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Pete Carroll’s full postgame press conference transcript

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October 14, 2012 6:52 pm
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(Opening…) Well, what a day here at the Stadium, at CenturyLink for the fans and our players.  A fantastic event we just witnessed.  I’m really proud of the way we played. It was a day when they were really doing a lot of good stuff, Tom was doing everything with the throwing game and their receivers were making plays, and you didn’t know if we were going to get to slow them down or not.   I think with like 8 minutes left in the fourth quarter, it was 23-10, and then we get going.   We made a play down there with Braylon, a big play, and then we did a great job to get the ball back on defense there at the end.   The lift, you could see in our players, as we were finishing the game was really something to make you proud of as a coach.  So, the finish was there.  And we know that we have to, when you are going against one of the best groups you could ever go against.  Down the stretch, I thought that Russell, who played a fantastic game today, made his plays.   Darrell Bevell deserves a bunch of credit for the calls and to give us a chance to get back in it.  Gus, everyone.  Gutsy calls.  It took a lot of stuff, it really took every play in this game, it took every kick, every rush and run, and everything that we did today had to happen like that for us to have a chance.   I just loved the way we rallied on both sides of the ball and on special teams, knowing that we had a chance to win the football game.  It’s a big statement for a young team, and it’s more so because of that staff, that coach, that quarterback, their team, the championship ways that they know and understand and everything about that.  We take great pride in it, and we hope you guys enjoyed it.

(On whether today was a breakout game… ) We have been coming with the throwing game, and we’ve found that Russell really does throw the ball really well down the field.  You saw last week that we started, and I think we started to move ahead last week in the plan and everything we expected to happen, and we just continued to go.  We forget how long ago it was when Russell had that drive and he was running all over the place, and he scrambles around and hits Doug and the great play by Doug in the end zone, it was like it was another game almost.  All day he was battling and making things happen.  So hopefully, we keep moving ahead and we keep running the football and now take our shots when we get a chance and try to cause some more problems for our opponents.

(On the play of the defense…) They played tough the whole time.  They got after it the whole time.  They’re so good at throwing and catching; we did what we had hoped to do in the running game, and we didn’t think that was a factor.  There was enough runs in there to peck away, but not enough to be a factor; what did they throw 58 times or something like that.  That’s the game we were kind of hoping for.  They just threw and caught the thing so darn well.   I don’t know how many balls Welker caught, but we hung on and we hung in.  When we had to finish, we finished really strong and we got the ball back for the offense.  6 points against that team is extraordinarily good, so whatever it takes to get that done.  Turnovers were important.

(On whether he thought about going for it on Fourth and 3 with about 3 minutes left…) I was thinking about it.  But we had all of our time outs, and the Two Minute Warning and all of that, and Jon had been kicking the ball so great, that we thought we could just go ahead and bomb it up there and take another shot at it.  You hope to get them out of there in 30 seconds right there.  I don’t know what burned off the clock, but I think we got it back with just under four, is that right?, so we got the job done.  It was truly in my mind, we were thinking about it, and it was a four-down situation, just depending upon what it was and how long it was.  I didn’t like our third down, I wish we had made something on third down to make it a shorter fourth down, but it worked out fine.

(On the play call on the Sidney Rice touchdown…) Darrell; we had some stuff in all week, that we were looking for some chances, and we were going to be very aggressive, so we used about everything we had.  The reverse pass, and that got a big PI for us.  It was just another play for us to get down the field.   It was the throw and the catch and the finish and all that that was sort of marvelous about it.

(On the difficulty with the running game today… ) They played the line of scrimmage very aggressively.  They ran through a number of times and discouraged us.  It seemed like we weren’t getting started.  Marshawn was running fine, we just couldn’t secure the line of scrimmage and the penetration.  They took some shots at us and it worked out for them.  Sometimes you make them pay for that, and it helped us on some of the play passes later on.  We picked it up, and we had some spacing.  Most of all, they were effective.  They did a nice job of attacking us and we weren’t as good as we had hoped for.

