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Seahawks C Max Unger misses practice with hip issue

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 10, 2012 at 4:17 pm with 46 Comments »
October 10, 2012 4:19 pm

Seahawks center Max Unger did not practice today because of a hip issue.

Lemuel Jeanpierre worked with the starters, and serves as the backup center with John Moffitt (knee) also not practicing for a third straight week. Moffitt has been ruled out for Sunday’s game against New England.

Rookie defensive tackle Jaye Howard (foot) and defensive tackle Clinton McDonald (groin) also did not practice today. Running back Marshawn Lynch (back) was a limited participant in practice.

For New England, WR Julian Edelman (hand), S Steve Gregory (hip),TE Michael Hoomanawanui (concussion) and LB Tracy White (foot) did not practice.

RB Brandon Bolden (knee), QB Tom Brady (right shoulder), DE Brandon Deaderick (ankle), DT Justin Francis (ankle),TE Rob Gronkowski (hip), TE Aaron Hernandez (ankle),LB Donta Hightower (hamstring), G Logan Mankins(calf/hip), C Nick McDonald (shoulder),CB Sterling Moore (knee), RB Shane Vereen (foot), OT Sebastian Vollmer (Back/Knee) and WR Wes Welker (ankle) were limited participants.

DT Kyle Love (knee) was a full participant.

Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said that his unit emphasized improving on third downs against Carolina last week, and finished 7 of 14 (50 percent) on the critical down.

Now, the Seahawks will be attacking another issue on offense – improvement in the red zone.

“We’re focusing on those areas that we’ve got to get better,” Bevell said. “Last week our big emphasis was third down. We converted 50 percent in that game. That doesn’t mean it’s fixed – we’ve got to continue to work on it.

“But now it’s finishing in the red zone. We’re doing a pretty decent job of moving the ball down the field and getting into the red zone, but now we’re not finishing those with touchdowns. We’ve got to do that at a better rate.”

And what’s the key to fixing that?

“I think it always comes down to just our execution,” Bevell said. “We had some opportunities down there where we didn’t execute as well as we could have, and that’s what it kind of comes down to.”

Bevell also said that he’d like to get tight end Evan Moore going offensively. Moore has yet to record a catch this season.

“They’ve been work to do it, we just haven’t been able to get it there,” Bevell said.

Notes from practice
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  1. trout_hound says:

    Evan Moore < Kellen Winslow, Jr

  2. chrisj122 says:

    “getting into the red zone, but now we’re not finishing those with touchdowns. We’ve got to do that at a better rate.”

    Pure genius!!!

    How about throwing to the back corner of the endzone 3 times in row?

  3. MEhawkfan says:

    “Max Unger,” what a great name for an offensive lineman, and a center no less. No BS, just Max Unger–right up there with Tom Mack in terms of classic Oline names if you ask me.

    I sure hope the hip thing is a non-issue come Sunday.

  4. I hope this Unger situation is a minimum maintenance type of thing…

  5. MEhawkfan says:

    I’m not really a big Bevell fan, but I do think he’s got a point about execution. Maybe the stuff he’s trying in the redzone works well in practice; I don’t know. But I have seen quite a few things happen down there during games that seem like good examples of poor execution… things like missed blocks, missed reads, missed passes, and missed throws. Things happen a lot quicker down there, and this is a young offense. It will take time to figure out what they do well on that part of the field in game situations. I guess maybe now he knows the throw into the corner of the endzone is not yet one of them.

  6. FleaFlicker says:

    We need some stability on the O-Line!

    At least Carp looks like he’s back. But we need Moffit. And Unger.

    Get healthy, guys!!!

  7. I wonder if Bevell has heard about throwing on First Down inside the opponent’s 10 yard line??

  8. FleaFlicker says:

    Maybe they’ll bring back the Sydney Rice play-action…

  9. I won’t be surprised if McQuistan stays at RG and Moffit takes a seat, healthy or not.

  10. I hope Unger is okay. This week might be the first week we have the same offensive line two weeks in a row this season (?) Okung-Carp-Unger-McQ-Giacomini can become a solid line. And I think it will only be better when Moffitt returns. I wouldn’t mind seeing McQ moved to RT at that point, might provide better protection for Wilson.

