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Postgame reaction thread: You knew it all along, didn’t you?

Post by Ryan Divish on Oct. 14, 2012 at 4:30 pm with 131 Comments »
October 14, 2012 4:57 pm
Sidney Rice comes down with a game-winning touchdown reception in the second half (AP Photo)

Well, I just wrapped up the game chat which was a roller coaster of emotions, mispellings, name-calling, arguments and lunacy. God, I love football games. That’s what it’s all about right there.  How much fun was that?

1. Be honest, did you think the Hawks defense was going to stop Brady on that final series? What was your anxiety level?

2. With the offense still struggling at times, is it possible that every Seahawks game is going to be like this the rest of the season? Will your heart/liver be able to handle it?

3. Critique Russell Wilson’s game … try to be honest and fair.

4. Game ball goes to whom? And who was your unsung hero of the game?

5. How annoyingly good can Tom Brady be at times?

6. It’s a short turnaround, but Thursday’s game in San Francisco is a monster. What do the Hawks have to do to win?

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  1. 49ers lose? Cardinals Lose? Seahawks beat the highly feared Patriots? Russell Wilson comes out of his shell a little more? Bevell opened up the playbook? Am I in the twilight zone?

  2. Soggybuc says:

    Well the Gameball has to go to Wilson, considering that after the last Kneel down he held tighter than a RB a walked off with it.
    Can you blame him? he out dueled one of the best QB’s to ever play with his best performance of his short career.

  3. SandpointHawk says:

    Let the kid throw the ball…deep.

  4. seaturkeys says:

    1. Be honest, did you think the Hawks defense was going to stop Brady on that final series? What was your anxiety level?

    I was still worried. High anxiety.

    2. With the offense still struggling at times, is it possible that every Seahawks game is going to be like this the rest of the season? Will your heart/liver be able to handle it?

    Yes and Yes

    3. Critique Russell Wilson’s game … try to be honest and fair.


    4. Game ball goes to whom? And who was your unsung hero of the game?

    Russel Wilson for both!

    5. How annoyingly good can Tom Brady be at times?

    Like an older Russel Wilson.

    6. It’s a short turnaround, but Thursday’s game in San Francisco is a monster. What to the Hawks have to do to win?

    Trust Russel Wilson.

  5. huge steps for RW this week – not just b/c of the bombs (when was the last time we had completions of 46, 50, and 51 in one game), but also staying in the pocket, and making real plays w/his feet when he had to.

    his accuracy wavered some in the middle of the game – but what can you say about the 4th quarter plays? with this defense and running game, you can have a caretaker QB, but that QB still has to be a playmaker sometimes. RW was that guy today.

  6. MEhawkfan says:

    1. High anxiety! But yeah, I thought they would make the stop.

    2. I see improvement in different aspects of the game for each game. I think, eventually, the offense is going to come together and be a force.
    3. I think Wilson had a decent game. He seems to have the heart of a lion and, although he faded in the middle, in the end, he made the plays he had to to win the game. He’s still a rookie, but I see improvement every game. I think he has great potential.
    4. Sherman would be a good candidate, so would Wilson. Probably Sherman, though.
    5. So annoying that even this question is annoying.
    6. The Hawks need to forget about this game tonight and get back to work preparing for San Francisco.

  7. Best REAl Seahawk victory since the 2010 playoff game. Might even be better since I HATE the Pats

  8. If we don’t drop those three picks Its over earlier.

  9. I’ll just post what I wrote earlier, and then add something with the questions.

    Was this a character win or WHAT? It’s almost 2 am, and I’m not going to bed any time soon, holy mother of all that is holy, what a game! It wasn’t perfect, we all know we aren’t elite in any area yet, but we did what was needed when it truly mattered and got the win, and that is what’s most important, right?!?

    Screw the lousy play in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, defense and offense really stepped up at the end, and dear god Wilson can REALLY throw a mean, mean MEAN deep ball, the touch on those passes, man, he shows glimpses of excellence the little rook.

    1. I actually did, they played exactly how I expected, gave up a lot of yards, but they kept it competitive, Brady played great and the guys did pretty well against a savy vet, however they are still not good enough at getting off the field.

    2. Yes, because I don’t freak out like the people in the chat.

    3. I’ll leave that to certain people, he had some rookie mistakes, but as stated before, holy crap he can sling it deep.

    4. Wilson gets it, obviously, unsung hero could be Turbin, didn’t get the ball a lot but he did well when he got the chance.

    5. The same level of annoying as Manning, which is very, he is so good it is almost unreal.

    6. Call a good game, play it smart, make the bad Alex Smith appear and try to contain Vernon Davis.


  10. Chawksrule says:

    The kid proved he is a winner! 133.7 Passer Rating and he outplayed a Hall of Famer. Great job Russell Wilson, Leon Washington and the clutch D!!!

    Go Hawks!!!

  11. Critique-shmitique. The guy (and the offense) came back from 13 points down in the 4th quarter to win. This is what everybody was asking for last year. Well. We got it!

    Let’s hear a scream!

  12. I’m starting to believe Golden Tate is for real.

  13. seatowntp says:

    Love this stupid ef in patsies media (I live in Western Mass). . . “the Patriots outplayed the Seahawks in every level of this game. The Patriots outplayed them up and down the field. The Patriots are the better team. . .” Blah. Blah. Blah. Scoreboard B. . .

  14. seatowntp says:

    I’m having tater tots for dinner!

  15. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    1. Be honest, did you think the Hawks defense was going to stop Brady on that final series? What was your anxiety level?
    actually yes they had a decent second half. remember it’s not the yards it’s the scores that matter.

    2. With the offense still struggling at times, is it possible that every Seahawks game is going to be like this the rest of the season? Will your heart/liver be able to handle it?
    most likely/ yes
    3. Critique Russell Wilson’s game … try to be honest and fair.
    Russell Wilson 16 27 293 59.3 10.9 2 10 3 0 133.7 . nuff said
    4. Game ball goes to whom? And who was your unsung hero of the game?
    the secondary, as bad as it was they kept fighting. also wilson great game struggled at time but great game.
    5. How annoyingly good can Tom Brady be at times? very

    6. It’s a short turnaround, but Thursday’s game in San Francisco is a monster. What to the Hawks have to do to win? get after smith shut down the run/ duh

  16. My reaction is best summed up with this.

    1. Interesting thought on that, Brady was beating us on the inside the whole day, I would not have figured time to be a concern a concern for him. All they had to do is get in field goal range. So I guess yeah, was expecting a different outcome.

    2. My liver’s still ok compared to the average participant here, but I think there’s going to be more consistency. RW showed he could make the big game changing plays. And that’s going to go a long ways towards cutting down on failed drives that we saw throughout the middle part of the game. This team really needed to show it could win when Lynch has an off day.

