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Hawks ready for Carolina trip

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Oct. 5, 2012 at 1:46 pm with 60 Comments »
October 5, 2012 1:46 pm

News to come out of Friday’s practice included the return to action of Brandon Mebane (calf) and Marcus Trufant (back). Coach Pete Carroll said that Mebane is back to health and is counted on for the Carolina game, but Trufant will be a game-day decision.

The Seahawks are leaving Friday afternoon, which has been Carroll’s approach to East Coast games. “We’ve done it before; it’s a good thing for us at this time, go out, get together as a team, be together an extra day on this trip, we’ve had some success with it before so we’ll kick back into that mode.”

This game is a bit different as it’s an East Coast game that starts at 4 p.m. in Carolina. “The guys aren’t rushed to get up in the morning, so that is nice,” Carroll said.

Carroll was impressed by the Rams’ Thursday night win over Arizona. “Our division is really tough the defense being played by all four teams is obvious. Everybody’s getting after it, everybody’s got a pass rush, everybody can make things happen and you can see teams  win it on defense. That was a n incredible defensive effort last night on both sides. The way the Niners play and the way we’re trying to play, I think it’s a big statement. We certainly aren’t like we were a couple years ago.”

On the topic of Mebane’s return, Carroll addressed his impact on the Seahawks’ No. 2-ranked defense. “He’s really played well, he came to camp in great shape and just seems to be quicker than ever, more effective; he’s been all over the place, in the backfield causing problems, he’s already got a couple sacks which is a big improvement for him, but more importantly he’s a big, big factor in the running game because he’s so quick, so tough and can play the whole game and you don’t have to rest him at all, so that’s an improvement than in the past.

Carolina quarterback Cam Newton presents defenses unusual problems, Carroll said. “We had a challenging week preparing on the defensive side of the ball for this offense. But each day we accomplished the objectives  and got things done and took our steps; it was a really well-orchestrated plan to get through it.” Carroll used athletic third-team quarterback Josh Portis as scout-team quarterback to try to replicate the challenges Newton faces as big and nimble athlete.

As for the Seahawks’ offense, Carroll said rookie quarterback Russell Wilson threw the ball really well all week long.

A point of emphasis all week has been third-down efficiency. The Hawks are 27th in the NFL in offense on third downs, and 24th on defense on third downs. “We made it very competitive,” Carroll said. “We went ones against ones as much as you could just to make it fast and quick and as challenging as we could. I thought we were quicker with the football and very decisive, we’ll see if that carries over, but we had a very strong week in terms of emphasis there.”

Of the Seahawks’ progress one-fourth of the way through the season, Carroll is not satisfied with the 2-2 record. “My thought was, coming out 2-2, we didn’t make the kind of progress we wanted to make; we’d like to be ahead of that right now, we couldn’t have gotten any closer in our games. We were in every game, our defense and our running game can keep us with a formidable chance with anybody we play with, we hope, but we weren’t able to get it done at finish time when we had to in a couple games, and that’s it.”

Still, he sees progress. “We’re better than we were a year ago in those areas, now we need to see some winning results and just cap off those drives. I think we’re close to being really good and we’ll see if we can make a turn here. We stand to really improve during the season, if we stay together and keep working at it, we stand to get better because we’re so young. We saw great improvement last year, so I think we’re well ahead of where we were, in terms of style of play, our execution is better, the physical nature of our team is better, we hope that translates into more wins as we go into the second quarter of the season.

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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    Thanks, Dave. Now that’s what I call a Friday update!

    The Panthers will probably be the first team to score more than 20 pts on us this year. Thinking we have to loosen the reins on RW to make up the difference.

    Let’s go!

  2. Flea flicker – just out of curiosity. Why do you think they will score more than 20 points?

  3. sluggo42 says:

    THey need to start Flynn this game!

  4. sluggo42 says:

    there, see how stoopid that looks?

  5. sluggo42 says:

    Very glad to hear Mebane is good to go, dude is a stud. I don’t think Tru’s absence will hurt as much as Mebane being gone.