  11. We need to give the Patriots of their own medicine: 2 TE offense. Also, more passes to our tough runners after the catch like Marshawn, Turbin, Evan Moore, and Braylon Edwards. The Patriots couldn’t handle the Ravens power rushing game and tough receivers in week 3 and we can beat them the same way. I think our offense will do a lot better than some expect.

    And, sorry if you saw these, but I can’t resist posting these again. Braylon vs the Patriots:

  12. Dukeshire says:

    The Ravens have Joe Flacco. He’s more than capable of keeping a defense out of the box. Wilson has yet to prove he capable of that.

  13. details, details, Duke. lol.

  14. abqhwkfn says:

    They also have Bolden and Tory Smith. WRs capable of consistently winning a matchup with 1 on 1 coverage. Im not sure we have anyone on this roster that can do that. that is a big reason for the lack of big plays in my opinion. I believe Hawks recievers are less then average

  15. abqhwkfn says:

    I am optimistic Sidney Rice can providr that option.. But im not so sure. I think at this point the best option for the big play in the passing game is a te down the seam.

  16. abqhwkfn says:

    And why oh why was a play called that was designed to get the ball to Obomanu? geez. Talk about a lack of playmakers…

  17. Hammajamma says:

    The die has been cast, Duke. Lets just watch him develop. Matt Flynn would not be the reason they get to the Superbowl and Russell Wilson won’t be the reason they don’t.

    On another note, nothing would make the weekend more delightful than to see Harbaugh and Mora both go down at home.

  18. Ewalters7354 says:

    I’m pleased with the progress Russ Wilson this past weekend.But,that doesn’t automatically means he has arrived.He still can’t get the team inside the endzone once they get inside the 20.Even average ole T-Jack was able to get that done.Simply put,in order to win games on a regular basis you have to score tds.Point blank.

  19. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    ” Matt Flynn would not be the reason they get to the Superbowl and Russell Wilson won’t be the reason they don’t.”

    Uh, this is 100% WRONG!

    “They also have Bolden and Tory Smith. WRs capable of consistently winning a matchup with 1 on 1 coverage. Im not sure we have anyone on this roster that can do that. that is a big reason for the lack of big plays in my opinion. I believe Hawks recievers are less then average”

    ABSOLUTE BS! Anquan Boldin is old and slow and washed up, Tory Smith is good but a one dimensional deep threat like a more polished Ricardo Lockette. The difference is that the Ravens don’t have a garbage quarterback who can actually put his WRs in positions to make positions. Our current WRs are FAR better than they were during the Super Bowl 2005 season!

    They get open PLENTY! Our MIDGET quarterback can’t see them because he doesn’t have the physical attributes to be a good QB!!!

  20. ACIB- r u still on this blog?

  21. “Our current WRs are FAR better than they were during the Super Bowl 2005 season!”

    Darrell Jackson and Bobby Engram say “Hi!”

  22. bird_spit says:

    ACIB.and the naysayers..
    Do you guys do any film review? I just went over all of the pass plays from the panther game. Remember just a few games ago, RW never was in a shotgun? Last week, majority of throws were from a shotgun. Much of the bad looking scrambles, RW looks to his left, as Carp is getting owned, so he bolts. There are many planned roll outs, so his leaving of the pocket is a pre planned event. I think RW is not a liability. Worst case he is neutral to the results. I’d say he has great upside, but so does our OL, and pass pro from RBs.

    I’ll be cheering boring on Sunday. Game clock control will be key. I want an explosion of sacks early so Brady is too exhausted for the hurry up. Any way, hawks win.

  23. MoSeahawk12 says:

    ACIB and the others never played the game and probably still have their moms do their laundry. Using terms like “miget qb” won’t win you any votes, well any that you want to brag about. All caps are good just to prove that we don’t care.

    Wilson has done ok. Not great, but better than many that have come before him. I’m pretty happy with the progression of this team from where we were just three years ago. Were you downers around when we were literally blown out every other week. I’m talking getting smoked by 28+ points each week?

