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Mebane sits out with calf issue; Bradley says 3rd down ‘D’ is unacceptable

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 4, 2012 at 4:35 pm with 66 Comments »
October 4, 2012 4:37 pm

Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley knows his team has to do better in third and long situations – and it starts with him.

The Seahawks defensively are 9 of 20 (45 percent) for the season on third and 10 yards or longer. According to Bradley, that number should be down around 15 percent.

“Yeah, it’s unacceptable,” Bradley said. “We can’t continue to operate like that. So we’ve got to address it. I don’t know if we have to change things, we just have to be more disciplined.”

Bradley said he’s tried variations of different schemes, including three-man rush, four-man rush, tight-man coverage and blitz. But ultimately, along with making the right call, the players need to execute.

Bradley confirmed that Byron Maxwell and Danny Gorrer are working at nickel cornerback with Marcus Trufant out nursing a back issue. But Bradley is hopeful that Trufant can play on Sunday.

Trufant did not practice for a second straight day.

Bradley said the Panthers have 43 explosive plays in four games – runs of 12 or more yards or passes of 16 or more yards – so defensively he’s concerned with being sure tacklers and keeping Carolina’s yards after the catch to a minimum.

“They really have a couple different phases,” Bradley said. “It’s like normal football that you see every Sunday. And then there’s the option phase. And they got the explosive part, where they’re going for the long passes – different, unique routes that we’re seeing with talented receivers like Steve Smith.”

On the injury front, defensive tackle Brandon Mebane was added to the injury report today with a calf issue, and did not practice today. It appears to be the same injury that the Cal product has dealt with since 2009, and that forced him to miss four games in the 2010 season.

Offensive lineman John Moffitt (knee) remains out. Defensive tackle Jaye Howard (foot) did not practice for a second straight day.

For Carolina, linebacker Jon Beason (knee), cornerback Chris Gamble (shoulder), offensive lineman Geoff Hangartner (knee), safety Colin Jones (shoulder) and offensive lineman Mike Pollak (shoulder) did not practice for a second straight day.

Defensive end Antwan Aplewhite (knee) and defensive end Frank Alexander (back) were full participants.

Notes from practice
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  1. The whole Mebane/calf issue scares me. He’s a beast if we’re going to be more physical and set the tone on defense, we really need him. He’s so vital to this team being that dirty work type of guy who helps put his teammates in great position to be successful.

  2. sluggo42 says:

    Lets try a 4-man rush, with a LB and a safety blitz at the same time. Don’t let the big play have all that time to develop. Get some HEAT on Cam

  3. so, who wins the AZ-STL game tonight?

    I think the Rams win this one.

    And whoever thought up the nickname Legatron, nicely done . . .

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Scam Newton will most likely give us this game if we just play the way we have been playing without the bone head mistakes.

    If the Rams win then we will be just one game out of first place.

    I think we will be 4-4 at the halfway point. Then we will put it all together and make a run at the playoffs. Nice knowing that we play all of our division foes at home in the last part of the season. 10-6, perhaps better.
    One thing forsure is there will be no more jokes about how bad the NFC west is for awhile.

  5. I want to here a little more from MAUMAU! WoW I’m still shakin from that rant!

  6. pabuwal says:

    These NFC West offenses and QBs are terrible.

    Playing a good offense on the road will be a huge test for the Seahawks.

  7. wabubba67 says:

    Isn’t it time for you to go to bed, JIRISH? Big day at school tomorrow, kid!

  8. I can’t I burnt my tongue on her LASAGNE! MMMOOOOMMMMM! you smoked the lasagna!!!!If you clowns can’t come up with something better than referring to me as a kid you truly are pathetic.u gotta come up with something better than that. I’m embarrassed for you! Wow

  9. Sekolah says:

    If it’s the same calf, Bane has had this issue before. I think he missed a game or two because of it one year. We’re deep enough at DT to endure a game or two w/out him, I think.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Rams up 17-3.

    Bad news we are in last place in our division. Good news we are one game out from first place.

    So glad we have all our division rivals playing us at home in the last few weeks of the season.

