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Morning links: Five keys for Hawks vs. Panthers

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 7, 2012 at 8:16 am with 26 Comments »
October 7, 2012 8:17 am
eattle Seahawks' Seneca Wallace, left, makes an over-the-shoulder reception as Carolina Panthers' Ken Lucas defends in the NFC championship football game in this Jan. 22, 2006 file photo in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File)

Good morning. We had a pretty good thunderstorm here in Charlotte this morning. Otherwise, there’s a 40 percent chance of rain with the temperature in the 60s.

I also want to emphasize here that comments need to remain civil in the comments section, as things have gotten progressively worse this past week. I have always tried to be tolerant of most comments and let the regular posters manage it. But things were out of hand this past week, so if you’re comments are over the top, they will be deleted and you’ll be banned from commenting here.

One of the great things about this blog over the years has been the healthy but civil debate on football in general, and the Seahawks specifically, so please keep it that way.

Here’s five keys for the Seattle Seahawks as they take on the Carolina Panthers.

Wrap up and stay home: Cam Newton is one of the most explosive playmakers in the league, and he has some help in DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart and Steve Smith. The Seahawks need to control the line of scrimmage defensively, be disciplined in defending the read option and get 11 hats to the ball once they wrap-up Newton and the rest of his teammates in the open field.

Contain/Create explosive plays: The Panthers have 43 explosive plays on the year – passes over 16 yards or runs over 12 yards. The Seahawks have done a good job defensively on limiting explosive plays, giving up just 21 on the year. On the flip side, Seattle must create some dynamic plays on offense to make rookie Russell Wilson’s job easier. Seattle has just 21 explosive plays on offense through four weeks.

Cut the stupid penalties: Seattle is tied for the lead league with 37 penalties through four weeks. Even worse, Seattle has 14 pre-snap penalties on offense – 10 false starts and four delay of games – along with five personal foul penalties. It’s hard to win games on the road if you don’t play a clean game.

Relax Russell: It’s time for the Russell Wilson that we saw in the preseason to emerge. Stop second-guessing your reads. Push the ball down the field. Tuck the ball and run when the defense gives you room to roam. Let’s see Seattle let this kid play on offense.

Win the turnover battle: Wilson has to play free, yet still make plays within the framework of the offense. That means also taking care of the ball and not giving the Panthers easy opportunities to score on a short field. On the other end, Seattle has created just five turnovers defensively. The Panthers have turned it over nine times so far this season, so there should be some opportunities for Seattle’s defense to create some game-changing plays.

Here’s my advance for today’s game, focusing on Seattle’s struggles on the road. The Seahawks are 5-14 under Pete Carroll.

Clare Farnsworth of also discusses Seattle’s road woes.

John McGrath of The News Tribune says that the Seahawks should consider drafting a receiver in the first round next year to help whoever ends up being the franchise quarterback.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that improving on third down is one of the keys for the Seahawks.

ESPN’s Mike Sando notes that the Seahawks are one of the worst defenses in the league in third and long.

The Seahawks are facing a desperate team in Carolina trying to avoid going 1-4, according to Steve Reed of The Associated Press.

Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer reports that the Panthers activated former Seahawks cornerback Ron Parker to the team’s active roster from the practice squad.

Here’s the latest Real Robinson Report.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Your first key is huge, IMO. Taking overly aggressive (AKA, undisciplined) pursuit angles against a read-option QB like Newton will kill you. Linebackers especially, have to stay home, shed blocks, and wrap when they get their hands on him.

    Aside from the keys listed, Seattle really needs to convert on 3rd and get off the field when they get Carolina in 3rd and long.

  2. FleaFlicker says:

    Eric, liked your article this morning. And appreciate you throwing out a caution flag on some of the comments the last few days.

    To quote the Real Rob “I think we brought the juice. I think we were focused. We just didn’t make enough plays to win those games.”

    So we’ve been in three games decided by less than a score, with Seahawks in it until the final 60 seconds. Let’s not lose sight of that. This team has the potential to turn the corner today. CAN’T WAIT until kickoff.

    Let’s go!

  3. FleaFlicker says:

    Concur with Dukeshire. 3rd down is kicking our butts lately. If we can’t figure that one out, we’re going to be trouble.

  4. FleaFlicker says:

    “in trouble”

  5. pabuwal says:

    Actually, I don’t think its the offense that needs to make a statement game today, it’s the defense. I’ve heard terms like “elite”, “2000 Baltimore Ravens” and “best in franchise history”, “championship caliber” thrown around on this blog by TNT writers and blog participants.

    So far this year, the Seahawks Defense has shut down 2 mediocre offenses at home and 2 terrible offenses on the road. Top to bottom, the NFC West has the worst offenses and QBs in the NFL.

    Today, they go on the road to play a team with a well balanced offense with an ability to create explosive plays in the air. As a long-time Seahawk fans, I’ve seen this story before. Historically, this story has ended with the Seahawks Defense allowing a ton of yards and points.

    Today is the day to prove the Defense is truly elite and not just a product of a strong home crowd and a terrible division.

  6. Eric is laying down the law!

    How did I miss all those nasty comments? I always miss the good stuff…..

    Lets go Seahawks!

  7. DICKSHIRE says:

    Turnovers turnovers turnovers.If we win this battle we win game.

