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Wilson leaves notes on Carolina ‘D’ in receivers’ lockers

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 4, 2012 at 1:42 pm with 43 Comments »
October 4, 2012 1:42 pm

Russell Wilson’s painstaking attention to detail helped him earn Seattle’s starting quarterback job during training camp.

So it’s not surprise that Wilson left notes in each receiver’s locker detailing his observations of Carolina’s coverage schemes after watching the Panthers on Monday.

“I just tried to figure out something else I could do in terms of attention to detail,” Wilson said. “You always want to find something else you can do to make sure guys are tuned in and everything.

“Yeah, I left them notes in their locker about each player on Carolina that I’ve seen so far in terms of film – I got here early that morning and stuff – in terms of their coverages and what they do, and what we need to do.”

Seattle receiver Sidney Rice said on Wednesday that despite Wilson’s struggles against St. Louis last week, he expects his quarterback to rebound.

“He’s a true professional,” Rice said. “He studies his tape, gets everything done. He was passing out notes in the locker room when we came in Monday, and already started the film on next week. I think he’ll be fine.”

Wilson said he doesn’t feel like he seeing anything different defensively on third downs, but that the focus for Seattle is on executing better in those situations.

“It’s not anything that we can’t handle,” Wilson said. “We’ve all played a lot of football. And we’ve all capitalized on third down. And we’ve all made a lot of great plays on third down.

“So I don’t think we should make too much of it. I just think that we need to focus on it during practice. And when we go out in the game, play smart and play free, and just make those plays.

“The main thing is just trusting what you see,” Wilson went on. “And when you see it, just let it rip and capitalize on these plays.”

Notes from practice
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  1. mojjonation says:

    Maybe someone should leave a noote on Pete’s desk saying Warren Moon calls him a QB killer.

  2. Skavage says:

    I think we all need to pool our resources and buy Eric a High Def camera. Love the videos but I’d love to see/read the nuances in the faces of the players/coaches. I’ll start it off by pleging $25 towards the camera. I’m figuring $300 out to do it.

  3. yankinta says:

    put me down for $0.25.

  4. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Ugh, this isn’t going to be a popular comment, but the dude is starting to remind me of Aaron Curry. Says all the right things so people deflect criticism from his poor play on the field.

  5. I love Russell Wilson’s dedication and passion.

    ACIB, isn’t there a Raiders blog you can post on?

  6. Russellwilsonisbust—I think dickshire is on to something there!keep coming back. We love ya

  7. tacomahawk73 says:

    Good point ACiB. If he’d stop caring and start acting like an a-hole, it’d make it way easier on the haters. Are you just in a hurry to change your username?

  8. tacomahawk73 says:

    Since you’re hear JIRISH, did you really play 10+ years in the league. I heard some rumors. Any truth to that?

  9. no comment-this blog is not about me.let’s talk HAWKS

  10. This week’s game is similar to last week’s in that the Seahawks are the superior team. If the game were on a neutral site, the Seahawks would win four times out of five. I hope the team doesn’t play conservatively on offense, because they need to score at least three TDs to ensure a win. We need some big plays. Carolina will be missing their starting corner Chris Gamble, so hopefully the Seahawks can do a little gambling.

  11. Big key —We need to tackle CAM—wrap up —-make him feel some pain! Can’t put into words how important this is!

  12. MEhawkfan says:

    Just sayin’, but I really think last weekend’s game was a wake-up call. I expect the Hawks, and especially Wilson, to come out, play a good game on Sunday, and come away with a win. But hey, that’s just my gut.

  13. Minimal mistakes and my gut tells me yhe same but certainly wouldn’t be the last time I was wrong.

  14. tacomahawk73 says:

    No comment? Fair enough. As for the hawks, I expect it to be a close game this weekend and for Wilson to step up and have a big game. Keeping Newton in check will definitely be key to coming away with a win.

  15. MEhawkfan says:

    I’d like to see the secondary come out and thump the Carolina receivers the way they did against Dallas. That seemed to be missing against the Rams.

    Yeah, mistakes will be key. I like Giacomini’s fire, and I understand he’s trying to channel a little Marshawn by continuing to attack to the whistle, but the man has got to use his head. Lynch can keep grinding and not get called for unnecessary roughness. It’s not quite the same for an O lineman.

  16. I agree it sounds like he will be on a short leash this week

  17. jesus, have we really regressed to the point of the same guy posting under different handles and having self-conversations on here? I mean, what is the point?

  18. MEhawkfan says:

    That’s funny. This blog could use some humor.

    Curious though, are you praying… suppose the almighty’ reading this blog too?

  19. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Uggh, another 10:00 a.m. road game. I really believe that Wilson has the potential to be a great Q.B., and I love all the extra work he puts in. Still, I think he’s a little too over confident–I don’t know if that affects his play or not though. Still, this is valuable, valuable, experience for him. As long as he continues to improve each game I think we’ll do fine. I don’t think we are a playoff team this year though. I mean, we are already in last place and dependent on other teams in our division to lose games. Seeing how we have a rookie QB this year I’d be happy with a 9-7 finish.

  20. The almighty is definitely a fan! His name is Bobby k

  21. i legit think this game is a blowout loss, i’ve trolled and said it before, but i honest to god think this is gonna just get ugly.

  22. MEhawkfan says:

    Wilson’s an Eagle scout, alright. And yeah, maybe some overconfident, but I really think the Ram’s game might have rocked him a little. I’d like to think he’s starting to realize QB in the NFL is maybe a bigger challenge than he might have thought. I think he’ll respond well on Sunday.

