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CB Thurmond could be in play for Niners

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 15, 2012 at 3:09 pm with 104 Comments »
October 15, 2012 3:09 pm

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll did not rule out the possibility of cornerback Walter Thurmond being activated off the Physically Unable to Perform list for this Thursday’s game at San Francisco.

Thurmond started the regular season on the PUP list do to rehab for a broken leg that cut short his 2011 season.

But the University of Oregon product is eligible to come off the PUP list and be added to the active roster after sitting out the first weeks of the season. Seattle has three weeks to decide when they want to add Thurmond to the roster.

Carroll said that everyone on the roster has chance to play this week except for offensive lineman John Moffitt, who will miss his fourth straight game due to a knee issue.

Carroll said that Kam Chancellor’s elbow issue will not keep him out of this week’s game against the Niners.

Defensive tackle Clinton McDonald (groin), rookie defensive lineman Jaye Howard (foot), cornerback Byron Maxwell (hamstring) and offensive lineman Paul McQuistan (knee) have a chance to play this week.

Carroll said the player will attend meetings and begin preparation for San Francisco today, including a short walk-through on the field.

“You don’t have a whole lot of choice physically, you just have to get there,” Carroll said. “So it is the learning and acquiring the game plan, the style of play you’re up against and all of that stuff in condensed fashion, so you don’t have as much time,” Carroll said. “So it’s really important, and we’ve talked as coaches that we have to teach really well. We have to present information really clearly, and make sense and maximize every second that we have.”

Carroll said that while both teams are at a disadvantage with the short week, both teams will benefit by having a longer time to prepare for the following game in Week 8.

Carroll also addressed the trash talking that occurred between cornerback Richard Sherman and New England quarterback Tom Brady.

And the Seattle head coach admitted that Sherman could be considered cocky, but he likes that confident trait in the players that he brings into his team, and believes the chip on their shoulders helps them compete hard each and every week.

“I think in general, we don’t really represent an attitude that’s going after players of note, or on any level of their play,” Carroll said. “But Tom talks, too. And other guys, too. And there’s a lot of conversations going on. Usually it stays on the field. And this one didn’t, and so it drew some attention.”

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  1. DreadHawks says:

    Great news on Thurmond. I hope he’s truly healthy. We could sure use him on the nickel.

  2. NFL Replay will have the game on tuesday 630pm.

  3. So glad to hear it! When they said his break had a setback in Camp, I was seriously worried about him. As good as Browner and Sherman are, we are painfully thin at nickel back with Maxwell re-injuring himself every other week. Trufant is old slow and has a bad back to boot, and Winston Guy is either gimpy or not ready for Prime Time. Losing Roy Lewis really hurt us. We are one injury away from being screwed in the secondary, so getting Thurmond back would be a big boost.

    I really want to get Moffit back, and see if he can beat out McQ. If he cant, we are in trouble. We will have spent a first and third round pick on a starting G and a backup G. Eeew! Then again, I got schooled by grumping about Carpenter, and it does look like he’s gonna be a very good LG for us. So perhaps Moffit will be a good RG too. RIght now, he’s just injured too much.

  4. I can’t wait to get Thurmond back!

  5. So when thurmond comes back, who’s the odd man out? Maxwell? Trufant? I’m not so sure they’d have resigned tru if Maxwell hadn’t broken his leg.

  6. Radeon I would guess Maxwell’s the odd man out for now, just due to his hamstring issue. But then again, with PC and JS it could be anyone, not just a DB. :)

    On another note. Did anyone notice how good Carp’s playing at left guard? So nice to see, espcially with Mofitt and now Mq hurting.

  7. tchristensen says:

    When Thurmond comes back Danny Gorrer will be the odd man out.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    I really hope he is able to stay healthy. He’s talented and they can use an upgrade at nickel.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Trufant old and slow. Lol. You are probably right. It just goes to show how short, (and I don’t mean Wilson short) a career in the NFL is. Especially at cornerback.
    I remember when Tru came out of College and he ran I think something in the 4.3s for the 40. Now he is slow. Dam father time!

  10. bird_spit says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but this was the best Monday at work in a long time. I credit the hawks, and good nights sleep. I hope they beat SF or is it the Santa Clara 49ers, then the next weekend will be freakin awesome.

  11. sluggo42 says:

    Slave –

    Just to further our thought from the last thread on whether or not the Hawks have been exposed. You brought up some good points, yet I guess my point is that they havent been exposed to get beat by 20 points, or more, like the 49’s were. And, we are better now if they decide to take Marshawn out of the game…

  12. Mark my words: If Wilson can be productive against the Niners D in San Francisco, you will NEVER hear me call for Flynn again. If he stinks the place up, we’ll know NE was a fluke against a shoddy defense.

