners 13, Seahawks 6: Postgame pouting party

Post by Ryan Divish on Oct. 18, 2012 at 8:33 pm with 291 Comments »
October 18, 2012 8:44 pm
No, he didn't catch this pass .... (AP photo)

Well, the game was physical, as expected. The game was low-scoring, as expected. The outcome was … well not as expected for most of you on here.

Admittedly it was kind of a letdown to see that kind of showing in the second half.

Let’s get to some questions and try to keep it civil

1. What aspect did you find most frustrating about tonight’s loss?

2. Against my better judgment ….  How much can the quarterback be blamed for this loss?

3. Based on what you saw tonight in all phases, has your opinion of what this team can or will be this season changed?

4. How much of what you saw tonight – Frank Gore, third down conversions – concerns you about the Seahawks’ defense?

5. In the search for positives, can you find any in tonight’s loss?

Bonus question: Is it possible to dislike Jim Harbaugh any more after tonight?

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  1. sluggo42 says:

    The drops cost us the game, they totally changed the momentum. We were rocking their world, then suddenly out of nowhere the drops started. RW was absolutley tearing them a new rear end, Beast ran well, and then we dropped another one. NOBODY can win will all those drive killing drops

  2. 1. Dropped passes obviously, and also the inability of the front 7 to do anything really, Wagner and Wright had a few plays here and there, but no real pressure and no stopping Frank Gore, credit to the 9ers tough, but I still expected more.

    2. He should be blamed, didn’t do anything in the 2nd half, but he was on point at the beginning but his receivers let him down.

    3. No, I felt like we could’ve beaten them, aside from their o-line handling our front 7 today, we are as good or better in most other positions, 0-3 in division spells no playoffs though, I though we’d end up 8-8 or 9-7, still looks like that to me.

    4. Yes, I said it last week, all season actually, we are just god awful on 3rd down and medium/long, both on offense and defense.

    5. I still think Harbaugh is a total dick… Oh, and Lynch is a monster, him getting paid meant nothing regarding his play.

  3. Any coach that starts Golden Tate deserves what they get.

  4. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    33% completion percentage. TWO completed passes in the second half.


  5. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Wilson was on target all game until that horrible triple covered INT in the 3rd quarter. Anyone that wants to blame him for this loss has never played a second of football at any level. The receivers killed us all night. Goldens drop on 3rd and two was the difference between a score and a loss. The dude’s head was not in the game and Edwards should be starting, even though he dropped a tough TD catch early. Golden is rusted.

  6. sluggo42 says:

    Tate is no Welker

  7. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    agreed tate needs to sit again get baldwin back in

  8. yakimahawk says:

    1. Dropped Balls and horrible run D seens like we were tired 2. Almost none those 6 drops could have been 2-3 scores…Our o-line needs to grow and Flynn would have sacked 10 times. 3.Nope 9-7 or 10-6 this team was just better than we were tonight. Quick traps killed us when our lbackers were playing to far back and not hitting gaps. KJ Wright has played 2 forgettable games in a row. 5. For sure we are way better than we were last year at this time but we are young. This was a good test and I will say again if our receivers held on to th balls (6 drops) we could have won our D was on the field to much PLAYERS need to execute Bevell called a good game but no execution.

  9. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    1. What aspect did you find most frustrating about tonight’s loss?
    Having one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL who is too short to be a good starter.

    2. Against my better judgment …. How much can the quarterback be blamed for this loss?

    A lot. Too bad the local media is too soft to call RW3andOut out for his horribleness/

    3. Based on what you saw tonight in all phases, has your opinion of what this team can or will be this season changed?

    Yes, we are literally choked on offense to accommodate a midget who is TOO SHORT to be a good QB, he can only look good against the WORST secondary in the NFL.

    4. How much of what you saw tonight – Frank Gore, third down conversions – concerns you about the Seahawks’ defense?

    DON’T BLAME THE DEFENSE! They got tired because our awful quarterback kept them on the field all game against a strong rushing offense.

    5. In the search for positives, can you find any in tonight’s loss?
    Hopefully Wilson might get benched for Flynn?! Rational fans can dream.

  10. Oh yeah, kudos to our two corners, their receivers didn’t stand a chance against Browner and Sherm, those guys are legit. Those dudes and Lynch are the bright spots.

  11. MoSeahawk12 says:

    ACIB how convenient you show this week. Didn’t see you last week at all. Sad and weak and predicKable. and not the Seahawks!!

  12. jandyhenson says:

    Drops, drops drops. That’s why we lost. Couldnt get 1st downs defense got tired. RW did his job. Defense still playing tough in the red zone. 2 nd half of the season is easier and the rest of our divisional games are at home. 11-5 is still likely if we win out at home.

  13. DanielleMND says:

    1. What aspect did you find most frustrating about tonight’s loss?

    All the big drops and the epic collapse of our run defense.

    2. Against my better judgment …. How much can the quarterback be blamed for this loss?

    He deserves some of the blame, but the players around him need to step up for their rookie QB. It doesn’t matter who your QB is. You can’t drop so many passes against a tough defense and hope to make them up.

    3. Based on what you say tonight, has your opinion of what this team can or will be this season changed?

    Somewhat. 5-2 and 4-3 at this point isn’t a big gap between these two teams, but 0-3 in the division could come back to bite us at the end of the season.

    4. How much of what you saw tonight – Frank Gore, third down conversions – concerns you about the Seahawks’ defense?

    Just how our supposedly tough defense got manhandled tonight in the running game.

    5. In the search for positives, can you find any in tonight’s loss?

    We held the 49ers to a single TD.

  14. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Irrational D Bags that have ZERO clue.

  15. thursday says:

    lol most appropriate title ever.

    1.the dropped passes easily, but there were other costly mistakes as well.

    2.not so much, hard to stay confident when your receivers got the droppsies

    3.not really. i just don’t think they were as sharp tonight, for whatever reason, short week, road game, etc. at least they cut down on the penalties…for awhile.

    4.let’s be real, they still beat the crap out of gore, but yeah those 3rd and long conversions and the long plays hurt, no doubt. it doesn’t concern me a ton yet, just because of the circumstances of this game.

    5.positives, we were cutting down on the penalties, what was it a full quarter without one? lol. lynch was doing well, honestly i think we pick up a few of those dropped passes and we win that game. i don’t think we played horribly, just a couple big mistakes killed us.

  16. yakimahawk says:

    33% completion percentage. TWO completed passes in the second half.

    ACIB was a soccer player. Dude you must be kidding. Those 6 drops were 10-14 points. Flynn would have been murdered

  17. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ACIB you are a troll .

  18. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The Browns need a mascot, ACIB is ready for the interview.

  19. sluggo42 says:

    Squaakkk RW sucks and Flynn is Great squawwkk I’m an idiot

  20. OregonHawk says:

    Dropped balls
    3rd down both sides
    Run defense
    scramble drill

  21. Nice to see ACIB back, where were you and your insightful comments last week, weird how fast you are today.

  22. VNHLNFAN says:

    flat and unfocused this ones on pete.

  23. MoSeahawk12 says:

    thank you Yakimahawk. ICIB is the tattoo that he spent a lot of money on. He could have had Cushing!!

  24. Could you imagine beast mode running behind those pulling schemes? He would be tops in the league easy. Our O line is really not that good. There IS more than being able to run block. These guys can’t form a pocket. Unger and Moffitt are the only linemen able to pull. You’d think our coaches would put a TE behind RG/RT, but when you only have a handful of running formations its just hard headed thinking that holds you back. This team is loaded with talent but they sure don’t use it.

  25. 1. What aspect did you find most frustrating about tonight’s loss?

    We lost.

    2. Against my better judgment …. How much can the quarterback be blamed for this loss?

    Wilson’s throw into triple coverage was just plain stupid. I love that kid, but he needed to look right. He certainly shoulders some of the blame, but the D does as well.

    3. Based on what you say tonight, has your opinion of what this team can or will be this season changed?

    I feel like we’re going to make the playoffs, but probably won’t win the division.

    4. How much of what you saw tonight – Frank Gore, third down conversions – concerns you about the Seahawks’ defense?

    Frank Gore is a monster, so I take that into consideration. Definitely need to dial-up the pressure.

    5. In the search for positives, can you find any in tonight’s loss?

    The O-line did a decent job of protecting Wilson, considering the opposition. We got some decent pressure on Smith, but certainly not enough.

    All that said, GO SEAHAWKS. This isn’t anywhere NEAR over yet.

  26. Ewalters7354 says:

    I agree you can’t blame the D entirely, but Mebane and Brach got absolutely man handled this game.We can credit dropped passes but that still doesn’t justify only completing 2 pass in the second half.This team is gonna have games like this being so young.

  27. Any NFL defense is responsible for itself – I have NEVER bought into the idea they were on the field too long and got tired – all they have to do is get a stop and they are off the field. Baltimore has been doing it for years with a sub – par offense. if we want to be elite – which IMO we are not yet there – then when we force 3rd and long we need to get off the field like 90-95% of the time, all game every game.

    I still wish we would have traded our #1 for Wallace when he held out.

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think DanielleMND said it best.

    I think ASSBYT or whatever you call it said it worsed.

  29. DanielleMND says:

    “flat and unfocused this ones on pete.”

    What, Pete not only has to coach, he has to catch passes and tackle Frank Gore, too?

  30. I’m not sure why people are so in love with Wilson. Real talk: any other teams fans would be calling for a switch at coach or quarterback.

    Wilson looks like he loses any and all composure when pressure is anywhere near. I cannot believe he missed a wide open Rice… Rice looks like he’s ready for a change in QB. Single digit completions??? 120 yards? Come on! The drops were there, but I expected more from the team.

    Tate looks like he’s about had it. I think Butler should have filled his spot on the roster.

    Marshawn is god. Tremendous effort on every snap from him.

    0-3 in the division, aka Wilson can’t command the team to victory on the road against quality teams, aka anyone better than the Rams.

    I do not see any improvements over the offense since 09. They’re inept at best, the only difference is, when its hasselbeck, he’s old and over the hill, but when its Wilson, its everyone but him. Hint, the line is giving Wilson time, as is the running game.

    Play action should be there on literally almost every down, marshawn (and the line) are THAT good. How is marshawn doing this well with such a paltry running game? Trade him to the packers or patriots where he can actually lead a team to a ring, and hell, trade defenses with one of those teams so they can work hard and be contenders. Hate seeing all the effort go to waste.

    On another note, maybe the team in the 2nd half, started shutting it down because they want a change at QB? Seeing Tate quit etc… Makes me wonder.

    Seeing rice launch that mouthpiece makes me think he at least wants a change.

  31. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    -Marshawn Lynch had over 100 rushing yards against an elite defense.
    -Our elite defense let them score only a single touchdown the ENTIRE game.
    -Our scoring defense (PPG average) LITERALLY fell tonight even though it was already top 2 in the NFL behind the Chicago Bears (who were on bye week)


    But NOOOOO hurr durr ACIB ur such a troll derppp

    My goodness are you people intentionally putting the blinders on? Even if the dropped passes were completed he would BARELY be cracking 50% completion. He is TOO SHORT to be a pocket passer!!!

  32. qsea10000 says:


  33. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    How DARE you guys blame the defense! How DARE you!!! We held them TO ONLY 13 POINTS AND A SINGLE TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!

    This is like 1992 all over again.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I thought the Seahawks would be doing good at 4-4 at the half. They still have a shot at 5-3.

    Unfortunately we will hear from the same old Wilson haters for the next ten days or more.

  35. I think its hilarious how anyone who isn’t on the Wilson bandwagon is a “troll”. I wasn’t joking when I was encouraged by Wilson, but this set it in stone. Seneca Wallace 2.0.

    ACIB is 100 percent right, he’s intelligent. He predicted Curry would be a bust by like week 6 in his rookie season, and he was right.

  36. shoehawks says:

    1. The dropped passes, of course.
    2. You can’t put this one on Russell Wilson. Can Tom Brady or Drew Brees win a game if their receivers don’t catch balls that hit them in the hands/chest? Russell through one awful ball. It would have been a win if 2 of those 6 drops had been caught.
    3. No. This team can still go places. They are SO much better than last year; and they have a legitimate quarterback. Catch a few balls and they are in the playoffs. The Giants are proof that all you have to do is get there while playing your best ball and anything can happen.
    4. The way the defense got manhandled in the second half is concerning; but the 49ers are a very good team, and it didn’t result in very many points. The defense is fine; and they are getting better.
    5. Positives? Well, I think they were two dropped passes away from winning this one on the road. The Seahawks are definitely one of the better teams in the league right now. How many years would I died to be able to say that?

    Bonus Question: No…it is NOT possible to like Harbaugh any less.

  37. GeorgiaHawk, instead of acting like a crybaby, why not think outside the Carroll box for just a moment. Is the team in the bottom 5 in passing? Is the team a real 3-4 (GB@SEA was a loss) because Wilson is elite?

    Why are RG3, Luck, Weeden, and Tannehill all doing so much better statistically? If this team had that QB play, we’d be thinking 1st seed in the playoffs, this is a bottom 10 team.

  38. AaronCurryIsBUST says:


    I swear, sometimes the inhabitants of this blog literally call out ANYONE who doesn’t have a blindingly optimistic sunshine view of the team as a troll.

    I contend the people who insist on absolving the blame of everyone except where it’s most obvious are the real trolls. This SAME stuff happened to Aaron Curry “Oh it’s the coaching staff’s fault, oh he has to think too much, yadda yadda”

  39. 1. What aspect did you find most frustrating about tonight’s loss?

    The offense. Was the problem Bevell or Wilson?

    2. Against my better judgment …. How much can the quarterback be blamed for this loss?

    IMO, Wilson is going to be very good (maybe even great) SOMEDAY. If the Hawks wanted to seriously contend THIS YEAR, Flynn should have been QB from day 1.

    Re tonight, see my answer to #1.

    3. Based on what you saw tonight in all phases, has your opinion of what this team can or will be this season changed?

    A little. I got overly optimistic Sunday & this brought me back down to reality. This should be a really good team by 2014.

    4. How much of what you saw tonight – Frank Gore, third down conversions – concerns you about the Seahawks’ defense?

    Is Gore ever going to retire? Seems like he has been a Seahawks killer for longer than the 54 years I’ve been alive!

    5. In the search for positives, can you find any in tonight’s loss?

    The score wasn’t a blow out. Lynch looked very good at times.

    Bonus question: Is it possible to dislike Jim Harbaugh any more after tonight?

    Is it possible for the camera to show Harbaugh any more than it did & still actually show the game?

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I say let these dip $hitts have their foolish say for the next week or two.
    Eventually like crap on a sidewalk they will go away.

    I like others, like what the Seahawks are now and like what they will be in the future.

  41. CDHawkFan says:

    I said it a few weeks ago, we get no production from our LB in 3rd down, seems like they drop back 12 yards when its 3rd and 8. Sure they make the tackle, but not soon enough, would like to see more blitzing and less zone.

    Front 4 didn’t do too much tonight.

    I thought Wilson played well tonight, a mistake or two, but they were in position to win against one of the top ranked teams on the road, just a few catches away from changing the game.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN- RG111 is the only rookie qb with a better qb rating than Wilson.
    None of the rookie qbs teams have a better record than Wilsons.

    And none of the other rookie qb teams have played a harder schedule than Wilsons team.

    Perhaps you would be taken as a more knowledgable poster here if you would look at the whole picture instead of looking at things like a troll ,( aciab )!

  43. sluggo42 says:

    Let’s see, we played the #1 defense in the league, and without the drops, we would have won. But we lost the “mo”, at an away game, and the trolls come out screaming for flynn. Who would have thought?
    So anyways trolls, scream away, nobody listens to you anymore. Coach is NOT going to change out the QB, so deal with it. I wish this site had “ignore” capabilities…

  44. bbnate420 says:

    I have said it before and will say it again, although it’s hard to follow my own advice on the matter. ACIB is analogous to a rectal itch, best to ignore it and hope it goes away!!!!!!!!!! RADEoN is practically the same unless the Seahawks win every week.

  45. PugetHawk says:

    Their ability to get to the second level and block our linebackers in the first and third quarters set the tone for the halves. I thought heading into the half we had solved the problem but the 3rd quarter was back to how it was to start the game. The front four had success when they were pinched down and the front four absorbed the front five.