(On the value of this win…) This is a huge game for us.  There is no question, in terms of offense, because everybody knows.  Receivers know, the O-line did a marvelous job of protecting down the stretch.  All those plays they had to give Russell a chance to step up and throw those balls, they did a fantastic job for us.   All of that is fed by the success of it.  Hopefully, we can take the next step.  We have a heck of a big game coming up this week early and we’re just going to keep moving ahead.  Nothing enormous is going to change, there’s no moment that we’re going to turn things all around.     We’re just trying to keep growing and getting better.  We’re a young football team that knows how to hang, and we’re really tough.  That’s going to give us a chance in every game.

(On stopping their no huddle offense…) That really was not even an issue.  They did not up tempo it but a few plays; they didn’t go that way for whatever reason.  We were ready for it, that was not an issue at all in the game.  We were able to substitute, we moved our guys in and out.  We had to see what was going to happen and as we gauged it, Gus had the guys ready to go and that was not a factor.  It was their throwing and catching that was so good.  There was already somebody that they were dinking around to.  We rushed 3 guys a lot in this game to try to cover them down, and they continued to find openings.  If you think about all of those catches that they made; they made a bunch of great catches in the game.   To their credit; they’re a fine group.

(On the some interceptions  that almost happened early in the game…)  Yeah, that would have been a huge difference, and it was in the second half.  Sherm gets one, and just to get the ball off, and Earl finally got one down in there deep, which was important.  We could have had 4 or 5 today, we really could.  We had the ball right in our hands, and it’s wet and all that.  Not enough to overcome the first half production by them.  We needed a couple more of those picks to land in our arms and keep it.  It was great to get a couple in the second half.

(On whether it was extra special to win against New England…) I hadn’t even thought about that.  That’s funny that you even bring that up.  I hadn’t even thought about it.  You know, that was a long time ago, and there have been a lot of games.  I really love Robert Kraft, he’s a great man and he’s been great throughout the years about our separation, of sorts.  I respect the heck out of him.  But, I’m a competitor, and heck yeah I want to win against those guys.  I’m not going to tell you I’m not.  I wouldn’t.  But I hadn’t thought of it until you brought it up there.

(On injuries…) It looks like Byron Maxwell aggravated his hamstring again.  Kam Chancellor got banged on the elbow, we’ll see what that means.  McQuistan had a little something going; they checked him out but he did finish, I think it was a knee thing.    Not too bad, we were pretty fortunate again.

(On seeing Russell Wilson’s scrambling… ) This week, we made a big point to the whole receiving crew and the quarterbacks and everybody that is catching the ball, that we have not taken advantage of Russell’s movement.  He’s been getting out, and he’s been running and making yards, and we made a big deal about it this week, that there are huge plays there for us if we just look and fight harder to get open, and right off the bat he finds Doug, which it was a great validation for the point that we had made.  Guys are now running to get open when he moves, and Russell, we asked him to not be so quick to take off and run across the line of scrimmage.  Get out there, and find time and see if you can find our guys.  We’ll all get better.  Because, we’ve been looking for explosive plays in the offense, and they’re just sitting there for us, when he gets out swinging.  There was a tremendous validation of what we had pointed out, and it was a factor in the game.  He moved beautifully, and the run where he scrambles and spins all around; jeez, that looked like Steve Young in the Vikings game.  Maybe not that good.  [laughter]  But, it was pretty good on this day.  I thought it was a fantastic play; pretty cool.  I was coaching the Vikings at the time, so I’ll just tell you that all my guys missed him on that day.

(On how the Seahawks will handle the short week…) We already have a plan in mind on how we’re going to do this.  It’s a very, very difficult turnaround for the NFL players to do this physically; both teams are in the same situation.  They’re playing today, and they have to get turned around to.  So hopefully, we’ll win tomorrow and Tuesday and Wednesday and it will set us up so that we can win on Thursday.  We’re going to take care of our guys, though.  We know they play hard, we know they give us everything they’ve got, and now we have to learn the plan, and get it done.  Physically, we will really help them get ready for Thursday and then we’ll take advantage of the break on the next weekend, which will be huge for us.

(On what Russell Wilson’s scrambling brings to the offense…) When he scrambles, he really had his eyes down the field and took advantage of our emphasis this week.  There’s another one that we’ve told you about, and he fixes things; he did it again.  Right off the bat, we’ve only had the ball for 5 plays or something, and it was something that we had talked about doing, finding our guys on the backside coming across, all of the elements that come into scrambling; we had really pressed to get better at, and sure enough he hit one right off the bat, and it was a huge play for us.

