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October 9, 2012 5:03 pm
2012 Stats Hawks Patriots
2012 Record 3-2 3-2
Total Yards Gained 1,436 2,197
Total Offense (NFLRank) 287.2 (27) 439.4 (1)
Rush Offense 140.2 (7) 165.4 (3)
Pass Offense 147.0 (31) 274.0 (9)
Points Per Game 17.2 (28) 33.0 (1)
Total Yards Allowed 1,293 1,869
Total Defense 258.6 (1) 373.8 (22)
Rush Defense 66.6 (3) 82.2 (8)
Pass Defense 192.0 (5) 291.1 (30)
Points Allowed/Game 14.0 (2) 22.6 (17)
Possession Avg. 32:02 32:04
Sacked/Yds. Lost 10/80 12/80
Sacks Made/Yds. Lost 16/93 9/31
Interceptions By 3 6
Penalties/Yds. 44/363 28/232
Punts/Avg. 21/48.9 20/37.3
Turnover Differential -1 (T17) +10(T1)

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  1. That turnover differential makes the Pats defense better than the “yards allowed” ranking suggests — and the Seahawks worse, of course.

  2. MEhawkfan says:

    Turnovers were the thing that stood out to me as well. I think a couple of freak things have contributed to the Seahawks turnover situation–Thomas not getting that INT, Chancellor should have had one too, McCoy’s slip allowing the INT–but that’s the game. The Hawks better take care of the ball this weekend.

  3. I’m sorry Canfan but I have to disagree.

    The differential takes into account your offense’s and special teams’ turnovers against your defense’s takeaways. I agree, it makes their overall team much better. But it doesn’t mean squat as far as interpreting what their defense is doing. What is better to look at for comparison is each defenses’ overall takeaways if you are trying to compare the two.

    What I’m impressed with is their defense’s rank against the run. Looks like they’re pretty good which forces people to throw on them. They sure as heck know how to get INTs and that is what we should all be worrying about this week with a rookie quarterback. Let’s all hope our interior can take care of Wilfork and move the ball on the ground or this could get ugly very quickly.

  4. There pass rush isn’t all that impressive

  5. mojjonation says:

    They are good against the run because everyone is forced to throw the ball on them when they get behind. Which in turn makes their pass defense look worse. Numbers don’t tell all, but they tell a lot. Hence why we have a top five defense but a negative turnover ratio.

  6. hambone08 says:


    I thought that as well but looking at their sack total and passing yards allowed, I’d imagine their defense has played a lot of vanilla, prevent coverage in the later stages of games when opposing teams are trying to play catch up.

  7. What’s crazy is the 9 forced fumbles they have created!tops in the that’s serious no wonder they are plus ten

  8. hambone08 says:


    I too was surprised by what their defense was against the run but they’ve faced TEN (30th in rushing), AZ (31st), BAL(13th), BUF(5th), and DEN (17th). So 4 of 5 teams they’ve faced so far are either middle of the road or dead last in terms of rushing offense.

  9. Patriots get big leads with their high powered Offense forcing opponents to pass the ball and come from behind and take chances, the chances turn into int’s, sacks etc. So people don’t run as much better looking Run D. People pass more, so their D shows more passing yards against.
    Hawks need to Bring their a game for sure to stop the pats O and open our offense up and stop the stinking penalties.

  10. Hambone I totally c were you are coming from tha ttthat makes since, but watching there last 3 games they didn’t impress me all that much strictly in that dept. I think we are going to be able to run on them because the havnt dealt with a running back like the BEAST yet this year (IMO)?

  11. MAUMAU I’m with ya—A game indeed! And no more stupid frictkin penalties.

  12. I know I have brought this up sllreadybut can’t shake it.Dukeshire brought up a great point yesterday about matchup between our giant DB s and NE small quick receivers that will be an interesting matchup and then you throw in their tightends and it gets real wild. Watching Brady run that machine it is almost mind boggling how well oiled they are. It’s going to be crazy. ET is going to have a big impact in this game for us to win?

  13. ryanryan says:

    the cardinals beat the pats by forcing field goals even though they gave up yards. this is our best bet, i think.

    welker vs trufant is frightening, as is hill vs gronk or hernandez. i believe those are the two matchups they will look to exploit out of the gate.

    i gotta think the hawks will try to force them to run out of the two tight end set by putting a nickel defense against it…they may keep red in the nickel until ne passes in that set.

    this is going to be fun to watch.