    McQuistan and Tate are back-ups at best. I didn’t get on the Tate bandwagon after the Packer or Panther game.

    Where was Miller and Baldwin? I know Baldwin caught a couple passes but he was the best receiver last year and is far better than his production shows.

    Wilson, not his best game but also to be successful against this defense he needs better blocking from the right side of the line and better hands and separation from the receivers. Flynn would have been crushed tonight.

    Our corners were absolutely dominant. I would say our secondary instead of corners but I didn’t see Kam make a play at all tonight. That’s the first time I have been able to say that since his first few starts.

    Overall, I thought both defenses looked worn from the short week and think the game in Seattle will show that we can shut down Gore.

  46. thursday says:

    lulz, y’all should seriously ignore those two. no point in engaging such a huge lack of logic and childish baiting. checking out the stats of that game, everything was still very close. if the drops hadn’t happened, it would have made up yards, completion ratio and likely the score. it was a close game, you don’t make mistakes like that and win a close game. period.

  47. CDHawkFan says:

    Didn’t the game end in a push? I bet a lot of people hate Harbaugh even more for not taking the safety.

  48. thursday says:

    also the seahawks twitter said baldwin went out with an ankle injury and did not return.

  49. Bummer, thought they would be better in the second half, not worse. Didn’t expect a win but was excited to see them ahead at half. This team has still been in every game to the last play and has a chance to beat anyone. Let’s hope they can get a win in Detroit.

  50. sluggo42 says:

    CD, now there is an interesting topic. Discussing why we have such a hard time stopping 3rd downs, LB placement and responsibilities, gap assignment, blitzes and such. That is a great topic!

    But I would rather talk about howcrappy our QB is, and that we should be playing Matt Flynn!!

  51. In the chat this week, I tried to ask 2 questions (no one but me saw them- I guess they were deemed bad or dumb questions by Eric): 1) would Smith kil us with his feet? 2) why did we pay unger so much for a crappy job?

    Well, I’m happy neither were glaring in this game.

    Now I’m more concerned about our suspect run defense and Mebane in particular. Is their center that good that he shut Mebane down? Or was he and most of the receivers just off today? I mean if anyone could look at us vs. Green Bay in the 2nd half, you would realize our run defense can dry up in huge spans.

    Re: Wilson, I would say he’s still growing and we’re now al on for the ride until we have a losing record. Even then, Flynn might be riding the pine.

    I wish we still had Butler. He surely would have caught some of those drops.

  52. bbnate420 says:

    Drops were absolute killers. Nothing enlightening there. Taterhead was just terrible all around. Drops and his phantom block on the Obo bubble screen. Not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but he must do better the next couple of weeks or ride the pine. WR is still the NUMBER ONE off-season priority. Fact is, a lot of the team played poorly and they still only lost by 7 to one of the best teams in the league on the road. Just chill. Not sure why everyone thinks the playoffs are out of the question. Division, probably. We are 4-3, the second half of the schedule should be much more favorable, and this is a young team that should improve throughout the year. I think 10-6 is still very possible, which would give us a good shot at the playoffs. Making the playoffs would be a huge success for this team, if you actually judge them by logical criterion. Anyone that EXPECTED a division title starting a rookie QB had unrealistic expectations. You can only blame yourself for the disappointment.

  53. chrisj122 says:

    You can NOT put this on the D at all!

    When your defense holds a team to 12 points and you still lose.
    When your offense only scores 6 points, your gonna lose.

    I don’t care how many yrds Gore ran for. They still only had 12 points!

    This lose it ALL on the offense! You have to get a TD, just 1 TD!
    is that expecting too much!????

  54. Just a quick news flash, YOU ARE, BY AND LARGE, MORONS. Ban me from this blog if you must, but it needed to be said. The #1 defense is the one that got straight up obliterated by the Giants just 4 days ago. People in Pittsburgh (where I live), are texting me asking:

    “Why is Carroll starting Wilson over Flynn?”

    Sign Matt Flynn to huge deal and start the rookie?

    Shit the bed they did there. Tell them to watch Wilson play n look at his stats. Lynch is a beast tho

    wow #3 looks horrid, why is he even starting?

    I guess Seattle local sports fans are satisfied with


    Guess what? The teams that are the laughing stocks of the NFL (Browns, Raiders, Chiefs, etc) ALL HAVE “PROMISING PLAYERS” AND PLAYOFF HOPES. AND IDIOTS THAT POST ON THEIR TEAMS RESPECTIVE BLOGS IN COMPLETE LOSER DENIAL.

    If you disagree with this, you are dead wrong, and a bad idiot.

    QB Rating is ESPN’s Made for TV stat.

    “The goal behind any player rating should be determining how much a player contributes to a win,” wrote QBR’s Dr. Frankenstein, ESPN Director of Analytics Dean Oliver. QBR “is a statistical measure that incorporates the contexts and details of [a quarterback’s] throws and what they mean for wins,” Oliver added.


    Well, in 2008 Orlovsky QBRed the Lions to 10 losses in 10 games as Detroit became the first team in history to finish 0-16. Thigpen was only a little better, QBRing the Chiefs to only one win in the 14 games in which he participated.

    Roethlisberger QBRed Pittsburgh to 12 regular-season wins, two more wins over San Diego and Baltimore in the AFC playoffs, and concluded the season with a majestic two-minute, 78-yard, fourth-quarter scoring drive capped by a perfect TD toss to secure a Super Bowl win over the Cardinals. Cold, Hard Football Facts named that effort the third-best drive in Super Bowl history.

    But according to ESPN’s QBR, in 2008, both Orlovsky (51.1 QBR) and Thigpen (50.8 QBR) contributed more to winning NFL games than Super Bowl hero Roethlisberger (46.4 QBR).

    You really cannot be this stupid… It’s the most frustrating thing in the world.

  55. CDHawkFan says:

    BTW, Alex Smith sucks, would rather have RW and his upside and youth than Smith who should be much better considering his experience. Does that guy scare anyone in anything he does?

    He is worse than Dilfer and their D is not as stout as the old Ravens D.

  56. chrisj122 says:

    Don’t post anything about our D not stopping Gore or getting to the QB or giving up too many 3rd downs!
    that is B.S.!!!!!!
    They gave up a whopping 12 points! Just 12 points!

    What our D should have scored more points?!!!

    D did their job, period!

  57. sluggo42 says:

    Then just go away clown

  58. 1. The drops were the most frustrating. Also, has anyone else noticed, when we play a really solid first half we don’t seem to anticipate the other teams first half adjustments? It seems like we just stick with the exact same plan assuming they will do the same or something.

    2. RW definitely could have played better. That being said, there were at least 3-4 drives absolutely killed with drops. I support him myself and while I personally would have preferred Flynn to start the season, at this point they are not going to make a change. If you have a rookie QB playing at a decent level, you are preparing for not only this season but the future. Next year he is a year further along than he would have been otherwise.

    3. Na, my opinion hasn’t changed. I think we have a great shot at winning each of the next four games.

    4. I just think we need a change in philosophy on third down. Giving up third down and longs at the clip we have been is just unacceptable. It may be execution but when I see a pattern like this I have to think there is more to it than that.

    5. We ran the ball very effectively, the pass D was great, really, without two to three of the drops this game is completely different. I really don’t think it’s all that bad losing to a top 5 team on the road by a TD.

  59. 15/20 300 yds, 2 picks:

    Passer rating with 1 TD: 93.75

    2 TD: 110.41

    3 TD: 116.66

    4 TD: 116.66

    12 TD: 116.66

    5 TD’s, 5 INTS: 116.66.

    1 TD, 5 INTS: 93.75

    2 TD, 5 INTS: 110.41

    how exactly is this pathetic rating system a measurement of success?

  60. Seahawks2620 says:

    All of You guys who are trying to look at the bright side with the “we played against the number one defense and almost won” crap, that’s good and all but moral victories don’t count in this league. These games are the difference between winning the division and not. You absolutely cannot let games like these slip away. And I really don’t want to hear the whining about lack of respect from the media, because you have to win these big games consistently to get it.

  61. sluggo42 says:

    “D” was really good. 6 crucial drops, all Wilsons fault obviously. Turbins, a TD. Obo actually catches a ball, but falls down with a wide open field.

    Damn that rookie Wilson anyways!

    A troll dressed as a clown… Like on the movie Spawn..hahahaha


    Seriously dude, are you like 17?

  63. RAD you sound like a drunkin maniac. Chill out a bit. RW hater or lover, we have to accept where we are in this season. With a winning record. You’ll find any coach hard pressed to sit a winning QB.

    Lots of people don’t agree with the decisions of this front office but we’ve got the best team and record we’ve had in years. No need to call us Seahawk optimists idiots for hoping our front office and coaching can cntinue to serve our record well. And if they decide RW is it, then I’m all in.

  64. bbnate420 says:

    That’s HILARIOUS. You call most of us idiots, but you don’t even know the difference BETWEEN QB RATING AND QBR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re NOT the same thing, you EFFING IDIOT! QBR is horsespit, IMO, but it’s not the same as QB RATING. Surprising a genius such as yourself doesn’t know the difference.

    Where did you get those records? Oh, the same place you get all of your ideas. Straight out of your stank cornhole. Do us a favor, go back down to your mommy’s basement and burn your computer.

  65. RADEoN, you are anything but rational. Granted, I see a lot of the points you make, but all you have done is beat a dead horse in to the ground for the entire season. It’s really getting old. Whether you like it or not, they are absolutely not going to pull RW at any point this season. He has done enough as a rookie to earn the time. If you want to throw out last weeks game fine, you can go ahead and throw out this one as well. You can’t have it both ways.

    You wanted to talk all week about how he did it against a bottom 5 pass D. But don’t want to bring it up against a top 5 pass D. (I think that’s where they are rated after this one.)

    As I mentioned earlier, at the start of the season, I would have gone with Flynn, not sure how much health played a role in it, but at this point, you aren’t pulling a rookie QB. Not after a game like this, 5 drops given the importance of the ones that were dropped make those stats look way way different.

  66. chrisj122 says:

    I’m done with the QB debate and I have accepted RW as our starter, not that I agree but its done.

    Having said that you have to be real about RW.
    True he didn’t get much help from his receivers but if you look at it honestly his performance was horrid.

    He missed reads, open recievers, threw bad passes into double or triple coverage at times. RW couldn’t see the entire field, his height is an obvious issue.

    I don’t put the blame on 1 offensive player but Wilson played just as bad as anyone else.

  67. bbnate420 says:

    Again, MORoN, QBR and QB rating ARE NOT the same! I still don’t buy your numbers regardless of which system you use. I wouldn’t trust you to come up with the correct sum of 2 plus 2.

  68. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    I try to have a reasonable conversation, and get called a troll by people that are legit _CLUELESS_.

    The teams offense is in the bottom 2 in every category except rushing yards. 16 ppg, 293 ypg, and 161 pypg.

    I’m legit sober as a priest.

    The team is winning at home, and losing on the road. Wilson had definitely cost us the games @STL, @ARI, and now @SF. At absolute best, this team goes 3-3 in the division, but I think 2-4 is more realistic. Suh and Van Den Bosch are going to be in Wilson’s head almost immediately next Sunday, and it’s gonna be rough. They’ll then beat the Vikings, and people will be all about Wilson again.

    Losing on the road has been the bane of this team for the better part of a decade now, and there’s no end in sight.

  69. ChrisJJ – unfortunately, the way that PC has designed this team the defense has to get themselves off the field as quickly as possible.

    This offense, as currently designed, will not always have long sustained drives so they need as many opportunities as possible to get points on the board

    They don’t have a choice – and as many have said for this team to win the defense will have to be near perfect and they just aren’t quite to the point where they can do that all the time.

    I love them but they still need to get off the field on 3rd and long at a higher rate. They still need to create more of a consistent pass rush with the front 4. are they bad no – do they need to improve yes.

    they are going to have to force teams to not be able to do what they want to do but what we want them to do, if they don’t this team won’t be able to function as currently put together.

  70. I’m very disappointed in this game, because it seemed with a little more effort we could have routed them early. We moved well in all phases of the game early on, but we needed to make at least three catches – Turbin’s, new tight end’s, and Tate’s.

    As for the run defense, SF had a really good blocking scheme and they were fast to their blocks. The only thing that really impressed me about Gore was that he was so quick to the hole. Because everybody was blocked. You could have walked through with a baby stroller. If you froze the screen, it would be like a coach’s diagram. I don’t like the way our defense broke down in the third quarter. But I still give them credit for heart and Browner’s interception and Red’s run down of Kaepernick.

    Defensively, I don’t like the short dump offs over the middle that get 8-10 yards, and I wonder why we don’t do that kind of thing on offense. On the other hand, maybe it has something to do with pass protection. We did not hurt or hurry Alex Smith in any way. And our pass pro broke down too often.

    I’m surprised that there should be any question about Russell Wilson. He was a consummate leader and a good QB throughout the game. I’m not going to fault him for the late game interception. His arm was hit. We don’t know what the coverage would have looked like on a clean thrown ball.

    [By the way, I suggest the TNT invest in some kind of comment-blocking software, as Facebook has. There are a lot of fans commenting, and I don't feel like having to deal with screamers and ranters. Maybe it's already on the site. If so, someone please enlighten me.]

    Marshawn was beyond awesome (with the exception of his drop). End of the day, if we have to “blame” any part of the team for the loss, I think it lies primarily with the pass droppers, though I’ll give Turbin a pass for rookie nerves. It’s not looking like that tight end from Cleveland was a good investment. And it’s discouraging to see Tate moving backwards. He needs to be a leader. I also have to fault our offensive and defensive lines. We lost the battle in the trenches.

    With all that said, I’m still confident of a winning season and perhaps 10-6. If we caught two of those drops, we might have routed them.

    Finally, I watched both Harbaugh and Carroll after the game, and I wouldn’t trade coaches. Carroll in defeat was clear cut, open, and doing his job to communicate. Harbaugh was an android, and a very poorly programmed one at that.

  71. CDHawkFan says:

    Radeon, so what you are saying is that you and your friends know more than PC, the front office, scouts, coaches who all probably have over 200 years of combined NFL experience and who’s jobs are on the line with their decisions? I would be curious to know why you feel you know more than the likes of PC, JS, and Cable. Actually, you could even extend that to the entire NFL as they all could have signed Flynn and move him into the starting role.

    Again, what makes you the expert, why should we listen to you?

    You can take a shot at me for being blunt, but in the end that would come across as childish as I think the question above is a fair question when you start accusing people of being morons.

  72. Other than the dropped passes, it was a well played game by both teams. Hard not to feel like we let an opportunity slip away, but bear in mind we are a very, very young team.

    I was especially please to see that even with all the “chippiness”, the officials pretty much let the teams play. It made for an entertaining, if not a bit frustrating, game.

    I don’t think there’s a lot more that RW could do. Even the INT was not a terrible throw. As a QB many times you have to throw, trusting your receiver will break free or be able to go up and get it. Edwards was covered tightly but I also thought he gave up just a tiny bit on it.

    I think if we’d played a little more max protect we might have seen a little more success in the passing game. But again, they have a tough, tough defense. Chalk this one up to experience, go rest up, and be prepared to play your butts off in Detroit. We need to be 5 and 3 at the halfway point. That makes the 2nd half very much a doable 6 and 2.

  73. bbnate420 says:

    LOL. More stupid predictions. You have framed a number of your stupid predictions as inevitability all year long. No matter how many times you’re DEAD wrong, you just keep spewing them out. Remember when we were going to get trounced by the Panthers?????? And calling most of the people here “MORONS” because a few called you a troll is NOT “trying to have a reasonable conversation”. I guess a 14 year old wouldn’t understand that?

  74. Two more comments. I think it’s time Obo sits a little more in favor of Charly Martin, even though I realize Charly is more of a slot guy. But Obo just doesn’t seem to be making the plays when he needs to and he’s missed WAY too many blocks on the edge. I haven’t seen Obo really excelling on Special Teams either this year (unless I have missed it).

    I also think it’s time we flat out release Evan Moore and see if Kellen wants to come back. Considering the amount of playing time Moore gets, Kellen could get that much and at make his reps count by catching the damn ball. :)

  75. chrisj122 says:

    Xcman – you cant expect the D to to everything, at some point the offense has to score a TD.