    I’m really damn excited for Thursday, and to be quite honest, I hope I do have to eat my words. Seeing the cannon on Wilson yesterday gave me a glimmer of hope.

  13. freedom_X says:

    Seattle could use a quick nickel back to cover the smaller, agile-type WR’s. Hopefully Thurmond can be that type.

    I wonder if the NFL is trending. The switch to larger, taller receivers has prompted an approach for bigger, stronger CB’s. Carroll is the trend-setter here. Once other teams copy this, then offenses might react with smaller, quicker receivers again, especially if scoring drops off and the league puts in more rule changes.

  14. The niner’s safeties are better at run support than coverage, so I believe they can be exploited. Our best game plan would be to run the ball, and take deep shots on play action once in awhile when their safeties creep up to the line and cheat. Then, on D, we need to contain their run game while putting pressure on Smith on passing downs and force him to make some mistakes. It’s going to be an epic defensive showdown and a smash mouth slugfest in general. Can’t wait until Thursday! GO SEAHAWKS!

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN- Where there is hope, we can look beyond our hope. Look if Flynn had knocked it out of the ball park in pre-season I would be all for Flynn, however Wilson did so much to give himself a shot at this,imo.

    And also, I don’t claim to be on the Wilson bandwagon early. There was no room for me when I tried to get on. I’m just trying to catch up with this wagon.

    And yes he isn’t the greatest qb to come around, but he is a hell of alot better than Whitehurst and Jackson, don’t you agree?

  16. Georgia wasn’t one of the early ones on the Wilson Wagon but he’s certainly the driver now.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Pabs- I have never in my 500 plus years of life have ever seen a qb for the Seahawks have these kind of tools. Never!

    Corny Zorny had good physical tools and had so much enthusiasim.

    Krieg was a poor mans Joe Montana, with tiny hands, and he could win you over and/or break your heart at anytime.

    Hasselbeck had a genius mind in the body of a goony bird.

    Wilson has everthing except the height. He’s got the smarts of Luck, the work ethic of Manning (Peyton), the drive of Brady, and some of the athleticism of RG111.

    I’m ready to ride with Wilson and see how this all plays out.

  18. VNHLNFAN says:

    49ers will be lucky to score 9 points. Alex Smith is no Tom Brady.

  19. “Hasselbeck had … the body of a goony bird”

    LoL, isn’t that what Holmy said about Hass whenever Hass would take off running?

  20. JMSeaTown says:

    I’m still on the Alex Smith is a bust bandwagon… Play single safety & make him throw it. Legion of boom will have a pay day Thursday and long rest. Go hawks!

  21. It would be nice to have Thurmond III back, but you really have to wonder how behind he is in terms of football shape and the overall speed of the game. It will take a few weeks I think. Maybe by the end of the season, when we’re vying for a playoff spot.

    The guy I was hoping would make some noise is Gorrer, but now that Thurmond is ready to be added to the 53 man roster, Danny boy is prob a goner.

  22. STTBMits time to locknload

  23. Georgia, I still don’t think that Carroll handled the QB situation properly, so we never may have known what would have went on with Flynn. Flynn never got a chance to develop any REAL chemistry with any of the team in OTA’s and minicamps, and that being said, neither did Wilson. Wilson hasn’t done enough for me to still be skeptical, and I still expect a ton out of him, and I’ll firmly become adamant about him being benched again if he lays an egg on Thursday. I’m not expecting ~300 yards and 3TD’s, but if he can go for 200-245 and 1-2 scores, with 0-1 INT, that should be enough to win.

  24. It’s good to see you are back evaluating a Rookie on a week to week basis against an elite defense on the road.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Alex Smith, while no Tom Brady, is playing well. Whatever Harbaugh has done there, is working for him. He’s become a capable game manager, surprisingly. I would caution against expecting them to not move the ball.

    On defense, the niners play well against the pass, especially on the back end. Seattle will have to play their best to win Thursday. Especially on a short week. Huge effort all the way around.

  26. ThickRich says:

    Thursday is crucial to whether we fight for the division or a wild card down the road.

  27. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “Mark my words: If Wilson can be productive against the Niners D in San Francisco, you will NEVER hear me call for Flynn again. If he stinks the place up, we’ll know NE was a fluke against a shoddy defense.

    I’m really damn excited for Thursday, and to be quite honest, I hope I do have to eat my words. Seeing the cannon on Wilson yesterday gave me a glimmer of hope.”

    My sentiments exactly. Did Wilson have a good game? Kind of, yeah. But then again, he faced an absolutely PUTRID secondary that let pretty much every QB they face ball on them, including turds like Ryan Fitzpatrick. This type of game really didn’t address my concerns with him, which was his short height contributing to missing open receivers, inability to get off quick passes due to his height, and shoddy pocket presence. The only thing this game really proved is that his deep ball ability is pro-caliber and translates to this level.

