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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 24-23 win

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 15, 2012 at 7:25 am with 69 Comments »
October 15, 2012 7:33 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson scrambles with New England Patriots' Vince Wilfork on the ground in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

Good morning. We will have our regular Monday Morning QB live chat at noon today, so stop by to talk about the game if you have time during lunch.

But for now, let’s take a spin around the web to see what folks are saying about Seattle’s 24-23 win over New England, which puts them in a tie for the NFC West division lead at 4-2 with San Francisco and Arizona.

Here’s my game story. Seattle rookie quarterback Russell Wilson has now engineer two, fourth-quarter comebacks in the last, four weeks. “It doesn’t matter the situation, it doesn’t matter the score – we’re going to fight for 60 minutes,” Seattle fullback Michael Robinson said. “And I’m just happy that it’s turning out our way.”

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes that Wilson played more like a poised veteran than an undersized rookie. Boling: “As pointed out by teammate Richard Sherman, the marvelously unfiltered cornerback/commentator, Wilson has now led fourth-quarter comeback victories over Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay and Tom Brady of New England. ‘Not many people can say that – and he did it with confidence,’ Sherman said.”

Ryan Divish of The New Tribune talks with outspoken Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman, who doesn’t mince words when asked about New England’s no-huddle offense. “They are running this gimmick, hurry-up stuff. You don’t do that in the NFL,” Sherman said. “It’s not effective because there are great defenses out there.”

Sherman also had a message for Brady after the game.

Pete Carroll said revenge was not on his mind in getting a win against the Patriots, the team that fired him over a decade ago. “That was a long time ago,” Carroll said. “And there’s been a lot of games. I really love (New England owner) Robert Kraft. He’s a great man. He’s been great throughout the years about our separation. And I respect the heck out of him.
“But I’m a competitor. So, heck yeah, I want to win against those guys.”

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Wilson came to Seattle’s rescue at the end of the game. Farnsworth: “But in the end, Wilson, the rookie QB who was making his sixth NFL start, found a way to out-Brady the incomparable Brady. After throwing five interceptions in the past two games, Wilson threw three TD passes and no picks while completing 16 of 27 passes for 293 yards and fashioning a 133.7 passer rating – with the yards and rating being career bests.”

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times writes that the Seahawks have finally turned into a complete team, getting solid efforts on both sides of the ball. Brewer: “These are the kinds of improbable victories that launch teams. And for the Seahawks, defensively dominant but offensively opaque, an all-in rally against an elite team could help redefine the possibilities this season.”

Art Thiel of writes that Wilson outplayed Tom Brady in the final quarter. Thiel: “Instead of Brady, the man of many memorable comebacks, it was Wilson who launched his team after slogging through a turgid second half to deliver the performance of his abbreviated football career, staggering the Super Bowl-bejeweled Pats.”

Mike Salk of 710 ESPN Seattle writes that Seattle’s win over New England sends a statement to the league. Salk: “Russell Wilson isn’t always pretty. He’s definitely not traditional. But he can sling it. And maybe more importantly, he has a quality about him that you don’t see every day in the NFL. You can call him a leader or a winner. Heck, I’ve even been accused of calling him a prophet or a deity. I’m not exactly sure what he is, but he’s a must-watch whenever he drops back.”

Jeffrey Martin of USA Today writes that Wilson answered critics with is performance against New England. Martin: “While one controversial finish can be disputed, Wilson has guided two fourth-quarter comebacks against two teams with quarterbacks – Brady and Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers – whose credentials can’t be questioned.”

Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports says the quarterback debate between Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn is over after the rookie’s performance against New England. Silver: “It’s kind of crazy to consider that less than two weeks earlier, Wilson was seemingly in danger of being deep-sixed, at least in the eyes of a skeptical public.”

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post has a nice breakdown of Seattle’s man pressure schemes defensively on third and long situations.