    The 1 D in the league is not good enough for you?

    I keep hearing comparisons to the old 2000 Ravens D, that is ridiculous! They are arguably the best D ever.
    this is saying our D has to take some blame because or D is not the best in history of the NFL.

    Mind you if our O could score 1 friggin TD, just 1, maybe we win

  76. Rdiot just look at your reasoning. Losing on the road for the better part of a decade. So that same last decade that would have seen RW in Jr high right? Quit blaming this on him.

    We clearly have had an issue winning on the road with 3 different coaches spanning 10 years. Flynn nor RW can fix that overnight.

    Oh, I will say this, Bevell has got to go. I’ll pin 2nd worst offense on him long before I’ll pin it on a rookie QB.

  77. bbnate420 says:

    Snappa, feel free to skip over certain comments. Nobody FORCES you to read them. Grow up.

  78. @chris – that is my point exactly – they have to be prefect becuase of the way this team is designed, Not saying it’s fair but what other choice is there?

    We all know the offense is not going to put up a ton of points or many at all. Thats the way they are currently constructed. Conservative calling, young QB, inconsistent WR’s, untimely penalties, etc.

    I still stand by the 2 things I expect them to get better on – just because I believe you should always try and get better.

  79. Good for Carroll, he’s taking a shot in the dark at this point, and I admit, if you pull a rookie QB at this stage in his career, it could be very detrimental to the team. Carroll is more stubborn, than anything, at this point. “Hormonal” is the term he likes to use.

    Seeing Sidney Rice flip after that HORRIBLE interception was enough for me to think this team is all but starting to abandon him. Why would he throw it to a player that’s in triple coverage? What’s going to happen if he loses this team because he DIDN’T pull Wilson? I think Wilson has all the tools to be a good QB, except for the height. He can wiggle out of the face of pressure, but he crumbles under it. He has RIDICULOUS arm strength. He is definitely getting smarter.

    NOW… Seattle runs a zone blocking scheme, as some as you know. Compare New Orleans offensive line to Seattle’s. NO plays man, and they’re able to open up passing lanes for Brees to see through, because he cannot see over. I don’t think this could be done with a ZB scheme. When we see RW miss open receivers, it’s not because he’s stupid, or a bad quarterback, it’s because he simply cannot see them over the battles in the trenches. With the taller receivers on the perimeter (which I think should be Edwards and Rice, Baldwin in the slot), a taller QB (whether Flynn, Brady, or the #12 pick in next years draft), would be able to see, and make the quick slants happen. This would then open things up for the offense.

    Here’s a mind numbing stat: Seattle’s running game is THAT GOOD with no passing game. Why isn’t play action implemented more? With Marshawn and Turbin taking the handoffs, opposing defenses are going to bite on PA passes very often.

    I think the reasons a lot of teams didn’t sign Flynn are:

    Age (27, a little old for a rebuilding team to start from scratch)
    QB needy teams needed a little more than an upgrade at QB to be competitive
    Seattle offered him the money.

    What makes me the expert? Again, the stats do not lie… being 1-3 on the road, and 0-3 in the division, with the team hanging in the bottom 2 teams in passing offense certainly do not bode well as support for this decision. At this point, the passing offense is among the worst in the NFL. Wilson really isn’t winning the team any road games, but he’s certainly part of the losses.

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  80. If I didn’t watch the game, and just read the dbags’ comment on here I would think the hawks gas up 40 points and didn’t pick up one first down. To all the real posters here, tough loss, but its just a bump in the road. This team is built for the long term and WILL be better. To all the other posters who hate, well, it’s not even worth the time to type to you what we are all thinking. Go hawks!!

  81. sluggo42 says:

    I don’t think anyone is pinning this loss on the “D”, it was close, and we could have won. I think we do win up here…

  82. I mean Seattle isn’t the only team that has receivers that drop the ball… this isn’t a new thing. Regardless, 9 completions for a game is certainly a problem. Wilson threw for 3 completions in the 2nd half.

    Also, if Wilson was supposed to be so good, why was he so overlooked in the draft?

  83. LOL…What does Divish say? “Try to keep it civil”…. And here we are in a flame war on the blog…again.

    Isn’t just easier to ignore the haters completely? They’ll eventually go away or get so frustrated (when they can’t get a rise outta us) that they will go off the deep end and get themselves banned. So, let’s keep it civil and ignore them. :)

  84. MoSeahawk12 says:

    nice. Maybe if the rest of the group knew the way it worked, they would leave and you could have one on one’s with your two favorites. I mean, seriously. Pick and choose much?

  85. It’s just the tone by a few. People need to chill out. Played a good team on the road. Hard fought game. Mistakes were made, and always will be made. This team is young, strong, fearless and will rebound. The sky is not falling.

  86. bbnate:

    That’s HILARIOUS. You call most of us idiots, but you don’t even know the difference BETWEEN QB RATING AND QBR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re NOT the same thing, you EFFING IDIOT! QBR is horsespit, IMO, but it’s not the same as QB RATING. Surprising a genius such as yourself doesn’t know the difference.

    Where did you get those records? Oh, the same place you get all of your ideas. Straight out of your stank cornhole. Do us a favor, go back down to your mommy’s basement and burn your computer.

    This is the link I used. Sorry for any confusion.

  87. I’m with you skavage. I guess it’s easy to give in. Bring on Detroit. Go hawks

  88. According to Yahoo, Wilson’s QB rating tonight was 38.7. Ouch.

  89. MoSeahawk12 says:

    it’s not great that we are 0-3 in the division. However, the niners are nothing special and will lose several games the second half, including the game in Seattle. The Cardinals have major injury issues and will fade as the year wears on. The Rams are getting better quickly, but will need another year to be considered. The NFC West is going to be decided between the 49er’s and the Seahawks. There’s a really good chance they lose to the Patriots and we gain the game we lost tonight. I’m hoping the Seahawks push forward and fix the many issues that are in the foreground. Bevel needed a bib today. Some awful play calls and some game killing drops. 99% not on the QB. No defensive stops when it mattered. No legion of Boom. Just play ball and lose the catchy slogans.

  90. DanielleMND says:

    We’re 4-3, but two posters here act like we’re 0-7.

  91. Mo. . . . .including the game in Seattle.

    We haven’t been able to crack that nut for a few years – I just hope that finally that will be true. but I am not putting all my eggs in that basket. We have to take care of business on the road AND beat SF when they come to town – both of which have been hard lately

  92. Sorry if I offended anyone, but I do think a “Hide” function would be useful. End of the day, you’d hear from the people whose opinion you respected and there’d be fewer flame wars. I was not referring to you, bbnate, by the way. The fact is, it’s hard to skip over comments. Saying no one is forcing you read them is like saying no one’s forcing you to look at the dog shit in your yard. Even though the blog is a public space, when it arrives on your computer, it is your personal space. There should be a way to clean it up.

    Get a hide function.

  93. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Eric, you should ban GeorgiaHawk or at least give him a warning, he literally called me a “dip $hitts” because I have a differing opinion on Russell Wilson.

    I refuse to be cowed by trolls who dismiss my ironclad facts by calling me a “hater”. Russell Wilson is BAD, he has been BAD for almost the entirety of the season, and I GUARANTEE he is simply not the QB giving us the best chance to win.

    You all mocked me about Aaron Curry AND Tim Ruskell and you were all WRONG, just like you will continue to be about this particular issue. BENCH RUSSELL WILSON!

  94. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Eric, you shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of abuse. This wasn’t brave enough to spout last week. I see a pattern.

  95. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I meant Divish. Sorry.

  96. The dropped passes are the story of this game. We have been in every game this year right up to the end, and have legitimately gone into every game with a realistic expectation of winning it. When is the last season that was true? I can remember when we were happy just to beat Denver or the Raiders once a season. Imo, we will improve as the season progresses, and the our division rivals will have to face the 12th man next time we play them. I respect different opinions and don’t like censorship or bans, but it is tiresome to read RAdeoN and ACIB, who seem to delight in the team’s failures as much or more as most of us rejoicet in its successes.

  97. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “, but it is tiresome to read RAdeoN and ACIB, who seem to delight in the team’s failures as much or more as most of us rejoicet in its successes.”

    What kind of troll would actually believe that? RADEoN and I appear to be the only real fans of this team because we aren’t BLINDED and don’t give UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT TO BAD FOOTBALL PLAYERS.

  98. ACIB – have you not noticed the decreased posting of other regulars who supported Flynn but were regularly attacked by the bullies who can do no wrong

  99. MoSeahawk12 says:

    real fans…..sure, one’s that wish injury to our starting players. Real fans don’t show up ONLY when the team loses. Pretty quite last week. Forget to pay your internet bill?

  100. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Counting sacks, Russell Wilson was good for only 12 YARDS after halftime. If Harbaugh had accepted the safety, Wilson would have contributed -4 YARDS IN THE ENTIRE SECOND HALF.

    Open your EYES, people. It’s not a crime to demand better quarterback play.

  101. chrisj122 says:

    Xcman – what is the other choice than expecting the best D that ever existed? Hmmmmmm let me see,

    How about expecting our O to be able to score 1, just 1 TD!
    Really is that asking too much?

    What is more realistic and logical, expecting your D to do everything and expecting them to statically be the best D ever to exist and play perfect on every down


    Expect your O to score 1 TD?

    Lets be reasonable …

  102. You aren’t getting my point Chris – I am not saying I am expecting them to be the best ever

    I am saying they have no other choice based on how Carroll has designed the offense and strategies

    I AGREE with you but Clearly until they change the offense somehow those expectations on Def will continue to go up.

  103. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “real fans…..sure, one’s that wish injury to our starting players. Real fans don’t show up ONLY when the team loses. Pretty quite last week. Forget to pay your internet bill?”

    What are you talking about you troll? I didn’t wish injury on anyone. I showed up all throughout last week, it isn’t my fault you didn’t read any of my comments. Forget to put on your glasses?

  104. CDHawkFan says:

    Radeon, so you are saying that we should listen to you/agree with you because you think we can’t understand the following stats; division 0-3 and 1-3 on the road, how we got there and what that means?

    I do (assume others do) understand those figures and the implications, but I still believe that a coaching staff and front office with all their experience know a lot more about winning football and player development than anyone on this blog.

    Have you coached football at say the college level or earned a degree in statistics? Thankfully everyone can have their opinion, but name calling and trying to convince other posters by using generic data already available isn’t going to change anyone’s mind (see religion, war, guns, pot, climate change, etc), its just going to cause everyone to defend their already made up mind (as we all have access to the stats you mentioned).

    I do read your comments and ACIB as its part of the blog but I come to a different conclusion. Again, I was just asking about your experience compared to the Seahawks staff, who again know those ‘stats’ and then some.

  105. wabubba67 says:

    ACIB is RADEon…and RADEon is ACIB.

  106. CDHawkFan says:

    ACIB, I thought you said you hoped RW broke his leg, or was that someone else, if so my bad but I thought that was you.

  107. chrisj122 says:

    As long as our D holds teams to 14 points or less and we lose, I will blame the O everytime.

    I just think the focus needs to be on O and how to get a TD, not so much on the D. If the O didn’t have enough ball time its their fault, our D made them punt many times.

  108. CDhawk – who cares about experience? EVERY including the Seahawks brass makes mistakes.

    and besides – it’s a blogs its about OPINIONS – some I agree with others I don’t.

    I am not sold that Carroll is as perfect as others believe – and I believe he has made many mistakes along the way. Doesn’t mean I don’t support – I will for as long as he is coach of this team. but it doesn’t mean I will blindly support all of their moves – they are humans and will make mistakes

  109. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “ACIB is RADEon…and RADEon is ACIB.”

    What a trollish statement. “HURR TWO GUYS HAVE THE SAME OPINION DEY MUST BE DA SAME PERSON DURR”. Seriously? Instead of arguing why you think Wilson should remain starter despite his pathetic performances, you resort to immature attacks.

    “I do (assume others do) understand those figures and the implications, but I still believe that a coaching staff and front office with all their experience know a lot more about winning football and player development than anyone on this blog.”

    You’re making the incorrect assumption that coaching staffs and front offices are infallible. Did you think that people who criticized Aaron Curry for his cringeworthy play were wrong just because they aren’t coaches?

    “ACIB, I thought you said you hoped RW broke his leg, or was that someone else, if so my bad but I thought that was you.”

    I don’t think that was me. I do want him benched ASAP though, and Matt Flynn should have been starting Day #1 and at least given the opportunity to prove he wasn’t as good as his record-setting numbers against New England and Detroit.

  110. chrisj122 says:

    I usually enjoy this blog but right now I’m not because most are way over reacting, so I’m going to bed.

    @xcman our discussion was very civil, however to many others are not. Maybe you don’t agree with me and maybe i dont with you but its ok.

    Too many on here feel they have to prove their point, when anyone disagrees then everyone are morons and trolls ect, ect.

    I hope tomorrow everyone will have calmed down but I wont expect it.

  111. MoSeahawk12 says:

    what is a “bad Idiot” and how to you find one? The more you know……

  112. Screensmoke says:

    Insane in the brain!Here’s a fact! we r 4 and 3 and 1 game out if first place! In a game Like this one with these 2 teams whoever makes less mistakes wins. Case closed! Frisco is a top 5 team in the league and we made to many mistakes l. Let’s keep it simple and just be realistic.We are a good young football team who made to many damn mistakes tonight to win……next time around could be totally different. What’s nice about tonight is that we can play and beat top teams in the leauge any given Sunday. We certainly couldn’t say that or even believe that the last 5 years! We have come along ways and I love what im seeing on the field but sure we have room for improvement. All I know is I hope red Bryant isn’t hurt to bad now their is something to worry about.GO HAWKS!

  113. DanielleMND says:

    This blog is terrible after a loss, and almost entirely because of ACIB and RADEON.

  114. CDHawkFan says:

    xcman, who cares about experience? I do, and that is common in most of the world. And when it comes to opinions, I want to know there is some substance there. If you were on the fence about going into another war, would you value the opinion of a 17 year old senior in high school over someone that served as an officer in the Gulf or Vietnam? Isn’t that comparable, someone with no coaching/management/player development opinion over paid professionals at the height of their profession? I don’t mind people voicing their opinion, but when its loud, aggressive, and argumentative (name calling), then I want to know why they are so sure of themselves, why do they think they are experts.

    Radeon used the word moron, but with the logic above, I think it would be moronic to give his non-experienced opinion any consideration.

    As far as mistakes, everyone knows everyone make mistakes, you her that line all the time. But simply put, doesn’t having experience help you avoid mistakes? If you agree then I would think you would also care about experience.

    Like you, I would not blindly support all of their moves, I hope my question doesn’t come across that way. By questioning him I am not accusing him of not being a fan, I just want to know why he feels that he is right, does he know something I don’t or is there something I haven’t considered.

  115. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Yes that is always the case DanielleMND. These two love to spout when the Seahawks lose. Funny thing, last week, everyone was lookin for ACIB and well, they won so he was washing cars. They are only happy when the team loses and they can sound off as if they have the insite that 32 NFL team are lacking.

  116. HeinieHunter says:

    Tough loss but not a huge shock. Obviously the receivers dropping balls killed momentum all night long, and RW made a poor throwing decision throwing the pick. Surprised they ran so well on us in the second half but 13 points should have allowed us to win. Playing at their place, after NY crushed them, and with a short week made it difficult. I think we still have a good season going and this team has a very bright future in years to come.

  117. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “This blog is terrible after a loss, and almost entirely because of ACIB and RADEON.”

    This blog is terrible almost entirely because of DanielleMND and other blind homers.

    See? I can play troll too. I’m still waiting for a logical rebuttal of anything I’ve said but you trolls can’t respond with anything besides personal attacks in the face of ironclad logic to shatter your silly dreams about RW3andOut.

    “Yes that is always the case DanielleMND. These two love to spout when the Seahawks lose. Funny thing, last week, everyone was lookin for ACIB and well, they won so he was washing cars. They are only happy when the team loses and they can sound off as if they have the insite that 32 NFL team are lacking.”

    I posted all throughout last week, it isn’t my fault if you didn’t see my comments. And its pretty moronic to think I’m actually happy about losses, I’m actually quite furious because this is a SUPER BOWL CONTENDING TEAM if we bench our undersized and overmatched midget quarterback.

