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Final: Seahawks 16, Panthers 12

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 7, 2012 at 4:01 pm with 137 Comments »
October 7, 2012 4:01 pm

Carolina Panthers' Kealoha Pilares (81) is tackled by Seattle Seahawks' K.J. Wright (50) and Richard Sherman (25) during the first quarter of an NFL football game in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, Oct. 7, 2012. (AP Photo/Bob Leverone)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Seahawks handled Carolina on the road, escaping with a 16-12 victory to improve to 3-2 on the year.

With the win, the Seahawks are tied with St. Louis in the NFC West cellar, with Arizona and San Francisco atop the division at 4-1. It’s the first time all four teams in the NFC West have been above .500 mark this late in the season since the league’s realignment in 2002.

Check out the final stats here.

Seattle’s defense did a nice job of bottling up the Cam Newton-led Carolina offense, holding the explosive Panthers to 190 total yards for the game.

Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson finished 19 of 25 for 221 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.

Running back Marshawn Lynch rushed for 85 yards on 21 carries. Seattle receiver Sidney Rice led Seattle with five catches for 67 yards.

The Panthers had a chance to win the game with just over four minutes left. But on fourth and goal from Seattle’s 1-yard line, Newton skipped a pass short of tight end Ben Hartsock in the end zone.

The Seahawks return home to host New England at CenturyLink Field on Sunday.

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  1. DanielleMND says:

    Seattle’s D rose to the occasion. Russell Wilson showed improvement. Two INTs, yes, but only one was was his fault. Penalties still hurt the team at times.

  2. Dominating win by the Defense. Panthers got it rolling a bit in the 4th qtr, but otherwise, they were dominated all game long.

    And Russell Wilson did plenty enough to earn his next start at home.

    Good job, Team!

  3. elkhorn says:

    Is it possible to find out how many big plays were called back on account of penalties and how much yardage it cost the team?

    The penalties did get better in the last quarter, or maybe the refs all had sore flag throwing arms.

  4. Radem44 says:

    Just before the last punt, I told my wife the punter should run around in the end zone as long as possible, then step out for a safety. She looked at me like I was crazy, but apparently Pete was thinking the same thing :-)

  5. A win is a win, but it sounds like Bevell/Carrol bottled the offense up again in the second half. And where is Edwards?!

    And once again, Carrol’s bugaboo–penalties and lack of discipline–nearly cost Seattle a game it sounds like they dominated. Still a long ways to go before being a playoff team. Better get ready to score more than 16 points if they want to have a chance v Patsies next week.

    You dont beat Tom Brady and Belicheat with that offense.

    Wilson is getting better, they loosened the leash a little, and it worked…still, would be amazing to see this team score 20 points on offense–is that too much to ask?!

  6. Radem44 says:

    How’s the Bruce Irvin pick looking right now? 5.5 sacks in five games, and that last one was a game-winner.

  7. Positives:

    – Over 300 net yards

    – Seahawks D got off the field on third down.

    – Held them to 82 yards rushing

    – No TD’s allowed. (on D, obviously)

    – 190 yards net offense (with the 2 stuffs for -6 yards, and 4 sacks)

    – FOUR SACKS!!!! Bruce with the FF.

    Defense is looking stout as can be. Shouldn’t be long before they’re tired, at this pace.


    – R.W is still absolutely godawful

    – Offensive playcalling is hilarious at best.

    – T.O.P was dominated by 10 minutes more than carolina. This is a testament to the effort of the O Line and running backs.

    – 33 percent red zone efficiency is horrible

    – Scored only 16 pts in 35:46 seconds, only made the red zone 3 times.

  8. pabuwal says:

    That was pretty elite by the defense.

    Now how about the Seahawks pass on First Down inside the 10?

  9. Our D still looks questionable in stopping long drives late in games, luckily however they are STUDS in the redzone, so is sort of evens out. Panthers offense was horrid today though, but still, a lot of credit to the 11 guys busting their asses, Wagner and Bruce Irvin bossed it all night long!

    Wilson looked like a starter tonight, not a top 15 guy, but he showed he can get it done. He still runs around and backs up FAR too much, but other than the first INT I’d say he did pretty well tonight, though it wasn’t the toughest of defenses. I known certain people will still get on his ass, and that’s fine, a starting QB should lead the offense to more points, but penalties continue to make it more difficult than it should be.

    Also, STOP RUNNING EMPTY SETS, geeeeesus, Bevell should realize by now that it isn’t working very well, especially on 3rd down, stop it.

    Great, ugly win on the road against a tricky offense, lovely character building win! Now, let’s show the Pats how we play defense up in the great North West, we have been amazing at home, this next one is perhaps the most important game this season, besides the ones against 49ers.

  10. SaigonSun says:

    You beat me to it Radem. Good job Bruce . Good job ‘Hawks

  11. MEhawkfan says:

    Seattle’s D is the real deal, for sure. Browner, Irving, Sherman, Jones, Wagner all stepped up big.

    Wilson showed improvement, but I still think he has some accuracy issues at times. He needs to improve his ball placement. Still, I like what he did today. I thought he would step up and have a good game.

    Rice stepped up and played closer to how I think he should.

    Redzone offense needs a bunch of work. Seattle desperately needs to score TD’s inside the twenty instead of settle for field goals.

    Stupid penalties and mistakes remain an enormous problem.

    Despite outplaying Carolina all day, in the end, the Hawks won because they got lucky. It was lucky Newton skidded one into the dirt and missed a wide-open 84 for a sure TD. Although, on replay, I did see that Hill was closing fast. He might have been able to knock the ball away had Newton been on target.

    Finally, that was a monster hit Browner laid down to prevent the TD.

  12. DanielleMND says:

    It’s obvious Carroll’s as upset about penalties as we are. He even pulled Giacomini out of the game.

  13. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Our defense is great. If Russell Wilson plays the rest of the season like this I think he’s our franchise QB. We still need more offense though: It would be nice to be ahead two, or more, scores and have the game put away mid fourth quarter instead of suffering through these nail biters. It was a good win, though.
    Still, we won’t be a playoff team until we stop the penalties. A 20 yard Marshawn Lynch run, and a 50 yard Golden Tate pass, called back because of penalties. Shaking my damn head because I know we won’t win our division if we keep shooting ourselves in the foot like that.
    Also, a lot of people here are despondent, predicting a loss when we were only down 4 points in the 3rd quarter. I wish people would have more faith, or keep their negativity to themselves.