  14. This is going to be a great game to watch.If I can speak at all Monday my 12th man rating will go down to %48.7 GO HAWKS

  15. Dukeshire says:

    LBCHawk – +10 in turnover differential after 5 games says that their defense and special teams is creating *a lot* of turnovers. And after looking into it further, NE has forced 9 fumbles (recovering 8) and has 6 ints, confirming what the +10 indicates. Seattle has 8 ff (recovering 4) and just 3 ints, by comparison.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Jesus… 8 ). Emoticon nonsense…

  17. mrchubbs says:

    I think the Seahawks should expect a heavy dose of what the Packers did in the 2nd half earlier this year, from the Patriots this Sunday… hopefully they are prepared for it. Hopefully the game isn’t decided on a throw and a wish like that game.

  18. HeinieHunter says:

    Chuck Knox believed it, Pete Carroll believes it, and I believe it. Turnovers will kill you. Nothing changes momentum more. That we are +1 for the season is very very disappointing. Not taking care of the ball on offense and missed opportunities on defense this last week. This HAS to improve greatly if we have a hope of going to the playoffs.

  19. That’s not really something that’s up for debate about turnovers doing teams in. This team doesn’t really miss chances on defense… the elite play echoes that throughout the league. The offense is still missing shot after shot though. Here’s a quote from Gregg Rosenthal:

    Wilson has a promising future, but Seattle needs better quarterback play now

    I love Russell Wilson as a player. He has a ton of potential and should be a good NFL quarterback someday. He’s not that guy now, though, and it doesn’t make sense that Pete Carroll continues to start him, despite having a veteran like Matt Flynn on the bench. The Seattle Seahawks have a playoff-ready defense and running game. They could be title contenders with even marginal quarterback play. They are trying to hide Wilson and play around him.

    Seattle is very lucky to be 3-2. Wilson’s time will come, but this team screams to be taken over by a veteran.

    This pretty much echoes what I’ve been saying for almost 7 weeks now (since RW was named starter).

  20. Ranking 2nd in yards allowed (as per the stats listed above) is bloody awesome but doesn’t 258.6 ypg qualify for first place at the moment…which is even more awesome? Have I missed something-are they really second?

  21. Ranking 2nd in yards allowed (as per the stats listed above) is bloody awesome but doesn’t 258.6 ypg qualify for first place at the moment…which is even more awesome? Have I missed something-are they really second and not first?

  22. I think some teams have allowed fewer total yards, but have only played 4 games due to early bye weeks.

  23. Matt Flynn may be a veteran in terms of years in the NFL, but Russell Wilson already has twice as many NFL starts as Flynn. He has also played in more meaningful games and under more scrutiny than Flynn. I’m sure that sitting on the bench behind Aaron Rodgers, and being on the sidelines watching is invaluable, and that Russell could learn from this, but when you get right down to it, NFL game experience, in the trenches, under fire, Wilson already has Flynn beat.

  24. Thanks pdway, that’s right. Some teams who’ve had byes have allowed fewer total yards. I still wonder that the ‘Hawks per game average seems the best to me…tho that number is likely to balloon a little after playing the Pats this weekend….!

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Wilson may be under more scrutiny in Seattle, but Flynn’s two starts were covered ad nauseum by the national sporting press. So I’d disagree with the scrutiny part of that, but certainly calling Flynn a veteran is a bit misleading.

    That said, I really wish Flynn had started the season. If for no other reason (although I do think he’d be playing better than Wilson now), had he played poorly enough to make a change, it would be one hell of a lot cleaner for the organization to switch to the rookie, than to potentially switch to the “vet”, and readdress it later. Regardless, as I’ve said: we’re here now and changing is only advisable under worst case scenario.

  26. bbnate420 says:

    The Hawks are #1 in yards allowed a game at 258.6, 4 yards better than the Whiners.

    The lack of turnovers on defense has concerned me too. I mentioned it yesterday I think. There’s a certain amount of luck that goes along with creating turnovers. Balls should bounce more our way at some point. I think they will be top 10 in creating turnovers by the end of the season. This week would be a good week to get it started. A couple of sack/FFs would be nice.