  118. CDHawkFan says:

    ACIB, You’re making the incorrect assumption that coaching staffs and front offices are infallible. Did you think that people who criticized Aaron Curry for his cringeworthy play were wrong just because they aren’t coaches?

    ACIB, I would like to point out that my statement was not an assumption about front offices not making mistakes. If you reread my statement, or if not, what I meant is that they know more than us and they probably care more than us. I agree they can make mistakes, that wasn’t my point, my point again was to understand why should I consider your opinion over the direction of PC, JS, and Cable. The reason I would like to know about radeon’s experience was his use of name calling, he comes across like we should all see it as clearly as him that we are all morons.

  119. Screensmoke says:

    I will say this negative thought zGolden tate has no excuse in dropping that ball! Major momo change in game. it killed us I really am starting to loose patience with him. He is so undisciplined ! Boy I wish I was wrong on this but his opportunity on this team has got to be dwindling!

  120. Dwayne Bowe and restructure Rice in the offseason plz

  121. MoSeahawk12 says:

    This team is a year away from Superbowl contention. If everything goes well the rest of the year and they find some good breaks, then sure a deep playoff run and a lot of luck they might make it. The defense is the strength of this team and will be for years. Our O coordinator had one good year when Brett Favre made him look great. This is not that team. Being so pissed every time they lose is not how winners respond. If this team fell so far into the gutter after each loss, they would never get up and win again. Good thing you and Rad or not running this team.

  122. Does anyone have any stats available on our empty back sets? I seriously can’t remember more than one or two plays that we have even had anything positive happen on. Not great, just positive.

  123. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “Good thing you and Rad or not running this team.”

    If me and RADEoN were running this team, RW3andOut would be benched, Matt Flynn would come in, and Seattle would run the table and secure homefield advantage in the playoffs.

  124. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “This team is a year away from Superbowl contention.”

    Says WHO? We have an ELITE defense, arguably the best in franchise history. We have an explosive rushing attack, with arguably the best running back in franchise history. You’re just going to toss that aside so we can develop a midget quarterback who has mostly looked awful and doesn’t have physical attributes to be a franchise QB?

  125. Lol, that is just about as delusional as it gets.

  126. CDHawkFan says:

    You were dead right on AC, but I just wanted to mention that you really seem to bait people with the CAPS and aggressive name calling (midget, moronic). This style, matched with the typical like/hope of rookies by the fan base seems to be the perfect storm, but something tells me you like this.

    Who knows, maybe you will be right about RW. but I believe your lack of tact here is on purpose just to piss people off and stir the pot.

    I think RW supporters wouldn’t mind a civil debate, but your lack of tact, or purposeful lack of tact is why most everyone on this blog hates you. Also I think you have another poster name which is a bit lame, if not then my bad, if so, then I would think its fair to question your fan loyalty if you can’t use 1 name.

  127. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Far less delusional than blaming everyone under the sun besides Russell Wilson for our passing offense’s pathetic production.

  128. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “Also I think you have another poster name which is a bit lame, if not then my bad, if so, then I would think its fair to question your fan loyalty if you can’t use 1 name.”

    I do not understand what you are talking about I originally posted here as FireRuskellNow but after Ruskell was canned I made this one

  129. I don’t think I have ever once stated that it was everyone but him so thanks for putting words in my mouth.

  130. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Elite defenses is a term thrown around way too often these days. The D is great, really impressive, but couldn’t stop the 9er’s best player tonight. Gore killed them and would have had many more yards not for Thomas on the back end. Thomas is my favorite player by the way. Very little pressure from our d line. Smith looked confused and out of it early, but our d couldn’t deliver the kill shot. He had lots of time. They used our linebackers against us having them over pursue running lanes. This D is a top ten, but until they play like they did against Dallas a few weeks back they are not Elite. Detroit will be a good opportunity to show what they are made of. I expect them to shut down Calvin and then get after the QB. The Lions are pretty one dimensional and if the Seahawks are to be considered an elite D they need to shut this team down. Carrol said it himself when they were ranked #1 in yards Cool but would rather the team be ranked higher at end……a stupid stat in my opinion, points are far more important than yards. Most team put up a lot of yards these days.

    However, the Seahawks D is holding it’s own by holding some of the most dynamic offenses in the league down. The offensive “midget” comments need to go as Wilson has been a winner everywhere he’s been and out works the rest of the team.

    He played well enough to win again tonight, just as he has EVERY game this season. The drops killed us tonight. Not Wilson. The professionals, you know the guys that have actually coached and won in the NFL. Superbowls even…. feel he is the real deal and I’m pretty sure they know a hell of a lot more than clowns with keyboards. The more you know…..

  131. CDHawkFan says:

    I think in all the names on this Blog, these are the only 2 negative ones I have seen. I mean think about it, out of all the names, can you name another Seahawks negative poster name? Seems unhealthy, strange, and again, makes me question if you are really a fan when you choose those 2 names and only post in regards to those issues?

  132. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Sorry but the real offensive comments is how people like you have the AUDACITY to blame our defense. HELLO, THEY GAVE UP ONLY 13 POINTS AND A SINGLE TOUCHDOWN. Who CARES if Frank Gore had a good game on the ground, the only score merely 13 POINTS! There is nothing offensive about calling Wilson a midget. That’s what he is, a midget. He is 5’10″. No good QB in the history of the NFL has succeeded at that height. Sorry, a circus attraction like Doug Flutie doesn’t count. Wilson is not the real deal. I GUARANTEE that Russell Wilson is NOT a franchise quarterback and the Seahawks will continue to lose easily winnable games with him taking snaps under center.

  133. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Rice should have been more involved in the game plan. Bevel, you remember when Rice was catching all those passes….last week. Edwards should start over Tate. Two drops tonight that cost plenty.

  134. bigmike04 says:

    Russell Wilson hater, need to go take their meds & chill out…

    It not Wilson fault because let face it, the guy did good job in game but face it, tonight game, the blame goes to Turbin for drop pass that would been TD, Evan Moore drop Pass, Golden Tate drop Pass..

    It call catch the Ball guys that what you are being pay for because if you can’t catch the ball, the john Scheinder should cut you & find someone else.

  135. bigmike04 says:

    The defensive being tire comment, I would agree but when you got HC who hand cuff his OC on his limited play calling than, the blames falls on the HC…

  136. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “Russell Wilson hater, need to go take their meds & chill out…

    It not Wilson fault because let face it, the guy did good job in game but face it, tonight game, the blame goes to Turbin for drop pass that would been TD, Evan Moore drop Pass, Golden Tate drop Pass..”

    Russell Wilson apologists need to go take their meds & chill out.

    It IS Wilson’s fault because having a worthless aerial attack has been a consistent theme with this team all season now. Face it, the blame goes to Wilson for making open receivers and being too short to play QB at the pro level.

  137. bbnate420 says:

    CDHawk, that was RADEoN that wished Wilson would break his femur.

    RADEoN, you still totally conflated QBR and QB rating. They are NOT the same thing! Can you read? The first article you linked was about QBR! You have found the major flaw of the QB rating system. The first 3-4 TDs and INTs have a major impact on the rating. Subsequent TDs and INTs do not. That’s a significant flaw, but how many times has that made a huge difference? Nobody has ever thrown for 10 TDs, so that point is just theoretical. It’s stupid to act like it’s made a huge difference in practice. You really need to learn how to EVALUATE statistics, not just type them down. You can train a chimp to type statistics. I have already said that the system is far from perfect, if you could read. But it is still much more useful than looking at any other single statistic. It gives a pretty good idea of how the QB played. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look at anything else. You say that it is “useless” repeatedly because it has flaws. It’s pretty obvious that you have a lot of flaws, but I would imagine that you must have some use in life. By your standard, you and everyone else in the world would be useless.

    Snappa, sorry, and I wasn’t trying to get on your case. I thought you were suggesting censoring peoples’ posts rather than suggesting a hide or block function. You can still just skip a persons’ post when you see the handle of someone you don’t want to read. I doubt the TNT will get a block/hide function. They don’t have YouTube or Facebook money.

    ACIB, come clean man. How old are you? 12? 13? Regardless, your grammar, syntax, and methodology of logic suggests that you dropped out of school in that age range at the very least.

  138. bbnate420 says:

    ACIB, “If me and RADEoN were running this team, RW3andOut would be benched, Matt Flynn would come in, and Seattle would run the table and secure homefield advantage in the playoffs.”

    What proof do you have that Flynn would run the table and secure ANYTHING. Oh yeah, ZERO! And you call other people on here delusional. There’s a reason that coaches get paid millions of dollars to coach in the NFL and you get paid nothing to furiously type away at your computer, fixated on someone to hate. First Numbskull. Then AC. Now RW. It’s sad and pathetic. You were right on the mark with AC and Numbskull, but you have been totally irrational about RW. He may never be a franchise QB, but there’s far from enough evidence to be sure about that. You’re not a real fan if all you ever do is post negative things about a favorite straw man on the team obsessively. It just means you need therapy and medication for your OCD. You’re a one trick pony. And it’s a crap trick at that.

    BTW, if you and RADEoN ran the Seahawks, then they would never come close to winning a game and be laughed out of the NFL! There are people on here that know way more about X’s and O’s than you or me, but no one here could coach a NFL team. Not even close. PC/JS have forgotten more about football than you would know if you lived 10 lifetimes. Keep dreamin, buddy.

  139. DanielleMND says:

    “If me and RADEoN were running this team, RW3andOut would be benched, Matt Flynn would come in, and Seattle would run the table and secure homefield advantage in the playoffs.”

    If the two of you ran the team, we’d be looking up at the Cleveland Browns.

  140. Yeah you guys are right, now that I think about it. I’m the idiot. Bbnate420, I think from now on, I’m going to take all my advice from the guy with 420 in his internet handle. That’s how you know when to take someone seriously – when they’re a self proclaimed marijuana user on an internet forum.

    Carroll is obviously a genius. He has a convincingly winning record in the NFL. He didn’t let Matt Hasselbeck walk (who played 16 games in 2011). He didn’t hire Darrell Bevell after firing Jeremy Bates (who I thought was really starting to do a good job). He also didn’t replace Hass with Tarvaris Jackson (who I actually feel never got a fair shake, especially in this sham of a QB “competition”). He definitely never traded a 3rd round pick to San Diego for Charlie Whitehurst (who also showed flashes of greatness in the preseason, but stunk the joint up in the regular season).

    I’m not saying Flynn is the solution, but when the team is this bad, statistically, in passing and offensive production, what do you have to lose by trying someone else?

    Seattle has lost to every team in the division, and RW has played poorly in every road divisional game there has been.

    Btw, the draft “pundits”, who might know more than Carroll, and also might not, have said that rw is too short. He has the physical ability, its just that he can’t see, which sucks because after seeing his arm, he could definitely be a good NFL QB, if only he were 2-3 inches taller. I legit think that’s why he’s as bad as he is.

  141. JSRORE61 says:

    ACIB is the TATTOO that you had removed.

    go complain on another blog.

    RW needs better receivers, as a rookie i think he is doing well.

    next year will be his TRUE test.

  142. raindemon says:

    Our receivers are garbage, plain and simple. We will not win, consistently, with this group. How they came out of camp thinking this group was good enough? It is to the point where maybe they need to give Chad Johnson and/or Plaxico Burress a chance. They may be head cases, but at least they can run routes and catch the damn ball. Yesterday was an embarrassment. I would cut every single one of them, except for maybe Baldwin. Rice is a bust, Tate is whining baby, Obomanu couldn’t catch a cold and Edwards is washed up. Carroll has built one of the best defenses in the league, but they will never win this group of hacks and hasbeens.

  143. piperfeltcher says:

    Made way to many mistakes to win a tough game on the road. Wilson was great in the 1st half but struggled in the 2nd half but he is improving. Look forward to seeing how we do against SF at home.

  144. RADEoN says:

    “ACIB is 100 percent right, he’s intelligent. He predicted Curry would be a bust by like week 6 in his rookie season, and he was right.”

    I think you are confusing being right with intelligence. Intelligence means putting forward a fact based compelling argument with solid rationale. ACIB spews rhetoric repeatedly that simple makes him come across as a buffoon. Now, if ACIB were to tone it down, provide comments on other aspects of the team and try to actually have a dialog it would go a long way to his creditability. But no, it is easier to yell on the blog and be the idiot.

    By the way, I do think it is time for a change within several areas of the team.

  145. morleytr says:

    As an infrequent poster but a huge fan, I will try to offer an honest “non-troll” response. Don’t kill me for my thoughts, please.

    1. Drops, obviously. But a few other things. This is the third time that the other team’s halftime adjustments have turned the game in the second half. Why aren’t our coaches able to respond to them? Also was frustrated with either the play-calling or Wilson’s decisions – not sure which is at fault. In the second half they seemed to blow off the fact that they could actually throw short- to medium-range passes and seemed to default to heaving bombs when they aren’t necessary. Who is responsible for that? They seem to just lose patience quickly. I was also frustrated that they again forgot about Miller, who I think was targeted once, late in the fourth quarter. Also, Tate gets special mention, “awful” does not even begin to describe that effort.

    2. Honestly, a lot. As calm of a young man as he is, he seems to fold under pressure. The throws that come out look hopeful at best, and it doesn’t look like he can see all of his options. He should learn from what the 49ers did so effectively, using checkdowns and short options, but I worry that he isn’t able to see them. Overall, except for some of the scrambles, I just haven’t seen the dynamism that Pete says he offers. They should have had 20+ points last night.

    3. Not really, unfortunately. We’ll continue to be frustrated by the offense, win some and lose some. They will go as far as the defense takes them, and as well as they’ve played the simple fact is they’ve got to actually score some points themselves.

    4. Re: the defense. The corners are big-time, they did a great job (shut down the WRs completely). I think the yards they gave up on to Gore were in large part the result of an effective adjustment by SF that Bradley couldn’t respond to, and being on the field so much, plus playing for the second time in five days, doesn’t help. Here’s the most concerning thing, though. This defense appears very vulnerable to short- to mid-range balls over the middle – tight end and checkdown territory. That’s where Welker had all of his catches (predictably), that’s where Smith did his damage last night, and that’s why they can’t get off the field on third down. The more teams realize this, especially teams with good TEs or Welker-types, the more they will get exposed. All it takes is an opponent with a patient offense.

    5. Positives? Sure! Lynch was awesome, as usual. He is by far my favorite player in the NFL, I just love his effort and attitude. And in a weird way, it is positive that they easily could have won this game. With good coaching (recognition and adjustments as the season goes on), more patience, and hopefully incremental improvements at the QB position (either as he gains experience, or they make a change), this could be a special season. They have a chance at the end of every game now, and that’s with zero offense and tons of missed opportunities. Imagine what could happen if they could just capitalize? Scary.

    I am not a Wilson hater at all, but I think it’s a fair question to ask how much his height is a hindrance, especially under pressure. A big part of me wants to see what Flynn could do, and Wilson seems like enough of a man to handle a switch without long-term consequences. But that’s on Pete…we’ll see if that’s one of those adjustments he makes or if they can do something else to help Russell improve.

    Bring on the Lions. 5-3 halfway through with the output we’ve gotten from this offense would be phenomenal.

  146. chuck_easton says:

    This is what comes when you start a rookie QB. He will have good games like last week and then he will play like last night.

    Nobody including Georgia can honestly defend last nights performance by Wilson. But he showed last week that there is promise for the future.

    It’s regrettable that the team has chosen to pretty much give up on the playoffs this year to give Wilson the season to mature, but they have. I would have started Flynn but the decision is made.the team will live or die with the rookie.

    Last week all the pro Wilson guys got to crow and put it in the ‘ haters’ faces. Now after a very poor showing by Wilson the pro Wilson guys want to ban shutdown or silence the guys that have the nerve to not be totally in love with our rookie QB. Can’t have it both ways guys. You have your week to shout that Wilson is elite, franchise and we are going 11-5 or 10-6 and will win the Division. It’s the guys who aren’t sold on Wilson’s turn this week. If you can give it one week you have to take it the next.

    But the reality is right now the team is in third place in the division behind both SF and Arizona. Even if Arizona loses on Sunday they will be ahead of Seattle based on division record and head to head. If the rams win ( I don’t expect them to ) on Sunday the team would be last in the Division. Starting out 0-3 in the Division puts the team way behind the eight ball. A play off appearance is a long shot now but not impossible.