  28. I think him missing the open receivers last night was alleviated for now, at least. Especially after those nasty ass long bombs.

    Pabuwal, so if he lays an egg next week, it’s completely unfair to criticize him?

  29. Ewalters7354 says:

    If I hear any talk about how this defense got exposed I am going to smh HARD.Tom Brady is a master at what he does so as long as teams don’t too many points I can care less about yards.

  30. bbnate420 says:

    The difference is that Fitzpatrick only threw for a bunch of yards after NE was already crushing the Bills. He had to throw every down and NE was just playing prevent and letting the clock run. This was NOT the case for RW on Sunday. Seattle never gave up on the run, not even when down by 13. You think NE was just playing soft defense when RW burned them for the 46 yard TD at the end? It’s okay to actually analyze the statistics. They make more sense that way.

  31. bbnate420 says:

    BTW, I guess 3 tds, 0 ints, 293 yards, a 133.7 passer rating, and beating a 3 time SB winner is just KIND OF a good game. AHHHHHHHAHHAHAH! :-)

  32. RADEoN – you said “and I’ll firmly become adamant about him being benched again if he lays an egg on Thursday”

    I don’t call that critical analysis. You are simply shifting the pendulum week to week based on a single game.

  33. VNHLNFAN says:

    Yes the 49ers will move the ball I agree but… I think this defense smells blood in the water and will expose Smith for what he really is.

  34. GooseRocks says:

    Has Jeremy Lane been playing special teams? I haven’t seen him out there.

  35. bbnate420 says:

    I think that Lane has been active most weeks. My bet is Gorrer, Maxwell, or Lane are the cut. The injuries are a big strike against Maxwell.

  36. Hammajamma says:

    Pabuwal–agree with that comment.

    On Thurmond, I still need to see something. When healthy, I recall thinking he played soft coverage and relied too much on closing speed. In other words, he struck me as a zone defender who lacks physicality.

    Is he better than that?

  37. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Wilson will not be benched. He’s improved various aspects of his game each week and the results are the Seahawks are 4-2 with a share of the division lead. A win this Thursday against the 49er’s and Seahawks are in first. Beating the 49er’s in SF will be tough but not impossible. The Seahawks gave them a solid game last year until the end when special teams threw up on themselves allowing 4th quarter returns for TD’s. Other than that, the game was pretty even.

    This years team is better on defense and we are running the ball better than we were during that time. Of course the 49er’s are playing better as well, outside of yesterday’s beat down to the Giants. We have been in every game this season with our rookie QB. He will need to play at a very high level to move the ball against their tough D.

    Let’s hope the couching staff fine tunes the gameplan and we take this one. We need a division win.

    I was and am still excited we were able to sign Flynn in the offseason. I think he is a very good QB and gives us the best backup in the league in my opinion. I would not worry much if he had to come into a game and lead our team. However, there’s no way to know if he could have done better than 4-2. It’s a non story and the teams focus has to remain with Wilson as he has proven every week that he is a legit NFL QB. As none of us here are NFL coaches or GM’s, I think I will continue to trust the guys that do this for a living. It’s easy to second and third guess, but wins are what count.

    Wilson throwing two high pressure TD’s with 7 minutes left is impressive no matter who they played. In case you missed it, the other guy with 3 Super Bowl victories wasn’t able to throw two TD’s in the last 7 minutes and lost. Once again, just try to enjoy the win.

  38. @bnate420

    Pete loves Maxwell. That is just the general impression I get, and I understand why based on his size and speed, and the fact that he’s a damn good gunner. His lack for staying healthy is definitely bothersome though.

    Baltimore just lost one of their starting CB’s for the rest of the season, and that’s the team that last cut Gorrer, so… I wonder if John’s gotten a call from Ozzie yet.

  39. rramstad says:

    I think Holmgren compared Hass to a “giraffe on ice skates” once…

  40. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    he did run a bit like a moose.

  41. Glad to hear we are getting Clinton McDonald back for the Niners game. He did some damage against Carolina with his inside pass rush, and that was missing against New England.

  42. sluggo42 says:

    Ya, McD is BIG and strong, a definate help in the rotation. I remember Thurmond as a really fast corner?? Great coverage skills? Tru and him getting hurt is how we found “my brutha” isn’t it?

  43. If anything, I have this feeling Charly Martin is going to be the expendable one if PC feels the WR corps has stepped things up enough.

    Just a feeling though, can’t base it on anything of substance.

  44. Maxwell is awesome special teams gunner your dreaming if you think he gets cut. Radeon what is that -cancer causing gas that hangs in peoples basements interesting?

  45. LocalGutterGuy says:

    I think Carroll has balls the size of cantelopes for sticking with the competition and starting Wilson. Also loved the Sherman Brady conversation post game. This is OUR HOUSE baby!