    NE does have a good rush defense. Yes, they have played teams with low rankings as far as rushing yards per game, but they did have a hand in that as well. You have to look at average per rush as well. Buffalo (5.1) and Baltimore (4.9) are ranked 4th and 5th respectively in that category, both ahead of Seattle. Not that it means their rushing games are definitely better, but you should take both into account. Den, Ten, and Ari have all been bad to putrid at running the ball. NE is ranked fifth in yards per rush allowed (3.4), right behind Seattle in 4th (3.2). Being ahead does play into this as well, but NE is 3-2. Not 5-0 and blowing everyone out. Both of their losses were very close games. The three wins, not so much. They have a huge D-line and Hightower and Mayo in the middle. I’m not saying we can’t run the ball on them, I think we can and have to, but it won’t be a cakewalk either.

  27. rodman, in Flynn’s two starts:

    31/44, 480 yards, 6TD, 1INT
    24/37, 251 yards, 3TD, 1INT

    He has thrown for more touchdowns than Wilson has in his 5 starts. And if you want to be technical, in the two starts, he’s also thrown for 731, which is a mere 84 yards less than what Wilson has done in 5. His completion percentage is also almost 7 points higher than Russell Wilson’s.

    And I do not want the games where Flynn stepped in for Rodgers used as fodder against him, as the weeks he started, he had a full week of preparation, which is HUGE.

  28. I think what it is, is the Seattle sports community is so used to losing, that you’re not sure what it’s like to be around a winning franchise (I am from Pittsburgh, and hate the steelers worse than I hate Obama and Hitler combined), and that’s why you’re so dead set on agreeing with whatever the front office chooses, regardless.

    read this article:–nfl.html

    Wilson has looked like most rookie quarterbacks not named Cam, RG3 or Luck. That shouldn’t be a surprise, but coach Pete Carroll doesn’t seem to mind. Carroll’s stubbornness might end up keeping Seattle from reaching its vast potential.

    Seattle doesn’t have any other glaring weaknesses. The defense is good against the run, can rush the quarterback very well and is fantastic on the perimeter. The Seahawks have a strong running game, with Marshawn Lynch proving his 2011 season wasn’t a fluke. But there aren’t many elite teams that have a quarterback learning as he goes. The Seahawks’ win on Sunday to improve to 3-2 gives them a reason to put off having to critically evaluate if they’re getting enough from Wilson. Before this week, Wilson had just four touchdowns to four interceptions and a 73.5 rating and his 5.9 yards per attempt was second worst among NFL starters to only Blaine Gabbert. Not good company to keep.

    If Seattle wants to be a Super Bowl team – and the Seahawks do have that upside – either Wilson needs to improve, or Carroll will have to look closely at his options, to allow his team its best shot at a special season.

    Anyone that argues with what I’ve been preaching or debating for the last few months, in so many words, enjoy being average. The best defense and running game in the league won’t mean anything when this team is 3-3 after this week, and 7-9 at the end of the season. Russell Wilson will not account for more than 10 points vs SF in both games. Once this team loses to SF once, all is lost for the NFC West crown. With losses at Arizona and St Louis, the division is already seeming out of reach.

    Seattle Seahawks 4th NFC West (3-2-0) hasn’t won a divisional game on the road yet. San Fran is getting ready to run away with the division. This team is really 2-3, GB should have been a loss… let’s be clear about that.

    Compare the seahawks to the Texans… that’s what Seattle could be with even mediocre QB play.

  29. “That said, I really wish Flynn had started the season. If for no other reason (although I do think he’d be playing better than Wilson now), had he played poorly enough to make a change, it would be one hell of a lot cleaner for the organization to switch to the rookie, than to potentially switch to the “vet”, and readdress it later. Regardless, as I’ve said: we’re here now and changing is only advisable under worst case scenario.”

    Right, this was Carroll’s big gambit, b/c you’re absolutely right that it’s a cleaner switch from veteran to rookie, rahter than the other way around. Agree with your conclusion too. Once you’ve made the call on a starting QB, you don’t change that decision mid-season unless it’s a disaster situation. And despite the desperate pleas of a few folks on a Seahawks blog — it’s far from a disaster right now.

  30. bbnate420 says:

    RADEoN, you realize those starts weren’t with Seattle, right? He had completely different personnel and was going against 2 very poor passing defenses, right? I’m freakin Elegant Elliott Offin, riiiiiight! It’s still impressive, no doubt. But it doesn’t necessarily transfer over to Seattle. If most people in the NFL thought it did, he would’ve gotten a lot more than 10 mil guaranteed! He may well have put up better numbers than RW in the first 5 games, but we will never know. It’s just speculation.

