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Postgame quotables: Richard Sherman being, well, Richard Sherman and the rest of the Seahawks

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October 14, 2012 6:59 pm
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“I kept saying I’m going to get that next time. Every TV timeout, I went up and said it right to (Brady): ‘Please keep trying me. I’m going to take it from you.’ That was when they were winning. He just gave me that look and said, ‘Oh, I’ll see you after game.’ Well, I made sure I saw him after the game.”

“They’re going to say, ‘What’s wrong? He threw two picks. Well, he should have thrown five picks. If Earl catches every one, then it’s a long day for him. People don’t understand. We’ve got great players out here. We’ve got great players in the Pacific Northwest. The Seattle Seahawks have a lot of talent. People, they don’t look at the film. They don’t analyze anything. That’s why these analysts and commentators need to shut their mouth.”


(On the win today… ) That was a great game.   It was unbelievable just to be here in this atmosphere and playing the New England Patriots in CenturyLink.  Our defense did a tremendous job making some plays when they needed to.  Our offense clicked today, we made some plays.  We got stagnant a little there for a little bit of time, but we got through it, we kept working.  Coaches made great calls through the whole entire game; special teams did a good job there near the end and that’s what we needed, and it was a great atmosphere.

(On his thoughts on the last drive…) Let’s do it now.  The goal is to win, obviously, so you have to capitalize and you got to be extremely sharp in those situations and we did a great job, the communication was awesome, guys were on the same page and we capitalized on those opportunities.

(On what the offense did to get going again…) We just focused in.  Obviously, the New England Patriots are a good team, so they’re going to make some plays; we’re going to make some plays.  I think the key is continue to stay focused on what we can control, and play one play at a time and stay in that moment, and stay in the now, and we definitely did that.  The defense made some huge, huge stops there, and we got that opportunity and we came up big.

(On whether he is feeling in more control…) I definitely think it helps with guys making plays, and the offensive line did a tremendous job of blocking and giving me enough time to make decisions, go through my reads.  That’s the key.  In this league, you have to make plays.  Guys definitely did that, not to mention Sidney Rice’s throw.  That sure was pretty.  It was probably prettier than the one I threw to him at the end.  That’s pretty awesome that we can do that, and make explosive plays but also control the game with the running game too, as well.

(On the touchdown to Sidney Rice…) The key was that the offensive line did a great job of protecting me long enough for Sidney to get open.  He ran a great, great route.  He headed up his guy, and he ended up getting open.  I just try to put it in a spot where only he could catch it, and he did a great job of coming up with that tremendous catch there.  I think he squeezed it with four hands, even though he doesn’t have four hands.

(On whether he is more comfortable on last-minute drives…) I think I’m almost comfortable, no matter what the situation, I think I’m just more experienced.  Being in those situations, you really have to trust what you see, and you really have to be quick with your decisions, but also believe in your decisions, and just be decisive with the football.  Guys made some tremendous plays here, and I think it definitely helps with that experience.   Obviously, I’m a rookie, but I’ve played a lot of football games in my lifetime and to get little experiences and little nuggets of information from every game, that has to be your goal.  You have to understand those situations, so that when you go into those situations at the end of the game, just make plays, but also be smart with the football.  We’ve got some explosive, explosive plays all because the offensive line did a great job and guys made plays catching the football.

(On whether there was something that was adjusted this week…) I think the biggest thing was  that our focus this whole entire week was the red zone.  We did a good job in the red zone this week, and today.  Practice was just so sharp.  And that’s the way we have to be all the time and we’re doing a good job of growing, and we have to continue to learn and continue to grow that way.  I think the main thing is just coming out here and playing at a high level and just trusting what we’re doing.  The coaching staff is doing a great job of putting us in great situations, and the defense is doing a good job of getting us the ball when we need it.  We just have to go out there and make plays, and we’re doing a good job of that right now.

(On whether he was surprised that the team went for it on fourth down before the touchdown to Braylon Edwards…) We knew we were going to go for it on fourth down.  That’s the type of situation where you have Tom Brady on the other side, and you have to keep the football and make a play, and we definitely did that.

(On whether he made a more concerted effort to look downfield…) Yeah, I guess so.  I always look downfield.  I wouldn’t say I don’t look down the field.  I took a couple more chances than what I would normally do sometimes, and it came up big.  Coach Carroll did a tremendous job of telling us during the week and talking to me and sitting me down, and just saying hey, ‘maybe we can get a couple of shots here and there when you extend the play’, and so we definitely did that.  Guys really worked on it this week, we ran several drills with it, and it came up big for us.  Obviously, Doug Baldwin early in the game twice, basically, and he came up with some great catches there, and that’s what we need.

(On whether he had his longest ever 9 yard run…) Pretty close to it, I’d say.  I made a move and just decided to slide there at the end, because I knew they were coming pretty fast.  I just wanted to make sure that I got down in time, and that was a big run for us.

(On whether New England’s emphasis on shutting down your rushing game opened up the passing game…) I think every team tries to slow down Marshawn and obviously he’s one of the best if not the best running back in the National Football League, and he did a good job of making some plays and it did open some things up for us, which is huge.  That’s the great thing about our offense right now, when we have that balanced attack where we can run it and play-action it, and just drop back and throw it.  That really helps both sides in terms of throwing the football and running the football.