  6. FleaFlicker says:

    JIRISH: just a hunch really. The explosive play thing. Like Newton pulling off a scoring rush on a 3rd and 17 wouldn’t totally surprise me. It’s an offense oriented team, but then again, so was Green Bay.

    Hopefully I’m wrong and it’s a 2-0 Seahawks win!!

  7. DICKSHIRE says:

    I like the idea of leaving Friday and the 100 PT start time. I don’t know if it will help but certainly won’t hurt.STTBM what do you think about KJ spying C NEWTON?

  8. jchawks08 says:

    Yea, I don’t see Carolina scoring 20. I think Mebane might be the best player on the team. It’s been a LONG time since we’ve had an interior D lineman get that kind of consistent penetration. He lived in the backfield. And really has all season long. Would love to see some pass-rush this weekend. Some Kam on Cam violence would be nice. All in all, should be a good game.

  9. Ya -good point, it is definitely a possible scenario. They have a strong run game as well.I just hope we can get off the field on 3rd down. That should help significantly. I know I have said this repeatedly already but we have to wrap up and gang tackle the crap out of Cam Newton! Let him know what’s it like to get hit by a SEATTLE SEAHAWK!

  10. Hey thick rich. Your not thick rich greendog from the days in southbend r u? I know your wifes from Seattle ? Shot in the dark?

  11. ThickRich says:

    Yeah man it’s me. i was wondering if you would recogonize how i used to bust your balls.It’s been too long. Well have to catch up soon. Go Hawks

  12. Wow call jimmy.he knows

  13. After seeing Wilson in an interview, I’m definitely in support of him as a person, he’s humble and stays level-headed throughout both winning and losing streaks. That being said, he needs to show more passion and tell Bevell/Carroll/Cable to pound salt, and just open up the offense and see how it goes. Turning the ball over 2 times per game on 16 attempts or 26 attempts is still 2 turnovers, you’re just further down the field and have better shots at scoring with more yardage, if that makes sense.

  14. Mebane needs to keep it up. Push that pocket into the QBs face and suddenly our speed on the edge – at DE and LB – will become a big problem for Cam Newton.

    We really need Baldwin to pull it together and overcome his injuries this week. He takes the pressure off Rice on third down and we need both those guys playing off one another. Tate is no replacement for what Baldwin brings.

    And I am actually pretty damn excited about seeing how Russell Wilson performs with his back is to the wall. He knows needs a big game to prove himself or he might not start against New England. Good – because this kid has usually performed big-time when he had to. He’s young, but its time, Russell. Its time.

  15. “After seeing Wilson in an interview, I’m definitely in support of him as a person, he’s humble and stays level-headed throughout both winning and losing streaks. That being said, he needs to show more passion and tell Bevell/Carroll/Cable to pound salt, and just open up the offense and see how it goes. Turning the ball over 2 times per game on 16 attempts or 26 attempts is still 2 turnovers, you’re just further down the field and have better shots at scoring with more yardage, if that makes sense.”

    What, are you going soft on us now Radeon? :)

  16. I am super impressed with Wilson with respect to all I’ve heard of him as a good, genuine person. I love his interviews and it makes this fan proud to see the face of our franchise portrayed in the positive manner in which he represents the team. It beats the Jackson year where that guy could barely spit out a complete sentence (much less an intelligent sentence). However, we need some production on the football field and the sooner, the better.

  17. For all the dumping on rookie Russell Wilson, and all the hype over 2nd year pro Cam Newton, here are their stat lines after 4 games:

    Wilson: 4 TD, 4 INT, 8 sacks, cmp 60%, yds/att 5.9, rush yds 80

    Newton: 4 TD, 5 INT, 9 sacks, cmp 64%, yds/att 9.5, rush yds 167

    Obviously, our D needs to take away Newton’s ability to run. If they can, I smell some INTs coming to our DBs on Sunday.

  18. Skavage says:

    Bold prediciton: Wilson throws 19 of 26 for 214 yards and two touchdowns. Lynch runs for 108 yards on 22 carries and Turbin gets another 60 yards on 8 carries and adds a touchdown off one of Wilson’s passes. Defense creates three turnovers and ST’s consistnently wins the field position game for us. Final score Seahawks 27, Carolina 19.