  8. Palerydr says:

    Under the Relax Russel key I would amplify that by adding call an audible. I’ve only seen him call 1 in 4 games. If RW really is a film room gym rat then show that ability on the field. If he sees something from the film and feels he can gash them for an explosive play then do it!

    I also would like the defense today to really establish themselves as a top 5 unit and stuff the Carolina offense. I also as a long time fan am sick of hype prove it 0n the field gosh darn it! Wrap up Newton and make him have nightmares tonight from being hit hard and often.

  9. Hammajamma says:

    Eric–yours is the first comment I’ve heard about RW “second guessing his reads.” Is that coming from him or coaches? Can you flesh that out a bit?

  10. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i agree paleryder. i wonder if it is carrol not letting wilson audible?

  11. pabuwal – are you really classifying the GB offense as mediocre?

  12. I agree with improving on 3rd down both sides of the ball.Keep the penalties under control.Let Lynch run like his hair is on fire.

  13. montanamike2 says:

    I agree with John Mgrath about drafting a reciever high.
    STTBM my last comment was in the other thread, sorry about the long response times, i’m old school and still have a computer to check on once in a while. Plus the sleep mode doesn’t work most of the time.
    I’m going to my hangout to meet the guys so i’ll read all the posts and then respond. Have a good time boys and i hope we win!
    GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!

  14. Palerydr says:

    I’ve wondered that myself Hawkfaninoklahoma with Pete coming out and saying he is holding RW back then maybe not letting him audible is part of that philosophy. If that’s true then Pete is being too controlling even for a Football Coach. Most people I know perform their best when allowed some freedom to execute their job with some flexibility.

  15. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    couldn’t agree more paleryder. as i have said i believe the teams problems are more a coaching problem then player. it’s like the D on 3rd and long. for the most part the team plays press man coverage on 1st and 2nd down then drops into a soft zone for 3rd and long. i would love to see more man on 3rd and long with blitz packages being called. it’s funny the coaching staff can move the ball between the 20’s fairly well but forget what got them there in the red zone.

  16. DICKSHIRE says:

    Hey Irish.where are you? I agree mike MT we need a bigtme playmaker at receiver it doesn’t look like we have one as of yet unfortunately?I sure would like to be proven wrong on that last point.

  17. I think comPete is holding him back because he’s young and feels he isn’t ready for it. I don’t think it’s a Jimmy Johnson-Dan Marino situation where the QB was handcuffed and not allowed to do anything (even though he may know better). I don’t think it is, just the reality that Wilson is young and Mr. Happy is so psycho at preventing turnovers (I don’t fault him for that).

    I want to see Wilson have another week of no delay of game penalties (we’re still averaging one per game) and I want to see the team throw it deep a few times to Tate and/or Rice. I know they must continue to feed the Beast, but get it downfield a few times to our WRs (and I’m not interested in the “our WRs suck” theory b/c I happen to really like our starting WRs and think, up til now, it’s more on the QB than the WRs).

  18. tylerwyler says:

    Wow. The Cleveland Browns have a QB.

  19. Palerydr says:

    Bobby his maturity level is something that has been commented on by Pete yes he’s a rookie but this is the Not For Long league he flat needs to make plays and if that means calling audibles well then do it.

    Please don’t mention Marino I have as intense a dislike for that prima donna loser as you do for our previous starting QB.

  20. Yes. The maturity of Wilson makes you want to root for him. It makes you proud to have a guy like that as the “face” of your franchise. He’s the type of player that you want your little guy (mine is almost 15 months) to have as a sports role model (yes, I know I’m his most important one, but kids to look up to athletes, too). He’s smart, humble, seems to be a good/great guy, etc. However, at the end of the day, we need him to be good, too. I do believe in him for the future, it just makes it harder to live in the present when we have a great run game and defense (and, IMO, starting WRs). That and the fact that I really like our back-up as well. If we still had that one guy from last year, I’d be banging the drum that there’s no way I would want Wilson on the bench.

    Palerdr – Wow. That’s pretty harsh (b/c you know how bad I hate that one guy). You’re going to think less of me, but Marino is one of my favorite non-Seahawk players of all time. Please don’t hate me:)

  21. Favorite Non-Seahawks of All-Time, in no particular order:

    Earl Campbell
    Barry Sanders
    Ed McCaffrey
    Kellen Winslow (not his punk kid)
    Wilbert Montgomery
    Joe Delaney
    Harold Charmichael
    John Hannah
    John Elway (I know that’s not popular w/most Seahawk fans)
    Reggie White
    Corey Schlesinger
    Dan Foutes
    Bill Bergey

    New Age:

    Ndamukong Suh

  22. I used to live on the same block as one of those players.

  23. VNHLNFAN says:

    Is it beer thirty yet?

  24. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    good list bobby i would add walter payton to that list.

  25. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    vnhlnfan. it’s always beer thirty

  26. I have a long list of non-Seahawks favorites. I grew up a diehard cowboy fan way back when before the Seahawks came in existence. Lots of great players on those Cowboy teams.

    I hope Pete let’s Russ cut loose today and show us what he’s got. We know he has it he just needs to let it happen. We need some legit, well executed plays that are explosive and momentum changers.

    The D needs to establish their credentials early and then maintain it throughout the game. we don’t want another GB game where the D dominated the 1st half and were then dominated the 2nd.

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