    3. He’s still got holes in his game, especially on the screen passes, but this is by far his best effort today. The fumble was a breakdown of coverage and was a fraction of a second from being an incomplete and a 3rd down.

    4. Sidney Rice, but Tate and Braylon Edwards stepped up too.

    5. So good, as if he’s been blessed by the NFL gods. It just makes the moments where he shows he’s human, all the more enjoyable.

    6. Pass rush, force mistakes. And cover Vernon Davis!

  17. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    funny how all the haters are gone i mean no sign at all. wilson spoon fed them all a big mouthful of STFU. love it

  18. For the Flynn fans: Flynn would NOT have won that game today.

  19. crunchmeister says:

    1) Totally thought the Pats were toast on that final drive. Called it in chat

    2) Offense will be up and down. Love how they stayed tenacious and won at the end.

    3) Best game of the year for Wilson. He still had happy feet at times but did a better job climbing the pocket. He seemed like the game has slowed down a tiny bit for him. He’s still a work in progress, but he’s making progress.

    4) Game balls to Wilson and Sherman. IMO Sherman has a chance for a very, very special career

    5) Brady plays the game at a whole different level. Man he reads and plays fast. I think it’s a testimate to how good the Seattle D is that he was slowed in the second half


  20. Ewalters7354 says:

    I’m drunk right now so I’ll save the talking for later All I gotta say is what a win!

  21. seatowntp says:

    Truthfully, IF the Seahawks offense could put it together for FOUR quarters as they did in the first and fourth quarters. . . They would be SCARY!!!

  22. HeinieHunter says:

    RW just needs more playing experience. He is now looking like on of the steals of the last draft.

  23. LouieLouie says:

    Wow, what a game. I think Bevel has finally figured out what he has in Russell Wilson. Every week he improves by leaps and bounds (and passes). How good can this kid be? He’s beginning to understand how to use the pocket and when to scramble to buy time.

    I can’t think of any other Seahawk’s quarterback that wins this game, except for maybe Warren Moon. Krieg was always just one bubblehead play away from giving the game away. Hassellbeck could not have made those deep throws.

  24. abqhwkfn says:

    RW played his best game to date. in his biggest game yet. he gets the game ball. unsung hero goes to Braylon Edwards. i think the offense is starting to come around. credit the patience of the coaching staff. great team win today. offense, defense and special teams all made mistakes today buy all made big plays as well.. nice job.. now get ready for thursday..

  25. SaigonSun says:

    yesterday and till the third quarter I believed we could win…… Then I started to really worry. At that time I thought we were done. Then cane the fourth and Brady was “losing it”,while RW was getting better by the snap. The end was pure magic.
    My heart is still beating hundred beats per minute. I am soooooooooooo happy !
    Thank You Seahawks for this great game. Do it again in SF on thursday.

  26. jawpeace says:

    What a great win and as a double bonus all the NFC West teams lost and we don’t have to read ACIB ranting about starting FLynn!

  27. Great win. We finally have a QB!!!!!!

    Where’s ACIB now?

    Who still thinks Wilson is Seneca 2.0?

  28. bayareahawkfan says:

    ACIB and Radeon, thoughts? I would guess you want a little time to build your case for why this was an illusion based on terrible pass d by the pats. That’s okay – more time to enjoy the victory on the blog with other fans before the negativity washes in to drag us all down.

    I was so nervous in the 4th quarter I turned off the firstrowsports feed on the laptop and went out to clean my gutters while listening to the radio feed with Raible and Moon. When they scored that Sidney TD I almost fell off the ladder clapping and whooping like an idiot.

    I’m sure the neighbors got a little bit startled :).

    Also, the Niners getting straight EMBARRASSED at home is almost as great as this win.

    Almost :). What a day!

  29. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Hey we won and are now 4-3. We had zero running game today. This was 100% won by the QB……his name is Wilson and he did all he could. Defense wasn’t able to sustain today. That’s okay. They have won 3 games for us before today. Besides, if Earl Thomas returned that sure int in the first goal line stand for a pick six 96 yard td, this game is over before half. Earl dropped two potential int TD’s today and don’t harsh on me as Earl is my favorite Seahawk and generally intercepts those. Miller fumbling was a huge surprise game killer, but the team held up and still one. This was a bigger win than almost all media will give credit for. Massive win on a day win the rest of our division lost. Massive WIN. Enjoy fellow Seahawks fans!!!

  30. Soggybuc says:

    I dunno Jag about that elite comment. did brady move the ball and make yards? hell yes! but he does that to everyone.
    Our D made them pay for those yards, Welker is going to have a hard time getting out of bed for a few days, same with Brady. the Pats body language was tired, sore and not so cocksure at the end of the game.
    The D smacked them down at the most Important moments of the game. both of Brady’s intentional grounding calls are a credit to the D.
    If that Ain’t Elite I’m not sure what is. Also Sherman should be getting the attention and credit due from the media morons soon because he is a player who can thru 4 games now be said to bringing an Elite element to his game.

  31. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Sorry, Won. Still waaay hyped and fingers and keyboard not in tandem yet.

  32. bird_spit says:

    Wilson sucks. When are we going to see Flynn. Flynn would have won that 52 – 23.

  33. seatowntp says:

    How about that? Atop the NFC West after this early season brutal schedule! Seahawks make another statement and win Thursday!

  34. Glad to get this win against a very tough team.

  35. Awesome! Nice to see more of the play book! RW & Sherman played very well. Now it’s time to pounce on the fortywhiners!

  36. crunchmeister says:

    As I said in chat, second half of the 4th quarter was pivotal, maybe for the remainder of the season. Yes this team has holes, but they are learning to play big when it counts.

  37. -spit….I am hoping that was pure sarcasm/ :)

  38. bird_spit says:

    Acib and rad .. Buddy’s where’s my backup..Wilson sucks…er, wait, we won. NEVERMIND!

  39. We just beat teams up. If you do not like our qb development you do not understand football. Irvin was bringing the heat he is drawing two guys. What a great draft> Turbin a good game. Wagner, Wilson and Irvin very nice. We dropped 4 picks one was a pick Six. There is no team this team is scared to play.

  40. For one week all Wilson detractors STFU… an awesome win showing balls we have not shown for years can’t wait until thursday… time to shut the 49ers up too.

  41. seatowntp says:

    Sitting here watching the patsies talking heads trash the organization and draft and. . . I am LOVING IT! Thank you Seattle Seahawks!!!

  42. bird_spit says:

    Dflyodd – absolutely..I hope that shuts down the naysayers. Best team performance we have seen in a long time. The QB and WRs were on the same page, and Beville decided to open the rest of the play book. Bring on the 9ers.

