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Wes Welker on Seahawks: “They really get after it.”

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 10, 2012 at 9:34 am with 47 Comments »
October 10, 2012 9:34 am
New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker (83) eludes Arizona Cardinals Jamell Fleming (23) after a catch during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012. The Cardinals won 20-18. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

In talking with New England’s Wes Welker via teleconference call this morning, the talented receiver indicated that he has a healthy amount of respect for the Seattle Seahawks defense he’ll face on the road at CenturyLink Filed on Sunday.

“They really get after it,” Welker said. “I think they’re top five in pretty much every category. They fly around to the ball. They tackle really well. They’ve got a bunch of big guys, fast guys and they move around very well.

“They’re definitely a team where you have to be on top of everything.”

Specifically, Welker talked about matching up against Seattle’s lanky corners in Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman.

Welker said he faces corners with similar body types in the AFC East in the New York Jets’ Antonio Cromartie and Miami’s Sean Smith, but also said that Browner and Sherman are unique in how physical and aggressive they play on the perimeter.

“Obviously they’re bigger guys, taller guys with longer arms,” Welker said. “They do a good job of being patient and staying square at the line, so you’ve got to get them moving. You’ve got to do some different things to them and try and get their body weight going.”

New England head coach Bill Belichick did not disappoint, displaying an impressive knowledge of Seattle’s roster, even naming guys like rookie Greg Scruggs as a pass-rush specialist his team could face on third down.

“They’re good,” Belichick said. “They’re well coached. A lot of good players, good depth at every position. It’s a real good defensive football team, there’s no doubt about it.”

And while Seattle has struggled in the passing game, Belichick indicated the diversity of Seattle’s offense makes the Seahawks a challenge to prepare for.

“You have a lot of things to stop,” Belichick said about Seattle’s offense. “You’ve got the running game, the play-action game, the vertical game, their West Coast-passing game, their spread empty game and a running quarterback. They hit you on a lot of different fronts.”

Belichick also talked about the demands of working with a young quarterback, talking about his experience in dealing with young Tom Brady a decade ago when he first took over as his team’s starter.

While being careful not to compare Brady’s situation with Seattle rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, Belichick emphasized the importance of gearing the offense to the quarterback and the team’s strength.

“Everything is unique,” Belichick said. “And I just think as a coach, you try and do what’s best for your football team. And certainly there were – just speaking for the Patriots and our situation – there were times going back where we were a very strong defensive team, and we played to the strength of our defense. Other times we felt like we had a strong offense and we tried to play to the strength of our offense.

“I think that’s what any coach does on any team – you play to the strength of your team. And you count on everybody, but there are certain parts of your team that are strong, and you play to those strengths.

“But I think comparing quarterbacks is dangerous. And then when you compare them and they’re in different systems, with different teams and different opponents with different matchups every week, I mean that’s just really hard to do.”

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  1. tacomahawk73 says:

    Thanks Eric. Nice piece to start the day.

    Anybody else wondering about the weather conditions and how that might play in on Sunday?

  2. JMSeaTown says:

    Certainly could be more passes slipping through receivers hands, but unless it’s a downpour… I don’t see the weather affecting the outcome.

  3. Rain is just an excuse loosers use when they dont execute.
    Grew up in Wa and my HS, believe still has the state game passing record that was a national record back then, it wasduring a pretty good rain storm.
    so the it’s raining and receivers can’t catch is just an excuse.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    For anyone who wants to see how detailed Belichick really is, check out NFL Network’s Cleveland ’85 in their A Football Life series. Just awesome. People can knock him all they want, but from a football perspective, I really admire and have a world of respect for him. One of the great head coaches in the league’s history.

  5. Welker likely wont be facing Browner or Sherman, unless Seattle realizes they wont be able to cover him with Trufant (which they wont). Im excited/worried to see what Seattle comes up with to try to contain Welker.

    on Bellicheat: while his mind is amazing, and his football smarts clearly apparent, he is a scumbag and a jerk. Not someone I respect in that sense, but yeah, an incredibly gifted, intelligent football mind–and an incredible judge of coaching talent. How does he always manage to find awesome young OC’s and the offense rarely misses a beat when they leave?

    God, what I wouldnt give to have an OC who would bring in a balanced offense that could, if necessary, go all-pass or all-run with no warning and still work–like the Patriots. And no, it isnt all Brady as their offense still worked well with Matt Cassel–and he isnt even as good as Jon Kitna.

  6. I hate Wilfork. One of the dirtiest players in the league. I really hope Carpenter can abuse him, but I doubt it. The man is HUGE and really good against the run. Perhaps the ZBS can deal with him, we’ll see..

