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Trufant sits with balky back

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 3, 2012 at 4:24 pm with 33 Comments »
October 3, 2012 4:25 pm

Seahawks veteran cornerback Marcus Trufant did not practice today because of what Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said was a back issue that flared up against St. Louis last week.

Carroll indicated that it’s the same back issue Trufant’s been dealing with since 2009.

Recent addition Danny Gorrer and Byron Maxwell are splitting time at nickel defensive back with Trufant out. Carroll did not say what Trufant’s availability will be this week.

Offensive guard John Moffitt also did not practice today because of a knee issue that kept him out of last week’s game against St. Louis, and has been ruled out for a second straight week.

Rookie defensive lineman Jaye Howard also remains out with a foot injury. And Running back Marshawn Lynch was limited in practice today, as Carroll gave him a little rest.

For Carolina, defensive end Frank Alexander (back, linebacker Jon Beason (knee), cornerback Chris Gamble (shoulder), offensive lineman Geoff Hangartner (knee) and safety Colin Jones (shoulder) did not practice.

Offensive lineman Mike Pollak (shoulder) was limited. And defensive end Antwan Applewhite (knee) was a full participant in practice.

Notes from practice
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  1. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    wondered how long it would take with tru’s back to act up

  2. With that disc problem it seemed only a matter of time, sadly.

  3. tchristensen says:

    Should be back on the IR within a week or so. Probably the end of his career here.

  4. Ewalters7354 says:

    I agree guys.This comes as no surprise.I love Tru but since sustaining that injury that has killed his career.Thank God for depth that will be able to step in and play their rolls quite well.Also,I wouldn’t be surprised to see Roy Lewis back with the hawks if healthy

  5. DanielleMND says:

    So we finally get Carpenter back, and now Moffitt’s missing games.

  6. The Curse of Hutch. Never should have let him go:)

  7. bbnate420 says:

    Eric or Dave, do either of you know whether Thurmond is likely to be ready to start practicing week 7?

  8. Audible says:

    “The Curse of Hutch. Never should have let him go:)”


    Dude, you need some new f*#*ing material. There hasn’t been an interesting comment on here in months, if not years. This blog has entered the dark ages.

  9. Sekolah says:

    Kind of interested in seeing what Gorrer is all about in Pete’s system. I’ve read some good things about him, mostly from Ravens fans who were angered over his release.

  10. WiscCory says:

    Hey Bobby, after you’re done bichin about Hutch, maybe you can return your focus to the Huskers big game against OSU. LOL.

    2 more week until your trip to Evanston. You won’t be here on Thursday for the Hawks game, will you?

  11. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, your numbers are a little off. He did have a good game in the 4th game he played significant time in, technically his 3rd start. I included the 2nd game of 2001 when I mentioned his first 4 GAMES, I wrote it like that because he didn’t start the 2nd game of 2001 but played very significant time after Bledsoe went out with a sheered blood vessel. He had a year to sit and learn before this as well and had a little playing time. He had 364 yards with 2 tds for a 93.4 rating. He needed 54 passes to get that 364 yards. RW hasn’t had that opportunity yet. Brady followed that game with a great/efficient game, then a bad game, another very good/efficient game, and then 2 rather mediocre games. You will have ups and downs with a new QB. My point was that RW had the same record and a better QB rating than Brady did in his first 4 games of significant playing time. He did an okay job with what was asked of him. My point wasn’t that he will be better than Brady. That is unlikely.

    It was just pointed out to give people some perspective, those certain people on here that have deemed RW the worst QB in the NFL and a terrible midget. I’m not tied to RW like Georgia is. I want the best QB for the long term. I just think when the decision was made to go with RW, assuming they clearly think he will be better in the future than Flynn, that you have to stick with him for more than 4 games. Say RW beats out Flynn in 2013 after not playing much in 2012. He then struggles to some extent, which is inevitable with a first time starter. The cry would be even louder about how the team is ready to win and they shouldn’t allow themselves to be held back by the QB. Many people on here have said that we need an elite QB to win a SB. Every elite QB out there has had extended struggles, with the exception of Aaron Rodgers, and their teams stuck through it with them. Elite QBs don’t just dominate from the get go.

  12. bbnate420 says:

    twills, I was comparing RW’s first four starts to the first 4 games that Brady played significant playing time in his career. I wasn’t trying to compare RW to the Tom Brady of 2012. That would be stupid.

  13. DICKSHIRE says:

    Troy aikman was lit up like a x mas tree on the 4th of July his first year with DALLAS . I think they won one game maybe 2. I’m not sure totall sacks but it was a high number.bbnate, I couldn’t agree more!when I here all this garbage this early about Wilson it makes me laugh , granted he may suck but who really knows at this point!

  14. DICKSHIRE says:

    Ofcourse my good buddyAARON CURRY BUST knows because he knows it all! Except the fact Aaron curry is ancient history and it’s time to change his frickun name to something that is present like RUSSELWILLSONBUST or crapforbrain

  15. chrisj122 says:

    Wow, really Richard cranium!
    Every facet of our team is playing at a very high level except our passing.
    The only garbage is our passing stats! We can win NOW with this team if we fix the passing immediately and the best chance at doing so is changing a rookies QB for a QB who has studied NFL defenses over the last 4 years, who has studied under a probowler and Superbowl champ!
    Other QBs most are mentioning where on garbage teams in their rookie season so they luxury of waiting for their rookies QB to develop.

    So many want to attack people on here who share this opinion and say we hate Wilson and we think he will be garbage forever but nothing is further from the Truth. Bobby K. had praised him just as much as anybody but feels Wilson is not ready yet. Just because we don’t believe in wasting a great team and sacraficing wins in hopes of Wilson becoming better.
    You can make a good argurment to continue to start Wilson can do more harm than good for his development and his confidence.
    just because we believe in winning now, doesn’t mean we dislike Wilson or his potential.