  14. Radem, I’ve always liked taking a safety and a free kick to ice a game in the 4th qtr. Good call.

  15. MEhawkfan says:

    That call surprised the heck out of me, especially with the high snap. But in retrospect, it was pretty brilliant. People need to give Carroll some kudos for that one.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN- Your obsession with Wilson being godawful is truely pathetic ! What a peice of work you are! Sad!

  17. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Does everyone realize that 1/4 through the regular season the NFC West is the best division in football? The NFC West has 14 combined wins, more than any other division. Moreover, every team in the NFC West has a winning record. I’m so glad we no longer have to live with the stigma of playing in the NFL’s worst division.

  18. bbnate420 says:

    Called the Giacomini benching last week. Hope it sent a message. There was a play near the end where he was holding his hands up like he was being frisked to show that he had stopped blocking even though there was no one close to him.

    This defense is just playing elite right now. The better Wagner and Irvin get, the more dominant they will become. You can’t just chalk up the 4 sacks to the Clink. Irvin has 4.5 sacks in 5 games. Not sure that’s how a bust plays? Seems to be on the same pace as Aldon Smith last year. Wagner gets better every week. He got fooled a couple of time by the play-action, but he still had an excellent game, especially for a rookie. The run defense was stifling. Red and Mebane are playing like monsters. BB was probably the game MVP. Next week versus NE will be a big challenge and measuring stick. I am confident they will do well as they are at the Clink. We probably still need more than 20 points out of the offense.

    The penalties have been talked about ad nauseum. They didn’t have a huge number of penalties today, but a couple of them were absolute killers. Good to see that Carroll is now benching people for it. That will send the message. The more disappointing thing to me is the turnover ratio. Our positive TO ratio last year was a big part of them even being 7-9. Hopefully, the defense starts to create some more turnovers as the year goes on. Some of that is chance. I expect that the offensive turnovers will go down as RW gets more experience. That said, only 1 turnover was his fault this game.

  19. thursday says:

    glad we got the win (obviously), but the game was still frustrating as hell in a lot of ways. mostly the dumb penalties and some of the playcalling is just…amateur? i don’t even know, but it makes us look really bad at times.

    on the other hand, defense improved on the third downs and stuffed ‘em when it really counted.

  20. CDHawkFan says:

    I have seen this a few times on the blog, guys its Irvin, without the ‘g’.

    Also, I would expect a high school coach to call the punter/safety at the end. He has 10 coaches on the field and in the box reminding him, probably the punter/Ryan asking the question as well.

  21. SeattleNative57 says:

    Underwhelming win. Nice to win on the road. Tried like hell to give this one away. Defense continues to dominate. RW showed improvement. Stupid penalties continue to crop up especially on offense. Penalties negated at least two positive offensive plays for about 70 lost yards. Panthers failed to take advantage, may not be so lucky against stiffer competition. Hate to rain on the W … all wins are great. It’s just that we could be so much better without the concentration errors, the lack of discipline. PC can’t seem to correct it and that concerns me for down the road. The stakes only increase as the season moves along.

  22. TomlPDX says:

    Thursday, not amateurs, just young and learning.

    D rocked! They won the game and they were solid from beginning to end. There was no luck involved with the D, they did their job.


  23. TomlPDX says:

    No comment on Breno other than…enjoy the bench.

  24. GeorgiaHawk you’re seriously naive, my man. If RW went out and threw 3 interceptions, 20 percent completion, and 49 yards, and the team won 3-0, would that be a good mark on his resume? No. This team is NOT going to hold new england to a low scoring mark, therefore, it’s going to be a loss. I think this defense is legit, but this will be the first good offense they’ve played this year, and don’t give me the green bay garbage, because that team is sputtering horribly right now.

  25. Breno was back playing in the second half and had no penalties. I think his personal fouls the past few games have been real ticky-tack calls.

  26. chrisj122 says:

    Gotta give it the DB ‘s in this game! Browner was aawesome and Sherman was in Smith’s head all day

  27. RADeoN, you’re consistent, at least. When Russell Wilson wins his first super bowl, you’ll be here to tell us all how terrible he was.

  28. RDPoulsbo says:

    Nothing on the stat sheet but Sherman (My Brutha) was inside Steve Smith’s head all game. Smith was more interested in a wrestling match than the football game all afternoon.

  29. boycie99 says:

    Penalties still killing us and stopping any momentum on O
    Im a big Wilson fan but he really does just bail the pocket way too soon and keep on rolling out of the back and too the right. Needs to step up into it and see the receivers.
    Too may open receivers mostly Tate missed again

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Breno played the second half. His benching was only temporary.

    Easily Wilson’s best game, statistically. But it still painfully clear that they don’t trust him with the football inside the 20s. I saw him run up and through the pocket, to avoid pressure today. He still ran backwards as well, but it’s a start. Without being too negative, I wonder how Seattle can possibly score enough points against NE next week to win? Even with this ridiculously stout defense. Wilson will need to play the best game of his young career. At lease he has a nice outing to now build on.

  31. MEhawkfan says:


    Realistically, I think we might need to try and factor in just how much of an impact those drive killing penalties had on momentum. The offense was getting into a decent rhythm when Giacomini negated the Wilson to Tate fifty-yard pass play. Things went to hell after that, but had that play stood, I think it’s a good possibility Wilson could have capitalized on it. The same goes for the twenty-yard run Lynch ripped off that was called back. We’re looking at a whole different game if the Hawks score TD’s on either of those series. Wilson’s stats would likely look a little different too.

  32. MEhawkfan says:

    And maybe some of he doesn’t trust himself or his receivers enough as well.

  33. chrisj122 says:

    The second penalty on Breno was complete garbage!

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire – is that truely you? Dam I’m glad you are back!!!!

  35. From the overwhelming abundance of negative comments I’ve seen on this blog about ONE (there’s a whole team…genius) of the Seahawks’ rookie players, I have deduced that either there are one (or more) of the following going on:

    1) You don’t care for an African American QB (To put it nicely…haters).

    2) You don’t understand and/or have never played the game of football beyond peewee or pop-warner.

    3) You are watching each game with your eyes wide shut, only listening to the jaded east coast media.

    4) You are listening to the game on HD radio from the OTHER team’s station.

    5) You are a Republican (meaning real numbers and facts don’t matter).

    6) You’re totally delusional thinking a ROOKIE is calling the plays.

    7) You’re football IQ is ‘0’.

    8) You are posting on this blog after way too many drinks before making EDUCATED comments.

    9) You just aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed…

    10) You’re not really a Seahawks fan, you’re TROLLING.