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Scumbag…? How so?

  8. PugetHawk says:

    Pretty typical mid-week talk from a Belichick team. We need to quit the penalties for this game and increase the red-zone effeciency. If we can do that then we can and probably will win.

    12th Man needs to help with the no-huddle and slow down Tom and his boys.

  9. HeinieHunter says:

    When I think of franchise,s the Patriots are at the top for me. Always in the playoffs, they seldom ever hiccup. I hope Mr.Allen, PC and JS can elevate the Hawks to that kind of level. I had season tickets for over twenty years, as I have mentioned before, and realized that a constant contender was what I wanted most. NE, Pittsburgh, etc. always seemed to be in the hunt.
    Kudo’s to NE for a great franchise… lets beat the crap out of them Sunday!!

  10. Scumbag. Led the Jets to believe he was thier Ace in the Hole and would gladly accept HC job when it inevitably came open. Upon taking job, immediately resigned with a ONE-SENTENCE resignation. Left the team he’d been coordinating in the lurch to take a better job with thier rival. Scumbag.

    Cheated on his wife and pretty much acted blase about it. Scumbag. Add to that the occasional crude and beyond disrespectful comments towards those he beats (“suck my….”) and yeah, I think its pretty safe to say Bellicheat is a scumbag.

    I realize many coaches and players are as well. Im just not going to ignore the fact that Bellicheat is a lousy human being. Great football mind, terrible person.

  11. Puget–Yep, Carrols two biggest bugaboos, penalties and Red Zone will be the keys in all our games. They must improve in both categories.

  12. HeinieHunter says:

    Like to give a big thanks to Eric! I just found this blog late last year and it was like striking gold. Sensational links, great inside info, and insightful comments from guys who know more about football than I ever will. Every winter I leave the NW in my motor home for the California desert and thanks to Directtv Sunday Ticket, my iPad link to this blog, as well as the Times & Tribune, I stay well versed in Seahawk news. We all know that nationally you would starve for anything Hawk. Again, big thanks to all!

  13. I agree about Belichick – Brady is a HOF quarterback but what worries me more than Tom Brady is being out-coached by Belichick. He is smart and wily.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    “Cheated on his wife and pretty much acted blase about it. Scumbag”

    This also describes Carroll, you realize, from his USC days. And the Jets deal was odd, to be sure. But the Pats had tried to get him away from Parcells several times before. In any case…

  15. tacomahawk73 says:

    whoa…let’s not throw our own coach under the team bus for the sake of defending this week’s rival coach. Two wrongs don’t make it right.

  16. Duke–Yeah, Im aware of the story about Carrol, which seems pretty credible. Dont know anything surrounding his Grad Student pal. And I agree, Carrol is kind of a slimy dude–just not on Bellicheat’s level.

    If I recall correctly, Bellicheat not only cheated on his wife, the gal was married and her husband pretty distraught. And Bellicheats response was pretty much “So?”. Classy.

    I didnt mean to get into a huge thing, but I really cant stand Bellicheat. And it took me awhile to accept Carrol too, both because of the Grad Student story AND his bailing on USC. He had to have known stuff was going on, and he didnt report it–not much different than most of the other coaches, but still not cool. Carrol, truth be known, is not someone whos hand I would want to shake, but Im okay for now with him being the coach of the Hawks. If Bellicheat retired then took a job here, I would stop watching the Hawks. But thats just me, Im okay with the fact that most others do not agree.

  17. Southendzone says:

    Gotta disagree on Belicheck. He’s my favorite coach in the NFL, I wish we had someone like him running the team. I love the way he is abrasive to almost the point of saying go **** yourself straight out to the media.

    At the same time you know he is a rain-man style savant when it comes to game planning and preparation.

    The thing about filming signals or whatever he did doesn’t bother me a bit. That’s just looking for an advantage, if as a team you’re not doing a great job disguising anything that can be picked up on like this, you deserve to be taken advantage of.

  18. STTBM-I certainly can understand why you don’t like sweet William.I’m in the same boat. I like your points about red zone offense/ penalties about being some keys to the game. There would be nothing sweeter than seeing Tom Brady getting lit up by our D LINE!

  19. It’s Wednesday and I’m already starting to get jacked up! anybody feeling it?

  20. chrisj122 says:

    My least favorite coach award goes to Mr.Harbaugh, he is a complete A-hole!!!!

    This is my nice version of my opinion on Harbaugh.

  21. tacomahawk73 says:

    I’m fired up, J! The hawks d-line is so good, RADEoN just fumbled a cheeseburger at work.