Tom Curran of writes that New England coach Tom Brady swung for the fences and missed against the Seahawks, including a intentional grounding call that cost the Patriots three points at the end of the half. Curran: “Brady’s numbers were great if you had him on your fantasy team – 395 yards, 36 completions, two touchdowns – but in real football, the mistakes that cost points cost the Patriots this game and dropped them to 3-3.
The squander before the half was lamentable.”

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe rips apart New England’s secondary for giving up the game-winning touchdown to Sidney Rice. Bedard: “Holy moly, what a terrible performance by the secondary. They let a plucky popgun rookie quarterback in Russell Wilson — with average weapons — complete 16 of 27 passes for 293 yards and three touchdowns for a sky-high passer rating of 133.7. Wilson averaged 10.8 yards per attempt, which is just ridiculous.”

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I’m still in shock. What a game. And for my own well being, I’m going to have to get used to the fact Wilson is going to look awful for a good portion of each game and just hope he can continue to pull ‘em out.

  2. FleaFlicker says:

    You like apples, Tom Brady?


    How you like them apples?

  3. seahawk44 says:

    It was not a dream!!!

  4. who cares what he looks like Duke? You’ve been one of his biggest critics constantly clamoring how you wish Flynn would’ve started the season. A win is a win. 4-2. Beat Brady, Rodgers, Romo and Newton. The defense leads, no one will dispute it, but the kid still has to put you in a position to win.

    Maybe it’s time for you to get used to your miscalculation about Russell Wilson and fess up. Put your stubbornness aside and join in the support. You can’t always be right.

    133 passer rating and no interceptions (did have a fumble) isn’t too bad. Plus, I think there are only a handful of teams and that have the same or better record.

    I’m not expecting a win in SF b/c they will be playing pissed off but the confidence from this victory could very easily spill over to Thursday night. Please just tell us your over the idea of the kid bombing or getting injured just so you could see Flynn.


    GO R DUB!


    Negative Nancies (even AFTER a big win)…

    GO AWAY!!!

  5. FleaFlicker says:

    Dukeshire, you have a way of saying the words I don’t even know I’m thinking.

    What an exhilarating victory.

    One request to my fellow bloggers: let’s remember that most of us come here to talk Seahawks. Things were going great on the post-game thread last night. Then it turned into “F you”, “I was right / you were wrong!” etc. Let’s get collectively get over ourselves.

    In other words, if you’re coming on this blog today to talk smack to other bloggers INSTEAD of talking about arguably the most exciting game of the PC/JS era….then I have to question your committment as a fan.



  6. Huge win for this young team. Man, what a game to watch.

    And of course, the dbag Cowboys fan in the office this mornings says “i’ll believe they are for real after they play san fran. The patriots obviously lost that game”

    HAHA, sure dude.

    Anyways, thursday is a HUGE game for this team. Let’s hope they are ready to roll physically and mentally and get a division win.

    Great day to be a 12!

  7. Hats off to the coaches. Look at all the young talent we have! I am so impressed with PC JS and TC and since the love is flowin how about Ken norton getting wags dialed in.dukeshire I disagree w you a little bit about Wilson but that’s ok.the thing I like about Wilson is that he is keeping rookie mistakes to the minimal. To me that is a big key! Hey dukeshire I enjoyed your stuff this week! Thank you for that!:-)

  8. Dukeshire says:

    joreb – Lighten up, dude. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong. I’ve been doing around here for years. lol. And yesterday was incredible, Wilson made some big time throws. But I’m not going to pretend it’s pretty to watch or that he doesn’t give me several heart attacks a game.

  9. MEhawkfan says:

    U mad Bro?


    In a thread from last week, I wished for mistake-free football. Obviously that didn’t happen nor was it ever likely to. However, I do think, with the exception of the muffed punt, yesterday’s mistakes are forgivable. Sometimes defenders step up, make plays and there is nothing an offensive player can do about it. I think both fumbles were examples of that.

    That stated, I think I witnessed something better than mistake-free football. I saw a team that was able to persevere, despite their mistakes, and overcome a 13 point deficit in the fourth quarter to win a tough game against a confident and competent opponent. Mistakes are inevitable; the confidence that comes from knowing you can win in spite of them has to be priceless.