  43. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Those two won’t be able to spew nonsense today. Their entire argument is based on mad man love for the shorter QB. He reminds them of what they wish they could “look up to” and therefore hate. When a rookie QB goes 3 deep TD’s and wins the game in the late stages of the fourth quarter, you hide. You lose your keyboard. You dog ate your hate for our team excuse. Awesome win. No running game. Not a great O-line performance. The D was barely ok and will be better. Too much Wes Walker. Bad ass hit by Browner. I think the D thought Wes would be out after that. I know I did. He is waaaay tougher than I ever knew. Solid win again a pretty great team.

  44. Bench Wilson, start Flynn……………RIGHT……That kid has a great touch on the long ball. The receivers are doing their part, too.

  45. Dallas, GB & NE. IN ONE SEASON!
    OMG. (sorry turned into a chick there)

    Radeon & ACIB, I’m ok if you come back and say RW played a decent game today. Will your ego allow you to do it?

    I had almost 0 hope after Miller fumbled.
    Why do they have to wait til the last minute to win??

  46. DreadHawks says:

    Wagner is a stud and a steal. Would of loved to see Brady go down a bunch more tho. How big is the Thursday Night game now?

  47. abqhwkfn says:

    So if Braylon comes up wih that catch in Arizona and McCoy doesnt slip amd fall in st louis i wonder of RW is sittin on 4 4th qtr game winning drives in 6 games as a starter.. and sittin at 6-0..
    but of course, flynn would have done all that and more i assume. based on 2 games hes started in the nfl

  48. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I had my doubts, but from the beginning I always said that Seattle would this game. More importantly, let all the Flynn advocates forever be silenced. Wilson is our franchise QB!

  49. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I always said that Seattle would steal this game (typo).

  50. 1. Be honest, did you think the Hawks defense was going to stop Brady on that final series? What was your anxiety level?

    50/50; anxiety level was huge!

    2. With the offense still struggling at times, is it possible that every Seahawks game is going to be like this the rest of the season? Will your heart/liver be able to handle it?

    Yes, no, yes

    3. Critique Russell Wilson’s game … try to be honest and fair.

    I feel like a broken record on this one: I think there’s a really good chance that over time RW will be really good. I still believe PC rushed him along too fast & that Flynn should be playing this year. Makes me wonder if Flynn’s injury was worse than we were told, or if PC is just that high on RW?

    4. Game ball goes to whom? And who was your unsung hero of the game?

    3 way tie on GB: Wilson, Baldwin & Rice. Despite the muffed snap, good candidate for unsung hero could be Ryan for the 66 yard punt, or possibly Washington for his 2 important plays.

    5. How annoyingly good can Tom Brady be at times?

    That is a silly question! Obvious future hof member.

    6. It’s a short turnaround, but Thursday’s game in San Francisco is a monster. What do the Hawks have to do to win?

    Find out what NYG did today to make Smith look like his old pre 2011 self & do the same. Be injury free.

  51. RDPoulsbo says:

    I really chalked this one up as a loss going into the season and wasn’t expecting much through the game, so needless to say, I’m ecstatic with the win.

    That said, I’m still convinced this offense cannot run a WCO scheme to save their lives. Look at the game again, 3 and 5 step drops are not cutting it. They’re at their best when they are running bread and butter Erhardt-Perkins offensive plays with heavy play action and rollouts. That’s closer to Wisonsin’s offense than North Carolina. PC and Bevell need to ditch the scheme and play to their strengths.

    My game ball goes to Sherman. He doesn’t get the stats today, but he always came up big whenever Brady threw at him.

    There is no doubt that Brady was playing on the top of his game today. People can complain about the lack of pressure and whatnot, but Brady was making that happen with his reads. In the end, the Hawks D held them 10 points under their game average, so they have to call that a win for the D.

    Thursday’s game is huge. I’ll never be convinced Smith is anything special. Just keep Gore in check and pick off Alex when he has to drop back and pass.

  52. Soggy – the defense is great, and as I said when I popped in the chat at one point, Sherman might be a top 5 CB in this league very, very soon, he is just unreal. The problem is still a more consistent pressure and ability to get off on 3rd down, ultimately it doesn’t matter when we have been pretty great in the red zone so far, and I was saying before the game, that below 4 TD’s would be a good day, 23 points and a W is a great day. Defense is almost there, but I wouldn’t call it elite just yet.

  53. Seahawks2620 says:

    What a freakin win. I watched the game but complained about how the game was essentially over on the chat (I have gotta work On that), but they really gutted this one out and shut me right the hell up. Thumbs up to all of you guys who kept your cool and didn’t over react.

    As for the D, we don’t play Brady every week and we don’t play an offense with that many weapons every week. Once thurmond gets back and can slide into the nickel position, this defense will be even greater! Truant is genuinely the biggest glaring hole on the defense. Every third down he seemed to play off of welker and you could see it already. A quick slant route for the first to welker. All in all though, WOW! I am so ecstatic. Let’s get them Niners boys! Showem who runs this division, and who plays the game of smash mouth the best!

  54. NWPoseidon says:

    There’s no sane person that could say Wilson did not play fantastic. There is nothing more he really could have done. If not for millers fumble on a first down catch trying to scrape out another yard for nothing then we could be talking about another scoring drive and possibly 4 TDs. He has grown each game and even Bevell is beginning to call better plays for him. Go Seahawks!

  55. ChrisHolmes says:

    1. Anxiety level was medium. It’s Tom Brady, but somehow I felt really good about Seahawks defense. They could have had 6 INT’s today!!!

    2. I can handle it. Yes, every game could be like this, but doesn’t Wilson just get better every game??

    3. Growing, and growing up fast and GOOD! I love this kid! The vertical bombs… have not been in our playbook, like, EVER?? And he tried to stay in the pocket today, he really did. I thought he made appropriate use of his legs, but what I really appreciated seeing was his eyes downfield almost all the time, trying to find a throw to make instead of a run. Let me just put it this way: I think Wilson is special, and is the kind of QB who could be elite if he keeps progressing and working the way he has been. I love him. Wow. What a game. PC – let this kid make plays. Please. We won today because Wilson was allowed to PASS THE BALL. Instead of playing to not turn it over.

    4. Hero of the Game: Russel Wilson. You can’t throw a ball more perfect than that last bomb to Rice. Game balls: Wilson and Sherman. Sherman was great!

    5. Brady is awesome. It’s that simple.

    6. Hawks have to keep doing what they are doing: getting better every week. Get to Alex Smith. Stop the run. Make plays on offense; especially Wilson in the passing game. 49er’s are working on a short week as well. I like Seattle’s chances.

    Last thought: as a fan, this was the most satisfying win I can remember in the regular season (obviously not counting the NFC championship game vs. Carolina). I was watching in a tavern with strangers who became friends. I was a nut; excited and ecstatic. I honestly would have felt good if Seattle made a “decent showing” in a 7-point loss. The fact that we won this game – and won it the way we did – has me on cloud nine right now.