(On Breno Giacomini’s play…) Breno didn’t send any signals back to his homies back there, through me, but I was sure he was going to try to.  But, this was a big deal to him.  You know; all the guys he grew up with and the people…he has great respect for where he comes from.  It killed him the way the Red Sox played this year.  I’m sure he’s going to take something special out of it.

(On the play of the defensive secondary…) I think both guys today continue to be active and make stuff happen.  They went after us, a little bit, today and did a nice job of throwing underneath us, but our guys stayed on top all day long and got it done.  We got beat on that one on two-deep coverage, but other than that, they played really effective again, and it was great to see Richard get a turnover, just to show them that we could get one, and all that.  These guys are just growing up, they’re growing up right before our eyes, and they’re great competitors, and we’re lucky to have them.

We should mention, and I know it was a really big day here, but Felix Baumgartner made it today, too.  That was awesome.  That was ridiculously unbelievable that he could pull that off, and do it so well.  We were watching, everybody was hanging because one of his coaches, Dr. Mike Gervais, works with us, and he was there at the launch, so we were all very tied to that.  So, hats off to Felix, man, he did it.

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  1. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Great positive step in the right direction for Wilson. But let’s please temper our rampant uncontrolled enthusiasm. He was largely bad between the 1st and 4th quarter. Dan Fouts was doing a pretty spectacular job in the broadcast booth telling it like it is; Wilson just didn’t look comfortable in clean pockets, made things difficult for the OL (I love how the media is trying to spin Breno saving Wilson from getting demolished as “a penalty that negated a huge run”), and was largely ineffective outside of a couple of broken plays on the run.

    That said, I was impressed at his unrattled demeanor for the entire game and will give credit where it’s due for his strong deep bombs.

  2. Seahawks2620 says:

    A very sound sentiment ACIB.

  3. Seahawks2620 says:

    I sure hope chancellor is alright. That would be a huge loss.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “It seems like yesterday”
    “Hasselbeck was here”
    “Walter was awesome, he was the king of the nights”
    “Here in Seattle with Hutch playing next to him”
    “And the secrets Holmgrem shared”
    “The mountains that they moved”
    “Caught like a wildfire out of control”
    “So Alexander had nothing left to burn and nothing left to prove”

    “And I remember what was said”
    “How I hoped that it never would end”
    “I remember how we won our division out right”
    ” Now I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then”

    “Against the wind”
    “We were runnin’ against the wind”
    ” We were old and strong, we were runnin’
    against the wind’

    “And the years rolled slowly past”
    “And we found ourselves alone”
    “Surrounded by GMs we thought were our friends”
    “We found ourselves further and further from our home”
    “And I guess we lost our way”
    “There were oh so many roads”
    “We were living to run and running to live”
    “Never worried about playing very well anymore”
    ” Moving eight miles a minute for months at a time”
    “Breaking all of the rules that would bend”
    “The owners then began to searching’
    “Searching for head coaches again and again”
    ” Against the wind”
    “Against the east coast bias wind”
    ” We found ourselves seeking shelter against the wind”

    “Well those Mora days are past us now”
    “we have got so much more to think about”
    “Green Bay and New England”
    “What to leave in, what to leave out”

    “Against the wind”
    ” were still runnin’ against the wind”
    ” but were younger now and still runnin Against the wind”

  5. yellaman says:

    After todays game we shouldn’t be critical of wilson’s play but he did make some rookie mistakes. I’m just happy our offense scored more than 20 pts in a game. The offense won this game with some big pass plays down the field. Way to go hawks let’s kick some 49ers butt on Thu

  6. mojjonation says:

    Pete speak is hilarious. Almost as if he’s a squirrel on meth.

    As much as the no huddle wears out defenses, it also wears out offenses. Lineman are lineman, no matter where you are or what you play. Make the horses run a lot and they will eventually get tired. Our horses were in better shape than thiers and it showed. It took Brady 56 passes to get 395 yards. Thats’ 7 yards per attempt and about 10 yards per completion if I recall. Wilson had 10.9 per attempt and 18.4 per completion. Not quite video game numbers, but a lot better than having to throw your arm off to get 400 yards.

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