    2012 The Seahawks have been in every game with a chance to win, EVERY game. That hasn’t happened in a very long time. Sure, 2005 we dominated, but looked like crap the first few weeks of the season. That was seven years ago. Thank about that. We showed up in 2006 and 2007 and then major face plant. Team got really, really old. Massive injuries and a GM that picked the safest, often least talented guy in each draft. That was a very painful time to be a Seahawks fan. Yet I watched every game, every week.

    Fast forward to the last few seasons as this team was rebuilt top to bottom. Sure there were a few blow outs in year one, and less in year two. But guys, so far this year the Seahawks have faced some of the most explosive offenses in the entire NFL. Guys like Romo, Rogers, Bradford, Cam. These guys are no joke. They have been held to under 16 points. Why are we so disappointed? Sure our offense isn’t dropping 36 points every week, not even close. But we are also not getting embarrassed each week.

    If being a Seahawks fan is so terrible that you can’t squeeze a drop of joy from any part of what’s happening then please go. I’m sure the long suffering Browns fans or the Bills fans that have just watched their team get smoked by unbelievable margins, or the Jets fans with all the media attention would love to have our problems.

    The Seahawks….our team, is growing right in front of us. This team that most of us love and have for as long as we can remember is in the discussion. We are no longer a joke. Not remotely close to an easy out. Playing the Seahawks is as far from a bye as there is. Can you have said that 3-4 years ago?

    Have your opinion and don’t settle for mediocrity. But don’t just hang around here and bang away and vomit up your same old “the QB is too short, we suck, our receivers can’t get open, Flynn would be 5-0, our coach and GM are not good enough for the NFL, I wish the Browns had action green in their uniforms!”

    This team is remarkable better than they were just a few years ago. Watch the games. Be glad and mad. But chill. This is a long process and we are right there. Closer than we were last year. We might lose to the Patriots. They are one of the best teams out there. However, we will not be destroyed by them. I think we have a really great shot at beating golden Tom. The Cards did. I think we are a better all around team than the one that lost to them week one.

    Last thing I’ll say is treat each other better. If the guys on the Seahawks, the men actually playing each week treated each other this poorly and bailed out at the first sight of adversity, they would be 2-14 at best. We are NOT 2-14 fans! Increase the positive and reduce the negative. Have your opinions, but bring something fresh. Those dead horses need a break. Be better. I will follow what I say as my opening line is just the type of thing that needs to go away. I left it in there to prove a point. Thank you.

  24. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    bird_spit: Yes of course I reviewed the film. If you did, you’d see a laughably undersized quarterback do a cute job pretending to be a real NFL QB. He prematurely bails the pocket, rolls himself into pressure, and makes hideous throws under duress. And it’s hilarious that you’re scapegoating Carpenter, I looked at him specifically on every snap and he looked great at LG!!

    MoSeahawk12: Quit trolling and calling me names like a pimply 14 year old. Your diatribe is remarkably stupid and evidence you have not read a single comment of mine. I KNOW this team is good! I KNOW this team isn’t the flaming bag of poop that Ruskell created in 2008/2009. THAT’S WHY I WANT WILSON BENCHED FOR FLYNN!!!! This team is SUPER BOWL CALIBER!!!! We have the BEST DEFENSE IN FRANCHISE HISTORY, and one of the BEST running games in the entire league!!! This team can WIN NOW if we stop pissing around with a disgustingly small QB who has PROVEN he no business starting right now!!!

  25. Ewalters7354 says:

    I find it wild that even after Eric has asked/admonished us bloggers to tone down the name calling and unhealthy talk and it just continues to go on.Everyone has their owm opinion about players on this team.So I feel just because I may not post based on every other blogger’s expectation,doesn’t make me deserving of being called stupid or a troll.When the hawks win,I rejoice.When they lose I be pissed and may vent it but as far as me seeing one of you guys post a comment I may not be fond over doesn’t give me the right to insult anyone(I have been guilty of that in the past)

  26. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Right which is why I’m laying off personal attacks but apparently it’s open season on me and RADEoN and any other commenter who vehemently supports Matt Flynn starting over Russell Wilson.