    Great win. Period.

  56. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Flynn would have thrown for 450+ yards and 5 TDs against that defense.

  57. A big part of me feels like rippin’ all the negative nancies that usually occupy this blog, but not seeing them here on this thread is plenty of satisfaction.

    In R Dub we believe…


  58. Wow…Perserverence to the very end. This is why we love the NFL.

    Now be happy tonight for tomorrow it’s time to start getting ready for the 49ers. :)

  59. PugetHawk says:

    1. Be honest, did you think the Hawks defense was going to stop Brady on that final series? What was your anxiety level?

    I was pretty confident only because they had no timeouts and when the front four can pin the ears back and bring it they are unstoppable.

    2. With the offense still struggling at times, is it possible that every Seahawks game is going to be like this the rest of the season? Will your heart/liver be able to handle it?

    I don’t think every game will be like this and I am glad because I don’t think I could handle it. We will see something similar again though.

    3. Critique Russell Wilson’s game … try to be honest and fair.

    Solid start then disappeared along with the rest of the offense and then turned it back on in the 4th. The one issue I have with Wilson still is that the only time he seems to be able to make a solid pass is when he scrambles around. I don’t know if that is because the offense doesn’t run many quick outs, slants, or hitches, or because he can’t see or find a throwing lane. Time will tell but he is improving yet still a rookie. Interested to see where he is in three years.

    4. Game ball goes to whom? And who was your unsung hero of the game?

    Game ball to Wilson, and the unsung hero was Richard Sherman. How many times was he wagging that finger? Seemed like all day.

    5. How annoyingly good can Tom Brady be at times?

    Ridiculously annoying

    6. It’s a short turnaround, but Thursday’s game in San Francisco is a monster. What do the Hawks have to do to win?

    I have a feeling the Niners will bring a lot more pressure on Wilson and he won’t have as much time to throw deep so we are going to need to be able to mix in some shorter, quick passes, and screens. Also run the ball better. I am more optimistic than I was after the Rams game though.

  60. Wilson played out of his mind in the 1st and 4th quarters, way better than I had ever anticipated. He’s looking like he’s developing quite nicely. ROCKET for an arm, absolutely. I’m starting to feel like I could have been wrong in my judgements about him, especially after his 4th quarter performance without his sick running game, and his nasty defense letting up points.

    This being said, I need to see him against a stout defense, on the road. If he’s able to put up productive numbers @SF, I’ll absolutely take back everything I said about the guy not making it.

    Braylon Edwards needs to be seeing a lot more of the field, BTW.

  61. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    1. Be honest, did you think the Hawks defense was going to stop Brady on that final series? What was your anxiety level?

    The Patriots scored a whopping 6 points in the 2nd half. I liked our chances in that situation.

    2. With the offense still struggling at times, is it possible that every Seahawks game is going to be like this the rest of the season? Will your heart/liver be able to handle it?

    Yes and yes. This is what football is all about.

    3. Critique Russell Wilson’s game … try to be honest and fair.

    The Patriots defense played to stop the run. This game was on RW’s shoulders from the beginning, and he led them to victory.

    4. Game ball goes to whom? And who was your unsung hero of the game?

    Wilson and Wilson, see above.

    5. How annoyingly good can Tom Brady be at times?

    It’s frustrating to watch, but I thought our defense did a hell of a good job of making plays when they needed to.

    6. It’s a short turnaround, but Thursday’s game in San Francisco is a monster. What do the Hawks have to do to win?

    The defense is going to have to play even better than they have all season. Our offense is going to have a real tough time against their defense, but I think our defense can guide us to victory once again.

  62. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    best hit of the game browner on welker

  63. Beating Green Bay and New England is pretty awesome!

    Wait. How did Wilson throw all those bombs? I thought his WRs were too bad to get any separation?

    It was a great team effort. They could have won the game if they hadn’t had balls go off receiver hands that we picked off and we could have made sure it wasn’t so close by capitalizing on all of our opportunities earlier, but it is what it is and what it is is a SEAHAWKS WIN!!!

  64. Great game.

    Awful play calling at the end of the 1st half. I would like to have that play calling explained by the team.

    Breno was held to one penalty – thats an improvement.

    Its time for the coaches to let Wilson throw the ball like a real QB.

    Really looking forward to Thursday.

  65. GeorgiaHawk says:

    castaway im sorry wilson

  66. edstang45 says:

    I would have never believed I’d waste time on some chat board while watching my Hawks play. But it’s a insane, argumentative, whiney; complaining, sometimes hateful place, lots of negatives, some trouble makers show up but there also is pure passion showing in different ways, beers are cheap, and you can get a breast exam at anytime. I’m addicted to it. Most of the people just love this team, and want to see a winner. Ithought we’d come to play and had a very good chance to win, then the game started and the nerves took over. Wow what a way to win…. so I’ll feed ya some bull and say I knew it all along. Thanks for a good time all you guys who were there. GREAT GAME!!!!

  67. I mean it’s not like the pats had a stout defense against the pass to begin with, and they were loaded up to stop the run. Wilson definitely stepped it up in a huge way, but let’s not forget, this is the same team that let Ryan Fitzpatrick throw for 350 and 4 touchdowns, Flacco for 381 yards, Manning for 337 yards, etc. It was a great performance, it’s just not indicative of future success. With any less of an effort from the defense, this would have been out of hand in the 3rd. I don’t want a team that’s playing from behind in the 4th every game, I’d love for there to be about a 10 point cushion going into the 4th.

  68. SkeleTony says:

    “1. Be honest, did you think the Hawks defense was going to stop Brady on that final series? What was your anxiety level?”

    I was hopeful but conditioned by years of disappointment to not get TOO hopeful.

    “2. With the offense still struggling at times, is it possible that every Seahawks game is going to be like this the rest of the season? Will your heart/liver be able to handle it?”

    I hope not. I hope that Wilson keeps making progress and does not pull a Vick…bouncing between brilliant, mediocre and dreadful.

    “3. Critique Russell Wilson’s game … try to be honest and fair.”

    I have to admit he exceeded expectations and performed at an almost ‘elite’ level. His one turnover was a fumble that was really close and he cannot be given to much criticism for it. About a half dozen things were going wrong on that play. If he wins next Thursday I will hope that Flynn never sees the field of play.

    “4. Game ball goes to whom? And who was your unsung hero of the game?”

    Game ball goes to Sidney Rice AND Russel Wilson and the unsung hero is, strangely enough OC Darrel Bevelle (spelling?).

    “5. How annoyingly good can Tom Brady be at times?”