    P.S. The weird reference is about a guy who used to go on Howard Stern. I’m sure you can find clips on YouTube if you wanna know.

  31. chrisj122 says:

    uh oh – so the digression begins……..

  32. These constant complaining posts during a successful season, because people are deeming it not successful enough, are tedious.

    It’s the same coaching staff and management that have made the decisions that have put us in the good situation in which we currently find ourselves – and yet, b/c you disagree with ONE of the decisions, anyone who thinks they’re doing a good job must be satisfied with mediocrity. I don’t know PC personally, but he doesn’t seem like a satisfied-with-mediocrity guy to me.

    Your arguments are extreme, and don’t really fit the facts of where this season stands. SF is a single game ahead of us right now; and while we’re 0-2 in the division, we have games against both of those teams at home coming up.

    And the Obama/Hitler juxtaposition . . . pretty irrelevant here.

  33. Against Flynn: Yeah, sure, you can say that Flynn has much better stats than Wilson in over twice as few starts but would Mr. Happy call for an aggressive passing attack like McCarthy did for Flynn in either of those two starts? No way. Wilson has been handcuffed, to a degree, by conservative playcalling (probably, in part, due to being an inexperienced rookie). But when Flynn played, they played to pass, whereas Wilson has been in a run first mode, as we all know (again, to a degree, Flynn wouldn’t have been able to put up those numbers either).

    For Flynn: People are crazy if they think that 5 starts in a rookie year gives you more “experience” than having 2 starts in a 5 year NFL career, up to this point.

    I, too, thought Flynn should have started to start the season (all the arguments against Flynn then, after the Denver game w/penalties and things of that nature, are what the people now who say “poor Wilson” are using and, to me, that makes no sense or it’s a huge double standard if you remember anything about the Denver game and all the FGs the team settled for).

    As chuck and others have said many times… it’s much easier to switch to a rookie than go with the “veteran.”

    However, some on this blog seem to have the medical records about Flynn and his elbow… which is a mystery none of us here can know with any certainty (although the beat writers kind of mocked this whole elbow “injury” thing a few days ago in RECENT weeks… which has led me to believe it’s a cover to stick with Wilson — and that’s okay if he turns out to be great).

  34. Holy cow! The blog is going to explode! There has been some emotional stuff written since I checked some of the posts (some of which I said, too, but you can’t write fast sometimes when you’re chasing around a 1 year old and trying to write something).

    Count to 10 and play nice!!! All good points by all parties involved… remember, we all love the Seahawks so we shouldn’t be enemies with each other, even if we have different viewpoints!!!

  35. bbnate420 says:

    Actually, Luck only has a rating 2 points better than RW. I know it doesn’t mean ANYTHING of course.

    Your statement that RW is right in line with other rookie QBs not named Cam, RGIII, and Luck is a big reason you stay with him IMO. OBVIOUSLY, PC is counting on RW improving significantly over time. You think rookie QBs immediately reach their potential? I think that potential/higher ceiling is the reason PC went with RW. He may think Flynn would’ve played better this season, especially near the beginning, but that RW will be the better QB next year and after. I’m okay with going through growing pains in 2012 if that is the case. I’m not okay with being average. I want a SB. Having an elite or near to QB greatly enhances your chance to win a SB IMO. I’d rather miss the playoffs this year and be a SB contender in 2013 and beyond than to have a slightly above average QB that will take you to the playoffs, but who won’t get you a SB unless a lot of things fall the right way for you. This is the risk. PC is taking a chance either way he went. You can’t start them both and see who develops. Flynn may have turned out to be elite. We probably won’t know how he would’ve developed here. This choice will determine PC’s future in Seattle. I hope he’s right.

  36. pdway, san francisco is going to legitimately embarrass this team. I think wilson may end up leaving the game on a stretcher.

  37. “pdway, san francisco is going to legitimately embarrass this team. I think wilson may end up leaving the game on a stretcher.”

    But you said the exact same stuff about Carolina going into this weekend, and our defense stuffed them, held them to a measly 190 yds of total offense.

    why the extreme pessimism this year? we’re not worldbeaters, but we’re absolutely a team on the rise. we barely lost to SF at the end of last year, and I’d argue that we’re a substantially better roster now than then. I know they’ve added some players too, but even after last week, their offense doesn’t scare me.

  38. bbnate, why do you keep bringing up QBR if you know it doesn’t mean anything?

    This team is elite all around, except that the QB position is horrible. Pete Carroll built a drag racing car, and drives it to get groceries.