    What happened to all of the wonderful statisticians and educated bloggers I used to come to this blog for. All I have read since the beginning of preseason is about one player. Thank goodness he doesn’t play defense too, then there would be nobody left on the team according to all of you naysayers. But I guess you could double up on your posts calling for his head. Wake up Seahawks’ FANS and please try to look at the positive, my god we won…again!

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Listen everyone, we’ve just come out of the ugliest week in this blogs history (at least the past 8 years), enough so that even Eric had to step in. Enough with the name calling. If you disagree with someone that strongly, crush them with a well reasoned argument, or at the very least, insult them intelligently. Let’s not stoop to the level of the trolls.

  37. chrisj122 says:

    Who were the morons impersonating others in the chat? A few losers ruining this blog for everyone!

  38. Yes, Wilson needs to play the best game of his young career to win next week. And today he played his best game so far.

    RGIII 10-of-15, 91 yds, 82.9 rating
    Wilson 19-of-25, 221 yds, 82.3 rating
    Luck 31-of-55, 362 yds, 81.0 rating

    Wilson is on track and getting better every week.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    GeorgiaHawk – Lol. Thanks. I’m going to shoot you a call this week. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you yet.

  40. TomlPDX says:

    Duke, true…but yanking Breno immediately made a point. I also agree that the personal foul on him was a bad call…as was the non-call for offensive interference on Sherman. That kept their drive alive and they scored.

    Bottom line though, they won!

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN – You need a big time chill pill. We are doing fine now so don’t try to make this thing into something it is not! Lol.

  42. It feels so bad when we lose, that it’s important to FEEL GOOD when we win! WE WON, dudes and dudettes.

    Awesome job by the defense. What a fabulous play by Browner to completely turn the momentum around. What a run by Marshawn down on the end zone to give us some breathing room. Highlights, highlights, highlights all day.

    And what a great bomb by RW in the first quarter – the one that got called back.

    This was not going to be an easy game. Remember the time Hasselbeck and Holmgren and company folded 9-0 in Carolina? That was a playoff Seahawk team. Despite Arizona and St. Louis losses, this is a team that can and often does win on the road. One of many positives of the Carroll era.

  43. chrisj122 says:

    Until our offense can score more than one TD a game it will be talked about and rightly so!

    You can blame or not blame whoever you want but our O just had their best game yet but still only scored one TD.

    Our Defense deserves better!

  44. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    funny how all they bench wilson peeps are gone for the most part. the first pick was on him second on lynch ball hits your hands it’s yours. he wasn’t perfect when under pressure but he sure looked good over all . funny thing is take away the holding on breno and he has 278 yards and maybe another score. the other penalty way lynch has over 100 yards. they won they didn’t pull it out on the last second drive.

    i think what pisses me off more than anything about this blog is the people that are almost wishing for the hawks to fail. the hawks suck so bad blah blah.

  45. Can we please keep political references of this blog? Or I will explode with facts and numbers up the wazoo.

    Stop right now. This is football!

  46. That is “off” this blog.

  47. Radeon – be happy man, you had thought this was going to be a blowout loss, instead it’s a win. We are 3-2. Wilson may not be Tom Brady, but he’s learning, today was probably his strongest game of the season.

    Let’s focus on the donut and not on the hole – – plenty of things going right.

    Look at our top 4 picks this year: 1) Irvin: looking just like the playmaker/passrusher we all agreed we needed; 2) Wagner: our starting MLB for the next 5 yrs, and getting better every week; 3) RW: at the very worst, a backup QB with ability; 4) Turbin: absolutely shown he belongs at this level, and will contribute all year.

    These guys know what they’re doing. Nothing embarassing about a loss to AZ, and the Rams are not the slouches they used to be either. Things could always be better, but these are good days to be a Hawks fan.

  48. pabuwal says:

    In terms of timeline, here is how I saw Wilson playing through the year:

    * Games 1-4 are like preseason. Wilson’s chance to take all the Reps and work with all 3 of his top WRs as well as Miller. This is where we see some serious growing pains. Preseason means a degree of ugliness.

    * Games 5-8 are like the start of the regular season. Here the passing game starts to look serviceable as well as generating points. But that still means an NFL average performance on good days.

    * Games 9-16 should be when the passing game begins to look average as a baseline performance and carry the team on some occasions.

    Year 2 is when we talk Pro Bowl and forget the start of Year 1 ever happened.

  49. I’m not going to get into RW’s performance, because the numbers and the W speak for themselves. That said, he will only get better.
    When we play at the CLink, the D plays out of this world because they feed off the energy of the crowd and the deafening noise gives them an advantage when they rush the passer. I am concerned that we are not cashing in when we are in the red zone, but we will be competitive in every home game, no matter who we play. I don’t believe we will get blown out at home this year. Not even close. In fact, at home is when we have a better chance of blowing out an opponent and winning going away, if it is to happen at all. And let’s remember that Dallas and GB were high powered offenses when they came to Seattle. Our D just has a way of stifling and frustrating an offense, no matter how elite the players. The sheer amount of noise FUBAR’s the communication between coach, qb, and offense, and makes people lose their composure. It happened to Mr Rodgers. Let’s hope it happens again to Mr Brady.

  50. “i think what pisses me off more than anything about this blog is the people that are almost wishing for the hawks to fail. the hawks suck so bad blah blah.”

    couldn’t agree with you more.

  51. Skavage says:

    In spite of the lack of scoring I think we took the training wheels off the offense today. Play calling was much more balanced and I think RW had a very good game. Yes, the pick 6 was on him, but beyond that were it not for our self-inflicted errors (penalties) we would have likely put more points on the board.

    Biggest disappointment? Breno continues to play like a mental midget. He needs to play extra smart because right now he’s got a big ol’ target on his forehead. The officials had an opportunity to watch tape of his shenanigans in the preseason and first three games. He needs to play smarter or spend more time on the bench. I was glad that PC sent him a quick, decisive, and (hopefully) clear message. Now it might be time to do the same to others that keep making mental penalties.

  52. Dukeshire says:

    TomlPDX – I don’t disagree with that. I was simply clarifying.

    DICKSHIRE – There is world of literature available to us that would disagree with you. And yes, eliminating the insults all together is the ideal; I completely agree. I’m also pleased to see that after your very brief and antagonistic time here, you are now in agreement with that.

  53. Stevos – not fair to put RG3 in there since it was knocked out of the game with a concussion.

    No matter what all the self appointed “true fans” are telling me. I know one thing

    THIS OFFENSE IS NOT GOING TO GET US TO THE SUPERBOWL – (Sorry for the all caps) but it is true. Yes we did better today but there is still room to grow in BOTH the playbook and Wilson’s play

    Carroll called it GREAT I would call it a step in the right direction.