  46. Dukeshire says:

    The most frustrating thing about all the Wilson talk is that it all so extreme: if one criticizes him, they’re a hater. Of one praises him, they’re in the cult. He ends up with solid stats at the end of a game, he must be beyond reproach. If his stats sucked, nothing he did was worth a damn. Good god. The reality is so much more nuanced than that, and these attitudes make any reasonable discussion all but impossible. RADEoN, for all his criticism of Wilson, is clearly impressed by yesterday but is reserving any proclamations and he’s still getting beaten on. Come on…

  47. I was looking at the replay of the St Louis Rams – Dolphins game….Superstar Quarterback Sam Bradford threw for 300 yards, passed for 15 first downs, and lost 17-14.

    Its funny how often fans argue over who is the “better quarterback”, as if that’s what really matters… and then on Sundays many of the best quarterbacks get their asses kicked by the best football TEAMS.

  48. Stevos – did Wilson AND Brady face the same EXACT ***GREAT*** Seahawks “D” in their game? Of course, in your world, Wilson is a billion times better than Brady… so who cares about reality, right?

  49. Duke — settle down… if you don’t suck him off… you HATE him… if you dare to criticize… you should kill youself… don’t you know how it works yet???

  50. Hey dukedhire u know what I find frustrating is when people Like you throw out a constant double standard I’ve been watching this blog for the last 3 weeks and not all but most of the blog junkies especially you,threw this team/ coaching staff under the bus and now your on radeons leg not surprising. Russel Wilson brings the team back from 13 with 8 min left and you still question him in th 2 nd and 3 qt today an earlier post! This is FOOTBALL not golf . The best qb s in yhe league have ups and downs all the time it’s part of the game. Look at Rogers first half against Seattle he sucked was getting his ass kicked by our defenseit happens that’s footballk. Sometimes I think people on this blog( not all) are living in some fantasy land thinking people are hoots be perfectt all the time and not make mistakes lay off yhe kid and enjoy the moment!

  51. This is off topic, so if you want to be on-topic, skip this post…

    Watching the NFL games this past week with all the pink shoes, pink hats, pink towels got me to thinking about breast cancer. So I looked up the stats for prostate cancer and breast cancer. More men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer (about 240,000) this year than women diagnosed with breast cancer (about 230,000). More women will die (38,000) this year of breast cancer, but men are not far behind (28,000 deaths projected for 2012 from prostate cancer). I think breast cancer awareness is a great cause and I do not want to belittle it, but how come nobody is wearing blue or whatever in support of our prostates? All men get are ED ads.

    Back to regular programming…

  52. I would bat .400 against King Felix in a 700 (or close to) AB season…

    But I would suck against a crap pitcher…

    Oh, wait, who I face makes an impact on how I perform (all things being equal)? lol

  53. Dukeshire says:

    NDAME – Wow. Three whole weeks? I challenge you to find one example, just one, where I have thrown this team / coaching staff under the bus. I’ll save you the trouble: it’s never happened. Moreover, your post exemplifies perfectly my previous post. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself a bit before you start bumping your gums regarding what I have or have not said.

  54. Any ways who cares – can’t believe I lowered myself to this point! But I love my Seahawks ! Don’t worry I’m not goin any wareand by the way no such thing as seniority on a seahawk blog! Wrong answer homeboy!


  56. Dukeshire says:

    NDAME – waiting for that example…

  57. Don’t worry. Most fans come out of the woodworks when the team has promise and most “real” fans suck (and go back to their hole) when it looks as if the team sucks!

    I’ll be YOU (NDAME) you weren’t there to meet me in Detroit about a half decade ago… since there weren’t many of “us.” lol (give me a good excuse for not being there… I’m used to it!!!)…

  58. So you went to the superbowl? and I remember You getting in an argument with some wiseguy on this blog named Ireland or something and you telling him that Julian Peterson wasn’t on the superbowl team and that he didn’t no what he was talking about and u came back all mad and ate crow? So if I got this right you were apparently at the superbowl for the hawks but didn’t know Julian Peterson was a starting linebacker on the team! I don’t know what to tell ya bro! That story speaks for itself!

  59. are you mad bro?

  60. Stevos – I couldn’t agree more!you and me we aren’t mad r we bro!

  61. Copy/paste that. I’m too smart to know that JP signed B4 that game! It was AFTER HUTCH, …LIAR!!!

    That is even a dumber comment than the guy who once said we should trade Seneca for a 1st rounder AFTER the trading deadline (when he was set to become a FA)… lol

    Nevermind, you (or your alias name… since you seem to be a coward to admit who you really are) are too dumb to know that it was Hill/Lewis [Sharper] at the OLB spots (w/Lofa in the middle).