    As I’ve said before the motto for this organization should be ” Seattle Seahawks…just wait to see how good we will be next year!”

    We are looking at a 9-7 at best and another potential 7-9 season. It’s the price the team has chosen to pay to get the rookie ready to lead the team in 2013.

    As I said last week, don’t get too high after the wins and don’t jump off a building after a game like last night. This year is going to have plenty of both.

  147. montanamike2 says:

    I am disapointed but this was a must win for them and it showed. Not to make excuses but a short week playing a really good team at home and what is most frustrating is that we could have won that game if we crushed them in the start of the game and deflated them, it almost happened but then the dropsies! RW not only has a canon of an arm but also has pinpoint accuricy. I don’t blame a qb for the ball going thrugh players hands and that interception was the result of a tipped ball. The overlooking of an open Rice is on him though. How many rookie qb’s could have won this much with the schedule we’ve had. The 2nd half is in our favor and it’s too early in the season to be throwing in the towel. Gore ran all over us again, is this a weakness in the zone blocking scheme? Welker had his way over the middle too. I think our D wore down from being on the field too long and it bit us in the ass in the 2nd half.
    The 2 guys accused of being trolls need to show up after a win to be considered anything else. We have a winning record with a rookie qb, i knew there would be growing pains but i honestly thought we’d be worse this year than we actually are. Our future is bright! The 9′rs are 2 years ahead of us and we’ll see how good we can be when we get Moffitt back and have a decent o-line, Lynch should thrive.
    I love where we are heading and a few haters aren’t changin that.

  148. NYHawkFan says:

    Tate’s explanation for his poor performance helps me to understand why Seattle’s offense is in the bottom quarter of the league while its defense is in the top quarter. “I had a few opportunities where I could have made some plays, and I didn’t come through. . . . It’s uncharacteristic of me. But I’m not discouraged at all. I’m going to continue to work hard, and I’ll be back next week.”

    Seattle’s defense plays as a team (albeit, didn’t seem like it last night). They back one another up. They feed off one another. Our offense is just the opposite. It’s about individuals wanting to stand out, wanting to be ‘the man.’ Sound familiar? Terrell Owens, ‘Just throw me the *** ball.’

    Our receivers pout when they don’t have the ball thrown to them. (Rice avoided talking to reporters after the game [still pouting, no doubt]). But when it was thrown to them, they dropped it. Where is the accountability? Tate didn’t say, “I’m sorry for letting the TEAM down.” It was all about me, me, me….

    He said: ‘I’ll be back next week.” That’s what we’re afraid of… returning with the attitude “I didn’t come through … [but] I’m not discouraged” as being the standard we should accept.

    What he should have said was: “I’m embarrassed,” or “I’m ashamed of letting my fans and teammates down….” Until the offense begins playing as a team, working as a unit, and showing some accountability, they will continue to struggle in the bottom quarter of the league.

    It’s too bad that Tate (and perhaps others) don’t have Baldwin’s hands and heart.

  149. lksamish says:

    ACIB displays some classical irritional thought patterns…..suggest those comments are better served in a psychologial blog than a sports blog…if you doubt that….look up the definition and figure out where you fit on the scale…certainly not in a blog with Seahawk fans…

  150. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Wow am i glad i just went to bed last night. ACIB you are a troll and here’s why. you barely say anything when things are good you just come on here to stir things up when they don’t go the way you thought they should. you call people idiot and moron then tell eric to ban someone who calls you a name. you have nothing productive to offer on here but negative diarrhea you spew on everyone. we need to do with you what we have done with others just like you, ignore you don’t read your posts don’t reply to your posts and you will go away. we have done this with other and they always go away. although i am thinking you are the reincarnation of another troll from a couple 3 years ago.
    worst part is some of your points are valid. you post them like a bully on the playground trying to cram what you believe down everyone’s throat.
    that’s why you are a troll has nothing to do with what you say it’s how you say it and how you carry yourself. you are a sad angry little man.

    wilson does deserve some of the blame but hardly most of it.

    1. receivers 6 dropped balls for at least 120 yards and 1-2 td. that many drops start making a QB question who he should throw to.

    2.the D 13 points great effort except they got gashed for a ton of yards in second half and that kept the offense off the field most of the half.

    3. the hawks lacked intensity plain and simple the 9ers wanted it more in the second half.

    lastly flynn would have gotten sacked at least 5 more times he is’nt the answer and pete is not pulling RW so again people let it go. coming onto a blog to rant endlessly about something that at least at this point is not going to happen is pointless.

  151. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chuck, in defense of wilson 6 drops for huge yards if half of those are caught we are not having this conversation. i am not standing up for wilson i am stating a fact, when receivers start dropping balls a QB will question who he can trust to catch the ball and starts second guessing his throws. if turbin catches that ball for a TD it’s a different game. biggest difference between last week and this week receiving last week they fought to get open this week they just quit running routes.

  152. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    oh a and radeon i left you out of the troll comment because at least you will post positive things when wilson does good. although you are being kinda trollish right now. funny thing is hawks should have won that game and could have it was a team loss by a very young team. disappointing yes but hardly the end of the world.

  153. chuck_easton says:


    Flynn would have gotten sacked at least 5 more times? Based on what? Your opinion. That’s all well and good. Some have a different opinion of how Flynn would or would not have performed if he were the starter. It’s an opinion and everybody is entitled to theirs.

    You are correct that the QB controversy is a moot point. The team has chosen to play the rookie and take the good and the bad while he ‘grows’.

    But just because somebody doesn’t want to get on the PC is god, Wilson is a franchise QB right now, and we will crush everyone in our way, bandwagon does not make them any less a Seahawks fan, nor does it make them a troll and a ‘hater’.

    Sure ACIB and RadeOn could express their frustrations in a slightly less vitrolic style, but they have a right to be frustrated.

    The team has chosen to rely on a very good Defence and a strong running game while hoping the rookie QB does enough to not lose the game. Last week Wilson did MORE than enough to not only ‘not lose’ but to win. This week, not so much.

    Sure, there were some balls that should have been caught. But there were some other throws that were caught that were obviously thrown too high, low, or behind the receiver. No matter how you look at it this doesn’t lie:

    9 completions 22 attempts 122 total passing yards 0 TD’s 1 Int 38 passer rating for the game.

    So all 13 incompletions and the Int were the fault of the receivers? If that’s the case fire the coach for having such bad WR’s.

  154. Why are the first two drives of any game so good, and the rest so bad? I would like to understand how the Carrol / Cable / Bevell combination works for play calling on offence.

    I think this is the problem more so than Wilson vs. Flynn – who is driving the offence on this team? Do we have an offensive philosophy and identity? If our offensive identity is to run the ball, why do we throw a slant pass to Tate or use or kick return specialist on 3rd and short? Give Lynch (or Turbin) the ball and let them do what they are supposed to do.

  155. confucious says:

    It may have already been stated, But last nights game had more to do with line play than Qb. SF has studs on thier oline. It was excruciating to watch such domination. Their big men are fast and accurate with their blocks. SF is the culmination of MANY high round draft picks from MANY years of bieng a bad football team. Then suddenly someone showed up that knew how to use that talent (harbaugh)and BANG! great football team. It was a game that could have been changed by some catches by the wideouts/turbin. I think we had the chance to steal old mo in the first half. But it ended up bieng a trecnh warfare game and they have bigger guns.

  156. I also think this coaching staff is going to far to prove that Tate was / is a good draft pick. I would rather have Braylon in than Tate.

  157. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This is one game that I actually didn’t get upset about losing. I give credit to the 49ers and their #1 defense.

    Sure Wilson didn’t have a good game, however now he has had a chance to play against the best defense,(on the road) and he and the rest of the team will make the adjustments needed to do better next time.

    Just remember how young this team is playing almost even with a very good 49er veteran team on the road.

    Also- I think that alot of the frustration by some here comes from expecting the Seahawks to be a SuperBowl contender this year. Lol. Don’t you think they need to have a winning record first?

    BTW- I do think they will get that winning record this year and hopefully make the playoffs.

  158. MEhawkfan says:


    I think your speculation is possibly more accurate than not. When I saw Tate’s halfhearted effort blocking on that bubble-screen to Obomanu, I immediately suspected his lack of effort might be related to the fact that he didn’t get the ball instead of Obomanu.

  159. confucious says:

    That play was designed for Obo, Tate did not know his blocking assignment.

  160. confucious says:

    Tate has jelly between his ears, he will always struggle to be consistent imo.

  161. MEhawkfan says:

    Kind of my point, if the play isn’t designed for him, it seems there are times Tate doesn’t put his full effort or attention into it. I think that would apply to learning blocking assignments; although, this far into the season, I would think he might know his blocking assignments via osmosis, at the very least, if not from active learning.

  162. NYHawkFan says:

    @confucious – Agree with you about SF having “bigger guns” because of high draft picks for so many years. Our offense still needs to have more of a “all for one and one for all” spirit, however.

  163. Dukeshire says:

    blocis – I think a big part of that is the fact the first 15 or so plays are scripted. They rehearse them and walk through them when they install the gameplan.

  164. confucious says:

    Agreed. Next draft needs: More Oline depth, reciever upgrades.

  165. boycie99 says:

    Chuck, you are an educated mate and so the hypocrisy and so obviously wanting Wilson to fail is disappointing. The drops in the 1st half had a massive effect on this game and surely, you can firstly see that and secondly understand that. The drops alone are 100 plus yards on to Wilsons numbers and 1 maybe 2 TD’s
    The Hawks come out of the blocks and put up 14 points early and go into the half with a 2 or even 3 score game the second half is a mute point.
    The saddest part for me from a fellow Hawk fan is I actually believe you want Wilson to fail so u can come on here and say told you so, thats school yard behaviour.

    Even you last week said Wilson will have good game and bad games this season and as soon as the team struggles you throw all the blame on to the QB and say all you pro Wilson guys have to take it. Nobody has to take anything when the TEAM lost, it wasnt Wislon who lost it was the Hawks as a team even the Niners felt the Hawks just dropped their effort levels in the 2nd half.

    Come on man youre better than that, it saddens me to see a respected poster pouting like a kid in the school yard, to the point I believe you couldnt wait to get on the blog to bash Wilson, its sad man

  166. bbnate420 says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma, you are right. It is very hard for me to ignore his blather, but hopefully if everyone ignores him he will just go away.

    Chuck, please name me ONE other regular poster here, besides Georgia, that has been “shouting that Wilson is elite” and provide a quote from said person. I’ll save you some time. You won’t be able to. Your argument here would wilt in court. You don’t have to be on one end of the irrational spectrum. Most people here aren’t. Supporting Wilson doesn’t imply that you think he is already elite. I’m not trying to silence anyone, but that doesn’t mean that we have to let people post irrational horsespit about Wilson and not respond. You have the right to your opinion, and we have the right to have an opinion about your opinion. What’s so hard to understand about that? ACIB is the only one I saw make a plea to Eric to ban or censor other people last night. He seems to be on your side.

    I also don’t understand your train of thought. You seem to be saying that you think, or at least PC and staff think, that RW will mature and be a good QB in the future. Obviously, PC thinks RW has a good chance to be better than Flynn ever will. So why would you wait if he is ready enough to compete and learn? Most people would agree that he is at least doing that. Even if he sat all this year and started next year, he was still going to struggle for awhile most likely. You can’t replace on the field learning. Watching from the sideline doesn’t cut it. Aaron Rodgers is the only example of a QB that sat and learned and then played really well in his first season starting. He sat for THREE YEARS, and he is Aaron Rodgers! I don’t understand why anyone would be against letting Wilson mature if you think he will be a good QB. If you don’t, that’s a different story. I’d rather go 9-7 this year, miss the playoffs, and be a REAL contender in 2013 then to go 10-6 or 11-5 but have only a very slight chance to win a SB. I want SBs. Not first round losses. PC’s job will probably depend on whether RW pans out or not.

  167. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “But just because somebody doesn’t want to get on the PC is god, Wilson is a franchise QB right now, and we will crush everyone in our way, bandwagon does not make them any less a Seahawks fan, nor does it make them a troll and a ‘hater’.”

    Chuck- I think this is part of why you, ( and some others) get angry and frustrated at times.

    Because many of us like most of what Carroll is doing with this franchise, (including choosing Wilson over Flynn), that you try to make it look like we are irrational by eagaterating things like what you say up above.
    It just doesn’t work. It only makes you and others look foolish when you do that, Imo.

  168. Dukeshire says:

    “PC’s job will probably depend on whether RW pans out or not.”

    If he sticks with Wilson there’s no doubt about it.

  169. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420- Why do you say that I think Wilson is elite right now. Just because I like his tools and think he is the better choice over Flynn for now and in the future doesn’t mean I think he is, ( other than his work ethic ) close to being elite.

    Hopefully some day he will, or come close, but if I have stated that he already is than I apologize for that.

  170. Dukeshire says:

    Without getting too involved in this fray, the general tone of the so-called “pro Wilson” crowd is far larger and far more vocal than it’s counterparts. Yes, ACIB rants like a loon when Wilson plays poorly but are we really putting the likes of him with a generally measured posters like Chuck? The fact is, Wilson is not above criticism, and generally speaking, any who have offered criticism of him have been met with overwhelming backlash.

    Focusing the attention away from Wilson’s play and onto those who either support him or criticize him contributes nothing to the football conversation, IMO.

  171. bbnate420 says:

    You’re right, Georgia. You have been the biggest supporter of Wilson, and not even you have posted the kind of hyperbolic and exaggerated BS that Chuck seems to be trying to pin to people that believe in Wilson. Sad. Also, it’s not the hate for Wilson that necessarily makes ACIB a troll, Chuck. Although the crap he spews is hardly well thought out and logical. It’s the fact that all he ever does is find a player to hate and then make everyone of his stupid, agonizing posts about them. He did it with Numbskull. He did it with Curry. Now he’s doing it with Wilson. That’s a troll to me. I’m sure plenty of people don’t like a lot of what I have to say, but at least I don’t just beat a dead horse with EVERY EFFIN POST!

  172. gonefishin69690 says:

    I’m beginning to think that without “12 men” on the field, we are mediocre at best.

  173. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, I wasn’t saying that you necessarily thought that Wilson is elite already. I just wasn’t 100 % confident that you hadn’t said something to that effect, so I left you out of the challenge to Chuck. You have been the biggest supporter of Wilson, so I thought maybe you had posted that he was elite at some point. Possibly after a win and a few beers. Not trying to put words in your mouth.

  174. MEhawkfan says:

    Indeed, Dukeshire… voice of reason and all that.

    So about Wilson’s play. He appeared to become more rattled as the game progressed. In my opinion, the drops by his receivers played a prominent role in this.

  175. Duke, I know the first plays are scripted.

    This doesn’t explain the (IMO) awful play calling that happens starting on drive #3. Its the same guys calling these plays who wrote the script, isn’t it?

    It would be interesting to know how the decision making / play calling works between PC / Cable / Bevell. Who is giving the offence its direction. who do we blame for slant passes to Tate on 3rd and 2?

  176. MEhawkfan says:

    Turbin makes that catch for the TD, Tate makes that catch for the first, or miraculously Edwards holds that ball in the endzone, and this “Wilson conversation” never happens.

  177. GeorgiaHawk says:


    Wow. Lol. Way off on that one, and I’m not exaggerating.

  178. Oklahoma: you need to realize that when him or myself say something, its instantly assaulted.

  179. mojjonation says:

    I didn’t watch the game but I blame ACIB. For the loss. Why? Because it makes as much sense as blaming RW for it all. Now if could only shove my head up my A.. a little farther I may see things his way.

  180. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, where is this “amazing backlash” for anyone that criticizes Wilson? I think it’s a figment of your imagination. You have criticized Wilson, and I don’t remember anyone attacking you about it. RADEoN and ACIB routinely insult others on here and spew the same delusional BS over and over and over and over and over again. That’s why they get attacked. RADEoN has stated on more than one occasion that most of the posters here are idiots or morons. What would he expect? And yes, I have insulted people here before. I know. But I don’t run to Eric to censor people if they insult me and I apologize for it if I come to think I was wrong. Same can’t be said for ACIB and RADEoN.

    You have the right to criticize Wilson, and others have the right to criticize your criticism. It’s not automatically an attack if someone posts a disagreement with your opinion. Your seniority doesn’t buy you a free pass.