    I do not think there is a better team in the NFL than San Francisco, they won their last two games by a combined score of 79-3. Suffocating defense, and wow, Alex Smith can pass the ball. Scoring 9 points against the niners, patriots, and rams isn’t going to win.

  39. Because, quite frankly, Pete Carroll is either a full blown idiot, or extremely stubborn. You give Flynn the chance, and if he sucks as bad as Wilson does, then you let the team grow with Wilson. Bledsoe outperformed Brady in camps and preseason games, and we all see how that worked out.

    Next year, every player will be a little older. Marshawn will have a little less tread on the tires. Jason Jones, LeRoy Hill, Alan Branch, and Trufant are all free agents… not huge losses, but they’re definitely good players.

    This team is literally championship caliber at every angle except quarterback, and a QB change could be the difference between another 7-9 season, or a deep playoff run.

  40. chrisj122 says:

    Lets just pray it doesn’t take Wilson as long to develop and reach his potential as long as it took Alex Smith.

    I can’t wait another 8 seasons…

  41. I’m not an idiot. I can see a ole when I look at it… Look at what Jeff Fisher was able to do with the Rams in one season. Jim Harbaugh, just wow.

    Carroll is on a 6 lane highway to another 7-9 season. Why? There’s no excuse for it.

  42. bbnate420 says:

    RADEoN, I was being sarcastic went I said QB rating didn’t mean anything. I thought that was obvious. And QBR is that new system that ESPN brought out last year. I have not referenced that. You have the right to your opinion about the QB situation, but you’re like a broken record with it. Sing a different tune occasionally. Talk about another aspect of the team.

    And I wouldn’t say the rest of the team is elite. I wouldn’t call the O-line, TEs, and WRs elite. The WR group as a whole isn’t much above average at this point, if that. They were below average while Baldwin was out or struggling IMO. They should get better as the season goes along, but it’s still the #1 off-season priority to me. The TEs are above average. Not very close to elite. The O-line is definitely not elite to me yet. They are good at run blocking, but they leave a lot to be desired as far as pass blocking goes. I think they could become elite. They need health and time together.

  43. It is very clear to me why we went after Peyton Manning, he is a veteran QB and we did not have one on the roster.Not Wilson and the front office must have thought not Flynn .They chose to go with Wilson and I am all in.

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN- The only one I wish that would leave on a stretcher is you RADEoN!

    What a piece of cow manure you are!

  45. GeorgiaHawk, you kinda remind me of a typical woman football fan screaming and yelling with no real concept of the game. BTW, anyone who calls someone a “piece of cow manure” should promptly take a toaster into the bathtub.

  46. sluggo42 says:

    Bobbk, and Bbnate, you just couldn’t stop yourselves from feeding the troll, now this thread is ruined….. Thanks!

  47. He didn’t say he “hoped” that Wilson would leave on a stretcher… but at the same time, if Wilson left on a stretcher, there’s no reason to think that Flynn wouldn’t either (since Wilson is faster)… so that “argument” doesn’t fly here…

  48. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, you may have some splainin’ to do tomorrow!

    cerjam, they went after Manning because he is a HOF QB.

    RADEoN, PC was 3-2 five games into his first season too. And I don’t think the Lambs were as bad as their record suggested last year. They had a TON of injuries. Fisher now how a ton of high draft picks to build the team further. Harbaugh didn’t really have to build anything like PC did. He had a lot of wasted talent waiting for him on the roster. I’m not saying that he’s not a good coach. Getting players to play to their potential is definitely important and impressive. But his situation was analogous with PC’s coming into Seattle. But hey, don’t let that get in the way of your argument.

  49. “That said, I really wish Flynn had started the season.”

    REALITY: Flynn went down with Tendonitis two weeks before the opener and ELIMINATED the possibility he could be ready to start on opening day. Its very likely Pete Carroll wanted to start Flynn; he never had that choice.

    “it would be one hell of a lot cleaner for the organization to switch to the rookie, than to potentially switch to the “vet”, and readdress it later. Regardless, as I’ve said: we’re here now and changing is only advisable under worst case scenario.”

    EXACTLY, Duke. No pro coach would be stupid enough to pull this starting and surprisingly good rookie after his first games unless he was having a meltdown, which he is NOT. He is developing rapidly and leading the team. Flynn can dream that he might have done as well, but in reality he wasn’t even capable of practicing four weeks in a row.