  22. I agree on that as well Chris! Capt America is definitely my least favorite over all. Sweet William strong 2 nd. Not saying they r not outstanding coaches because both are.

  23. Tacoma–Its not throwing Carrol under the bus. He definitely didnt take the high ethical/moral ground at USC with the Bush thing, and he bailed on them. And it seems likely to me he did have a Grad Student on the side. And Im not happy about it. But rather than being a total jerk who seems not to care about anyone else’s feelings (or the damage he does to them), Carrol strikes me as a guy who at least realizes his mistakes have hurt people–and he isnt a jerk. I could be wrong, but thats how I see it. I like Carrol, and as long as he doesnt do unethical stuff as a Hawks coach I will support him as long as he is our coach.

    JIRISH–God, how I would love to see us sack Brady 8 times like we did Rogers! Brady is a fierce competitor, and for some reason he rubs me the wrong way. I just wanna see him get pummeled! (Not injured, just battered!).

    Harbaugh is horrible, and I detest him! But he hasnt had public moral issues like Bill, nor been busted for cheating. I just hate his arrogance, his lack of sportsmanship, and his Win At All Costs attitude. Sport is more than just winning, at least to me. And so I hate the new-school buttheads like Harbaugh. I do respect his coaching ability–he makes those guys practice each play until its perfect. Thats what Carrol needs to do.

    And Harbaugh is FUN to hate! JUst like the WHiners! Its almost as awesome as being a RaiderHater in the Eighties!

  24. I prefer coach-hating comments on this blog to be restricted to Jim Harbaugh, thank you.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Jim Harbaugh is easily my most hated NFL coach and / or player (now that Hines Ward has retired). He’s a total and complete jackass. He can eat a bowl of dic*s, as far as I’m concerned.

  26. The look on Tom Brady s face would be priceless! Welcome to Seattle Tom!

  27. Not sure how the “fumbled a cheeseburger at work” is either relevant or funny, whether I’m a Foodservice worker or not. (chances are, I make a good bit more than you).

    Definitely gonna be an interesting game, and we’ll learn a lot about both teams. One of the best offenses in the NFL vs what I think is the best defense in the NFL, and what I think is the worst offense in the NFL going up against a disciplined defense. Belichick is certainly going to scheme against Marshawn, so I see him being stuffed on quite a few downs, that being said, “stuffed” for him, ends up being a 6 yard gain. I feel like we’ll learn a lot about Wilson, as well, due to new England using extra bodies bottling the running game up and freeing up the perimeter. If he lights it up, I’ll eat my words, if he chokes, I’ll continue.

    he’s not throwing Carroll under the bus, its the truth. What he and Reggie Bush did was against the rules, and both knew it.

    And to correct you guys, it really wasn’t even a sentence… “I resign as hc of the NYJ” on a crumpled loose leaf piece of paper. Absolutely hilarious.

    By the way, never once have I gone out of my way to insult any of you on a personal level (although I’ve called a few of you “idiots”), so there really is no need to get all butt hurt over my opinions.

    Everyone harped on me for saying Alexander was done, and he was. Everyone ripped on ACIB for saying curry is good, he’s just gotta get used to the game speed etc… He got traded for a final round pick. People should really be a little more open minded and levelheaded before becoming such douchebags. Just my 2 cents.

  28. tacomahawk73 says:

    Sorry RADEoN. With my family’s history and what my ancestors dealt with in their lifetimes, I guess your Hitler comment the other day just struck a nerve. You’re right, which of us chaps makes more money and which of us is a better human being has little relevance to a Seahawks blog.

  29. Durn, my comment got ate.

    Dukeshire–But could Harbaugh eat a bowl of Dic*shires?! Lol! Sorry Man, had to say it!

    I didnt get the cheeseburger comment.

  30. RADEoN–I had forgotten it was on a crumpled piece of paper, and the hc instead of spelling it out. Wow, I wonder what made him lose all respect for the Jets to act like that? Or maybe he’s just a jerk…anyway, thats funny as heck!

  31. As far as I’m concerned the coaches (and players) personal lives are their own private business. I wouldn’t want to take a magnifying glass to the personal lives (and marital fidelity) of 99% of my favorite athletes.

  32. bbnate420 says:

    Here here, pdway. Anonymously denigrating celebrities on the internet is a stupid and pathetic exercise. You shouldn’t have to tear down someone you don’t even know to boost your own ego. Hating on Harbaugh for his douchey ways on the field and in press conferences is fine to me.

  33. bbnate420 says:

    P.S. I doubt anyone here would want a magnifying glass put to their personal lives.