    I think we are seeing the same with Wilson that we saw with Tjack last year. Paralysis by analysis. They are soo afraid of a TO that they are afraid to make a play. Thats on Carroll IMO

  54. MoSeahawk12 says:

    So, regardless of LAMEoN spews, this team showed incredible resolve today. To dominate the first half and only have 6 points was disappointing but something we’ve seen. They dominated Carolina the first half. The Panthers didn’t make it to mid field. This is more impressive than you guys realize as the Panthers have one of the best offenses in the NFL this year. The 2nd half kickoff huge gain and then Leon fumbles. This doesn’t happen often and was huge.

    We hold them to 3. Pick 6 on the next series and now all the hard work from the first half erased. I’m freaking out as I think we should be up 21-0 at this point and feel this game slipping away as so many Seahawks games have in the past. Then the extend the play by Wilson and the rare non catch, control by Lynch. Three chances, three turnovers. This is doom as we can’t score enough points to overcome these mistakes. But we do.

    The team showed incredible resolve and toughness as we decided that this one would not be like the others. They dug deep. Deeper than I’ve seen in years and said no. We are not going to let you take this game that we have owned. Not today.

    Wilson played his best game. Not rattled at all and moved us all day. One bad throw, his worst of the year in my opinion on the pick 6. The rest were lasers and on target. The people that have never played the game will try and tell you that Cam missed a wide open receiver in the end zone at the end of the game and that was a gift to the Seahawks. I saw, no! That was a day’s worth of our D hitting and hitting and causing him trouble. He felt pressure and didn’t want to take another hit. He threw early and in the ground. That was all Seahawks D!

    And then to make it interesting we give them one last shot. Thank you Defense one last time, and you Bruce for sacking and stripping the ball from a QB bigger than you. AWESOME RESOLVE!! I’m proud of this team. Fighting through all the crap. Keep improving.

  55. chrisj122 says:

    Hypocrisy at its best is when Richard Cranium advocates a non-insulting policy all the while using a username that in it self is insulting. Ridiculous!

  56. TomlPDX says:

    Dick, go away already or just post under your real name.

  57. Skavage says:

    On another note, do you guys think the reason the attitudes have gotten so poorly on this blog recently is because expectations started so high?

    Maybe we all need to step back and self examine what we type before we click “submit”. We are all on the same team afterall. :)

  58. VNHLNFAN says:

    Tom Brady is about to have a really bad sunday.

  59. Ewalters7354 says:

    Glad to have the win.This defense is truly making a name for themselves.How about Bobby Wagner with 2 sacks?Wow!

  60. someone mentioned it above about Sherman being in Smiths head . . . . how the H-E – double hockey sticks did he not get some personal fouls in that game?

  61. chrisj122 says:

    Sherman was making Smith react to all his antics making Smith the overreacting hot head who was not in control. I love it!

  62. SharkHawk says:

    It’s amazing that people are so ready to write Russell off, when he has been at the QB position in games where the Hawks beat Aaron Rodgers (best QB in the league perhaps), Tony Romo (established pro bowler), and Cam Newton (#1 pick in the draft). In the other 2 games he was 1 play away in each from beating another #1 pick in the draft, and the most highly sought after QB 2 seasons ago in Kolb.

    Is he the greatest thing since sliced bread? Of course not. But he doesn’t need to be. The team is 3-2 with Russell playing at a pretty low level compared to what his ceiling is. What is Weeden? He’s 0-5! RG3 got knocked out cold today. Russell has beaten 3 of the top QB’s in the NFL. Sure you can say, “Well, the defense did it.” I could care less. If you think the Hawks could just put any ol’ QB out there and be 3-2 right now then I think you’re dreaming. The fact is that Russell has improved in some area each week and the defense is carrying the load while he gets up to speed. It’s way too early to discount his performance and send him packing. If anything I’d send the OC packing and bring in somebody who runs the Wisconsin offense right now (I’m dead serious). I think the team is trying to bring him along slowly, just as they brought along some defensive players slowly in what they asked them to do (remember how Clemons was used initially upon his arrival? Now he’s pretty much an all the time guy). I predicted we’d be 2-3 right now having beaten the Rams and Cards. The fact that we’ve got wins against GB, Dallas, and Carolina on the road… A-OK with me. Let’s see how we are looking after game 8. With this type of improvement across the board I think we’ll be looking at a team that is that much closer to being a real competitive squad in the playoffs… already the team has been completely competitive for 60 minutes in EVERY SINGLE GAME. How many years has that ever happened 5 games in? Seriously. How many? My guess is MAYBE in 1984 or 1985…. but not much since then. We’ve always had the stinker early in the season and we’ve NEVER been 2 plays short of 5-0 that I can recall.

  63. DICKSHIRE says:

    Van halen crazy game comin up.nothin better than us takin Tonmy boy to the cleaners! Still confused on user name? This is my user name since day one! It’s my last name why would I change it? Chris 122 do yourself a favor and just ignore me! Your ruining your day! Great win today I am so happy for the hawks team and fans. I m also confused on this jirish thing I came to an impression today that some people think I’m j Irish . For starters who cares! Secondly that is not yhe case but feel free to think what u want! Dukshire I apologize if your offended by my name but I ask you like alot of other things on this blog let’s not take it personal.GO HAWKS Nice win…. Life is good In hawk land

  64. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m sure expectations were high. The defense and running game are SB contender worthy. the passing game though, is just cringingly frustrating, as are the penalties.

    As for the trolling, really?!? Life must be pretty pathetic that it’s the high point of your day. If you can’t make your argument with your real name, then just maybe, it’s a crap argument and you shouldn’t be trying to make it in the first place.

  65. Saw these on FB – didn’t have the answers

    1- why were we wearing blue on the road – thought road team had to wear white?

    2 – how does Irvin get credit for a sack on the last play when he didn’t even know Cam off balance – just went for the ball and knocked it loose?

    Anyone know the answers?

  66. DICKSHIRE says:

    Sharkhawk..!Nice I like your thinkn

  67. xcman – I wasn’t implying anything by listing QB stats, I just listed those for interest. But I stand by the statement that Wilson is getting better every week. That is evident with or without stats.

    Saying this offense won’t get us to the super bowl, or its no better than with TJack, etc, just seems senseless to me. We have a rookie quarterback who just played his 5th game. His 10th game will be better. His 16th game will be much better.

    Its time to celebrate our IMPROVING Quarterback, dontcha ya’ll think? The last time we saw an improvement in our QB position was 2007. I’m looking forward to watching Russell improve.