    Why is this even a discussion?? I think people are confusing “Fantasy Football” with Football. The two have nothing in common.

  50. sluggo42 says:

    Zip it!!!

    No responses from anyone, do not feed the troll , any response at all just gets more crap, please stop….

  51. I’m done on this post execpt for this (and I’m not even checking after the fact)…

    I don’t know why people need to take things out of context?

    I don’t know why people hope others get hurt?

    I don’t know why we should hope for ill with respect to others on this blog?

    If we’re in this category (as I have, and am ashamed to admit, in the past)… maybe we should really count to 10 (or 1,000,000) before we say something we’ll (or should) regret…

    The blog is what we make of it… I’m done and will “see” you tomorrow after Eric has the next post up…

    Have a good night…

  52. sluggo, how exactly am I a troll? You’re a BAD idiot my man.

    Here’s a fun list of reasons why I’m not a troll:

    1. I’ve been here way longer than you have (same goes for bbnate420 and GeorgiaHawk, for that matter)

    2. I’m not a naive idiot.

    3. I call them like I see them. Wilson is holding this team back. Scoring 12-16 points per game isn’t gonna win you many games.

    4. I’m right. The more intelligent, educated football fans (myself, Duke, BobbyK, ACIB, ewalters), all feel the same way I do about how the starting job should have been Flynn’s in week 1.

    This team could legitimately be undefeated if they had an NFL passing game.

  53. bbnate420 says:

    *was NOT analogous

  54. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What , u no what is a work in progress is RAPEoN! Raping this blog of good positive stuff that will only make this blog better.

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420- My apologies to you will come soon, however my thoughts are mostly with my mother right now.

  56. bbnate420 says:

    RADEoN, the Seahawks are averaging 17.2 points a game. All you had to do was scroll to the top of the thread to see it. You’re not “right”. You have a subjective opinion. Duke and BobbyK have not said that they would replace RW at this point. You really don’t let any reality get in your way, do you?

    P.S. I have said multiple times that I don’t think you’re a troll. Now ACIB, that’s a different story. I just think you’re a very negative and obsessive person. And I really don’t give a spit how long you’ve been here. I’ve been here 4 years. Who cares? Seniority doesn’t make a persons’ posts any more right or wrong.

  57. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, I meant about what you said to RADEoN, not that I necessarily completely disagree. Don’t worry about me. I’m a big boy. You don’t owe me anything.

  58. lol… okay back to reality.

    A number I want to hear called on Sunday: 82

    Evan Moore. Where has he been? Best receiving TE we’ve had here since John Carlson was a healthy rookie. We need to throw him the ball.

    2010 Receptions:
    Evan Moore – 34 for 324 yards, 4 TD
    Zach Miller – 25 for 233 yards, 0 TD
    Anthony McCoy – 13 for 146 yards, 0 TD

  59. dvaldez says:

    RADEoN- to tell you that you are an idiot would be to state the obvious. I do not care of your politics, your statement makes it clear you are a moron. This Wilson debate grows very old…. he is the quarterback, if Flynn was going to beat out the rookie he would have in training camp, he did not. To tie Dukeshire or any one else with your rants is a joke. I think alot of revisionist history is at foot here. Wilson is being directed to be conservative, has he made rookie mistakes sure but Flynn would be getting the same gameplan it is to not make mistakes play close to the vest and hopefully rely on the strongest unit to win and that is the defense. Do I wish we had more playmakers on offense, yes but that is not the case. Wilson will improve and make plays like he has every where he has played- but alot of the BS being said on this blog has to stop. Let the real experts decide who plays- not some of the douche-bags on this blog.

  60. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420-No, I think I was wrong to blame you for this trolling crap!
    I know you had changed your username in the past, however the way this thing has played out so far tells me that you aren’ t the one doing this.
    My apologies.

  61. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    testing testing

  62. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    until pete says otherwise wilson is the QB pointless to rant endlessly against it.

  63. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, Thanks and I accept. I wouldn’t change my handle just to say something. I usually say what I feel on this blog, sometimes probably to a fault.