  10. seatowntp says:

    One of the aspects of yesterday’s game that was conspicuously absent (compared to previous seasons). . . dropped passes! We may have “average weapons” (Greg Bedard) but they catch the ball!

  11. How can you not love Richard Sherman, what a steal in the draft. Nice breakdown by Bowen, he always makes some excellent stuff and makes me realize how football dumb I still am, I have a lot to learn still!

  12. Two pretty big wins in a row – on the east coast in what was certainly a must-win long road game and then at home a week later against another one of the league’s elite franchises…in a game it looked like they’d lose for about 2 and a half quarters there in the middle.

    Tremendous growth. I dare say that they wouldn’t have lost in Arizona at the end if Wilson and the receivers had the rapport and experience they have now developed.

    But man, they have a tough schedule…after the last two games now they go short week to San Francisco? Attila the Hun schedule…good thing is that they’re young, energetic and might not know any better – and they have to be flying pretty high right now.

  13. MEhawkfan says:


    I think there is a growing rapport between the Hawk’s young QB and his “average weapons.” I have a feeling the “average” will soon be what is dropped.

  14. dirtbiker_joey says:

    This team is exciting, talented, and fun to watch. The games are a roller coaster and are making my blood pressure go up, but I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride. This is what being a football fan is all about!

  15. Dukeshire says:

    jboard1 – “Seattle has no chance to win.” lol. Thank you for passing that along. Awesome.

  16. Haha ya Duke, gotta love that. I was hanging onto that link for this purpose. But yet, they are just claiming that their Pats blew it…no credit to us. still flying nuder that radar. haha

  17. Ewalters7354 says:

    Just like Duke and a few others I have been in favor of Matt Flynn starting based off what I seen on film against the big boys.There have been many great college QBs that come to the Nfl and fail.So for a rookie Qb that’s 5-10 and based off the past games I was not a believer.But I admit that I was wrong even though my points were valid.Russ Wilson will definitely make you nervous at times but I credit that to being and rookie that makes bonehead plays during the learning process.I am now all in on Russ Wilson.Go Hawks!

  18. ejkimber says:

    Great win. The most impressive thing to me about the whole game.. Pats last 2 possessions. Three and out, four and out.

  19. I love the aftermath of a game like this one.

  20. Ditto Ewalters7354 on the qb situation. There is going to be some hair pulling going on, that is for sure. What impresses me the most is how cool a customer RW has been. He stays poised regardless of the last play, good or bad. He also is showing improvement overall from week to week. What a great win!!!

  21. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    woke up with the same stupid grin i went to bed with and slept like a baby.

    Duke, was it that wilson looked so bad or the offense just got out of sync?
    great game sherman is my hero now tell the vet QB all about it.

  22. mojjonation says:

    I am a die hard homer when it comes to all Washington teams. My son is a Titans fan. My wife is a Pittsburgh and Patriots fan. There was some serious high fiving going on after that win yesterday. And one long face. My three dogs were peacefully sitting there sleeping while we watched the game. Then the Wilson to Rice TD happened and a rather boisterous “Oh my F@#$%^G god!!!” came out of my mouth. The dogs ran for the bedroom to hide. The wife just covered her face. She then let out “Why the F$%K did Wilson have to learn to throw today!?” Ab-so-lute-ly priceless.

  23. Here’s another video showing the “respect” to the hawks after a huge win.
    Make sure you watch it all the way till the end and hear what he says about the hawks team

  24. I’ve been wondering if Wilson needs a pass first offense balanced by a strong running game to be effective rather than a run first offense where a QB has only 2-3 throws in a game to make key plays. Is it a coincidence that he’s been more successful the past 2 weeks when he had to carry the offense or was that a function of playing bad secondaries?