  68. RDPoulsbo says:

    xcman: 1: Home team chooses what to wear. It’s why you always see the Redskins and Cowboys wearing white at home. They think their color jerseys are cursed or something. 2: If you make the QB fumble behind the LoS, it’s considered a sack. It’s how you can see people get the defensive trio: sack, FF, fumble recovery. Don’t make the rules for the stats, but that’s how they score it.

  69. Hey DICKSHIRE, time for you to get a real name and stop insulting people.

  70. bbnate420 says:

    Skavage, disappointment almost always comes from unmet expectations. I think the prevalent delusion that this was going to definitely be a 12-4 or better team hit a frenzied pitch by the end of the preseason. It seems people forgot that RW is a rookie. Remember when the Tards were a fifth preseason game and might as well not show up. The Lambs as well? If you expect nothing then you won’t be disappointed when you get nothing.

    People like RADEoN are different. They either just don’t want to get any joy out of the Hawks, or the only joy they can derive is when they lose. He can’t even enjoy a Hawks win because it defies his narrative about the team. If they lose, he gets to gloat and repeat his rants ad nauseum, but he still doesn’t seem happy to me. The only person this hurts is himself. Sad when you can’t even derive some enjoyment from a team you’re supposedly a fan of. Maybe if they win the SB. I bet he’ll still tell us how it was in spite of the terrible RW and the idiotic PC though.

    I agree with the others about DICKSHIRE. Seems hypocritical to me. Oh wait, this was just a ruse as we ALL know I am really DICKSHIRE. ;-)

  71. DICKSHIRE says:

    Carolina home jersey are white( like Dallas does). Those Seahawks uni s were tight I love the grey pants with the home jersey best uniform combo since jack patera days? Not sure on second question I wouldn’t think it’s a sack but maybe because as soon as ball comes out he is considered down? Don’t know but bob k certainly might! Good question

  72. MoSeahawk12 says:

    And just a fun fact, these same Panthers put up 28 points last week on the 5-0 Falcons. They were able to generate 3 points on offense today. Three. That is impressive anyway you look at it. The Seahawks D have faced Romo, Rogers, Newton and not one of those QB’s have scored more than 16 points, 12 actually. Every week I keep reading comments from certain “fans” here that say, well, Seahawks D won’t hold Romo to this many points, Rogers will score more than…..Cam will score at least 21 points and now Brady will light us up. You know, maybe he will. He’s won three Super Bowls and is a great QB. But he won’t have an easy day regardless. Support your D, Support your team. Go Hawks or go root elsewhere. Too Much negative Sears employees.

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree Stevos- perhaps DICKSHIRE WILL GO AWAY!

  74. bbnate420 says:

    Still think it’s me, GeorgiaHawk?

  75. ChrisHolmes says:

    Wilson improved. Still doesn’t look “comfortable” in the pocket yet, but he was much better at stepping “up” instead of rolling out. The kid has a rocket arm, but he needs to work on his accuracy. The INT meant for McCoy was purely an accuracy issue. And I’m willing to give him a pass on Lynch’s INT.

    Irving…. I was so happy to see him get the game-clinching FF. He is really good (and he’s just getting started).

    People keep saying we can’t beat NE, but I have two thoughts: (1) If the offense keeps improving, we might get enough points and (2) People probably thought GB was going to roll on us by 40 (I know I did) and we clamped them down. NE isn’t invincible….

  76. “And just a fun fact, these same Panthers put up 28 points last week on the 5-0 Falcons. They were able to generate 3 points on offense today. Three. That is impressive anyway you look at it.”

    That’s a great stat. It’s really all working on that side of the ball right now – our D-line is stonewalling the run and getting push on the QB, our LB’s are all over the place, and our DB’s are playmakers who can cover. Great talent level on defense. Credit to PC and JS for building this defense. So much fun to watch too.

  77. Stevos – I agree he is getting better ….

    “its no better than with TJack, etc, just seems senseless to me.”

    but my point was in the red zone he seems scared EXACTLY like Tjack last year – and it’s not just me. Commentators have mentioned it in the the games both this week and last. It has also been mentioned in the national articles about how he seems uptight in the red zone

    I think that comes from Pete harping no turnovers Which I agree with but when it stops one of your main players to shut down thats not right

    Flip to the other side of the ball – you don’t see him mentioning no PI’s all the time- but yet last year they got them ALL the time. He didn’t harp it as a point of emphasis, matter of fact he would down play it when asked. “yeah, we gotta look at that . .. next question” type attitude. I think it allowed Browner and the others grow.

    Coming back to Wilson – encourage him to make plays instead of focusing on the negative (turnovers) its the one area you don’t see Pete being positive about. Then if a turnover happened then you can have – “yeah – you would like to not have a turnover there. .. Next question attitude” We have seen cases in at least 3 of the games where he missed an open guy in the red zone – today it was Evan Moore. looked like he was afraid to make the pass

  78. Thanks RD!! Good to know on the sack rule – and as I read it I remembered the uniform rule!

  79. brewinlew says:

    Accuracy? The guy is 19 for 26…completing 76% of his passes(highest of any qb in the NFL today, barring the Sun and Mon night game)and he needs to be more accurate? Am I missing something here?

  80. DreadHawks says:

    IF…we ever get our offense going and they can become a top 15 O the rest of the league will be on notice.I cannot believe how well our D played today. They shut Cam down!!!

  81. krieg17 says:

    I think the best solution to this newspapers Seahawk section, NO MORE COMMENT SECTION!!!

  82. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    Has our defense really gone 2 weeks in a row without allowing a single touchdown?

  83. Wilson would have to go 30-30 w/ 4 TDs for RADEoN & the rest of these Flynnatics to say he had a good game Georgia so don’t even acknowledge em anymore. I know it’s hard not to take the bait but trust me it’s pointless w/ these guys. He outplayed Newton, & even if he outplays Brady next week they’ll say it was luck or some other reason. Good team win, BB w/ he play of the game, Sherm completely took Smith out of the game, Irvin & Wagner were exactly the upgrades this defense needed, as well as Jason Jones. #12thMan

  84. blueshq says:

    I think it’s only 2 td’s all year!

  85. blueshq says:

    What a defense! That was our 1st ever win at Carolina.

    It looks like next week will feature the NFL’s best offense against the NFL’s best defense at the CLINK.

  86. The play that really made me frustrated today was when Wilson perhaps could have gone to Tate near the end zone and, instead, he threw it away. As the announcers said, he seemed to be scared to throw it in a tighter window and I agree.