  64. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    For full disclosure, at the beginning of the season I was hoping for Flynn because a rookie starting QB gives me a mild tummy ache. Nevertheless I thought Wilson’s performance was impressive. The arguments around Flynn performing better than Wilson if switched sound very shaky to me. Yes, Wilson makes mistakes, has happy feet at times and does not go through reads as well as a seasoned veteran, BUT at this point it seems obvious that the struggles in the passing offense are not one dimensional. If Flynn played behind the current O-line with the current receivers and the current play calling, I very much doubt that he would do any better. The only glimmer of hope would be that the coaching staff might feel a bit more secure in using the entire playbook. This would probably be countered by the fact that Flynn would get sacked more often behind the porous O-line. Also not sure if the receivers would get better or quicker separation. The net effect might be about the same. Fact is that none of us KNOW this for sure. As long as the team is winning and playing competitive even in losses, it will be very hard to make a quarterback switch. Just like everyone else, I would like nothing more than seeing the Hawks win a SB but at this point I really doubt that a simple switch at QB will make the team a contender. If we could get Brady!!!!!!!

    Go Hawks.

  65. STevos – agreed on Evan Moore but using the 2010 stats shows where TE’s are in this offense, Glorified blockers. Which have been really needed.

    Too bad since We all know that Zach Miller has great potential as a Pass Catching guy and has put up great numbers in the past – those seem routes we saw on sunday should be much more common.

  66. I’m confused I thought we went through this last week! What does this have to do with new England. That’s what’s important here. Bobby k I commend you for your post. Some of the rest of us here need to follow your leadership!apparently nobody interested in talkin hawks tonight?

  67. GooseRocks says:

    I’ll talk hawks, except backup quarterbacks who are the casual fans favorite player. Do you keep Big Red in with the nickel package with the NE rush offense this year?

  68. Not in nickel we have to have speed on field. Bruce but could slide red insideGoose u rock!

  69. IdahoHawk says:

    You took the words right out pf my mouth. This blog was better when we sucked.

  70. montanamike2 says:

    I think when Moffitt comes back and our line can block that we’ll free up the TE’s to catch a few balls. This will help us in all facets of the offense as well, especially the run game.

  71. GooseRocks says:

    Apologize if someone posted this. I keep cracking up reading this!

  72. akmac61 says:

    Erroneous assumptions: brief past performance (no matter how good) with a different team predicts future performance (see Kolb, Kevin); draft position equates with skill and leadership ability (note, Montana, V. Young, Brady, that kid who used to be in Oakland, etc.); that you can compare apples and bananas and get anything meaningful (if you are going to compare RW to anyone, it should be other starting rookie QB’s).
    Also, expectations, assumptions and opinions do not equal reality.
    Relax and enjoy the season and watching all the young players grow into their positions.

  73. sluggo42 says:

    Let me demonstrate for you all in how to respond to the troll from the land of negativity.


    Did y’all catch that? Easy!

    I don’t know that mcQ isn’t as good as Moff at this point, so I don’t know if that would free up the TE’s any more. I think we’re already there with miller getting 59 yards last week. I think the TE is a viable target from this point forward

  74. bbnate420 says:

    Stevos, those stats you posted were actually from 2011. Miller had 60, 685, and 5 tds in 15 games in 2010.

  75. “. Roger that sluggo

  76. Palerydr says:

    I’ve often wondered why they don’t check down to the TE after he throws a chip block. A play like that should get you a consistent 5+ yds with the occasional 20 yd gain. I guess it’s because we often have to keep them in for more than a chip block.

  77. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    RADEoN is like the only person here in this thread who seems sane. He is providing nothing but logical, well-reasoned facts why Flynn should be starting. Instead of a quality discussion, we’re getting trolls frothing at the mouth, with responses like “OH MY GAWD YOU’RE SUCH A TROLL, HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE OUR AWFUL OFFENSE, JUST WIN BABY!!!!”

    I mean, are you guys serious right now? You honestly do not see how Wilson is playing poorly and holding back this team’s potential? We could be TRASHING teams left and right like the 49ers and Bears but we’re getting handcuffed to a rookie for literally no reason!!!

  78. GooseRocks says:


  79. rramstad says:

    As a fan, seriously, why should I care that other fans want Flynn to start? Flynn will start when PC and JS want him to start, not any sooner, and fans frothing at the mouth have no effect on them, or at least, there shouldn’t be any effect… So, coming on here, repeatedly stating over and over any argument (legitimate, or not) for Flynn starting, well, it’s just a giant waste of time. Really. That’s how I read it.

    At some point, when others are asking people over and over to just stop it with this “start Flynn” nonsense, continuing to do so, polluting every thread, well, it’s just rude, honestly. That’s probably why people are getting personal, nasty, and rude with each other… no one is respecting the blog.

