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Morning links: Hawks-Panthers preview

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 6, 2012 at 9:49 am with 18 Comments »
October 6, 2012 9:50 am

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports previews the Seahawks-Panthers upcoming contest on Sunday. Kirwan said he talked with Seattle head coach Pete Carroll this week, and that defensively the Seahawks are concerned about Cam Newton and his ability to run the Wildcat offense, along with his ability to pull the ball out on play-action and throw deep.

Kirwan also says that Carroll would like Russell Wilson to play with the efficiency of San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith. Kirwan likes Carolina in a close game, 2-16. Check out the video below.

Derek Stephens of ranks Seattle’s rookie class after four weeks, and has quarterback Russell Wilson at the top of the list. Stephens: “The pre-throw decision-making process and information-deciphering are what he needs to gain consistency in, and everything else will fall into place. Considering these criteria, Wilson’s progressions have become more rapid, and his reaction to pressure has become more positive in terms of sliding and keeping his eyes down field. The rest should fall into place if he’s given the time necessary to fully acclimate.”

NFL playbook previews the Seahawks-Panthers game in this video link.

Brian Burke, writing for The New York times Fifth Down Blog, gives Seattle a 21 percent win chance at Carolina. That’s the least amount of any team this week.

ESPN’s Mike Sando notes if Seattle can beat Carolina on Sunday, it will be the first time all four teams in the NFC West are over the .500 through Week 5 since the NFL realigned into eight four-team divisions in 2002

Mike Freeman is the only CBS Sports expert picking Seattle this week.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that the Seahawks’ defense went back to school to prepare for Cam Newton and the read option.

Doug Kretz of Scouts Inc. believes one of the key issues for Seattle when they take on Carolina is eliminating the mental mistakes and pre-snap penalties. He likes the Seahawks over the Panthers 21-20. You have to be a ESPN Insider to view this.

Bill Simmons of Grantland continues with his man crush on Russell Wilson, picking Seattle again this week.

Clare Farnsworth of profiles reserve safeties Chris Maragos and Jeron Johnson. The duo’s patience has paid off, with both seeing more playing time this season.

Golden Tate’s debatable, game-winning catch against Green Bay receives a couple votes for best play of the year so far by this group of CBS Sports football experts, but for dubious reasons. Josh Katzowitz: “The Hail Mary at the end of the Seahawks-Packers game that gave Seattle an undeserved victory. Not so much because it basically ended the lockout, but because it’s rare for the Twitter community to all come together at midnight to make jokes and express outrage at the same time. It was like hanging out in a sports bar that stretched all the way across the country.”

Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer writes that defensive starters linebacker Jon Beason and cornerback Chris Gamble are doubtful for the Panthers.

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  1. copy/paste from a few minutes ago:

    Here’s something I just thought of that may have been written here before, but if it has, I don’t necessarily remember it (although some of you may).

    I was thinking this with respect to how some of the blog has turned ugly with the passionate QB debate.

    1. Lets say Wilson plays well tomorrow. Great.

    2. Wilson plays like he has been. By going with Flynn next week, we could accomplish two things. One, we could see Flynn and if he’d actually be better. If he is better, great, then we can perhaps do some damage in the play-offs.

    If he’s not, Wilson could ride the pine and get ready for his next chance. When he does get his chance again, we won’t have to hear about how “Flynn should play” because we will have already seen him.

    Remember last year when all the Whitehurst chats were rampant? Well, after he actually played, they stopped b/c of how bad he sucked. If Flynn doesn’t impress in a few starts, you could go back to Wilson and then ride him out without the worry of fans chanting for Flynn.

    I look at that scenario as win-win. We’d either add a much better QB or if he’s not better, I don’t think any damage would have been done to Wilson by having him sit for a few starts. If anything, it’d make it easier on him when he plays again since he wouldn’t have to worry about people calling for the back-up.