  62. Maybe I should get a fake name to cover who I really am? lol

    Nevermind. I’m not a coward and can take the hits…

  63. JesusHernadez says:

    Huge game on Thursday. I believe we can stop their run and force Smith to try and beat us through the air. It will be a difficult road game on a short week. I envision this game getting a little snippy like the Season opener at AZ. The Hawks need to get a handle on the penalties, we aren’t consistent enough to be able to overcome excessive penalties, especially on the road.

    Wilson has looked better after every game, the kid puts his time in and is getting it done. The team has really seemed to rally behind him.

    I missed big Walt raising the flag yesterday, all my buddies came home with signed hats. I would have loved to have gotten my authentic jersey signed by him. This is the first year since 99 that I haven’t had my season tickets, looks like a crappy time to have let them go.

    I’ve been following this blog religiously since the Sando days, first time poster, we all have our opinions but there is no need to attack anyone.

    Go Hawks!

  64. Your right Jesus thanks gorcthe reminder:)

  65. Jesus is right bob let’s let it go -you mad bro/ be humble it works alot better bob and duke

  66. bbnate420 says:

    NDAME, why would he eat crow for saying that Julian Peterson wasn’t on the 2005 SB team? He wasn’t! They signed him in 2006. You’ll have to do better than that. That said, I don’t know why it keeps getting repeated about how long people have posted on this blog? It doesn’t make you any more of a fan, any smarter, or your posts anymore right. Most Seahawk fans don’t post here. People like Duke, BobbyK, and others have developed a reputation here though. Be it good bad, or indifferent. Not knowing that Julian Peterson wasn’t on the SB team is not a good start to developing credibility for your posts.

  67. FairbanksDoug says:

    NDAME – I am mad Bro.
    I don’t contribute to the blog much, for most of my activity here involves reading the contributions made by others that are more intelligent then myself in football knowledge, in that group I have placed Duke, & BobbyK. I don’t always agree with either one but I firmly believe you are way out of order Bro. I seem to find myself in the bandwagon a bit deeper then either of those deeply respected bloggers, just seems to be story of my life. So when I look in this blog for the names of Duke and BobbyK I am mad as hell I when I am not finding them imparting some knowledge that I can absorb, but they are wasting my time, their & their time having to argue with some idiot named NDAME. Thanks bro I am mad as hell. That gift of gab that you seem to rely on at the expense of anything factual is disturbing Bro

  68. bbnate420 says:

    A quick check on the guys we “should’ve” taken instead of Bruce Irvin.

    M. Ingram: 0 sacks, 9 tackles

    Q. Coples: 1.5 sacks, 10 tackles

    I know it’s way too early to judge it now, but I certainly wouldn’t trade Irvin for either of them right now.

    P.S. The guy I was hoping and guessed they would draft in the 1st, Chandler Jones, has 27 tackles, 5 sacks, and 3 FF. Not that I’m saying we should’ve taken him over Irvin at this point. I think Jones is quick enough to be a good leo though.

  69. I’m already tired of ‘u mad bro’.
    From Sherman or anybody else..
    This topic took a hard left at around 10pm tonight.
    Is happy hour over?

  70. Interesting off topic factoid, Pilot. Made me pause and think about other causes the NFL doesn’t endorse.
    I say we all wear brown ribbons in honor of George Carlin.

  71. Hammajamma says:

    On the cancer subject, there are obviously vast differences. Breast cancer is more malignant than prostate and is “generally” more dangerous despite higher awareness and diagnosis rates. To continue the oversimplification, there also are associated body image, survivability and treatment severity issues that make parallels difficult.

    My father had recent prostate surgery, which was actually performed robotically, and his major concern is the slow recovery from incontinence the procedure requires. No chemo to deal with, thankfully.

    Prostate cancer is a big deal, but treatment is easier and survivability is higher. The challenges of diagnosis (most men don’t like fingers up their asses) is a major reason why death rates are where they are.

  72. montanamike2 says:

    Even after a huge comeback win that will set the tone of the franchise there are guys starting trouble again. Don’t chase away Duke or Stevos or any other regular contributer to this blog. If Rad or ACIB want to jump on the wagon then i say welcome, as long as your arguments are intended to contribute without namecalling. I was stoked when we signed Flynn and am still glad we have him, not many NFL teams have a better backup qb should Wilson go down plus we can probably make a super trade with a qb desperate team if we want to,(like Philly).
    Where can i send a crow to Mel Kiper to eat?
    I thought we had a great run game with Moffitt so i hope he comes back soon and the 0-line can finish gelling.
    What the hell is taking Thursday so long to get here?

  73. So apparently RADEoN is reasonably criticizing Wilson when he alternates between calling for a benching on a poor outing (against an elite defense on the road) and saying he looked like he can be the QB for the team when he has a good outing (at home against a poor defense)?

    Yeah, sure thing.