  11. One thing that bothers me, as has been alluded to, is the fact that some people seem to be rooting for or against someone because of what they thought of a player and “don’t want to be wrong.” We all know who I’m talking about with respect to the Seahawks here.

    I think I am an above average football fan in terms of knowlegde. I certainly know I’m not among the smartest though. I don’t know the Xs and Os nearly like some do here and things of that nature, although I could hold my own against the average fan.

    However, I’m watching a guy like Jake Long tonight. I remember thinking that guy was going to potentially be a solid run stopper and maybe a guy that could get 4-5 sacks per season (but nobody who’d be worthy of that high of a pick). I know he’s going against crappy tackles tonight, but he’s become a good/great player who was held hostage on a really crappy team last year. I don’t think I could have been more wrong about him. He’s legit! All things equal (which most people don’t want to do in comparing players), I think he’s one of the top DEs in the NFL.

    I know there have been guys I’ve been right about and players I’ve been wrong about, but that can be said of any GM/decision maker the league has ever known (and I’m not saying I am smarter than most people who have ever been a GM). All of us fall under that category.

    A part of me wants to suck it up and stick with Wilson no matter what if he’s the long term answer. Just do it. I think it’d do wonders for this team if he started every game and was entrenched as the starter heading into next season.

    Another part of me wants him to sit on the bench and learn while the “gamer” (what I interpret him as) without the physical skills uses his NFL knowledge from years of being in the league, although limited in game experience, to lead this team while Wilson learns more from the sidelines.

    All I know is that the QB position is the most important position in professional sports. It’s also the most magnified. One thing I’ve learned lately, from this blog, is that it certainly brings out the worst in people and that part sucks.

    I hope Wilson can turn the corner soon and make everyone a believer or that Flynn can come in and play well. Either scenario requires more imaginitive playcalling in certain instances. No matter what, no matter who the QB is, wouldn’t it be great to win a Super Bowl THIS year with either one of them? We’ve got the run game and defense to do it! Dare to dream! And, really, I won’t care who the QB is if we can win it all.

    I hope everyone can look in the mirror and say they don’t care who it is either if it means that we have won a Super Bowl.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Clue #2 for who Dicksire is- He goes irate when confronted and usually goes from imformative blogger to personal name calling troll in a matter of minutes.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dickshire. Lol.

  14. “Chris” Long – I’m losing my mind! :)

  15. Georgia – I’m not the smartest guy around and I’ll admit that, but what are you talking aobut? There aren’t any posts on this page from that guy you’re talking with (Dicksire or Dickshire). ???

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- No posts on this page for Dickshire yet, however that may have something to do with my 1st clue. Lol.

    Sam Bradford
    7/21 141 yards 2 tds 1 int 69.7 passing rating so far, and the Rams are leading 17-3.

    Time to bench him! He’s putting up Wilson numbers. Lol. Could it be that the players around Bradford are just playing smarter than the players around Wilson?

  17. Personally, I think part of the “problem” with our back-up QB is that he’s played in the NFL and played well in his limited opportunities.

    If T-Jack were our back-up (and we never signed Flynn), I’d be right there with you in screaming from the hilltops that we must stay the course with Wilson b/c our back-up sucks (IMO) and I want nothing to do with that path.

    I think all of us will agree that Whitehurst sucked so the chants for him, especially after the Cleveland game last year, were muted because fans knew how terrible he was (and if you’re worse than Jackson, you’re about as worthless as worthless can be).

    Does that make sense from where I’m coming from?

  18. Hey Georgia sounds like your describing me

  19. ThickRich says:

    My biggest worry is that we will waste a championship caliber defense while waiting for a rookie to develop when even if we have a pass offense ranked just 4 or 5 spots higher we are probably 4-0. I really like RW’s tools and think he will be good. It’s also stupid to run run the ball and then ask a rook to make a first down on third down with a blitz coming at him. Quit handcuffing the offense and let’s just let it rip. Hey Bevel no more sweeps either please. Go Hawks

  20. wabubba67 says:

    That desperate for attention, JIRISH?? One of my friends is a really good therapist…maybe she could help you.