  19. The thing that has bought Newton some clout is the fact that the had a great rookie year where he averaged over 250 yards per game.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Skavage- I agree with your prediction. We have been playing some of the better defenses in the NFL in the first four games. With Newton we have a good chance to get 3 turnovers.

  21. I could be mistaken but 3 of those 4 picks were not wily’s fault. 2 caused by Douglas and one the tightend slipped. He really has shown that he protects the ball. Stevos / I’m with ya on the picks I think this might be a good week For turnovers. That 250 yd game average for cam is interesting I didn’t realize that was his numbers as a rookie

  22. Hey radeOn thanks for that interview. He sure does look and act the part! And hopefully realsoon he will be playing the part! I think it is going to happen

  23. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    You guys are blinded more by Wilson’s personality than his actual talent level.

  24. VNHLNFAN says:

    Carolina will be lucky to score let alone get first downs. Newton will get beat up in this game for sure.

  25. skavage, if that’s the case (with the turnovers), and they only win by 8, then this team is doing something horrendously wrong.

    and ACIB, I still think he’s an awful quarterback, and I think he should be benched, but her certainly has the attitude to succeed. I guess I’d be humble after spiking the ball with 0 seconds left in the rose bowl, as well.

  26. btcavalier says:


    You can think that about TJax not being able to speak like a scholar, but keep that borderline racist talk to yourself man.

  27. Kam Chancellor laying hat on Cam Newton would be great, and the spy/rover thing would be a cool wrinkle to see in action. I dont know if Bradley will go for it though, esp considering Tru is gimpy/hurt/ineffective and that means nickel back is gonna be Maxwell or Gorrer, and THAT means they are gonna need help from the SS, which means unless we trust Jeron Johnson to be assignment correct all day long, we need Chancellor at trad SS too much to mess with his assignment too much…

    Whats up with Winston Guy?!

    What the Hawks have to do is to stay aggressive, while retaining gap integrity; everyone has to trust their neighbor, and do their own jobs without trying to be too flashy. They need to have an aggressive mentality on third down, by blitzing LB’s, yet keep two safeties back to ensure the middle isnt open…


  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    DISCIPLINED FOOTBALL!- That would be a pleasant surprise! The only thing keeping us from leading the NFC West,imo.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Used to be a good blog in the city”
    “when Sando was the man every night and day”
    “And I never lost one minute of sleeping”
    “Worrying ’bout the way things might have been”

    “Now this blog is kind of hurting”
    “Why it is I’m almost certain”

    “trolling, trolling, trolling on the tribune.”

    “Eric used to be in Memphis”
    “He had big shoes to fill when he came this way”
    “But I never saw any reason to not like him”
    “Eric has his own way to make this blog great”

    “Some bloggers here keep on hurtin”
    “this blog and that’s for certain”

    “Trolling, Trolling, Trolling on the Tribune.”

    “Trolling, Trolling, Trolling on the Tribune.”

    “If you come down to the Tribune”
    “Bet you gonna find some people who Troll”
    “You don’t have to worry ’cause they have no power”
    “People on the tribune will call them out soon.”

    “This blog is kind of hurtin”
    “Why it is I’m almost certain”
    “Trolling, trolling, trolling on the Tribune”

    “Trolling, trolling, trolling on the Tribune”
    “Trolling, trolling, trolling on the Tribune”
    “Trolling, trolling, trolling on the Tribune.”

  30. ThickRich says:

    Wow nice song bro. NOT. I love the term trolling it cracks me up. Devils advocate time- Wilson would have had a pick that would have hurt big time in the MNF game but it got called back on a terrible roughing call. I love his makeup but Pete’s handling of training camp cost this offense big time.