  181. morleytr says:

    Could someone please answer why they defaulted to winging the ball downfield repeatedly in the 2nd half? Is that Wilson, or were those called plays? The wheels came off in the passing game in the 2nd half and there seemed to be a lot of unnecessary deep throws, including the rather ill-advised throw into triple coverage that got picked.

    I hate the bubble screen. Almost as much as the endzone fade route.

    Also 5:30 to go they get the ball back and run exactly two plays before the 4:00 mark. Why not pick up the pace a bit? With over five minutes left there is plenty of time to use Lynch, if you just have some urgency.

    Love the 3rd down handoff to the fullback, though. They do seem to recognize you don’t have to hand the ball off three yards deep to pick up a half yard.

  182. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:


    Tough loss last night. I think calling this a pouting party shows a level of disdain for the folks who read your blog. Unless you were talking about yourself …

  183. sluggo42 says:

    good post confucious –

    Chuck Easton – Flynn would have gotten sacked at least 5 more times? Based on what? Your opinion. That’s all well and good. Some have a different opinion of how Flynn would or would not have performed if he were the starter. It’s an opinion and everybody is entitled to theirs.

    True, kinda like Flynn would be 6-0… Based on what? Your opinion? (not specifically you Chuck, but rather “the arguement”)

    RADeon – I will try to express a concept that might explain why 99% of the people in here are sick to death of you and ACID.
    **You have made valid points, no one would have a problem going down that route for a discussion or two. But here is the rub. You two leap up upon your soapbox and start screaming THE SAME THING endlessly. We KNOW how you feel. Trust me, the entire northern hemisphere knows how you feel. And they are fine thoughts, possible some merit to them too. But it doesn’t matter, because until the coach makes a change, it’s a moot point. And listening to two guys ranting about the same concept every time RW throws an incomplete pass gets very old. VERY OLD. You have become so one dimensional in your thinking that you have gotten to the point where you can’t let it go, EVERY post screams some other and new slant to try to prove the SAME OLD CONCEPT. Hence, the broken record comments. You two have made the decision to base your identity in here forever on benching Russell Wilson. You seem to be reasonably intelligent, and I believe you would be taken a little more seriously if you could somehow expand your myopic views of the team, and expand your discussion range so that instead of one more “BENCH THE MIDGET” post, perhaps you could contemplate some possible thoughts on how we could improve 3rd down defense, or WR drops, or O-Line problems, or Bevell game plan thoughts… or anything, besides the endless RW/PC bashes.
    I’m sure you will dismiss this concept, but until you change your posting agenda, it is my opinion that you will get less and less response.

  184. bbnate420 says:

    blocis, I believe that Eric has said that Cable runs the offense during the week and gives Bevell the running plays he can use. Bevell calls the plays during the game. Pete is the HC, so I’m sure he can overrule a call at any time. How much he does, I don’t know.

  185. Guys, relax.

    The 49er game highlighted some problems and it will be interesting to see how the Seahawks react, but the sky hasn’t fallen.

  186. Thanks bbnate….. so we can blame Bevell then? Play calling is my #1 concern for the Seahawks.

  187. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    and ACIB … yeah when tate dropped the pass keeping us out of scoring position, and when lynch dropped the pass killing the drive at the end of the game … I couldn’t help but think how that was all RW’s fault and that the 9ers terrible defense would give us tons of other opportunities.

    Oh wait, what I meant to say is that when they dropped those passes I couldn’t help but think that a rookie QB against this great defense was not going to get enough opportunities to overcome these drops.

    Seriously dude, chill. I was against starting RW, I thought it was a year early. I thought that if it fails, there’s nowhere to go with RW after that. I felt that we’d be pretty good with Lynch and that RW could use a year in the NFL. But they didn’t go that way, and now we’ll have to see if we can make this work.

    Good lord what an arm that guy has on him.

  188. bbnate420 says:

    You could blame Bevell and PC, at least. PC is the head coach. The buck stops there. This doesn’t mean I am blaming them.

  189. Dukeshire says:

    bbnate420 – I said “overwhelming backlash”, and you have completely missed the point. I one looks at the Wilson discussions, beginning in preseason, that’s been the tone of them. As for this “free pass” nonsense, devolving the discussion to something that I did not say nor imply, is exactly my point here.

  190. ChrisHolmes says:

    @MEhawkfawn – You, sir, are correct.

    I think we all need to take a deep breath and realize: this is what our season will be.

    We’re starting a very talented rookie QB. But rookies are going to have growing pains. We’re seeing them. We have to live with it. The growing pains have to happen in order for the QB to grow, mature, evolve, and reach the potential he possesses.

    I happen to think Wilson has a very, very high ceiling, and I think we’ve seen flashes of his ceiling this season already. I think he has the highest ceiling of any QB on our roster, and of any QB we’ve ever drafted. I really believe we’re looking at a franchise QB for the next decade-plus. I think Wilson is that rare special talent that every franchise covets at the QB position.

    But a lot of Wilson’s talent and ability are potential right now. He has a lot of growing left to do to reach his full power. He is not the QB right now that he will be in three years. We have to accept the growth process. There is no speeding it up. QB’s like Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, Eli, Rogers… they don’t grow into their elite versions overnight. It takes time.

    And it takes weapons.

    Our receivers, as we knew when the season started, aren’t great. And the drops changed the complexion of the game totally. We have to upgrade the receiver position, no question.

    I know a lot of people on this blog feel this amazing sense of urgency because our defense is a legit super bowl caliber unit and people don’t want to see the defensive efforts wasted. But I think a reality check is in order. Our defense is young. It takes complete teams to win Super Bowls. We have time. We need to grow and get better as a complete team. And we need to upgrade a couple of things (receivers mostly) this off season. And Wilson needs time to mature and grow into the QB many of us think he will be.

    I know people are down. But I, honestly, have never felt this much optimism for a Seahawks team in my life. Not even the ’05 club had me this excited. This is a very, very special team we’re building. For the first time since I was a little kid, we have a top 5 defense. We’re physical and harsh. Instead of sitting down to watch a a game and worrying that the other team is going to beat my ‘hawks all to hell, I’m excited to see my team beat the crap out of the other guys. For the first time I’m excited to watch our deep threat potential, and our running game is just brutal to opponents.

    I believe we’re going to get there. We may not do anything more than a first round playoff loss this year, but I think we’re making progress and building a team that is going to be the envy of the NFL.

    For years, I’ve envied the Patriots and their ability to reload every off-season. They just win. And all I’ve asked for is a front office that would come in an build a winning identity for my time the way Belichick has built the Patriots. And I really believe PC and JS have got us on that path.

    I think Wilson is going to be great. I think our defense is going to be really good for a long time. And I think we’re going to have great success or several years to come.

    We just have to weather the growing pains. And we can. We’re true fans. We’re good fans.

  191. Yes – I didn’t much care for the ‘pouting party’ headline either.

    Calling it the ‘post game reaction thread’ would be much better.

    Smarten up Ryan.

  192. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    I meant to say I thought we’d be pretty good with flynn … etc.

    That being said, wow what a terrible passing game. It’s hard to watch sometimes. I’m not ok with having a terrible passing game all game and then hoping we’re close enough to win it in our final possession.

  193. gonefishin69690 says:

    Ok, we’re 4-3, in the toughest division, through what arguably is the hardest part of our schedule, all division games played on the road so far, the rest at home, no serious injuries after this game, coming off a short week and playing one of the best teams in football in their house. A win would have been nice, but did anybody really think we were just going to knock the crap out of the Pats, and then then niners 4 days later? Not giving up yet. In our 3 losses, we have only been a play or 2 from possibly winning those games. So come on. This is a team worth getting behind.

  194. bbnate420 says:

    CHawkFanIn9erLand, Ryan doesn’t run the blog. Eric Williams does. And it seems like a pretty apt title considering the results.

    sluggo, it probably was a typo, but I think referring to it as ACID is better. As long as he sticks around anyways.

  195. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420- After a few beers we are all entitled to say something irrational or crazy sometimes. Lol. Of course I never have. Especially concerning you.

    Imagine if we all took Dukeshires advice and stayed off the blog after the game and a few beers.

    BTW- After hearing that RADEoN lives in Pittsburgh and has to listen to his friends concerning the Seahawks, I can understand more clearly his frustration.
    RADEoN- don’t look to get any credit from Stealer fans, even if they are your friends.
    All they ever will do is pick the Seahawks apart no matter how well they do.

  196. chuck_easton says:

    Georgia and bbnate,

    I’m not in favor of pulling Wilson. He’s the QB. And to say that I’m rooting for him to fail is ubsurd at best and outright slander at worst.

    All I said was this is what you are going to get with a rookie. You are going to have games like last week and then you are going to have games like last night.

    He isn’t an elite QB yet. He isn’t terrible either. He’s growing. Yes I can be frustrated that the team chose this year to make the switch to Wilson. Yes part of that is because we have Flynn sitting on the bench who by all appearances would have likely been more consistant right now. No I don’t think Flynn has Wilson’s upside and long term potential. That’s all I’m saying. We all went into this season with so much hope that appears to be for naught.

    Attack away and tell me I’m not a ‘REAL FAN’. I can take it. I was rooting for this team before many on here were born and I’ll be rooting for them until they no longer have the name Seattle in their logo. I was born and raised in the PNW and no matter where you go in your life once a Puget Sounder always a Puget Sounder.

  197. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    bbnate, ryan posted the thread that’s why I wrote the comment to him :)

  198. Dukeshire says:

    blocis – I would actually caution against that. That is, how much criticism would we have about playcalling if they were executed better? I have concerns regarding playcalling as well, but more along the lines of what they are able to call given Wilson’s ability to run the playbook. Moreover, I see more assignment breakdowns after the scripted plays have been run, and for me, that has almost everything to do with why they look better fundamentally to start a game than after, generally speaking.

  199. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    Duke, I agree 100%. It’s execution and assignment discipline.

  200. trout_hound says:

    This blog is more fun than a boil on your ass after a loss. People have different opinions. Agree to disagree. Its a like a bunch of third graders sugared up after snack time on here. There is not a team in the league that wants to play a Thursday night game on the road. Home team wins nearly every time. Before the season started, I don’t know anyone that penciled this game in as a W. We had some chances. We dropped them. At least it was close. Move on.

  201. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    It also looked to me toward the end that there were receivers that had a little separation that RW didn’t pass to. I started to think the dropped passes were affecting his confidence in his guys.

  202. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, yes, you’re right. Amazing and overwhelming backlash is COMPLETELY different. That’s laughable. It seems you’re the one changing the subject, because you’re unable to argue the merits of my post. There is no OVERWHELMING backlash to anyone criticizing Wilson. You were off base and now your only option is to skirt the issue. Well done.

    P.S. The seniority comment was because it seems to me that you feel somewhat entitled to have your posts go unchallenged. You have mentioned how long you and others have been here NUMEROUS times. Just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

  203. Duke – I agree to certain extent. Better execution and this whole ‘pouting party’ is avoided.

    None the less, I question the decision (play calling) to throw a slant to Tate on 3rd and 2 or run the ball with Leon (instead of Lynch or Turbin) on 3rd and short. These play calls are against our stated ‘run first’ philosophy. We take away from our offensive identity when we do these things.

    And when Lynch is gaining 5+ yards / carry, why piss around with slants to Tate and short yardage runs with Leon. It doesn’t make any sense.

  204. MEhawkfan says:

    ChrisHolmes -

    Thanks. You made solid, realistic points, and I think your post is a pretty decent assessment of the current state of affairs regarding the Seahawks.

    And you’re right, while the D is pretty awesome, it too is still a work in progress. That young linebacking corp (minus Hill of course) needs maturity. They seem to get killed in the short, middle passing game. And last night, they did a poor job of filling those massive lanes the niners were opening up for Gore. I saw both Wright and Wagner get swallowed more than a couple times, so there are some growing pains there as well.

  205. . . . . that you try to make it look like we are irrational by eagaterating things like what you say up above. . . . .

    The Wilson at all costs group is a huge bully brigade some days – last week there were 5 consecutive posts where there was not 1 single anti-wilson post until AFTER someone took a shot at either the pro-Flynn group.

    also, with the exception of 2 people the rest of the people have said over and over again that they favored Flynn but were behind Wilson – and have continued to do so – and we still get lambasted as soon as any kind of difference in opinion comes up

  206. sluggo42 says:

    BBNATE – it wasn’t a typo, I think ACID should be the official name now, please support my concept my fellow Hawkers!

  207. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Over two hundred posts! How many did we get after last Sundays win?

  208. There is no OVERWHELMING backlash to anyone criticizing Wilson.
    from someone who has been bashed I beg to disagree

  209. Dukeshire says:

    bbnate420 – You quoted me inaccurately. Correcting you is a matter of accuracy, not skirting or changing, or anything like that. And the tone of your responses couldn’t prove my point any more perfectly. I haven’t even criticized Wilson here, and you’re reacting this way.

  210. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, BTW, I didn’t miss the point. I just don’t agree with it. There’s a difference. If I had put it in your style I would’ve said something like, “I don’t know where this narrative came from?”

    Chuck, I have never said you weren’t a “real fan”. I also never said you were rooting for him to fail. I just disputed that all of the pro-Wilson guys were calling him elite already. You still haven’t provided an example. I also don’t see why you’re not in favor of playing Wilson if you think he has more upside/potential. We just have a different philosophy there. Nothing wrong with that.

  211. This board is so manic-depressive after each game it’s like a bad train wreck I can’t take my eyes away from.

  212. Dukeshire says:

    blocis – Running Washington was puzzling to me as well. Is that the slant that Tate dropped, you’re referring to? That was a strong throw by Wilson there, surprisingly. He’s had difficulties with that to date. In any case, I see your point and agree as well. As I said I too have concerns about the playcalling, although perhaps not to the degree you do.

  213. sluggo42 says:

    xcman – There is no OVERWHELMING backlash to anyone criticizing Wilson.
    from someone who has been bashed I beg to disagree

    I think you and a few others like Chuck are unfortunately catching the backlash cause by the other 2 posters. Were it not such a touchy subject due to the endless rants from elsewhere, I think a normal discussion of the situation would be available, but that can’t happen anymore. It’s unfortunate, but it’s run its course… I think they call that collateral damage.

  214. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, acting what way? Expecting a logical response to the content of my post? My bad. The spirit of the quote was the same. This isn’t being published in an academic journal, you know? Still waiting for a response. But you don’t have one. All you can do is talk about anything else because you know you’re wrong.

  215. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Georgia and bbnate,

    I’m not in favor of pulling Wilson”.

    Chuck, did I say you were?

    That’s the Lawyer in you coming out again. Lol. Like I said before stretching the truth to win an argument.

  216. Dukeshire says:

    bbnate420 – Responce to what? I don’t think I am wrong, and I made my point clearly, already. Should I continue to bash you over the head with it? I could care less what you think, simply my opinion from what I’ve read here over the summer and into the fall, regarding Wilson.

  217. bbnate420 says:

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I haven’t attacked any “anti-Wilson” people but RADEoN and ACID. I have challenged peoples’ assumptions/opinions. If you can’t handle that, then you shouldn’t be on an internet forum.

  218. Dukeshire says:

    By the way, isn’t it ACIB? Or is there some other new troll out there?

  219. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chuck really? did you watch the same game? there is now way flynn get’s away from at least 5 of the potential sacks.
    also i understand they are frustrated but please i am not getting paid 120 an hour to help them deal with it. it’s one thing to say your disappointed it’s another to every time they lose blame it all on the QB it’s a team game.
    i am not saying the drops are the whole story but they are a huge part .six drops if turbin makes the catch 20 more yards tate 25 obo 15. those were drive killers and most likely cost a TD. now before anyone says “how do you know?” i don’t anymore than you know that flynn would have done better. that would also be why i said “most likely” it’s just like you sight the passes that weren’t perfect that the receivers caught great now how about catching the perfectly thrown ones you dropped? that is by far the weakest argument i have ever heard. and yes those drops make a huge difference the difference is between 17/22 for around 200 yards or better and maybe a TD. again you can’t say they were not a huge part of RW numbers and i can’t guarantee we would have won with them, we will never know.
    see chuck i am not a fatalist like radeon and acib i am reasonable and give you my arguments and while agreeing that i can not say for sure how things would have turned out neither can you or them.
    i think flynn light up detroit for 3-4 td’s and the hawks win huge . this game is over i want to know what we do to win next week

  220. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    Here’s a question for the group …

    If someone had told you before week 1 that we were going to lose the games at STL and AZ, what would you have expected our record to be at this point? I honestly saw those two games as the most winnable for our first 8 games. I’m pretty shocked that we lost those 2 games and are still above .500

  221. MEhawkfan says:

    Answer me this, gentlemen, instead of debating back and forth about who said what. Why does the Hawk’s D struggle so mightily when it comes to stopping third-and-long?