  21. montanamike2 says:

    I feel a lot better about another super close loss when the NFC WEST is this competitive on defense. The Rams kicked the crap out of Kolb and both teams had massive injuries. Wilson didn’t look that bad compared to Kolb tonight getting hurried 20 times and sacked 9! Amendola has a broken clavicle and i’m sure we’re going to stomp them at home. I hope SF loses this weekend and we win.

  22. I thought JIRISH, DICKSHIRE & ACIaB were all the same person..? my bad

  23. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    This is the best Seahawks team since 2005 and we’re going to literally piss it away so a rookie midget QB who may or may not be good enough to play in the NFL can overcome a significant learning curve.

  24. Sekolah says:

    OMFG! Panic! Scream! Abandon ship! Bench Hasselbeck! Start Dilfer! Oh, wait…

  25. I’m ecstatic the Cardinal’s luck finally subsided a bit for at least one game. Our offense looked way better against the Rams than Arizona, too.

    As for the title of the blog entry, I would at least credit Bradley for acknowledging we have a major problem. I was shocked when GB was easily able to run on us and I’m worried this D isn’t elite enough to cover for our poor offensive prowess.

    And one last thought. While it is true this team looks better than any Seahawk team ince 2005, that really isn’t saying much. They’ve been pretty horrible to maybe average for a while. Let’s hope we start winning some division games or else we won’t sniff the playoffs.

  26. ACIB – The bad thing with Flynn (who I also like) is that b/c of his inexperience, he’s also going to have a learning curve — even though he’s better suited for it based on his years of already being in the league. It’s not like he’s going to be able to take over as a guy with 20 NFL starts under his belt… he’ll naturally make some “rookie” mistakes, too. No matter what, this situation kind of sucks!

    Before I get a crazy post from Audible, like I did earlier, let me be clear that I’m only partially kidding… That’s what the “:)” is for…


    Here’s the “Joke” part…

    Trade for Hasselbeck and his experience and let Wilson learn under him for the rest of the year (don’t take specifics in mind b/c that would ruin the good natured humor)…

    Okay, that may have exploded some minds here… Here comes the “bobbyk – you should kill yourself chants.” lol

  27. DICKSHIRE says:

    I have to tell u bob k I HAVE often wondered here RECENTLY ( caps for Georgia) how good we would be right now withHassalbeck running our offense!. It is interesting if u think about it. This team with him running the offense would def make alot less mistakes . With his leadership they prob would be pretty good.

  28. I would give almost anything for this team to have Hasselbeck/Wilson as its #1/2. That’d be a GREAT combination for the here and now and the future. And it would have cost less than Flynn/Wilson in terms of the salary cap!

    Matt and his ability to hit tight windows would also make Rice that much better b/c he fights for it (and usually wins).

    Man, I took the bait… I miss Matt… yes, he ain’t as good as he once was… but with this team, defense, running game, and Rice… he wouldn’t need to be either to exceed anything he’d ever done as a Seahawk either!!!

    My big debate… He’s (Matt) going to be here on Sunday (about 2 hours away)… I’m thinking about going to the Metrodome to watch the game against the Vikings…

  29. Hey dickshire , I’m not seeing that at all actually! Mathew of 2095 yes a few yrs later yes: now$$ wouldn’t count on it! Welcome to the troll world you old salty prick! What’s up with this stupid Troll terminology! How about something dlittle different like good old standard A HOLE or something? Troll WTF ? Waba puss boy can come up with something better than that

  30. Hey Bobby K– I miss him too brother! I would be lying to you if I didn’t!the more I think about it the more I like your fantasy.As we both know it would never happen but in all reality I would take him in a second.It’s fun to talk about!

  31. bbnate420 says:

    First instinct was to pick the Lambs tonight. Should’ve stuck with it. They were at home, and it was hard for me to see the Tards at 5-0. Changed my mind yesterday. Doh! :-(

  32. bbnate420 says:

    Half of the posts on this thread are like grading papers from people off the short bus.

  33. bbnate420 says:

    I’ll throw out a suggestion. How about we all just root for the Hawks and RW to do well this Sun at Carolina and then we reevaluate Mon?