    Call me crazy, but I haven’t quite given up hope on the playoffs… not yet anyway.

  23. MEhawkfan says:

    We’ll see, RadEon. I hope I’m right and you’re wrong. But I get where you’re coming from.

  24. wabubba67 says:

    ACIB–The differences are obvious. Curry was a defensive player/Wison offensive. Curry was taken 4th overall/Wilson in the 3rd round. Curry has the IQ of a paperweight (but not the substance)/Wilson is clearly intelligent and a genuine leader. Other than that, your analysis is spot on.

  25. JIRISH – Really? In one post above you say this is a Seahawks blog so you want to keep the focus on the team and then you devote a special piece just to rip me? Is Mom calling you down for dinner yet?

  26. pope411 says:

    Not a 10am game, 1:05pm.

    I hope Kam Bam puts the wham wham on Cam Cam.

  27. “i legit think this game is a blowout loss, i’ve trolled and said it before, but i honest to god think this is gonna just get ugly.”

    Why? Carolina lost to TB, who lost to the same Dallas team that we beat by 20 points. What’s so great about Carolina? Are they better than Green Bay, or Arizona?

  28. wabubba67 says:

    JIRISH is done with his segment, Mom!!

  29. Chawksrule says:

    Right on MauMau!

    We are a very good team in a much tougher division than anyone thought. Our margin of error is slim to make it to the playoffs. So, I think our expectations for a new Rookie QB are way out of line. I believe we can make it to 10-6 which historically gets you to the playoffs. However, our primary goal should be to continue to develop this 2nd youngest team in the NFL and build a true Championship team. RW is putting in the time to get better and we should stick with him.

    As for Carolina this week I am worried if Mebane isn’t in there and I agree with Irish that the Legion of Boom needs to put the hurt on Cam Newton when he takes off down field.

    Go Hawks!!!

  30. MAUMAU= money! Thank you for that! This is what this blog needs! Compitent football minded positive fans who can back up what they r saying. Thankyou. That just jacked me up! WOW

  31. Can’t say it enouph! Got to wrap him up or he will kill us! He is awfully fast and elusive for a big man.

  32. Sekolah says:

    You can believe that there will be a spy on Cam, for most of the game unless we somehow amass some huge lead. I’d vote Wagner or maybe K.J. for that duty, but I suppose Chance would work.

  33. Goof call KJ in my opinion is best tackler on team. Interesting ?

  34. I’m with Canfan… I don’t know how that dude hasn’t been blocked by now. Theres 31 other teams & he had to pick ours for some reason. Embarrassing…

  35. bbnate420 says:

    JIRISH= Dave Wyman!

    MauMau, welcome aboard, you hit the nail on the head. People like RADEoN and ACIB/Bitch are always here after a loss, but they are seldom seen after a win. They were MIA during the off-season. They’re pretty much synonymous with nighthawk2/3. Bitch all the time when it looks bad and disappear when their retarded speculations look bad.

  36. bbnate420 says:

    We’re all entitled to our opinions, but I hope other people join me in calling out ACIB and RADEoN if DangeRuss turns out to be a good rookie QB this year! No room for people on the bandwagon that are constantly negati9ve and talk shit. Not that you can’t state negative things about the team. Every team has them, but if that’s all you ever post then you a shit fan IMO.

  37. GeorgiaRay says:

    I’m with you Nate…It’s awful easy to jump on recent problems, and a whole lot harder to take a minute and assess things from 30,000 feet, while keeping your emotions out of it…

    This current Seahawks squad, led by a unique rookie, will obviously go through some growing pains. You can question whether or not starting him was the right thing to do, but it’s done now. So now we need to evaluate potential improvements based on recent performances in all aspects of the game…

  38. bbnate420 says:

    Thanks, GeorgiaRay. I didn’t necessarily think RW would be the starter going into TC, but I think you have to give him a legitimate shot now and keep his performance in perspective. It’s fine to think that Flynn would be doing better, but it’s just pure speculation right now. If RW continues to struggle mightily for awhile, then I’m alright with seeing what Flynn can do.

  39. mojjonation says:

    While Bevell had minor success in the passing game while he was at Minesota, unless some dude named Favre was under center, he has had zero success here. Coach Rara said that all play calls go through him and Cable. So, until Bevell is making all the play calls, and ComPete and Jawbreaker have nothing to do with it, to me, the play calling gaffe is on PC. There may be times that Bevell may ACTUALLY be making a good play call but because PC is to worried about the possibility of a turnover, he nixes the play. If the head coach is micromanaging the play calling with the offensive line coach, then I really don’t see how the OC is to blame.

  40. gonefishin69690 says:

    The word for this game is “pressure”. We saw it in the Packers game but not in the Rams game. Need to apply more pressure especially on 3rd down. The predictable “prevent defense” ain’t cutting it. The is a time and a place to play that way, but not on EVERY 3rd down situation.

  41. Kingpear says:

    I hate to say it but… its looking more and more like Mini- T Jack.

    Move up and down between the 20s, but can’t finish drives.

    Put Flynn in!

  42. “He’s a true professional,” Rice said. “He studies his tape, gets everything done. He was passing out notes in the locker room when we came in Monday, and already started the film on next week. I think he’ll be fine.”

    So much for the fan’s made-up nonsense about Wilson losing the locker room.

  43. You Guys all need to relax…Russ is 2-2 in his first four games and has shown the ability to move the football, ( with the exception of third down) he is a Rookie and at times will play like one. Be patient and good things will be in store in the future. Wilson is the future not Flynn despite his salary.

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