  27. JazBadAzz says:

    I’m more concerned about Brandon Llyod, he had a great game with Sam Bradford against Browner, now he has Brady….

  28. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ACIB, the is no need to vehemently anything on here it’s a damn football blog. quit acting like your opinion or those that agree with you is the only ones that matters.
    as i have said i do not totally disagree with what you post but i am still waiting for you to answer a couple of questions.

    1. what if flynn fails. i don’t care if you think he won’t what if? do you stick with the 5 year vet or go back to wilson and let him develop?

    2 i know you have your reasons for not liking wilson but what makes you right when there are several former nfl coaches that say he will be fine? matter of fact most of them feel it is pete’s fault for not playing to his strengths.

    “MoSeahawk12: Quit trolling and calling me names like a pimply 14 year old.”

    i found you telling someone else they were acting like a 14 year old funny as hell.

  29. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bruce irvin(10) bobby wagner(4) in top ten rookies so far this season.

  30. montanamike2 says:

    Glad to see i’m not the only one who gets up early, actually since i left the Army a long time ago i’ve never slept the same.
    Bird-spit- I want an explosion of sacks early so Brady is too exhausted for the hurry up. Right on on! Sounds like a good plan. Brady’s never played in our house and i’m sure it’ll be an experience to remember.
    MoSeahawk12 that’s a logical statement and one i support as well.
    We’ve had afew great players on defense but never so many at the same time! To think that a rookie qb has takens us to 3-2 in his first 5 games with two being this close has exelled what most rookies can do, he will only get better and he’s facing legit teams not the Jags or some scrubs.
    We came together in the last half of the season last year, here hoping it happens again. I’ve taken Eric’s advice and just not responded to the trolls. I hope they go back to middle earth or wherever they’re from.

  31. bird_spit says:

    MoSeahawk12 – well spoken (written).

    ACIB – I’m not scapegoating carpenter? I’m calling out something that is apparent in the film. To clarify, I think RW sees that carpenter is not doing pass pro effectively, and if anything bails out of the pocket to soon. He needs to learn to help his OL maintain a pocket, and move up so they can regain leverage. I’m sure he is learning because you can see his game change over time. By the end of the season, he will have learned quite a bit on the intricacies of being an NFL QB.

    If any thing, the only real thing I am concerned with the rookie QB, is the lack of a seasoned vet on the team to school him properly. Hawks had Hass, and he would have been a great teacher. If the hawks had Bass, and Bass had proven his worth thru years of starts, I’d have said the same thing about Bass. Flynn is not that guy…yeah he has watched plenty of film with Rodgers and coaches at GB, but it does not make him seasoned.

  32. confucious says:

    I’m hoping to see another step forward from the offense this weekend. The oline made good improvement in opening pass lanes last weekend and RW stepped up and stayed in much better. C’mon Max be there sunday! Just wanted to note that in both of the losses this year the defense was hammered by the hurry-up offense. We seemed to be suseptible to the quick slant and short midfield throws. This style of offense is the Brady/Bellichek blueprint. Linebackers staying with assignments will be crucial to success this weekend. No loose tight ends.

  33. I agree, if it wasn’t for Giacomini being a big dufus in the 1st half last week then RW would have passed for nearly 300 yds and probably would have had another touchdown or 2.

  34. sluggo42 says:

    Quit pouring gas on the fire!!!!
    If you don’t want to hear the broken record, quit putting the needle on it.

  35. Palerydr says:

    Typical ACIB post:

    Blah Blah Blah Russel Wilson stinks. Blah Blah Blah Put in Matt Flynn he’s better.

  36. sluggo42 says:


    Exactly right. As RW continues to understand and develope “pocket awareness” things will only improve at a substantial rate, as evidenced by last weeks performance. Each week brings excitement in seeing what was learned in the previous week getting used and included into the ever expanding young brain.

    It is something that we will all remember for the rest of our lives, getting to watch a young QB grow up right before our eyes. Lessons learned, some the hard way, and then used to exploit other teams as the years roll by. It’s great!