  34. bbnate420 says:

    If this is RW’s last chance for awhile, I hope they actually allow him to play. I am not sold or stuck to RW, by the way. If RW stinks it up this week, and maybe the next, I am all for trying Flynn. I just want the best QB for the Hawks for the future. Hopefully someone that can be in the lower top 10 of QBs at least and give us a good chance at a SB win.

  35. Its nice to see Arizona lose, and losing to the Rams somehow makes last Sundays loss a tiny bit better.

    But we are all alone in last place now.

  36. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, I’m afraid your analysis of Flynn taking over was TOO logical! You should know better than that. Flynn will obviously be a HOF QB from day one ! :-)

  37. bird_spit says:

    I read most of these comments. Please don’t ask me guys aren’t even entertaining. I remember coming to this blog because it was an opportunity to actually learn a bit more about the game or the league or the hawks. Oh well, times change and now it’s just a bunch of avatars talking BS in their chosen persona. It’s rare that any real insight is in the comments anymore.

    I just reversed my pick on Sunday. Hawks win..especially because the “fans” here are so negative. I have no comment on how they win, be they just win baby. That’s what I see in the future.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Third and final clue- Divschin.

  39. bbnate420 says:

    bird_spit, A number of others and I have said practically the same thing about the degeneration of the quality of comments. I now have come to realize that it is up to all of us to make the difference. I think it’s most important to look at how I might elevate the dialogue. That should go for everyone else too. I’m not excluding myself from the blame at all. Maybe I’m one of the worst offenders. We all need to possibly reevaluate our posts to determine whether or not they advance a cogent debate.

  40. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, which one of Div’s chins do you mean? The first-fifth one?

  41. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, I have been busy with school lately, and that’s why I haven’t responded to your “clues” about Dickshire! I just read them. You must be drunk off your ass, not necessarily surprising, or just off base. I am DEFINITELY NOT Dickshire. If I have something to say, I’m not scared to say it. When have I been? I have been nothing but nice to you lately, for a year at least. I tried to give you encouragement and information about your mother’s illness. I’m sorry you think of me this way. You can either apologize to me or you are dead to me, not that you necessarily care. If you have a problem with me, let’s hash it out. Don’t just talk shit about me in a roundabout way!

  42. montanamike2 says:

    I’m all for rooting for the Hawks Sunday and re-evaluating on Monday.

  43. bbnate420 says:

    GEORGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT ENOUGH CAPS FOR YA????????????????

  44. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, it seems like you may have been pissed/haven’t responded to me since I posted the statistics about pancreatic cancer. I’m sorry if you didn’t like these. I was just trying to give you the reality. That’s what I would want. I’m sorry if this upset you. You could’ve discussed it with me. I have had 2 grandmothers and an uncle die of cancer, not that that is equal to a mother. I can’t imagine and hope not to anytime soon. I had the best of intentions when I posted! I wasn’t trying to upset you.

  45. bbnate420 says:

    BTW Georgia, why would I post something positive about Hasselbeck if it was me? That was the first thing we ever argued about. Not that I hate Hasselbeck. He was very good in his heyday here.

  46. Ewalters7354 says:

    Really hope Mebane plays.He and Red Bryant are great leaders off and especially on the field.Dude is a beast that’s having a true breakout season.But I’m also pleased with Jason Jones backing him up.Love the Guy.

    Like I have said.This is a big game coming up.Carolina is not real good from what I’ve seen.But if you allow them to build confidence and our offense can’t score,it cab get ugly.Hopefully this is the game Russ Wilson lights it up(multiple tds).

  47. DICKSHIRE says:

    I’m with Montana mike — let’s play some ball and WIN!

  48. Can anyone please tell me why doesn’t have Wilson jerseys yet?

    They did have a womens Wilson jersey about a week ago as “new” but then it was gone. I assumed they had mens/kids, too, but was wrong.

    Why do they still have Flynn? But I ordered a little one that they would never send so I had them refund my CC after months of waiting (when I thought he’d be the starter and it was for my little guy).

    Do they hate Seahawk QBs these days and won’t send/ship anything or is the slave labor in China asking for too much money that they can’t afford to make more? If that’s the case, here’s a thought, how about making them in the USA?