    And as far as the “middle ground” on Wilson, most of the people who criticize the Wilson haters/lovers and claim they are in the middle, are the first ones to wonder why Flynn isn’t the QB as soon as Baldwin or Lynch turns a catch into an INT. I call these guys the Flynn fans /hedgers. They want the team to do well first and foremost but call for Flynn at the first sign of trouble. We heard plenty of griping on about Flynn not getting a fair short when the INTs were piling up on the road.

    They just can’t let the dream of Flynn to go.

  74. The Wilson vs. Flynn talk is all academic – barring injury or a multi game dramatic losing streak, PC won’t even be considering a change at QB. Its Wilson forever (or until an injury strikes). Not sure why it continues to get so much chit chat here.

  75. It would not surprise me if Trufant gets the short straw when Thurmond is available. It looked like Trufant blew the coverage on Welkers long TD. Plus, it wasn’t that long ago they released Trufant.

  76. Outstanding point PAbs

  77. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bobby, the point i have tried to make about wilson is that he is a rookie he will make mistakes have flat spots in games ect. RADEoN is an all or nothing guy. if wilson struggles against a great D or has a bad game it’s time to sit him. extremes fly like the geese heading south on here. i think the kid is on a hi learning curve while playing and getting better every week. it would sure be nice to end the debate on wilson vs. flynn.

    one last note, how many perfect games by a QB have you all seen? every QB makes mistakes even brady.

  78. sluggo42 says:

    Wow, looks like I missed some good fireworks in here last night…

    thats good… no time for silly posts…

  79. sluggo42 says:

    Oakie –

    For 99% of us, the QB debate has been over for a long time. Why??

    Because it IS over. There ISN’T any question. it’s OVER. deal with it.

  80. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – I’ve been outspoken about my feeling that I believe Flynn ought to have started the season. However, I’ve also said that we’re here now, and my criticisms of Wilson are just that. Not some veiled comment that I wish Flynn were playing. Regardless how Wilson has played, which has been mostly poor, they are winning, and the fact is, he is improving and learning. This is where the middle ground is.

  81. dirtbiker_joey says:

    You guys crack me up. Reading all these blog comments is better than watching Jerry Springer. I’m just waiting for someone to remind us that Portis never got a fair shot.

  82. Wilson certainly has deficiencies in his game, some because he is young and some because of his height.

    Wilson hasn’t played “mostly poor.” He’s had weak stretches (mainly quarters 2-3 of each game it seems) but he’s also had some very good stretches (quarters 1 and 4). He’s done something no other Rookie QB has done since the merger – throw 2 game winning TD passes in a single year.

    Despite the high INTs, he has a very good passer rating and has made plays when at opportune times. In my head I gave credit to Flynn when TO dropped the TD pass in the preseason and I also give credit to Wilson when Edwards dropped the TD pass as well as the INTs that were catches that turned into INTs. I balance that with the Packers game, realizing that he should have had a few INTs in that game.

    But all in all, I think he has been fairly average with some very low points and some very high points. Which is more than I expected from a Rookie with little training camp Reps.

  83. chuck_easton says:


    The QB debate has been ended by PC sticking to his guns and not pulling the kid. Once again, even when people (myself included) question the guy he just goes out and proves us wrong.

    No call to bench Wilson here. But I’m with Duke. When he has a game like Sunday I’ll be thrilled and happy, but I’m not going to order the bust for Canton. If/when (he’s a rookie…the hope is there will be more good than bad, but there will still be the occasional bad), I’ll be on here critiqueing the mistakes.

    But it’s obvious. The team lives or dies by Wilson.

    Hope that doesn’t make me a Hater for saying it.

  84. HawkfaninMT says:

    In regards to the question about enhancing awareness of other diseases and cancers… Reggie Wayne and several other players were seen wearing Orange in support of Leaukimia(sp) Awareness after Paganos Diagnosis

  85. You want to know who’s in the middle regarding Wilson?! Me, thats who.

    I liked Flynn, and it looked like Flynn did what was asked in preseason, but he failed to wow anyone. He didnt score TD’s, and his preparation was nowhere near Wilson’s. Wilson beat him to HQ, and left after him EVERY DAY! Flynn was fine, but Wilson improves every damned week, and has a higher upside, and THATS what won him the job. (That and the fact Carrol was allready biased to start him for several reasons).

    Add to that Flynn getting a sore elbow after playing two half-games, and its no wonder he was benched.

    Plus, Wilsons play obviously has been negatively impacted by the straightjacket gameplanning and playcalling. Just anyone try and say it didnt. But it would appear that Carrols plan is working: Wilson is learning and earning thier trust more each week, and gradually, painfully, they are loosening the reins bit by bit. And we are 4-2.

    Wilson is not the sole reason, or even the biggest reason, why we have that record. But he is a large part of it. Give credit where its due.