  34. pdway–I agree. Its not like I read books on Bellicheat or anything. But I think that when word gets out about something like that, it makes you wonder what else they got up to we dont hear about. I judge based on what evidence I have, and the liklihood of more/less of same. What I know of Bellicheat says Jerk, so to me thats what he is; doesnt mean its the whole picture, but its good enough for me to form an opinion.

    I would love to see Seattle’s Offense come out and surprise the Pats with new wrinkles. And I mean ones that work, not that junk like that phony business Holmy tried early in his last year: lining up in twins or trips, then motioning a WR back into Pro Set, then running the same old off-tackle right/left…that sure was tricky! Not! I would love to see the Pats having to adjust at half-time! I can dream right?

  35. trout_hound says:

    I think Charlie Weiss made up that rumor about Pete and the grad student because he was jealous. Even if it were true, what red blooded old man hasn’t been at least tempted by a hot college student?

    I agree STTBM, we need some new wrinkles in our offense. Let Real Rob throw a pass in the wildcat. Get Golden Tate involved like Percy Harvin. And how about getting Leon in the open field once in a while on offense?

  36. “Hating on Harbaugh for his douchey ways on the field and in press conferences is fine to me.”

    That is clearly an acceptable exception. I hate that d-bag too.

  37. alright guys i got a slip, makeup and some perfume on. let’s talk football.

  38. and tacomahawk, how exactly is saying i hate hitler offensive in any way?

  39. ThickRich says:

    Can’t wait for Sunday. I really hope we stick it to Brady and make him say Mommy. Getting pretty fired up. When this blog is talking ball and keeping bums like —-shire from ripping people’s names off its fantastic. Bobby K and Dukeshire you guys are great. Go HAwks

  40. “alright guys i got a slip, makeup and some perfume on. let’s talk football.”

    Wait, what? Radeon is a tranny? Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

  41. idk why i posted that

  42. but in all seriousness, i think the defense can keep the pats O to between 20-23 pts… if seattle can score more than 20 points, I think that’s enough for a W.

  43. pass pressure – i think if we can put Brady under a ton of pass pressure, we’ve got a shot. i’m a little stunned at that stat that the Pats have only two 3 and outs all year — if we go down 14-0 or worse, it could get bad. we’re really not built to come back from a big deficit.

  44. bbnate420 says:

    The Giants held NE to 14 and 17 points respectively in the last 2 SBs they played. In 2007, NE’s offensive set all kinds of records at the time. It’s not like these guys can’t be slowed down for a game. Improved NE run game worries me a little though. Keep Brady on his back and they don’t score a lot.

  45. joelk314 says:

    “but in all seriousness, i think the defense can keep the pats O to between 20-23 pts… if seattle can score more than 20 points, I think that’s enough for a W.”

    That new math has always confused me.

  46. Smash mouth, grind it out type tempo for both teams, we can stay in the game and hopefully win. If we get down 2 td’s, RW is vulnerable to picks and it may get ugly and we just might get blown out. Btw, those who say defense doesn’t win championships, I give you the patriots as exhibit a. When Brady was more inexperienced and they were known more for their D, they won 3 superbowls. When they set records in 2007 and also were a juggernaut last year, they lost both championships. Granted, the QB needs to be clutch, but my point is that the offense doesn’t need to be prolific, just good when it counts. It also doesn’t hurt to have the most accurate, clutch kicker in crunch time in the game’s history. Timely passing and consistent run game combined with stifling D can still get it done even in today’s passing league, IMO.

  47. mojjonation says:

    NE is one of the darling franchises of the NFL so you can bet that every ticky tack holding and PI call is going to get hankied. With Seattles total lack of discipline, and inability to consistently execute anything resembling a passing game on offense, they will lose more games to stupidity and missed opportunities than probably any other team.

    If they want to know how to beat them, they need to look at the San Fran game. Seattle is lining up to be a lot like San Fran from a defensive standpoint. So if we can attack in a similar style, the defense should be successful. Then again, SF has something that resembles a passing game. Smith is an acceptable game manager while Wilson is still learning the ropes.

    NE defense is misleading. They are number one in scoring, which means they probably jump out early and force teams to play catch up. That usually means passing. Hence the good numbers against the run and bad against the pass. While Wileatafork is stout in the middle, and Seattle makes its bread and butter off the left side, some reach blocking and double teams should be able to nullify him.

    This is a winnable game for Seattle. But their reputation as being young, stupid, and hotheaded, will give Brady far too many second and third chances to make a play. If Giacodumbass can control himself, and whoever covers Welker doesn’t get owned, we have a shot. Please do not put Trufant on Welker. That whole part about getting owned will come to light. This shouldn’t be a cakewalk for NE, but I think they will pull it out.

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