  49. MEhawkfan says:

    Here’s to montanamike2. I stated earlier, I think the Hawks win Sunday. It’s a late game, so that’s in their favor. I also think, if the coaches let him, Wilson is going to come out strong. I get the impression losing does not sit well with him. If Carroll and company let him play to his strengths, the Hawks will be alright.

    Bold predictions, just for fun–one INT by the D, one fumble recovery, two TD passes for Wilson, Lynch goes over ninety, and Rice gets five catches. There, you all can shoot me on Monday.

    As an aside, montanamike2, I’m an ex-Montanan, currently stuck in Maine. I sure miss the fishing. I used to fish for lock trout on the Stillwater between Absarokee and Columbus, and also up around Livingston on the Yellowstone–caught some nice rainbows.

  50. bbnate420 says:

    I think Dickshire screwed up your order, BobbyK.

  51. bbnate420 says:

    MEhawkfan, you can’t fish in Maine? You should be able to trap lobster at least. Yum yum!

  52. Hammajamma says:

    I’ve never spent so much time skipping through comments as lately. It’s pretty easy for a few paper tigers to take down a blog.

  53. MEhawkfan says:

    There’s an idea–jerseys made in the USA. Brilliant! Maybe it will catch on.

  54. bbnate420 says:

    Problem is, you wouldn’t buy an American made jersey because it would be too expensive.

  55. MEhawkfan says:

    I hate lobster. Now, Alaskan king crab is another story.

  56. bbnate420 says:

    They won’t compromise the profit margin, so you would actually have to pay for them to pay a living wage to the workers.

  57. bbnate420 says:

    Crab is good. I just brought up lobster because I have had lobster in Maine, and it was great. One of the things they’re known for.

  58. osoviejo says:

    If you’re a quarterback facing third-and-15, isn’t your dream scenario a three-man rush? I’d like to see a little less accommodation by the Seahawks in that regard.

  59. chrisj122 says:

    bbnate420 – you are absolutely correct about the jerseys, It’s sad but true.
    Both the NFL and Nike will never pay full price for labor, not when they can have stuff made in China for less than $2.00 and sell it here for $90.00+.

    Slavery is still alive and well in the global economy. The only difference between now and 200yrs ago is now we don’t see our slaves. As individual consumers there is not much we can do to change things.

    Oh well enough of that
    Go HAWKS!!!!!

  60. bbnate420 says:

    We could organize and refuse to buy it, but that won’t happen. As long as people buy it, it will continue.

  61. In reality, you guys are right (supply/demand), but why can’t the Hawks website offer Wilson jerseys? There’s not enough slave labor Chinese people (no offense intended – meant to be a “sick” joke – so Audible won’t go psycho) to make them?

  62. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, why they don’t have Wilson jerseys is separate from what chrisj122 and I were talking about, but I don’t have an answer for you. It seems like they would’ve had enough time, whoever is making them, to have Wilson jerseys by now. It’s definitely a good question.

  63. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, I don’t have a problem with the joke, as I think no one should. They’re just words. I bet a large number of the people that would object to it buy products from factories that pay unlivable wages to their workers all the time. Out of sight, out of mind.

  64. After the “Audible” incident yesterday (where he flipped out on the Hutch joke with the “:)” I’m a bit conservative today).

  65. I would absolutely love to see Hass come back and take us deep into the playoffs. Wont happen. Too many egos with Carrol and Schneider. Plus, right now Carrol is clinging to Wilson being a rookie and needing time to develop in order for him to be allowed to finish his contract.

    But it would be awesome. I remember how it killed me to see Kreig playing light years better than all our many qb’s who replaced him, taking over in KC and Detroit and doing very well, while our trash qb’s couldnt complete a pass that wasnt to a RB.

    Wilson is still better than the dreck we had then, but he isnt even as good as the fading Hass right now.

  66. jchawks08 says:

    Blogs are cray lately huh? Glad to see I haven’t missed anything. Has Wilson grown 3 inches yet? No? Well then I think we can expect the same results we’ve seen for 4 games. Unspectacular play followed by more unspectacular play. That being said, I hope he throws for 180 yards which would be a career high and 2 TD’s. And I need Marshawn to go off this week for my FF team. :D
    Go Hawks yay.

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