  31. I don’t see any racism in Bobby k s comment. Looks like to me just a man speaking his mind! Any way u cut it t jack just didn’t make the grade! Nice guy, good teamate but when it was 3 and 4 he would get us 3.He always gave it his all but itjust didn’t cut the mustard.I’ve known bobby strictly from his posts for awhile now and racist he is not!in fact I think I even called him that once and later apologized. What he really is a man who could not stand T jack as a player and I certainly can understand that I’ve felt the same way about Jerry rice for years but that’s another story.hey greendog get the hell off this blog.I’m starting to think u have had one to many shots to the head as well! In fact I know you have:—-)

  32. tacomahawk73 says:

    How was that comment remotely racist? A person can be any color of the rainbow and come off as unintelligent (see: Honey Boo Boo child). One reason I have high hopes about RW has nothing to do with his personality and everything to do with his intelligence. He did score 28 on the Wonderlic after all…not too shabby.

  33. tacomahawk73 says:

    …and since I’m sure it’s coming, Matt Flynn scored a 38. Who knows, maybe in a few weeks I’ll jump on the Flynn rhymes with win wagon, but I have a feeling Wilson might just have something for the haters.

  34. I went back and reviewed the comments from the blog starting on Monday.WOW there are some benidict Arnold mother fo’s in this town! It’s embarrassing. I’ll never forget this week.alot of people through this team under the bus and drove right over them and then popped it in reverse and did it again! For all those people who don’t care for me good news for you I’m out I’m done! This blog to me was just for fun this week it got personal. You don’t throw your team under the bus when your 2/2 THAT IS GUTLESS!what kind of fans r u? All I know is I hope we all learned something this week! I know I did.I learned that the SEAHAWK FANS have more work to do in the getting better department than the players do!Be strong, be proud and most of all be proud to be the 12 th man! It’s an HONOR and A privilege not a right! DICKSHIRE I LOVE UOU BROTHER!!thank you

  35. Ewalters7354 says:

    irish,last time I checked this was a public forum.So if I wanna get on here and talk the hawks down about a terrible showing I have the right.So what kind of fan are you?Because last time I checked you haven’t been a faithful on this blog to call people out.But nothing is being said because of the simple fact you are a troll.Just saying

    Also,I’m starting to think you and dickshire are the same person…

  36. Thank god I have an east coast IP so I’m not in consideration for who dickshire, jirish, etc are. This behavior is not only unfunny, its not hurting anyone’s feelings, and I’m just skimming and skipping every time I see a post.

    Also, Georgiahawk, your songs aren’t funny, either.

  37. DFloydd says:

    WOW…..just WOW…..This blog is BAD now….hard to even read it. But I guess I am just as guilty because I am reading it. I guess it’s the “watching a car crash” analogy. I rarely post because I don’t feel I have a lot of knowledge which is why I came here in the first place a few years ago. To learn more about football as most blogs I visited in the past were just as bad or worse as this one has become. I am a huge football fan but didn’t know much about specifics. Hell, I didn’t even know what a Will, Mike & Sam were as far as LBs are concerned and I have learned alot but now it is just ridiculous. Gotta wade through a whole lot of B.S. just to gather some knowledge by fellow football fans. Even in 2009 when the Hawks were terrible it wasn’t as horrible to read this blog as it is now. What is amasing is that it only took about 6 days for it to take a turn for the worst. And yeah, yeah, I know…Public forum. Free speech, etc., If I don’t like it I can go elsewhere.,….which is what I will do until this blog returns to an enjoyable read of intelligent debates and learning about football. Now it is like I’ve been transported to an Eagles or Cowboys blog. Very sad…..

  38. DFloydd says:


  39. montanamike2 says:

    This blog is what we make it.
    Another win will probably turn things around.

  40. chuck_easton says:

    As I’m not exactly Captain Positive right now I’m sitting on my hands.

    Doesn’t mean I won’t be cheering for the team tomorrow, but my hope meter isn’t where I’d like it.

    That’s what we are seeing around here. It’s happened every season over the last few years. Once offseason is here we will get back to talking football. The team needs to put three or so wins in a row together to cause any significant change in the mood

    Right now everyone is upset and is looking for someone to blame or to fight with.

  41. montanamike2 says:

    Agreed Chuck.