    And I think there is a certain percentage of NFL plays he can not run because of his height. Anything that requires him to “climb” the pocket or stand in a collapsing pocket to make the big throw just isn’t going to happen. That might be why he looks poor for stretches of the game. I don’t know if that’s how it will always be or he can grow out of that.

    But despite this, he brings a level of intellectual and physical ability NO other Seahawks QB has ever brought to the table. And that should be enough to work around his limitations.

  25. Oh, and after watching the oh so great Texans defense get dismantlement by Aaron Rodgers last night, I got an even bigger smirk on my face, how about our defense!? Hasn’t happened to us yet this season, sure yardage have been given up, but as Sherm said, no ONE MAN has been able to beat the defense yet, special group of guys!

  26. FleaFlicker says:

    jboard1: “Huge win for those college kids” – Lol

  27. What a game. My voice is toast this morning. I’m canceling my phone meetings today. I gave up my voice for the 12th man. And man, was it worth it.

    This game was such a thrill for every fan, in so many ways:

    – Seeing Tom Brady frustrated at the Clink and by our D until he was pouting and angry.

    – Seeing Russell Wilson completely vindicate himself with the best passing performance by a Seahawks QB since Matt Hasselbeck beat the Saints two years ago.

    – Seeing not just a great game of blocking and tackling, but huge rainbow passes that every fan in the stadium could appreciate, and watch with baited breath as they dropped into our receivers’ hands.

    – Our WR Corps was notably improved I thought, not breaking off routes, not giving up against coverage, but fighting all the way to the whistle. Improvement by the whole group. And how good is it to have Doug Baldwin back and healthy?

    – And watching the Legion of Boom patrolling the field and punishing every receiver, making Brady’s comeback hopes impossible in the 4th quarter. I can only imagine how badly Wes Welker’s body must hurt today. Its amazing to me he wasn’t carted off the field a couple of times. The Seahawks D now has a reputation every team will fear.

    – But most of all, hats off to the official arrival of our Franchise Quarterback.

    Time to go gargle with saltwater and get my voice back…

  28. I thought the receivers were among the unsung (much-maligned) heroes yesterday too. They really competed for the ball – and I can’t recall a single dropped pass, right?

    Another big play that should be mentioned is Washington’s return at the end. We are a very different offense starting at midfield that we are at our own 10.

    What a great win, I’m jealous of Stevos for getting to see it in person . . .I was only able to scream at my tv . . .

  29. FleaFlicker…honestly man, no respect EVER. I guess that’s OK…let’s keep rolling!

  30. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – Absolutely, regarding Washington. He is so important to this team.

  31. FleaFlicker says:

    Stevos, I think you found the new InsiderBlog banner!

    Boling’s article is a treat. I think I’m going to print out this Richard Sherman quote and frame it.

    “I kept saying I’m going to get that next time,” Sherman said. “Every TV timeout, I went up and said it right to him: ‘Please keep trying me. I’m going to take it from you.’ That was when they were winning. He just gave me that look and said, ‘Oh, I’ll see you after game.’ Well, I made sure I saw him after the game.”

    ……..U MAD BRO?

  32. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – That is awesome!

  33. got to give Welker credit. probably NE’s best player on the field (outside of Brady), and the dude took a beating out there, and kept getting up. every team could use that guy.

  34. pdway – Yes It was a great day to be in the stadium, but now I’m also looking forward to seeing the game from all those great tv camera angles the rest of the 12Th Man saw yesterday and I haven’t seen yet. This game will be one to enjoy a few more times!

  35. i make it a point to get into work early on mondays after a Hawks win -to revel in all the online coverage. how about this team at 4-2? Damn. And we deserve it, us fans, and loyal TNT blog visitors, it’s been a few years since we’ve been able to feel this good about our team.

    And have we ever ever had a defense as punishing as this one?

  36. FleaFlicker says:

    OK. Have to stop blowing off work and reading about yesterday’s game. But before I go, check out some RealRob. Skip to minute 3:02 and try not fall out of your chair laughing.