    Also, its my opinion that Wilsons athleticism was absolutely necessary due to our inconsistent and often poor pass-pro. While Wilson bailed too often and too soon from the pocket, that pocket wasnt lasting or forming how it should on way too many occasions for me to feel comfortable stating that Flynn would have done better. He likely would have been killed. But really, there is no way to know.

    Beating the Pats from 13 down in the fourth doesnt mean Wilson is bound to be great, but it was a nice step forward and should give us all hope for next week and beyond. And it should have made us all happy for more than one day.

    And its a moot point. Regardless of what happens thursday, Wilson is our man barring injury or utter David Carr meltdown.

    Its hard for me to stomach all the bitter arguments regarding Flynn/WIlson because its such a moot point. We are so much better off than we were last year its outrageous.

  86. MEhawkfan says:

    Good points hawkfaninoklahoma and Dukeshire. Those are the most reasonable and realistic positions. Wilson’s the guy. I expect we will continue to see him struggle at times, and at others, he will amaze the heck out of us. That is the nature of playing a rookie with (what I consider) a tremendous upside. That stated, I would like to see the ride steady up a bit, and his play become a little more consistent. The current formula is wearing out my adrenal glands.

    Speaking of adrenal glands, man, I can’t wait until Thursday night. I want to see the bottom of Alex Smith’s cleats often and in detail.

  87. confucious says:

    I can see the debate lingering, it’s fair because niether Qb has that much exp. to hang their hat on. I can’t see the pendulum swinging as far as it does from Flynn to Wilson and back again on a weekly basis. Body of work is very important when gauging Qb play. Every other position ,including defense, has an affect on how the Qb ends up looking at the end of the game. It is an entirely situational position which is why it’s so important. I think decision making at this stage of the game is what we should be looking at closely. RW has done alright so far in that regard. The other tools he alredy has.

  88. “did Wilson AND Brady face the same EXACT ***GREAT*** Seahawks “D” in their game? Of course, in your world, Wilson is a billion times better than Brady… so who cares about reality, right?”

    Bobby, where do you come up with this total nonsense? Has nothing at all to do with what I posted, and I said nothing of the sort. Here you come again, randomly attacking people with no sense and no class. Just when when we thought no poster could be more obstinate and argumentative than RAdeoN, Bobby proves it wrong again.

  89. MEhawkfan says:

    Props to you as well, STTBM. Excellent points.

  90. Palerydr says:

    I also am not overly fond of Wilson I look and see historically that there has been very little success for QB’s under 6′. Rookie QB’s that fit this description even less success, as in I don’t know of 1. Does that mean he won’t make it of course not. I see some intangibles that I really like he’s a quick learner, he is showing leadership through the comments his team mates have made about him and he has an NFL arm. He has limitations due to his height I want a QB without that particular limitation. The guy is growing on me but I also understand he’s still a rookie with much to learn. I won’t kill Radeon for his posts as I share some of his views. I won’t get on the Wilson bus either he still has a looooong way to go before becoming a consistent NFL QB.

    Jumping all over someone for making a statement/opinion is just how people are. I’m no angel I’ve done it myself here. You don’t have to be responsible for anything you type here. Face it most of theses posters here would not say in person what they type from the safety of their keyboard.

  91. I thought Stevos was making Richard Sherman’s point – Brady may be one of the best ever, but he came across a team of 22 who was better than his team of 22.

    And Sam Bradford is still a stiff – I am pleased they kept him and traded away the rights for RG3. If I were a Rams fan and spent a 1st overall draft pick in a tremendous draft class and $80m for Bradford, I would be pretty upset.

  92. blocis: “The Wilson vs. Flynn talk is all academic – barring injury or a multi game dramatic losing streak, PC won’t even be considering a change at QB.”
    chuck_easton: “it’s obvious. The team lives or dies by Wilson.”

    Well, yes and no.

    First, the Wilson vs Flynn as starter debate has always been academic. Flynn injured himself and could not practice the final two weeks before opening day. There was never a choice. Wilson was the opening day starter due to Flynn’s injury.

    The only intelligent debate would have been whether Coach should have pulled Wilson from the starting job AFTER his opening day start. And Wilson never had a game bad enough to be pulled. Didn’t happen. So the whole debate was silly.

    But as far as “this team living or dying by Wilson?” Not.

    Wilson will undoubtedly be the starter for the foreseable future. There should be no question about that. He’s earned everything and improved every game. But if Wilson goes down injured, Flynn can do what we need. This whole attitude is that one one player is better therefore the other player “Sucks” (the BobbyK and Radeon mentality) is nonsense. We have TWO quarterbacks because you need two quaterbacks to survive an NFL season. Which one is healthy enough to start our first playoff game is something no one knows yet. But both of these guys can win. The difference between them is that Wilson now has more experience with this team, he has the momentum, and has assumed leadership of his offense.