    Patriots are the team I root for outside of Seattle (unless they are playing the Hawks of course) and Tom Brady is a major reason why. He got me a fantasy football championship in 2001 and has amazed me ever since.

    “6. It’s a short turnaround, but Thursday’s game in San Francisco is a monster. What do the Hawks have to do to win?”

    Stouter defense. We cannot give Alex Smith free first downs for 3 quarters the way we did Tom Brady and Co. today. We need to win the turnover battle and convert those turnovers to points (unlike today). We need to stick with the running game a bit more also.

  69. I think back to when the Redskins won their last Super Bowl. They had a great run game that was their bread and butter and they threw deep a lot, too. They didn’t let Rypien do a lot with the middle of the field. This seems to be something we can do, too. Pound the rock, pound the rock, and go deep with some regularity with Wilson and his cannon. I like it.

  70. 1. I have to admit I was a little nervous because all they needed was a field goal and a minute is a long time for Brady. But I could also feel the momentum shift in the 4th quarter. I can handle the ups and downs as long as we win 2 out of 3.
    2. The offense will be inconsistent because they are not good enough to overcome rookie mistakes and dumb penaties. Until we clean that up, we will struggle to consistently move the ball and extend drives to put up points. But today was a very good start.
    3. He made a few mistakes, but compared to last week, RW’s performance is night and day. I am curious what his QBR was for today, I have a feeling it is through the roof.
    4. Game ball goes to Wilson for keeping after it for four quarters.
    Unsung hero would have to be Browner for some nice stops and hits.
    5. Brady can make you feel hopeless at times because he is so good.
    But he doesn’t like to get hit, and we were getting to him in the 4th.
    6. Thursday night will be an epic defensive showdown. WE MUST STOP THE RUN! Make Smith beat you, and get after him. Then, score just enough to win against their stingy D. Hauschka might have to win it.

  71. LocalGutterGuy says:

    Bottom line Wilson was coached on how to manage the pocket and he took the coaching to heart and did it…..resulting in big plays. Good coaching and great draft picks. We are on the cusp of greatness.

  72. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’m lump free in my breast thankfully edstang45. It’s fun to see comments like yours for a change. Haters will hate, losers will lose and REAL Seahawks fans will be forever loyal and committed. Thanks for the chuckle.

  73. LocalGutterGuy says:

    Regarding the defense stop……I was not nervous….I will take our D against anyone’s attempt at a winning drive.

  74. bird_spit says:

    That was the Rice we have been looking for since his signing.

  75. sluggo42 says:

    Groovy for sure..

    I would like for Radeon, ACIB, Sean, and any of the other Wilson haters to come out and admit they were wrong. We wasted so much time and energy due to these troll haters I skipped threads when they started babbling.

    ENUF is ENUF STFU ! Just so sick of it…

    THis win was heart stopping, and Wilson has a deep ball that is so sweet, and now teams have to start respecting that. The “D” bent and bent and bent, but the didn’t break against the #1 offense in the league, and they kept us in a crazy tough game.

    #12 was FANtastic, and easily can be considered as a game MVP.

    Just awesome win. Wagner, Browner just hurts guys. Welker and Gronk are still in the ice tub… KJ just pasted him. WR’s made some killer plays. Pretty decent pass blocking, Breno only had one penalty?

    BS roughing call against Crybrady. What a great game.

  76. Richard Sherman had a really good game and game in and game out Mebane is simply a beast at playing games in opposing backfields. He’s almost always pushing his guy back.

  77. Dukeshire says:

    I’m not going to answer these questions, now. But I will say I’m still in shock. I’m coming to the realization that the ’12 Seahawks are going to take years off my life. Honestly, this was one of the sweetest October victories since 2005. Grateful they are featuring Rice, and grateful the defense is as solid as they are. Look the F out San Fran. You’re in trouble…

  78. Today was magical. It reminded me so much of 4th quarters with Tarvaris Jackson in “control.”

    Yes. That was sarcasm. And fun.

  79. sluggo42, seriously, make a noose and learn how to use it.

    fitzpatrick passed for those kind of yards against the patriots.

    RW certainly played his ass off, but this still doesn’t convince me. ENUF ISN’T ENUF. When he goes up against a team that isn’t stacking against the run, that’s already ranked on the bottom 5 in pass defense, I will then say ENUF. You gotta win on the road against good teams, to be a great QB. I’m not saying he’s hopeless, but I certainly have yet to see anything that blows me away.

  80. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, ‘Bane is have an awesome year. One of the best NTs in the NFL. Great game again today.

  81. Bobby, I agree. I feel like this defensive line is unrivaled in this years league.

  82. SkeleTony says:

    Sluggo42, not everyone criticism Wilson or the choice to start him over Flynn is a “hater”. You have to temper your enthusiasm with rationality. RW performed poorly – ‘not great’-ly for his first four starts but showed gradual improvement (as I and others admitted) and he did exactly what I hoped for in these very threads: scored more TDs than committed turnovers. If he performs this well (or better) next game we could win.

  83. bayareahawkfan says:

    Radeon, well said – it’s nice to see you respond reasonably to what we saw on the field. You’ve established enough credibility over the years by posting here that even when your comments were the hardest to read, you still fell short of troll status.

    What will ACIB do now, though? His whole screaming premise was that Wilson could never produce because he is physically and constitutionally unable to, and that anyone who supported seeing how he developed was blind.

    It’s going to take some rhetorical magic to integrate this game into his platform.

    I think even the most ardent supporters can agree that Wilson’s not where he needs to be yet for this team to have sustained success, but at least he seems to be taking steps.

    He and the rest of the team are going to have to take another giant step if they want to have a chance on Thursday – but here’s hoping they carry over this momentum and team belief into that one.

  84. sluggo42 says:

    Browner on Welker was great, KJ into Gronks back was beastly too

  85. SkeleTony says:

    “Not everyone *criticizing Wilson…” – typo

  86. Baldwin really delivered today! It was so cool to share this win with my boys…I told them this is why I watch football. This was a statement win…the kind of game Carroll will be able to use and build on this year.

  87. sluggo42 says:

    RW is a freaking rookie, what exactly do you want? Does he need to beat Brady, Romo, and the fudgePackers for you to be happy? Ohh he already did.. He has improved every game.

    yes Enuf is Enuf troll… 97% of everyone in here is sick of you guys. Flynn will never see the field unless he gets hurt, like you wish he would. I could care less if you have posted in here for years, it doesn’t make you any less of a jerk. You wish our QB injury, you call people in here idiots, you tell me to hang myself, yes dude, you are a troll

  88. bayareahawkfan, my unreasonable reactions are from the unreasonable attitudes and expectations people have of Wilson. I’ve been saying since the offseason, Carroll dropped the ball on how he handled the QB situation. He may have been up against a bad pass D, but, he’s absolutely developing chemistry with the team, which is what OTA’s, Mini Camps, and preseason are designed to do, not the first 4-5 weeks of the regular season. Any time Wilson completes a pass or makes a play, people are instantly like “LOL RADEON HOW DOES THAT CROW TASTE THAT YOU ARE EATING LOLOL IT’S OK TO ADMIT YOU ARE WRONG ENUF IS ENUF LOLOLOLOL”
    There’s absolutely nothing that’s proven to me, or anyone, that Wilson is or isn’t the QB of the future. It’s possible he wins the next 10 super bowls in a row. It’s also possible he throws 5 picks against San Fran next week, and doesn’t recover and is out of the league in the next 2 years. Obviously it’s 2 complete ends of the spectrum, but there’s no in between with some of these people on here.