  37. bulldog80 says:

    I think that’s crap about him not being able to run some plays because of his height. If you honestly believe that 2 inches(yes, still talking qb height) means that much you’ve officially bought into the NFL scouting numbers game. Sheesh, he’s not five foot nothing!

    He throws a fantastic deep ball. What worries me, and I think what duke was talking about, is when he drops back and then pulls it back down. He seems to do it alot, like he’s just not trusting his initial reads. Hopefully this game will give him a much needed confidence boost.

  38. HonHawksLSB says:

    Lost in this amazing comeback is the play of Doug Baldwin… Up until yesterday he was clearly the most dissapointing Seahawk. Great to see him come back strong and work his way out of my doghouse after dropping a would be game winner against AZ and blowing another one against STL.

    HON HAWKS!!!

  39. princeaden says:

    Ant guesses on what the Seahawks will fetch for Flynn next off season ?

  40. Dukeshire says:

    bulldog80 – That does scare the hell out of me. And I agree, he throws a beautiful deep ball. Just rainbows dropping in the bucket.

  41. haha thanks fleaflicker. That never gets old!

  42. When the pocket collapses and he pulls it back down, he does it because he is not getting the passing lanes and can’t see over the lineman. At that point, he generally bails from the pocket. Taller QBs would be able to stay in there and climb the pocket.

    Sometimes on the initial drop when the pocket is clean and it appears he has passing lanes he pulls it down and I assume it is because he doesn’t find anyone he defines as “open.” That has nothing to do with his height.

  43. mojjo- I watch the game with my dog because my wife is not into NFL on the TV (but she likes going to the games), but the dog hates it when the Hawks are playing crappy because I am yelling at the TV and she gets spooked and runs in the other room. But all was good yesterday. Well, I yelled a couple of times.

  44. pabuwal – I agree, and I wonder if RW’s height is why we do not see more quick slants. That 3rd and 3 yesterday when RW threw an incomplete bomb should have been a high percentage slant. Maybe he does not have the timing down with Tate or whoever is in the slot but I think it is RW’s height.

  45. It also might be a question of Wilson, the WRs AND the OL all getting the timing down together. The OL needs to know when to shift the defense to give Wilson the passing lane on those quick throws.

  46. Metrohawk says:

    Here is what I like about this team. The defense is obviously not as downhearted about the offense as we, the fans, can be. When we were down in the 3rd and early in the 4th, they didn’t let down. When the offense failed to get points off of the first INT, and went three and out, they could have lost some energy and given up and didn’t. After the second turnover, the offense was driving, it was middle of the 4th, and Zach Miller fumbled. That could have been it. The air could have been gone, but nothing. Kept fighting. Still believed and RW rewarded them for their belief. Incredible game for Wilson. Rice stepped up in the clutch as a #1 should. Nice catches by Tate and Baldwin. Even Edwards showed up. That was a playoff football game and we one it. My only quibble and I don’t think it will happen again is that Ryan has to punt that ball on the mishandled snap. Punt it 15 yards, shank it 10, let it be partially blocked for 10 yards, but blast that rock. Overall, a solid team effort. And now onto our biggest rcurrent rival. SF on a short week on their field. Go Hawks!

  47. madpunter88 says:

    Dukeshire- Isn’t that the legacy of Dave Krieg? Looking awful on several series (or even games) but then finding ways to win in the most unlikely scenarios. RW3 is the new Dave Krieg.

  48. ChrisHolmes says:

    That’s the best, most-satisfying regular season game I can remember.

    The deep passes were impressive. So was Sherman’s play. The hit on Welker was awesome.

  49. Can you imagine how up in arms some would be if it was Wilson who threw that intentional grounding at the end of the 1st half, rather than Brady? Really bad management of the game and decision-making – cost them a sure 3 points in a 1-point loss.

  50. GooseRocks says:

    Unsung hero on that final TD pass was Zach Miller. He blocked their left defensive end one on one, in front of Wilson, to allow that deep route to establish. Would love to be in that review session with the coaches, when he gets called out for being blocked by a TE.