    I know Mr. Happy has been pretty psycho about throwing the ball away and no turnovers, but sometimes you need to throw the ball into tight windows in the NFL. I also realize that turning the ball over is bad.

    Let me be clear, I don’t think Wilson is “scared” to throw the ball into a tight window, but I think the brainwashing from the Hapster is making him play scared to a degree.

    Look, I understand the need to prevent turnovers, but sometimes the risk of firing a ball in there like that is worth the reward. We aren’t going to win the Super Bowl, in all probability if he play a game called seeing how many FGs we can kick when we’re in the red zone, if we don’t score more points.

    I realize Wilson currently has no clout right now to play his game. You read all the comments this past week calling for his head (some from me) and he had a short leash, it would seem.

    It’ll be nice if he can string a few good games together so he can entrench himself to everyone as the starter a little more and then feel confident to try to make a play (like the one he could/should have thrown to Tate, but didn’t).

    I really hope our Marty Schottenheimer allows him to play QB in the coming weeks.

    The ID thing on the blog has really become a joke. What a sickening way to spend a Sunday when it used to be fun.

  87. blueshq says:

    There were SO many great performances by Seahawk defenders today! Even the post game radio crew is starting to seriously talk about them being the best Seahawk defense EVER!

  88. blueshq says:

    I’ve personally watched or listened to every Seahawk game since the 1st and I don’t remember a defense as complete and deep everywhere as this one.

    Wilson had his best career day and the offense was definitely improved. The refs couldn’t even ruin it for us although they tried.

  89. TomlPDX says:

    They are pretty awesome right now, Blueshq.

  90. yellaman says:

    As a fan I’ll take the win, but the hawks offense needs to find a way to score 21 pts a game. The defense has been awesome but you can’t keep expecting the defense to play at such a high level. Im not going to blame the players for the lack of offense but I will blame Carroll and Bevell that this unacceptable if we want to be a playoff team. If you look at the first 5 games our offense has scored- 13, 17 (Dallas game

  91. yellaman says:

    Finish thought…. Dallas game special team gave us 20 pts), 14 against packers, 13 against Rams and today 16. Our defense is top 5 league ranking and our offense is bottom 1/3 in the leaque. But hey a win is a win right?

  92. yellaman says:

    Dallas game spevial team gave team 10 pts typo

  93. HeinieHunter says:

    Why are people so sarcastic re Pete Carroll? He doesn’t live in a pink and fuzzy world! He hasn’t waivered once in cutting players regardless of who they are or their reputation. Mike Williams gone. TO gone, Winslow gone. There is no question that he wants to win and obviously feels that RW will get him there faster than Flynn. Personally, I think that Wilson has a far better arm.
    The point is this: Did anyone really expect to have this great young team this soon? When Mora left this team was a shambles. Now people are ready to turn on Carroll re: RW, his offensive coordinator, his team is undiciplined (penalties), etc. Cut him some slack and entertain the thought that in football he’s probably a lot smarter that anyone here.

  94. How did Mora leave the team in shambles? That was all Timmay!

  95. blueshq says:

    I bet PC will have a little extra motivation next game against a team that fired him.

  96. how long until Irvin gets national attention as a ROY candidate?

  97. I agree that Wilson held the ball a couple of times when a bolder QB might have fired the pass. But that’s what I expect from a rookie (or from an inexperienced vet like Flynn) and I expect we’ll see less of that uncertainty each week, and much less next year. We don’t have the QBs perspective to know why he didn’t see a receiver we saw from the camera angle.

    Robbie Toebeck went off on the radio the other day talking about the theory that Wilson is ‘too short’. As Toebeck said, QBs never see “over” their offensive linemen. No matter how tall they are, they see downfield in windows in between their 6’3 and 6’5 offensive linemen. No quarterback sees the whole field on every play. Seems to me that Wilson has excellent field vision, timing, and accuracy compared to most rookies I’ve watched.

    I think we should be celebrating the development of young Russell Wilson.

  98. blueshq says:

    I think PC & co. are doing a fantastic job. I didn’t expect perfection overnight. My only fear is that he might be the opposite of Holmgren and build a great defense but leave the offense to someone else who is not as great but he sticks with them because of loyalties or whatever.

  99. grizindabox24 says:

    Offense is still a liability. They can not continue to win games kicking field goals and expecting the defense to hold teams to less than 14 points every game. Also, is STTBM’s big complaint that Edwards, currently the Hawks #5 receiver, is not seeing more field time?

  100. LBCHawk says:

    An ugly win. I love it.

    I’ve been critical of the 3rd down defense but they really came through, especially late. When was the last time you saw each corner strip a ball carrier on successive defensive possessions? One ended up in a turnover and the other a hold on 3rd down AFTER THE RUNNER HAD GAINED A FIRST DOWN! Highly impressed on Browner’s and Sherman’s resolve. To top it off that smack down at the goalline to stop what appeared on TV to be a TD was just clutch. I’m liking this defense’s play more and more each week.

    Robbie Toebeck– a great Seahawk. Thanks for passing along his opinion to all us out-of-towners.

    I read someone above (I think) write that Irvin has 5.5 sacks. By my count he had 2.5 coming in and got 2 today. He has 4.5 for the season, right???

    Final thought– after alot of trash on this blog, it’s nice to see some thoughtful and energetic posts on this thread. It’ll keep me coming back. Thanks guys.

  101. Damn, JIRISH, IM pretty sure youre DICKSHIRE, and I could care less if your name is Richard or Robin and your last name is Hire or Shire or Hood or Locksley or you think youre cool cause you spent some time in Lakewood….whatever. Boring.

    Heinie–Carrol is getting heat cause he cant seem to run a team properly, and is running an offense that makes Chuck Knox seem like Air Coryell despite having a 7 mill a year WR, the toughest RB in the league, and a 7 mll a year TE. Sad. Tons of penalties and sloppy play. Its why Harbaugh, despite being a POS, is a far better coach than Carrol. Discipline. Without it, no SB, EVER.

    I like Carrol, Im just sad that he’s failing. Perhaps Gruden will get us there–if ALlen doesnt get Cancer again and sell the team.

    I know that sounds terribly grim, but damn, look at that offense…well, at least the training wheels came off. Maybe next week we’ll see them actually TRY to have an nFL offense.

    And we won. It was big. I just expected more, considering the talent on this team.

  102. SkeleTony says:

    How in the HELL does anyone think that RW has “improved” or done anything to warrant him still being the starter?! He was the same RW he has been the first four games! Missing wide open WRs for TDs, getting sacked because he held the ball too long, getting lucky that some of his passes that were tipped were still caught because of the good WRs he has…etc.