    If RW lights it up against SF like Eli did today, I will legitimately ease up on him. His inexperience/lack of talent had already cost the team at least 2 games. This could have been made up with chemistry in the offseason, but the Carroll hormonal reactionism and QB flip flop definitely cost both QB’s chances to grow. If he blows it, then I’ll be where I’ve stood all season. People think one good game makes a career, but I need to see more. WAY more.

  89. Audible: that was the only player I’ve stayed completely calm about. His work ethic and attitude is such, that he’s not going to fall victim to a sophomore slump. The injury, lack of consistent QB play and chemistry development, absolutely cost the young Baldwin a few stats this year. He’ll be just fine.

  90. Southendzone says:

    1) Yes, at the end I was nervous as hell but at that point I thought the D would pull it out
    2) No, I will die, no question

    3. Wilson overall played great, a couple times I think he bailed out early and in 1 case I wanted him to run and he didn’t. No real complaints

    4. I just love the way the defense grinded this one out in the face of a total onslaught. I think they are a proud bunch and though they weren’t dominating, they had it in their head that they were going to bring this game back under control somehow. I felt like i could see this in Earl Thomas body language ,even from row GG of the upper deck.

    5. Great statement, the guy is the epitome of beast mode applied to a QB, so glad we won’t face him again til 2013 in New Orleans.

    6. Thursday game is going to be on the defense again. Gotta make Frank Gore look old, and make Alex Smith look like Alex Smith. SF defense will not be anywhere near this easy to crack.

    great game today!

  91. bbnate420 says:

    ACIB, where are you troll??????????????????????

  92. MoSeahawk12 says:

    4-2. There is not one”professional media” reporter, commentator that would have said the Seahawks would have that record after the first six games. Let alone with a rookie QB. Recap…Romo, Rogers, Newton and now Brady. Those four QB’s have a lot of wins and even a few superbowls. Ok, no Romo or Cam, but these guys run some serious offenses in the NFL.

    Guys, and gals, this is supposed to be the toughest, most difficult section of the Seahawks 2012 schedule. Pretty good so far. Decent play. Often great D play. A Little luck. Think about the fact that this team is approaching the last two years win total. Nobody here would accept another 7-9 season. This team has no plans to even consider that.

    That’s why we are watching and into this. 2012 Seahawks are moving in the right direction. Lots of room to improve, but certainly not the stuff on the bottom of the shoe that some of the less informed posters prefer to spew. Sorry, just can’t stand poorly constructed comments from people that watch NFL games on 13″ black and white tvs that are tuned to static.

  93. bbnate420 says:

    BTW, If you don’t have the sack to post today or tomorrow, please refrain from polluting this blog with your blather if the Hawks lose Thursday.

  94. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    well said nate

  95. MoSeahawk12 says:

    ACIB is trying to get his AC tattoo removed. He will probably show after the Texans game. Safest pick in the draft tattoos can be tough to remove. The other is trying to “make points”. High fives for sluggo42. Yes sir.

  96. bbnate420 says:

    Great win. I was thinking that RW would bounce back at the end of the game, but I honestly didn’t expect a win. The kid can pull off a play action fake and chuck the deep ball, that’s for sure.

    I think we have a legitimate shot on Thursday, but I’m not going to freak out if we lose. I hope others here follow suit.

    That roughing the passer call against us was complete garbage, and that idiot Fouts kept calling it a good call. Clemons drove Brady down from behind and his head struck Jones. That’s not going to the head.

    I wonder if Thurmond will play Thursday. It sounds like he’ll be ready to practice, but it’s probably asking too much for him to play a Thursday game. Should be back week 8 regardless.

  97. bbnate420 says:

    Thanks, hawkfaninoklahoma.

    mocarob, you’re going to get blow back from the comment, but I have to say that was pretty funny.

  98. Anyone else have a stupid smirk still on their faces? Love it!

  99. crunchmeister says:

    yeah Bobby, I do

  100. pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, bomb, pound, pound, pound, bomb, pound, pound, pound, pound, pound, screen, pound, pound, bomb, pound, bomb…

  101. sluggo42 says:

    “Anyone else have a stupid smirk still on their faces? Love it! ”

    Hell ya I do!

  102. bbnate…Don’t call for ACIB; it’s bad enough RADEoN is still here.

  103. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We are very much in the hunt to win our division! How sweet is that?

  104. sluggo42 says:

    tied today, first on thursday nite

  105. This board is so manic-depressive after each game it’s like a train wreck I can’t look away from.

    I can only imagine what those game chats are like while the Seahawks are losing.

  106. chuck_easton says:

    Great game today. Wilson showed the pocket presence many of us doubters have been wanting to see.

    It’s never been a question of the potential talent, it’s been the concern that as a rookie he wasn’t quite ready if the need arose to put the game on his back.

    But remember everyone. Today shows what Wilson can bring to the party. What he needs to work on ( and EVERY rookie QB needs to develop ) is the consistency. That’s the one thing he needs to show before he will be an elite QB. The tools and the drive is there. He can do it.

    Wilson is still a rookie. He’s going to have games all year where sometimes good Russell shows up and other times bad Russell shows up.

    As high as everyone is today, it will be ugly around here if the team goes to SF on Thursday and gets blown out.

    I still would not have gone with a rookie if it were my call, but since the decision is made, the rule is try not to get too high after a day like today but accept there are going to be the bad games as well. I just hope there are more good than bad.

  107. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Oh wait a minute, we have a midget for our qb, another Senaca Wallace/Vick. Lol.
    Just look at the responses after we drafted him and you will clearly see who is behind this on going Wilson Hate parade!

    Getting harder to hate of late isn’t it. Lol.

  108. seahawk44 says:

    A few short thoughts on the game.

    This win was huge. A 4th quarter comeback victory for a rookie qb playing his 6th NFL game for a share of the division lead is a very large potential momentum riding, confidence building WIN!!! Especially against Tom Brady and the Patriots.

    Good job by the defensive backs and wide receivers also.