    But if Wilson were to go down injured, this team would not die. We would re-tool and roll on. Its how they are built.

  93. pabuawal – agree.

  94. Ewalters7354 says:

    Agreed Duke abd Bobby.You can’t mention Russ Wilson’s name in a sentence without someone getting offended.Even though I am now starting to believe he is the guy people seem to go over the top giving him kudos(much deserved), and making him seem like tge saviour of the franchise.I remember bloggers comparing him to Tiger Wood and the whole 9 lol

    I think some bloggers just simply have RADeon and ACIB misunderstood.It’s not that they want him to fail, they just simply have been discouraged by the FO
    signing Flynn to a 10mil dollar deal just to have him sit on the bench based on all the Russ Wilson hype.Then Wilson perfoms poorly for 3 games in the season holding back a team that should really be 6-0.The hawks really should have blown all it’s opponents out based on how dominant the defense has been.But the team has been held back by a offense that has good skill players, a good running game, and poor QB play (ala Trent Dilfer).

    But all in all I think this past performance by Wilson has shown signs of what he can be and what he’s working his tail off to become and that is GREAT.Now let’s see whatvhe does against an elite defense.This is gonna show just how ready the hawks are to compete.

  95. A lot of the stretches where Wilson isnt moving the team are not necessarily caused by bad play. IMO, its a combination of factors, not least of which are poor play from his surrounding teammates (line, WR’s) and/or terrible playcalling.

    Wilson is a rookie, and at times that is painfully obvious. And he’s short. But he has completed several slant routes earlier in the season with no problem, so I think the statements that he cant do it due to his height are BS. ITs more the coaches fault we arent running slants etc than his lack of height. Some adjustments must be made due to his height, but I think overall he’s doing well and so far seems to have a high ceiling.

    As others have said, he may be the most talented Seahawk qb ever. And he may play that way. For now, he’s the starter barring injury or utter meltdown, and thats all there is. Meanwhile, he’s getting better each week, our offense is improving under adversity, and we just beat the Pats and are 4-2. And Wilson just had a 13 point comeback in the last eight minutes of the fourth quarter. That is up there with anything the sainted Brady or Manning did thier first year playing.

    And Flynn? Who knows? He’s a good backup to have, and I hope he gets a chance somewhere sometime. But Im happy for the most part with Wilson.

  96. bird_spit says:

    Yawn..I yearn for crap hawks ball, so all of the BS postings would go away, and we could get down to Xs and Os and stats on why hawks suck. The problem is, it’s obvious hawks don’t suck.

    I wish TNT could enforce a rule to not allow adolescences on the blog..then half of these arguments would go away. I get the distinct impression that I am reading posts from my high schoolers peers, and they don’t make much sense normally.

    I wish half of you guys would limit your posts to once or twice a day.

  97. Stevos – we are saying the same thing.

    I actually bailed on the in game chat because of the QB discussion got (too) ridiculous. Who brought up Dan McGuire and Rick Mirer? And what did they have to do with playing the Patriots on Sunday?

    The whole Wilson vs. Flynn thing is so done, its over done. Enough.

    I’d rather talk about the great ideas I had during the game……

  98. Agree that the argument is basically academic at this point. Wilson has played himself into being the starter for the balance of the season barring an injury.

    And let’s all not judge him too harshly if he struggles at SF – playing the best defense in the league on the road isn’t an easy task for any QB in this league. I’m content if he maintains a steady improvement, and keeps putting us in a position to win games, something he has done in every single game this year.

  99. mojjonation says:

    KJR just announced Holmgren will be out of Clevelend within the next 24 hours.

    Good god let the QB debate go. That horse has not only been beaten to death, the carcas has been picked clean by vultures. PC will not pull Wilson unless he lays several eggs in a row, or he is carted off unconcious.

    New England is not San Fran and San Fran is not New England. New England killed us underneath (which most of us agreed would happen. I think it was one of the first things I had said after the Carolina game). San Fran does not have the weapons that New England has. San Fran has a better defense than New England has. So new game plan put in, in three and a half or four days for a new team.

    Stop the F@#$%^G bickering already and mount up. Honestly, I’m sure the unpteen times in a row sellout crowds don’t care who the QB is, who is “actually” calling plays, how fast Trufant isn’t, or how good or bad Wilson and Flynn are or aren’t. It’s not entirely about yards or penalties. It’s all about wins and we have four for the time being.

  100. “Stop the F@#$%^G bickering already and mount up.”

    lol! Yeah, I’m with you Mojo. My apologies for joining in the fray. We’re all better than that.

  101. bbnate420 says:

    Nobody is forced to read any of the posts. If you don’t like a poster, simply skip to the next one when you see their handle next to the post. Pretty simple.

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