  2. all good, Bobby, if the concern is whether bloggers continue to whine or not. But I’m pretty certain Coach Carroll doesn’t “worry about people calling for the back-up”. I’m pretty certain he couldn’t care less. The opinions he’s concerned about are from people who have coached in the NFL for 5 or 10 years. People he’s hired to do the job. QB Coach Smith has been coaching in the NFL for 22 years. You know he’s not looking for advice from fans. lol.

  3. “I don’t think any damage would have been done to Wilson by having him sit for a few starts”

    So you could start Portis? Or the QB with elbow tendinitis?

  4. What a joke.

  5. Why even bother?

  6. FleaFlicker says:

    Good points, BobbyK. If RW can’t make the next step at this point in time, calling Flynn’s number is not going to be the end of our season. Or the end of RW’s career.

    I’ll confess to being one of the people who wanted to see Charlie last year. When you’re frustrated and seeing bad performance, it’s natural to bang the drum for somebody, ANYBODY else to start taking snaps. But sure enough, Charlie got the nod, and we all got what we asked for. Still feel a visceral pain when I think about that Cleveland game.

    So my point: taking a look at Flynn is worthwhile if RW is still struggling. But we’ve also got to accept the possibility of Flynn being equal to or worse than RW. No guarantees on this league.

    Regardless, hoping that this is RW’s breakout game. More than hoping. I’m actually starting him in my fantasy league to show some solidarity. Now I just need RW to throw for 200 yds, two TDs, and a rushing score! A guy can dream, right? ;-)

  7. just giving you a rash, bobby! lol!

    If Wilson crashes and burns tomorrow, then Flynn starts next week most likely. If Wilson wins big tomorrow, Flynn’s likely heads to career-backup status. This game has big implications.

  8. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bobby, just looking for clarification. so we try flynn {which i am ok with} and he tanks. it sounds like you would rather continue to sit wilson rather than put him back in to continue his development? i have asked the what if flynn tanks several times with no answer. understand i am not thinking flynn would tank but if he did don’t you think giving wilson the additional game play might help him more than riding the pine?

  9. *Meant to say If Wilson wins big tomorrow, Flynn’s *career* heads toward permanent career-backup status.

  10. DreadHawks says:

    I’m a Flynn guy myself. No knock on RW, I bought into the hype. My wife warned me and so far she was right. She knows her football. My problem with things as they sit are how long do we go before it becomes critical? Personally as I watch the games I see a rookie at QB. He doesn’t look confident (to me), and wheteher or not by design he hasn’t audibled but once that I saw and the opposing D’s know this. I think RW will be better served learning behind a guy that has he himself done just that. Just my opinion folks! There is alot to like about RW but I just think we are rushing him. Part of the blame goes to coach, he needs to open up the playbook. We are already a quarter of the way through the season and we are in last place in our division. With the play of our division up to this point that isn’t good. Gotta turn the corner and fast. 12 games left…..we shall see. Sorry bout the long post….Cheers!

  11. FleaFlicker says:

    If Flynn tanks, then he tanks. We take our lumps. RW learns on the bench for a few weeks and then he gets back on the horse.

    With two promising, but unproven QBs on the roster, very low chances of a clear-cut answer before the end of the season.

    Have to keep the faith and trust in this team to grow along the way.

    Good point made over on the FieldGulls this week: recent Super Bowl winners have NOT been early favorites to go the distance.

  12. I don’t think Flynn would tank either…he might not be a Drew Brees or an Aaron Rodgers but we really don’t know that yet. He played in 2 NFL games and lit it up. Tells me he has the ability so when I think of him I don’t think he will screw up. He’ll get his chance and he better make the most of it when he does…and I’ll be cheering him on.

    Right now RW is our QB and I hope Pete let’s him play his game to his fullest potential. He’s learning to stick in the pocket which is good and he has definitely become more patient about it but there is still a time when you need to get going…Pete has him thinking too much about sticking. RW has said and shown that he is always looking downfield to get rid of the ball. Let him play his game!

    While I’m at it, I want Butler back too! :-)

  13. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Tom, never thought we should have cut butler

  14. yakimahawk says:

    I will say this again. If we are down @ halftime with the same inept passing game Flynn will start in the second half.