  51. Absolutely Goose. That was a great block from Miller. Huge, huge play in order to give Russ protection

  52. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I’ve been watching ESPN all morning trying to get a recap of the win. No love, absolutely no love given to the Seahawks. When the analysts and sportscasters replay the game they talk more about what the Patriots did wrong–i.e., they didn’t run the ball enough, and they squandered a field goal attempt right before half time, instead of focusing on how well the Seahawks played. Also, watching the highlights no mention was made of the strike that Lynch threw. Oh well, it’s nothing new.

    As much as I’d like to revel in this win Thursday looms heavily on my mind. At stake is first place in the division and a much, much, needed division win. After the way the Giants handled them the 49rs look beatable. Although the Seahawks players deserve a day off after that win I hope Pete doesn’t give them one. Instead I hope they’ve already begun preparing for the 49rs. How sweet would it be if we went down there and stole that game too?

  53. “As much as I’d like to revel in this win Thursday looms heavily on my mind. At stake is first place in the division and a much, much, needed division win. After the way the Giants handled them the 49rs look beatable. Although the Seahawks players deserve a day off after that win I hope Pete doesn’t give them one. Instead I hope they’ve already begun preparing for the 49rs. How sweet would it be if we went down there and stole that game too?”

    Actually, I think the win yesterday takes a ton of pressure off Thursday’s game. Had we lost, and been sitting at 3-3, then a loss on Thurs puts us under .500, and not really looking like a playoff team halfway into the season. But now, at worst, we come out 4-3, and not dead at all. Given our record, and given that it’s an away game, I think we come into this one pretty loose. Of course, a blowout would be a downer, but I don’t think our defense allows a blowout to SF’s offense. Will be hard-hitting game – that much we know for sure.

  54. joreb – again the Pro-Wilson Crowd overreacting – it has been OVER A WEEK since anyone other than ACIB started on an anti – Wilson rant (ok Radeon too) but the pro-Wilson crowd was taking shots most of the week – it’s frustrating!!! to hear in their words “the broken record”

    Any – some intereseting notes from the week – I didn’t get to see the game. Listened to most of it while driving up and down I-5.

    Post game intereviews:
    Rice: “I was surprised at the play call” Tells us alot!! The players were not expecting the team to take a shot all the way down the field. From the Radio – it was nice to hear a nice mix of Run – pass – taking chances – being conservative. I would say the results were pretty good. Clearly Wilson can handle more than what they have been giving him

    Carroll interview:

    Comments about how they worked on the WR’s to KEEP MOVING – while the play is still going on – something that many on here have noticed and commented on how many of the WR’s gave up on plays in the earlier weeks

    PC also commented on how the specifically worked with Wilson on keeping his eyes down field when he is moving this week – then Wilson commented – I have always done that. little difference in opinion.

    Moon and Raible were commenting about how Rice (about 2 weeks ago) made commments at practice or after a game or something about how the whole offense (and implied the WR’s) needed to step up and play better – In their perspective even Drills have been much better since then. Nice to see a Vet step up and make everyone keep working hard. You would think that with the always compete mantra you wouldn’t need it but clearly here they did – and it is working.

    Since I didn’t see it – Is Wilson getting better at not going BACKWARDS when he gets pressured? it is a common problem with rookies and on a number of his sacks you can see him try and escape backwards (which he probably got away with in college) Didn’t see it as much against Carolina was hoping it was a continuing trend for him to improve in this area.

  55. bulldog80 says:

    I think he’s still a little quick to give up on the pocket. But, he’s geting better at keeping his eyes downfield when he moves. I thought he “shuffled” a lot more in this game instead of bailing and running like he has been doing.

    How the about the trick plays guys? That pass from Rice to Tate was f’ing awesome!!! Hope to see more ingenuity from here on out.

  56. Pdway – I commented earlier in the week how I thought this was a swing game for us -BIG swing for the positive with a win!!