    Same thing with this defense, so young, yet already fantastic. They will probably get shown a few tricks this weekend, by two of the greatest football minds in recent history. But these lessons will absorbed, processed, and stored for future use.

    What will be interesting is to see how we’ll our young guns fare against the best offense in the game TODAY. We already know they are good, special perhaps, but to expect them to dominate this game is a stretch by any imagination, but I am hoping that they land an early blow to the champs face. Enough to make thei nose bleed a little, and to water their eyes for a few moments. Enough to make the small shadow of doubt creep into the back of their minds. Enough to make them start looking over their shoulder. To create that moment of indecision that opens the window for that ball to get tipped for a pic-6, or mishandled for a fumble.

    In the world of reality and Las Vegas odds, I would guess the betting line is not in our favor. But, the 12th man, the determination, the size and speed of the boys that NE hasn’t yet seen or felt yat this year, are all factors that could swing us a win. They are feeling strong, but fortunately they haven’t played against against a physically imposing team like us for the last few weeks. AZ showed us a little, but they evolved from that. So we can only hope that our Gus has “a plan”

    War Hawks

  37. Dukeshire says:

    “Open up the playbook”… That’s a bit like having someone who struggles with a remedial math class jump ahead to calculus, because maybe they’ll do better there. It’s just so much more complicated than simply turning Wilson “loose”. Until the building blocks of Bevell’s offense are understood, and more importantly, applied on the field, adding more layers and complexity to what Wilson is being asked to do now makes little sense. This is to say nothing about his ability to recognize defenses and make the correct adjustments to exploit that weakness. It’s one thing to understand and recognize these things in film room (and we’re presuming he does, at this point) and it’s another to apply what you’ve learned to the games.

  38. chuck_easton says:

    The QB debate is moot at this point. We all have our opinions on which QB we think should be the starter, should have been the starter from day 1, and who has the best chance to get the team into the playoffs. But they are just that, our opinions.

    The team has decided to live or die with Wilson. Only way we see Flynn now is if Wilson regresses to the point that a change is obvious. Problem is, by that time there will be little to no shot at postseason or a winning record.

    So, we just have to hope that Wilson catches fire or we accept the team is going to limp along with a win here, a loss there, and finish out of the post-season and somewhere around 8-8 on the year.

  39. mojjonation says:

    Cut and paste is grand.

    Much the way anytime you plugged a running back into Denver’s offense in the 80′s and 90′s, they gained yards, anyone could throw for a ton of yards and fantasy points with Green Bays offense. They have a system that works with the pieces they have. As much as people want to run off at the mouth about how the tam would be 5-0 and leading the league in passing if Flynn were starting, you…have…no…proof. End of story.

  40. rramstad says:

    Actually, I feel the exact opposite about Wilson. I’d practice 15 or so pass plays, over and over, and run them in games, until he showed mastery of them. Only then would I add another 5 to 10 plays into the mix. I think opening up the playbook would be a mistake. He needs to show some comfort with a mix of basic to intermediate plays before adding on.

    (BTW, I seem to be seeing this in the games, as some have noted, he had a couple of nice seam routes to the TE this last game, and this wasn’t there before. Same with a couple of great slant routes, one quick, one deeper with a waggle, again, something he hadn’t done reliably in earlier games. Also he had quite a few snaps out of shotgun and looked a lot more comfortable in that set.)

  41. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i don’t necessarily agree with them i put them up hoping to induce an implosion in the wilson haters

  42. chuck_easton says:


    I’m not a WIlson hater. I love the kid. Love the story line. I think he’ll be a decent starting QB in the NFL in time.

    I also very much LOVE the Seahawks and I honestly think now is the oppoortunity to win. I am not in agreement with the concept of letting the rookie grow while the team potentially blows an opportunity at a winning season and a possible playoff spot.

    I haven’t seen enough from Wilson to show me personally that he is ready to take the team to the playoffs. If at the end of the season my opinion is proven wrong, by all means, bring it back up. If I am proven to be correct then I guess I’ll be labeled a hater.

  43. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chuck i wasn’t referring to you it was directed at the ACIB’s of the blog

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