  222. sluggo42 says:

    Again, good question –

    Answer me this, gentlemen, instead of debating back and forth about who said what. Why does the Hawk’s D struggle so mightily when it comes to stopping third-and-long?

  223. Ewalters7354 says:

    I agree with Georgia.The only reason in my belief that the hawks lost is immaturity.This is one of the youngest teams in the league who can play with anybody.I’m proud bas a fan to see that this is no longer a team that gets blown out or pushed around.Frisco didn’t dominate this team by any means.The hawks wore their asses out lol.These two teams are so similar but their advantage is having a veteran QB .

    That’s why I was vying for Flynn in the first place.Yes Wilson has more starts but that still doesn’t give him the knowledge and performing well ib games that mattered.The Lions were fighting for a playoff birth and New England was fighting for the lead in their division.You can say their D is poor but having the knowledge that Matt Flynn has gives him the advantage.

    The O-line did a hella job against the niners D line.Most of those pressures were a result off Wilson holding on to the ball.

    All in all I believe this team will have a winning record(may miss the playoffs) and mature more as a team.By this time next year the hawks may be undefeated.

    P.S. The play calling was not bad so please give Bevell a break and blame the guys that actually didn’t get their jobs done.

  224. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, you argue tooth and nail if you think you’re right. You just can’t back up your claim with evidence and you’re too proud to admit it. You cared enough to respond and say that I had missed the point. So obviously you cared. You had to whine about my post because I used a synonym rather than the exact word you used.

  225. Yeah, its a matter of degree, for certain.

    A 2 yard slant should be a high percentage play.

    Leon is a RB, so its not ‘crazy’ to give him that carry. But Leon hasn’t had any real RB carry success in a long time. I love him as a KR / PR, but giving him carries in the offence just take away from Lynch and Turbin who ARE having RB success.

    So these play calls are ‘ok’ to some degree, but for me these play calling decisions don’t make alot of sense when you see Lynch (and Turbin) running for 5+ yards / carry and our stated goal is to be a physical run first team. Are we becoming a physical ‘slant first’ team now?

    So, the play calls aren’t crazy, but just don’t “fit” how I see the Seahawks built and trying to be successful.

    I know I am belabouring the point…… sorry!

  226. MEhawkfan says:

    Here’s another, I keep hearing from the talking heads, and reading from some posters, that Bradley is a brilliant, young D coordinator. Is he really and how much of the what is happening with this defense comes from Carroll? It seems the personal acquired fit Carroll’s model.

  227. bbnate420 says:

    ACID is ACIB.

  228. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Most posters on this blog understand that football is a team sport. 11 guys on offense and 11 guys on defense. This game is not bingo. It’s never won or lost by one guy. When ACIB and Radeon constantly attack Wilson and bring the same tired comments, they lose power and are far from persuading anyone here. Sluggo42 makes this point very well above. As a “team” sport, when the o line blocks well enough to allow the QB to throw to an open receiver and then puts the ball right in the hands of the receiver, that receiver should make the catch. This happened several times last night. Six drops. All placed in the hands of the receivers by the QB that you guys say isn’t a NFL QB or is too short or whatever.

    If you watch football at all, at any level, but especially the pros, you would be able to rationally comment and understand that even with Joe Montana himself last night, those drops were game killers. Lynch was awesome last night, D played hard but wasn’t able to slow Gore much. The QB put the ball right on the receivers and collectively, they dropped the ball.

    Not sure why our tights ends were not involved last night. Don’t think Miller caught anything. The Moore experiment has to be over as he’s been on the team for about five weeks now and still not one catch and a huge drop.

    The team seemed out of sorts especially late in the game. Every series looked confused as if they were just throwing plays on the wall to see if anything worked. The game play calling has to be modified as for whatever reason we can run or pass but both rarely work in the same game. The play action pass should have been huge last night. Tight ends should have had 7-10 catches over the middle. Nope, not even close.

    This game had many areas of fail and yes, Wilson is part of that because he is part of the “team”. However to lay all this at his feet is ridiculous and non educated spew. I laughed after we beat the Patriots as both of the attacking, name calling posters said they had seen how good Wilson could be and they were fully ready to step up and tone down the attacks on Wilson. Those were the least convincing posts I’ve read.

    Be mad, bummed, disappointed the “team” lost. But try and move past the one hit wonder tirades after every game. Elevin guys line up on each side of the ball. All elevin have a say in winning or losing every game. Look up team and see if this makes sense.

  229. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    MEHawk, because they tend to get less aggressive and play more of a prevent then a balls to the walls aproach that got them into that 3rd and long. that is not absolute but if you watch the game more often then not they look like they are in prevent.

  230. MEhawkfan says:


  231. tacomahawk73 says:

    I think “troll” is the wrong word. These guys are just Flynn-stoned and genuinely believe he is the answer to our offense woes. I agree a team can’t go far in this league without a strong QB, but I also agree that Flynn would have spent a lot of time on his backside against that D last night. Doesn’t matter who is flinging the ball if catchable passes aren’t caught.

  232. GeorgiaHawk says:

    CHawkFanIn9erLand- I agree, and I don’t think most reasonable fans here thought we would be much better than 4-3 at this stage with arguably the hardest part of are schedule behind us.

  233. abqhwkfn says:

    I think 3rd and long remains a problem because the pass rush is still an issue. Also, our corners and safetys are not good in zone coverage. neither are the lbs. mostly cuz they are inexperienced in my opinion.

  234. chuck_easton says:

    Oh great. Now xcman, Duke, and I are just getting caught in the crossfire! And the sad part is it’s friendly fire at that because we are all here due to the fact we bleed blue,gray, and neon green.

    Sad, but them’s the breaks. And I can accpet that totally.

  235. Dukeshire says:

    bbnate420 – Whine… lol. You put it in quotes. And look dude, if this were something tangible then I’d be happy to debate you all day. But my post was simply an opinion about the “general tone” of the pro Wilson crowd, if you think I’m wrong, good for you. But you react so adversely and almost irrationally, quite honestly, I feel like you’re proving my point a bit without me having to belabor it. In any case, I am truly done with this nonsense.

  236. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    if we stop a 3rd and 9, the niners don’t get a TD all game. I’d say Bradley is pretty dang good. But seriously we need to get that fixed. The LB’s are either missing assignments or are incorrectly assigned to give up that much over the middle.

  237. morleytr says:

    3rd down defense actually has very little to do with pass rush, even though it could be better. Teams are more likely to throw short or mid routes, which is where this defense is extremely vulnerable. I think that’s on the linebackers, but I’m not sure. They can’t get off the field because that’s the one down teams consistently attack their weakness.

  238. MEhawkfan says:

    abqhwkfn- I think you make some good points. To sum, it seems there are some maturity issues, among other things, on defense as well. Experience should help with those issues.


    I don’t see that as always being the case, but yes, sometimes they appear to be in prevent; however, the thing they often prevent is them getting off the field.

  239. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, “almost irrationally”? Okay, whatever. It seems like you’re the one that couldn’t provide an example of being attacked. You insinuated that many people had attacked you for simply criticizing Wilson. I’ll say the same thing to you that you said to NDAME when you thought he was accusing you of posting something you hadn’t. Still waiting…….

    Seems the only nonsense was your post.

  240. LeePHilI says:

    To those who malign the defense…….only 13 points, people!!!!

    To those who think dropped passes are the sign of a short quarterback….get a clue

    It was a loss that I predicted before the season started. Get over it

  241. abqhwkfn says:

    The offense looks a lot like an offense with a rookie qb.. moments of greatness followed by indecisiveness and bad decisions. This is just how i figured this year would go. Its the.same pattern the majority of young teams follow. no reason to lose your minds and fight. it is just a game after all

  242. bbnate420 says:

    With 3rd and long, I think the major problem is getting pressure, and even when they blitz, they don’t seem to get there. Also, they don’t seem to play zone as well as man to man. Coverage is the weak link of the LBs as well.

  243. I thought the big problem with the defence were the runs in the A and B gaps. In these cases I noticed two things 1) Wagner over running the play or picking the wrong gap and 2) Wagner and Wright getting blocked by oline attacking the second level. This was the result o fteh SF oline ‘handling’ our DT – a big surprise for me.

    Our run defence on the edge was (again, my opinion) good.

    Our secondary was (I thought) very good.

  244. MEhawkfan says:

    I do think the linebackers are a significant part of the problem on third and long. But I also think they will get better with experience–just as Wilson will. And yeah, the Hawks zone coverage does seem to have some problems.

    The team on both sides of the ball is a work in progress. They gave me Superbowl hopes against the Pats, but I’m back to reality after the Niners. All things considered, I do believe they’re moving quickly in the right direction. Right now, the “growing pains” are just real hard to take, especially since everyone, considering the past, five years, is so hungry for a winner.

  245. What a great young team we have,with an awesome future. Very fun game to watch and I am sure SF really does not want to come play us at home.Fun to read the board also the phrase of the day has to be “Flynn-stoned” from
    tacomahawk73. Nice to hear from the Flynn-stones after a loss.

  246. “Tough loss but not a huge shock. Obviously the receivers dropping balls killed momentum all night long, and RW made a poor throwing decision throwing the pick. Surprised they ran so well on us in the second half but 13 points should have allowed us to win. Playing at their place, after NY crushed them, and with a short week made it difficult. I think we still have a good season going and this team has a very bright future in years to come.”

    That’s about where I am as well. I’m also surprised they ran it so well against our D, they seem to have more success than most teams, but overall, our Defense, once again played well enough to get us a victory.

    As everyone has said, the dropped passes killed our offensive momentum in the first half, and literally took points off the board. In the 2nd half, the Niners had a pretty continual pass rush on Wilson, and yeah, he’s not as good under pass pressure as a quicker-thinking veteran like Manning, etc. Nor do I expect him to be at this point. I don’t think he got rattled exactly, it’s just that without the split second of addtl time, he’s often forced to throw it away. His low completion percentage yesterday is a function of those drops, and the throwaways. He’s proven to me that he’s an accurate thrower.

    Another guy who deserves to be called out yesterday is Breno, absolutely terrible game in pass protection. And especially when it really counted, in the 4th quarter, he was getting beaten time and time again. He needs to improve, or be replaced.

    A down game for RW, no doubt, but he still looks like an NFL starter to me. It’s still real early in the season to be counting us out of the division or the playoffs, we’ve played some very tough teams, and we’re 4-3. All is far from lost.

  247. chuck_easton says:


    OK, I’ll bite. And not because I feel I have to come to Duke’s rescue. The man can fight his own battles. In fact I tried to get him to go to law school! He’s a natural at this line of work.

    Yes, since the pre-season anyone who dared to question Wilson has been labeled a ‘hater’ a ‘troll’ ‘not a real fan’. I’ve personally been called all of those. I could name names and even give dates (it’s a gift that’s necessary to my profession), but that only tends to stir the pot.

    I’ve also been accused of rooting for Wilson to fail. That is as rediculous as rooting for the team to lose to the Rams in 2010 so we could get the top 7 draft pick instead of going into the playoffs with a 7-9 record. But there were people on here actively chearing for that. Again, if you want me to name names I can.

    Last week after what we all hope is the first of MANY future games where Wilson displayed what could truly be considered elite franchise QB quality play the pro-Wilson guys were on here (again I can name names of the one in particular who personally called me out, but I like the guy and I enjoy the fact we don’t always see eye to eye)gloating and saying things to the effect “see? that proves it! We knew Wilson was the best QB! Take that you Flynn lovers!!!!” Ok, there is exageration in that, but you get the point.

    I simply came on and said, yes, it was a very good performance. But to be a franchise QB Wilson will have to show that last week was the norm and that the Rams performance was the fluke. I might as well have said that Wilson had two heads and ate kittens and puppies for breakfast.

    I am frustrated because I see how good this team can be. Wilson is the focal point because he’s the QB. It comes with the job. The QB always gets way too much credit for the wins and takes entirely too much heat for the losses.

    I will not give up on my honest opinion that I think the team would be performing better with Flynn RIGHT NOW. No we wouldn’t likely have seen the high of last week from him, but we wouldn’t have seen the lows of Arizona, St. Louis, and last night.

    But Pabs put it best. Wilson has to get game experience some time. If not now, when? We put him in as a first time starter next year? The year after?

    I don’t like the decision, but I see the logic. The team is playing for 2013. That has appeared to be the timeline for PC and Co all along. This team is being built to compete for the division in 2013 and beyond. The QB (and an obvious upgrade at WR that I hope we address in next year’s draft) was the next cog that needed to be upgraded. So I guess now is as good a time as any to make the decision.

    But I DON’T HAVE TO LIKE IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!! As I always say because I have ADHD and OCD, ‘god grant me patience and GIVE IT TO ME NOW!’

  248. bbnate420 says:

    RADEoN, you prove yourself to be more and more of a moron with every post. How do you know 420 has something to do with marijuana? How do you know it’s not a random number? It’s also code for Neo-Nazis as 4/20 was Hitler’s birthday. I am in fact neither a Neo-Nazi or a regular marijuana user. I don’t see why it would matter if I smoked marijuana regularly. I used to and still do occasionally. I bet you drink alcohol. Alcohol is much worse for every part of your body and society than marijuana is, you retarded hypocrite. Your post was just a pathetic attempt to deflect for the myriad of crap you have posted from your pea-brain. You couldn’t argue with the facts of my demolition of your pathetic attempt at logic, so you have no choice but to resort to diversionary tactics.

  249. chuck_easton says:

    Whoa there bbnate,

    Maybe now might be a good time to do one of your ‘occasionallies’? I’ll pay for the munchies afterwards! :)

    No need to get into name calling. Even on RADEoN and ACIB. Gotta love their passion even if you don’t agree with them.

  250. my best Dennis Green rant voice regarding the game..they were who we thought they were and we let em off the hook..AAARRRGGG
    Drops killed the first half and early second half not the QB till the dumb interception.
    The drive where the FG was missed WTF on the play calling? a 3rd and long 9 or 10 and the coaches call a stinking draw play? like its 3rd and 20 a stupidly conservative call so we have to try a long FG? Who plays for long fieldgoals? Play to WIN COACHES!!!!
    Momentum was on the Hawks side and a TD or two would have killed the 49ers because they looked down, But drops kept them in the game and killed the momentum until it changed the other way and they squeeked out the win.
    Not to hack on he D they kept us in the game, but things can be improved. Gore ran crazy because the front 7 got mauled by blocks maybe they just called the right plays for what our D showed but they looked like they had 15 blockers out there. Gore ran rampant early and often in the 2nd half due to the blocking, cant blame being on the field to long for the first couple drives in the second half.
    The dink passes, where are the LB’s? Oh I forgot you can pull hall of famers out of the dumpster on the corner as many here said this spring. The LB pass coverage has been bad for several years and has gotta be fixed, thats where a lot of the 3rd and long conversions come from. At least the LBs are mostly young and hopefully can figure it out soon.
    Offense, man if we had SFs O line.
    Cant wait for Moffit to get back. They ran the the ball off and on due to Beast Mode making it happen after contact, pass pro off and on the qb’s having to run for his life due to poor or no pocket not his size, receivers SUCK. Drops, bitching whining because the didn’t get the ball, missing blocks, just lack luster the whole game. Do your job catch the ball and shut TF up.
    Once again PLAY CALLING play to win not to stay in the game hoping for last minute comeback.
    Dwayne bow is available right now for trade but probably a head case and hear he is slow to pick up offenses and on last year of contract.
    Where’s Winslow the replacement TE they got instead sucks, drops everything and can’t block.
    It’s like the team goes brain dead in conference games.
    Long prep week for Detroit Fix the problems Coaches Get er Done

  251. chuck – I think you had it right in a post from a little while back, re RW, we shouldn’t get too high on the up days, or too low on the down days. I’m trying to maintain that even keel of expectations.