    Still need to get a division win on Thursday – a lose puts us 0-3 in the division, that will be really tough when we start talking tie breakers at the end of the season – a win IN SF really helps with those potentially important division records at the end of the season

  57. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, Thursday’s game is huge. They need a division win. I can’t wait.

  58. For division title or even Super Bowl type hopes this year, SF is a must win game. If they can somehow pull that off, we can talk about Home Field Advantage the way the schedule shapes up.

    It’s such a pivotal game. A loss just about puts a division title out of the question.

  59. mojjonation says:

    Even is Seattle loses Thursday, it isn’t the end of the world. From a division game standpoint, if all NFC West teams hold serve at home, that turns everything into .500 football. Then it turns to common opponents and conference record. Seattle has already beaten three NFC opponents who have the potential to be playoff caliber. So not only do they own the tie-breaker with those teams, they have a leg up on common opponents and conference record. San Fran already has two conference losses in Minnesota and the G-Men. No doubt about it, the Thursday night game would be a huge momentum shift back to Seattle from San Fran. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I am not sold on Arizona. They are two plays away from being 2-4 (as are we. but this is a Seahawks blog). We blew 7 chances from the 13 yard line and in against them. New England missed a game winning field goal.

    RW has 2 game winning fourth quarter drives to his credit, and we are only finished with week 6. TJ had how many the entire season? In the two losses, we had the ball near the end of the game. As much as I whine about PC and his clock management, we almost always have the ball at the end of the game. The losses to Arizona and St. Louis had us moving the ball in the fourth quarter and failing to execute properly. As much as our very own squirrel on crack head coach gets maligned for some of his decisions, he manages to put the team in a position to win every game. RDub has seemed to figure that out too.

  60. That game was awesome, my brotha.
    A statement game, my brotha.
    R-Dub was bombin’ ‘em, my brotha.
    Wes Welker got his hair plugs knocked out by Browner, my brotha.
    Tom Brady has to face the music, my brotha.
    Patriots are over-rated, my brotha.
    We will take the game in SF on Thursday, my brotha.
    Seahawks on the come up, my brotha.
    12th man got our backs, my brotha.

  61. F-the 49ers. We’re gonna pound them!

  62. HAWKS949 says:

    Awesome game!
    I feel like we need to get out to an early lead against SF. Alex Smith seems like he never comes back when they are down and the pressure is on him.

  63. freedom_X says:

    It’s good to hear the WR’s were stepping up their game. The better performance they put this week wasn’t because “they were being featured more” or because Wilson got better or because the line got better- they had better results because they performed better than they had.

    It would appear they worked harder in practice and got better coaching based on the above quotes, and it resulted in players *getting open*. That wasn’t happening in weeks 1-4 with any consistency. I’m hopeful this will continue against the 49ers, who have a much better secondary than New England.

    To say we know what type of QB Russell Wilson is, is premature by a long shot. Until Russell Wilson stops improving, we cannot say he’s going to be an inconsistent QB with flashes of brilliance or not. He’s already a different QB than the one that started the season. If he stinks against the 49ers, we’ll say he regressed. But until he stops showing improvement, we cannot pigeonhole him.

    Dave Krieg had a great start to his career after he won the job from Zorn, and followed up with a great 1984 season (think he had at least one game where he threw 5 TD passes.) While it’s easy to say he was inconsistent, in fact I think he was pretty solid his whole career. That’s why he was in the league for so many years. You can say Eli Manning is inconsistent, but in the end, if you win Super Bowls, nobody calls you that anymore.

  64. DreadHawks says:

    @ bobbyK, you’ve got to be happy at Sidney Rices play of late. I know I’am. This is the guy we signed to big $$. Prayin he stays healthy.

  65. From what I have been reading, the one question that hasn’t been answered is,Who will the Hawks be playing in the Super Bowl?

  66. GooseRocks says:

    I think the deep ball that Rice threw to Tate says his right shoulder is at least healthy. LOL.

  67. eddiebeat says:

    Boys we called the hawks being the front runner for this division a while ago ad we can tell you why here as well as some proof of this!!

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