  42. montanamike2 says:

    I was so depressed last week after the loss it took me 3-4 days to slightly recover, if it was a blowout i would have handled it better but these close losses over bone headed penalties are killing me.

  43. Chuck–Exactly. Pretty hard to be positive about everything when the line is still broken, and the whole offense is too. Venting frustration about the Hawks doesnt make us non-fans or traitors, just as being Pollyanna Positive in these dark times doesnt make you a SuperFan (just blind fool).

    But the personal attacks and namecalling are unnecessary and detrimental.

    Sad thing is, I bet dollars to donuts if we all got together to drink beer, we’d all get along and have a great time. I bet most people’s personalities are quite different from their comment personalities; Like me for instance–Im actually a pretty positive person, I just am a little too passionate about the Seahawks and I tend to get out there a bit when analyzing them. And so when they stink, I come off as Angry Man or whatever…

    And folks, JIRISH IS Dickhshire, for certain. And um,…I called it! ;p

    I like reading almost all the commenters here, even RADEon, who has taken over where the Nighthawk clan left off–except when it gets too personal. We all have a lot invested in our fanhood for the Hawks, we shouldnt bash each other or make labels or set rules for how to be a fan.

    Just my two cents.

  44. “We all have a lot invested in our fanhood for the Hawks, we shouldnt bash each other or make labels or set rules for how to be a fan.”


    I guess the only “rule” I can think of is tolerance if someone has an opinion (as long as they back it up with reasons) that is different than our own. Spirited debate is one thing, 4-year old character attacks is another.

  45. Chuck, absolulely true, but you KNEW – just like the rest of us long-time fans – that this year was going to be a slow crawl while developing a QB. I’m still amazed that anybody is surprised by this, and I don’t think you of all people should sound so surprised.

    Obviously Wilson will be a better QB late in his rookie season than early in his rookie season, obviously a QBs second year is when you start looking for them to become a playoff QB, and obviously it takes some patience to watch a young QB and young football team develop over the course of a 16-game season. The outrage expressed by some on this blog just sounds so naive.

    If people stopped and really watched what’s going on closely, we’re watching the step-by-step development of a football team that has a real chance to become one of the best. Enjoy it.

  46. Amen, Bobby.

  47. TomlPDX says:

    Good 2 cents, STTBM and you too Chuck as well as most of you guys. It sure is frustrating to be a Hawk fan but we still remain fans. Why some people have to have alteregos on a blog has always made me scratch my head but I guess that is the way of the impersonal internet. Who cares who JIRISH is or dickshire. We put up with Bobby’s rants about TJ but he is Bobby and we know it. Anyway, enough of my rambling…

    What I saw from our defense the first half of the GB game was amazing – bring that game to Cam and he will be on the run for sure. We just need to sustain and adjust when the other team does (what we needed to do the 2nd half of the GB game).

    RW will break out and have a terrific game one of these days once Pete opens up the offense and allows him to play to the strengths of his own game. I also believe those breakouts will start to occur more regularly as he gains more confidence and skills in the NFL and his OL and receivers do the same. The kid has too much talent for it not to happen. RGIII is a rook too but Shannahan is at least letting him play his game. Pete needs to let RW play his.

  48. Reality Check on this idea that our coach somehow screwed up the whole season by having his QBs compete in training camp and then giving the first starts to the winner of that competition.

    His alternative was to start Flynn? – a guy who was unable to play two games in a row without developing debilitating tendinitis? not. For all we know, Coach might have wanted to start Flynn in the early games this season. Its not as if he had that choice.

    If you want to get angry, then get angry at Flynn’s tendon, I guess… Stupid tendon, anyhow.

    But Wilson was going to be given his shot as some point, so I’m glad his chance came early and he can get the rookie mistakes out of the way and develop ASAP while developing chemistry with the rest of the offense ASAP. Otherwise, we’d likely be watching this development happen in 2013 instead of having it behind us.

    There is a lot to look forward to here. This team is going to be absolutely fun to watch tomorrow.