    That’s just my opinion — the Seahawks front office and coaching staff don’t care at all about what fans post on blogs, stop kidding yourself, and I can guarantee that their analysis takes into account way more stuff and involves way more effort than any fan analysis can… for starters, they have inside information that we don’t have access to… so if they want to start Wilson, great, I’ll be excited to see him play, and I’ll hope he progresses as a rookie, and if they pull the plug and put Flynn out there, I’ll root for him to show me something great.

    This is one of the most fun Seahawks teams I’ve enjoyed in a while (season ticket holder since 1998) and I refuse to believe that I’m an idiot for enjoying watching Wilson play.

    I personally see some progress for Wilson, it’s two steps forward, one step back at times, but that’s OK. I think he’s progressing nicely compared to the other highly regarded rookies starting this year, and I want to see more… so naturally, I’m biased, but honestly, I’d love to see Flynn too. It’s all good!

    I’m just thrilled that we’re not seeing TJack out there, I felt he hit his ceiling before he even got to the Seahawks, apparently, given what we saw here… (don’t get me wrong, I was happy to see him start for about half the season, but he never showed any real progress, as opposed to Wilson, who has shown a lot of progress in five games)

    Very very very interested to see how the Seahawks match up against the Patriots… almost any outcome would be comprehensible, honestly, I could see this being a total domination re: Dallas or first half against Green Bay, especially if we get into Brady’s head and/or he starts telling off the o-line or receivers… I could also see the Patriots offense just being too much to handle and not being able to put enough points on the board to match it.

    I feel pretty confident that the Patriots won’t be running the ball on us with any success, though, which means they have to find a way to win that’s different than their other wins… so the onus is on them, I think, in that we can win the game playing our game, IMHO.

  80. sluggo42 says:

    Ya, you guys are all over the TE situation now. With RW becoming acclimated to the “pocket”, we will see a lot more gashes to miller, which opens up everybody else more too.

    The offense is waking up, and it’s going to be fun fun fun!

  81. Yes sluggo I like your thinking our offense is waking up and unfortunately ACIB and radeOn are NOT!WOW I’m trying not to react to that garbage but man it’s hard!be humble be happy be free! I forget that sometimes but when I live by this -life is great!Bobby k I’m happy to here u have a one year old I’m sure your an outstanding father! ZGo Hawks!

  82. seahawk44 says:

    I really think Charlie Whitehurst or Seneca Wallace needs to start at QB.

    I recall hearing that the team would be better with those backups in years past too.

    QB2 ……. always a fan fav but rarely a team savior.

  83. GeorgiaHawk–I pray for you and your Mom (and praying aint something I do a lot of). In no way am I telling you what to do, but insulting commenters directly who havent namecalled you takes away from your usual passionate opinions. Good luck, and God Bless.

    On TE’s: yeah, its been horrible watching Miller stay in to block, and its about damn time Sweezy/McQ/Whoever mans the RG position at an acceptable level. And when that happens, more TE passes will happen. I too have wondered why they havent run a chip block/drag route with te TE…IMO, its because Carrol and Bevell are attempting so few passes, they arent bothering with the short stuff; they usually pass when they need at least 7 yards, and if they throw an incompletion, thats even more pressure to get 10+ yards…Also, it could be becuase they are trying to get players away from the line–if they send a WR or TE out, they want them running downfield a ways, for plenty of reasons.

    Still, I think its stupid they havent been doing short passes except the crappy screens and quick throws that they mecifully realized werent working. They are making teams worry about our recievers getting behind them, which leaves less folks in the box or at least makes them hesitate to overload it on run plays.

    NE is gonna be tough; that Oregon-offense stuff will kill Seattle if we dont prepare for it like crazy. The Pats were stale and crappy on offense the first few weeks, but Bellicheat is too smart to stay that way–and typically, just before playing us he pulls it out and starts innovating again.

    There is no way in hell Trufant can cover Welker. Not gonna happen. They have to put someone with some size and speed on that guy, and beat him up. If they have to put Irvin or Wagner or whoever on him and jam him on the line and double him with Tru, fine…it worked against Smith in the NFC Champ game years ago..

    And dont forget they have that WR who did wo well for the Rams, Lloyd or whatever. Dude can play. And their running game is averaging close to 20 yPG more than ours, which is crazy. Gonna be a tough, hard-fought game. We’re gonna have to be efficient with the passing game, and get at least two TD passes to win…

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