    That clock runoff at the end of the 1st half proved to be a costly intentional grounding penalty for New England.

    Even bigger victory 4 days from now to go to SF and become 5-2 NFC West leader. Go Hawks!

  109. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- since you have all the answers here about how the Seahawks should have handled their qb situation, I remember you saying that we would know after two games how Wilson would do. Now he has played six games. Are you going to keep changing your story like I said you would do awhile back?

  110. confucious says:

    Radeon is entitled to his opinion. Different opinions are what make this blog interesting to me. When sports arguments turn into personal attacks, It becomes time for me to turn off the computer. What a game! These outcomes have been soooo rare over the years. It’s nice to be on the other end for a change. The national media will never say it but I will…..Nice catch Golden!!!!

  111. chuck_easton says:


    No I’m not changing my story. And you are doing a lot of gloating today but I seem to recall you being pretty silent after the Rams game. Just saying…

    I’ve been constant all along. I don’t like starting rookie QB’s unless the team is at the beginning of a rebuild.

    I have said all along I thought Wilson would be a good QB in time. My complaint has been the idea of wasting this talented of a team while Wilson grows up.

    I do note that after a game like today all the sudden Wilson is back to being ready for Canton right now.

    He’s a rookie. There are going to be days like today and we should enjoy them.

    But if anyone ( well anyone except Georgia who has had a blind and unwavering man crush on Wilson from the beginning ) says they were totally confident going into the 4th today, I’d call BS.

    Was it exciting and fun to witness? Heck yes. Do I think it’s going just happen every weekend just because it went right today? Heck no.

    Wilson is our QB and I will continue to cheer him every week. But he’s not Brady, Rogers, Brees, or Manning YET where it’s more of a surprise when he doesn’t pull off the fourth quarter come back then it is a surprise when he does.

  112. Hawksince77 says:

    All right, I will answer the question about Wilson. As a long time supporter of the young man, I don’t feel it necessary to add to the earned accolades he has earned on this blog. I am just going to point out what might be his worst play of the season.

    Late in the 4th QTR, with time running out, and deep in their own territory, third and 3 on their penultimate drive, and he throws the ball deep and out of bounds? How horrible was that? They need 3 yards to extend the drive, not fifty. And he throws the ball the one place his WR has no chance to make a play?

    Other than that, he played a nearly perfect game. But hey, even Brady made some mistakes…

  113. Hawksince77 says:

    I thought that play cost them the game, at the time. I mean, what are they going to do, go for it on 4th down? PC said they considered it. They punt the ball to Brady with like 4 minutes to play. Defense comes up big; NE punts to Seattle; Wilson makes the game-winning throw.

    Too cool…

  114. confucious says:

    That fair chuck. But With the oline still struggling for consistency and the youth of the defense, there is still time before this team peaks. I initially thought PC would run with Flynn and was alright with that. Now though he is kinda stuck with Russ no matter what. He sure is handling it well and show progress by the game. I think it’s going to be a peto bismal type of season. Initially I thought 8-8 was the cieling, Maybe they will finish better than I expected.

  115. crunchmeister says:

    Halftime at the sunday night game, and Costas is doing his wrapup talking about RW… and they show Brady and his end of the game pouty face…. love it!

  116. The argument that we are wasting a good team on a rookie QB does not hold up unless you know the alternative is going to be better. We do not know that about Flynn. Yes, he has been around a while in the NFL but remember so had Hasselbeck and he sure struggled as much as RW has, if not more, when he was started here.

    Anyway, enuf of this argument. It was a great win today; very exciting game. The NFC West is wide open and no reason we cannot take it all.

  117. chuck_easton says:

    Pilot, we don’t know if Flynn would be better and we aren’t going to find out.

    I’m just not a fan of starting a rookie unless you are a team like the Colts, Miami, Washington, Cleveland, or the Panthers and Bengals last season where your previous season was so hopeless you might as well role the dice on the rookie.

    Somehow that has turned into being anti Wilson. I’m not anti Wilson. With the exception of Luck and maybe RGIII there isn’t a rookie QB I would have started for the Seahawks this year.

  118. ChrisHolmes says:

    RW shows growth every game. If he sits a year, he has to do this growing next year. I’m glad it’s happening now.

    And while he’s growing into the role, he’s downed Newton, Romo, Rogers and Brady.

    Yeah. We all saw that coming… right?

    I love the kid. Let him keep growing.

  119. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    RADEoN, come on man! we won let the happy people be happy. he had great numbers for a veteran much less a rookie .oh and the pack is 22 against the pass that is hardly horrible. relax enjoy the win .

  120. No team can restart it’s passing game every year and call themselves a Super Bowl Contender.

    You start the player now who you will ride with in the future, not the player who necessarily gives you the best chance to win now.

    I hear people basically say, start Flynn now and let Wilson sit for a year. Why, so Carroll can have a different starting QB in each of his 4 seasons??

    I think a lot of the people who say this know how silly this would be. They happen to be huge Flynn fans and just don’t want to let the Flynn dream die. It’s more a comment on their love for Flynn than their disapproval of Wilson.

  121. chuck_easton says:

    That’s where I’m at with Wilson as well now. He’s growing. It’s a moot point if it was the right call or wrong call by PC. The decision is made.

    Look at other rookies from last year. Dalton looked good from the beginning and he seems to have kept it going this year. Ponder looked completely lost last year and now in his second season he looks more than decent. Newton looked like a superstar as a rookie and now he looks like he doesn’t have a clue. Gabbert looked bad last year and still looks bad.

    Wilson is a smart kid. I would put him more in the Dalton, Ponder group tnan the Newton, Gabbert group.

  122. MoSeahawk12 says:

    “Radeon is entitled to his opinion. Different opinions are what make this blog interesting to me.” You are correct confucious, but when a poster crosses the line as many times as Radeon and ICIB with their single focused rants it becomes tiresome. I mean, Radeon hopes that our rookie Qb, breaks his leg and makes some other asinine comments and doesn’t show any class or educated facts that back up 99% of his nonsense. The people reading and writing here all want the Seahawks to play well and win. We know that doesn’t always happen. This team is young, sitting at 4-2 with a 3rd round rookie QB. Some would say we could be 6-0, other would say different. I think we are right where we should be. One game out of the NFC West lead with a chance to jump to 1st place with a win on Thursday. Opinions matter and should be considered. Comments to exercise your keyboard can be done by monkeys.

  123. confucious says:

    Radeon has offered many constructive opinions over the years. I just felt like he was getting hammered a bit after the win. I’m not into the rant bs either. I think that is a small sample of his past offerings to this blog. ACIB on the other hand……..

  124. The12thMan says:

    1. Be honest, did you think the Hawks defense was going to stop Brady on that final series? What was your anxiety level?

    With about 7 minutes left and the score at 23-16, I told my son the Hawks were going to win 24-23 and I really felt it. That said, I must not have been totally convinced because on a scale of 1-10 my anxiety level on that final series was an 11.