    Sorry Bobby if I was speaking for you but from reading your post I believe you share this opinion.
    if not my bad, but it is my opinion.

  16. DICKSHIRE says:

    Jack patera would not appreciate me being so wound up like this! I sure do miss good OLD Jack

  17. bbnate – Thanks for the clarification. Prolly didn’t read your original post closely enough. Agree that 2012 Brady is a stupid comparison, but this is the internet and it’s the home of stupid stuff… :)

    That being said, I personally don’t find a comparison of QB rating with rookie Brady (or anyone else for that matter) compelling. IMO, they are different players and how their ratings compare through four starts says zero to me about how their careers will compare when all is said and done. Maybe it clicks for RW and he puts up HOF numbers. Maybe height is a big deal and he ends up as another one of those QBs with some great tools who can’t quite put it together.

    I just want the Hawks to find the right guy and find a decent passing game to go with Beast Mode and the D, preferably this season given how well those units are playing right now. If that’s RW, great. If it’s Flynn, I want the Hawks to figure that out before Flynn is lighting it up for another team.

  18. DICKSHIRE says:

    122 u lost me with Richard cranium. Is that something you and Bobby are into or something? Very strange your fascination with bobby and Richard cranium they do kind of go hand in hand I guess? Interesting?

  19. chrisj122 says:

    The Richard Cranium reference must have not lost you too much because apparently you knew I was referring to you.

    like I said before your name is self explanatory and you have yet to fail to live up to your name.

  20. DICKSHIRE says:

    We can agree to disagree on your fact that every part of our team is playing at a high level except QB. Take the blinders off and watch the tape! PENALTIES Recievers not catching the ball and creating turnovers ( not QB DUMB ***) special teams 3rd down defense # of passes attempted. PLAY CALLING. ILL SAY THIS ONE AGAIN. RECIEVERS NOT CATCHING YHE BALLpiull your head out and watch the tape!the whole team needs to play better not just Wilson! It’s obvious !If u reality understand yhe game of football. We ate getting close but we r not there yet and that has minimal to do with wilson or Flynn or whoever is behind yhe helm pull your head out and be patient! If you build it they will come! If you piss on it then it goes by by for u. YOUR FRICKIN LOSS !

  21. DICKSHIRE says:

    One other thing ! This is yhe NFL wich we all know stands for Not For Long. If u people don’t think these coaches don’t no what there doing u r HIGH this is big money they r putting on the line for the decisions they r making something most of you will never understand or r capable of understanding.pete carol ego getting in the way of benching Wilson = WRONG. he just wants to win and is willing to do what ever it takes to do so! If anyone thinks thinks anything different than u truly are complete idiot!

  22. chrisj122 says:

    Obviously you didn’t read carefully because I didn’t say anything about the QB not playing at a high level. I said our passing stats are garbage, meaning our passing game is dismal!

    You continue to make it sound as if I’m putting the entire blame on Wilson, when in fact I’m NOT.

    I do know that everything you mentioned which is wrong with the offense will not change anytime soon.

    1. O.C. – Pete is not going fire and hire a new O.C. at this point in the season.
    2. Recievers – Pete its not going to bring in any other recievers, the guys we have are what we have.
    3. Defense – really? This team has allowed the fewest points thus far. Our loses has nothing yo do with the D unit.
    4. 3rd downs – on offense he have had a lot of manageable 3rd downs many with 3 yrds or less, good situation for a QB but only covert less than a 3rd of the time.

    The only thing that could have an immediate impact on our passing game is switching Qbs

    If you believe our passing game is getting close you need to get hour head out! Our passing is anything but close to being good.

  23. DICKSHIRE says:

    122 NO COMMENT ( not worth keyboard use) don’t forget to give Bobby my love:)

  24. chrisj122 says:

    P.S. Richard cranium you must have a male genitalia fetish because every other post you make somehow always digresses to that point, not to mention its in your log in name.

  25. chrisj122 says:

    Richard Cranium you obviously have nothing of substance to contribute (not just here on this board) so I’m done wasting my time trying to have a rational discussion with someone who has the maturity of 12 yr old with a penis obsession.

    Its not only in your log in name but I also suspect its in your mouth.

  26. PostalBob says:

    Wow… two sound like a bad marriage!


  27. confucious says:

    This blog is lost. Embarrassing thread.

  28. I think it’s incredible for some to compare starts of QB’s like Brady, Hasselbeck, Aikman, etc. and make assumptions off them trying to convince us to stick with RW and that he’s the answer, but then turn around and totally disregaurd Flynn’s starts, I think it’s just incredible.

  29. montanamike2 says:

    Either change your handle or toss out the troll.

  30. princeaden says:

    This blog has gotten to the point of ridiculous. I’ve posted on here off and on for 5 years and to see it has regressed to name calling is sad. Eric better reign in these bloggers who insist on turning this into a forum suited for childish personal attacks or this blog will will disintegrate even further. Not to mention it will lose most if not all of the bloggers who have any merit to their comments.

  31. You’re right princeaden. Come on guys the comments don’t ever have anything to do with what Eric writes.

  32. rramstad says:

    Another voice calling for sanity. It’s gotten to the point where I am considering not even reading the comments, which is sad, as it used to be that usually the comments were really interesting — even if there were disagreements, it rarely descended into name calling.

  33. Audible – What do you think the “:)” was for at the end of what I said? Seriously, can you misinterpret it anymore? I know I’ve had many rampages of Hutch through the years. It was meant to be funny. That’s why I put in the “:)” It was in no way a serious complaint. You complain about what’s happened to me, well what in the world has happened to you? It was meant to be a funny joke and mostly a jab at myself with the “:) put in there.

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