  103. blueshq says:

    Over 200 yards passing for the 1st time. Would have been close to 300 w/o the holding call. One nice td and only one int that was on him. Better 3rd down convertion rate.

  104. blueshq says:

    Compare RW’s stats with Cam’s.

  105. Well, I for one enjoyed the game. I only yelled at the TV a couple of times, but when I do it freaks out the dog so I try to keep a lid on it. It was not perfect, but we have a killer D, and RW will only get better every week. I guess I am easy to please.

  106. bbnate420 says:

    Don’t bother quoting stats to people like that, blueshq. I highly doubt they will penetrate their bubble.

  107. SkeleTony says:

    MB9, your post was absurd. Wilson threw TWO costly INTs (and probably should have had THREE if we are being honest) and 1 TD that had little to do with him (okay he did not over throw the WR…whup-de-doo) and more to do with Tate fighting for the end zone after the catch. He missed wide open receivers on half a dozen plays, some of which were easy TDs. He took at least one sack that was all HIS fault.

    He did not “outplay Newton”. Newton faced the NFC’s #1 defense (Seattle is currently #1 in the NFC and #2 overall according to ESPN at least) while RW faced one of the NFL’s worst defenses and still could not play well?!
    You can’t just dismiss honest criticism as if we all just hated RW and would make excuses if he succeeded because that is flagrantly false! Let’s see him outplay Tom Brady or even give us a Qb rated performance better than ‘8.0’ at least and see what the fans have to say. THEN you can possibly make these charges and possibly be right.

    Right now you are just talking out of your @$$.

  108. bbnate420 says:

    BTW, Harbaugh may be a better NFL coach than PC, but I see that as far from settled yet. I give Harbaugh a lot of credit, but he had a completely different situation than PC did. PC and JS had to BUILD a team. They had one of the oldest and worst teams in the NFL, and they now have one of the youngest and at least one of the best defenses. Harbaugh has done a great job with the players he already had there, but he hasn’t shown me that he can build a team yet. SF had wasted talent for a few years at least. Not to say that he hasn’t drafted some good players, a la Aldon Smith. The majority of the starters are not people Harbaugh brought in though.

  109. SkeleTony says:

    er…Qb rating better than ’80’. typo.

    bbnate420 (nice handle BTW. It is always 4:20 here),

    I don’t live in the ‘bubble’. Throwing for over 200 yards is not exactly much of an improvement. How many starting Qbs right now are boasting of having thrown for 200 yards in one game (while throwing two costly INTs that WERE his fault…let’s not pretend that his inaccurate throwing was the receiver’s fault alone).

    Honestly my hope is that RW DOES improve and gives us a great game against New England next week. Just as I have always said I believe RW has a lot of talent and potential to be great. I just wish he would play like a QB who earned a start over Flynn, rather than one who was handed that job because of wishful thinking and a few pre-season performances against second string defenses and such.
    I have NEVER hated RW or rooted against him.

  110. SkeleTony says:

    I agree with you that we have (not ME really but a lot of us) been too hard on Pete Carroll. He coached a brilliant game today and has not been terrible the first four games, save for a handful of nitpicks.

  111. bbnate420 says:

    SkeleTony, RW’s QB rating is 75. Last time I checked that is higher than 8. He also has single game QB ratings of 112.7, 99.3, and 82.3. So, your blather is far from fact. How should he have had 3 ints? The 2nd one wasn’t even his fault. Lynch had it in both of his hands and then bobbled it. Try watching the game next time. And yes, he had nothing to do with the Tate TD. Okay. So I guess when a pass of his goes for a good play, i.e. the Tate TD, it has nothing to do with him but if a pass is bobbled for an int or supposedly he should’ve had another int according to you, even though it didn’t actually happen, then he gets credit for those. That’s very fair and intelligent. I guess he had nothing to do with the beautiful deep pass to Tate as well? There are legitimate criticisms to be made about RW, but it seems like the ones YOU use are pulled out of YOUR a#$!

  112. montanamike2 says:

    I see any road win as a positive step. There were 2 refs pulling the players apapart when Steve Smith threw Sherman to the ground and no flag?
    Breno is pissing me off! I was just telling my friend that the guy Frank Om something played really well when Okung was injured. Then just like that he got the call and the penalties stopped. He’s personally cost us 2 probable games and Lynch about 100 yards this season. We have to make a choice or see if he finally gets it.
    2 reasons i’m happy: once again that goal line stand and Browner doing his thing. I won’t judge RW until Moffitt comes back for a game or two.
    When he had time to throw other than that pick 6 he looked good.
    The second half of our schedule favors us and we are a different team at home. It looked like a lackluster game but it was a desperate team playing hard and our defense carried us again, you could say our D won this game.

  113. I thought Wilson played better today and it was good to see. He’s got a ways to go, but he’s a youngster with potential and I like that.

    However, it’s pretty naive, IMO, to compare the stats of Newton to Wilson in this game. One player went against a pretty ordinary defense and the other went against a great defense. It’s really not that hard to figure out who was in better position to be successful, is it?

  114. bbnate420 says:

    SkeleTony, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on RW. I keep his play in the context of him being a rookie. If it was TJack playing the same way I would be more critical. I have seen improvement and think he will continue to do so. Time will tell. The Lynch throw was behind him, but if you watched the replay you would’ve seen that Lynch had both hands around it and then lost control of the ball. He is an NFL player. That is his fault. You have to help your QB sometimes. Not that I am criticizing Lynch as a player. He is our best offensive player right now without a doubt IMO.

    BTW, I don’t really smoke anymore but, it’s an easy handle for me to remember. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with smoking. Just don’t have the time to much anymore.

  115. boisehawk says:

    Did anyone else notice the terrible officiating today? Missed calls, phantom calls, absolutely deplorable. I don’t think the ‘real’ officials were any better today than the replacements would have been so where is the media outrage now?

    One thing is for sure, you can tell the ‘regular’ officials are truly back since the bad calls always went against our team (just like in the past) instead of the couple that were for our team with the replacements.

    Oh well, great win on the road and at least these games keep me yelling at the screen for the entire game!!!

  116. SkeleTony says:

    Um…people, can we stop saying dumb crap like “RW beat (_some other QB of a team we faced)!”. QBs do not play each other and they do not play against the same defenses that the opposing QBs play against. Just because our defense beats an opposing team into submission does not = “RW beat the other QB!”.

  117. bbnate420 says:

    Sorry for the prior vitriol, SkeleTony. I totally agree with your assessment of him, but at least you’re not rooting for his failure loike some others on here.