  15. SaigonSun says:

    If we lose this season due to bad qb play, than we have to look for a real qb in the next draft.
    I usually don’t watch college ball but a couple weeks ago I was forced to watch a So. Car. Vs Mizzou game. I was totally blown away by this Gamecocks qb : Connor Shaw. What a kid: 6’6,
    scrambles well, good speed, cannon of an arm.You named it, this kid can do it. Because of him, I also watched the game against Kentucky last week.
    Today, and the next two games will prove what he is made off (Georgia, Lsu, Florida). So far I’d like him in Seahawks uniform. Gamecocks also have a promising D E , 6’6″ tall kid named Clowney.
    Check them out if you can.

  16. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    If we don’t make the playoffs because Pete is too stubborn to bench his undersized and overmatched joke of a QB, I hope he gets fired. This incompetence is inexcusable.

  17. Flip flopping between Flynn and RW, and then back again if Flynn is no better than RW sounds like what we did in preseason, which was a mistake, IMO. I can go with either QB because I have some faith that PC knows what he is doing, but I am not in favor of switching horses in mid stream unless you are 100% certain it will be a permanent switch and you know for a fact it will be best for the season.

  18. @ hawkfaninoklahoma By leaving Wilson in and he continues to struggle, you run the risk of ruining his confidence. It’s just week 4 and players like Rice are already throwing out comments about not being able to score is a joke. If Rice was directing that at Wilson or the whole offense can be debated, but if you are Wilson, it has to sting a bit to hear that.

    A lot of people around here seem to assume that EVERYONE who thought Flynn should have started the season is anti-Wilson, which isn’t the case. Only a small handful of people are anti-Wilson.

    I’m not in favor of starting a rookie at quarterback, especially on a team that many had finishing 1st or 2nd in the division and in the playoffs.

    Wilson isn’t as far along in development as any of the other rookie QB’s, not to mention none of them have the pressures of playing for a possible playoff team.

    The one article that broke down Wilson’s inexperience in reading defenses and locating open receivers was spot on. While many say, “he’s just a rookie, cut him some slack”, I am. I’m not “blaming” him for those mistakes, that falls directly on the coaching staff.

    Flynn on the other hand lead his team to a national championship on a team built exactly like Carroll is building the Seahawks…defense, running game and solid passing.

    I read one comment on anther thread about Flynn “sucking” because he couldn’t “beat” J Russell at LSU. That person don’t know that they are talking about. Flynn had NO opportunity to “win” the job and many LSU fans were calling for Flynn to start.

    Les Miles is hard headed, look at the LSU/Alabama NC game. He refused to start Lee over Jefferson and even bench 4 players for having a player/coaches meeting asking him to play Lee. Because of that, he used the “mobile” QB, Jefferson, and watch the whole game where they couldn’t complete a pass.

    That person also said Flynn “sucked” because his old OC in Miami didn’t sign him. They went after Flynn and offered him a contract, Seattle just offered more money. Why didn’t Miami offer more? Ask the GM. Teams do run on a budget and Miami has never been known for throwing money around. Miami’s coach even said he was disappoint he couldn’t get Flynn signed.

    Flynn had 4 years to learn behind Rogers, get a feel for the speed of the game and learn to read defenses. He is quick/athletic enough to scramble and can make accurate passes. Why people argue arm strength confuses me. Since when did Carroll call a game where his quarterback was throwing the ball 40+ yards throughout the game?

    I get that Russell is faster but I would rather have my QB throwing for 1st downs rather than running for them.

    I get that Russell has a stronger arm but I would rather have a QB who can routinely hit a receiver in stride 10-15 yards down the field than one that is better at throwing up a hail mary or hasn’t gotten up to speed on checking down to other receivers.

    Would Flynn be better? I can’t 100% answer that, no one can, but I believe is has several advantages over Wilson right now.

    Will Wilson be better than Flynn over time? I can’t answer that either but I think he has a better chance by learning before playing.

    As far as this whole scaling down the playbook nonsense. If your playbook requires years and years of learning to master then maybe your playbook is the problem and not the players?

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