(On whether this game showed that he can take more of the offensive workload…) I always believe that, I always trust in myself.  My biggest fear is not being prepared enough, and that’s what I’ve always been like.  I’m always going to prepare the right way and know that I can take as much as I can on my shoulders, but it’s not all on my shoulders.  I’m just trying to help the other 10 guys play at a high level.  I just call the play and trust what I see, and just facilitate the ball to the right guy at the right time, and that’s got to be the goal, and for us to get the ball in the end zone.

(On the importance of winning at home…) We have so much respect for our fans.  There’s nothing like it.  CenturyLink brings so much energy to us players and it just lifts us up.  We always bring the energy on our own, but playing here is fascinating.  There’s nothing like it.  It’s an unbelievable situation for us because we get to come and play against some of the best teams in the National Football League and play them at home, and it’s a sight to see, that’s for sure.  I’ve been a lot of places, and there’s nothing like here.


(On Russell Wilson’s capabilities…) “He’s done a heck of a job. He’s handling himself real well. The thing I like most about him is when something goes wrong out there, he’s not one of those guys that gets down, mopes around, things like that. He’s always on the sidelines coming up to us telling us to keep our head up, stay in the game and be ready to go out and make plays. That’s exactly what we did today.”
(On making plays once Wilson got out of the pocket…) “Yeah, it was definitely an emphasis coming into the week. We wanted to work on our scrambling drill. Those are huge opportunities and he (Wilson) hit a couple of big ones today.”
(On throwing the ball downfield and if that was a goal this week…) “Definitely. We studied film. First thing we said was we’d have opportunities to take chances down the field and all we had to do was take advantage of them.”
(On if the opportunity for the final touchdown play developed as the game went on…) “No, it was a read. I had another read on it. The defense should have had a different coverage but perfect play-call, perfect coverage, touchdown.”
(On being open and if it was a bust in coverage…) “It wasn’t a bust. It definitely wasn’t a bust. When I gave him the corner move, his job is to protect that half of the field and he bit down on it. Basically, it’s a double move and I was able to get back across his face.”


(On how tough is it to not get down on yourself when Tom Brady is continually driving down the field and completing first downs…) “I know in my mind, and I’m pretty sure in everybody else’s mind that at any moment we could make a turnover. I know at any time the ball can come our way and we can change the momentum so that that’s how we look at as a defense. We’re going to fight to the end.”
(On how big of a statement was today’s win…) “That’s big. We’re young, I think we’re moving in the right direction, and like I always said we just need to stay humble and give God all the glory for this win, and get prepared for this quick game coming up.”
(On if it’s too early to look ahead to San Francisco…) “It’s not too early, but I’m definitely going to enjoy this win, and we’re going to get ready for San Francisco because we know they’re a tough team also.”

(On what this win says about the Seahawks…) “I just think it shows the league, the fans and audience that we are for real. We’re a good team, we have a good defense, we have an emerging offense that is starting to get behind this young guy, and he’s starting to make plays. He’s getting a little better each game. So if we can get this thing moving at this kind of clip, who knows what this team can be later on in January. So it’s a good statement and it lets you know we are for real.
(On the touchdown did him and Russell Wilson communicate at the line of scrimmage…) “No there wasn’t any communication at the line of scrimmage it was just a fade. It was just a fade and Russell saw where the defense was playing and he took a shot. That’s what the play was from the start.”
(On Russell Wilson and watching him grow week by week…) “It’s good to see. It’s showing that he has a lot of confidence, it shows that he’s not going to fold. I think that’s what you look for in young guys if things don’t go right. Do they fold, do they go in a shell? And he’s a guy who continually fights, continually comes in and studies film and knows the opponent. He’s making strides and you seen that in what he did today. He made some bad throws and then he came right back and made some good throws, and some even better throws after. That’s what you like to see in a good quarterback period, young or old, how you overcome adversity, and today Russell Wilson played well.”


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  1. simpsonian says:

    Russell Wilson is the truth!!!

  2. simpsonian says:

    haha richard sherman cracks me up!

  3. Speak it, Sherm! Love having a trash talker who can back it up like he can!

  4. yellaman says:

    King kong aint got nothing on these hawks!!!!!

  5. edstang45 says:

    I think were gonna be very happy as the year goes on..were very young and we have alot of good games ahead of us not only this year but over the years to come..we are just going to get better….were gonna be special

  6. jawpeace says:

    The only thing that concerns me now is the short week as it lines up with Wilson’s only fear. As he said, “My biggest fear is not being prepared enough”.
    He might not get the usual preparation but the good news neither does the other team.

  7. Carlsonkid says:

    Instant classic . God how I love season tickets !

    Really nice to see Braylon get back in the picture and make some plays . The last 2 minutes were as loud as I’ve heard it in the stadium in a while …

    Congrsts ‘Tez ! Well deserved ; a shining star in an otherwise nightmarish stretch of Hawk history .

  8. RDPoulsbo says:

    I guess Sherman deleted his twitter posting, but I guess when he went up to Brady after the game, he asked, “You mad bro?” The guy’s quotable everytime he speaks.

  9. I love Shermans confidence and swagger, but wish he’d keep his yap shut. Its poor sportsmanship and will always come back to haunt you when you run your mouth.

  10. Russell Wilson can really lull someone to sleep, but Sherman, he speaks the truth my brother.

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