    2. With the offense still struggling at times, is it possible that every Seahawks game is going to be like this the rest of the season? Will your heart/liver be able to handle it?

    With a rookie starting at QB the answer is yes. I picked the wrong year to quit drinking.

    3. Critique Russell Wilson’s game … try to be honest and fair.

    I actually think he threw more off-target passes in this game than in any other game this year. He had that one pass on 3rd and 3 (when many in the game chat started lighting their torches to go after him) that he basically threw into the grass. But during that time period I think it was raining the hardest and was affecting throws, Brady threw numerous ‘sinker balls’ during the same period. Overall he obviously way more than made up for the bad throws. This kid has a very bright future, and a pretty darn good present.

    4. Game ball goes to whom? And who was your unsung hero of the game?

    He threw the game winning TD so Wilson has to get it. Bobby Wagner had a very nice game and also seems to be getting significantly better each week, I’m very pleased with that pick.

    5. How annoyingly good can Tom Brady be at times?

    I’m convinced that dude is a robot Probably created in some weird science lab to be the perfect man by two female nerds with jock straps on their heads. He’s just too perfect. I’d like to find out he’s secretly a cross dresser or something like that.

    6. It’s a short turnaround, but Thursday’s game in San Francisco is a monster. What do the Hawks have to do to win?

    Might want to cover your ears here…KNOCK OFF THE STUPID, DRIVE KILLING PENALTIES!!!!!!!!

    How about the Pack destroying the Texans in Houston right now? Glad we don’t have to play them again, until the playoffs that is.

  125. DanielleMND says:

    1. Be honest, did you think the Hawks defense was going to stop Brady on that final series? What was your anxiety level?

    Anxiety level was moderate. Our D really clamped down in the 4th quarter, but Brady is a great QB and he only needed to get into FG range.

    2. With the offense still struggling at times, is it possible that every Seahawks game is going to be like this the rest of the season? Will your heart/liver be able to handle it?

    This is going to be a rough season for fans’ hearts, but it’s been a long time since we’ve had a QB who could throw deep passes like that.

    3. Critique Russell Wilson’s game … try to be honest and fair.

    3 TDs (including a game winner) and 1 fumble vs. 2 TDs, 2 INTs, and 2 intentional groundings. Who was the rookie again? RW still needs to find some consistency, and it still looks like he occasionally can’t see passing lanes, but this game was huge for him.

    4. Game ball goes to whom? And who was your unsung hero of the game?

    Game ball goes to RW. The run game wasn’t there today, so the win was on his shoulders. Unsung hero? Marshawn Lynch. He didn’t get much today, but it was clear that the Pats focused on stopping him because they didn’t think RW would be a problem.

    5. How annoyingly good can Tom Brady be at times?

    He’ll be a first ballot Hall of Famer for good reason. But our D got in his head today. Two intentional grounding penalties against him in one game? Don’t think I’ve seen that before.

    6. It’s a short turnaround, but Thursday’s game in San Francisco is a monster. What do the Hawks have to do to win?

    We need to be able to run the ball well against the 49ers. Is there any chance Moffitt is back? On consecutive plays today, McQuistan missed his block, and we had a run for a loss and a sack because of it.

  126. fryingpan says:

    Any QB would be pleased to have a game like RW did today – local sports writers seem to be holding to a standard of perfection rather than that of his peers. Most teams go through slow periods like we did in the 3rd Q today. No big deal, especially since we came back to life big time in the 4th.

  127. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    That pass on 3rd and 3 just blew my mind, not so much because RW was off target, but that he was even throwing deep at all at what seemed like a very critical moment at the time. Seemed like it would have been much safer to throw short and just get the 1st down. Judging by how fast RW threw the ball, I think the play was designed to go deep. Luckily the defense held and that play wasn’t as crucial as it seemed at the time.

  128. Wow Russell brings us back from 13 down in 4 th quarter. And we have people questioning him today! Next week if he stinks then go for it! The slight respect for those individuals I have is gone Don’t worry I will be reminding you who you are! What an embarrassment to read this crap after our qb brings us back from 13 in 4 sound like a bunch of incompitent niner fans! It’s time to lock n load big game thurs don’t have time to celebrate to long even though I am so happy for the whole seahawk family even those incompitent niner wannabe ! most impressive comeback I’ve seen in a LNG time! I sm still jacked up!!STTB where ya at we need ya it’s time to celebrate ( short time):-)

  129. gonefishin69690 says:

    My son wants a RW jersey for Christmas. Nuff said

  130. mojjonation says:

    Tom Brady did his best Tony Romo impression. Great fantasy points guy, fell apart at the end of the game.

    1. Nope. I figured Brady would be Brady and not Romo. If you give Brady more than a minute to move roughly 60 yards for a game winning field goal, I’d take that.

    2. Not sure. Being a homer (even with the Mariners), makes it tough on the heart. No booze or Xanax, so the liver will be fine and the anxiety level will be through the roof.

    3. Would have liked to of seen his completion percentage be above 60, but 295 yards on 16/27 is just dumb. Three TD’s with no picks is not what a game manager does. It’s what long lasting starting QB’s do. I don’t expect it to be that way every game, but this was a double win since it was over one of the “untouchables” that ESPN likes to get a woody over.

    4. Offensive game ball to Wilson. No explanation needed Defensive game ball to the whole defense. The defense held NE to 9 points for the better parts of three quarters. We were killed underneath but NE never really got the long ball game going. Every one of their receivers and backs got popped at least once yesterday. Welcome to The Legion of Boom.

    5. Brady is Brady. He is a future HOF who is running a college offense putting up college numbers. But this is a results driven, win now league and NE is 3-3. If he throws for 6000 yards and 50 TD’s, but the Pats either don’t make the playoffs (which is unlikely since they are in a crap division), or get bounced in the first round, it will all be for nothing.

    6. Bracket Vernon Davis. Let our corners do their job. Leave the other 7 guys to stop the run. Simple in nature. Difficult in execution. SF has nowhere near the weapons that NE does. They just have a defense that is as stingy as ours. You know they are going to stack the box to stop Lynch so RW will have to step it up again. Throw in doable separation for the WR’s, and good pass protection, and it can be a win.

    Until PC comes out and says who is the sole guy calling all the plays, we really can’t hang it all Bevell or Cable. So to me, that means PC gets all the blame and all the recognition since he fell on the sword for Bevell a few weeks ago in saying that all plays go through him and Cable. Until Wilson lays enough eggs in a row, or gets injured, Flynn will never see the light of day for the Seahawks. So the Wilson nay sayers and those up on Flynn’s testes can prety much just shove it.

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