  49. “We put up with Bobby’s rants about TJ but he is Bobby and we know it.”


    Man, am I glad that era is over!

  50. Ewalters7354 says:

    Personally I don’t think the blog has gone under like some of you guys think.I simply believe it just mere passion us fans have.Also knowing that this us a very talented team that is being geld captive by a head coach that believes in doing the UNCONVENTIONAL way.I love the hawks with all my heart,and seeing the a elite team in the making gives me hopenI just hate how this team us being managed.

  51. Ewalters7354 says:

    Sorry guys.I’m typing a little to fast lol

  52. “I was so depressed last week after the loss it took me 3-4 days to slightly recover.”

    I used to take Seahawk losses pretty hard, but these days I try not to get too low or too high. I’ve been a fan for almost 30 years and there have been some terrible losses. Last week’s was nothing compared to, say, getting your hopes up for a good season and then getting blown out at home by the Jets in the very first game (as happened in one of Dennis Erickson’s seasons). If you’ve been a fan through the 1990s, you’ve tasted a lot more losing than winning. But thanks to Chuck Knox and Mike Holmgren we’ve also had some big wins.

    There is so much to be positive about with what Pete Carroll (and John Schneider) have done, so many young players to be excited about. The next five years could be the best ever for the Seahawks. The defense is already considered elite, and I have a feeling that the entire team will soon be considered elite.

  53. montanamike2 says:

    Your right Canfan, it’s all a matter of perspective, instead of venting my frustrations by fighting on the blog i just get depressed. As we improve i’ll feel better, in the long run i think we’ll be fine. We do have a lot of good things to look forward to, i think once Moffitt returns we’ll have a dominating run game and a killer defense as well.
    I felt a lot better after watching the Rams crush the Cards.

  54. Here’s something I just thought of that may have been written here before, but if it has, I don’t necessarily remember it (although some of you may).

    I was thinking this with respect to how some of the blog has turned ugly with the passionate QB debate.

    1. Lets say Wilson plays well tomorrow. Great.

    2. Wilson plays like he has been. By going with Flynn next week, we could accomplish two things. One, we could see Flynn and if he’d actually be better. If he is better, great, then we can perhaps do some damage in the play-offs.

    If he’s not, Wilson could ride the pine and get ready for his next chance. When he does get his chance again, we won’t have to hear about how “Flynn should play” because we will have already seen him.

    Remember last year when all the Whitehurst chats were rampant? Well, after he actually played, they stopped b/c of how bad he sucked. If Flynn doesn’t impress in a few starts, you could go back to Wilson and then ride him out without the worry of fans chanting for Flynn.

    I look at that scenario as win-win. We’d either add a much better QB or if he’s not better, I don’t think any damage would have been done to Wilson by having him sit for a few starts. If anything, it’d make it easier on him when he plays again since he wouldn’t have to worry about people calling for the back-up.

  55. Montana, true. The Seahawks two losses came against two of the hottest defenses in the NFL.

    And Carpenter and Moffitt both at guard could become a very powerful interior line if Moffitt can get healthy.

  56. “We put up with Bobby’s rants about TJ but he is Bobby and we know it.”

    And some of us remember the grandaddy of them all – the Hutch rants .. . :)

    But I think the above poster is right, the blog is interesting b/c you get to sort of ‘know’ the commenters after awhile, and have healthy debates with people who’s knowledge you respect (or you can choose to ignore arguments w/those you don’t) — the alterego handles is just an odd grab for attention. But whatever . . .

  57. “Montana, true. The Seahawks two losses came against two of the hottest defenses in the NFL.”

    Right, it’s starting to look like our division has some of the best defensive units in the league – and since our offense is clearly our work-in-progress side of things, maybe it’s not so catastrophic that they’ve struggled as much as they have.

    Would sure be nice to see a break-out game for Wilson and the offense tomorrow . . .

  58. I just want to see our offense throw for 200 yards, 150 of it to WR’s, with the O throwing at least one passing TD and one rushing…is that too much to ask for? IDK!

    And I want to see the D get he opponents third down conv. down below 30%.

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