  118. bbnate420 says:

    *don’t agree

  119. PugetHawk says:

    I like Carpenter at LG. Really liked the offensive game plan this week. Even though we didn’t score a bunch of points, we did drastically improve from the Rams game.
    Wilson is getting better. Extremely accurate and patient. The one consistent part of the team this year, other than the play of the defense, is the stupid penalties. Its embarrassing. Only the Steelers have more penalties than we do. Needs to stop ASAP.

    Overall, good win. Pretty happy and also optimistic that we will put up more than 24 points against the Pats next weekend.

  120. LeePHilI says:

    Wilson is too short for Seattle to win this game.

    Uh oh…..they won.

  121. SkeleTony says:

    bbnate420, fair enough (on your last post where you seemed to have realized your previous post was irrational and wrong) but if a QB throws a pass behind his receiver and that receiver is not able to pull off a miracle catch saving the day, that does not mean we blame the receiver (RB in this case). If RW was accurate it would not have been an INT (at least not one we could blame RW for).

    My mention of him not deserving all the credit you guys are trying to give him for the one TD is because if a QB throws a 10-15 yard pass that turns into a longer TD wherein the receiver fights threw three tacklers to score, the best we can say is that the QB was accurate on that pass. I am glad he was accurate that time. I just wish he could be more accurate.

    And are you counting his pre-season QB ratings in your list of stats?! Because according to every sports writer or broadcaster I have read or heard from RW is still ranked in teh bottom third of the league and I do not see how that is possible if he has somehow had 112 QB ratings while playing so poorly.

    Also, I took the time to correct my own typo and you STILL tried to put words in my mouth?! ’80’, as I said would be a sign of improvement. Not ‘8.0’.

  122. SkeleTony says:

    bbnate420, Sorry too about my own response as I was reading posts from most recent to older (bottom to top) so that was why my reply may seem a bit angry.

  123. PHXHawk says:

    BobbyK-the first thing that comes to mind about Mora is his throwing players under the bus.

  124. PHXHawk says:

    Regarding the white uniforms, I recall a team saying that it kept their players cooler than the visitors, and that it was also more colorful for the fans to watch different uniforms each week.

  125. IBGoofy says:

    My game ball goes to Marshawn Lynch….. If I can give away more than one, add the the total defense….

  126. bbnate420 says:

    SkeleTony, I didn’t say that I was wrong, but just that I could’ve stated it more nicely. Although it was in response to a post where you said someone was talking out of their a$%, so I’m not sure you can expect absolute civility. I still put that int on Lynch. I don’t think he had to make a miracle catch. Not even close. He had both hands AROUND the ball and then lost control. Looks like he lost it when he was trying to put it away. The int against GB that didn’t stand because of the roughing the passer call would’ve been RW’s fault. He threw it behind Moore and he could only he one hand to it. Not the same situation at all with the pass to Lynch.

    And I put in the 80+ QB ratings because I thought that could have possibly been a typo. Just look up RW’s stats on ESPN. Go to game logs. 112.7 rating vs Dallas. 99.3 rating versus GB. 82.3 rating today. Just the facts. He has a 75 rating for the year. Not bad for a rookie after 5 games IMO.

  127. bbnate420 says:

    RW is 26th out of 34 QB’s as far as rating goes. He is ahead of Weeden and Tannehill. He is ahead of Hasselbeck and less than 2 points behind Luck. Luck is throwing for a lot more yards, but he is also throwing the ball 19 more times a game and his completion % is 9 points lower.

  128. bbnate420 says:

    My point isn’t that RW is better than Luck, just that their numbers are pretty comparable thus far.

  129. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    skeletony, no need to be offensive when your posting . just shows ignorance to insult other opinions.

  130. SkeleTony says:

    Fair enough bbnate420 and I must concede that I was not taking into account the plays that were negated by stupid penalties (which could have brought RW up to nearly 300 yards passing maybe). I think you are underestimating how difficult it is to make a catch when the ball is thrown behind a player. Getting his hands on it does not at all mean he should have caught the ball! It would be different if he were running across and not at top speed but trying to reach backwards…it is not hard to get a hand or two on the ball but catching such a pass is a whole other matter.

    However, it seems I AM being a little too hard on RW here. I still think we would have been better off starting Flynn but let’s see what RW does against NE next week and perhaps he will prove all critics wrong.

  131. mojjonation says:

    I have to say both of those picks are on Wilson. They were both thrown behind the rcvrs.

    Our underneath coverage by the LB’s is probably the weakest link. Wagner being a rookie can run himself out of plays but gets himself back in just as quick. Written beat him a handful of times until he got clowned and started to hear footsteps. A few adjustments and the game slowing down for Wagner and he will be fine.

    How many times did Steve Smith do something to Sherman before he got flagged? Friggin ridiculous. Smith got owned and it showed.

    2 picks and Wilson still hits 75% of his throws. Good God. Lord help the rest of the league when we get a complete offense and the D can pin its ears back.

  132. SkeleTony says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma, it does not show ignorance to “insult other opinions” (not entirely sure what you meant to say with that but…). I only countered the mass of insulting posts and flagrant personal attacks being directed at anyone who was not overly enthusiastic about RW’s play. Look at the posts of those on your side of this debate here then try to say that I am the one being “offensive”. You make it sound like I came here and said “Ha! You Ruskel Willis FaNs R teh DUM!” and left or something.

  133. SkeleTony says:

    Mojonation, excellent post! I agree with you 100% on that.

  134. mojjonation says:

    Drew Brees has had the most passes batted at the line of scrimmage since 2007. Drew Breeze is 6’0″. Drew Brees has the single season yardage record. Drew Breeze has thrown a TD in 48 straight games. World… meet Russel Wilson. Quite possibly the next Drew Breeze.

  135. This defense is really good. They have now gone two games without allowing an offensive touchdown. However, this offense has only scored more than 20 points in one of the five games played. You can only rely on your defense so much (no matter how good it is). Hawks will need a more complete offensive game to beat New England next week. Red zone conversions would be a good start.

  136. tdogg75 pretty much summarized what I think.

    MoSeahawk12. “LAMEoN”- creative. How’s 8th grade going this year? Wow good point about the Panthers defense being one of the best in the league.

    18.4 pts/gm (26th)
    337.0 yds/gm (22nd)
    223 pass yds/gm (21st)
    114 rush yds/hm (14th)

    Good call on a top offense.

  137. bbnate420 says:

    You have to look at the stats going into the week, not the stats after the Hawks defense handed their asses to them, genius!

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