    To me, he’s shown that when he has reasonable time to pass, he’s got a strong, accurate arm. The Niners had him under pressure on nearly every dropback in the 2nd half – and his numbers went down accordingly. We need to figure out ways to either stem the pressure, or gameplan plays that can work in spite of it.

    RW was sharp in the 1st half, but we missed our opptys to at least somewhat take control of the game w/those dropped passes.

    This team is still on the rise – a close loss at SF, in a game that the Niners had to win to maintain their position (and they are in a different position than the Hawks this year, it’s just a fact), is not something anyone on here should go crazy about.

  252. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This is what I don’t get concerning some who are blameing Wilson for most everything when this team loses.

    Last year when some of us were critical about the play of our 1st and 3rd round draft picks, (at this stage of last season), for playing so bad on the O-line, the response was, ” leave them in there, they will only get better with experience”, Even though Carpitt was clearly hampering our offensive play. But remember how much better they got before the injuries hit them?

    Why not have the same attitude about our rookie qb this year? They are not going to pull him, so see things for what they are just like you did with Carpenter and Moffitt last year.

    We are now past the hardest part of the schedule with a winning record , ( only one game out) with the last three division games at home.
    Wilson has got some valuable experience and reps, and has shown enough promise to help us get into the playoffs this year.

    Don’t give up on this young team! I’m not.

  253. “Maybe now might be a good time to do one of your ‘occasionallies’? I’ll pay for the munchies afterwards!”

    Count me in – - don’t feel much like working today . . .

  254. bbnate420 says:

    Chuck, I don’t necessarily disagree with most of that. I know that Boycie99 said that you were rooting for him to fail. I have NEVER said that. I have NEVER said you weren’t a real fan. I just totally disagree that anyone criticizing Wilson has been labeled a troll or a hater by the majority of the 50-75 people that post on here regularly. I haven’t seen Boycie post in forever. Some regulars probably have. Just not most. I haven’t labeled anyone a troll but ACID. I even have said that I don’t think that RADEoN is necessarily a troll, even though he has attacked me and most of the people here a number of occasions. I have said it numerous times. Yes, I attack him now. He has earned that IMO. I do think he is a hater, stupid, and obsessive though.

    I’m not as upset as you, because I believe in the logic that you laid out in your last post. Hopefully it works out. You have to take a chance with someone. You can’t bet on 3 horses. If it doesn’t, then PC will be send packing most likely. I think it’s the best long term course we can take, and I have faith in the decision. Only time will tell. The most frustrating thing to me is the bipolar nature of many posters here. If you keep a level head and keep your expectations realistic, then you won’t be ready to jump off a cliff with every loss and proclaim them SB winners after every win. I would’ve taken 4-3 after 7 games if it had been offered at the beginning of the year.

  255. ok bbnate420, you got me. You called me a troll, so I have officially trolled you. Right now, you are about as angry as you can get at someone on the internet. Right now, you are probably about to cry, because you’re raged as hell.

    But to stay on topic, yeah, say it’s for Hitler’s birthday… that’ll add credibility. By the way, when you spice up your language and try to look super intellectual, you’re not fooling anybody. To be honest, you’re probably the worst idiot there is on this board. That being said, I’d suggest a vasectomy, if you choose to not do the better task, which is unplug your CAT5E cord, make a solid noose, and give it a whirl.

  256. bulldog80 says:

    Wow! You’d think we were 0-7. Wilson played a good game, if you don’t like him get over it. I would bench Tater going forward though. It scares me every time the ball goes his way. He’s way too unreliable.

  257. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- You are defending RADEoN and ACIB from bbnates name calling? (That’s going a little Gloria allredish) Don’t you think? Perhaps you need to read some more of their posts.

    They have pretty much set the standard around here of late with regards to name calling. Even Eric would attest to that.

    Why do you feel the need to protect them. Perhaps because you mostly agree with them? Lol.

  258. princeaden says:

    I feel that had the receivers/RB’s caught the ball the game could have been different. That goes along with a few different scenarios, play calling ( after the first 15 scripted plays), identifying the trap on passing downs and so on. The sky has not fallen. We are 4-3 with our destiny in our own hands. On a separate note, I hope all this on going verbal attacks and less than friendly banter doesn’t make the knowledgeable and reasonable voices disappear, turning this blog into a ghost town.

  259. bbnate420 says:

    Chuck, read MORoN’s last post, and you will know why I insult him. The dipspit has done it time and time again before I even personally insulted him. They really need to limit the internet access in halfway houses.

    pdway, I’m starting to think the same with Breno. He’s just not a very good pass blocker right now. There’s a good chance they’ll have to address RT in the off-season.

  260. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- RADEon just made my case to you with his last post.

  261. chuck_easton says:


    Nope not at all. Well I do agree with the critiques on Wilson, I don’t agree with benching him NOW. I feel that ship has sailed, hit the iceburg, and sunk already.

    But I can see how the two of them are feeling attacked. A natural reaction to being attacked is to either run away or come out swinging. It’s the fight or flight genetic trait we as human beings still have from the days when we were prey and on on top of the food chain.

    They feel attacked so they come out swinging. I’ve had to resist that on several occasions myself. In a weaker moment I gave in to the rage but all that did was make me look like the raving lunatic I’m trying not to be (and the voices in my head told me I can still like you Georgia).

    I’m not defending their rants. But I can understand where they are coming from. It’s the school yard playground all over. The mob scene has decided who the uncool kids are and it’s fair game.

  262. bbnate420 says:

    MORoN, good to see that you’re still illiterate. Did I say it was for Hitler’s birthday? To quote Sam Jackson, “English son, do you speak it?”
    I never called you a troll. You are one now. Congrats. Send me the address of the mental hospital in Pittsburgh and I’ll ship you Hooked on Phonics.

  263. bbnate420 says:

    MORoN called most of the posters on here idiots long before I or anyone else personally attacked him. He’s got what he asked for.

  264. bbnate420 says:

    BTW MORoN, “super intelligent” and “worst idiot” are phrases that only 3rd grade dropouts and high-functioning retards use. Way to show your true colors.

  265. bbnate420 says:

    Okay, I am going to try not to respond to MORoN and ACID anymore. Lord, give me the strength.

  266. GeorgiaHawk says:

    chuck_easton- We have all been there, and that’s why I pretty much disregard some things that are said after happy hour. Lol.

    I guess happy hour has turned into happy day this time.

  267. Georgia, your 9:12 post Nailed it for me!

  268. NYHawkFan says:

    Let’s get back to football and drop the personal attacks. This isn’t a grade school playground.

  269. Ewalters7354 says:

    This could have all been avoided bif OC would’ve just did things the COMMON SENSE way and not the I LOVE BEING DIFFERENT WAY.Common sense would tell the normal person to go with tge guy who has schooling and years of prep this guy has had to have an opportunity he’s been waiting for and it gets stripped by a coach that loves the intangibles, persona, and potential this kid has.I love Pete Carroll but the head scratching decisions he makes at times really sets this team back.Russell Wilson should not be starting this season though I’m supporting him.Pete has created a mess.If he were to make a move at QB now it would just create another big debacle.

  270. Why is it after any loss, NFL fans immediately begin calling for the head of the quarterback. It’s a 9-7 league. Teams are pretty equal. I am amazed that fans have such a short memory. Did they get clunked in the head?

  271. jchawks08 says:

    270 comments? Holy mother of God, this should be good.

  272. Palerydr says:

    I started reading with 180 posts I hit refresh and now it’s 269 a loss sure does put us all in a loquacious mood.

    Dropped passes, RW’s inability to find his check down receivers and the defense not stopping the quick hitting trap plays they ran in the 2nd half crushed any chance we had of winning.

    I’m with Chuck I didn’t want a 5’11″ rookie QB starting. Nate made the point Aaron Rodgers sat for 3 years IMO RW could have sat and learned this year as well. I feel he would be better for it.

    Jim Harbaugh is every negative adjective you can think of x10.

  273. Haven’t pawed through the comments yet, but who care’s about the drops, yes, they cost us, but shit man, besides that, our offense sucks. Even with the drops, we should be able to do something besides what, 20 total yards of passing in the second half, WTF. The playcalling is a joke and Wilson isn’t the answer, especially with all the help/lack of there, from the sidelines. Pete Carrol is living in fantasy land if he is going to keep putting in all on the D, they can only do so much. As the year goes on, it’s going to get worst, the D cannot keep this up, they are going to get wore down. Even if we had just under a mediocre passing attack we would have one. This is ridiculous. So let me have it, bring on all the sky is falling BS backlash and it’s still all good because we’re 4-3 and so on, but at the end of the year when we are not in the playoffs because of all these come down to the wire games that we should have one if we had any kind of passing game, look back at all your comments homies.

  274. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If we had Favre, Wilson would be sitting for three years or more like Rodgers did.
    But we have Flynn. Big difference!

  275. mojjonation says:

    Seattles losses:
    Arizona Cardinals..led by Kevin Kolb and John Skeleton.
    Stlouis Rams… led by Sam Bradford.
    San Francisco 49′s…led by Alex Smith

    Seattle wins:
    Dallas Cowboys… led by Tony Romo.
    Grenade Bay Packers…led by aAaron Rodgers.
    Carolina Panthers…led by Cam Newton.
    New England Patriots…led by Tom Brady.

    Is it me or do we play to the level of the opposing QB? We have beaten 4 QB’s that are considered “stars or superstars”. We have lost to 3 guys who are considered average at best and busts at worst. Make of it what you will.

  276. mojjonation says:

    I’ll play the hypothetical game too. If Seattle was in the AFC, they would be third in conference. The whole conference.

  277. How’s the D on the teams we won against to the one’s we lost against. It’s our offense that sucks, so when we go against a strong D, we are doomed from the get-go. Our own D however, rises to the occassion. I rather play a team with the BEST offense, then a team with the even a decent defense.

  278. GeorgiaHawk says:

    TruBlu said it, so it must be Tru! And very Blu. Lol. No sense watching anymore games this year. May as well shut down this Blog too.
    The Worlds coming to an end.

  279. mojjonation says:

    MarcS…its because some people are so down on their own lives, that when something else goes wrong, and people want to argue about it, they try and drag others down to their level.

    Most are here because we have something to say. Others are here because they have to say something.

  280. chuck easton is about as correct as can be. Georgia Hawk, bbnate420, and DanielleMND all started insulting me as soon as I started questioning Carroll and Wilson.

    GeorgiaHawk now seems to at least see where I’m coming from A LITTLE, and has eased up on me. For this, I thank you, and respect you.

    bbnate420 is about legit as clueless as anyone I’ve ever seen before. He feels that every player on this team is the best at their respective position, in the NFL. If you disagree, he will lash out at you, resort to calling you names, attacking you, making things up about working at “burger flipping jobs”, I think ACIB works cutting grass or something, according to him. He doesn’t impress me, and tbh, some of the more seasoned posters laugh at him on facebook. You get no respect, slug.

    DanielleMND… well, women really shouldn’t watch football, let alone discuss it.

  281. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN- I admit to going down the name calling road last night a bit but fortunately cut myself off quickly.

    It’s not what you say so much about Wilson and others that stirs things up as the sometimes vicious things you attach to it.

    Saying that Women really shouldn’t watch football, let alone discuss it, really?
    You really do need to get out of Pittsburgh fast. Like yesterday.

  282. hawkfan12 says:

    Bonus answer first: Jim Harbaugh is a douche. Did you see him trying to show the refs that pic that his guy was not lined up in the neutral zone and he took the red flag outta his pocket to get their attention? Hillarious I wish we woulda beat the CRUD out of him!

    Look I like Wilson but we need a change. He’s a 3rd round/rookie and it shows! Happy feet, holding onto the ball to long, not a pocket passer, and probly the worst QB rating in the league after last night not of which all of it was his fault but…..Lets see what Flynn can do as he has plenty of time to prepare for the Lions (who he already knows and beat). Bench a few guys like Tate and send a message to the other offensive players to step up there game. If we didnt have Lynch and we were stuggling at the RB position we would bench that postion, as we should the WR’s and now the rookie QB. We cant change the coaches but somethings gotta change before its to late my friends.

  283. jchawks08 says:

    And I was not dissapointed. Jesus.

  284. MoSeahawk12 says:

    this sounds familier….hello kettle. Something about taking a cat5 cable? How can someone be both legit and clueless? Time to break out the dictionary for those big words. I know many women that would run circles around your incredibly limited football knowledge. But don’t worry, once you get a little older, you may like girls too. Is it recess yet?

    “bbnate420 is about legit as clueless as anyone I’ve ever seen before. He feels that every player on this team is the best at their respective position, in the NFL. If you disagree, he will lash out at you, resort to calling you names, attacking you, making things up about working at “burger flipping jobs”, I think ACIB works cutting grass or something, according to him. He doesn’t impress me, and tbh, some of the more seasoned posters laugh at him on facebook. You get no respect, slug.

    DanielleMND… well, women really shouldn’t watch football, let alone discuss it.”

  285. “DanielleMND… well, women really shouldn’t watch football, let alone discuss it.”

    Wow. Seriously? If that’s not a lame attempt at humor, then it’s one of the lamest posts I’ve read on here.

  286. MoSeahawk12 says:

    LAMEon……kinda fits good call pdway

  287. LeePHilI says:

    Is it Russell Wilson’s fault that people dropped passes?

  288. RADE….Your tone and assumption of infallibility tend to negate whatever reasonable statements you make. There is a difference between stating an opinion and believing that opinion is fact. Yes, Wilson is a rookie and makes mistakes, however that has to be looked at in context, not in comparison to truly experienced QB’s (and Flynn’s 2 starts do not automatically make him wonderfully experienced). By the way, how good were AS’s stats?

    ACIB….Now you are playing martyr over Curry? I sure as heck do not remember all the Aaron Curry defenders that you do. The consensus was he was a TR mistake without a doubt. Perhaps it was as noted for RADE, your tone rather than your substance that was the issue.

  289. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “ACIB….Now you are playing martyr over Curry? I sure as heck do not remember all the Aaron Curry defenders that you do. The consensus was he was a TR mistake without a doubt. Perhaps it was as noted for RADE, your tone rather than your substance that was the issue.”

    Bogus. Absolute bogus. I was absolutely SAVAGED for calling out Curry’s disastrous play, called an idiot, troll, etc. Majority of this blog made irrational excuses for Curry JUST LIKE they do for Wilson (it’s the coaching staff’s fault! He has to think too much! He needs Lofa Tatupu in there to help him! Etc). Only in retrospect and hindsight are people pretending like they agreed with me all along that Curry and Ruskell were both flaming bags of feces.

  290. Why is everyone on RWs arse? He’s a rookie, this was expected. Manning went 3-13 his first season. We’re 4-3 right now with the foundation in place for a great team. No one was screaming for RWs head last week when he put up those numbers. Let him develop, let him learn the offense, (GET PC TO OPEN THE OFFENSE) and lets take the bumps and bruises that come with starting a rookie. How many years did it take bouncing between Hasselbeck and Dilfer before Hass got it? He was a veteran by that time to. Let RW learn, it’s gonna happen with the mistakes and errors but we’re 4-3 WITH a rookie QB. Lets see how well he does with some experience under his belt.

  291. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “Why is everyone on RWs arse? He’s a rookie, this was expected. Manning went 3-13 his first season. We’re 4-3 right now with the foundation in place for a great team. No one was screaming for RWs head last week when he put up those numbers. Let him develop, let him learn the offense, (GET PC TO OPEN THE OFFENSE) and lets take the bumps and bruises that come with starting a rookie. How many years did it take bouncing between Hasselbeck and Dilfer before Hass got it? He was a veteran by that time to. Let RW learn, it’s gonna happen with the mistakes and errors but we’re 4-3 WITH a rookie QB. Lets see how well he does with some experience under his belt.”


    Manning’s situation does NOT apply here. The Colts were garbage when they drafted him, which is why they were picking #1 overall, and garbage with him, drafting #4 overall the next year. We were 7-9 last season and good QB play could have made us 10-6 or better. THIS TEAM IS TOO GOOD TO FORFEIT GAMES SO A ROOKIE QB CAN HOPEFULLY LEARN ON THE JOB.

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